Here is the PDF Link to the  2013 November Celestial Timings with Star Maps AND you can access the audio timings for November here https://cayelincastell.com/audio-celestial-timings/ Below is the plain text version of the Timings. 

The most earnest prayer that I know is to ask for the life energy of the universe to come down into my body and let my mind become full and overflowing with peace and gratitude….

NO matter what prayer you offer, or from where, the key to prayer is sincerity.

What matters most is your own prayer. You need to offer a prayer that arises from your own sincere heart, the kind of prayer that is so sincere that in can move the heart of Heaven and Earth.

Inside of prayer, we can work creatively. If you become connected with the life energy of the universe through prayer, your head becomes clear as your mind becomes calm and your lower belly becomes warm. As love comes alive in your heart, creativity flows. Also if your prayer is sincere, action naturally follows. An earnest prayer can give you the strength you need to make plans for what you want and to carry them out proactively.

Feel the energy, starting with your hands, and if you maintain the sensation of being connected to that energy as you pray, you can be more deeply immersed in your prayer. The reason is because the entire universe itself is composed of the energy you’re feeling with your hands right now. When you maintain that feeling of connection with the universe as you pray for the great hopes and dreams cherished by your soul, you are broadcasting your prayer to the entire universe as your audience. If the whole universe is resonating with your dream and working with you to make your dream come true, wouldn’t that lend great strength to you? ~Ilchi Lee The Call of Sedona – Journey of the Heart

This is a powerful time for expressing heart-felt prayers of appreciation for the gift of life, love and wonder we are given each day. My sincere prayer of Thanksgiving includes ALL that I get to experience – though for sure some experiences are way more fun than others and some are downright challenging, painful and difficult. This is the gift of life and I am grateful for all its experiences. My prayer at this time – is that we each find gratitude in embracing what is ours to experience, to express, and to help evolve. That we each are blessed in knowing that our light and our love is a gift to life, just as life is a gift to us! Blessed Be!

Night Sky

In November Comet ISON is diving toward the Sun reaching its closest approach to the Sun on November 28/29th. Some astronomers feel that ISON may briefly reach a brightness that equals the Full Moon, and then will move away from the Sun with a very long tail stretching into both the morning and evening sky.

By November 18, ISON may reach 3rd magnitude brightness as it passes less than one degree N of Spica (actually .38 degrees N of Spica) on the morning of November 21.

November 24 and 25 Comet ISON passes within 5 degrees of Saturn and Mercury just before these two planets pass within one-third of a degree of each other on November 26. At this time Saturn and Mercury will be visible about half a degree from each other at dawn on East Coast and slightly further apart as dawn appears across the USA.

Astronomers are predicting ISON will reach +4 magnitude by November 24. At that time Mercury is -.7, Saturn is +.6  magnitude. (NOTE: the lower the number the brighter the magnitude. More comprehensive definition HERE) For example, Venus is about -4 magnitude for much of November visible in the evening sky. Spica is +1 Magnitude and Mars is +1.3. The question astronomers are wondering: will ISON’s tail extend all the way to Spica or further? Definitely worth keeping an eye on the sky around this time to see what happens?

There was a Great Comet in 1680 that was visible to the naked eye at noon on its perihelion day, when it was less than 2 degrees from the Sun. The 1680 Comet tail reached 70 to 90 degrees across the sky. Will ISON give us a similar view?

Venus is reaching its highest position in the evening sky this month. Jupiter remains bright as heads toward its opposition to the Sun in early January. When planets are opposite the Sun they are always closest to the Earth in their annual cycle, meaning they are brightest and retrograde.

November 1 is All Saints Day, a Roman Catholic observance honoring their Saints who reside in Heaven. Also in the Catholic tradition Nov 2 is All Souls Day reminding souls here to live a holy life and to pray for the souls lost in purgatory. In more ancient traditions Nov 2 honors the Dead. In Mexico and many parts of the Western United States, the celebration of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) dates back at least 3,000 years and has even survived the Spanish Conquistadors attempts over 500 years ago to eradicate this tradition.

Many other cultural traditions have also used this seasonal timing, when the plants are dying and preparing their seeds for rebirth, to honor and remember the ancestors, those who have died recently, and all who have come before. It is a time for celebrating and recognizing the cycle of death as an important part of the cycle of life.

The ancient Celts celebrated this cross-quarter time as their New Year’s point called Samhain usually on the New or Full Moon closest to the astrological cross-quarter currently happening on Nov 7. The Samhain cross-quarter is when the veils between all the worlds, especially the world of the living and the world of the dead, are thinnest. The Celts believed this timing was most powerful for looking into the future and for accessing other worlds more easily.

This was (and is) a time to go within and seek guidance from the ancestors for the coming year. This was celebrated as a night of High Magic for those attuned to the mysteries, celebrating death and rebirth, endings and beginnings, and that which is yet to come. It was also believed that this timing when worked with consciously helped to set the pattern for the coming year.

Definitions for many of the Terms used in the Celestial Timings are at this link. https://cayelincastell.com/definitions-of-terms-used-in-celestial-timings/

November Daily Timings (all times are Pacific unless otherwise noted)

November 01, Friday.  Venus is reaching her greatest elongation from the Sun (26 Sagittarius 04) at 1:00 am meaning she as far from the Sun as she will get in this cycle and she is at her highest point on the horizon in this evening star appearance. This is also happening very near Galactic Center – the Heart of our Galaxy – located zodiacally at 27 Sagittarius. This means Venus is receiving a direct download from this area of the sky where the greatest amount of light is emanating.

