2014 April Celestial Timings PDF with Star Maps and Images.

April is the month of the long-awaited exact Grand Cross within the first Tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses and the beginning of the New Mars Cycle in Libra. Plus Jupiter returns to zodiacal alignment with the brightest fixed star in our sky, Sirius is adding the Sirian light codes to this Grand Cross of Planets. Be sure to see the Sirius Recordings in the Audio Timings.

Last month Lauren Jubelirer and I offered a FREE tele-class exploring the intention of these events and how best to work with these energies. I recommend listening to this recording even if you have already heard it! Its Free at this link  The Grand Cross Of 2014: Transforming Change And Chaos Into Conscious Evolution 

Here is some feedback we got from this FREE class.

Thank you both Cayelin and Lauren….what an amazing tele-class brimming with so much information and guidance, beautifully delivered through your eloquent and never-ending wisdom!! I so appreciate you both sharing your gifts with us in this exceptional quickening of time we are all a part of, whether we are aware of it or not. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! Love and Light to you both!!! Shelley

We are in the midst of extremely rare events, I’ve shared about some of them in this 11 minute YouTube on the Grand Cross. Worth seeing again – not only for the visuals to help you understand what is happening but also for the intention.

April begins with the Sun amping up and illuminating all the points of the Grand Cross as it forms an aspect to Jupiter, then Uranus, then Pluto, then Mars reaches opposition to the Sun on April 8 beginning a brand-new Mars cycle. This is quickly followed by the total lunar eclipse on April 15, opening the eclipse window that closes on April 28. Within the Accelerated Time Cauldron of the eclipse window we also have the next exact Uranus Pluto square and the Grand Cross.

Not only that the Moon is at its inner standstill time, an event that only happens every 19 years for about a five year window. The standstill time of the Moon was so important to many ancient cultures they built standing stone circles to track this timing and to work with it in a ceremonial way.

More on the Lunar Standstill and the Tetrad to come but for now just know these two rare lunar cycles are converging along with everything else. This includes the rare rising of Mars in Libra opposite the Sun (last time was 1982), the rare retrograde of Vesta in Libra with Mars, actually being joined by retrograde Ceres also in Libra, and the 19 year entrance of the North Node into Libra, all adding additional insights and energies into this Grand Cross time. In the tele-class mentioned above one of things we talked about is the convergence of the Cosmic Cross with Earth’s Seasonal Cross and the Planetary Cross all aligning to create a portal or vortex for what feels like an unprecedented evolutionary leap.

It is as if the entire cosmos is conspiring to help support the shift into a whole new consciousness for planet Earth. I realize this is a lot of information for some to take in so just know that this is an exceptional time of powerful alchemical change and we are so fortunate to be here now and to be witness to – as well as co-creating with these events. Together we are birthing a Beautiful New Earth.

April 2014 Daily Timings (all times are PDF unless otherwise noted)

April 1, Tuesday. All Fools day. The Sun (11 Aries 31) squares Jupiter (11 Cancer 31) at 12:40 am meaning Jupiter is picking up momentum in its forward movement. Jupiter in Cancer calls on us to expand our perspective in the quest for new ways to do healthy family and community. The Sun helps to illuminate this quest and this Sun Jupiter square is adding additional energy to the upcoming Grand Cross exact on April 23.

April 2, Wednesday. The Sun conjuncts Uranus (12 Aries 29) at 12:08 am. Uranus meeting with the Sun in the season of Spring is illuminating an awakening process that may be unexpected and revolutionary. This is about trusting the divine energy that is guiding us at this time even if it doesn’t make sense. This is also a good time to take spontaneous decisive action – especially when it is coming from a knowing that is beyond feeling or thinking.

Aries is a Solar energy committed to protecting the cosmic order. When Uranus is in Aries there is an impetus for rewriting new stories about the Solar Heroes and Heroines who have entered this dimension for a specific mission or purpose. The entrance point for their heroic mission is through the Sun or Source of light passing through the Earth’s core further activating the latent light codes of awakening that support the successful fulfillment of our divinely ordained mission or purpose.

One way to participate with this activation is to greet the Sun as it rises, or passes overhead, or sets, with the intent that this activity of connecting with the Sun is aligning you with the Divine light frequencies that are yours to express and these light frequencies are filling you with a deeper understanding of your mission or purpose.

April 3, Thursday. The Sun (13 Aries 33) squares Pluto (13 Capricorn 33) at 2:19 am. Whenever the Sun squares Pluto it signals the slowing of Pluto’s progress through the sky just before its retrograde station. In this case Pluto stations retrograde on April 14 at 13 Capricorn 35. The Sun is further illuminating any fear and shadow places that are operating on the old consciousness grid. These shadow elements include limiting beliefs about who we are, our forgotten and/or denied talents, abilities and skills, our buried feelings, and our unconscious wounds especially around relationship with self and others.

For those with planets or angles between 11 and 14 degrees of Householder Signs a.k.a. Cardinal signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra) you are on the leading edge of this Pluto initiation (as well as the Grand Cross) suggesting it is time to die to who you believe yourself to be and open to an empowered rebirth. Surrendering your attachments and letting go of the old forms is a powerful way to engage the Pluto initiatory process. (see April 20)

When we are willing to turn toward what we fear and integrate it in our life we are no longer driven by it. When we are no longer driven by fear – it loses its power to choose where we are going. We shift our experience from being at the effect of what we fear and being driven by that fear to incorporating the fear in such a way that it becomes our strength, our gift, the medicine we carry. Willingness to engage your shadow including any fears, or ideas, or beliefs, or things you are hanging onto, releasing whatever is ready to leave your life, supports the empowering process Pluto initiations intend for us.

