May your last days of 2014 be Magical and Blessed and 2015 Bring in the Next Wave of Energy that will fully anchor the New Earth in our everyday lived reality.

2014 December Celestial Timings PDF with Star Maps and other images

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This is the Plain Text Version of the December 2014 Celestial Timings

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Introduction to the December 2014 Celestial Timings
For me, this quote explains SO much about my life and the lives of so many I have encountered over the years. I feel it is worth revisiting this understanding as this month marks the 6th exact Uranus Pluto Square since 2012. Uranus is about awakening and Pluto is about working through the fear, uncertainty, resentment and anger we feel, really feeling those feelings and letting them go so we are empowered to fulfill our mission and purpose.

These two planets work together providing us with opportunities for making the “unconscious, conscious” (Carl Jung). When we engage our unconscious and become conscious then we are no longer at the effect of the unconscious but rather we are empowered to bring the light of love and compassion into this world where it is so needed now.

We might ask ourselves how we can actively participate in creating a new paradigm, a morphogenetic shift in the collective neural net, or collective consciousness, so that what is reflecting back to us is the reality of peace and plenty for ALL?

One of the many gifts Shamanic Astrology offers, at this unprecedented Turning of the Ages, is seeing how our natal chart reflects the choice or intention to end the cycles of abuse and dysfunction, often by choosing family and social conditions that are entrenched in old limiting and abusive patterns – transforming them and creating the space for new healthy energies to emerge.

Releasing fear of lack that promotes greed and the desperate need to survive at the expense of others and their well-being is an important step. Cooperation is one of the essential keys. I have always love all things Star Trek and I especially love the Star Trek Voyager episode called THE VOID (season 7 episode 14) as it brilliantly demonstrates what happens when we move from competition to cooperation. In this episode it was essential for a variety of races to cooperate in order to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome for everyone involved.

The story begins when Voyager is accidentally pulled into a mysterious Void, where there are other lost starships struggling to survive. When Voyager first arrived in The Void – their ship was instantly attacked by one of the other ships and 90% of their food and supplies were stolen. Voyager’s crew soon discovered many starships were also trapped and they survived by stealing supplies from each other or any ship unlucky enough to get pulled into this desolate wasteland.

When Voyager’s crew discovered they did not have enough power to leave the Void on their own – Captain Janeway asked the other trapped starships to form an alliance where they would each share their resources and technologies so they could all find a way out of the Void together. It was difficult to convince the other ships this was a good idea, but eventually several ships did join the alliance, successfully working together to leave the Void. Those ships that refused to join the alliance – due to their entrenched patterns of fear and lack – were left in the Void to continue as they had before.

This story demonstrates the power of cooperation and working in community to achieve what otherwise might seem impossible. Some of the starships had been in the Void for years, and they could not imagine there was a way out if they worked together because they were so accustomed to competition as a way of life.

Living from competition had created separation, distrust, hatred and ultimately loss of resources that could have benefited everyone if they had chosen to cooperate. Those that chose to cooperate and share resources dramatically changed their lives and their options. Cooperation unifies and strengthens the greater whole, moving from struggle to survive into a whole new more abundant world of possibilities.

One way to work with the opportunities that Uranus and Pluto are providing us is to find ways to redefine the current competitively based reality we now have. The question is: are we ready to wake up and revision these failing systems by embracing new systems based in cooperation, recognizing everyone has a right and a responsibility to thrive together?

This is not easy as the current competitive programming strongly suggests there are limits to what is available. Do we have the courage to take a leap of faith and revolutionize the ways we participate with reality? This is about opening to trust. Trusting that all our needs are always met from an ever-renewing, ever- regenerating, ever-flowing vast and abundant divine source. Even if we don’t totally trust that this divine source originates within each of us, providing all we need to fully live and express our life purpose, we can act as if we do. There is a saying Fake it till you make it, so we don’t have to totally trust this is true, but we can act as if it is true and see what happens. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. This is the time to act in NEW ways with the intent that we are creating an entirely new paradigm of peace and plenty for everyone.

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Additional Resources:
Definitions of Terms Used in the Celestial Timings
The Astronomical Calendar 2014 by Guy Ottewell
The Celestial Guide 2014 by Jim Maynard
Solar Fire Astrology Software and Sky and Telescope Website
Star Maps are from Starry Night unless otherwise noted
Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars
, Bernadette Brady, Samuel Weiser, Inc. 1998, Maine
Morse, Eric, The Living Stars, Amethyst Books, London and New York, 1988

The Solar Vortex
This is an interesting view of how are Solar System moves through space. It shows how when the Sun returns to the same area of the sky from Earth’s perspective we are actually in a different place in the Galaxy than the previous year. We are constantly spiraling into new territory.

What is in the Name December?
According to Guy Ottewell’s astronomical calendar, December is the 10th month of the old Roman calendar that started with March. Decem means 10. This month is also connected to the ancient Roman celebration known as Saturnalia, celebrated on December 17 of the Julian calendar and lasted for several days. It was also thought of as the birthday of the Sun, or Sol Invictus, meaning “unconquered Sun.” (see December 17)

The December solstice, or Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, is on December 21. This is when the Sun rises as far South as it possibly can along the ecliptic. So in the northern hemisphere the days are shortest and the nights are longest, it is the opposite in the southern hemisphere. The exact moment of Solstice, or when the Sun enters Zero Capricorn was on December 20 or 21 up until 1697. Since 1702 the Solstice has been on December 21 or December 22. In 2080 the Solstice will occur on December 20.  Be sure to listen to the Audios for December 2014 for extra insights that are not included in this written version of the Celestial Timings! (Remember you must be logged into the site with username and password for this link to work!

Where are the December Planets?

Mercury passes behind the Sun in its exterior conjunction (meaning Mercury is as far from the Earth as it gets in its cycle) on December 8, following Venus at more than twice its speed into the evening sky, and by December 31 appears only 4° below Venus. Mercury and Venus will come closer together by mid-January when they are close but don’t quite reach an exact conjunction, though they come within less than 1 degree of each other.

Mercury is Out of Bound (OOB) From December 7 to 31 meaning it is acting as a Wild Card. Mercury reaches its most southern declination on December 19 at 25° 17’ nearly two degrees beyond where the Sun can be.

Venus rises into the evening sky, on December 4. By month’s end, Venus is reaching 17° away from the Sun, appearing 12° above the horizon after sunset and Venus sets about 75 minutes after the Sun. On December 13 the declination of Venus is -24° 12, meaning this is an out of bounds Venus reaching beyond the boundaries of where the Sun can reach. Venus is out of bounds from December 2 to December 24. There are times in the Venus cycle where her greatest southern declination can reach -27° as it did on November 6, 2013 or as far as -28°. That happened in 1874, and won’t happen again until 2093, and 2125.

