So with Mercury almost retrograde and some changes to Word Press I don’t yet understand I wasn’t able to post the plain text version of the Celestial Timings with the formatting in tact -including the live links – so this is a really plain text version of the June 2014 Timings.

Here is the link to the PDF version of the 2014 June Celestial Timings PDF.

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I know some of you prefer to print the plain text Timings – however, taking time to look at the PDF with the Star Maps is also worthwhile. The PDF can also be printed for those who like a hard copy version. Also just to pass this on – I have been getting feedback that some are now just keeping the PDF open on their Ipad to tune into everyday – so that is also another option.

JUNE Daily Timings Intro

An ancient “School of Prophets” understood much about the cosmos and used natural time-cycles to mark out the course of history. For them the cosmos seemed somehow much closer and more relevant than it does today.

Among other things they believed that there were specific doorways or gates leading in and out of “heaven”. These portals were believed to be located at the points where the ecliptic (the pathway followed by the Sun in its annual progression along the zodiac) crosses over the Milky Way.

Significantly the Sun now sits at one of these gateways at the solstices. By a process of analogy: “As Above, So Below”, this indicates that it is now that these “stargates” are opening. Adrian Gilbert

As mentioned in the above quote Summer Solstice Sun now rises on the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge letting us know we are at the Turning of a Great Age. This is an event that occurs in the current configuration about every 26,000 years and lasts for at least 72 years – as that is how long it takes the Sun to move 1 degree through the backdrop of the stars.

Using the 72 year window this shift began in 1962 and ends in 2030. When considering an entire 26,000 year Great Year of time – one degree on either side of the exact center point of the Sun on the cross is also reasonable. That creates a 144 year window, 72 years on either side of the exact point. The exact center point was calculated by astronomer John Muess as occurring in 1998. That means if we calculate 72 years before and after – the window began in 1926 and lasts until 2070.

At the very least we know we are still near the exact center point when the ‘stargate’ or ‘portal’ is wide open during the solstices. The Sun acts as a doorway to the incoming energies, illuminating and opening the stargate to other realms and dimensions as it rises, sets and tracks across the sky during the solstice time. As pictured to the left – you can see where the June solstice Sun is sitting on the Galactic Cross between the constellation of the Twins and the Bull. Solstice translate as stand still of the Sun and is exact for at least three days and is nearly exact for almost three weeks.

The Sun is a star light so gives off star light, and carries its own starry codes that help to activate the area of the sky it is passing through. The Sun is necessary for life in many ways and also has the ability to help us calibrate our own frequency to the higher frequencies available at this time – especially during a Solstice or stand still time as it concentrates the star energy from that part of the sky for several days. This can help with healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues when applied with awareness and a loving intent.

This month the Milky Way lies to the south at night and the constellations the Sun moves through during the winter are easily visible, including the Scorpion, the Archer, the Scales (where Saturn is located) and the Virgin Priestess (where Mars is still located).

Also prominent this month are seven main stars of the constellation of the Virgin Priestess (a.k.a. Virgo), Vindemiatrix, Zaniah, Porrima, Zavijava, Khambalia, Auva, and Spica.

The most visible star in this group is the bright bluish white star Spica, “spike of grain” where Mars is hanging out and getting ready to pass by again next month. Higher in the sky and a bit to the right of Spica is the star Denebola marking the lion’s tail in the constellation also known as Leo. If you follow a direct line from Spica to the upper left you will see the bright red star Arcturus, creating the Spring Triangle.

Mercury is still quite high in the evening sky as June begins, though will begin to drop.

Jupiter is only 40° above the western horizon after sunset. Jupiter is setting nearly 3 hours after the Sun as June begins and only one hour by the end of June.

Mars has resumed its forward motion (YAY) setting nearly 7 hours after the Sun at the beginning of June and about five hours after the Sun at the end of June.

Saturn is setting around 3:30 AM at the beginning of June and 1:30 AM at the end of June.

Venus is rising nearly 2 hours before the Sun as June begins but only appears about 20° above the horizon. AS the month progresses Venus is sliding north of the east and becoming slightly higher and dimmer. By the end of June Venus is making her annual passage by the Pleiades and the Hyades.

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June Daily Celestial Timings (all times are PDT unless otherwise noted)

June 01, Sunday. The waxing crescent Moon passes by Jupiter (20 Cancer 28) at 2:32 am Eastern daylight time. That means the Moon is visible beyond Jupiter tonight as shown in the star map. Then the Moon enters Leo at 6:43 pm Pacific daylight Time, or 9:43 pm Eastern time. There will only be one more Moon Jupiter conjunction in Cancer happening later this month (see June 28) and then Jupiter moves into Leo on July 16.

The Moon and Jupiter both are amplifiers, amplifying the light codes they carry and are transmitting from whatever area of the sky they are traveling through. So this is the perfect time to go outside and see the crescent Moon just beyond Jupiter tonight.

In many ancient cultures the Moon has been associated with the imagery of Mother and Grandmother. Also, many different astrological traditions consider the Moon in Cancer as its favorite place to be. This is because the Moon seems to be most like the archetypal mysteries of Cancer. However, that association very likely comes to us from a patriarchal viewpoint – as most women (and men) in my experience that have Moon in Cancer are struggling with getting over the addiction to nurturing others at the expense of their own health and well-being. Sometimes it takes a dramatic external event to come along and force the person with the Cancer Moon to take caring for themselves seriously.

The journey of Jupiter through Cancer over this last year – has been a major player in the Grand Cross. Jupiter in Cancer is helping to revision how the Cancer archetype is doing home and family so that it is supportive and nurturing to everyone – not just the children – or not just a few – and it includes those who are also in caregiving positions.

