Here is the PDF Version of the 2014 July Celestial Timings PDF with Star Maps and Images. Scroll down for the Plain Text version

Below is the plain text version of the July Timings.

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Introduction to July 2014

In the Month of July the constellation of the Bull (a.k.a Taurus – the constellation NOT the seasonal sign) rises before the Sun. Featured in this constellation are the Pleiades (marking the shoulder of the Bull) and Aldebaran, one of the four royal stars of ancient times.

This is also a Behenian Star marking the eye of the Bull, representing the enlightened mind. Star lore varies from culture to culture but often carries similar themes. For example, the Pleiades as the seven sisters shows up in both Native American star lore as well as Greek and Roman.

Other stories refer to the Pleiades as a Stargate  – transmitting the divine light of creation in ways that are intended to help enlighten our minds, increase our knowing, and inspire the wisdom that is always available to us when we are tuned in to it.

As July begins Venus (8 Gemini) sits between the Pleiades and Aldebaran activating both of these Behenian Stars and increasing our capacity for Love and Wisdom when we are following our heart-knowing. Venus passes about 4 degrees North of Aldebaran on July 2 staying within 10 degrees of this royal star until July 11.

As July begins, Venus has just descended through the 5th Gate/3rd Chakra on her journey to the underworld. This Gate symbolizes the Solar Plexus Chakra and the intended release of all the ways the divine feminine has either given up her personal power or has tried to control and manipulate others or have power over others.

Venus passing Aldebaran during this part of her journey provides an additional download of light codes coming from this magical star – illuminating the true inner knowing that enhances understanding and wisdom and thus enhances healthy expressions of personal power.

The current Venus Journey that began in January is featuring the Capricorn Goddess as she descends into the underworld realm. This understanding comes from the mythic telling of Inanna/Ishtar a tale that describes the cosmological cycle of Venus. At each Gate in her descent into the underworld, the Goddess (Venus) is releasing what no longer serves in relationship to that chakra energy.

The Capricorn journey is also featuring the divine feminine wisdom as embodied by the Circle of Grandmothers. This includes honoring the right all humans have to not only survive but to thrive, while also practicing healthy stewardship of the Earth. (You can join our Venus Tele-class series HERE and join with the powerful ceremonial intent we are co-creating)

July 14, Venus passes between the Horns of the Bull, and is located between the stars Alhecka and Elnath where Mercury is stationing direct on July 1 as seen in the first Star Map, though Mercury is passing below Alhecka and Venus is passing above it.

Venus, and Mercury, with Alhecka (25 Gemini) and Elnath (23 Gemini) are just above the eastern horizon before sunrise. Elnath lies just north of the ecliptic (the green line), is the second-brightest star in the Bull and is the closest bright star to the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge (only 3 degrees away).

Meanwhile, Venus and Mercury are invoking the imagery of “taking the bull by its horns” or being challenge by the “horns of a dilemma” that often does NOT have a clear and easy answer.

The question is: what is the dilemma or challenge we are being asked to reconcile? In the world of duality one answer might be found in the reconciliation of the paradox we experience around the seeming conflict between our ego and divine nature.

You might recall, from the May 2012 Celestial timings that Venus stationed retrograde between these two stars just prior to her rare transit over the Sun that happened on June 5 of that year. This year Mercury is stationing direct in this area of the sky on July 1 meaning that Mercury is in close alignment for at least a week before and a week after its station direct with these stars.

Taking a closer look at the stars Alhecka and Elnath gives us further clues into what this might mean for us.

Alhecka has been referred to as ”the Heavenly Gate” and was considered to have a mischievous influence – much like the trickster Mercury. [Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889]. This suggests that the trickster aspect of Mercury who is also a messenger – loving to explore beyond the confines of duality – is being amplified by the light codes coming from Alhecka.

Elnath is also a part of this Timing as it marks the other Horn of the Bull. It is interesting to note that Elnath is a blue-white star about 700 times the fire power of our Sun. Considering the surface temperature of the Sun is at about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit and Elnath is at around 24,000 degrees Fahrenheit (more than double), it is easy to see that Elnath has a huge energetic delivery – more than twice what our Sun has though of course is so much further away from the Earth. Still when planets are in this area of the sky they are receiving the energy Elnath is generating.

The Horns of the Bull are a symbol for the challenge we experience in this realm of duality. The star Elnath represents perseverance and breakthroughs, and Al Hecka is the opposite representing stalemates, standoffs and blind habitual fighting. This creates the “horns of dilemnna” that we often find ourselves experiencing.

Since Elnath is nearly directly opposite the center of our galaxy (a.k.a Galactic Center) it has the ability to expand your horizons, free you from limiting influences and align you with the heart of our galaxy and its blessings.

So again with Mercury and Venus aligned here we can imagine this is opening additional light portals, beaming them directly to Earth and further activating our DNA. We know this because Science is finding our DNA responds to light – including starlight. In fact we are made of the same stuff as the stars.

One way to tune into this Timing for the first part of July is to consider the following question;

What messages, insights, and aha’s, that include remembering NOT to take ourselves too seriously and NOT to necessarily believe everything we think, are being activated by both Mercury and Venus this month?

In the month of July the Sun is passing through the constellation of the Twins and the Sacred Hoop until about July 20. The Sun is the source of light and life for planet Earth, the strongest physical symbol we have for a direct experience of pure source energy. It also represents our physical consciousness, helping to harmonize Will and Spirit or the physical with the spiritual.

This constellation of the Twins is a powerful symbol of duality including the dual nature of form and spirit. These seeming opposites are intended to work together – manifesting wholeness. The interplay between any duality, including light and dark, form and spirit, wholeness and separation, giving and receiving helps us to synthesize and reconcile the paradox that allows us to again experience Unity with all the opposites and all life.

As planets pass through the Twins it creates an opportunity to gain deeper wisdom that transcends the seeming opposites – helping to manifest the realization of the Divine Plan in our reality.

“The shaman no longer looks for meaning in life, but brings meaning to every situation. The shaman stops looking for truth and instead brings truth to every encounter. You don t look for the right partner, you become the right partner. And then the right partner finds you. Its a very active practice focused on healing.” ~ Alberto Villoldo

July 2014 DAILY Celestial Timings
all times are PDT unless otherwise noted)

 July 01, Tuesday. Mercury (24°Ge23′) stations direct today at 05:50 am. When Mercury stations either direct or retrograde it is a time when unexpected magic can occur as the transformational messenger bridges this world with the “other” worlds via a Still Point or Infinity Point. This means the Mercury station is a time for accessing unrealized potential and/or a time for receiving sacred knowledge through new messages, new information, new possibilities, and new creative explorations.


Mercury’s station is taking place in zodiacal alignment with Elnath and Alhecka as described in the introduction to the July Timings. AND it is also aligned with the belt stars of Orion, the hunter or the “High Man”.


