Here is the PDF Link to the 2013 October Celestial timings with Star Maps AND you can access the audio timings for October here https://cayelincastell.com/audio-celestial-timings/

I love finding ways that cultures have worked with the natural cycles and seasons in both a ceremonial and practical way. It is inspiring to see the adaptions that have occurred around the world that work for the climate and the seasonal cycle of any given area. Here is an intriguing example worth knowing about.

This comes from a 1981 PBS special Odyssey: Three Worlds of Bali  presented by anthropologist Steve Lansing that includes a look at the rice farming cycle in Bali and how it ties into their temple calendars. This documentary shows describes the planting cycle for rice and that even though it appears to be based in superstition to western science, I turns out to be a brilliant way of creating sustainable agriculture.

In the film, we learn about Balinese agricultural practices that also celebrate the seasonal cycle with ritual feasts and ceremonies for planting and harvesting. When foreign experts convinced the farmers to give up these seemingly superstitious ways the results were disastrous. Their crops were mostly rotted and that allowed mice and insects to flourish meaning they consumed the part of the harvest that had actually survived. This proved to be a great hardship on the people who found they did not have enough food for themselves and they quickly returned to their old ways.

It turns out the Balinese ceremonies are a timing mechanism letting farmers know when to open and close the complex network of irrigation gateways. They also know the best days for planting that maximize crop production and minimized rodents and pests. This ancient ceremonial system is far more successful than the more modern up-to-date strategies that left out the Sacred Timings and ceremonial intent these Timings inspire. So maybe western Science should be learning from them?

Similar to the Shamanic Astrology approach to understanding the Three Worlds the Balinese also have a view of three worlds. As the title of the film suggests the Balinese people balance the “three worlds” — heaven, earth, and the underworld — by preserving ancient traditions while permitting and even incorporating modern technology into their ways of life.  Here is a link to the documentary http://vimeo.com/63799631

Comet Ison and Eclipses see article for more on ISON http://earthsky.org/space/big-sun-diving-comet-ison-might-be-spectacular-in-2013

As October begins comet ISON is predicted to be at about 9.8 magnitude brightening to about 8.5 mid-month and then brightening more to 6.5 at month’s end. (Star Magnitudes refer to visibility or brightness of the star.  As the magnitude  lessens,  visibility increases and vice versa as the visible decreases the magnitude increases.. For example, a first magnitude star is one hundred times brighter than a sixth magnitude star and a sixth magnitude star is barely visible to the naked eye.)

From September 27 to October 1, Comet ISON passes directly over Mars. Then Oct 14 and 15, ISON catches back up to Mars, passing just 1.1 degrees N of Mars at the same time Mars is less than 1 degree from slightly brighter star Regulus.  This is all visible in the early morning sky with Mars rising before 3 am.

October 23, ISON reaches its greatest elongation from Sun meaning it is about 54 degrees above the horizon as the Sun rises.

October 18/19 features a penumbral Lunar Eclipse, visible in Africa and Europe. See date below for more details.

Night Sky Highlights for October

Uranus is reaching opposition to the Sun on Oct 3 so is closest to the Earth and brightest so is at its best visibility though at 5.7 magnitude so not easily visible to the naked eye.

October 8, is a near equilateral triangle with Venus, Moon, Antares

Venus passes 1.5 degrees from Antares on Oct 16 and will reach greatest elongation of 47 degrees from the Sun on Oct 31. This means Venus is as high on the horizon at sunset as it will get in this evening star appearance.

Jupiter is high in the sky. Mercury and Saturn are low in sky as October begins.

Jupiter rising around 10 pm by the end of October is brightening as it moves toward retrograde on Nov 6/7.

October 29th is another near equilateral triangle with Mars, Regulus, and the Moon.

Saturn is prominent this month AND this is an interesting article on Saturn about the Cassini Images finding a Bizarre Hexagon http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/cassini/media/cassini-20070327.html 

And here is some interesting speculation on what this might mean http://www.naturalnews.com/041365_mysteries_of_the_universe_Saturn_hexagon_clouds.html

October 2013 Daily Celestial Timings (all times are Pacific Time unless otherwise noted)

October 01, Tuesday.  The waning crescent Moon is passing 5.3 degrees SSW of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 11:52 am and will be visible approaching Regulus this morning and just beyond Regulus tomorrow morning. Regulus marks the heart of the lion, and the gateway into the mysteries of the Sphinx. Esoterically the Sphinx is also known as the guardian to the Hall of Records. Tuning into this area of the sky is an opportunity to have a direct experience of our personal and collective records and it is through our direct experience where the greatest meaning occurs for us personally.

The Sun (9 Libra 01) is square Pluto (9 Capricorn 01) at 6:28 pm indicating Pluto is gaining momentum in its forward movement since it stationed direct on September 20. This Timing powerfully illuminates and transmits messages connected to the new structures of relationship that are seeking form.  When Pluto is involved, the intent is for greater empowerment in stepping up to the ways we relate to ourselves, each other and the entire planet.

For many the past couple of weeks and months have been especially intense as Venus, Mercury and the Sun have activated the Grand Cross with Jupiter in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. This is a time when we are being required to surrender to events beyond our control and trust that it is all divinely guided even when it seems the opposite is true.

October 02, Wednesday. Saturn (10 Scorpio 10) trines Chiron (10 Pisces 10) at 2:37 am. This aspect is calling us to be really present in the moment and to accept this moment and every moment exactly as it is. In that place of acceptance and releasing attachments to our desires great healing and opportunity is not only possible but is happening even though it may be messy and chaotic in the moment.