For me personally I can still see my father (who was a Cancer Moon) sitting on the couch watching TV – expecting my mother to cook dinner for him after she too got home from a long day of work. He never offered to help but expected her to serve him – even if she got home after he did. Thankfully times are changing and many of us are now envisioning new ways to do family – because ultimately those old ways don’t work. Eventually my Mother had enough – she divorced my Father and left him to fend for himself. (see June 28)

June 02, Monday. The waxing crescent Moon passes 6° SSW of the Beehive Cluster (7 Leo) and is visible just beyond the Beehive after sunset tonight. The Beehive Cluster is also known as Praesepe, a Latin word for manger, while astronomers call it M44. It is an open cluster of stars (one of the largest in this area of the sky) located at about 7 degrees into the seasonal sign of Leo and the constellation of the Crab (a.k.a Cancer). Under dark skies the Beehive looks like a swarm of stars with more than 40 stars visible to the naked eye and is often seen as a cloudy patch.

It is interesting to note that the Beehive Cluster was one the first objects that Galileo studied with his telescope – as it covers an area bigger than three Full Moons though not nearly as bright. Tonight the Moon will dim many of the stars of this cluster but using the Moon to locate the Beehive is helpful as it will be sitting so close to it tonight. To the left (or east) of the Beehive is the bright royal star Regulus at the base of what looks like a backward question mark. To the right (or west) of the Beehive are the bright stars Castor and Pollux marking the outer edge of the Sacred Hoop. Once you know where the Beehive is you can locate it after the Moon leaves that area of the sky over the next couple of nights.

Some of the sky lore of this constellation includes the story that is was the crab that bit the heel of Hercules during his fight with the Lernean Hydra (see June 17). In gratitude Juno (enemies with Hercules) then placed the crab in the sky. [Robson*, p.33.]

In ancient times this cluster served to predict the weather; if the Beehive was not crystal clear then it was thought that inclement weather might be on the way. Pliny said, “If Praesaepe is not visible in a clear sky it is a presage of a violent storm”.

June 03, Tuesday. The Moon is visible approaching the royal star known as the Heart of the Lion tonight and will be beyond this star (also know as Regulus) by tomorrow night. Regulus is one of the 15 Behenian Star or magical stars of the ancient alchemists. They believed that whenever a planet was within 6 degrees of one of these stars, then the energy of the star was magnified meaning that was the best time to work with ceremonial applications creating amulets, potions and other magical intentions.

The Moon passes by Regulus once each month giving us amped up access to the light codes connected to this Royal Heart Star. This is an especially good time for taking heart-centered action. Through our intention and attention we can focus on the Moon and Regulus acting together from the wisdom and strength of the heart.

Since Venus is also at the Heart Chakra gate in her morning star journey, this is an excellent time to do practices that help you to center in your own heart knowing. It might be as simple as breathing into your heart space and noticing any messages coming from your heart.

June 04, Wednesday. Venus ( 7 Taurus 35) is sextile Neptune (7 Pisces 35) and the Moon moves into Virgo at 7:20 am passing 5 degrees SSW of Regulus. (see June 3) The healing energies of Regulus are most effective when guided by the heart and the heart’s true desire.

Regulus moved into Virgo for the first time in about 26,000 years at the end of November 2011. The seasonal sign of Virgo (occurring approximately 30 days before the September Equinox) will overlay this star for about 2100 years.

We might be curious about what the new teachings or energies are coming from Regulus with a Virgo overlay?  Many religious and spiritual agendas have centered on the complete sacrifice of one’s self to be in true service. This agenda has not really served in creating a more enlightened human experience, but rather seems to add to the near constant suffering so many go through.

With Moon and Regulus joined at the first degree of Virgo the transmission coming to the Earth via the Moon is about what brings true healing of the all the patterns Virgo knows so well – providing an opportunity to further correct any imbalances in our vibrational field. This also illuminates the possibilities of physically embodying the changes already in progress. Combining this with the wisdom of the heart supports personal and planetary healing that will help guide us through these transformative Times.

June 05, Thursday. The Virgo First Quarter Moon (16 Virgo 06) is exact at 1:39 pm. The First Quarter Moon accelerates growth and in Virgo is reminding us of the importance of our connection to the patterning of life. When intuitively attuned to the pattern – great magic, or what others call luck, happens easily. Alignment with our personal and collective patterning easily aligns us with the manifestation of our true purpose. When we deviate from the natural patterning of life we lose contact with the magical forces that have the power to positively influence what is happening around us.

In this accelerated time of the First Quarter Moon – it may be helpful to notice where you are aligned or misaligned and then take steps to realign where needed.

June 06, Friday. The Sun (15 Gemini 42) is sextile Uranus (15 Aries 42) at 4:20 am. Whenever the Sun is sextile a planet it is either before that planet goes retrograde or after it has gone direct. In this case Uranus is going retrograde on July 21 at 16 Aries 30 – meaning that Uranus moves less than 1° between now and July 21.

A sextile between planets covers 60° and always occurs between planets in masculine signs or feminine signs. The Sun in Gemini is a masculine air sign and Uranus in Aries is a masculine fire sign suggesting the Sun is fueling the revolutionary nature of Uranus.

Fire and air are less embodied elements than water and earth. Plus, the Sun by its nature is fire and Uranus by its nature is air. Thus the Sun in Gemini and Uranus in Aries are occupying the signs of each other’s element. Fire is alchemical and transformative and operates in the intuitive realm. This is not the expression of intuition from feeling but something that comes from beyond the physical or feeling realm. Air operates in the mental realm and Uranus has connection to the cosmic overview.

Therefore Uranus and the Sun sextile to each other is activating a grand cosmic perspective designed to awaken our consciousness and understanding of who we are. The Sun is illuminating the mysteries of awakening that Uranus represents. (learn more about how the Elements influence and inspire the archetypes)

This is a time when unexpected events may expand our point of view, our understanding, and our awareness of how this universe works. Taking time to tune in to this possibility is a great way to open to receive new insights and understanding that shifts and expands our assemblage point to include other realms and dimensions along the path of ascension.