The three stars of Orion’s belt are Mintaka, Al Nilam and Alnitak. Mintaka (24 Gemini), the westernmost star, is an Arabic word that means “belt”. Al Nilam(24 Gemini), in Arabic means “String of Pearls” as described in the book The Living Stars by Dr. Eric Morse. Alnitak (22 Gemini), translates as the girdle, and is the eastern-most star in Orion’s belt.


Orion is also known as the “High Man” in Ireland. This is significant because Mercury has been on the Hand of the High Man (zero Cancer) two times – before and during the retrograde – and will make a third pass again on July 12.

However, as we contemplate the Mercury station direct in alignment with the belt stars or Orion and the String of Pearls that these stars represent – the message from Mercury at its station point includes the “Pearls of Wisdom” that are now available to us.

Pearls are associated with feminine wisdom, the Moon, the third eye of Buddha, and pure intentions. Pearls represent the crystallization of light, enlightenment, and the generative power of water manifest in the form of the Pearl.

The Taoist speak of the “pearl of potentiality”, the “night shining pearl”, and the “flaming pearl” symbolizing spiritual unfolding. The transformational messenger in the portal of a direct station has access to the pure potential and possibility found in the wisdom and mysteries of these three stars.

These pearls of wisdom are beckoning us to move past the limiting edges of our OLD collective awareness, to discover the genuine wisdom and pure knowing we all have within us. (An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols by J.C. Cooper)

The Moon enters Virgo at 02:24 pm transmitting the mysteries of how life expresses through specific patterns. This is a time for healing any patterns that no longer serve, as well as raising and balancing our vibrational energy so we align with the new vibrational patterns flooding onto the planet at this time.

July 02, Wednesday. The brightest star in our night sky is Sirius currently located around 14 Cancer. This star has been significant to almost every ancient culture we know about. There is a great deal of star lore connected to Sirius including stories about the Sirian High Council that is helping to support Earth in her ascension at this time.

It is also interesting to note that the Sun and Sirius were conjunct when the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence took place back in 1776. Many believe that this cosmic event was purposely planned by our founding Fathers to coincide with the time when the Sun was conjunct Sirius. It is interesting to note that many of the founding fathers were Free Masons suggesting they knew about the importance and power of Sirius. Sirius is one of the primary symbols of Freemasonary described as the “Blazing Star” of omnipresence and omniscience or all seeing and all knowing.

Sirius is therefore the “sacred place” all Masons must ascend to: It is the source of divine power and the destination of divine individuals. More HERE

Not only was Sirius conjunct the Sun at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence it later became prominently placed on the back of the dollar bill. This suggests the influence of the Free Masons and the Rosicrucians as both of these mystery schools are based in Egyptian Star Lore and Mythology with Sirius being central to both.

The light behind the All-Seeing Eye on the American dollar bill is not from the Sun, but from Sirius. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built in alignment with Sirius and is therefore shown shining right above the Pyramid. A radiant tribute to Sirius is therefore in the pockets of millions of citizens. More HERE

Whenever planets are with Sirius, one of Behenian Stars – the ancient alchemist believed this was the best time to make amulets and potions or to activate ceremonial intentions. The Sun is within 6 degrees of Sirius from June 30 to July 15.

Generally a star is not visible when within 10 degrees of the Sun. For Sirius this currently happens from June 25 to July 17. However it is worthwhile to note, Sirius often does not emerge from the Sun’s glow until early August depending on your horizon line.

Jupiter has just left the 10 degree orb of Sirius having been in alignment with this star for the first part of this year and will not return to this part of the sky for nearly 12 years. The Sun has now taken Jupiter’s place and this year Mercury will be with Sirius from July 17 to 20. Venus is with Sirius from July 22 to August 8. And of course the Moon passes by Sirius once each month when it is in the mid-degrees of Cancer.

July 03, Thursday. The Sun (11 Cancer) is moving into the 13 Degree mark of the Grand Cross over the next few days reaching 13 Cancer on July 5. Jupiter now at 27 Cancer has moved out of the degrees of the Grand Cross and is about to move into Leo on July 16.

The Sun catching up to the Grand Cross degrees will create another illuminated seed point to inspire further co-creation of the New Earth. This YouTube link is a refresher on the Grand Cross/GrandShift.  Here is a trailer to inspire our sense of what is already Shifting via a 6 minute pre-view for a movie called THE SHIFT Movie – A Movie Made by a Movement. Truly worth taking the time to see and even support if you feel called to do so.
The “the dog days of summer” are currently believed to begin today and last until August 11 when the Sun is with Sirius. However, we could adjust that time to begin June 25 to the time when Sirius rises before the Sun around August 7 due to precession that shifts the seasonal dates through the constellations moving one degree every 72 years. The term “the dog days of summer” comes to us from several different cultures that recognized the time of year when the Sun was with Sirius the “Dog Star”.

Many ancient cultures describe Sirius as a dog or wolf. The ancient Chinese saw this star as a heavenly wolf. In Sumeria, Babylonia and Chaldea (present day Iraq) Sirius was known as the “Dog Star that Leads,” or it was called the “Star of the Dog.” In Assyria, this star was called the “Dog of the Sun.” In ancient Akkadia, it was the “Dog Star of the Sun.” Clearly Sirius has been viewed by many cultures as a Dog Star. As the Sun, Mercury and Venus pass by here over the next few weeks it may be worth tuning into Dog and Wolf medicine for guidance and support as we journey through these Summer “Dog Days”…

“Dog days” is the name for the sultriest period of summer, from about July 3 to August 11. Named in early times by observers in countries bordering the Mediterranean, the period was reckoned as extending from 20 days before to 20 days after the conjunction of Sirius (a.k.a the dog star) and the Sun….The time of conjunction varies with difference in latitude, and because of the precession of the equinoxes it changes gradually over long periods in all latitudes. — (See July 4)

July 04, Friday. Happy Birthday to my oldest son Ryan and Happy Independence Day for the USA. Also today the Earth reaches Aphelion or is now as far away from the Sun as it will get this year. Interestingly, according to a SpaceWeather article; Roger Spence of NASA’s Global Hydrology and Climate Center (GHCC) says;“Averaged over the globe, sunlight falling on Earth at aphelion is about 7% less intense than it is at perihelion.”

Although our physical Sun is as far from Earth as it can get it is closely aligned with the star Sirius illuminating the mysteries of this star and opening a portal for the light codes from Sirius to shine directly to Earth through our Sun. When the Sun and Sirius are together it is like a New Moon effect. See July 2 and 3.

It is also interesting to note that on January 4th the Earth was at Perihelion meaning it was as close to the Sun it gets in its yearly cycle and that is also the time of year when the Sun is opposite the Star Sirius – much like a Full Moon effect.