The Moon moves into Gemini at 4:48 am as it passes 7° South of the Pleiades. For the next 2.5 days the Heyokah, Coyote, Contrary, Shapeshifter, Magician is the energy being transmitted from the Moon. This is the eternal youth, free from the rules, reminding us not to take ourselves so seriously, to have fun, to play, and to creatively express who we are. This is a good time to socialize and network, or do something completely unexpected, spontaneous and fun.
April 4, Friday. The Moon passes 2.2° NNW of Aldebaran (10 Gemini), the eye of the Bull, just after midnight. This is one the four royal stars, linked with Archangel Michael and the Silver Gate or the place that many ancient cultures consider was the entrance into this realm of experience. (Antares, a star nearly exactly opposite Aldebaran was considered the Golden Gate or where souls would ascend from this realm.)

Aldebaran is near Orion and both are located inside the Sacred Hoop. Evidence suggests the Giza Pyramids are modeled after the belt of Orion. There are also Hopi kivas in Arizona that are oriented to the appearance of Orion above their main kiva at Winter Solstice. Plus, the three mesas of Hopi are said to represent the belt of Orion. The As Above, So Below connections to sacred sites around the Globe are often profoundly linked to significant stars or star patterns in the night sky. As the Moon transmits these mysteries to Earth it is time for remembering these sacred connections.

In ancient times the ‘Records of Remembrance’ were hidden deep within the Earth physically and dimensionally, under, above and around sacred sites…We all carry within us cellular awareness of every sacred site ever issued to Earth, from the beginning of time on earth throughout time in our immediate solar system. It is just a matter of fine tuning our intention to receive these energies. http://spiritualmoonpoppy.blogspot.com/2008/07/888-galactic-gateways-open.html

April 5, Saturday. Venus moves into Pisces at 1:31 pm traveling through Pisces until May 3 when Venus enters Aries. The Sacred Feminine (Venus) in Pisces explores the imaginal realms that facilitate co-creative inspiration through picturing the manifest reality of her heart-felt visions and dreams. Taking time to daydream and to feel into the heart of the compassionate universe is a great way to engage Venus in Pisces.

The Moon moves into Cancer at 2:40 pm crossing the Galactic Cross at the Galactic edge and will catch up to Jupiter tomorrow further activating the Grand Cross exact on April 23.

April 6, Sunday. The Moon passes 5° S of Jupiter (11 Cancer 57) at 2:33 pm amplifying the energy of the Grand Cross that will be closest and most precise April 23. This Grand Cross is happening in the Householder or Culture Bearer signs again these signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The Householder signs, when healthy, express in ways that help further conscious living in harmony with the Earth. Capricorn is the wise elder, administrator and community leader. Cancer is the wise nurturing parental energy creating a safe space for the seeds, or children of the Beautiful New Earth, to reach maturity. Libra is the wise relationship expert leading the way to conscious equal partnership where everyone is honored and valued for the gifts they bring. Aries is the warrior protector furthering the cause of freedom and justice for all. These householder energies are intended to work together in balance and harmony benefitting everyone, everywhere and not just the elite few as has been the case in recent times.

When we are not in alignment with this intent then the grand-cross serves to correct any imbalances that are out of alignment. This can bring up fear and difficulty especially if we are attached to the old forms.

April 7, Monday. The Cancer First Quarter Moon (17 Cancer 27) is exact 1:32 am and passes about 12° S of Pollux as it exits the Sacred Hoop about 12 hours later. This Moon Phase in Cancer is most effectively experienced when we take decisive action for self-care. When balanced the Cancer mysteries actively support vital healthy expressions of family and community. Acts of kindness towards yourself and others strengthens the results.

Mercury enters Aries at 8:35 am and will aspect the planets of the Grand Cross over the next week or so. Mercury is the messenger and in Aries the messages are intended to awaken our inner knowing – the kind of knowing and action that comes without hesitation. This is about trusting and acting on what is presenting itself even if it doesn’t make logical sense, yet feels aligned in every other way. Trusting that impulse will always lead you where you are intended to go.

April 8, Tuesday. The Moon enters Leo at 2:50 am transmitting the mysteries of Self-Love. This is the perfect time to take the self-love test pictured to the right. If you answer NO to any of these questions – pay attention!

Retrograde Mars (19 Libra 06) reaches opposition to the Sun (19 Aries 06) at 2:40 pm. This means the sacred masculine is exploring the mysteries of relating to others and to life. See article on the Mars Cycle.

April 9, Wednesday. Retrograde Vesta has reached its second exact alignment with Spica. Due to a retrograde – Vesta in Libra is passing by Spica three times and each time is further activating the light codes of this highly sacred and divine feminine star. The coming together of Vesta and Spica with Mars and North Node nearby brings to mind the supreme Grace of the divine feminine and a profound relationship to the creation as described by Sri Aurobindo in his book The Mother.

These celestial bodies represent the light and the truth that is available to us when we are open to receive it. Vesta particularly knows how to access Supreme Grace through honoring the sacred.