The Moon enters Libra at 7:01 pm traveling through this sign until the early morning hours of June 9. The Moon in Libra reminds us of the power to learn more about ourselves through our interaction with others and how others mirror to us who we are. Everyone we encounter reflects to us a part of ourselves. Sometimes we find what is being reflected is an aspect of ourselves we have a judgment about or don’t like. Conversely we may find the other person is reflecting something we truly appreciate and value. It is likely the message for us from another person is in our response to them and our response reflects to us where we are in our process and how we are relating to life.

It is a seeming paradox – but when we accept that others are reflecting ourselves back to us then we are moving out of a limited ego perspective and into greater possibility of being conscious of who we really are.

June 07, Saturday. Mercury (3 Cancer 10) stations retrograde at 4:57 am and will station direct on July 1 at 24 Gemini 23. This means Mercury is retracing the Stars it has just passed, including the Galactic Cross near the Galactic edge also known as the zero Cancer point where the June Solstice Sun will soon rise. Mercury passed by here for the first time on May 28th, and will pass by here again on June 16 and July 13. Then Mercury moves beyond the degrees of the retrograde by July 16.

When Mercury goes retrograde it shifts how our collective focus through mental processes operate. That is to say our consensus reality tends to operate through a logical linear left brain focus. Mercury Retrograde shifts the collective focus to a more right brain intuitive, creative function. For many this way of functioning feels unfamiliar, perhaps even awkward. That is why technological communication problems can arise during Mercury retrograde.

The thing to remember is retrograde Mercury is not good or bad. It has an intent and purpose to help us get more in touch with magical ways of thinking. It is true that it is NOT recommended to sign contracts or finalize agreements during a Mercury retrograde cycle, because mistakes or misunderstandings are more likely to occur during this time. However knowing this – if you must sign a contract or finalize an agreement make sure that you carefully examine the agreement so you don’t wind up unpleasantly surprised later.

This is also a really good time to back up your computer or any other technological data as Mercury retrogrades are a classic time for data crashes. Not every Mercury retrograde produces issues with technology but it’s better to err on the side of caution. As the old saying goes: Better to be safe than sorry.


The Moon and Mars (11 Libra) are making their first conjunction at 4:31 pm in the new Mars Cycle that started on April 8, 2014. Some cultures saw the Moon Mars conjunctions in this phase of the Mars cycle as a series of tests or initiations designed to literally create a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual change. Therefore these initiations test the strength, courage and commitment of Mars in this phase of the journey. With the Mars journey being through the realm of Libra and this first Moon Mars conjunction in Libra we could imagine this first test or task is around learning healthy communication in relationship to others that build consensus, support and rapport.


June 08, Sunday. The Sun (17°Gemini 42′) is square Chiron (17°Pisces 42′) at 06:36:05 am. Whenever the Sun is square Chiron it is right before Chiron stations retrograde or right after it stations direct. In this case it is before Chiron stations retrograde happening on June 20 at 17 Pisces 46. For those who have planets angles or nodes between 13° and 18° of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius you are in a Chiron initiation cycle.

Chiron cycles are about deep shamanic healing of the wounds that every human encounters in some form or another. Chiron in Pisces is specifically about healing the wounds of the heart.

Any retrograde is like pulling an arrow back on a bow to gather strength for the forward movement that will happen later. So this is the time to dive deep into your own heart and ask what wounds are still there and how can they be healed?

The Moon passes 1.8° NNE of Spica around 4 pm so that means the Moon is visible just beyond Spica tonight. The Moon passes by Spica every 27.3 days that means the Moon is always in a different phase because it takes 29.5 days for the Moon to return to the same phase. For example, it is about 29.5 days from New Moon to New Moon or Full Moon to Full Moon.

That is why there are usually only 12 Full Moons in a year. About every 3rd year there are 13 Full Moons in one year. However, the Moon will pass Spica 13 times in a year due to the shorter cycle to return to a starting point. That is why both the number 12 and 13 are sacred to the Moon. (see more extensive article on this HERE)

As the Moon passes Spica it is amplifying the light codes coming from this prominent star of the divine feminine marking the hand of the Virgin Priestess. Tuning in to the Moon with Spica is a great way to get a direct download from Spica as it is being amplified by the Moon, Mars, Vesta and the North Node. (see Audios about this HERE)

For those of you who got to see the total lunar eclipse on April 15, Spica was right beside the Moon that night. Since eclipses accelerate energy – the energy associated with Spica as the primary star of the divine feminine – was hugely amplified and accelerated on the night of the eclipse. It also means that every time the Moon passes by Spica over the next year or so – whatever was activated at the time of the eclipse is energized and re-animated.

June 09, Monday. The Moon moves into Scorpio at 3:38 am energizing the mysteries of the Edgewalker, the shaman, the sorceress, or the sorcerer. Tuning into the moon in Scorpio is a way to tune into the direct current of life force energy and how that supports our ability to co-create when we are in touch with what we truly feel. For the most part, in our current culture we have been trained to not feel or to have desires as there are many judgments about desires of being what gets us into trouble.

Scorpio knows that desires are not the problem, the problem is when we are attached to how our desires are manifesting. This is a great time to practice accepting what Is, even when it doesn’t look like what we desire. When we are truly able to allow what is to just be what it is then all resistance is removed and magic can happen, often in ways that are quite unexpected.

Mystical dreamy Neptune (07 Pisces 36) stations retrograde at 12:51 pm and will remain retrograde until November 15/16. When that Neptune goes retrograde it deepens the mystical dreamy nature of Neptune activating a portal into the realm of our imagination that helps to create our reality, due to an extended period of time when Neptune is a still point. Today’s station retrograde is the center point of this still point. For those who have planets angles or nodes between 4° and 8° of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius you are in a Neptune initiation designed to deepen your experience of your inner knowing. The Neptune retrograde will last until November 15/16 when Neptune again and stations direct at 4 Pisces 48.