Thus, Venus is receiving a powerful download at the peak of her evening star cycle, furthest from the Sun just before beginning her journey back to the western horizon and her retrograde next month. What messages are available to us at this time that have to do with deepening our own personal connection with the divine feminine especially as she is relating to the heart of the galaxy, a.k.a Hunab Ku by the Mayans? (see Nov 5)

Uranus (9 Aries 26) squares Pluto (9 Capricorn 26) at 3:30 am for the fourth time since June of 2012. The first two exact squares were on June 24 and Sep 19, 2012. The third square was on May 20th of this year and today marks the time these two planets are in exact aspect with three more exact squares yet to occur. Two in 2014 and one in 2015.

Whenever Uranus and Pluto are in aspect to each other it represents a time for dramatic change. In this case we have the collaborative efforts of the Celestial Revolutionary Uranus in Aries with the Underworld Alchemy of Pluto in Capricorn working to dismantle all the old forms that are no longer working especially as they relate to government, economics, and our collective reality.

The intensification of this Timing has been heating up over the past month – playing out in many ways –one of them was the (temporary?) shutdown of the US government. AND it is not over by any means. Uranus Pluto reminds us that the more we think we are in control and are trying to control outcomes the more intense and beyond our control the events of our lives become to create a shift in awareness and how we live our lives.

Mercury is reaching its interior conjunction with the Sun (9 Scorpio 34) at 12:19 pm meaning that Mercury is between the Sun and the Earth. Both the Sun and Mercury are very near Saturn and the North Node.

Whatever we are thinking about with passion and intensity is magnified and illuminated by the power of the Sun, Saturn, North Node alignment. Our reality is crafted from our expectations, beliefs and thoughts. We often have unconscious expectations that are attracting experiences to us that are not exactly what we desire. That is because the universe reflects to us all that is unconscious and hidden as well as what is conscious.

For example, if you have an unconscious belief that you are not worthy or valued then your experiences will reflect that back to you as a way to get you to become more conscious of it. If what is happening for you is challenging – the message is to look at what is happening as a way to become more conscious of what your unconscious programming is. (See Nov 25)

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The waning crescent Moon is occulting Spica (23 Libra 53) at 10:00 pm. This is part of a series of occultations that featured 6 in 2012 and one a month for a total of 12 in 2013. This is further activating and accelerating the light codes coming from the most visible and potent star of the divine feminine in our night sky, reminding us that we get what we give or said another way we reap what we sow. (See Nov 17 and 29)

November 02, Saturday. In honor of Dia de los Muertos (All Souls Day) and all the Scorpio energy with Saturn, North Node, Mercury Retrograde and the Sun in Scorpio energizing the mysteries of life, death, life or death and rebirth here is one of my favorite stories from Clarissa Pinkola Estes book Women Who Run With the Wolves.

Skeleton Woman is a classic tale of the powerful transformative ways of Life and Death. Skeleton Woman is also referred to as Lady Death, greatly feared and avoided if at all possible. However, what we learn is: “Lady Death is not a disease, but a deity.” She not only knows the cycles of endings and beginnings, she knows their importance.

The tale describes the unexpected resurrection of Skeleton Woman retrieved from the depths of the ocean by a fisherman. When the fisherman sees the Skeleton rise from the water he is so terrified he runs away. However, he is still holding the fishing line entangled in Skeleton Woman so she follows him where ever he goes.

Eventually the fisherman learns to face death and therefore embrace life by facing what scares him most. Once he recovers from his initial fear he finds himself reconstructing skeleton woman, and in so doing finds a part of himself that he had lost.

This story is a reminder of how many of us fear death and change, and how it is often seen as a failure or a punishment. The reality is Death is a part of life, a part of who we are. Skeleton Woman or Lady Death then is the inner authority we all possess that knows how to dance in the realms of “Life/Death/Life” because in order to have new ecstatic life – the old life must die. To have true and genuine partnership with oneself, or with another, it is essential to learn the ways of Death. Scorpio reminds us that by embracing the mysteries of death we find the key to liberation and an ecstatic life experience.

The waning crescent Moon is 1.3 degrees WNW of Mercury (7 Scorpio 44) at 10:51 pm illuminating the mysteries of retrograde Mercury in Scorpio very near the fixed star Khambalia, the star of secret knowledge. These three are all joined in council to support breakthroughs in our ways of thinking and perceiving our reality especially around the mysteries of death and rebirth.

November 03, Sunday.  Today is the day to turn clocks back an hour from Daylight Time back to Standard Time for those in the United States (except Hawaii and Arizona). AND…today is the Hindu New Year known as Diwali (Du-vah-ly, the festival of lights) that always begins with the Scorpio New Moon exact today. Some see this holiday as a celebration of the union of Laksmhi and Vishnu (pictured right) and they use this time for honoring and celebrating the Goddess of Love, Wealth and Beauty a.k.a. Mahalakshmi. Maha means great. http://diwalimela.com/customtraditions   http://members.tripod.com/~jennifer_polan/diwali.html

The New Moon (11 Scorpio 18) Hybrid Solar Eclipse is exact around 5:47 am marking the time of Lunar Samhain or when the New Moon is closest to the astrological cross-quarter. (see Nov 7) A Hybrid eclipse means that in some places an annual Solar Eclipse or ring of fire will be visible. In other places a total Solar Eclipse will be visible. North America, Bermuda, South Colombia, Eastern Venezuala, Guyana, Suriname, NE Brazil, the Atlantic, Spain, Portugal, Greece and all of Africa except Cape town region will see a partial eclipse as the Sun rises. Totality will be visible at sea off the coast of Florida, across the Atlantic into Africa (Gabon, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congro, Uganda, and Kenya). The annular eclipse will be visible in Ethiopia, ending at sunset in western Somalia.

Eclipses accelerate whatever is already in motion as well as accelerating our intentions. This also marks the completion of the eclipse window that opened with the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on October 18. Theoretically this would be the time when those who have been feeling out-of-body or between the worlds would begin to feel more “normal” again. However, we still have Mercury Retrograde and we are at the cross-quarter between the worlds time of the year. How can we find balance in how we navigate this reality and the otherworlds. Neither is better or worse, both are equally valid and important, so balancing the two is essential as we awaken to our abilities as co-creators.