This is further activated by retrograde Uranus (10 Aries 34) reaching perigee or its closest approach to the Earth this year at 1:56 pm today. Uranus is the change agent and often brings disruption to our plans for the purpose of connecting us more fully to the unfolding Divine Plan. It reminds us of the saying if you want to make God (or the Goddess) laugh tell him (or her) your plans. When we are attached to the results and they don’t happen in the way we want them to it causes suffering. If however we are open to something even more magical and amazing showing up – even if it doesn’t feel like that at first – then we are open to receiving Grace and even greater possibilities than what we were imagining.

October 03, Thursday. The Sun (10 Libra 32) is opposite Uranus (10 Aries 32) exact at 7:12 am. The Sun in Libra opposite Uranus is also square Pluto (see Oct 1) suggesting this is an especially good time for tuning into receive messages that illuminate where we may be stuck or hanging onto to old forms and old desires that do not serve our best interest.  We may not know what does best serve us and so surrendering to, going with the flow of life, and trusting the unfolding divine plan life is much easier when we release the need to know and embrace the unknown mystery that is taking us where we are meant to be.

October 04, Friday. The Libra New Moon (11 Libra 56) is exact at 5:34 pm.

This New Moon in Libra features what we are seeding in the round table council of our lives. This is about bringing all the parts of yourself to the table so that each part has a voice that is being valued for its perspective. This is also true for the greater collective.

Everywhere we look there is strong evidence that there are those who do NOT value or consider others and their point of view as important because of their race, religious beliefs, political views,  gender, or life style. Our current paradigm tends to operate on exclusivity – the idea that my tribe is better than your tribe. My business or company is better than your business or company.

However, when we exclude any part of life we are excluding a part of ourselves. The new emerging paradigm – ideally based in healthy conscious equal relationship – must be built on the understanding of the importance of inclusivity. Said another way, we are all in the same boat, we are all on the same planet or spaceship Earth and we are all essential to the health of the whole.

In these last months of the Cardinal Grand Cross and T-square (Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, forming a Grand Cross when planets are in Libra) we have had another round of seeing relationships built in the old paradigm disintegrating and either evolving into new forms – or ending – sometimes dramatically.

This New Moon is the time for embracing a new relationship paradigm that begins with a personal commitment to take responsibility for your relationship to yourself and to all of life. These questions might be helpful:

How does our current reality help support and respect our internal and external emotional needs for relating with one another while also meeting our very real human needs for security and comfort?  Are we willing to personally risk letting go of old beliefs and ways of being that limit our life experience – especially in the way we relate to one another?  Are we willing to take responsibility for the quality of relationships we are experiencing?

Patiently taking time to look carefully at our true priorities and taking the time to choose wisely, assists us in making increasingly conscious choices creating new vital and healthy structures that support our changing needs.

October 05, Saturday.  The waxing crescent Moon is passing .93 degrees NE of Spica (23 Libra 53) at 4:00 pm in one more of the current series of Moon Occulations over Spica. This is not visible as the Sun is too close to see the occultation. (see audio)  According to the book Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld, Spica has the ability to awaken our awareness from the super conscious bringing it more fully into the waking conscious mind. This includes enhancing lucid dreaming states and psychic abilities.

Spica connects to the cervical vertebrae in the spine and can help strengthen this part of the body helping reconnect the body and mind.  This creates an interchange between the separated selves helping us to remember there is ultimately no separation. Thus our conscious minds are more fully aware of the one reality. http://hilarion.com/stars.html

The Moon amps up these energies as it passes and occults Spica so working with these energies through intention, meditation, prayers, chanting or any other activities that open you to other dimensional experiences are especially potent today. It is important to listen for inner guidance on what will work best for you in tuning into this energy.

October 06, Sunday. Looking west, the waxing crescent Moon is passing 2.8 degrees NNE of Mercury (8 Scorpio 59) at 5:12 pm and 2.0 degrees SW of Saturn (10 Scorpio 41) at 8:08 pm. The Moon with Mercury may not be visible as it is so close to the horizon at sunset. But the crescent Moon with Saturn should be lovely to see. By 11 pm tonight the Moon, Mercury and Saturn are within a circle of diameter of about 5 degrees with the North Node around 8 Scorpio. All will have already set below the horizon but we can still tune into the intent. This celestial council is committed to energize sustainable, passionate, alive structures destined to maximize the manifestation of our divine destiny.

Adding to this is Venus is at 29 Scorpio in the most comprehensive expression of the Divine Feminine as the Sorceress who has the ability to birth this into form.

October 07, Monday.  The Draconids are very favorable this year being so close to a New Moon. See link for details. http://earthsky.org/tonight/legendary-draconids-boom-or-bust

Venus moves into Sagittarius at 10:54 am traveling through this domain until November 5. When the divine feminine encounters Sagittarius she is most inspired by the Quest for Truth via expanded states of consciousness. When Venus is in Sagittarius she is serving spirit through her quest for enlightenment. This is because enlightened people create an enlightened world in the same way green trees create a green forest.

This also means that Venus is visible in the evening sky approaching the fixed star Dschubba or Isidis currently located at 2 Sagittarius 45 and will be exact on October 9.  Venus is within 5 degrees of this star from October 3– 12.  Isidis or Dscubba is seen by some cultures as the Eye of the Dragon or the crown on the head of the Scorpion. In Egypt this star was associated with the Goddess Isis, hence the name Isidis. (See October 9)

Dschubba or Isidis was also called  Iclarkrav coined from from the Arabic Iklil al ‘Akrab, menaing the “Crown of the Scorpion”, or sometimes referred to as just Iclil; the Arabic word for ‘jewel’. This was one of the fortunate stations. [Star Names, p. 367, under Acrab]

Contrary to the view of this star being a jewel – some of the writings around Dschubba describe its nature as unfortunate with associations for being imprisoned, shamed, and disgraced. Isidis has been described as having the capacity for material gain, but usually through qualities of selfishness that are inspired by envy and may lead to violence. This might also lead to sickness and domestic disharmony. This star has also been described as someone with a shrewd, cunning mind and great organizational skills, along with a tendency toward strong passions that can lead to trouble in relationship with the opposite sex.