Pluto although not visible is with Venus for a time this month most exact on December 20 when Pluto is just 3° N of Venus and 4.3° north of Mercury on December 25.

Mars begins December about where Venus will end it, then travels forward through most of the Goat Fish. Mars is in the evening sky, falling back from 48° to 41° away from the Sun by month’s end.  That means Mars sets 3.5 hours after the Sun at the beginning of December and 3.25 hours at the end of December.

Jupiter is rising around 10:30 pm as the month begins and moves within 7° Regulus. By the end of December Jupiter is rising around 8:30 pm, and is stationing retrograde on December 8 reaching opposition to the Sun on February 6, 2015.

Saturn is rising in the morning sky about 11° from the Sun on December 1, and 39° from the Sun by the end of the year.

Uranus reaches stationary direct on December 21.

 The December Full Moon closest to Solstice was a special time of celebration for ancient tribal cultures. It is sometimes referred to as the Cold Moon, Moon before Yule, or Long Night Moon. This is the time of year when the Full Moon is tracking North, lighting up the entire length of the long night in the northern hemisphere. This is opposite of the Moon at Summer Solstice when the nights are shorter as the Moon is tracking South.

The New Moon is on December 21 in Sagittarius and is the southernmost New Moon this year within about 2.5 hours of Solstice.

December features the earliest sunset happening on December 7, and it does not coincide with the shortest day of the year or the December Solstice. The latest sunrise is on January 4 and then the Sun begins to rise a minute or so earlier each day from that point on.

The December 2014 Daily Celestial Timings
(All times are PST unless otherwise noted)

December 1, Monday. Mars (27 Capricorn) is sextile Saturn (27 Scorpio) at 11:00 am.  Mars is visible in the evening sky but Saturn is still too close to the Sun to be seen and won’t emerge into the morning sky until around December 6. This is a great time to put inspired focused action to work to either begin or complete projects.

The Moon occults Uranus (12 Aries 45) at 03:12 pm further igniting possibilities for experiencing radical and completely unexpected changes for the purpose of awakening our awareness to a greater cosmic perspective. If your perspective IS limiting you from fulfilling your soul’s intent, then unexpected disturbances intended to expand your point of view are likely.

This is 5th time the Moon has occulted Uranus in this series of 18 that started in August. Occultations accelerate the intent of Uranus in Aries to radically alter points of view about what is worth fighting for. This is the revolutionary Warrior committed to protecting the growth and evolution possible now. The Aries dharma or “right action” is committed to supporting and protecting worthy causes. The battle may be literal and externally expressed. Or it may express as the battle between good and evil that lives within. (See December 28)

This month features several activations of the Grand Fire Trine with Venus, Mercury and the Sun all in Sagittarius moving to trine Uranus (in Aries) and Jupiter (in Leo).  (See December 5 table for dates and other details.)

An image to keep in mind whenever a Grand Fire Trine is active is that of the Phoenix (or Firebird) rising renewed, revitalized and reinspired. (see December 4, 5, 8, 12, 14,  and 20)

December 2, Tuesday. This is the time of the annual conjunction of the Sun with Antares, the royal star and key to the golden gate of ascension. The Sun with Antares means it is not visible in either the morning or evening sky from November 22 to December 13. The Sun is within 6 degrees of Antares from November 27 to December 9. (see December 3)

According to Bernadette Brady’s book on The Fixed Stars, all four of the royal stars (including Regulus, Aldebaran, and Fomalhaut) are linked with their own unique teachings, special powers and successes when we are able to meet their challenges as part of the heroic journey of life. Antares a Behenian star is activated by the Sun each year at this time amping up and illuminating these stellar light codes for Earth’s benefit. This also means if your birthday is yesterday, today, or tomorrow you were born with the Sun conjunct Antares.

The Moon enters Taurus at 09:15 pm transmitting the mysteries that include slowing down to savor and enjoy the beauty and pleasure of life. Beauty is a perceptual experience. The best measure for knowing you have experienced beauty is when you feel expansive joy fill your heart and whole being with pleasure.

December 3, Wednesday. Vesta enters Capricorn 03:46 am crossing the December Solstice point where the Sun will be on December 21. Vesta travels through this seasonal sign until January 28, 2015 when it enters Aquarius.

The asteroid Vesta (see Nasa three minute video on Vesta and if it should be considered a dwarf planet) has about a 4 year cycle, so it has been nearly 4 years since Vesta last entered Capricorn on January 28, 2011. The next time Vesta enters Capricorn will be April 1, 2018.

Vesta represents the High Priestess dedicated to her Sacred Work. When traveling through Capricorn this is about having the discipline to create a sensible plan that will produce the greatest amount of results with the least amount of effort while also being In Sacred Service.

Mercury is passing Antares 4° North Northeast of Antares tomorrow. Antares one of the magical Behenian stars most activated when a planet is within 6 degrees. Mercury travels within 6 degrees of this star from November 30 to December 8 this year.

For those interested in plant medicine, Antares is connected to Birthwort (a.k.a  A. clematitis). This plant was a highly regarded medicinal plant as far back as the time of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Caution is advised when using this herb, as Birthwort can be fatally toxic to humans if too much is taken.

Birthwort was (as one might suspect from the name) used in childbirth to help expel the placenta. The root of the plant (Snakeroot) was used to treat snakebites as the root has the ability to deactivate SOME types of snake venom. Birthwort has been shown to increase production and activity of leukocytes (white blood cells), and contains a disinfectant that assists in wound healing. Pondering the medicinal uses of Birthwort might be useful to consider as Mercury, the Sun and the Moon pass Antares this month and strengthen the effect of this herb. (see Dec 2)

December 4, Thursday. Venus rises into the Evening Sky beginning her ascent journey that will last until August 2015. If you would like a powerful group intention to work ceremonially with this cycle – that includes the support of the Circle of Grandmothers who have been guiding us since January -there is still time to join the Venus Tele-class series. First Class is December 18.  Details are Here

Venus (22°Sagittarius 36′) also trines Jupiter (22°Leo 36′) at 11:11 am and the Sun (12° Sagittarius 42′) is trine retrograde Uranus (12° Aries 42′) at 02:30 pm. These events are activating the Grand Fire Trine a time when the Phoenix, or Fire Bird, also rises from the ashes.

Fire is the element that has most to do with pure energy. Whenever we have a Grand Fire Trine happening in the sky all the energy of Love (Leo) the energy of inspired action (Aries) and the energy of Divine Inspiration and Enlightenment (Sagittarius) are magnified and enhanced.