The waxing crescent Moon is passing 1.9 degrees SSE of Saturn (13 Scorpio 54) at 10:18 am. This is not visible due to the Sun’s proximity but it is adding another dimension to this New Moon eclipse. When utilized properly Saturn has the ability to ground our reality and what we want to create in our reality into a tangible, workable form. Saturn in Scorpio has access to otherworlds bringing the gifts of these worlds into a practical form.

November 04, Monday. Retrograde Mercury (7 Scorpio) is conjunct the fixed star Khambalia exact late last night or early this morning. This is the magical, mystical star of secret knowledge and Mercury will pass by here again on November 18 staying in range of this Behenian Star until November 24.  Mercury passed Khamablia the first time on October 4. Messenger Mercury passing by Khambalia three times is helping us to access new thresholds of conscious and awareness through magic and manifestation in ways we perhaps haven’t even imagined in a long time. (see audio on Khambalia)

The waxing crescent Moon moves into Sagittarius at 1:40 pm transmitting the mysteries that expand our experience of a deeper inner truth. This is not a religious truth or a cultural truth but it is the deepest sense of truth available to us when we are willing to connect with the truth of who we are that resides inside of us. This is the time to listen and act on what you know is true for you personally – even if it doesn’t make rational sense.

November 05, Tuesday. Venus moves into Capricorn at 1:43 am traveling through this area of the sky into next year due to Venus going retrograde in Capricorn on December 21. This marks the final phase of the current Venus cycle that will end January 17, 2014 when Venus begins a new synodic cycle that will last 584 days.

Tonight Venus is visible crossing over the place where the December Solstice Sun rises on the Galactic Cross or the intersection of the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy and the plane of our Solar System, a.k.a. the ecliptic, or the path the planets travel. The zero Capricorn intersection is near Galactic Center or Hunab Ku as described by the Mayans.

Hunab Ku is considered the source of conscious energy that manifests the rhythm and form of our universe. For one time period in 26,000 years the December Solstice aligns near Galactic Center energizing ancient/future forgotten knowledge within the DNA (or Hunab Ku) of our own genetic structure. Venus is receiving a direct download from Hunab Ku and the Galactic Core. (see Nov 1 star map)

The waxing crescent Moon is passing 7.4 degrees N of Antares (9 Sagittarius 48) at 5:00 am. Antares is the heart star of the Scorpion and key to the Golden Gate of ascension through felt connection to our heart knowing.

November 06, Wednesday. The Sun conjuncts Saturn (14 Scorpio 14) at 5:00 am. Once each year the Sun and Saturn come together. This is similar to a new Moon when the Sun and Moon come together. Saturn is not visible because it is with the Sun receiving an infusion of light energy that illuminates its journey through the Scorpio realm. Saturn is all about the rules and boundaries and what does and doesn’t work in this world. Scorpio is all about pushing the boundaries or walking the edges of multi-dimensional realities actively engaging with visionary possibilities that can be utilized for co-creating a world where magic and miracles are seen everywhere, available to everyone.

Saturn continues to travel through Scorpio for all of 2014 and into 2015 shedding the old skin or old beliefs around the Scorpio mysteries. It is time for Scorpio to find a more mature and effective way to passionately express the greatest amount of aliveness and life force in ways that produce ecstatic bliss.

The waxing crescent Moon moves into Capricorn at 2:44 pm, passing 8.0 degrees N of Venus (1 Cap 36) at 5:22 pm moving through the 7th gate on her journey out of the underworld. This is the Gate of Divine Authority, where Venus retrieves her crown symbolizing her renewed ability to act from her own Divine Authority. Venus and the Moon are located near the Galactic Cross at the center of our Galaxy where the Winter Solstice Sun now rises on the Cross. The coming together of Venus and the Moon at the 7th gate on the Cross is a powerful symbol of awakening and evolution now taking place. (see Nov 5)

This Venus Moon conjunction is important for anyone who has turned or will turn a multiple of 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88 and so on – between June 12, 2012 to January 17, 2014 – as you are in a personal synodic Venus return cycle. This means Venus returns to its natal location near your birthday on the multiple of 8 year and let’s you know you that the process of initiation going on for Venus is part of your own personal journey at this time.

In Inanna’s story she is retrieving the Shugurra, the crown of the steppe representing the 7th chakra also known as the thousand petaled lotus crown. Synchronistically, the seventh chakra is located in the limbic area of the brain where a thousand nerves are visible when a transverse section of the brain is cut. Shri Sahasra-dala-padmastha Devi says this is the area of the brain that looks like a closed lotus bud before self-Realization occurs.

Other traditions consider the thousand petaled lotus to be above all the Gods and Goddesses, where nature exists without division, duality disappears and the great mysteries of life are all revealed.

Today and over this next month it may be useful to focus your awareness on your own 7th chakra through whatever personal practices you find useful. That might be by chanting OM, working with the Violet Flame, doing pranayama  or any type of breathing or other practices that draw your attention and your breath to your crown chakra. Remember, as the crown chakra opens the mysteries of life, the universe, and Time are resolved.

Jupiter (20 Cancer 31) stations retrograde at 10:04 pm remaining retrograde until March 7, 2014 when it stations direct at around 10 Cancer. The expansive quest oriented qualities of Jupiter in Cancer is deepening the search for ways to create a safe and supportive world for all our relations. In the retrograde phase, Jupiter is pulling the arrow back on the bow, gathering strength, wisdom and power. This is a great time to get extra rest, eat nourishing food, and relax with friends or family in ways that help you to feel safe and nurtured. It can also be helpful to pay attention to the inner guidance seeking expression through you at this time. (See Nov 21)

November 07, Thursday. Today marks the astrological cross-quarter between the September Equinox and December Solstice when the Sun reaches 15 Scorpio and the Sun is aligned with Zubenelgenubi. The Celts worked with this cross-quarter as a time for divination, as they recognized this seasonal cycle as a time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. The thinning of the veil was thought to assist a person in looking into the future more easily, and if used wisely, this time could help consciously set the pattern for the coming year. This was (and is) a time (over the next few days) to go within and seek guidance from the ancestors.