Clearly it is time to revision our collective connection with this all seeing eye. (see Oct 9)

Mercury meets with the North Node (7 Scorpio 49) for the first of three passes around 4:35 pm today due to Mercury stationing retrograde on October 21. The Second pass is on November 2 (7 Scorpio 46) and the third pass is at Nov 18 (7 Scorpio 43). See October 8

October 08, Tuesday. The waxing crescent Moon 4.6 degrees N of Venus (0 Sagittarius 55) at 6:56 am symbolizing the movement of Inanna (Venus) through the 6th gate a.k.a. the Gate of Perception where she retrieves her lapis measuring rod and staff symbolizing her connection to her inner vision and magic. Ceremonial work around this theme is especially important for those who are in the eight year Venus return. If you or someone you know is turning a multiple of 8 (16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 94, 102 etc) between June 12, 2012 and January 17, 2014 this personally applies to you.

Working with the imagery of the 6th Chakra through ceremony, prayer, visualization or meditation can be especially helpful now. Using your imagination is one of the best ways to reclaim a healthy connection with your inner vision.

The 6th Chakra is connected to our ability to see multi-dimensionally from a greater cosmic perspective on many levels including the physical and intuitive. This chakra is located between the eyes where our invisible third eye (pineal gland) sits. Think pituitary gland, nervous system, ears, nose and eyes and let your imagination guide you in connecting with this Venus Gate.

The Pineal Gland or the “third eye” is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces melatonin, a hormone that affects our waking and sleeping patterns. It also produces Dimethyltryptamine, (DMT) a psychedelic compound that occurs in trace amounts in mammals, including humans. The significance of DMT is not fully understood however it is functionally similar to the neurotransmitter serotonin , as well as melatonin, and other psychedelic tryptamines, such as psilocybin.

While DMT occurs naturally in the pineal gland it functions like a psychedelic drug when it is ingested. For example, DMT combined with other elements is what gives ayahuasca its affect and is why it is used for visioning and healing purposes. When we have a healthy pineal gland we can more easily access these altered states without the assistance of plant medicine, though a person still may choose to use it with great results.

It is interesting to note that the interior of the Pineal gland actually contains rods and cones just like our eyes! This means ancient people who described this gland as the mind’s eye maybe knew about this correspondence of this gland as a third eye! (see Graham Hancock Ted Talk – YouTube for more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0c5nIvJH7w 18 minutes of brilliance)

The pineal gland is shaped like a tiny pine cone, hence its name. The pine cone is actually an important symbol used throughout history to symbolize this spiritual center point where all of the energies come together. The Hindu god Shiva has the pine cone shaped head and the third eye which is still used today to symbolize the pineal gland. Buddhists all throughout history have shaped their hair into the pine cone shape to pay honor to the pineal gland’s powers. Even the Pope himself has a pine cone carved into the handle of his staff. Read the full article “Your Third Eye, The Pineal Gland”

Mercury is passing 5.0 degrees SSW of Saturn (10 Scorpio 52) at 12:39 pm and may be visible in the evening sky after sunset with a low horizon line. This is the first pass of a triple conjunction with Mercury passing Saturn three times, today and on Oct 30 and Nov 26.

The Mercury retrograde in Scorpio passing Saturn is a rare event. Saturn can only be Scorpio every 29.5 years and travels through Scorpio for about 2.5 years. Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio every 6 and 7 years. The last time Mercury passed Saturn in Scorpio three times was in 1954 and the next time this will happen is in 2072 following a pattern of about every 59 years.

So this is a rare triple passage of Mercury to Saturn in Scorpio over the next few weeks deepening the messages of passionate aliveness in everything we are co-creating.  The challenge Mercury and Saturn encounter with each other… is Mercury moves fast and can cruise through a sign in as little as 15 days (unless it goes retrograde in that sign and then it will be in a sign for nearly 3 months).

Saturn takes about 2.5 years to move through one sign. Mercury is the closest visible planet and Saturn is the farthest visible planet that we see here on Earth, so they are in a sense polar extremes from this middle world perspective, and yet both very important to the successful expression they each carry. (see Oct 13 and 29)

October 09, Wednesday.  Mercury (11 Scorpio 28) is as far from the Sun as it is going to get in this phase of its current cycle before turning retrograde on October 21. One way to be with this is to imagine that Mercury has reached as far as it can go before returning to the Sun with its treasures of insights and possibility.

Also today Venus has reached its exact zodiacal alignment with the fixed Start Dschubba located at 2 Sagittarius 45. For those with planets angles or nodes around the degree of Dschubba  this would have been seen as someone with a shrewd, cunning mind and great organizational skills, along with a tendency toward strong passions that can lead to trouble in relationship with the opposite sex.