We can tap into this energy to energize or fire our lives with divine power. It might be useful to imagine this fiery energy pulsing into the center of our hearts and the heart center of the Earth, regenerating and reigniting our ability to truly love ourselves and love life. We can also consciously send this fiery love energy into the Earth’s heartcore and fire the grid of consciousness that surrounds our planet. We are the lightening rods or points of contact that are capable of channeling and focusing this fiery light energy to heal both the Earth’s core and her surrounding grid, healing ourselves in the process. (see Dec 1, 5, 8, 12, 14, 20)

Synchronistically, Mars enters Aquarius at 03:57 pm passing through this area of the sky until January 12, 2015. Every two years Mars brings its powerful catalytic energy to the Aquarius realm actively engaging quantum leaps in conscious awareness and change that are coming to us through these planetary energies as they assist Earth in integrating the new biological light codes or frequencies that will eventually phase out the old electromagnetic spectrum and consciousness grid – and phase in an entirely new upgraded crystalline light based system. Mars is an active force engaging this powerful vibrational assemblage point shift that symbolizes the ultimate Aquarian conspiracy towards massive paradigm shifts in consciousness and awareness.

December 5, Friday. The Sun (13° Sagittarius 10′) is square Chiron (13°Pisces10′) at 01:31 am and Mercury (12°Sagittarius 41′) is exactly trine retrograde Uranus (12°Aries 41′) at 07:44 pm activating the Grand Fire Trine. These alignments suggest a time for healing the wounds associated with our beliefs that are less than true, including the ones that are less than the truth of who we really are.

Sagittarius is most interested in discovering what is really true. This includes taking a long look at so-called truths that have been created as a way to protect us from pain. This usually comes from a reluctance or inability to explore the deeper truths around the hurts, wrongs, and mistakes we have made.

When that happens we can find ourselves at the effect of shame and/or guilt that is unconsciously driving the choices we make. Acknowledging and embracing the truth of the pain or shame we feel is an important step in healing and forgiving ourselves for what we perceive is true – as it is most likely NOT at all true. This creates the possibility for a deeper more real truth to emerge. (see December 8 and 14)

The Moon passes 7.5° south of the Pleiades as it enters Gemini at 02:28 am transmitting the light codes coming from the stars of the seven sisters as well as activating the trickster coyote who loves to overturn the rules or go beyond them. When the Moon is in Gemini it’s a great time to be social, network, and have fun!

December 6, Saturday. Mercury (13°Sagittarius 10′) passing by the area of the sky with the Great Attractor while also square Chiron (13°Pisces 10′) at 03:18 am. This means the Sun and Mercury (14 Sagittarius) are both reaching their annual conjunction with the Great Attractor within a few hours of each other, though the exact Sun Mercury Conjunction is not until December 8.

Plus, Chiron is in aspect to the Sun and Mercury so is adding to the activation that is taking place around this area of the sky.

The Great Attractor is a huge energetic force drawing many galaxies toward it at about a million miles per hour, and is considered a supercluster of galaxies, meaning it is WAY bigger than our Milky Way Galaxy.

In fact, the gravity of the Great Attractor is pulling the Milky Way in its direction, though no one has actually seen the Great Attractor because it is located behind the plane of our Galaxy – that means the gas, dust and stars in our Galaxy obscures the light from the Great Attractor.

The Sun and Mercury square Chiron with the Great Attractor suggests we have an opportunity to tune into these mysteries as a reminder of our own great attracting abilities. We are each out own “Great Attractor” pulling towards us or attracting to us a variety of experiences based on our thoughts, feelings and actions. With Chiron’s help this is a good time to notice if you are still operating from past wounds and therefore attracting experiences into your life that are intended to get your attention so you can deeply heal these wounds.

We attract into our lives experiences that vibrate with what we are thinking and feeling. For a couple of days before and after today there is an energy activation that suggests there may be insights and messages, especially related to what is needed for Shamanic Healing, that come from a mysterious source.

Science has found that our thoughts and feelings directly affect our DNA so this is the time to be conscious of what we are thinking and what feelings need to be felt, embraced and released clearing the shadow in ways that also boost our physical and emotional immune systems. (See December 19 and Chiron Article – you must be logged in for this link to work.)

The Moon passes 1.7° Northwest of Aldebaran just prior to the exact Gemini Full Moon (14 Gemini 18) exact at 4:27 am bringing to light the more playful, fun side of life. Celebrating, networking, socializing, doing something fun and entertaining are all great ways to enjoy and engage this Full Moon energy.

December 7, Sunday. Today features the earliest sunset of this year for many locations. The date and time for this event varies depending on your location on the planet. For example at 32 degrees N Latitude where I live the earliest sunset of the year is on December 3 and 4 at 5:14 pm and the latest sunrise is on January 7 at 7:30 am. (see intro)

The Moon enters Cancer at 09:34 am located exactly on the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge. This is the area of the sky exactly opposite the Galactic Center or Hunab Ku the source point and connecting link with all the celestial bodies in our Galaxy. This means the Moon is transmitting the light codes that come from beyond our galaxy bringing us new insights and information when we are open to receive it.

December 8, Monday. Mercury meets with the Sun (16°Sagittarius 13′) at 01:51 am marking the center point of the psychopomp phase of the Mercury cycle. This is when Mercury is in the role of guide – taking souls where they most need to go – because Mercury has access to all the realms and dimensions. This is a time to tune in and be aware of where the messages are coming from and how you can best work with the incoming insights and information to further your own quest for truth.

The Sun is illuminating this quest for Truth as Mercury dives deep to gain the REAL truth that often underlies what we have believed is true. When we are NOT living the real truth or getting to the deeper truth, it usually means we are living in the illusions we have created that can cause a very real energy drain. This may not be noticeable at first but over time leads to feelings of exhaustion.

This usually occurs because we have made assumptions about what is true or not true in relationship to others. The reminder from the Four Agreements to NOT make assumptions is perfect now. Especially because most assumptions are NOT based in eternal truth but often a false perception of what is true based on a limited perspective.  (see December 5 and 14)

Jupiter (22°Leo 38′) stations retrograde at 12:41 pm within about 7° of Regulus. When a planet turns to retrograde motion, from Earth’s perspective, that planet is seemingly retracing its steps and going back over the same stars it just passed. This is similar to pulling an arrow back on the bow. The arrow moves back away from the intended target, and yet is gathering power and momentum for empowered forward movement later.

Jupiter going retrograde in Leo is a time to take a step back and notice where you can gain strength and energy for even greater healthy self-love. For those who have been on a healing path for a long time this may just be about receiving a renewed vision around self-love. For those who are in the midst of healing personal trauma or shame – this timing can be a great boost to that process. Jupiter expands so it will either expand the trauma or the healing depending on where our focus is.