Neptune retrograde invites us to remember the dreams we are here to help bring into this reality.  Many indigenous tribes teach their children that the world reflects what we are dreaming, or what we are holding in our consciousness. The external world is simply a reflection of what we imagine, think about or are dream into – becoming our co-created reality.

If you have planets, angles or nodes between 4.5 to 8 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Gemini you are in a personal Neptune cycle. If you are in Neptune and you feel confused as to who you are and why you are here then you are exactly where the cycle intends to take you.

This is because when we are confused, we are more willing to engage the unknown and to surrender what it is we think we know and be open to receiving something brand new. During a Neptune cycle it is difficult to successfully navigate your life through logic and reason as Neptune operates beyond both. Rather this is a time for exploring your inner knowing, visioning and listening to your heart knowing that exists outside of the realm of logic.

Listening to your inner guidance helps you to know when to simply be with the unknown and when to intuitively act. It might be helpful to give thanks to the blessings of Neptune and the gifts of confusion. Here is a blessing I created to get you inspired.

Thank you Great Mystery for all the Blessings of my life.

Thank you Neptune for your many Blessings – including not knowing.

Thank you for the Blessing of Confusion

with the unique insights and growth that is possible when confusion is present.

Thank you for the Blessings of the unknown…

Journeying beyond the realm of logic and into the realm of magic.

Thank You for the Blessings of Faith that are guiding me to fulfill my soul’s purpose.

Thank you for the Blessings of Grace that Neptune easily Bestows when I surrender and trust the process.

June 10, Tuesday. The Moon occults Saturn (18 Scorpio) at 11:30 am meaning the Moon will be visible beyond Saturn tonight. This is the sixth time the Moon has occulted Saturn this year. This occultation is visible in South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands, Queen Maudland and the southern tip of Africa.

Occultations like eclipses accelerate the energy. The Moon occulting Saturn in Scorpio is accelerating the intention of finding new ways to create our reality that allow for passion and aliveness to guide our choices. Meaning this is about choosing the activities that create the greatest turn on. If you feel drained by certain activities it is time to reevaluate them and either let them go or find a new way to do them.

June 11, Wednesday. The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 8:23 am. This means the Moon will be visible approaching the fixed star Antares tonight passing by this magical star – the key to the Golden Gate – in the wee morning hours tomorrow depending on your time zone.

Whenever the Moon is in Sagittarius it is transmitting the mysteries of the spiritual quest. This quest is for enlightenment, or expanded states of consciousness, or for the spiritual truth that exists at the heart of creation. Sagittarius is not about arriving at a specific state of consciousness or a specific goal or spiritual truth, it is about the journey. It is about climbing the mountain and gaining the widest possible view and then seeing a higher mountain and knowing that is the next phase of the quest.

June 12, Thursday. The Moon passes 8° N of Antares (10 Sagittarius) just after midnight Pacific time and the Full Moon (22 Sagittarius 08) is exact at 9:11 pm Pacific or just after midnight tomorrow in the Eastern time zone.

According to Bernadette Brady’s book on The Fixed Stars, all four of the royal stars (including Regulus, Aldebaran, and Fomalhaut) are linked with their own unique teachings, special powers and successes when we are able to meet their challenges. Antares challenges us to trust and allow our heart knowing to guide our journey.

Venus (18 Taurus) is opposite retrograde Saturn (18 Scorpio) at 9:09 pm. That means Venus is rising as Saturn is setting. Venus rises around 3:19 am -disappearing from view as the Sun rises. Saturn is rising at 4:36 pm and comes into view as the sunsets around 8:30 pm depending on your latitude.

That means Saturn and Venus are not visible in the same way a Full Moon is rising as the Sun is setting. However they are visible in the morning sky – Venus is rising around 3:19 am, very close to the time Saturn is setting at 3:31 am. They reach their exact opposition later today – explaining the 12 minute difference in their rising and setting times.

The current Venus cycle is featuring the Capricorn archetype as that is the sign Venus was in when she rose as a morning star this last January. Capricorn and Saturn are most like each other and therefore Venus opposite Saturn is like a Full Moon illumination for Venus in this journey of integrating the wise elder, the one who knows, the grandmothers wisdom.

For those who are in a Venus return meaning you’re turning a multiple of 8 (16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96) between January 17, 2014 and August 22, 2015 this is an important time to note in regard to the ceremonial journey of Venus as she deepens her experience of the grandmother archetype also known as Capricorn. We have found a Venus return has the most magical possibility associated with it when engaging it in a conscious and ceremonial way. (You can still jump in and join this Venus Journey –  even if you are not in a Venus return this has proven to be quite a powerful process)

Venus opposite Saturn at this time is an opportunity for Venus to gain a deeper wisdom that is being imparted by Saturn. Saturn in Scorpio is investigating how to create new forms, or new structures, that are authentically alive adding to the life force of the Earth and therefore adding to the life force of all life on the Earth. What must die for this to happen? This is a great question to be with in ceremony, prayer, meditation, and/or to journal around, to gain a deeper sense of what the answers are for you.

June 13, Friday. Friday the 13th happens only once this year. Some years there are three Fridays that fall on the 13th. The next one will be in 2015. As I mentioned before in previous Celestial Timings Friday the 13th was considered by some ancient cultures as a day to celebrate the goddess. As the patriarchy was gaining a stronger foothold these practices were discouraged and Friday the 13th became unlucky as a way of instilling fear into the symbolic understanding of the number 13.

Each day of the week is named after a planet. Friday or the Norse Goddess Freya’s day, is named after the planet Venus. That is why Friday the 13th was sacred to the goddess because the number 13 is sacred to the divine feminine. (See article on the number 13)

The Moon moves into Capricorn passing over the Galactic Cross near Galactic Center at 10:04 am and will catch up to Pluto tomorrow. This means the Moon is on the Galactic Cross near Galactic Center today.