Today is the exact Sun conjunction with Zubenelgenubi (15 Scorpio) very near Saturn at 14 Scorpio 21. Saturn catches up to Zubenelgenubi on November 12. This means the Sun is rising with this star and with Saturn at the Cross-quarter of Samhain a “between the worlds” time. The Sun rises with Zubenelgenubi during the days of the astrological Cross Quarter November 6, 7, and 8 each year adding a solar infusion to the stars of the scales at this potent seasonal gateway.

The waxing Moon is passing 1.9 degrees N of Pluto (9 Capricorn 34) at 6:31 am further catalyzing Pluto’s intent to facilitate transformation and empowerment by illuminating any fears still lurking in the shadows of our subconscious.

Fear occurs when we are attached to a desired result or outcome, sometimes consciously but most unconsciously. Then that fear subtly drives our choices and actions. Desire is natural. It is our attachment to the desire that causes fear to arise. In this case, the key to liberation and empowerment is in recognizing our attachments or addictions to specific outcomes and be willing to let them go. This is NOT easy and may require multiple times of letting go…surrendering our will over and over to Divine Will.

Mercury reaches perihelion (3 Scorpio 16) or its closest approach to the Sun in its current cycle at 6:00 pm. What new insights are being illuminated for you that are juicy, exciting and alive?

November 08, Friday.  Jupiter (20 Cancer) is closest to the Stars of the Twins Castor and Pollux (23 Cancer 15) passing 7.3 degrees SSW of Pollux at 8:00 am. Jupiter has been hanging out with this star for some time having just stationed retrograde very near these two stars on November 6.

You may recall that in June/July it was Mercury who was hanging out with Castor (20 Cancer) and Pollux (23 Cancer) as Mercury stationed retrograde near Pollux. These twin stars mark the outside rim of the Sacred Hoop. Jupiter being the planet of expansion and the quest for truth invokes the image of the quest for the Golden Fleece. Both Castor and Pollux were a part of that story, using their ability to invoke favorable winds for the ship Argo that carried them on their quest.

What favorable winds of change can we invoke now, especially around the mysteries of family and home? Considering the imagery of the twins, sometimes representing the shadow and the light, this is an opportunity to integrate the controlling aspects of family that may prevent family members from expressing their true soul essence, with the higher ideals of Family that supports everyone finding their authentic expression in ways that feel nurturing and safe. This deeper dive into these mysteries lasts into early March.

November 09, Saturday. The Aquarius First Quarter Moon (18 Aquarius) is exact at 10:57 pm illuminating the cutting edge new ideas that revolutionize current thinking and ways of perceiving reality. This is a time to take innovative decisive action that will accelerate our evolutionary experience. For those who are resistant to new ways of experiencing life, disruptive changes are likely. Whatever the means or type of change that is happening it is intended to liberate our consciousness so we can experience expanded states of objective awareness and insight.

November 10, Sunday. Mercury (2 Scorpio 29) stations direct at 2:12 pm. This is a Still Point activation portal beginning a new synodic cycle of Mercury that is integrating the expression of mind as it relates to how we feel. This is the passionate mind that loves to get turned on and feel the greatest amount of exciting, alive, life force. Mercury will also pass by North Node and Saturn one more time now that it has stationed direct. Mercury remains in Scorpio until December 4 – and then shifts into Sagittarius.

November 11, Monday. Martinmas, also known as a cross-quarter day in Scotland. Martinmas is celebrated on November 11, also known as the feast day of Saint Martin of Tours born around 316 A.D. Martin was a Roman soldier whose compassion prompted him to tear his cloak in half with his sword and give half to a beggar. That night Martin dreamed Jesus was wearing the part of his cloak he had given away. Next morning upon awakening Martin knew he was being called to serve as a Christian Monk. Remarkably the other half of Martin’s cloak is said to have become a revered relic. In Germany and other places Martinmas celebrations begin at the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. 11:11:11:11 http://fisheaters.com/customstimeafterpentecost15.html

The waxing Moon is passing 5.5 degrees NNW of Neptune (2 Pisces 35) at 12:05 am amplifying the possibilities available to us when we are dreaming the dream that is ours to dream.

November 12, Tuesday.  Northern Taurids are quite favorable this year. Plus, Saturn is exactly 15 degrees Scorpio at 4:26 pm conjunct the fixed star Zubenelgenubi. Saturn catches up to this star every 29.5 years meaning the last time Saturn was here was in October of 1984. That was when Saturn made its last past by Zubenelgenubi. This time Saturn is with the Sun adding its light to them both…however neither Saturn or Zubenelgenubi are visible in the sky right now.

In ancient Egyptian cosmology (pre-dating Rome) Zubenelgenubi and Zubenelshamali were the main stars of the constellation of the Scales weighing the heart of the dead with the feather of Maat, Egyptian Goddess of Wisdom. This speaks to how that culture valued the wisdom of the heart over the mind and finding the balance point where a person could enter the ‘promised land’. (Interestingly, when embalming the dead the Egyptians threw away the brain because they felt it was useless but kept they preserved rest of the organs.)