The benefits of practicing forgiveness for self and others will also be expanded now. Some might say there is nothing ever to forgive and that may be true when we remember our divinity, however, on the path to wholeness and self-love – genuinely forgiving ourselves and whoever has caused us harm, hurt or betrayal is one of the best ways to increase healthy self-love.

Through the power and grace of forgiveness, forgiving the unforgivable, whether it is ourselves or others being forgiven, love is liberated and with that release, – freedom, peace, power and new life are available. True self-love can then be more fully experienced. (Check out the awesome process of Radical Forgiveness )

December 9, Tuesday. The Moon enters Leo at 07:14 pm transmitting the ancient mysteries of radical radiant self-love – catching up to Jupiter in Leo and amping up the power of Jupiter at its still point or station point. This is a time for going deeper into the possibilities for greater self-love sourced from the truth of who we really are. It might be helpful to affirm the following:

I totally love and accept myself. I totally love and approve of myself. I totally love and care for myself.

December 10, Wednesday. Venus enters Capricorn at 08:42 am having begun her ascent from the Underworld on December 4. Venus in Capricorn is focused on honoring the Circle of Grandmothers, the wisdom they carry and how that wisdom can guide and support us at this time. This is about what activities produce results in ways that responsibly and effectively manage our personal and collective reality.

December 11, Thursday. The Moon passes about 5° SSW of retrograde Jupiter (22°Leo 37′) at 04:21 pm illuminating and transmitting the light codes of self-love, self-approval and self-acceptance when we are open to receive them. Jupiter in Leo expands our experience of the divine light within that we all carry. From Jupiter in Leo’s perspective the light of love is growing and the world is beginning to shine in new ways.

Also Pluto is reaching its exact zodiacal alignment with the fixed star Nunki, and is within one degree of this star all month. Plus, Pluto is nearly exactly aligned with this star for a week before and after today adding to the energy beaming toward Earth. Nunki is a star that marks the vane of the arrow that is pointed right toward Galactic Center.

In Page Bryant’s book Starwalking Shamanic Practices for Traveling into The Night Sky Nunki is described as a star that has been energizing the Earth for over five thousand years and has been empowering ceremonial magicians and shamans who are helping the Earth. When we consider Nunki is the end of the arrow that is pulled all the way back on the bow so we can imagine it is being triggered or released by the passage of Pluto to move with maximum power toward its intended target. In this case the target the arrow is pointed toward is Galactic Center.

Pluto passes this star every 248 years creating a possibility for release, a letting go of the fear that has held us back, sending it to the heart of our Galaxy. In a way we can imagine this is activating a portal into the origins of creative energy emanating from Galactic Center and then birthing them into our current reality. This suggests a transfer of the divine creation codes coming from the Galactic Core, to our current conscious experience here on Earth, is being magnified many times more than usual over the next few weeks.

December 12, Friday. Feast Day of our Lady of Guadalupe. Mercury (22°Sagittarius 36′) trines retrograde Jupiter (22°Leo 36′) at 05:24 am. This is another activation of the Grand Fire Trine that includes expanding our perception and creative expression. Mercury and Jupiter together can be a time when we can more easily connect with the BIG picture, positive or constructive thinking that expands our experience of this reality as well as learning new mind expanding things.

The Moon passes about 4° SSW of Regulus, the heart star of the Lion, as it enters Virgo at 07:19 am. Regulus is the heart of the lion often linked with the Great Sphinx on Earth. The Sphinx, in many traditions, is described as the guardian of the Hall of Records. The power of this Behenian star is magnified whenever the Moon passes by.

According to Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld Regulus is a star that assists us in recognizing patterns, and the micro patterns within the patterns. The action of developing an attitude shift through our deeper awareness around these patterns, helps us to manifest forgiveness of ourselves and others so it is possible to transform the limiting patterns that have inhibited our fullest divine expression.

December 13, Saturday. The Geminid meteor shower peaks. Considered by many to be the best meteor shower in the heavens, the Geminids are known for producing up to 60 multicolored meteors per hour at their peak. The peak of the shower usually occurs around December 13 & 14, although some meteors are visible from December 6 – 19. The radiant point for this shower is in the constellation of the Twins or Gemini. This year the waning Moon rises around mid-night so will dampen the best viewing time looking east after midnight.

The Sun (22 Sagittarius) is conjunct the Fixed Star Rasalhague (the crown chakra of Ophiuchus) known for an ability to heal on a personal level or society as a whole. The potency of the Sun with this Star lasts from about Dec 5 to 25. (see November 30, 2014 archives though you must be logged in with username and password for this link to work) Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer, is located between the Archer and the Scorpion just east of the head of Hercules and covers part of the Milky Way.


In his book The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse tells us Ophiuchus is a symbol for Aesculapius, the ancient Greek healer trained by Chiron and believed to be the ancestor of Hippocrates (born 460 BCE) where the Hippocratic Oath originates, and the constellation known as Serpens was his symbol of healing. The serpent as depicted in the caduceus is the symbol for the poison (venom) that can both cure and kill. Ophiuchus uses it to heal.


The Healing Temples of Aesculapius were built near healing springs throughout Greece. After fasting and bathing, the sick would spend the night in special ‘dream incubation chambers’. The dreams of the patients helped to diagnose illness and determine cures. When the Sun is in this part of the sky it is worth paying attention to your dreams and any messages of healing that may be coming. It is also worth setting a strong intention to get a dream message about your own healing process.
December 14, Sunday. The exact Virgo Last Quarter Moon (22Virgo 26) is happening at 4:51 am energizing the synthesis point that begins the completion phase or integration process of what has been gained this past month and this past year. It is also a time to begin considering what to plant or energize in the next monthly cycle (and yearly cycle as we are within days of the Dec 21 Winter Solstice and the December 21 Cancer New Moon.

This is the best time to begin imaging what seeds you are planting for the Solstice New Moon bringing together the beginning of a new Lunar Cycle and a New Solar Cycle. Plus, Virgo is the archetypal energy most connected to the natural cycles and rhythms of Earth and Sky and knowing the best Time to begin something, to sustain something already in motion, or to let it go.

Then the Moon enters Libra at 08:05 pm transmitting the mysteries of conscious equal partnership in harmony and balance with all life. Libra asks:
Am I conscious of my interrelatedness to every aspect of creation?
Am I willing to grow my awareness around how I am relating to myself and the rest of life?

The Sun (22°Sagittarius 34′) trines retrograde Jupiter (22°Leo 34′) at 07:56 am. In the still point of the Jupiter station we have easier access to the real truth, the eternal truth that frees us from illusions of truth we may have created for ourselves.

It is NOT easy to face the truth of our actions and reactions. This is why we often convince ourselves that our version (perhaps fantasy) of any given situation is the truth.