Also today the Sun (12°Cn17′ ) is opposite retrograde Pluto (12°Cp17′ ) exact at 01:03 am. This happens once each year and is also similar to a Full Moon effect. When the Sun is opposite retrograde Pluto it marks the center point of the Pluto retrograde and further illuminates the shadow that is ready to be transformed. This can be an intense initiatory time, illuminating our weaknesses, or more accurately, the places we secretly or unconsciously believe ourselves to be weak, afraid, uncertain etc – shining the light of awareness on these areas so they can be transformed.

This effect is collective but is especially potent for those who have planets, angles or nodes in Householder Signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries) between 11 to 14 degrees as you are in a personal Pluto cycle. The strategy of Pluto is to create empowerment through SURRENDER! When we let go and trust – we are no longer resisting what is ready to change or die and be reborn.

The following poem was written by my oldest son, Ryan, whose birthday is today. He wrote this 14 years ago when he was 18 years old. I have shared this in previous Timings as it such a brilliant description of one of the ways we might describe the experience of a Sun Pluto initiation and may have been pre-sentient on his part as he is currently going through Pluto opposite his natal Sun. This is describing the relentless demand of this combination to go deep into how we judge ourselves over perceived weakness, as well as the need, and the hesitation around surrendering to the process.

Where The Wicked Go To Pray
by Ryan Van Cleve

Sitting in the desert where the wicked go to pray
My body dry and burning in the blazing of the day
Surrounded by the searing of the Sun’s relentless light
Knowing that beneath my skin resides eternal night
Receiving no reprieve from the wide and cloudless sky
Only a mocking gaze from its hot, unblinking eye
If my heart would slow it’s beating, I may hold out ‘till the night
Where my soul can be embraced by the absence of the light
If my mind would cease its chatter I might sink beneath the sand
Hidden from the vengeance of the harsh, unfeeling hand
But, alas, I fear that I will not pass this test
For my body’s nearly broken and my spirit’s weak at best

The Moon enters Libra at 02:43 am and will be at the exact First Quarter phase early tomorrow morning.
July 05, Saturday. In this time of the Libra First Quarter Moon (13 Libra) activating the Grand Cross degrees of April, the Moon is also occulting Mars (20°Li27′ D) at 06:31 pm and passes by the North Node (24 Libra) and Vesta (22°Li05′ D) at 09:38 pm – all happening very close to the Star Spica (24 Libra).

Any First Quarter Moon is the time of balance between light and dark, and is the most visible rapidly growing phase of the Moon, accelerating whatever process is already in motion. The Moon continues to increase in light until the Capricorn Full Moon on July 12.

In the Libra domain the Moon is illuminating the mysteries of relationship from the perspective that relationships are truly intended to be a holy encounter with the divine presence of all involved. Libra learns more about who they are through their interactions with others.

Mars represents the sacred masculine, the North Node represents the directional arrow of our intended destiny and Vesta and Spica represent the sacred feminine. The Moon occulting Mars suggests a release of all the ways the masculine principle has dominated and controlled the feminine principle and thus fell out of phase with the intent of these mysteries to be in Conscious Equal Partnership. The old ways of patriarchal relating can no longer be sustained as this imbalance will continue to manifest in destructive ways. No one part of the creation is any more or any less important than any other part. At its core essence Libra understands this more than any other archetype.

The Moon is initiating Mars into the forgotten mysteries of the Sacred Marriage with the support of Vesta, the North Node and Spica. This means that the masculine principle is remembering the importance of respectfully engaging the feminine essence within all men, just as the masculine essence is within all women. When either of these aspects are repressed then neither the masculine or feminine can experience wholeness.

In the book Galactic Shamanisn there is a powerful invocation to the intent of this Great Above Alignment describing the possibility of what happens when we reach a place of balance and wholeness between the masculine and feminine within each of us…

Then…it is…that the new cosmology will begin
the birthing of a New Day…

Then…it is…that the princes and princesses of all the fairy tales…
can meet…Then it is…that we shall hear the fairy tales…
then… it is…that we shall hear the stories of “and they lived happily ever after…
And the story begins”…
The stories never told… for they were rarely lived…
Then …it is…that the stories will be told…
For archetypal woman… is true, original woman…
and she will draw nigh unto her… archetypal man…
and together they will dance a new dance
unto Creation’s Story…
Her-Story will finally
be added to His-Story to make the True Story…
the TruStory… and the new world will begin…
~ Galactic Shamanism the Star-Stone Ones by Mary Saint-Marie/Sheoekah

July 06, Sunday. Today the Sun makes its exact zodiacal conjunction with the brightest and most magical Behenian Star known as Sirius. Again, Sirius was the most important star in Egyptian cosmology because when it rose in the morning sky before the Sun it signaled the annual rise of the Nile river – a life giving event for the Egyptians.

“Contrary to other rivers, [the Nile] begins its annual swelling in the hottest time of the year, at the beginning of the Dog Days, that is, at the moment when Sirius rises at the same time as the Sun, a date which during the third millennium BC coincided with the summer solstice.” – Lucy Lamie, Egyptian Mysteries

The Sun with Sirius is activating this star gate – opening the doorway to the wisdom found in many multi-dimensional realms. This includes the knowledge and remembrance of our starry origins. (see July 17)

…Entrusted with the wisdom and knowledge of an earlier and now forgotten civilization, the Ancient Egyptians believed that Sirius held the key to the destiny of their world, and to their own personal immortality. Their beliefs were based on a series of texts, already ancient in their time, which described special “Star Medicines” that resonated with the energy of Sirius and were capable of transforming their bodies into a higher immortal form. In the “Maxims of Ptahotep”, we are all urged, “Follow the Heart for as long as you live”, for it is this organ that retains the greatest sensitivity to the harmonizing, archetypal forces of Sirius, it becomes our “listening place”, for the Sirian/Isian message of Eternal Love, Knowledge, and Understanding. (the link for this quote no longer works)

From now until the September Equinox the light codes from Sirius are amping up and are worth tuning into even though Sirius will not be visible in the morning sky until around early August.

The Moon is conjunct the North Node (24°Li50′ D) at 02:52 am and the Moon enters Scorpio at 12:33 pm energizing the mysteries of magic and manifestation, death and rebirth and feeling the feelings for the purpose of regenerating ecstatic life force energy. It helps to remember that Scorpio connects to what feels most passionate and alive, being willing to die tp the beliefs, ideas, concepts, habits, and attitudes that prevent a full on expression of this potent orgasmicenergy.

Venus (16°Ge25′) is sextile Uranus (16°Ar25′) at 11:49 pm suggesting there may be unusual events that help to expand our point of view so that we can experience greater freedom and liberation from limiting thoughts, emotions and habits.
July 07, Monday. 7.7.7 Triple 7 Jackpot Day in a Triple 7 Jackpot Year. See Triple Jackpot Audio

So just a reminder about the magic of the number seven including: seven visible planets, seven chakras, seven days in a week, seven notes on a musical scale, seven visible colors in the rainbow, seven wonders of the world and the NEW seven wonders of the world etc.