…the Supreme Grace will act only in the conditions of the Light and the Truth; it will not act in conditions laid upon it by the Falsehood and the Ignorance. For IF it would yield to the demands of the Falsehood, it would defeat its own purpose.

These are the conditions of the Light and the Truth, the sole conditions under which the highest Force will descend; and it is only the very highest supra-mental force descending from above and opening from below that can victoriously handle the physical nature and annihilate its difficulties. The Mother by Sri Aurobindo

April 10, Thursday. The Moon enters Virgo at 3:08 pm passing 5° SSW of Regulus. Once each month the Moon passes by the heart star of the lion transmitting the light codes of this important star to Earth. In November of 2011 Regulus moved into the sign of Virgo for the first time in nearly 26,000 years. This seasonal sign is about connecting to life as sacred, honoring life as sacred, living a sacred life.

Regulus connects us to the Hall of Records that lives within our DNA. It is part of the basic patterning of life and Virgo is most interested in living in harmony with that pattern. This is the time to notice if you living in harmony with the patterning of life? Are you living in sacred relationship with all that is around you?

April 11, Friday. Venus conjuncts Neptune (6 Pisces 41) at 7:24 pm in an annual meeting that takes place at least once each year. Morning Star Venus is receiving a download from the celestial Neptunian realms representing the vastness of pure consciousness. This is also the dreaming place where our inspired dreaming feels most possible. The world we live in is what we have dreamed and the world we are creating is emerging through what we are dreaming now. The Venus in Capricorn overtone of the current Venus cycle is most interested in practical dreaming. Is the world you are dreaming of workable? Is it in the realm of conceivable possibility? Is it practical? Will it produce the results you truly desire? Does it grow corn?

April 12, Saturday. The Sun (22 Aries) is making its annual conjunction with the fixed star Baten Kaitos the star that marks the belly of the whale in the constellation of Cetus, one of the largest constellations covering 50 degrees of the sky by length and 20 degrees by width. The head of Cetus is located directly under the Ram (a.k.a. Aries) and its body stretches from the bend in the river constellation known as Eridanus to the Stream falling from the Urn of the Waterbearer (a.k.a. Aquarius).

Baten Kaitos was one of the many fixed stars described as challenging and difficult by the ancients and the belly of the whale is a place of deep initiation where we are required to face our fears.

In his book Hero With a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell indicates that the “belly of the whale” is a passageway through a magical threshold of initiation taking the hero or heroine into the deep, dark, unknown interior of one’s psyche. This also corresponds to initiations of self-annihilation where the hero/ine’s journey goes inward beyond ordinary time and space for the purpose of rebirth. Doesn’t this sound like the Time we are in? The Grand Cross is happening in the area of the sky that corresponds to the Belly of the Whale!

April 13, Sunday. The waxing Moon moves into Libra at 1:33 am and is visible approaching Mars in the evening sky. Retrograde Vesta (23 Libra 29) is opposite the Sun (23 Aries 29). Plus the North node is still in late Libra very close to Vesta so this is really activating the Libra energy and bringing our attention to the mysteries of conscious equal partnership.

As Vesta and Mars continue their journey the Moon amplifies their dance once each month. This draws our attention-to the importance of how we relate to ourselves and life. The key to having healthy relationships is self- acceptance, respect and honor. This is not a passive acceptance that tolerates unhealthy or rude behavior. To truly engage in a conscious partnership it is important to have a healthy sense of self and self respect.

April 14, Monday. The Moon conjuncts retrograde Mars (16 Libra 48) at 9 am. Continuing on with the themes of conscious relating, the Moon is making its first conjunction with Mars since the new Mars cycle began on April 8. This meeting with Grandmother Moon is helping Mars to prepare for his new quest. Once each month until the end of July the Moon is transmitting to Mars the entirety of the lineage of the Libra mysteries. The opportunity for Mars is to embrace what works and let go of any old unhealthy ways of relating.

Mercury (12 Aries 18) squares Jupiter (12 Cancer 18) at 11:32 am, then Mercury conjuncts Uranus (13 Aries 10) at 4:15 pm facilitating another dramatic shift in our perception of reality as Mercury catalyzes the degree of the Grand Cross exact on April 23.

Mercury squares Pluto (13 Capricorn 35) at 9:12 pm just after Pluto (13 Capricorn 35) stations retrograde at 4:44 pm. Pluto in Capricorn is dismantling the old rules, that have defined our collective existence and are why we are so out of balance with the Earth at this time.  Capricorn has been limited to a view of reality that is about primarily valuing productivity without regard for the effects on the individual or the planet.

Both Mercury and Uranus in Aries are acting as the revolutionary change agents instigating change by whatever means it takes. The more entrenched the old forms are the more unexpected, uncontrollable, and unforeseen the changes will be.

Resistance is futile and also creates a lot more pain in the process than is necessary. Surrendering to the changes that are ultimately beyond our control and rolling with the flow of evolutionary change is the most useful strategy for navigating this time.

Plus new ideas, new ways of perceiving reality are possible. Here is an example that was recently stated by Pope Francis reported in the New Yorker magazine.