Ultimately these adjusted truths are NOT sustainable. The underlying truth will emerge – perhaps through events that shatter what we have believed to be true. Willingness to look deeply into the truth of who we are, the divinity that is the essence of each us, and to note where we have responded out of fear and mistrust is not only healing but also freeing, something Sagittarius loves. (see December 1, 4, 5, 8, 12, 20)

This is the 6th Uranus (12°Aries 35′) Pluto (12°Capricorn 35′) Square exact at 09:14 pm. There have been five previous exact aspects prior to today with the 7th and final one happening next March 16.  If we think of each of these seven aspects as connecting to a chakra energy we have reached 6th chakra activating the possibility of seeing more clearly into ourselves and what is possible beyond our ordinary everyday experience.

Uranus is facilitating greater freedom of thinking, perceiving and being, while Pluto is working through transformation of the shadow, the fears that hold us back, the beliefs and ways of being that disempower who we are. And perhaps keep us from speaking and expressing the sweet truth of our soul.

Together Uranus and Pluto are creating an alchemy designed to free us from these fears, old pictures and old programs that have limited our perception and our ability to creatively express.

Trusting the Divine Timing, even when it doesn’t make sense, is often confusing and unexpected, is again a primary key to flowing more easily with the changes that are taking place with or without our consent. Divine Timing often unfolds in magical and miraculous ways, especially when we are not attached to a specific outcome or things looking a certain way.

December 15, Monday. Venus is Out of Bounds and at its greatest declination this year at -24.2° meaning that Venus is in a place of freedom outside the rules of ordinary reality and she is with Vesta both at 06°Capricorn 41′ exactly at 04:25 pm. This seems like a great time for Venus to be planning her unique ascension strategy as she prepares to return through the first gate in her journey to leave the underworld happening with the Moon Venus conjunction on December 22.

Pluto makes exact alignment with Nunki at 12 Capricorn 36 today. (see December 11 and the November 30, 2014 archives)

December 16, Tuesday. Happy Hanukkah through December 24. Mercury enters Capricorn at 07:53 pm and travels here until January 4, 2015.  Needing insight, messages, and/or guidance? Hanging out with the Mercury in Capricorn – attuning to the wisdom coming from the council of elders – this is the time to ask what actions steps aligned with your soul’s intent are yours to take that also respect, honor and help sustain the Earth?

December 17, Wednesday. In ancient Roman times either today or December 19 would have marked the beginning of Saturnalia, an annual 7 to 12 day festival that was celebrated by stopping business, executions and military operations and was a time when the masters served the slaves. Saturnalia was about overturning the rules in ways that allowed for a fresh perspective. Currently we are in what we could call planetary Saturnalia (due to the Turning of the Ages) when the old rules or structures are crumbling and new structures that support these rapidly changing times are seeking form.

The Moon passed 2.7° NNE of Spica late last night or early this morning before entering Scorpio at 6:52 am visible in the morning sky. Scorpio loves to dive deep into passionate intensity and aliveness. So this is a good time to ask yourself if you are feeling alive and energized? If not, then what can you do differently?

A simple change can make a BIG difference. For example, maybe it is finding an exercise program that really gets your energy excited and moving. Maybe it is is about taking better care of your health through what you eat, think, say and do that gives you an experience of greater aliveness. Or, maybe it is finding a new job or a new relationship or a new point of view?

If what you are doing is draining your energy it’s a strong clue that it is time to find something new that will enliven your experience.

December 18, Thursday. Mercury (2 Capricorn), Vesta (8 Capricorn), Venus (10 Capricorn) are all catching up to Pluto and Nunki this month. Venus is with Pluto on December 20, Mercury is catching up around December 24, and Vesta passes by here around December 27.  The light codes from Nunki are magnified by Pluto hanging out here for all of November and December into January of next year. Venus on her ascent from the Underworld has an opportunity to meet in council with Pluto and Nunki.

What fears, what demons, what shadow elements are lingering as the renewed and empowered feminine rises to take her rightful place in the heavens? Mercury activates the messages we can receive with our awareness or minds and Vesta activates the sacred ceremonial connection that is emphasized this time of year as these planetary alignments with Pluto and Nunki are so close to the Solstice.

Another question this brings up is: What is ready to be released into the Galactic Cauldron as the Earth completes another turn around the Sun and begins a new solar cycle in a few days? (See November 2014 Archives)

December 19, Friday. Mercury is at its most southern declination -25° 17’ and is Out of Bounds. (See Intro – Where the December Planets Are)

The Moon catches up to Saturn (29 Scorpio 33) at 1:11 pm and then enters Sagittarius at 01:55 pm. Saturn is entering Sagittarius on December 23.

Still in the window of the Uranus Pluto Square, this waning Moon with Saturn in the last degree of Scorpio activates a middle world alchemy that has the potential to change us at a cellular (DNA) level. In an article by Greg Braden some years ago he spoke to the changes happening in our DNA these transformative energies.

In an experiment sponsored by The Institute of Heart Math 28 trained researchers were each given a vial of DNA and asked to focus their feelings into the vial. When the researchers FELT gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA responded by RELAXING, unwinding and growing longer.

When the researchers FELT anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the DNA responded by TIGHTENING UP becoming shorter and appeared to SWITCH OFF many of the DNA codes! The DNA codes were switched back on when feelings of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation were again being expressed. In other experiments, with sick patients feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation created 300,000 TIMES the IMMUNE RESISTANCE they had without those feelings.

So with the recent ebola scare and any other global health issues – it is important to feel what you feel, release and dissipate the fear by being willing to fully feel it. Then, once the release of fear is complete whenever possible open to feelings of joy, love, gratitude and appreciation!

Science now knows we can change the shape of our DNA through our feelings.  Denying our hurt, anger and pain creates an undercurrent or vibration that can sabotage our health and wellbeing.  Here is a fabulous article with an easy and helpful exercise for embracing our darker feelings so they can be released. Just the title alone sums up this brilliant Scorpio strategy…AND… You will have to click on the link to find out what it is.

In The Isaiah Effect, Greg Braden reminds us time is not just linear (past, present and future), but it also has depth. The depth of time consists of all the possible prayers and timelines that could ever be prayed or exist. Essentially, all our prayers have already been answered. We just activate the one we’re living through our FEELINGS. Scorpio and Pluto also teach that THIS is how we create our reality – by choosing it with our feelings. If we are suppressing feelings then we wind up vibrating with that energy unconsciously and that is what is choosing our reality.

Our feelings are activating the timeline via the web of creation, which connects all of the energy and matter of the Universe.