In the ancient texts of India, the Sanskrit word for this constellation translates as Tula, the name for the ‘Holy Land’ located in the north. In the book, The Peacemaker and the Key of Life, William Henry defines Tula as “the place of Peace” similar to our concepts of Shambala and Shangri La saying:

The Key of Life is a secret teaching that enables the Children of Light to enter the Promised Land which is the biblical code for the ultimate human experience. It is called Tula the Sanskrit word for ‘balance’ in ancient Texts.” http://www.williamhenry.net/index.html

All this month Saturn and Zubenelgenubi (in the constellation of the Scales) are exchanging light codes and examining what is in balance, out of balance or ready to be rebalanced, in the world of form. Through intention and attention to Saturn with these stars – we have an opportunity to consciously engage in activities designed to support an experience of greater balance with Great Mystery. This is supported by dying to what is out of balance, as well as being willing to embrace what we know in our hearts and trusting that over what consensus reality says is true.

November 13, Wednesday. The waxing Moon moves into Aries at 12:39 am and passes 3.2 degrees NNW of Uranus (9 Aries 03) at 5:04 pm amplifying the energy of the Uranus Pluto square that was exact on November 1. This is a time for unpredictable events that are intended to collapse old structures and expand our point of view. What happens now depends on what it will take to create the changes needed to further evolution and expansion of awareness. The more we can go with the flow of what is happening – the easier it will be.

Neptune (2 Pisces 35) stations direct at 11:43 am accessing the still point where all possibilities exist. Neptune’s station direct suggests this is a great time to be more conscious of your choices especially around healthy boundaries that support your ability to connect with unbounded pure consciousness.

It might be helpful to note what is authentically showing up in your life. Sometimes, people come into our lives that appear to be genuine and expressing from an authentic place. Then later we may discover that what we thought was genuine was an act. Perhaps, we become aware that someone we feel close to is running over our boundaries.

When you realize someone is violating your boundaries, a healthy course of action is to consciously assess the situation, make the choices that are supportive to you and start over where needed. It may even be helpful to give yourself credit for seeing what is really going on and being willing to now take action that creates a healthy response. Remember, Neptune is also about illusions and it is easy to believe that what we think we see is real. When we realize it is not what we thought, then we can make the necessary changes in ways that are supportive, kind and loving to ourselves and ideally to any others also involved even if it requires being firm.

November 14, Thursday. Venus square Uranus (9 Capricorn 02) at 6:13 pm is further activating the Uranus Pluto Square and stimulating unexpected, unplanned for, unusual “events of extreme novelty” intended to expand our point of view or perspective – especially when we are going with the flow, and letting go of what we think we want the results to be. This is about trusting that where ever life is ultimately taking us – it is where we most want to go, even if we don’t know what that is.

Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me. ~ Carl Sandburg

November 15, Friday. Venus is passing 6.5 degrees S of Pluto (9 Capricorn 46) at 2:33 pm. Pluto’s job is to call out the shadow from the depths of our personal and collective fears bringing these fears fully into our conscious awareness and experience, so they can be transformed. When we are willing to engage Pluto’s alchemical process – the courage to transform then guides our way. When Venus encounters Pluto she is encountering the shadow parts of herself, what she has denied, repressed or suppressed, usually in order to survive. However this denied part often prevents her from taking total responsibility for her personal experience thus keeping her at the effect of the fear even if it isn’t conscious.

Ram Dass suggests one way to embrace your fears is to invite them to tea and ask them to share their wisdom or message with you. When we are willing to face our fears and embrace them rather than trying to get “rid” of them we gain the insights, messages and empowerment our fears ultimately have for us.

The asteroid Vesta is crossing zero Libra – the September Equinox point at 8:42 am and is aligned with the North Galactic Pole near Coma Bernice. Vesta is the archetype of the High Priestess and passes this point about every 4 years. The Mythic Tale of Coma Bernice suggests the question to ask is: what offering is the High Priestess laying on the altar of the divine that supports the balance between the immortal and mortal realms?

November 16, Saturday. Mercury (5 Scorpio) is catching up to the North Node (7 Scorpio) for its third pass that will be exact at 11:33 pm on November 18. Mercury’s message is related to humanity’s divine destiny (North Node) and is about embracing the most passionate, alive, and edgy possibilities that are aligned with the current divine unfolding.

November 17, Sunday. The Leonids Meteor shower peaks but due to the Full Moon is not a favorable year for viewing. The Taurus Full Moon (25 Taurus 26) is exact at 8:16 am, passing 6.0 degrees S of the Pleiades (29 Taurus) at 5:07 pm.  The Full Moon with the Pleiades illuminates the mysteries of love, beauty, intimacy and pleasure. In the Movie Don Juan DeMarco, Johnny Depp, who is playing Don Juan tells Marlon Brando, who is playing the therapist, there are only 4 questions worth asking. They are:

“What is Sacred? Of what is the Spirit made? What is worth Living for? And what is worth Dying for?

The answer to all four questions is the same – “only love”. This is not philosophical love, or idealized mental ideas of love – this is referring to the deep personal intimate love fully felt between lovers. It is felt in the body (not a mental concept) and is meant to be fully savored and embraced in the moment, sustaining the experience for as long as possible. What better time to embrace a personal, physical experience of love, be it the love of the land, the love of life or the love of another person!

At 7 pm tonight, Mercury (6 Scorpio – very near the fixed star Khambalia – the star of secret knowledge – see Khambalia Audio) is at greatest elongation or furthest from the Sun in its morning star appearance. This phase of the Mercury cycle represents the clear, focused, edge-defying, passionate, expression of the mind that is reaching into new territory and new ways to engage these mysteries.

Comet ISON is passing .38 degrees N of Spica (23 Libra 23) at 7:00 pm. Spica is the bright blue star located in the hand of the Virgin Priestess symbolizing the mysteries of sowing and reaping or what you get is based on what you give. Said another way this is about the energy, as it is expressed through our thoughts, words, and deeds (actions), that we put into the world magnetizing to us what we are experiencing. Spica is the primary star symbolizing the divine feminine and comet ISON is bringing new light codes to this star and this area of the sky. (See Nov 1 and 29)

November 18, Monday.  Mercury is conjunct the North Node (6 Scorpio 45) for the third time at 12:00 am due to the recent retrograde. (see Nov 16) The waning Moon is passing 2.7 degrees NNE of Aldebaran (9 Gemini 49) at 2:00 pm. Once each month the Moon passes by Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull, and the key to the Silver Gate where we receive light coded information from beyond our galaxy. This is the time of the year when we can see the Moon with Aldebaran in the late evening sky.