Now it is important to remember that our current calendar has been constructed as a way to track the Solar cycle arbitrarily begins on a day called January 1. So these calendar dates have meaning because we have given them meaning.

The Moon occults Saturn (18 Scorpio) at 7:12 pm meaning the Moon will be visible in French Polynesia, Southern part of South America, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.  This is the seventh time (on this triple 7 day) the Moon has occulted Saturn this year.

The Moon occultations over Saturn in Scorpio are accelerating Saturn’s intent to find new forms of orgasmic bliss in all that we do. This means it is helpful to choose activities that are the greatest turn on and to avoid activities that feel like a drag on your energy.
Venus (17°Ge37′) is square retrograde Chiron (17°Pisces 37′) at 11:47 pm activating the possibility for deep inner heart healing of the divine feminine via the medicine of creative play, fun, social connection, kindness, compassion and magic.


July 08, Tuesday. Sun (16°Cancer 26′) is square Uranus (16°Aries 26′) at 09:23:04 am signaling the impending station retrograde of Uranus on July 21. Uranus is an extreme initiator of change asking us to have courage and trust in the process when we are taking a leap of faith into the wild unknown where we lose the predictability of our lives.


Uranus often does not leave us with a choice to stay in the same old form but rather presents us with events that force change. Some would say…it is far better to choose to create the life you secretly desire in your heart of hearts than to be forced into a new life that may or may not be what you are imaging.

That said today the Sun (16°Cancer45′) is also trine Saturn (16°Scorpio45′ R ) at 05:28:21 pm furtheramplifying the energy that is intended to support a more ecstatic and orgasmic life. Saturn is within the Still Point portal of its station direct exact on July 20. The Still Point is a place where anything and everything is possible. So although Saturn is about Structure and Form – when it is in Scorpio – it is also about shedding and releasing and dying to all the forms that keep us small and unfulfilled.


The Moon moves into Sagittarius exact at 06:24:29 pm illuminating the quest for truth, the journey to enlightenment, or expanded states of consciousness.

Grand Water Trine in July
Central Point is July 9

July 09, Wednesday. The Sun (17°Cn35′) is trine retrograde Chiron (17°Pi35) at 02:26 pm. Chiron stationed retrograde on June 20 and is now reaching a trine to the Sun further illuminating the Grand Water Trine very closely aligned today and for most of this month with today being the center point.


Remember Grand Trines are the most basic sacred geometry expressed by the planets forming a pyramid or tetrahedron and take place in one of the four elements. This Grand Trine is in the Water Element – the realm of feelings.


Feelings are not good or bad – though we have been taught in our culture to ignore, dismiss, or get away from any feelings we perceive are NOT happy or ‘good’. The message is…if depressed take a pill (drugs) or find some other way to avoid these feelings. However, whatever you are feeling is part of the life force energy and if you repressing feelings you are repressing life force.


So it is way better to embrace the feelings. Find healthy ways to feel what you feel, because if you do, those feelings have insights and messages for you and once the message has been received the feelings often shift easily on their own. (see audios on Saturn in Scorpio and the Grand Water Trine)


July 10, Thursday. The Moon moves into Capricorn exact at 08:24 pm visible where the December Solstice Sun rises on the Galactic Cross once againilluminating any remaining fears about being good enough, responsible enough, smart enough, strong enough, accomplished and productive enough. Abraham helps to reset the perspective on this and fits with one of the Capricorn mantras that says; DONE is better than perfect – because if we wait for perfection it may never get done.


Abraham tells us that most people have a hard time delegating, or even wanting to delegate, because they have been justifying their existence through their hard work, and equating success with struggle; or worthwhile results with struggle. And so, we have learned to perceive struggle as a badge of honor. However, that is actually the opposite of success.


The only thing that ever matters in success or achievement is your achieving the things that you want to achieve. So if you are setting standards and you’re feeling uncomfortable about the standards that you’ve set, tweak the standards back a little bit. Ratchet it back a notch. Give yourself a break. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Lighten up. Be easier. Go slower. Take it easy. Have more fun. Love yourself more. Laugh more. Appreciate more. All is well. You can’t get it wrong. You never get it done. -Abraham


July 11, Friday. The Moon catches up to retrograde Pluto (12°Capricorn 06′) exact at 03:48pm and will be exactly Full about 4:25 am PDT tomorrow morning. The Moon with Pluto, in its Full phase is illuminating the shadow of our current “doing addiction” driven by the need to survive in a world that believes in scarcity and often the doing is also driven by a need to gain external approval or to avoid feeling the feelings.


This may be tied to a belief that if one does enough there is an additional reward that comes from being good at what you do while also “doing” or accomplishing as much as possible. If the “doing” isn’t enough, so that the project fails, a person dies, something happens beyond anyone’s control, then this may produce feelings of guilt from thinking “I could have or should have done more”, or “I could have done better.”


Awareness of this addiction doesn’t require that we stop doing. Rather it is about noticing what is the motivation behind our doing and it is about finding ways to effectively and efficiently manage our lives and our relationship with the Earth that easily and naturally support and sustain healthy, joyous living. (See July 10 and 12)


For most of us this is challenging and requires a strong commitment to the time it takes to create NEW more conscious relationships with “doing” and why we are doing what we do. As I have shared in past Timings – National Geographic did an article about the discovery of tribal societies that only worked 15 hours a week to provide an abundance of food and shelter. The rest of their time was spent creatively, enjoying their relationships, ceremonies and creative pursuits. Pluto in Capricorn with the Moon is a perfect time for revisioning how and why we do what we do.


With Pluto in Capricorn at the Full Moon (exact at 4:25 am PDT tomorrow) it is time to dismantle the old “doing for survival” driven structure, in favor of more sustainable, practical and FUN ways of living life. Especially as we approach the next Venus Gate connected to the Sacral Chakra on July 25.



July 12, Saturday. The Capricorn Full Moon (20 Capricorn is exact at 4:25 am. (see July 10 and 11) Then the still very Full Moon moves into Aquarius at 08:07 pm meaning we have greater access to highly creative, innovative thinking and inspiration for the next couple of days.


Plus we have Mercury reentering Cancer at 09:45 pm located on the Hand of the High Man and the Galactic Cross adding even more unique thinking to this possibility. (arrow points to the hand of the High Man)


The Galactic Cross is where the plane of our Solar System intersects the plane of our Galaxy and in this part of the sky is on what we call the Galactic Edge or where we look out beyond our Galaxy. That means the messages coming from Mercury at this time come from multi-galactic sources and may help to bring in new ideas and ways of thinking that are far more expansive and insightful than what we have previously imagined. (see July 1)
July 13, Sunday. Venus (23°Gemini42′) trines Mars (23°Libra 42′) at 01:22 am. Vesta is conjunct the North Node (24°Libra 07′) exactly at 01:56 am. Venus (24°Gemini 04′) is trine the North Node (24°Libra 04′) exact at 1:36 am and Vesta at 12:13 pm. Mars is conjunct the North Node at 05:14 pm.