On June 21 the Sun will be on the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge or the opposite point in the sky. So the Moon today and the Sun in about a week are activating both Galactic Crosses.

Remember the Galactic Crosses are found in two places where the plane of the Milky Way intersects the Plane of our Solar System. One is near Galactic Center and the other is near the Galactic Edge. (see Intro)

A fun book called The Imbrium Codex by William Oehlstrom describes the Turning of the Ages as a time when we will remember how to manifest at will…

At the heart of Ularian philosophy is the concept that consciousness causes atomic particles to coalesce into physical form. They believed that humanity’s ability to learn to operate this mechanism is affected by our solar system’s position in the great cycle of our binary orbit.  During the golden age humans manifest form at will.  During the dark age we find it almost impossible to bend the atomic realm to our will.

There is more and more scientific evidence that shows how we are affecting our reality whether we are conscious of it or not through our thoughts and feelings. As we increase our technology in this world of form we are becoming more aware of the technology of consciousness that is also associated with this increased understanding.

Scalar energy is now being utilized to treat pathogens by disassembling them with light energy. This is based on the work of Nikola Tesla that is now being brought into current time. As a Star Trek fan, this seems to be a lot like the technology they were using, working at the quantum level. This type of technology will increase as we navigate this Turning of the Ages.

June 14, Saturday. Mars (12 Libra 46) squares Pluto at 5:34 am and the Moon conjuncts Pluto (12 Capricorn 46) at 6:43 am spotlighting Pluto as the shamanic initiator. This is another activation of the grand cross energy that was exact in April. The planetary alignments of the last few years have been activating a new era, a Golden age, where the old structures are dismantled, and something entirely new comes in to take its place. As we face our fears, our uncertainties, and our doubts there is more and more evidence that we are making quantum leaps in consciousness- becoming even more conscious co-creators in our physical reality.

It is vital that we take this process seriously. Well not too seriously…but seriously enough to realize that a death and rebirth is underway and we are all affected by it. The old age is dying and a new age is being birthed. There is no way to stop this process. Ultimately, it is like the caterpillar becoming the butterfly – it’s just time for the transformation to take place. Mars and Pluto being major players in the grand cross energy of the last few months are coming together one more time to actively affect change and transformation.

June 15, Sunday. Happy Father’s Day. The Moon moves into Aquarius at 10:27 am illuminating the mysteries of detachment for the purpose of gaining a greater cosmic perspective. From the perspective of the fair witness new innovative ideas and possibilities for radical evolutionary change are being energized.


June 16, Monday. Retrograde Mercury aligns with the Galactic Cross near the Galactic edge where we look out beyond our Galaxy as it revisits the Zero Cancer point where the Summer Solstice Sun will rise on June 21.  Mercury passed here on May 29 and will pass this point again around July 12.

Mercury is the messenger accessing the deeper messages coming in from beyond our galaxy.  Mercury is also the guide or way shower and is currently in the process of synthesizing all that has been gained from its current cycle as it prepares to begin a new cycle on July 1 when Mercury stations direct at 24 Gemini.

June 17, Tuesday. Retrograde Mercury reenters Gemini at 3:05 am still very near the center point of the Galactic Cross. Any time Mercury is retrograde it is a great time to tune into the knowing that goes beyond the rules and regulations of our dualistic world transcending the rational mind and arriving at the irrational place of Crazy Wisdom. This is especially true when Mercury is retrograde in Gemini.

Crazy Wisdom helps guide us through chaotic and illogical times because crazy wisdom is illogical and irrational by its very nature and yet is absolutely brilliant at the same time. That is why it’s so crazy and why it is one of the most helpful navigation tools we have.

When we let go of what we think we know from a logical perspective then we tap into knowing that is free from the rules of logic and reason. In a crazy turn of perception surrendering what we think we know from the rational mind, ultimately brings us to the place of intuitively knowing more than we ever knew was possible.

We understand nothing!

If you understand this

You understand everything.

– Paul Mic

June 18, Wednesday. The Moon is conjunct Neptune (7 Pisces 35) at 12:05 am further illuminating the mysteries of compassion and acceptance. The archetypal mysteries of Pisces and Neptune also are about mystical union with the divine. Of all the archetypes Pisces and Neptune are the most focused on connecting with our dreams, our purpose, our passion and reason for being, through our dreaming, our faith in the dream and through the power of love.

“Do not worry about living your dream. End the habit of imposing a goal on your life. What we achieve is less important than how we live. Life is a play, not a race. Our goals express mostly our fear about what life will fail to provide.

Love is the source of all worthy dreams and the power to live them. So, let faith connect you to your body’s original and only intent and let your dreams emerge from there.

As you surrender to the passion of love, you will find anything is possible and all good things inevitable.” ~ Relentless Love by Edwin Carl Smith

Venus (23 Taurus) sextiles Jupiter (23 Cancer) at 2:16 am alerting us to the approaching time when Venus will catch up to Jupiter around the 17th of August at 7° Leo.

Again a sextile is a 60° aspect and always occurs between earth and water signs or fire and air signs. With Venus sextile Jupiter today we have a reformulation of one part of the star tetrahedron or star of David that came together in May and again on June 5, originating in July of 2013.

More mainstream forms of astrology consider sextiles easy or beneficial aspects. Interestingly though due to the Taurus archetype being committed to experiencing the joy and pleasure of life, Taurus does not easily communicate that well with the Cancer archetype that is committed to nurturing home and family. From the perspective of Cancer – Taurus can seem lazy and from the perspective of Taurus – Cancer can seem controlling, rarely taking the time to enjoy the pleasure of life.