November 19, Tuesday. Chiron (9 Pisces 07) stations direct at 6:07 am energizing the power of the Still Point in the oceanic realms of Pisces and the field of all possibilities. The Still Point connects to the unified field of Creation. Pisces as the symbol of the ocean is a vast realm of potential and mystery. When we remember that biological life spontaneously formed and evolved in the oceans of the Earth we can see how powerful this Timing is in terms of connecting with Source as Creative Intelligence.

The Pisces archetype is so adaptable it has been described as being like a chameleon. There are scientific studies that reveal significant DNA changes or adaptations occurring in animals within just one generation. When we consider that DNA lives in a fluid environment it is not surprising that it can evolve much quicker than science first believed.

This is worth contemplating as Chiron accesses the field of all possibilities at its station direct point. This is a powerful time for shape shifting our reality in ways that produce profound shamanic healing of our personal and collective emotional heart. The possibilities for radical healing of old wounds is heightened especially for those with planets, angles or nodes between 9 and 13 degrees of Pisces.

November 20, Wednesday. The waning Moon moves into Cancer at 4:23 am passing over the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge where the summer solstice Sun now rises on the hand of what the Celts referred to as the High Man (a.k.a. Orion), accelerating the evolution of the Cancer mysteries. Just before sunrise looking west the Moon can be seen sitting on the hand of Orion.

These mysteries are evolving to create new and innovative ways to experience cooperative living. This is a time for imagining that we are living in a world where we all care about each other, and we are cooperating in ways that unify and strengthen the greater whole. This moves us from mere survival into a new world where everyone is safe to thrive while co-creating a New Earth experience with peace and plenty for all.

November 21, Thursday. The Sun moves into Sagittarius at 8:48 pm and is on a quest to synthesize all that has happened in this solar cycle that will begin a new when the Sun reaches Zero Capricorn on December 21. This is about being willing to experience the deepest expressions of truth, including the truth of who we really are and how that truth changes our understanding and perception of ourselves and of this reality.

The waning Moon is passing 5 degrees SSW of Jupiter (20 Cancer 08) at 8:58 pm further illuminating what is being expanded in the mysteries of home and family. This brings to light the shadow elements of family including manipulation and control through the sense of duty to a family dynasty that has long out lived its usefulness. (see star map to right)

Jupiter in Cancer is a time for a new more expanded vision of how family goes beyond our blood ties and extends to all people everywhere. It is time to being imaging a sense of family that supports each individual in expressing their true essence and gifts free from the old rules and guilt trips. (See Nov 7)

November 22, Friday. The waning Moon passes 11.8 degrees SSW of Pollux (23 Cancer 15) at 3:00 am further activating the stars of the Twins that reveal our dual nature – mortal and immortal – human and divine.  (See Nov 8)

November 23, Saturday.  Comet ISON is passing 4.7 degrees SSW of Mercury (13 Scorpio 10) at 8:00 am and will pass Saturn tomorrow. This adds an unpredicatble wild card factor to both Mercury and Saturn as they pass Zubenelegenubi at the time of Mercury’s third pass by Saturn. (see Nov 07, 12, 24)

Juno is exactly 15 Aquarius at 1:42 pm square Saturn at 15 Scorpio activating the cross-quarter points of Imbolc (15 Aquarius) and Samhain (15 Scorpio). Juno is the asteroid most associated with the mysteries of conscious equal partnership and relationship and Saturn is about structure and form. Juno in Aquarius is inquiring into how to incorporate the egalitarian ideals of relationship and how these ideals serve the emerging awareness of the equality of both the feminine and masculine principles. Equality does not mean the same but it does mean that what each brings is equally valued.

November 24, Sunday. Comet ISON is passing 4.9 degrees SSW of Saturn (16 Scorpio 23) at 4:00 am. The light codes from this comet are activating Saturn in Scorpio bringing in radically new codes beyond what has been our understanding of the Scorpio Mysteries. These light codes have not been in our part of the galaxy for thousands of years. What new downloads for passionate yet practical expressions of life force are available to us now?

Mercury (15 Scorpio) has returned to the fixed star Zubenelgenubi in the constellation of the Scales that in Egyptian imagery connected with cosmic law or justice…what Just Is. The scales also represent the balance between yin and yang and the old and the new, including the old wise ways and the new exploratory ways that foster healthy growth and evolution. Messenger Mercury is again drawing our attention to the importance of finding our own sense of balance with all the changes happening either for us personally and in the world. (See Nov 07, 12, 23)

Sun (2 Sagittarius 37) square Neptune (2 Pisces 37) at 10:52 am is a time for deepening our dreaming and our gratitude and love for all the abundant gifts we receive every day. Neptune operates beyond the realm of logic and reason and creatively connects with the wisdom of the heart.  Now is a perfect time to embrace the Celestial Realm where all is exactly unfolding according to a divine plan that we cannot figure out through logical means. In the Celestial everything is exactly perfect whether we are aware of it or not.  No matter how you spend this day, it might be helpful to take a few minutes to connect to your heart-knowing.

November 25, Monday. The waning Last Quarter Moon is passing 5.3 degrees SSW of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 5:00 am and reaches exact last quarter (3 Virgo 42) at 12:28 am. If you are up before the Sun looking east you can see the sickle marking the Lion’s head with the Moon near the Heart of the Lion. The Last Quarter Moon in Virgo activates the mysteries of the sacred patterning of life. Regulus reminds us that we access these mysteries by listening to our heart knowing.