Okay I realize that is a lot of details so here is the summary. All these energies are focused on the new directional arrow (or destiny) related to partnership and relationship between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine. This has been and continues to be a major theme this year.


Some questions to ask yourself are related to your inner other – or the inner feminine if you are a man, or the inner masculine if you are a woman. This is because no matter our gender we are connected to the energies of both the sacred feminine & sacred masculine. Actually everyone and everything is a part of you – so how do we embrace that?


Venus is also at Mercury’s station direct point that happened on July 1 – so is aligned with the belt stars of Orion and the wisdom connected with these stars. See July 1 for more and apply the insights there to how you are relating to yourself, to your inner other and to life in general? There has never been a better time to take conscious relating to the ALL of Life to the next level.
July 14, Monday. The Moon enters Pisces at 07:40 pm illuminating the mysteries linked with the healing power of the heart in its expression of Love. Love is the most powerful transforming force in all of creation and the key to co-creating a healthy new world that is beneficial and supportive to all.


Embodying and expressing love – including: the love of self, the love of life, and the love of others, – shifts and raises our vibrational frequency, assisting in further shifting and raising the vibrational frequency of Earth.


July 15, Tuesday. The Moon catches up to Neptune (07°Pi16′ R) at 07:25 am.  Mars is conjunct Vesta (24°Libra51′) and both are nearly exactly conjunct Spica at 12:09 pm. All these factors again speak to the miraculous healing power of love when we surrender what we think we know and embrace the unknown.
Surrendering what we think we know and the life we have planned for ourselves creates the space for us to embrace the life that is ours to live in alignment with the miracle of Great Mystery. Being willing to ask questions without already knowing the answers can greatly assist this process helpful. Fred Alan Wolf summed this up brilliantly in the closing lines of the movie “What the Bleep do We Know?” Interestingly the Movie title is a question and the movie ends with this question:
Asking yourself these deeper questions opens up new ways of being in the world. It brings in a breath of fresh air. It makes life more joyful. The real trick to life is not to be in the know – but to be in the mystery.
July 16, Wednesday. Jupiter enters Leo at 3:30 am and will be in Leo until August 12, 2015.Once about every 12 years Jupiter passes through this part of the sky. The last time Jupiter entered Leo was August 01, 2002 and left Leo on August 27, 2003. This also happened from late August of 1990 to September 1991.


Jupiter in Leo magnifies and expands the mysteries of the radiant and divine essence inherent within each of us. One way to consciously participate with the expansive renewal of vision Jupiter brings to Leo is to embrace the radiant love that permeates every cell of our body – illuminating every aspect of our lives.


Jupiter in Leo is calling our full attention to the Power of Love, particularly the power of self-love, loving ourselves, loving every aspect of who we are and what a miracle it is that we are here to share our love with this world. Love heals everything and answers every question. It fills us with wisdom, inspiration, and magic.


Love is truly all we need because from it comes the confidence, the knowing, the trust that all our needs are met in every moment and all life is perfect just as it is. In the place of pure love there are no attachments to how things “should” be.


Pure radical radiant love embraces the all of life and is not trying to fix anything or anyone, but lovingly accepts what IS. Pure love has the power to heal the wounds of the past and present when it is allowed full expression in the moment. Truly loving ourselves, truly loving and accepting who we are in every moment is a key alchemical ingredient that transforms our world into a Golden Age.


The Moon catches up to Chiron (17°Pi28′ R) at 12:07 am and then enters Aries at 09:07 pm. This is the time for taking compassionate committed action around your health and wellbeing especially as if it adds to your self-love.
July 17, Thursday. Today is the theoretical heliacal rise of Sirius (14 Cancer) having now reached a 10 degree zodiacal separation from the Sun (24 Cancer). However, based on its declination Sirius does not actually become visible before the Sun rises until around August 7. The heliacal rise of Sirius was important to many ancient cultures. For example, the Egyptians began their new year with the return of Sirius to the Morning Sky, because this event signaled the rising of the Nile river.


The heliacal rise of any star or planet occurs when it rises or appears in the east just before Sunrise.  G.R.S. Mead author of Thrice Greatest Hermes says:


“In the astronomical science of the Egyptians, the most conspicuous solar system near our own, represented in the heavens by the brilliant Sirius, was of supreme interest. Cycles of immense importance were determined by it, and it entered into the highest mysticism of Egyptian initiation.”


Mars and Vesta at 25 Libra and North Node at 24 Libra are amplifying and energizing the fixed star Spica emphasizing the on-going theme of conscious relating as it reflects to us what we are choosing with our actions. Marianne Williamson sums this up beautifully in her book A Return to Love.


In every relationship, in every moment, we teach either love or fear. To teach is to demonstrate. As we demonstrate love toward others, we learn that we are lovable and we learn how to love more deeply. As we demonstrate fear or negativity, we learn self-condemnation and we learn to feel more frightened of life. We will always learn what we have chosen to teach.


July 18, Friday. The Sun (25°Cancer39′) is square Vesta (25°Libra39′) at 01:22 am (still very near Spica). AND Venus enters Cancer at 7:06 am meaning the Divine Feminine is center stage as Vesta is activated by the Sun and Venus makes her annual pass over the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge. (see July 12 for visual of Galactic Cross) The archetypal leading edge of the feminine principle expressing through Cancer is that of the Great Mother. The expression of the Feminine in Vesta is the ceremonial High Priestess and in Libra she is seeking new ways to experience the sacred in conscious equal partnership.


Venus travels through Cancer until August 12 entering Leo at that time. The focus for Venus now is on creating new ways of doing healthy family and community (or projects that assist and nurture others) based in cooperation and working together to create sustainable ways of living that will benefit the generations yet to come.

Also today the Moon catches up to Uranus (16°Aries30′ D) at 01:37 am suggesting that even though events today may be unexpected they are intended to help expand awareness around innovative possibilities for the emerging Divine Feminine in the areas of home, family and personal relating. We may not be able to anticipate the changes that are coming but they are already in motion.


July 19, Saturday. The Moon enters Taurus at 01:42 am transmitting the mysteries of intimacy, receivership, beauty, and aesthetics.
Seeking Beauty’s Place In Our Time by James Hubbell describes beauty this way…


Beauty, like love, has the power to change things. It can also help us make decisions and unite the disparate elements in our lives.


This quote had no author listed but is inspires our connection to the mysteries of beauty…


Beauty is elusive; it is as fleeting and as difficult to capture as it is to define. Beauty is commonplace; it is a presence so pervasive that each cloud is crowned with it, every sunset is casually, even recklessly, awash in it. Beauty is rare; it is a treasure so precious it is beyond the measure of price. Beauty is eternal; it yields as little to time as it does to place.