We are in a time of rapid evolution so the old judgments or perceptions of what a star represented is outdated. A big part of the emerging new paradigm is to take time to tune into the energies of these stars with fresh understanding of their true intent. We might ask – what is the true nature and intent of the eye of the Scorpion, (sometimes seen for example in China as the eye of the dragon)? If you have personal planets, angles or nodes between Zero and 6 degrees of Sagittarius this is personal star for you and worth noting as Venus passes and activates it. (see Oct 7)

October 10, Thursday.  Southern Taurids at their peak are very favorable this year. http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide

Venus (2 Sagittarius 54) goes out beyond the boundaries of the Sun today rising and setting further North and South of where the Sun can set when it is at the solstice extremes – remaining out of bounds until December 6. This means Venus is now operating as a wild card.

Plus Venus is also squaring Neptune (2 Pisces 54) at 2:05 am and still very near the fixed star Dschubba, the eye of the Scorpion. Neptune is amplifying the Out of Bounds Venus as she passes Dschubba creating a rare time for gaining deeper insight through the dragon’s eye…into our own Field of Dreams. This is occurring within the realm of all possibilities aligned with the truth of who we really are.

This includes dissolving all that is NOT actually true but what we may have taken to be true, or dissolving what we have denied is true, or where we haven’t even been aware or known-about something that is either true or not true depending on what it is. Venus in Sagittarius is on the quest for what is truly true including what is the deeper truth of life and our existence.

The waxing Moon moves into Capricorn at 8:17 am, reaches perigee (4 Capricorn 39) at 4:09 pm – perigee is when the Moon is closest to the Earth. Then the Moon passes by Pluto (9 Capricorn 06) at 11:40 pm giving us an additional opportunity to embrace the fears that drive our life choices and disempower us from authentically expressing our true selves.

October 11, Friday. The First Quarter Moon (18 Capricorn 47) is exact at 4:02 pm representing a rapid growth phase when decisive action is helpful when we are clear about our thoughts, words and deeds. What we think underlies all we create, what we invoke through our words brings our thoughts into manifestation and how we act upon our thoughts and words helps to define the form the manifestation takes. Of all the mystery schools,  perhaps Capricorn knows best the pathway of sacred geometry and manifestation that brings spirit (and our thoughts and feelings) into form.

October 12, Saturday. Astronomy Day http://www.astroleague.org/al/astroday/astrodayform.html.

The Sun (19 Libra 27) is square Jupiter (19 Cancer 27) at 8:08 am also known as quadrature. This is letting us know Jupiter will be stationing retrograde on November 6/7 when it reaches 20 Cancer31. This also means that Jupiter will be visible high overhead before sunrise. Jupiter in Cancer when healthy is inspiring and expanding the mysteries of family, nurturing and creating safe space for the children to grow and thrive. The challenge is our culture has not been set up to truly value the children and keep them safe.

When Jupiter squares the Sun it is wise to be alert to any tendencies of overexpansion, overdoing, overconfidence, overload and even over-optimism that is overly idealistic or ungrounded. It is just as much of a problem to have too much of something as not enough. For example, too much Sun scorches the Earth but if there is not enough Sun, life on Earth cannot thrive.  However, it is also important to be open to the inspired visions that Jupiter and the Sun are activating that can guide us to creating a safer, healthier, more supportive world for everyone!

October 13, Sunday. Mercury is making its first pass by the fixed star Zubenelgenubi (15 Scorpio) and will return to this star on Oct 27 and November 24. The transformational messenger with the Stars of the Scales is asking us to look at how we balance our life journey between our human and divine experience.

Plus Mercury is still near Saturn in Scorpio getting ready to go retrograde on October 21. Mercury in Scorpio is stimulating the aspect of mind and thinking that loves to get off on what is most exciting or what the greatest turn on is to contemplate. For some the thinking process might be seemingly very intellectual or artistic or innovative but for Mercury in Scorpio the most important aspect isn’t necessarily determined by these factors unless they are a turn-on. The Scorpio mind and ways of communicating find expression through whatever feels the most life force passion and intensity. Mercury is in Scorpio until December 4.

Keep in mind that Saturn in Scorpio requires an interesting synthesis of two different archetypal energies – Scorpio and Saturn. This is about synthesizing the practical sustainability of the structures of reality, including our structures of knowing (Saturn) with the intensity and passion of Scorpio that is continually dying to old forms, old ideas, old ways of thinking, old fears, old beliefs, and old identities in order to be reborn to new ways of being in our middle world reality that are intensely alive and exciting. Saturn travels through Scorpio until 2015. In December 2014 Saturn makes its first move into Sagittarius and then will dip back into Scorpio from June to September of 2015.

October 14, Monday.  The waxing Moon is passing 5.5 degrees NNW of Neptune (2 Pisces 49) at 6:56 pm illuminating the ‘field of all possibilities’. The challenge is to see the illusions, if any, that are preventing this magical experience of these possibilities manifesting into form.  Another challenge is to let go of the illusions and ways that don’t support who we are. (see Oct 10)

Neptune can show us where our perception may be off – especially around our personal boundaries – when we are open to seeing those possibilities. It helps to remember that Neptune is like the vast ocean and is not known for its boundaries but rather for being boundless. However, to function in this middle world reality, healthy boundaries are part of the deal, especially when they are implemented with as much love and kindness as possible.

“Letting go doesn’t mean we don’t care. Letting go doesn’t mean we shut down. Letting go means we stop trying to force outcomes and make people behave. It means we give up resistance to the way things are, for the moment. It means we stop trying to do the impossible—controlling that which we cannot—and instead, focus on what is possible—which usually means taking care of ourselves. And we do this in gentleness, kindness, and love, as much as possible.” — Melody Beattie

October 15, Tuesday.  Mars is passing .94 degrees NNE of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 4:05 am with the comet ISON about 2.0    degrees NNE of Regulus (0 Virgo) adding a wild card factor to this Timing as comets bring new light codes that affect our DNA and may have the effect of speeding up our evolutionary experience.