Who am I to judge?” With those five words, spoken in late July in reply to a reporter’s question about the status of gay priests in the Church, Pope Francis stepped away from the disapproving tone, the explicit moralizing typical of Popes and bishops. This gesture of openness, which startled the Catholic world, would prove not to be an isolated event. In a series of interviews and speeches in the first few months after his election, in March, the Pope unilaterally declared a kind of truce in the culture wars that have divided the Vatican and much of the world. Repeatedly, he argued that the Church’s purpose was more to proclaim God’s merciful love for all people than to condemn sinners for having fallen short of strictures, especially those having to do with gender and sexual orientation. From the New Yorker

April 15, Tuesday. Today is the beginning of Passover an eight day observance commemorating the freedom and exodus of the Iraelites (Jewish slaves) from Egypt during the reign of Ramses II.  Ancient cultures around the planet including the Christian observance of Easter (this year on April 20) have marked the spring season with high ceremony and celebration.

The Christian observance of Easter originated from a more ancient tradition that celebrated Eostare or Ishtar, the Goddess of Spring. Every 8 years Venus rose in the East near the Spring Equinox and it was a time of High Ceremony. The question now is how can we find ceremonial ways to honor this season that is supportive and inspiring in the current time?

Some will find their family traditions help them to remember their connection to the Earth and to Great Spirit. Others will find it is time to create their own traditions and ways to honor this time. This means that no one tradition, old or new, is better than any other. The key is to follow your heart and engage the traditions and practices that inspire feelings of love and connection with Great Mystery.

The Moon passes 2° NNW of Spica just before the exact Libra Full Moon (25 Libra 16) Total Lunar Eclipse exact at 12:42 am. The Moon passes 2.5 degrees S of Spica (24 Libra) at 2:00 pm and reaches its exact Full Moon phase (27 Libra 44) at 6:44 pm.  (check out audios for more about the eclipse)

The Libra Full Moon is always followed by Easter Sunday and this year it is on April 20. This Full Moon eclipse is energizing the mysteries of conscious relationship with ourselves and others. Co-creative relationships enhance the energy and creativity of those involved.

When the co-creative process of relationship is engaged then harmony, passion, productivity, joy, and ecstasy are all possible. To enjoy this type of relationship it does require a willing partner and a commitment from both partners to take emotional and psychic responsibility for their part of the relationship.

Co-creative relationships are possible only when we are taking responsibility for our own experience. If we are NOT consciously co-creating our life we are not ready to engage a conscious co-creative relationship.

Our first and most important primary conscious relationship is the one we are co-creating within. This Full Moon shines a light on all our relationships.

This is also the first of 4 Total Lunar Eclipses known as a Tetrad between now and 2015. See introduction for more.

The Moon moves into Scorpio at 9:20 am and the Full Moon is visible approaching Saturn tonight.

April 16, Wednesday. Mercury (16 Aries) is opposite retrograde Mars (16 Libra) at 4:15 am. Mercury represents the mental realms. Mars represents the realm of activity and action that furthers our ideas and inspiration. Mercury in Aries is the most intuitive and active expression of the mind – very similar to Mars energy. Mars in Libra is actively engaging the mysteries of relationship with self and others.

Mercury opposite Mars lasts only for three days at the most unless of course Mercury is retrograde. In this case it’s Mars retrograde and because Mercury moves so quickly this is the only time Mercury and Mars are opposite each other this year.

This means that Mercury is providing insight and inspiration to Mars helping to quicken the quest of Mars in Libra – the quest for conscious equal partnership and relationship first with self and then with others. Messenger Mercury is bringing a message to Mars that is intuitively experienced – not through the feelings, not through the mind, not to the senses, but rather through that place of knowing without knowing how you know.

April 17, Thursday. The Moon occults retrograde Saturn (21 Scorpio 41) at 12:09 am passing 1° west of Saturn. This is another in the series of occultations of the Moon over Saturn this year continuing to quicken the Saturn in Scorpio journey to find new, effective, practical ways to experience powerful aliveness. Contrary to the perceptions of Saturn being a punishing harsh judgmental Father type God, Saturn is actually a feminine planet that has to do with the structure and form of this reality.

That means Saturn and the reality we live in is simply reflecting the collective agreements that are currently in place. This means the structure, the rules, the form of this reality changes as those agreements change. Saturn in Scorpio is all about connecting to source energy and magnetizing this source energy into new, vital, alive forms. This reminder from Abraham sums it up beautifully.

Source never wields vengeance or offers punishment, for Source understands you are valuable; you are worthy; you are blessed. Source understands that you never get it done and you cannot get it wrong, and that even when you stand in a place that currently feels wrong, ultimately you will return to what feels right. You can return now to what feels right with an adjustment of your thought process and an adjustment of your vibration and a changing of your point of attraction and a finally letting in of the Well-Being that is flowing to you always. ~Abraham-Hicks

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 2:44 pm and is visible approaching Antares tonight. This means the Moon is transmitting the mysteries of the quest to expand consciousness and our perception of the truth.  As we grow and evolve so does our perception of the truth.

Venus in Pisces (13 Pisces) is trining Jupiter (13 Cancer) at 6:19 pm expanding the possibilities for connecting to a mystical dreamtime experience that can be engaged in our middle world reality when taking time to tune into this possibility.