The Sun (26°Cancer32′) is square Mars (26°Libra32′) at 11:32 pm letting us know that Mars is now picking up speed since it stationed direct on May 19. This is also known as the Eastern Quadrature. That means Mars is visible overhead after Sun sets. At the Western Quadrature Mars is overhead when the Sun rises.


In some ways this feels counter-intuitive but as seen in the diagram below Mars is East of the Sun as it sets. The Quadrature is a time for increasing and accelerating the activation of the Mars quest for conscious, respectful and inspired relating.
July 20, Sunday. Saturn (16°Scorpio39′) stations direct at 1:35 pm.  This is especially important for those who have planets, angles or Nodes in the Signs of Self-Interest or Self-Exploration (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius) between 14 and 25 degrees as this signals the completion phase for those in a Saturn cycle. Now is the time to ponder what action you are ready to take to anchor a new form of self-expression and connection to ecstatic life-force for yourself and for its own sake.


Saturn helps us reprogram, redesign, rebuild, reimagine, how we engage our middle world reality. Saturn in Scorpio is about how we engage life force energy, passion and aliveness. What action can you take now that helps you further embrace a new more alive and ecstatic structure for your life. Otherwise the old, less than desirable forms, or ways of being, may get reset into place making them more challenging to change later.


July 21, Monday. The Moon enters Gemini at 09:36 am and is passing by the Pleiades. That means the Moon will approaching the Pleiades in the early morning sky today and beyond the Pleiades tomorrow morning.This is a great time to be spontaneous, have some fun, while also playing with new perspectives that stretch your awareness beyond dualistic thinking – especially the type of thinking that judges whatever is happening as  good or bad, right or wrong, easy or difficult etc. and consider that whatever is happening is in the flow of perfect divine unfolding.

Uranus (16°Aries31′) stations retrograde at 07:53 pm. The Aries archetype is most connected to the warrior archeypte including: the one who fights for ideals and justice, the one who protects and defends home, family, country, and the one who sells his services to the highest bidder. There is also the sacred warrior or peaceful warrior whose battles are fought within themselves to gain greater insight or understanding of who they are, rather than fighting with others.

Uranus in Aries going retrograde is going deeper and focusing on the radical nature of the emerging sacred warrior archetype who commits their energy into upholding what is just and true, first within themselves and then within their culture or reality.


Mercury (11°Cancer51′) is opposite retrograde Pluto (11°Capricorn51′) at 11:49 pm empowering the ways Mercury in Cancer perceives this reality first by exposing the shadow, the fears, the beliefs that are based in lack, survival and all the limitations that come with these ways of thinking and perceiving reality. Once they have been exposed they can be transformed and new beliefs, new ways of thinking and perceiving reality will emerge.
July 22, Tuesday. Magdalene’s Feast Day. The Sun moves into Leo at 2:41 pm. When Leo is in its strength and power this energy knows and remembers its radiant and shining divine essence shared by all life. A favorite quote in the Celestial Timings over the years has included these words by Marianne Williamson in her book A Return to Love. This part of the quote sums up the essence of the Leo mysteries.


We are born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.


July 23, Wednesday. The Moon enters Cancer at 07:59 pm passing over the Galactic Cross located at the Galactic Edge. (Mercury was just here July 12)This means the Moon is transmitting the mysteries of creating a safe, nurturing space for ourselves and our family. The next couple of days are great for creating the space to rest and regenerate and replenish your life force energy so you can show up more fully for yourself and for those you care about.

Moon on the Cross July 23 and with Venus July 24

July 24, Thursday. Today marks the 6th time the Moon has been with Venus (07°Cancer26′ D) since Venus stationed direct in January passing 4.4 degrees S of Venus exact at 10:43 am. This is the part of the story where Inanna or Ishtar relinquishes her ankle bracelets  symbolizing her second chakra, symbolizing her ego and how she values herself as she passes through the Gate of Creativity. The second chakra (or sacral chakra) is also known as the sex and money chakra relating to life force, self-worth and the ability to enjoy life and experience pleasure.


This Venus gate is about surrendering all the ways the divine feminine no longer values herself, all the ways she doesn’t take care of herself, all the ways she has forgotten to receive the blessings and abundance that life has to offer, and all the ways she judges herself and others. Releasing these distortions frees up any restricted flow of life force (including sexual energy). When sensual life force energy is free to move it helps connect us with our emotions, desires, intimacy, and pleasure. When this energy moves freely through us everything we need is attracted to our healthy flow of energy.


In the Cancer domain, Venus is receiving the teachings of how to self-nurture in ways that are pleasurable, and then from a place of enjoyment it is possible to receive the great pleasure that can come from nurturing others.


Venus (07°Cancer 06′) is also trine Neptune (07°Pisces 06′ R) exact at 4:09 am PDT. This is a sweet dreaming energy where it is possible for the Sacred Feminine to be inspired by the magical mystical connection and conscious awareness of the divine essence within her.

The Sun is conjunct Jupiter (01°Le52′) exact at 1:44 pm energizing the imagery of the Radiant and Shining Ones. Jupiter is beginning its trek through Leo with the Sun – the source of light and life for our planet – and the planet most connected to the Leo Mysteries. The Sun is radiant and shining as is Leo. The Sun doesn’t shine to impress anyone, or to get approval, or to find acceptance. The Sun shines because it is its natural state of being.


Jupiter traveling through Leo over this next year is bringing a renewal of vision of the mysteries of our true divine nature that shines within each of us. Perhaps this radiant shining divine light has been forgotten or is covered over by clouds. However, the Sun is always shining even in the darkest storms. Likewise, so is the radiance of the divine shining within all life always – it is just a question of remembering or waiting for the storm to pass.


The more you give your love, your compassion, your blessing, your joy, your ecstasy, the more you will find that the whole existence has become so generous to you that streams of love and joy are running towards you from all directions…  ~OSHO


Mercury (16°Cancer 30′ D) is square Uranus (16°Aries 30′ R) exact at 05:07:26 pm PDT and Mercury is also trine Saturn (16°Sc40′ D) exact at 07:11 pm and is with the Moon in Cancer this is reactivating the Grand Water Trine most exact tomorrow. This is another time for expecting the unexpected that is designed to expand our point of view.

July 25, Friday. The Moon catches up to Mercury (17°Cn32′ D) at 06:53 am so is visible beyond Mercury tonight. When the Moon passes a planet it amplifies the transmission coming from that planet. Both the Moon and Mercury are within the degrees of the Grand Water Trine amplifying the blessings coming to us from Chiron and Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio all around 17 degrees of the water signs.


July 25, 2014

Mars enters Scorpio at 07:25 pm and Vesta will enter Scorpio on July 30. Mars travels through Scorpio for about two months entering Sagittarius around September 13. The last times Mars entered Scorpio was August 23, 2012, September 14, 2010, October 4, 2008 and October 23, 2006. In 2006 when Mars entered Scorpio it was also conjunct the Sun or in the underworld phase of the Mars journey. This year Mars is an evening star and will not begin the underworld journey until April 15, 2015.