Interestingly, Taurus reminds us it is important to gratefully savor, appreciate and enjoy the beauty of life. That can be really helpful for Cancer to remember. If all the Cancer archetype is doing is taking care of others and not taking time to take care of self and to enjoy life, it is easy for the Cancer person to get burned out and cranky. Cancer teaches Taurus that it is also important to take time to create a safe home environment so they can more easily enjoy the pleasures of life. Venus and Jupiter both benefit from contemplating these different perspectives and allowing each to help inform the other in creating a more loving, safe, pleasurable life experience.

June 19, Thursday. The Pisces Last Quarter Moon (28 Pisces 24) is exact at 11:39 am and then enters Aries at 2:26 pm. This last quarter Moon asks the question; “How can I help and heal myself and those around me”? This is masterfully timed to correspond with Chiron stationing retrograde tomorrow morning.

The Last Quarter Moon phase in Pisces is a time to listen deeply to the inner knowing that helps to answer how we can help and heal ourselves and thus the planet. This is a great time to put any answers coming through into action.

The Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury (28 Gemini) at 3:50 PM marking the center point of the Way Shower phase of Mercury now connecting directly to the source, the Sun, and accessing the light coded messages ready to be integrated into the collective psyche of humanity. This is inspiring greater freedom of being as we remember to let go of what we think we know and open to the knowing that goes beyond the rational mind.

June 20, Friday. Chiron (17°Pi46′) stations retrograde at 5:45 am pausing to deepen awareness around the healing gifts of radical compassion for ourselves and others. Radical compassion comes from our deep awareness of our wounds and all the ways we might feel our own suffering or the suffering of another. This awareness is the key to transforming the wound through our willingness to accept what IS moment by moment – moving beyond our current programming that says we must fix it, relieve it, and/or make it be different in some way. Acceptance creates the space for healing as it relieves the tension that happens when we judge something that as good or bad – right or wrong. This life is a paradox that keeps us engaged when we are operating in duality. Acceptance is the key to experiencing freedom from the effects of duality.

Resistance causes our experience to persist in some form or another. Accepting where we are at any given moment releases resistance. Granted it is often difficult and seemingly impossible to truly be accepting. How in the world do we accept the unfairness of life and how we have been treated, or the health and physical issues we face, or any number of excruciatingly challenging circumstances?

The key is to be willing. This doesn’t mean you automatically accept what IS. It means you are willing and by being willing you have taken the most important step toward acceptance. It may help to remember that accepting things as they are doesn’t mean you have to give up your desire for change or the willingness to actively create change.

One way to take action is to do a daily gratitude prayer including yourself and all that you are grateful for in this life. The beginning of this prayer can be adjusted to reflect whatever way you feel comfortable using to address divine source energy…I used several possibilities in the opening line below…

Blessed Great Mystery, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, All that IS …

Thank you for blessing me with my life.

Thank you for helping me to bless all life in return.

I Bless The Earth, The Moon, The Planets, The Sun, The Stars, And All Celestial Bodies

I Bless The Stones, The Minerals, The Trees, The Plants, The Flowers, The Waters,

The Fish, The Birds, The Wind And Weather, The Insects, The Animals, All Humanity,

The Devas, The Elementals, The Angels, All Beings Seen and Unseen,

And All Life On Earth And In The Entire Creation.

And I Fill All Things, All Time, All Space, And All Dimensions with Blessings of Love and Acceptance,

I Celebrate with Gratitude the Blessings of Life, Love, And Healing

Now And Forever

Thank You Great Mystery Thank You!

The Moon catches up to Uranus (16 Aries) at 6:55 pm amplifying the Uranian quality of the Aries mysteries suggesting this is a good time to expect the unexpected, especially the unexpected ways we may be called to stand for a worthy cause or purpose, advocating for ourselves or others.

Revolutionary Uranian energy is about shifting the assemblage point of outmoded ways and beliefs and points of view. Uranus is about expanding our perception of this reality and in Aries is about expanding our perception of what a true worthy cause is and how to further it.

June 21, Saturday. The Sun enters Cancer signaling the exact June solstice point at 3:51 am. Up until 1975 the solstice fell on either June 22 or June 21 and now primarily falls on June 21. In 2012 the June Solstice was on June 20. This speaks to the extremely slow drift of the seasonal markers through our Gregorian Calendar, a calendar that is not set to these significant seasonal points but rather arbitrarily starts on a New Year on a date called January 1.

The Summer Solstice (for those in the Northern Hemisphere – as it is the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere) is the seasonal marker signaling a time when the abundance of life is at its fullest expression, the most amount of light in a day is available in this part of the yearly cycle.

The Solstice and Equinox points form the four gates or four directions of the celestial medicine wheel. These gates are activated by the Sun in a rhythmic seasonal cycle and the Solstice gates are currently aligned along the Galactic Axis.  (see Jun 17)

Witnessing a Solstice sunrise or sunset is a fabulous way to engage the powerful energies beaming in now from the Galactic Center via the Sun. (Find out when the Sun rises and sets in your area HERE).

The Moon enters Taurus at 8:03 pm transmitting the mysteries of pleasure, beauty, and how to truly enjoy this life. On this solstice day, the lunar energies are encouraging us to celebrate this solar gate way by slowing down, literally taking time to smell the roses, or enjoy nature in some other way, while also savoring and deepening connections with family and other loved ones.

June 22, Sunday. Venus is visible approaching the Pleiades this morning and will be visible with the Pleiades tomorrow morning. Venus passes this Behenian Star group once each year receiving the specialized light codes coming from these stars.

The Pleiades are within 4° of the ecliptic so this is a star group that can be occulted of by the Moon. That is not happening now and won’t happen again until September of 2023. In 2012 Venus was visible inside this cluster. It was remarkable to see. It will be 2020 before that happens again.