December 20, Saturday. Venus (12°Capricorn 34′) squares retrograde Uranus (12°Aries34′) at 09:08 am and then conjuncts Pluto (12°Capricorn 47′) at 01:10 pm in the degrees of the GRAND CROSS and the Uranus Pluto Square. This is another activation point for the Uranus Pluto Square. (see December Intro) Plus, Mars (12°Aquarius 34′) sextiles retrograde Uranus (12°Aries 34′) at 08:47 pm accentuating the Plutonian/Uranian Energy already at work with Venus.

Then the Moon in Sagittarius catches up and passes 8.6° north of Antares as it moves to activate the Grand Fire Trine. (See December 1, 4, 5, 8, 12 and 14)

The Sun is within one degree of the Galactic Cross near Galactic Center (also known as Hunab Ku to the Mayans who thought of this as the birth place of our Galaxy and “the giver of all movement and measure”). This alignment will be exact tomorrow morning happening once each year at the Solstice (from 1962 to 2034 is the minimum window) and is the primary factor that let us know we are at The Turning of a Great Age!

“In 1932, Karl Jansky, a Bell Telephone Laboratories engineer, was searching for the source of static affecting overseas telephone lines. To find the source he built the first 95 foot movable radio- telescope to detect it. Part of the static turned out to be created by the center of our Galaxy at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. Astronomers paid little attention to the discovery, but to the astrology of consciousness, this discovery should rank right up there with the discovery of Pluto in 1930.” More Here

December 21, Sunday. Happy Winter Solstice. The exact solstice point occurs when the Sun enters Capricorn at 3:03 pm today. Witnessing a Solstice Sunrise is a great way to engage the powerful energies being beamed in from the Galactic Center via the Sun. (Sunrise is 7:25 am in Tucson, Arizona – the time of sunrise varies by a few minutes depending on where you are located or what your latitude and longitude is.)

A couple of hours later the Moon enters Capricorn at 05:25 pm getting to the exact Sun Moon conjunction in Capricorn (00°Capricorn 06′) at 5:36 pm celebrated as the New Moon. This coincides with the Solstice or renewal of the Solar Cycle at the same time we have a renewal of the Lunar Cycle. (see Solstice Article for more)

Uranus (12°Aries 34′) is stationing direct at 02:45 pm adding elements of unpredictability to this rare Solstice New Moon time. If ever there was a day to create or renew ceremonial intention – this is it.

One way to engage a living ceremony around these events is to simply witness them with intention. Said another way the visible and non-visible connection with these celestial alignments through our intention and heartfelt gratitude and appreciation is a ceremony in itself. When we have a sacred intent and then find ways to energize that intent in the world of form we are in the realm of Living Ceremony. Calling in sacred space, setting up an altar, drumming, chanting etcetera are also ways to engage this time. It isn’t necessary to do anything but sometimes doing these things can help us connect more deeply. Let your heart be your guide.


…the Gift of Ceremony
Not the sterile barrenness of repeated sameness…
As a stagnant ritual,
Rather the Living Ceremony…the Ceremony of Life…
the Ceremony of NOW….
~ Galactic Shamanism the Star-Stone Ones by Mary Saint-Marie/Sheoekah



December 22, Monday. The Moon catches up to Mercury (8 Capricorn 29) at 7:57 am and then Pluto (12 Capricorn 52) at 2:44 pm and finally Venus (14 Capricorn 49) at 7:17 pm. Venus is only about 14° from the Sun technically visible in the evening sky with a low horizon line, while Mercury is about 8 degrees (so not visible).

This is the first time Venus and the Moon have come together since she entered the evening sky earlier this month. This symbolizes the ascent of the Goddess (as in the story of Inanna) through the first gate (also known as The Gate of Manifestation connected to the Root Chakra) which was the last gate Venus passed through on her way into the underworld.

According to the story this is when Inanna retrieves her royal robe or Garment of Ladyship ideally reclaiming the healthy potency of her own life force expression. The Root Chakra (located at the base of the spine) represents basic survival and all that goes with it including physical needs, health, safety and overall wellbeing. This chakra according to yogic traditions is the source of kundalini or life force energy.

Plus Pluto is also here helping to strip away any lingering shadow issues with this chakra gate. AND the fixed star Nunki is nearby adding an element of releasing what no longer serves into the galactic cauldron. Find out more about this in the Venus Evening Star Tele-Class.

You are in a personal Venus Return if you are turning a multiple of 8 year (8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96, 104 etc. between Jan 17, 2014 and Aug 21, 2015) this Timing is especially significant as it marks the restoration of the first chakra, life force, in your personal Venus initiation. AND this Venus cycle is being supported by the Circle of Grandmothers and is the perfect time to come together in ceremony with a group.

The Venus Evening Star Tele-Class with Me and Tami Brunk is a great way to work with this cycle in a deeply profound and personal way – as well as connect with a really cool group that has come together to support one another through this Venus Journey – recreating a modern version of an ancient collective ceremony as the Sumerians re-enacted the Venus Cycle every 8 years. The first class was recorded on December 18, 2014.

December 23, Tuesday. Mercury and Vesta (10°Capricorn 59′) meet at 05:33 pm. This is all happening near the Venus Moon conjunction with Pluto and Nunki. A question we might ask now is if the belief or view of ‘survival of the fittest’ is still working for us? Has it ever really worked for us?

On one level we could say this belief has been the fuel for an extreme manifestation of feeling separate and alone. However, research suggests that there is a ‘Bond’  or connection as described in Lynne McTaggart’s book The Bond saying that our bond with the rest of life is “so integral and profound that there is no longer a clear demarcation between the end of one thing and the beginning of another.” She goes on to say that our world does not operate through individual things or even individual people but rather through the connection between everything and everyone – what she calls “the space between things.”

From this the conclusion is – the evolutionary drive is NOT for separateness or independence but rather for wholeness through connection with all life. This book provides a new way of looking at the world through the concept of “share, care and be fair.” In perfect Capricorn style the message is, “We need NEW rules to live by. We need another way to be.”  Now is the time to plant the seeds for what that might be?

The Moon enters Aquarius at 06:52 pm illuminating the mysteries of the freedom oriented revolutionary who dares to question the rules and constraints of the current paradigm. The innovative energy of Aquarius experiments with new cutting edge ideas that are often far ahead of there time in revolutionizing current thinking and experience. This energy operates from a cosmic perspective intending to shift the current assemblage point through radical and often disruptive changes designed to liberate our current experiences into ever expanding states of objective awareness and insight.
Saturn enters Sagittarius at 8:34 pm and is passing through the head of the constellation of the Scorpion passing by the fixed star Isidis (see Dec 2). Saturn in Sagittarius is a time to review and revise old forms that relate to the spiritual quest that is intended to expand self-understanding, knowledge, and the meaning of life.