Regulus is one of the 15 Behenian stars or magical stars of the ancient alchemists. They believed that whenever a planet was within 6 degrees of one of these stars it was a time the energy of the star was being magnified and could be best utilized in ceremonial creation of amulets, potions and other magical intentions. This was a time when they would focus there ceremonies toward the benefits of that particular star. Regulus operates best through heart-centered action.

According to the book  The Fixed Stars and Their Interpretations, by Ebertin-Hoffman. “…when Mars or Saturn are in conjunction with Regulus, especially exciting events are always recorded e.g. assassinations, coup detat, revolutions, revolts, demonstrations, overthrow of heads of state and similar events.”

The active nature of Mars represents the benefits of decisive action and when near Regulus includes action that is also heart-centeredRegulus and Mars together represent the active heart centered strength that supports the ability to successfully achieve long term goals.

Plus, with the Comet nearby Mars and Regulus are further activating a portal into the Hall of Records potentially energizing powerful shifts in our personal and collective DNA. For those who have planets in late degrees of Leo or the first few degrees of Virgo this timing is especially personally activating.

It might be helpful to ask: How can I fully open to receive the messages from the encoded cellular wisdom within me that is also activating new portals, and new edges of experience, that are alchemically and cellularly transforming my direct experience of my divine self?

October 16, Wednesday. Venus (9 Sagittarius 40) squares Chiron (9 Pisces 40) at 7:29 am and Venus is passing 1.5 degrees NNE of Antares (9 Sagittarius 48) at 3:00 pm visible on the western horizon after sunsetThis year Venus is in a six degree range of the magical Behenian star Antares from October 10 to 23.  This heart star reminds us of the importance of living and acting from our heart knowing and trusting our hearts to guide us to what is truly ours to experience with love and compassion for ourselves and for everyone we encounter.

Antares is the Golden Gateway to the Galactic Core and the entrance point is through the heart. Antares is also near the Scales that in Egyptian imagery was used to weigh the heart of the one who died with the feather of Maat (cosmic law or justice…what Just Is) and if the heart was lighter than the feather that person would get to travel beyond this reality into the higher realms. (image to right is Annubis weighing the heart)

October 17, Thursday.  The waxing Moon is 3.3 degrees N of Uranus (9 Aries 58) at 12:01 pm further energizing the Uranus Pluto square with a focus on the sacred warrior who is willing to commit energy and resources to supporting  a just and worthy cause. Sometimes we might forget the most worthy cause any of us can ever encounter is to courageously commit to living the full potential and expression of who we are meant to be – even if it is scary. Are you willing to deepen your commitment to the cause of your life and take decisive action to fully show up and bring even more of the gift of who you are to the world?

October 18, Friday. Comet ISON is passing .89 degrees NE of Mars (1 Virgo 56) at 10:00 am and may be visible to the naked eye in the morning sky. (See Oct 16) 

The Aries Full Moon (25 Aries 45) is exact at 4:38 pm and is a penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Whenever the Moon is eclipsed the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon at the precise right angel to block the light of the Sun on the Face of the Moon. A penumbral eclipse means the alignment is off enough that there is only a slight darkening of the edge of the Moon and yet it is enough to accelerate our intentions.

Seasonally Aries is a time of rapid growth and youthful, exuberant energy dedicated to the process of self-discovery. This often shows up in the form of aggressive play or competition designed to test the strength and skills of a warrior who fights to uphold the cosmic order of life. See Oct 17 for the intention. (checkout the week 3 audio for more about the Aries Full Moon eclipse)

October 19, Saturday. Mars (2 Virgo 45) is opposite Neptune (2 Pisces 45) 6:53 pm reaching opposition to Neptune about every 2 years. Currently Mars has just entered the Elder Wisdom phase of his current quest through Virgo having re-entered the sign Mars was in when opposite the Sun in March of 2012. Neptune opposite Mars adds the element of heightened feelings. For Virgo this can be extra confusing as it is an earth energy that focuses more on what it senses than what it feels. The opportunity is for the sacred masculine to feel into the ways it can best serve the sacred expression of life. Another way to say it is how can the sacred masculine best serve Great Spirit at this time? (check out the week 3 audio for more on the Mars cycle)

October 20, Sunday. The Sun zodiacally conjuncts Izar 28 Libra in the constellation of Bootes the Herdsman, protector of all creatures. Once each year at this time the Sun passes by this area of the sky creating an opportunity to tune into Izar’s mysteries and listen for the message this star has for us.

Izar was a star revered by many ancient cultures as the place where their ancestors originated. It has also been seen as a source of life, and those with strong connections to Izar generally have a keen interest in humanity’s origins (meaning if you have planets or angles between 25 to 30 degrees of Libra and even the first degree of Scorpio). There is also a protective nature about Izar and the constellation of Bootes in general. The herdsman sees to the safety of his herd and the task of moving it successfully into the future.

Venus (14 Sagittarius) has reached its annual conjunction with the Great Attractor a huge energetic force drawing many galaxies toward it at about a million miles per hour. The Great Attractor has been described as a supercluster of galaxies, meaning it is something way bigger than our Milky Way Galaxy.

The gravity of the Great Attractor is pulling the Milky Way in its direction although no one has actually seen the Great Attractor because it is located behind the plane of our Galaxy — that means the gas and dust in our Galaxy obscures the light from this cosmic phenomenon, and is being out shone by the stars and other objects in our Galaxy. For more see  http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/ask_astro/answers/990924a2.html and

Venus passes by here once each year transmitting the energies coming from this part of the sky to the Earth. The divine feminine is reminding us to take some time to notice what you are attracting to yourself through what you are thinking and especially through what you are feeling. When our thoughts and feelings align then we easily attract to us what we truly desire.