Many cultures have viewed the Pleiades as important to their seasonal calendar, beginning their new year with the rise of the Pleiades either before the Sun or after the Sun. The heliacal rise of the Pleiades in times past let sailors know that the oceans were open for safe passage and it let farmers know what time it was in the farming season. The heliacal rise of the Pleiades is now happening in June. This means that the Pleiades are now a morning star cluster and that is why Venus in her morning star appearance is with the Pleiades also in their morning star appearance.

Alfred Lord Tennyson a 19th century poet described the rising of the Pleiades in these lines

Many a night I saw the Pleiades, rising thro’ the mellow shade,

Glitter like a swarm of fireflies tangled in a silver braid.

It turns out that telescopes can now see this cluster of stars is actually comprised of some four hundred stars wreathed in complex nebulae of dust and gas much like the description Tennyson gave us.

June 23, Monday. Venus enters Gemini at 5:34 am – with the Pleiades passing about 6° SSE of this star cluster. Some years ago I shared in the Celestial Timings about the Nebra Sky Disk discovered in 1999. It is considered one of the most important archaeological finds that depicts the Pleiades and the path of the Sun and the Moon especially as it’s related to the Pleiades.

This artifact dating to at least 1600 BCE was found near Nebra, Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. The Nebra Sky Disk is 30 cm in diameter and is a bronze blue green with gold symbols. The symbols include the Pleiades star cluster between the Sun and Lunar Crescent suggesting this disk was a time gauge oriented to the rising and setting of the Pleiades alerting the creators of the disk, thought to be an agricultural society, when the weather would change.

There are aspects of the disk that are also oriented to the seasonal cycles of the Sun. The disk is tracking Solstices at 82 degrees North Latitude exactly where the disk was found. This is a great 10 minute YouTube about the disk

June 24, Tuesday. St. John’s day also celebrated as Midsummer honors and celebrates the birth of John the Baptist and the Summer Solstice. In ancient times it was actually the eve of June 24 or the night of June 23 when the bonfires were lit and the celebrations began. St. John’s Day is the most important day of the year to the Free Mason and Knight’s Templars.

The case is, that the day called St. John’s day, is the 24th of June, and is what is called Midsummer-day. The sun is then arrived at the summer solstice; and, with respect to his meridional altitude, or height at high noon, appears for some days to be of the same height. The astronomical longest day, like the shortest day, is not every year, on account of leap year, on the same numerical day, and therefore the 24th of June is always taken for Midsummer-day; and it is in honor of the sun, which has then arrived at his greatest height in our hemisphere, and not anything with respect to St. John, that this annual festival of the Masons, taken from the Druids, is celebrated on Midsummer-day.

The Moon enters Gemini at 4:06 am passing 7° South of the Pleiades and then passes 1.3° South of Venus (1 Gemini) at 6:26 am. This is the fifth time the Moon has been with Venus since Venus went direct in January. This represents Venus moving through the Gateway connected to the solar plexus chakra, also known as the third chakra.

In the mythic and ceremonial story of Innana this 5th gate is when she passes through the “Gate of Power” releasing her hip girdle or ring or power symbolizing the letting go of all the ways she has given her power away to others and/or no longer stands in her own true authentic power or letting go of how she has not not taken responsibility for using the power she has to create her reality.

This Venus gate located near the Pleiades suggests additional information is coming in from the Pleiadian Stargate located on the edge of the Sacred Hoop. The vibrational light codes coming in from this area of the sky are helping to further inform the Moon and Venus as they join together to inspire our remembrance of our true power as divine beings.

Seth, the internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher who spoke through author Jane Roberts while she was in trance, coined the phrase “You Create Your Own Reality”. What we believe becomes our reality.

“As I have told you, there is little difference if you believe that your present life is caused by incidents in your early infancy or by past lives over which equally you feel you have no control. Your events, your lives, your experiences, are caused by your present beliefs. Change the beliefs and your life changes.” ~Seth

This helps to remind us that the power to create our reality is based in the present moment and the conscious choices we are making right now. This is a time for releasing the old beliefs that disempower our experience in this reality. One way to experience this is to get up and visually connect with the Moon near Venus in the early morning sky before Sunrise (if you don’t have clear skies you can use the above star map as a stand in). It may also help to ask through meditation or journaling what is ready to be released for the purpose of empowering your co-creative experience in this reality.

June 25, Wednesday. The Moon passes 2° NNW of Aldebaran just after midnight illuminating the mysteries of the mind and the doorway to the silver gate or the place in the sky where souls enter this reality. (See May 1, 2014 archives)

Mars (16 Libra) is opposite Uranus (16 Aries) at 1:25 am. Mars and Uranus are always a dynamic combo and a time to be careful as these two planets are often involved in unexpected events if we need a wake-up call. That is why this combination is often present in accidents. Uranus is the great awakener and with Mars the active masculine force may come the awakening comes through disruption.

With Mars newly into the Libra journey Uranus may bring expanded points of view about how to engage in relationships that are more equal in value and respect.

June 26, Thursday. The Moon occults Mercury (25 Gemini) at 4:56 am though is not visible because of the close proximity to the Sun to both Moon and Mercury. This means Mercury and the Moon are both accessing a direct connection to the source of light and life for this reality. Retrograde Mercury in Gemini being occulted by the Moon is one of the most powerful times to access the deeper meaning or insights found in Crazy Wisdom. These insights are available when we trust our inner guidance even when it makes no logical sense at all.

It is not possible to fully understand what is happening with a middle world consciousness that operates only from logic and reason. These are illogical times – actually assisting us in getting the limits and illusions of logic. That means whatever we logically think we know from a middle world consciousness is most likely an illusion and not that real at all.

There is no greater mystery than this… that we keep seeking reality though, in fact, we are reality.

~ Ramana Maharishi

“Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful.”

~ Seneca the Younger

The Gemini expression of the mind teaches us to take a leap of faith, and jump empty handed into the void beyond all logic and reason, trusting that will ultimately take us to an experience of greatest magic and freedom.