Every 29.5 years Saturn can be in this area of the sky passing the star known as Dschubba or Isidis, located at about 1 degree Sagittarius. Saturn will be exactly conjunct Dschubba early next year.

This star has been referred to as the eye of the dragon, also associated with the Goddess Isis. In her book Starwalking, Page Bryant says Dschubba is helping to “propel us into the next millennium.” This activation is occurring close to the Sun but may be visible in the early morning sky.

December 24, Wednesday. Mercury (12°Capricorn 34′) squares Uranus (12°Aries 34′) at 05:31 pm and then conjuncts Pluto (12°Capricorn 56′) at 10:53 pm. This is another trigger point for the Uranus Pluto square with messenger Mercury helping to translate the intention of this revolutionary time into practical expression. The challenge now is to move beyond the survival of the old system, including the political, economic, social, and religious systems that they tend to sacrifice anyone not aligned with the hierarchy that truly only supports a mere 1%. The value anyone person has, in the current system is weighted against the survival of the status quo that has governed our reality. That means most of us are not truly valued for who we are but what we can do to sustain these old systems.

As we approach the end of this year it is a time to listen for the internal messages that are prompting us to find a NEW way to live in harmony with each other and the Earth, valuing ALL life and EVERY individual as a unique and precious expression of the divine. Ultimately, if we are not valuing all life, we are not valuing ourselves either. So what would it take to shift our perspective to a more sustainable, healthy way of being that includes valuing who we are and everyone else, even if their point of view is different than ours? As individuals we make up the collective so what we think, say, and do matters. For the outer world to change we all must change our inner reality.

December 25, Thursday. Merry Christmas. The Moon enters Pisces 08:07 pm. Mercury (13°Capricorn 34′) is sextile Chiron (13°Pisces 34′) at 08:30 am and Mercury is exactly conjunct Pluto (13 Capricorn). The Moon is transmitting the mysteries of compassion for self and others as one of the most powerful healing tools we can encounter. Mercury sextile Chiron and conjunct Pluto means there are messages available to us from the Shamanic Healer (Chiron) and the Shamanic Initiator (Pluto) that have the power to transform our wounds, fears, and uncertainty into powerful medicine. All we need to do is be open and willing to embrace the changes already in motion.


December 26, Friday. Happy Kwanza. Uranus (12°Aries 35′) is square Venus (12°Capricorn 35′) at 05:34 pm stimulating unexpected, unplanned for, unusual events intended to expand our point of view or perspective when we are going with the flow, and letting go of what we think we want the results to be. This is a reminder that disruption is all about growth and evolution even if it doesn’t seem that way initially.

The Sun (05°Capricorn 16′) is sextile Neptune (05°Pisces 16′) at 07:10 pm. Whenever an outer planet is sextile the Sun it has either just stationed direct or is about to station retrograde. In this case Neptune stationed direct on November 15 so this aspect is signaling the forward movement of Neptune and of the dreamy mystical ideas floating in the vast Neptunian expanse now have access to the grounded Capricorn Fuel that can help bring these ideas into practical form that will get results.

December 27, Saturday. Pluto and Vesta (13°Capricorn 01′) meet at 01:22 pm adding the intensity of Pluto’s focus on dismantling the old forms so new more sustainable and supportive forms can emerge. This quote from Morgan Llwelyn in her book Druids sums up the intent of Vesta and Pluto! (Also See December 23)

From the Order of the Wise
In the dead of winter the work of the druids continues. While our people shelter in warm lodges, we whisper to the seedlings in the frozen earth. We light the fires that will guide the reluctant Sun back from the realms of frost. We supervise birth and burial, keeping the living and the dead in harmony with the Earth and the Otherworld. Druids, Morgan Llwelyn

The Moon enters Aries at 10:35 pm illuminating the mysteries of the warrior protector who is 100% committed to protecting the Cosmic Order of Life and furthering the wellbeing of those they care about. Ideally, at this point in our evolution this includes the Planet Earth and her wellbeing as well.

December 28, Sunday. The Aries First Quarter Moon (06°Aries 56′) is exact at 10:31 am just hours before the next Moon occultation over Uranus (12 Aries 35) at 8:19 pm. Aries seeks a worthy cause or mission that is about courageously protecting the Cosmic Order and is committed to doing what is Right and Good. Recently I saw a Facebook post from Kathleen McGowan author of a series of books on Mary Magdalene. The first book (I loved it) was The Expected One. When I read this Facebook post I recognized a beautiful description of the Aries archetype in Kathleen’s assessment of the story of David and Goliath.

In the Old Testament, 1 Samuel 17, David says: “I have struck down both lions and bears, and Goliath shall be like one of them, for he has defied the armies of the living God.” AND “The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this giant.”

Kathleen went on to speculate that this passage contain the two primary secrets of this story brilliantly describing the essence of the Aries point of view.

“When we are bold in the protection of what is beautiful and innocent, we gain courage by doing what is right. David had no battle experience but he knew how to protect his flock from threat of bears and lions. And in doing so, he also protected his family and his community. We know that God is on his side, because he has shown his bravery in doing what is right. We also learn in the story that David has rescued a lamb from the mouth of a lion and that his survival was at the intervention of God.”

The second secret is also a very Aries Point of View. Kathleen went on to say:

Now before we get all hung up on semantics and the Old Testament patriarchal God, I want to invite you all to interpret God here in any way that works for you – God/Goddess/Spirit/Divine mind/The Light/All That is Good.

David is fighting the giant because Goliath represents opposition to the light. Goliath wants to enslave David’s people. He is the embodiment of the darkness. He has defied the armies of God. The people of the Light. The Light workers.

David’s victory is the perfect metaphor for our times. We have to be brave, we have to continue to do what is right and be of service to our communities and to protect all that is good. And each other. Most of all, we must not be afraid when we are faced with events that are big and scary and feel like they will defeat us.

There is an old Irish expression, “Sure if God is with you, who can win against you?”

Who indeed.

December 29, Monday. We end this month with 4 planets and an asteroid (Vesta) in Capricorn. Today Sun is 8 Capricorn, Pluto is 13 Capricorn, Vesta is 14 Capricorn, Mercury is 20 Capricorn, and Venus is 24 Capricorn. Considering the emergence of the Circle of Grandmothers as the leading edge of Capricorn we can also imagine this is a Celestial Council of Grandmothers coming together to help guide us into the New Year if we are open to their counsel.

December 30, Tuesday. The Moon enters Taurus at 2:56 am for the second time this month. This is a great time to practice being in the moment, savoring and enjoying fully the transition from one calendar year to the next. It might even be a great time to journal about the significant events of this last year. Savoring the best moments and processing the more challenging ones as a way to gain the gifts this year has brought to you.