April 18, Friday. Good Friday. For many Catholics and Christians around the world Good Friday is the time of Crucifixion and Easter Sunday (April 24) the celebration of Resurrection. Good Friday and Easter Sunday have been also celebrated as the two feasts of the Pasch; the Pascha staurosimon (the passage to death), and the Pascha anastasimon (the passage to life – as in the Resurrection).

In current times there are still many traditions (notably Catholic) that observe Friday as a Feast Day, or Holy Day. Good Friday is the holy of holy Fridays and there are those who believe that the reference to “Good Friday” came that were created as a way to inspire greater commitment to a spiritual life.

Easter Sunday is determined by the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. It is not a fixed holiday but is still linked to the remnants of a time when the Holy Days were determined by certain Moon phases nearest the solar gates.

Venus (13 Pisces) is sextile Pluto (13 Capricorn) at 2:24 am emphasizing the underworld descent of the current Venus cycle. Venus is in the process of letting go of all the distortions connected to her 6th chakra and her intuitive ability as well as her ability to vision and dream.

April 19, Saturday. The Moon moves into Capricorn at 6:28 pm passing over the Galactic Cross near Galactic Center. Science is finding the center of the galaxy gives off a great deal of energy and that energy greatly increases every 13,000 years when the Solstices align with the Galactic Plane. Evidence suggests every 13,000 years magnified bursts of light photons (light codes) intensify their emanations from the center of our Galaxy suggested by the layers of iridium and rhodium found in the Earth’s strata at 13,000 year intervals.

In 1997 Russian Scientist, Alexey Dimitreiv, published information that all the planets in our solar system are dramatically increasing signs of energetic activity including; atmospheric pressure, brightness from the Aurora Borealis, magnetic field strength and cataclysmic activity. This evidence has led scientists to speculate that our entire solar system has moved into an area of the Galaxy where this hyper-dimensional energy is much higher than usual. (More Here)

We also have the Grand Cross with Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon intensifies this energy as it passes through this sign and catches up to Pluto tomorrow.

This Sun moves into Taurus at 8:56 pm traveling through this domain until May 20. The Taurus mysteries include all the sacred pleasures of life. This may express as the pleasure of experiencing intimate moments with others, the pleasure of experiencing beauty in all its many forms, the pleasure of being in a physical body, and the pleasures of love and being in the present moment.

April 20, Sunday. Easter Sunday features themes of Resurrection and Renewal and draws our attention to the rising Sun in the East along with Venus also rising as morning star before the Sun. This is a time for personal resurrection that comes from having died to what no longer serves and being reborn into a pure expression of the divine.

Venus conjuncts Chiron (16 Pisces) adding to the underworld power of initiation where we are required to surrender whether or not we are willing. Resistance increases the intensity and pain of this initiation. Being willing to surrender eases the intensity and helps to facilitate the process, but doesn’t get you out of the intended transformation.

Jupiter (13 Cancer 34) is opposite Pluto (13 Capricorn 34) at 4:05 pm. Moon conjuncts Pluto at 5:31 pm as we head toward the exact Uranus Pluto square tomorrow and the exact Grand Cross on April 23. The Grand Cross is a powerful symbol related to the Christianized version of the Easter story including crucifixion and resurrection. What are you willing to crucify (die to) within yourself? What is being crucified within you in spite of your best efforts? What are YOU most afraid of and are YOU willing to face your fears?

On this day celebrated for resurrection.

Opening to our fear is an act of intimacy, a courageous welcoming of the disfigured and outcast into the living room of our being. Opening thus is also an act of surrender. As such, it is not a dissolution – or collapsing – or personal boundaries, as in submission, but rather an expanding of them.
In submission, we deaden ourselves, sinking into the shallows; in surrender, we enliven ourselves, dying into a deeper life. In surrender we may lose face, but we do not lose touch. Submission flattens the ego; surrender transcends it. Submission is passive, but surrender is dynamic. ~Robert Augustus.

April 21, Monday. The fifth Uranus square Pluto is exact at 11:38 am. There have been four of these aspects prior to today. It is unusual to have more than three exact alignments of Uranus and Pluto and there are times when they come together only once.

This time however, there are a rare 7 total Uranus Pluto aspects. See dates to the right. If we think of each of these dates as connecting to a chakra energy we have reached the throat chakra as this is the 5th Uranus Pluto Square since 2012.

Uranus is facilitating greater freedom of thinking, perceiving and being, while Pluto is working through transformation of the shadow, the fears that hold us back, the beliefs and ways of being that disempower who we are. And perhaps keep us from speaking and expressing the sweet truth of our soul.

Together Uranus and Pluto are creating an alchemy designed to free us from these fears, old pictures and old programs that have limited our perception and our ability to creatively express.

Trusting the Divine Timing, even when it doesn’t make sense, and is often confusing and unexpected, is again a primary key to flowing more easily with the changes that are taking place with or without our consent. Divine Timing often unfolds in magical and miraculous ways, especially when we are not attached to a specific outcome or things looking a certain way.

The Moon moves into Aquarius at 9:18 pm. (see Apr 22)

Apr 22, Tuesday. The Aquarius Last Quarter Moon (02 Aquarius 07) is exact at 12:52 am. This last quarter Moon is integrating the wisdom and experience gained from the journey so far – suggesting this is a time for contemplating the big picture overview from the unique and inspired perspective of having released all the ‘shoulds’ and other limiting viewpoints that distract us from being present in the moment. This also supports the experience of love and freedom coming together to revolutionize our personal and collective experience.