As evening star Mars going through Scorpio is a time when the sacred masculine is encountering themes that have to do with the shamanic ways of living including death, rebirth, and regeneration and the importance of surrender to these forces, while also releasing attachments to this corporeal (physical) reality. These are the teachings of the Shaman Sorcerer who is a master navigator of the space between worlds.


The shadow of Scorpio focuses on having power over others rather than being in the flow of power for its own sake without attachment to the outcome. This shadow happens because we have forgotten that power is infinite and that we are, in fact, infinite power generators that are tapped into a continually renewing self-generating source of power that underlies the entire creation. Seeking power outside of ourselves is actually disempowering, though it may not see like that at first.


Healthy Scorpio knows it is an infinite power source when in alignment with universal laws. This includes the law of the ONE REALITY where we are all connected – meaning whatever we do not only affects us personally but it affects the entire collective.


July 26, Saturday. The Moon enters Leo at 07:54:36 am and catches up to Jupiter (02°Le18′ D) at 12:33 pm and the Leo New Moon (03°Le52′) is exact at 03:41:45 pm.None of these planets are visible due to their close proximity to the Sun.Jupiter magnifies and expands, so if we are in limitation and fear that is what gets expanded. However, if we are living in Love, imaging love, being love, and expressing love, then that love is now being expanded.


Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination. ~ Voltaire
July 27, Sunday. Venus (11°Cancer 43′ D) is opposite Pluto (11°Capricorn43′ R) at 11:39 pm creating an additional initiatory opportunity for Venus in her current descent to the underworld. Pluto (a.k.a. Erishikegal) is an underworld initiator. So Venus opposite Pluto magnifies the descent and the opportunity to experience even greater empowerment by confronting and embracing any remaining fears.


This Initiation requires surrender (Pluto) to any attachments to the old ways. One way to think about this is to consider how to revision a prevailing myth of the feminine that comes to us through the story of Persephone (Venus) and Hades (Pluto).


This mythic story has been handed down through the generations of the patriarchy describing the abduction and rape of Persephone. This story reflects elements of the brutal patriarchal takeover of the feminine – as Persephone is seemingly abducted against her will and then subjugated to Hades will by sheer force of his brute strength.


When we re-imagine this myth we could view it as a coming of age story where perhaps Hades actually asked Persephone’s mother, Demeter for Persephone’s hand in marriage. Demeter said NO, not now, not ever. What Demeter didn’t know or understand was young Persephone wanted to be with Hades and to be his queen.


Demeter did NOT want Persephone to marry Hades partly because that meant she would be separated from her daughter, who would go off and live in the underworld. Persephone, however, was insistent. She desired to claim her rite of passage and empowerment as a Queen whose job would include welcoming the newly dead into the underworld domain something Persephone felt was an important sacred work.


As we continue to re-imagine this myth, we could imagine Persephone and Hades both negotiating with Demeter – assuring her that her daughter would not only be fulfilling her destiny but she would also return to visit her mother every spring.


This mythic revisioning includes the importance of the ceremonial rites of passage, for the young ones as well as creating a way that supports the mother in letting go of her children when it is time to pass the mantle, trusting her daughter will find her own way. This includes supporting the children (in this story the daughters) to walk their own path – ceremonially turning over the responsibility for making their own decisions as they reach the age of maturity.


Venus overtone Capricorn that begin in January is about revisioning the guidelines (moving beyond the rules) for how we raise and release children into the world. That includes revisioning how we create the rites of passage not only for the maidens but for those becoming mothers, priestesses and crones/grandmothers.

July 28, Monday.Archangel Uriel’s Feast Day.In the Book of Enoch Uriel is described as “the Light of God”. This archangel is also connected to the fixed star Antares and the direction of the West. In the book The Blessed Virgin Mary author Corinne Heline states: 


“The beautiful Uriel stands guardian over the activities of the summer. The ripening of grain and the floodtide of blossom are under his guidance. He also supervises the Nature Spirits, those fascinating little sprites who inhabit the elements of earth, air, fire and water, and who lend so much to the beautification of all nature. The highest initiatory teachings belonging to the New Age…are under the direction of Uriel.”  [New Age Press, 1971, p. 110.]


The Moon enters Virgo at 08:37 pm passing 4.4 degrees SSW of Regulus, the heart of the Lion. When the Moon travels through Virgo this is a time to notice how you are responding to the patterning of life. If you are feeling something is off in the web or pattern that is your life, then what needs to change? How can you reweave that aspect so it is in greater harmony with the overall pattern of your soul as well as the unfolding divine plan?


July 29, Tuesday. Venus is exactly 13 Cancer today in the Degrees of the Grand Cross and lighting up the Grand Water Trine.As already mentioned Venus is continuing her descent into the underworld, releasing all the old ways and beliefs that no longer serve the divine feminine in her many forms. As Venus passes through Cancer she is now releasing whatever stands in the way of evolving the Divine Mother archetype. This is about finding the new and joyous expressions of the feminine mysteries connected to creating healthy family and community through sustainable ways of living cooperatively that will benefit the generations yet to come. (see July 27)


July 30, Wednesday. Vesta enters Scorpio on July 30 exact at 04:37 pm. Vesta and Mars have been in the sign of Libra together since last year when Vesta enter Libra at the end of November and Mars entered Libra in early December. Both Mars and Vesta stationed retrograde within a day of each other, Mars on March 1 and Vesta on March 2. Then they both stationed direct in May – Mars on May 19 and Vesta on May 28. Mars just entered Scorpio 5 days ago on July 25. Vesta and Mars continue to travel within 10 degrees of each other until September 13. – when either late on the 13th or early on the 14th depending on your time zone Mars enters Sagittarius and moves beyond 10 degrees of Vesta.


The several month journey Mars and Vesta have shared is a rare occurrence and even more rare for them to have been in Libra together for so long. This is because the Mars cycle is about 2 years (26 months) and the Vesta cycle is almost 4 years in length.  When we also consider the significance of the North Node entering Libra this last February all very close to the fixed star Spica this has been a remarkable time for revisioning the divinely destined sacred relationship between the sacred feminine and masculine principles.


The sacred flame within each of us is the domain of Vesta as the keeper of the fire within – symbolized by her priestesses who kept the sacred temple fires burning. Vesta then symbolizes the life force energy (our inner fire) that is alchemically renewing, healing and transforming.  These themes are all accentuated when Vesta is traveling through Scorpio.