October 21, Monday. The Orionids meteor shower is peaking now but due to the still very Full Moon they it is a very unfavorable year for viewing them.

Mercury (18 Scorpio 24) stations retrograde 3:29 am. When Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio it is taking a deeper dive into the mysteries of the passionate mind, seeking the edges of intensity. This is a great time to go inward and feel what you feel no matter how scary or uncomfortable.

Practically speaking Mercury Retrograde is a time to back up your digital data. It is also a time to avoid major purchases if possible. This is also a great time to reflect, review, and reassess what you are doing. Remember that communication isn’t always clear during a Mercury Retrograde. What you think you are saying and someone else is hearing could be two completely different things. For example, you might say let’s meet at Café Bliss at 1 pm and the person hears Café Gratitude at 11 am. I actually know someone this happened too so be sure to take extra time to check that your communication is clear. (Check out week 4 audio for more on the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio)

The waning Moon is passing 6.1 degrees SSE from the Pleiades (29 Taurus) at 9:14 am so will be visible beyond the Pleiades tonight or early tomorrow morning.

October 22, Tuesday. The Sun moves into in Scorpio at 11:10 pm activating the mysteries of death and rebirth, regeneration and edgewalking until Nov 21 when the Sun enters Sagittarius. The Sun in Scorpio fuels this edgewalking energy.

What exactly is edgewalking? William Irwin Thompson describes edges as the place where things change, grow and evolve in his book The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light. New growth appears on the edges of branches and stems – so hanging out on the edges is where growth happens.

It does take courage and an ability to trust the process to be a successful Edgewalker – to be willing to die to the old and willing to explore beyond the edges of what is known and what is familiar.  It also requires the release of attachments to what has been and embracing what is becoming birthing into the power and magic of who we truly are.

The waning Moon 2.6 degrees N of Aldebaran (9 Gemini 49) at 5:00 am so will be visible beyond Aldebaran tonight or early tomorrow morning.

October 23, Wednesday.  The waning Moon moves into Cancer at 8:36 pm passing over the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge where the summer solstice Sun now rises. This alignment of the June Solstice Sun on the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge occurs for a period of time (at least 72 years) every 26,000 years. When the Moon passes this part of the sky it is transmitting the new possibilities around how to create cooperative nurturing and safe ways of living together in community.

It also reminds us that we are all the same – all life is made of up of 99.9% of the exact same DNA. The human genome project has confirmed this. It is interesting that even knowing that, most people are still more interested in the differences (like how we look and what beliefs or point of view we have) than the similarities we share. The Mystery School of Cancer when healthy recognizes we are all related and living on the same planet that we all call home.

October 24, Thursday. The Sun is hanging out with the North Node (7 Scorpio 46) and is exactly conjunct on October 30. This is just one more factor to add to the rich planetary connections to the North Node in Scorpio that have been going on since last month. Today the Sun is 1 Scorpio, North Node is almost 8 Scorpio, Saturn is almost 13 Scorpio and retrograde Mercury is coming back to 17 Scorpio by tomorrow and as mentioned before will pass Saturn and North Node now two more times as the Mercury retrograde continues. Mercury conjuncts the Sun late on October 31 or early November 1 depending on your time zone.

This means the Sun is now adding its light and energy magnifying the impact of this rare and special alignment that is further igniting humanity’s divine destiny. (see Free Tele-class for more details sign-up HERE or at http://www.yourlivingblueprint.com/   for instant access.)

October 25, Friday. The waning Moon (17 Cancer 15) is passing 5.0 degrees S of Jupiter (20 Cancer 16) at 1:31 pm and will be passing by Pollux (23 Cancer 1) around 7:00 pm though the Moon won’t have risen yet. That means by Moonrise tonight the Moon will be beyond the Sacred Hoop and the star Pollux that marks the outer edge of the Hoop.

Once each month the Moon passes Jupiter, further activating the mysteries of Cancer now being expanded by Jupiter into July of 2014. If you have planets, angles or nodes in Cancer this time is personally significant.

Jupiter is bringing a renewal of vision of how we do family, community and sustainably for the purpose of creating a safe space for everyone to grow and thrive. This is based on the premise that we are ALL in this together. We are ALL fingers on the same hand and when anyone does not have their basic survival needs met – we all suffer as a result.

We may not realize it, we may not fully get that but ultimately we are all connected. This has been proven scientifically in many ways. One way, as already mentioned, is the similarity of our DNA. (see Oct 23) Another reminder is in the research that has been done on photon light particles (our cells and DNA are made of photon light). Scientists took two photon light particles and separated them by many miles. They found that when they did something to activate one of the photons – the scientists measured an identical response in the photon many miles away. What happens to any one of us is actually affecting all of us.

The sooner we realize we are truly ALL in this life experience together and start treating each other as part of ourselves (because of course they are) then we will see a giant leap in our evolutionary experience.

October 26, Saturday. The Last Quarter Moon (3 Leo 43) is exact at 4:40 pm, and passes 6.6 degrees SSW of Beehive Cluster at 11:00 pm though the Moon does not rise until about midnight tonight. The Last Quarter Moon represents the return threshold and integration phase of the current Moon cycle, integrating the gifts and knowledge and experiences gained thus far. This is a time to take note of how well you are doing with the process of self-love, self-approval, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

The key of course is self-love. This is not the kind of self-love born out of narcissism or hubris but rather comes from a deep experience of your inner beauty, divinity and light. When we genuinely love who we are, that is what we radiate into the world. This means that healthy genuine self-love is one of the greatest gifts we give ourselves and all life.