Retrograde Mars (13 Libra 46) is square Jupiter (13 Cancer 46) at 12:28 pm. This is an exact alignment within the already tightly formed Grand Cross. The first thought that comes to mind with this combination is change is inevitable, resistance is futile. If you feel you are in a free fall then this Timings says dive into, actively surrender to the changes that are seeking expression through you. Chances are these changes are more amazing that what you have ever imagined, but letting go of what has been is essential to support what is becoming.

April 23, Wednesday. The Grand Cross is most exact today in the midst of an eclipse window. Today also features these exact alignments: retrograde Mars (13 Libra 40) opposite Uranus (13 Aries 40) at 12:09 am, retrograde Mars (13 Aries 34) square retrograde Pluto (13 Capricorn 34) at 6:47 am.

The best way to tune into this energy is to watch the YouTube on the Grand Cross. Even if you have already seen this video – it is an invocation to the possibilities.

Here is the beginning inclinations of possible radical change coming from Pope Francis that heralds the possibility of the changing conscious of humanity via the Catholic Church. What more is possible?

From a Time Magazine Article:

And so Francis signals great change while giving the same answers to the uncomfortable questions. On the question of female priests: “We need to work harder to develop a profound theology of the woman.”

Plus, Mercury moves into Taurus at 2:16 am traveling through this domain until May 7 bringing to awareness messages around the art of receivership and intimacy. Truly receiving, savoring, and enjoying the sacred pleasures of life is our divine birthright and in this Grand Cross energy it is time to re-invoke the power of these mysteries. Sophia Marashinsky’s book The Goddess Oracle, describes the mysteries of Pleasure saying…Pleasure makes you juicy – twinkles your eye – enlivens your life force. The exquisiteness of existence is pleasure.

The Moon enters Pisces at 11:55 pm transmitting the mysteries that helps us dream the dream onward.

April 24, Thursday. The Moon conjuncts Neptune (7 Pisces) at 11:50 am and catches up to Chiron tomorrow morning around 4 am. Neptune is a Celestial World initiator connecting us to the vast field of all possibilities we can easily access through our dreaming. Chiron is the Shamanic Healer reminding us that it is time for “our story” to no longer keep us from living our divine destiny. Rather the opportunity is for our story to be the medicine or teaching that not only supports the fulfillment of our personal destiny, but then also becomes an inspiration to others.

Venus (21 Pisces) trines retrograde Saturn (21 Scoprio) at 10:15 pm adding emphasis to what Moon, Neptune and Chiron are activating. How are we dreaming the dream of our life in ways that are compassionate and loving?

April 25, Friday. The Moon passes for degrees NNW of Venus (22 Pisces) at the third gate as Venus continues her descent into the underworld exact at 1:03 pm. This means the Moon is visible approaching Venus in the morning sky and will be visible beyond Venus tomorrow morning. Anyone turning a multiple of 8 (16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88 etc. between January 17, 2014 and August 21, 2015) has now reached the 3rd ceremonial gate into the underworld as part of their eight year synodic Venus Return.

This is powerful and significant for us all but especially for those who are in a Venus Return. If you have yet to take advantage of the Venus Tele-class series that is creating a sacred container to deepen your experience of Venus and the Circle of Grandmothers you can still sign-up HERE. This has been powerful even for those not in their Venus Return including myself. The Grandmothers have been very active and very pleased with this Venus Class.

At this gate Inanna releases the lapis lazuli bead necklace she is wearing around her neck symbolizing the throat chakra. This chakra is most noted for communication, especially communicating the deepest truth of one’s being, and inspired creative self-expression. This represents the second aspect of the three fold creation process sometimes referred to as thought, word and deed. Our thoughts, what we envision, 6th chakra, and how we speak of them with our words, 5th chakra, and how our feelings align with our visions and words, 4th chakra, and then what actions we take (3rd chakra) determine the success of our creative process.

At this gate it is time to ceremonially release any distortions we may have in the area of creative communication that do not promote truthful creative self-expression, peace, harmony, and joy. Speaking our truth is only useful when we do so with the intent to promote healing and greater connection. If our speech comes from a need to be right, or to be superior over others in some way, or with an intent to hurt or wound another then we ultimately create greater separation. This then is the perfect time to ceremonially release these distortions as Venus releases her throat chakra vestment.

It is important to be sure we are talking and communicating with one another for the purpose of healing and are not speaking in ways that are intended to deepen the wounds or create new wounds.

Chanting, singing, verbal prayers, decrees, and affirmations with specific intent are all great ways to ceremonially participate with this Venus gate. Committing to learning, or refining, healthy communication with yourself are beneficial practices anytime but most especially over this next month while Venus is at this gate.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury (5 Taurus) at 8:27 pm in the pyschopomp phase of the Mercury cycle. This means Mercury is a guide for where you most need to go at this time. In Taurus the emphasis, as already stated, is about receiving the beauty and pleasure of life. What messages are coming to you in your dreams, in your conversations, in your time in nature, in your mediation, in your healing processes and shamanic journeys?

April 26, Saturday. The waning Moon moves into Aries at 3:01 am, energizing the mysteries of those who protect and defender the cosmic order. This is a fierce, strong and vital aspect of the Divine Feminine in her solar radiance. She is the Mother who fights to protect her children in the same way the mother bear protects her cubs. Are you willing to show up and fight for a fair and just world that honors the equal rights of everyone and everything?