Vesta has also been associated with healing the split between sexuality and spirituality that occurred as a result of the patriarchy. This includes the split between the masculine and feminine and Heaven and Earth that has created so much trauma that is now ready to be healed as Mars and Vesta have spent much time together over the last few months healing the relationship between the masculine and feminine both within and without. (see Audio on Vesta, Mars and North Node)
July 31, Thursday. Mercury enters Leo at 03:45 pm bringing our attention to the lens of perception that operates through radical radiant self-love, self-approval and self-confidence. Mercury is speeding through Leo entering Virgo on August 15. That means we have a couple of weeks where Mercury is assisting us in seeing how our thoughts and words are either supporting the experience of growing self-love or NOT. If your thoughts and words are contrary to this experience this is the time to ask what you can do to align yourself more fully with the gifts of healthy self-love – especially as both the Sun (until August 23) and Jupiter (until July 2015) are in Leo as well.


Venus (16°Cn28′ D) squares Uranus (16°Ar28′ R) at 09:43 pm bringing the feminine perspective to what is breaking down in the old forms of family that no longer serve an evolutionary intent and breaking through to new and innovative possibilities.


The Moon enters Libra for the second time this month at 09:09 am energizing the new forms of conscious equal partnership or…the Sacred Union of the beloveds. There are two main ways we can experience the beloved. There is the beloved we each carry within and the beloved we connect with externally as in a marriage or a relationship partner.


And SHE…it is…who remembers her wings…
soaring through the sky…
feeling the energies extend to the farthest reaches of creation…
and on the wings…comes the
remembering of Sacred Union…
when Sky enters the crown..
and Earth touches the feet…
and together…they merge in the Heart…
remembering only LOVE…
full and complete…
Wholeness already is!!


~ Galactic Shamanism the Star-Stone Ones by Mary Saint-Marie/Sheoekah


July 2014 Template

July 01, Tuesday. Mercury (24°Ge23′) stations direct today at 05:49:56 am. Moon enters Virgo at 02:23:30 pm

July 02, Wednesday. The Sun is activating the Behenian Star Sirius (14 Cancer)

July 03, Thursday. The Sun (11 Cancer) is moving into the Degrees of the Grand Cross over the next few days and will reach 13 Cancer on July 5.

July 04, Friday. Sun (12°Cn17′ ) is opposite retrograde Pluto (12°Cp17′ ) exact at 01:03 am. Moon in Libra at 02:43am

July 05, Saturday. The Moon conjuncts Mars (20°Li27′ D) at 06:31 pm and Vesta (22°Li05′ D) at  09:38:06 pm.

July 06, Sunday. The Moon is conjunct the North Node (24°Li50′ D) at 02:52 am and the Moon enters Scorpio at

12:33 pm. Venus (16°Ge25′) is sextile Uranus (16°Ar25′) at 11:49 pm.

July 07, Monday. Venus (17°Ge37′) is square retrograde Chiron (17°Pi37′) at 11:46:55 pm.

July 08, Tuesday. Sun (16°Cn26′) squares Uranus (16°Ar26′) at 09:23 am.  Sun (16°Cn45′) trines Saturn (16°Sc45′ R) at 05:28:21 pm and Moon occults Saturn exact at 07:12 pm. The Moon moves into Sagittarius exact at 06:25 pm.

July 09, Wednesday. Sun (17°Cn35′) is trine retrograde Chiron (17°Pi35’9) at 02:22 pm.

July 10, Thursday. Moon enters Capricorn exact at 08:24 pm

July 11, Friday. The Moon catches up to Pluto (12°Cp06′) R exact at 03:48pm.

July 12, Saturday. The Moon moves into Aquarius at 08:07 pm and Mercury reenters Cancer at 09:45 pm.

July 13, Sunday. Venus (23°Ge 42′) trines Mars (23°Libra 42′) at 01:22 am. Vesta is conjunct the North Node (24°Li07′) exactly at  01:56 am. Venus (24°Ge04′) is Trine the North Nod (24°Li04′) exact at 1:36 am and Vesta at 12:13 pm. Mars WITH North Node at 05:14 pm.

July 14, Monday. The Moon enters Pisces at 07:40 pm.

July 15, Tuesday. The Moon catches up to Neptune (07°Pi16′ R) at 07:25 am. Mars conjunct Vesta (24°Libra51′)

July 16, Wednesday. Jupiter enters Leo at 3:30 am. The Moon catches up to Chiron (17°Pi28′ R) at 12:07 am and then enters Aries at 09:07 pm

July 17, Thursday. Beginning of Egyptian New Year with Mars and Vesta at 25 Libra and North Node at 24 Libra energizing the fixed star Spica.

July 18, Friday. The Sun (25°Cn39′) is square Vesta (25°Libra39′) at 01:22:08 am. Venus enters Cancer at 7:06 AM. The Moon catches up to Uranus (16°Ar30′ D) at 01:37 am.

July 19, Saturday. The Moon enters Taurus at 01:42 am. Sun (26°Cancer32′ square Mars (26°Libra32′) at 11:32 pm.

July 20, Sunday. Saturn (16°Scorpio39′) stations direct at 1:35 pm.

July 21, Monday. The Moon enters Gemini at 09:35:54 am. Uranus (16°Aries31′) stations retrograde at 07:53:00 pm

Mercuy (11°Cancer51′)is opposite retrograde Pluto (11°Capricorn51′) at 11:49 pm

July 22, Tuesday. The Sun moves into Leo at 2:41 pm.

July 23, Wednesday. The Moon enters Cancer at 07:59 pm.

July 24, Thursday. 6th Moon Venus (07°Cn26′ D) conjunction at 10:43 am. Venus (07°Cn06′) is trine Neptune (07°Pi06′ R) exact at 4:09 am PDT. The Sun is conjunct Jupiter (01°Le52′) exact at 1:44 pm. Mercury (16°Cn30′ D) is square Uranus (16°Ar30′ R) exact at 05:07:26 pm PDT and Mercury is also trine Saturn (16°Sc40′ D) exact at 07:11 pm.

July 25, Friday. The Moon catches up to Mercury (17°Cn32′ D) at 06:53:21 am.

Mars enters Scorpio at 07:25 pm and Vesta will enter Scorpio on July 30.

July 26, Saturday. The Moon enters Leo at 07:54:36 am catching up to Jupiter (02°Le18′ D) at 12:33 pm and the Leo New Moon (03°Le52′) is exact at 03:41:45 pm.

July 27, Sunday. Venus (11°Cn43′ D) is opposite Pluto (11°Cp43′ R) at 11:38:46 pm

July 28, Monday. Moon enters Virgo at 08:36:49 pm

July 29, Tuesday. Venus is exactly 13 Cancer today in the Degrees of the Grand Cross – lighting up the Grand Water Trine.

July 30, Wednesday. Vesta enters Scorpio on July 30 exact at 04:37 pm.

July 31, Thursday. Mercury enters Leo at 03:45 pm and Venus (16°Cn28′ D) squares Uranus (16°Ar28′ R) at 09:43 pm. The Moon enters Libra for the second time this month at 09:09 am.