Mercury is passing .31 degrees SSW of Saturn (16 Scorpio 34) at 6:54 pm. This is the third and closest passage of the triple conjunction and a perfect time to be willing to hear the messages Mercury is bringing from the depths of its recent dive into the pure light of the Sun that was exact on November 1.

November 26, Tuesday. The North Node now 7 Scorpio is hanging out with the fixed star Khambalia also known as the star of secret knowledge. It will be nearly 19 years before the North Node returns to this area of the sky. When we consider the North Node represents humanity’s destiny and Khambalia has to do with secret knowledge, this is a time to consider the secrets that are being revealed to us now that support the divine unfolding of our collective destiny.

November 27, Wednesday. The waning Moon is passing 5.4 degrees SSW of Mars (24 Virgo 32) at 4:43 am. The Moon and Mars are actively connecting with the web of life or the patterning that makes up our middle world reality. This is the phase of the Mars cycle that has to do with elder wisdom in the Virgo realm, the realm of the weavers of fate. Many mythic stories connect to the idea of a pattern or web of life we live in and engage everyday.

Norse mythology described the web or pattern as “wyrd” and the weavers of this wyrd “or fate” were the Norns, Urd (the past), Verdandi (the being) and Skuld (what is to come). The word wyrd has evolved into a new spelling and a new meaning that is opposite of the original meaning.

In Webster’s Dictionary “weird” does have this definition: “concerned with controlling fate or destiny.” AND there are other meanings such as: suggesting something supernatural; uncanny or induce a sense of disbelief or alienation in someone. Weird is more commonly understood these days as being abnormal, strange, unusual, unnatural or eerie.

So for whatever reason, weird has drifted far from its original meaning, but interestingly there is still a definition that can be found in this word’s Scottish origins that says weird has to do with a person’s destiny. So perhaps these later definitions of weird are reflecting to us how humanity has been out of alignment with its divine destiny and now it is time to revision and realign our connection to the greater patterning of life? Then, maybe ‘weird’ will become normal and natural once again?

November 28, Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving. On this day of gratitude I am so deeply and profoundly grateful for all my Celestial Timings Subscribers and the opportunity to share this sacred work with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Many Blessings to all!

Venus (19 Capricorn 46) is opposite Jupiter (19 Cancer 46) at 5:00 am. Venus in Capricorn is the Divine Feminine expression of the Circle of Grandmothers, bringing to mind the importance of creating healthy family and community that also supports each individual in getting their basic needs easily met. This can only happen when we are willing to cooperate with each other and to realize we are all connected. When anyone suffers it affects the entire collective. The current collective climate is waaay out of balance as described in this video showing how serious the financial discrepancies are in the United States. I know a lot about this and I was surprised.

The video also shows the extreme shadow expression of the Cancer Capricorn axis that is about getting whatever can be gotten at the expense of everyone else to benefit a close knit family and/or group.

This reality is not sustainable – especially as Pluto continues its journey through Capricorn into 2024. It will be interesting to see what inspired ideas may come out of Jupiter’s transit through Cancer this year expanding on the Uranus Pluto Square that guarantees change.

How are you showing up as a part of the solution? Are you working cooperatively with those around you? Are you environmentally aware and taking action that supports the Earth, for example taking time to recycle? Are you helping to envision a world where we live cooperatively to make sure everyone’s basic needs are met? Do you care?

Comet ISON has reached perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) and will be exact at 4:00 pm. This may be the time when the comet is brightest? ISON with the Sun is amping up the wild card factor that comets bring with them. The Sun is illuminating the new light codes that are passing through our Solar System at this time. The effect of this will be felt for several days before and after the exact perihelion and the results will be manifesting over many years.

November 29, Friday. The waning crescent Moon is passing 1.3 degrees ENE of Spica (23 Libra 53) at 12:00 am in a very near occultation and the second passage of Moon by this star this month. Spica is noted for being the 15th brightest star in our night sky.

In China, Spica is known as the star of Kio who was a Great and Ancient Azure Dragon representing springtime renewal. In India, Spica was the star Citra (the lamp or light or pearl of wisdom) who possessed the power of creating the manifest world also known as Maya. This brings to mind the mythic story of Alladin’s Lamp describing the genie or genius within that magically creates reality. The lamp represents the inner light of inner genius.

The Romans believed Spica to be the goddess Ceres who was responsible for the growing of grain and Spica is the corn or wheat in her hand.

The Egyptians saw Spica as the Lute-Bearer and they built a temple in Thebes oriented to Spica’s setting around 3200 B.C. The Greeks saw Spica as Astrea, Goddess of Justice, symbolized in the Tarot Cards as the blind folded woman holding the scales of justice in her hand. Many cultures viewed Spica as one of the most important symbols of the Divine Feminine.

Some of the gifts Spica brings are physical healing, lucid dreaming, and the transfer of greater conscious awareness to the waking mind. What new awareness is available to us now, especially around the role of the Divine Feminine at this time?
(See Nov 1 and 17)

November 30, Saturday.  The Sun (9 Sagittarius 11) is square Chiron (9 Pisces 11) at 10:40 pm. If you have planets, angles or nodes between 9 and 13 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius you are currently experiencing a Chiron cycle. Today the Sun is illuminating Chiron’s ability to facilitate deep cellular healing especially through acts of love and compassion.

Without compassion for our vulnerability and human condition the shamanic initiation of Chiron falls short of its intent to transform the wounds we all encounter into powerful medicine. So this is an important time for embracing compassion for yourself and others as we all are on a shamanic journey to heal the fracture points or disconnection from the awareness of our true divine essence that we all experienced coming into and living this life.

“What you do for yourself, you’re doing for others, and
what you do for others, you’re doing for yourself.”