Mercury (06 Taurus 35) sextiles Neptune (06 Pisces 35) at 10:27 am. This adds to the possibilities of our collective dreaming of a New Earth, A New Garden of Earthly Delight.

April 27, Sunday. The Moon conjuncts Uranus (13 Aries 53) at 3:01 am adding to this vital, awakening energy that is still closely aligned with the Grand Cross. This amps up the possibility of unexpected events that are ultimately designed to expand our consciousness and our point of view.

The Sun (07 Taurus 06) is sextile Neptune (07 Pisces 06) at 3:34 am signaling the approaching retrograde station of Neptune on June 9th. This is again adding to the possibilities of our collective dreaming of a New Earth, A New Garden of Earthly Delight. In the realm of Neptune we are in the realm of all possibilities. Therefore it is important to focus our dreaming, our thoughts, and our intentions on what we truly desire to create.

April 28, Monday. The Eclipse window is closing now with the Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon (08 Taurus 52) exact at 11:14 pm tonight or 2:14 am tomorrow morning for those in Eastern Time. Eclipses can accelerate a sense of feeling out of body and out of time. They are cauldrons that speed up the alchemical changes already in motion, while also activating and putting into motion new changes.

This annular eclipse will feature a ring fire around the Sun adding to the imagery of the fiery alchemy that has been in motion for many Moons. Interestingly in the month of March there were several earthquakes around what is called the ring of fire on the Earth based on the volcanic activity. This is a stepping up of this activity letting us know that the changes are happening deep within Earth as well as on the surface.

April 29, Tuesday. Adding to the Eclipse energy Moon passes 1.6° S of Mercury (13 Taurus) at 7:07 am within 4 degrees of the Sun adding to the intensity of the planetary energies that have been shared through the April Timings and in the previous months. This adds another layer and perhaps additional messages about how best to navigate these rapidly changing times. Taking time to really listen to what is being whispered to you about how to receive the gifts of life, the beauty of life, the pleasure of life, the joy of life, from the part of you that knows is especially helpful.

April 30, Wednesday. Mercury (15 Taurus) sextiles Jupiter (15 Cancer) at 1:32 am. Mercury has been weaving its messages through the Grand Cross energies this entire month. Mercury sextile Jupiter is yet another example. (see April 29)

The Moon moves into Gemini at 1:56 pm passing 7° South of the Pleiades activating and amplifying the light codes coming to Earth from this Stargate Portal. Next month the Sun makes its annual visit to the Pleiades. Whatever is seeded at that time is amplified by the Moon’s monthly passage by these stars. (see April 3)

The Moon in Gemini is transmitting the mysteries of creative self-expression through a magical connection with our inner muse. Gemini is most interested in connecting to a sacred purpose that is FUN. When this archetype is having fun they are accessing the creative part of who they are and are able to serve spirit through playfulness and reminding us not to take ourselves so seriously!

AND here’s more on the cutting edge revolution of consciousness from Pope Francis who was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year!

Late last month, Francis issued the first major declaration of his pontificate, an “apostolic exhortation,” a long document addressed to Catholics which covers a range of issues. Titled “The Joy of the Gospel” and reflecting Francis’s style—there is no pontifical “we”—the exhortation is unrelentingly positive in tone. Francis writes, “We want to enter fully into the fabric of society, sharing the lives of all, listening to their concerns, helping them materially and spiritually in their needs, rejoicing with those who rejoice, weeping with those who weep; arm in arm with others, we are committed to building a new world.” From the New Yorker

V-Men Declaration Made on March 7, 2014 (an example of Mars Retrograde in Libra)

We, members of the conceptual framework established as V-Men Congo, concerned with injustice which women are subjected to;

Are aware of the cries of women  “where are men?”

Understand that women are our most precious resource, pillar of the family, the basic cell of the Nation, and backbone of the economy. Today, in the twenty-first century, despite their daily struggle, determination and courage, some customs and cultural practices of our retrograde patriarchal societies keep them in an inferior status of second-class citizens and modern slaves.

We daily see them carrying heavy burdens, and suffer other degrading practices in our cities and countryside;

Understand that sexual violence exists in a latent state in all cultures and in all social classes in peacetime, and is exacerbated during wartime where women and girls are the primary victims of conflicts decided by men;

Considering the fact that women are not only our mothers, our sisters, our wives and daughters, we know that all human beings are equal and therefore everyone should be able to make choices freely and without discrimination. The gap between the daily realities and the rights recognized in international conventions, the Constitution and the laws must be bridged;

Knowing that equal access to education, health, work, property, political rights for girls and women are not only a way for states to comply with their legal obligations, but it is the best investment to contribute to social progress and generate economic prosperity, ensure opportunities for all and everyone’s participation in the public interest.

Today, one day before the celebration of the International Women’s Day, We, V-MEN Congo address the following message:

Women’s rights are not only of interest to feminists, it is a global issue, it is our common humanity, and concerns the future of our society. We must all be mobilized; men and women, for more fair society that promotes the development of all;

We reaffirm our commitment to the struggle for gender equality where men will fight hand in hand with women so as to change the current marginalization of women and the limited access to resources;

We appeal to political, religious and traditional authorities to end discrimination and misogynistic attitudes that shame humanity and undermine prospects for sustainable development;

We call everybody to break the silence, change the mindsets of our sons and daughters, our sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers and put an end to impunity, sexual violence and gender-based violence.