December 31, Wednesday. Happy New Year’s Eve! Every year around mid-night local time New Year’s eve the triple star Sirius can be found directly overhead beaming the light codes of the brightest fixed star in our sky directly to Earth. When Sirius reaches the zenith at mid-night it is sending Earth a magnificent download of Sirian light energy just as humanity is entering another Gregorian Calendar year.

Being aware of the light code transmission from Sirius as it infuses the Earth’s magnetic grid with actively radiant divine energy helps to further inspire and awaken humanity to greater love and understanding when we are open to receiving this infusion.

Sirius is also linked with the archetypal mysteries of Freedom that are interwoven into human consciousness. Many countries celebrate their Solar Return Birthday around the Time Sirius is conjunct the Sun. This happens about six months from the Gregorian New Year in the early days of July in the opposite season from now.

Interestingly, Canada celebrates their independence on July 1, the USA Independence day is July 4, Venezuela celebrates their independence on July 5, Argentina on July 9 and the French celebrate their independence day on July 14. Independence, freedom, and the awareness to consciously direct our own lives free of limiting beliefs that hold us back are some of the teachings available to us from Sirius.

Late December and early January is the time of year when the Sun is opposite Sirius illuminating these mysteries much like a Full Moon effect. Celebrating the light energy coming in from this Star on New Year’s is a great way to begin the Gregorian Calendar New Year since January 1 is not connected to a seasonal gateway or the Lunar Cycle.

Recent findings reveal we are “downstream” from Sirius in the part of the galactic arm our solar system resides in. If God is the bringer of life (energy) and light, Sirius fits the description — it transmits its energy (highly charged particles) to our entire system via the magnetic field lines. We literally receive energy from Sirius!

The December 2014 Daily Celestial Timings

December 1, Monday. Mars is sextile Saturn at 11:00 am. The Moon occults Uranus at 03:12 pm.
December 2, Tuesday. The Sun is conjunct Antares. The Moon enters Taurus at 09:15 pm.
December 3, Wednesday. Vesta enters Capricorn 03:46 am. Mercury is passing Antares.
December 4, Thursday. Venus (22°Sag 36′) trine Jupiter (22°Leo 36′) at 11:11 am. Sun (12° Sag 42′) trine Uranus (12° Aries 42′) at 02:30 pm. Mars enters Aquarius at 03:57 pm
December 5, Friday. The Sun (13° Sagittarius 10′) is square Chiron (13°Pisces10′) at 01:31 am. The Moon passes 7.5° south of the Pleiades as it enters Gemini at 02:28 am. Mercury (12°Sag 41′) trines Uranus (12°Aries 41′) at 07:44 pm.
December 6, Saturday. Mercury (13°Sag 10′) square Chiron (13°Pisces 10′). Gemini Full Moon (14 Gemini 18) at 4:27 am.
December 7, Sunday. Today features the earliest sunset of this year. The Moon enters Cancer at 09:34 am.
December 8, Monday. Mercury meets with the Sun (16°Sagittarius 13′) at 01:51 am. Jupiter (22°Leo 38′) stations retrograde at 12:41 pm within about 7° of Regulus.
December 9, Tuesday. The Moon enters Leo at 07:14 pm
December 10, Wednesday. Venus enters Capricorn at 08:42 am
December 11, Thursday. The Moon passes about 5° SSW of Jupiter (22°Leo 37′) at 04:21 pm.
December 12, Friday. Mercury (22°Sag 36′) trine Jupiter (22°Leo 36′) at 05:24 am. The Moon enters Virgo at 07:19 am
December 13, Saturday. The Gemini meteors peak. Virgo Last Quarter Moon (22Virgo 26) at 4:51 am tomorrow morning.
December 14, Sunday. The Moon enters Libra at 08:05 pm. The Sun (22°Sagittarius 34′) trines retrograde Jupiter (22°Leo 34′) at 07:56 am. 5th Uranus (12°Aries 35′) Pluto (12°Capricorn 35′) Square at 09:14 pm
December 15, Monday. Venus and Vesta (06°Capricorn 41′) meet at 04:25 pm. Pluto with Nunki at 12 Capricorn 36
December 16, Tuesday. Mercury enters Capricorn at 07:53 pm
December 17, Wednesday. The Moon passes about 2.7° NNE of Spica before entering Scorpio at 06:52 am.
December 18, Thursday. Mercury (2 Capricorn, Vesta (8 Capricorn), Venus (10 Capricorn) with Pluto and Nunki
December 19, Friday. The Moon catches up to Saturn (29 Scorpio 33) at 1:11 pm and enters Sagittarius at 01:55 pm.
December 20, Saturday. Venus (12°Capricorn 34′) squares retrograde Uranus (12°Aries34′) at 09:08 am, conjuncts Pluto (12°Capricorn 47′) at 01:10 pm. And Mars (12°Aquarius 34′) sextiles Uranus (12°Aries 34′) at 08:47 pm.
December 21, Sunday. Happy Winter Solstice. The Sun enters Capricorn at 03:03 pm followed by the Moon at 05:25 pm. Uranus (12°Aries 34′) station direct at 02:45 pm. Capricorn New Moon (00°Capricorn 06′) at 5:36 pm.
December 22, Monday. The Moon catches up to Mercury at 7:57 am and then Pluto at 2:44 pm and finally Venus at 7:17 pm asking about 6° more of only about 14° from the Sun.
December 23, Tuesday. Mercury and Vesta (10°Capricorn 59′) meet at 05:33 pm. The Moon enters Aquarius at 06:52 pm. Saturn enters Sagittarius at 8:34 pm.
December 24, Wednesday. Mercury (12°Capricorn 34′) squares Uranus (12°Aries 34′) at 05:31 pm and then conjuncts Pluto (12°Capricorn 56′) at 10:53 pm
December 25, Thursday. The Moon enters Pisces 08:07 pm. Mercury (13°Capricorn 34′) is sextile Chiron (13°Pisces 34′) at 08:30 am and is conjunct Pluto (13 Capricorn)
December 26, Friday. Uranus (12°Aries 35′) is square Venus (12°Capricorn 35′) at 05:34 pm. The Sun (05°Capricorn 16′) is sextile Neptune (05°Pisces 16′) at 07:10 pm
December 27, Saturday. Pluto and Vesta (13°Capricorn 01′) meet at 01:22 pm. The Moon enters Aries at 10:35 pm.
December 28, Sunday. Aries First Quarter Moon (06°Aries 56′) at 10:31 am. Moon occults Uranus at 8:19 pm.
December 29, Monday. We end this month with 4 planets and an asteroid (Vesta) in Capricorn.
December 30, Tuesday. The Moon enters Taurus at 2:56 am.
December 31, Wednesday. Happy New Year’s Eve! AND Sirius Download.