October 27, Sunday. Venus passes by the fixed star that marks the Crown Chakra of Ophiuchus (22 Sagittarius) known as Rasalhague. Venus in this area of the sky features the visionary healing energies associated with the Serpent Bearer. Taking time to see Venus in the sky tonight and over the next few nights will help you tune into this energy and perhaps receive insights and “aha’s” into your own health and well-being.

Mercury has returned for its second pass by Zubenelgenubi but is not visible due to the Sun being so close to both Zubenelgenubi and Mercury. This star is in the constellation of the scales that represents the balance between yin and yang, the old and the new, including the old wise ways and the new exploratory ways that foster healthy growth and evolution. Messenger Mercury is again drawing our attention to the importance of finding our own sense of balance with all the changes happening either for us personally or in the world or both.

October 28, Monday. The waning crescent Moon is passing 5.4 degrees SSW of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 8:44 pm. This creates a triangle with Moon Mars and Regulus that will in their closest connection in tomorrow’s early morning sky.  Regulus is the heart of the lion and a symbol of royalty, of the King and Queen, an expression of divine authority connected to the heart of humanity.  When the Moon passes Regulus the light codes of our divine heritage are being transmitted to the Earth reminding us of the importance of healthy self-love.

However, now that Regulus is at zero Virgo – that happened in late 2011 – we have the additional factor of experiencing the heart energy of the Lion as a sacred offering. This means healthy self-love is a sacred gift we give to this world and not just to ourselves. Check out Oct 1, 15, 26 for more.

October 29, Tuesday. The waning crescent Moon 6.1 degrees SSW of Mars (6 Virgo 29) at 1:05 pm. (see Oct 28)

Retrograde Mercury is passing 3.5 degrees SSW of Saturn (13 Scorpio 19) at 2:00 pm.  Saturn disappeared from the evening sky on October 20 and returns to the morning sky on Nov 24. Mercury was technically visible in the evening sky until Oct 27 returning to the Morning sky on Nov 8. This means this second passage of Mercury by Saturn is not visible but the third passage on Nov 26 may be visible in the morning sky. As Mercury and Saturn engage in council with the Sun over the next few weeks another factor worth noting is Mercury is also passing by the North Node in Scorpio three times.

For these three factors Saturn, North Node and a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio to come together is rare as we have the concurrence of a 29.5 year cycle (Saturn), a 18.6 year cycle (North Node) and Mercury a 6 or 7 year  cycle.

If we go back to 1454 we do find all three in Scorpio with Mercury going retrograde conjunct Saturn but stationing direct before it returns to the North Node. Leaping forward to 2571 we do find Mercury going retrograde in Sagittarius and re-entering Scorpio but going direct before it returns to either Saturn or the North Node.  In 2572 the North Node enters Libra before Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio. This tells us we have a rare triple alignment that hasn’t happened in well over 559 years and won’t again for more than 559 years.

In this rare encounter of Saturn and North Node in Scorpio with Messenger Mercury passing them both three times we have coming together of the most passionate, alive, and edgy expression of our true collective destiny  – experiencing an unprecedented opportunity to find its true form and to have access to the messages that Mercury is bringing from both the evening sky, its time with the Sun, and its morning sky expression.

In a sense as Mercury passes Saturn and the North Node in the evening sky the messages are being gathered from a comprehensive perspective that Mercury takes with it as it dives into the Sun, conjuncting the Sun on November 1, and stationing direct in its new cycle in the morning sky on November 10.

Mercury Retrograde is creating a council with Saturn, North Node and the Sun all bringing their unique perspective to this rare Timing.  Ideally they are all willing to listen to the other’s point of view and commit to a mutually beneficial collaboration in creatively engaging new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new ways of communicating that lead to new middle world structures that are juicy, alive, sustainable and beneficial for all life everywhere.

October 30, Wednesday. Today at 1 pm marks the technical middle of eclipse season. The next eclipse is a Hybrid Solar Eclipse on November 3 at 11 Scorpio. This means we are the mid-point of the eclipse cauldron. If things feel a little otherworldly that is not uncommon during this time. Allowing yourself to feel what you feel and experience what you experience without resistance is a helpful way to navigate the next few days.

Mars (9 Virgo 18) is opposite Chiron (9 Pisces 18) at 11:08 pm providing the sacred Masculine – also in its greater cycle featuring the Virgo overtone –  an opportunity to go even deeper into healing the wounds of the patriarchy that has limited the acceptable expression of the masculine to a primarily warrior archetype. Mars in Virgo is the archetype of the Priest, the healer, the one who has a sacred work. Earlier this month Mars entered the elder wisdom phase of its current Virgo quest that started in March of 2012. See Oct 15 and 19

This is significant when we consider that Mars was last in a Virgo Quest in 1997 (that year Chiron was in Scorpio) and won’t re-engage this quest until 2027 (when Chiron will be in Taurus). That means this is the only time that Mars will oppose Chiron in Pisces during this version of the Masculine journey – this tells us we have a unique potential to truly transform the wounds of the Priest who is dedicated to serving the Earth and the Divine Feminine.

October 31, Thursday. Eve of All Saint’s Day – Halloween a.k.a Hallowmas or All Hallows Eve. Hallow in middle English means holy and Halloween means hallowed evening or Holy Night. There was a time when Halloween was not a set date on the Calendar but rather it was celebrated on the Full Moon nearest the exact astrological cross-quarter when the Sun reaches 15 Scorpio now occurring on November 7.