We commit ourselves, together with boys and men, girls and women, political leaders and civil society, in a spirit of mutual respect, complementarity and solidarity, to build peace and a fair and prosperous world where everyone has the right to live in accordance with human dignity.

Done in Bukavu, 7 March 2014 http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/03/15/statement-of-v-men-congo/ AND http://www.vday.org/v-men

April 2014 Celestial Timings Template
April 1, Tuesday. All Fools day. Sun (11 Aries 31) squares Jupiter (11 Cancer 31) at 12:40 am.
April 2, Wednesday. Sun conjuncts Uranus (12 Aries 29) at 12:08 am.
April 3, Thursday. Sun (13 Aries 33) squares Pluto (13 Capricorn 33) at 2:19 am. Moon passes 6.8° S of the Pleiades.
April 4, Friday. The Moon passes 2.2° NNW of Aldebaran just after midnight.
April 5, Saturday. Venus moves into Pisces at 1:31 Ppm. The Moon moves into Cancer at 2:40 pm
April 6, Sunday. The Moon passes 5° S of Jupiter (11 Cancer 57) at 2:33 pm.
April 7, Monday. The Cancer First Quarter Moon (17 Cancer 27) is exact 1:31. Mercury enters Aries at 8:35 am.
April 8, Tuesday. The Moon enters Leo at 2:50 am – visible near the Beehive cluster in the evening sky. Retrograde Mars (19 Libra 06) reaches opposition to the Sun (19 Libra 06) at 2:40 pm.
April 9, Wednesday. Retrograde Vesta has reached its second exact alignment with Spica.
April 10, Thursday. Moon enters Virgo at 3:08 pm passing 5° SSW of Regulus.
April 11, Friday. Venus conjuncts Neptune (6 Pisces 41) at 7:24 pm.
April 12, Saturday. The Sun (22 Aries) is making its annual conjunction with the fixed star Baten Kaitos.
April 13, Sunday. The Moon moves into Libra at 1:33 am. Retrograde Vesta (23 Libra 29) is opposite the Sun (23 Aries 29). The waxing Moon is visible approaching Mars in the evening sky.
April 14, Monday. The Moon conjuncts retrograde Mars (16 Libra 48) at 9 am. Mercury (12 Aries 18) squares Jupiter (12 Cancer 18) at 11:32 am. Mercury conjuncts Uranus (13 Aries 10) at 4:15 pm. Mercury squares Pluto (13 Capricorn 35) at 9:12 pm. Pluto (13 Capricorn 35) stations retrograde at 4:44 pm.
April 15, Tuesday. Passover begins. The Moon passes Spica near the  exact Libra Full Moon (25 Libra 16) Lunar Eclipse. The Moon moves into Scorpio at 9:20 am. The Moon is visible approaching Saturn
April 16, Wednesday. Mercury (16 Aries) is opposite retrograde Mars (16 Libra) at 4:15 am.
April 17, Thursday. The Moon occults retrograde Saturn (21 Scorpio 41) at 12:09 am passing 1° west of Saturn.
April 18, Friday. Good Friday. The Moon is visible just beyond Antares tonight.
April 19, Saturday. The Moon moves into Capricorn at 6:28 pm. This Sun moves into Taurus at 8:56 pm.
April 20, Sunday. Easter Sunday. Venus conjuncts Chiron (16 Pisces). Jupiter (13 Cancer 34) is opposite Pluto (13 Capricorn 34) at 4:05 pm. Moon conjuncts Pluto at 5:31 pm.
April 21, Monday. The fifth Uranus square Pluto at 11:38 am. The Moon moves into Aquarius at 9:18 pm.
Apr 22, Tuesday. The Aquarius Last Quarter Moon (02 Aquarius 07) is exact at 12:52 am. Retrograde Mars (13 Libra 46) is square Jupiter (13 Cancer 46) at 12:28 pm.
April 23, Wednesday. The grand cross is most exact today! Retrograde Mars (13 Libra 40) is opposite Uranus (13 Aries 40) at 12:09 am. Retrograde Mars(13 Aries 34) is is square retrograde Pluto (13 Capricorn 34) at 6:47 am. Mercury moves into Taurus at 2:16 am. The Moon enters Pisces at 11:55 pm.
April 24, Thursday. The Moon conjuncts Neptune (7 Pisces) at 11:50 am and catches up to Chiron tomorrow.
April 25, Friday. The Moon passes 4 degrees NNW of Venus (22 Pisces) at the third gate. The Sun conjuncts Mercury (5 Taurus) at 8:27 pm.
April 26, Saturday. The Moon moves into Aries at 3:01 am.
April 27, Sunday. The Moon conjuncts Uranus (13 Aries 53) at 3:01 am.
April 28, Monday. These Solar Eclipse New Moon (08 Taurus 52) is exact at 11:14 pm tonight or 2:14 am EDT.
April 29, Tuesday. Adding to the Eclipse energy Moon passes 1.6° S of Mercury(13 Taurus) at 7:07 am.
April 30, Wednesday. The Moon moves into Gemini at 1:56 pm passing 7° South of the Pleiades.