~Pema Chodron


November 2013 CT Template (all times are Pacific Time unless otherwise noted)

November 01, Friday.  Venus at greatest elongation east from the Sun (26 Sagittarius 04) at 1:00 am. Uranus (9 Aries 26) square Pluto (9 Capricorn 26) at 3:30 am. Mercury conjunct  the Sun (9 Scorpio 34) at 12:19 pm.  Waning crescent Moon 1.4 degrees NW of Spica (23 Libra 53) at 10:00 pm. Occultation.

November 02, Saturday.  Waning crescent Moon is 1.3 degrees WNW of Mercury (7 Scorpio 44) at 10:51 pm.

November 03, Sunday.  Mercury (7 Scorpio 41) at ascending node at 12:00 am. Turn back clocks an hour for Standard Time.  New Moon (11 Scorpio 18) at 5:50 am. Hybrid Solar Eclipse 5:47 am. Daylight Savings Time ends. Lunar Samhain.  Waxing crescent Moon 1.9 degrees SSE of Saturn (13 Scorpio 54) at 10:18 am.

November 04, Monday. Waxing crescent Moon moves into Sagittarius at 1:40 pm.

November 05, Tuesday. Muslim New Year, first day (1 Muharram) Venus moves into Capricorn at 1:43 am.  Waxing crescent Moon 7.4 degrees N of Antares (9 Sagittarius 48) at 5:00 am.

November 06, Wednesday. Waxing crescent Moon (22 Sagittarius 28) at perigee at 2:20 am. Saturn (14 Scorpio 14) at apogee at 3:12 am. Sun conjunct Saturn (14 Scorpio 14) at 5:00 am.  Venus (1 Capricorn 18) at greatest declination south at 10:00 am.  Waxing crescent Moon moves into Capricorn at 2:44 pm, passes 8.0 degrees N of Venus (1 Capricorn 36) at 5:22 pm. Jupiter (20 Cancer 31) stations retrograde at 10:04 pm.

November 07, Thursday. Waxing Moon 1.9 degrees N of Pluto (9 Capricorn 34) at 6:31 am.

November 08, Friday.  Jupiter closest to Pollux (23 Cancer 15), passing 7.3 degrees SSW at 8:00 am.

November 09, Saturday.  First Quarter Moon (18 Aquarius) at 10:57 pm.

November 10, Sunday. Mercury (2 Scorpio 29) stations direct at 2:12 pm.

November 11, Monday. Martinmas. Waxing Moon 5.5 degrees NNW of Neptune (2 Pisces 35) at 12:05 am.

November 12, Tuesday.  Northern Taurids, quite favorable this year. Saturn is exactly 15 degrees Scorpio at 4:26 pm.

November 13, Wednesday. Waxing Moon moves into Aries at 12:39 am.  Neptune (2 Pisces 35) stations direct at 11:43 am. Waxing Moon 3.2 degrees NNW of Uranus (9 Aries 03) at 5:04 pm.

November 14, Thursday. Venus square Uranus (9 Capricorn 02) at 6:13 pm.

November 15, Friday. Venus 6.5 degrees S of Pluto (9 Capricorn 46) at 2:33 pm.

November 16, Saturday. Mercury (5 Scorpio) is catching up to the North Node (7 Scorpio) and is exactly conjunct the North Node at 11:33 pm on November 18.

November 17, Sunday. Full Moon (25 Taurus 26) at 8:16 am, passes 6.0 degrees S of the Pleiades (29 Taurus) at 5:07 pm.  Mercury at greatest elongation west at 7:00 pm. ISON .38 degrees N of Spica (23 Libra 23) at 7:00 pm.

November 18, Monday.  Mercury 1.4 degrees NE of 2P Encke (6 Scorpio 45) at 12:00 am.  Waning Moon 2.7 degrees NNE of Aldebaran (9 Gemini 49) at 2:00 pm.

November 19, Tuesday. Chiron (9 Pisces 07) stations direct at 6:07 am.

November 20, Wednesday. Waning Moon moves into Cancer at 4:23 am.

November 21, Thursday. Sun moves into Sagittarius at 8:48 pm. Waning Moon 5.0 degrees SSW of Jupiter (20 Cancer 08) at 8:58 pm.

November 22, Friday. Waning Moon passes 11.8 degrees SSW of Pollux (23 Cancer 15) at 3:00 am.

November 23, Saturday.  ISON 4.7 degrees SSW of Mercury (13 Scorpio 10) at 8:00 am.Moon 6.5 degrees S of Beehive Cluster at 9:00 am.  Juno is exactly 15 Aquarius at 1:42 pm square Saturn at 15 Scorpio.

November 24, Sunday. C/2012 S1 ISON 4.9 degrees SSW of Saturn (16 Scorpio 23) at 4:00 am.  Sun (2 Sagittarius 37) square Neptune (2 Pisces 37) at 10:52 am.  C/2012 S1 ISON 1.2 degrees S of 2P Encke at 6:00 pm.

November 25, Monday. The waning Moon 5.3 degrees SSW of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 5:00 am. Last Quarter Moon (3 Virgo 42) at 12:28 am.  Mercury .31 degrees SSW of Saturn (16 Scorpio 34) at 6:54 pm.

November 26, Tuesday.  Juno is reaching its exact square to Saturn on November 29 at 8:42 am

November 27, Wednesday. Waning Moon 5.4 degrees SSW of Mars (24 Virgo 32) at 4:43 am.

November 28, Thursday.  Venus (19 Capricorn 46) opposite Jupiter (19 Cancer 46) at 5:00 am.  Comet ISON at perihelion (closest approach to the Sun) at 4:00 pm.

November 29, Friday.  Waning crescent Moon 1.3 degrees ENE of Spica (23 Libra 53) at 12:00 am.

November 30, Saturday.  Sun (9 Sagittarius 11) square Chiron (9 Pisces 11) at 10:40 pm.