In Celtic traditions this time was known as Samhain (pronounced sow-in…sow is the same as wow) and was their New Year celebration. This year the Samhain Taurus Full Moon falls on November 17. The cross-quarter between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice is when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. Usually this is thought of as the veil between the living and the dead, however, more and more people are experiencing this as the veil between alternate realities and timelines. Approaching this holy time with reverence and clear intent is highly recommended.

Today Mercury (11 Scorpio) reaches perigee or its closest approach to the Earth at 10:45 am. This magnifies the Mercury energy as it transmits the Scorpio mysteries through the expression of the passionate mind that walks the edges of desire and intensity – going to the edge of intensity and beyond to experience maximum aliveness.

October 2013 Celestial Timings Template

October 01, Tuesday.  Waning crescent Moon 5.3 degrees SSW of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 11:52 am. Sun (9 Libra 01) square Pluto (9 Capricorn 01) at 6:28 pm.

October 02, Wednesday. Saturn (10 Scorpio 10) trine Chiron (10 Pisces 10) at 2:37 am.

October 03, Thursday. Sun (10 Libra 32) opposite Uranus (10 Aries 32) at 7:12 am.

October 04, Friday. New Moon (11 Libra 56) at 5:34 pm.

October 05, Saturday.  Waxing crescent Moon .93 degrees NE of Spica (23 Libra 53) at 4:00 pm.

October 06, Sunday. Waxing crescent Moon 2.8 degrees NNE of Mercury (8 Scorpio 59) at 5:12 pm and 2.0 degrees SW of Saturn (10 Scorpio 41) at 8:08 pm.

October 07, Monday.  Draconids very favorable this year.  Venus moves into Sagittarius at 10:54 am.

October 08, Tuesday. Waxing crescent Moon 4.6 degrees N of Venus (0 Sagittarius 55) at 6:56 am. Mercury 5.0 degrees SSW of Saturn (10 Scorpio 52) at 12:39 pm. First part of a triple conjunction (Oct 30, Nov 26).  Waxing Moon 7.4 degrees N of Antares (9 Sagittarius 48) at 8:00 pm.

October 09, Wednesday.  Mercury (11 Scorpio 28) at greatest elongation east at 3:00 am.

October 10, Thursday.  Southern Taurids. Venus (2 Sagittarius 54) square Neptune (2 Pisces 54) at 2:05 am. Waxing Moon in Capricorn at 8:17 am, and passes 2.0 degrees NW of Pluto (9 Capricorn 06) at 11:40 pm.

October 11, Friday. First Quarter Moon (18 Capricorn 47) at 4:02 pm.

October 12, Saturday. Sun (19 Libra 27) square Jupiter (19 Cancer 27) at 8:08 am.

October 13, Sunday. Mercury is making its first pass by the fixed star Zubenelgenubi (15 Scorpio)

October 14, Monday.  Waxing Moon 5.5 degrees NNW of Neptune (2 Pisces 49) at 6:56 pm.

October 15, Tuesday.  Mercury at greatest latitude south of the ecliptic plane at 12:00 am (16 Scorpio 17). Mars .94 degrees NNE of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 4:05 am.  C/2012 S1 ISON 2.0 degrees NNE of Regulus (0 Virgo).

October 16, Wednesday. Venus (9 Sagittarius 40) square Chiron (9 Pisces 40) at 7:29 am.  Venus 1.5 degrees NNE of Antares (9 Sagittarius 48) at 3:00 pm.

October 17, Thursday.  Waxing Moon 3.3 degrees N of Uranus (9 Aries 58) at 12:01 pm.

October 18, Friday.  Full Moon (25 Aries 45) 4:38 pm.  Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon.

October 19, Saturday. Mars (2 Virgo 45) opposite Neptune (2 Pisces 45) 6:53 pm.

October 20, Sunday. Venus is with the great attractor

October 21, Monday. Orionids very unfavorable this year.  Mercury (18 Scorpio 24) stations retrograde 3:29 am. Waning Moon 6.1 degrees SSE from the Pleiades (29 Taurus) at 9:14 am.

October 22, Tuesday. Sun in Scorpio at 11:10 pm.  Waning Moon 2.6 degrees N of Aldebaran (9 Gemini 49) at 5:00 am.

October 23, Wednesday.  Waning Moon moves into Cancer at 8:36 pm.

October 24, Thursday. Sun is hanging out with the North Node (7 Scorpio 46) and is exactly conjunct on October 30.

October 25, Friday. Waning Moon passes 5.0 degrees S of Jupiter (20 Cancer 16) at 1:31 pm. Waning Moon passes 11.8 degrees SSW of Pollux (23 Cancer 1) at 7:00 pm.

October 26, Saturday. Last Quarter Moon (3 Leo 43) passes 6.6 degrees SSW of Beehive Cluster at 11:00 pm.

October 27, Sunday.  Mercury has returned to Zubenelgenubi.

October 28, Monday. Waning crescent Moon 5.4 degrees SSW of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 8:44 pm.

October 29, Tuesday. Waning crescent Moon 6.1 degrees SSW of Mars (6 Virgo 29) at 1:05 pm. Mercury 3.5 degrees SSW of Saturn (13 Scorpio 19) at 2:00 pm.  2nd part of triple conjunction (Oct 8 and Nov 26)

October 30, Wednesday. Mars (9 Virgo 18) opposite Chiron (9 Pisces 18) at 11:08 pm.  Technically middle of eclipse season at 1:00 pm.

October 31, Thursday. Samhain, Halloween. Eve of All Saint’s Day.  Mercury (11 Scorpio) at perigee at 10:45 am.