The Moon moves Cancer at 2:06 pm opening the Cancer new Moon window. This is the new Moon closest to the Summer Solstice. (See June 27)

June 27, Friday. The Cancer New Moon (5 Cancer 37) is exact at 1:08 am. Once each year there is a new Moon in Cancer, a time for planting the seeds and visions of how to do home and family in ever evolving, ever growing, ever more nurturing and ever more supportive ways. This is a great time to consider the one action you can take that really supports and nurtures you personally.

This is also a time to consider an action you can take that is designed to nurture your relationship with your beloved others. That might be family members; that might be those in your spiritual community;, that might be those in the town or community you live in, or some other way that you can reach out to do something kind and caring for someone or some others.

When we extend kindness to others, it is a way of extending kindness to ourselves. Similar to “As Within, So Without”. We may not always like what we experience in our external reality but we always have a choice of how we respond. Responding with kindness and caring while also initiating action that is kind and caring, especially in the Cancer New Moon, is a way to affect our external reality and that will in turn affect our internal reality.

June 28, Saturday. Ramadan begins with the siting of the crescent Moon. The Moon is passing 5° S of Jupiter (26 Cancer) at 6:03 pm. When the focus for the Cancer Mysteries is on cooperative self-nurturing first – then the nurturing qualities of the Cancer archetype are expressed in ways that are healthy and not coming from a “giving to get” addiction.

Giving to get is a shadow expression of the Cancer archetype. Jupiter’s journey through this part of the sky has been about re-visioning these mysteries and how they can express in a balanced healthy way.

This includes moving to a paradigm of cooperation, recognizing we are all in this together, and releasing the old paradigm of competition, based in the belief that there is not enough so everyone must get what they can even if it hurts others.

The question is what perspective are we choosing? Even if there are those still choosing a more competitive point of view – if enough people choose to live in harmony with one another – the momentum of that choice will change everything, ultimately dismantling the self-destruction the “every man for himself” patriarchal perspective has fostered.

Jupiter expands our consciousness to envision the greatest possibility of cooperation within ourselves and with each other to perceive new possibilities, new ideas, new thoughts, new information and new energy around these mysteries. It is also important to be willing to take risks and do things in new ways that are intended to enhance growth, optimism, and confidence.

June 29, Sunday. The Moon enters Leo at 1:43 am transmitting the mysteries of radical radiant self-love. To truly love another we must first learn how to love ourselves. Truly successful and satisfying personal love originates from a deep well of self-love.

As the quote to the right here suggests all the kinds of love that we can experience are infused with divinity. Self-love is at the top of the list. The idea of this love coming through the grace of stumbling, the beauty of messing up, through our willingness to love who we are in spite of our imperfection, is profound. Yes, we are “flawed” and at the same time equally “fabulous”. We are human and divine and we’re learning to love it ALL! This learning happens most especially via the messy parts, the challenging, crazy, uncertain parts. Experiencing true personal love in this contest inspires the evolution of life.

Tuning into the Moon over the next couple of days is a great way to access these mysteries as they have expressed in the past and how they are evolving to express now!  It might be helpful to engage in at least one activity a day that is about loving yourself. The list to the right are just a few ideas to get you started.

The Sun (7 Cancer 30) is trine Neptune (7 Pisces 30) at 12:23 am and Venus (7 Gemini) squares Neptune (7 Pisces) at 12:31 pm. This heightens the dreaming energy of Neptune. (See June 9)

June 30, Monday. This month ends with Mars at 18 Libra, Vesta at 21 Libra, and the North Node at 25 Libra very closely conjunct the Divine Feminine Behenian Star Spica at 24 Libra. (see 13 minute audio on Mars, Vesta Spica and North Node in Audio Timings though you must be logged in to the website for this link to show you the paid subscriber content)

With Mars Vesta and the North Node near each other and passing by Spica (Mars and Vesta pass by Spica around July 13)  bringing in the energies of this powerful star as the energy system upgrade continues for planet Earth and all who live here. The past few months this upgrade has been a constant reminder is to practice trust and non-attachment and letting go as we shift to a new way for the sacred masculine to engage in sacred relationship with the sacred feminine.

Spica (High Priestess) is near the ecliptic and in the same zodiacal degree as Arcturus (guardian protector) who can be imagined as working harmoniously together. With Mars and Vesta both here…it is a time for exploring new possibilities and new roles as Priest and Priestess – accomplishing more together than they could possibly imagine accomplishing on their own.

Side Note: The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate recently published new findings on the climatic changes taking place in Earth’s atmosphere. What they found is the Earth’s magnetic field affects climate change more than  previously thought.

For example, the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration was considered to be the main cause of climate change. This new study is finding that magnetic field changes that have taken place over the past century are more important. While it is true that increasing levels of CO2 affect the upper atmosphere and ionosphere the shifts in the magnetic field are also by the bombardment of charged particles. Dr. Ingrid Cnossen from the British Antarctic Survey used computer simulations to compare the effects of both CO2 and the changes in the magnetic field.

While CO2 causes heat to be trapped in the lower atmosphere, it actually cools the upper atmosphere. The simulations show the increase in CO2 over the past 100 years has caused the upper atmosphere to cool about 8 degrees. At the same altitude, changes in the Earth’s magnetic field caused a similar amount of cooling over parts of North America, and caused a warming over other parts of the world, with the strongest warming located over Antarctica.

As I have shared in past Celestial Timings there are similar changes in the magnetic field of all the other planets affecting their weather systems as well. This is due to the way the Earth and our Solar System is currently oriented to the Galactic Center. More to follow on this in the July timings….

2014 June Celestial Timings Template

June 01, Sunday. The Moon passes by Jupiter (20 Cancer 28) at 2:32 am Eastern daylight and enters Leo at 6:43 pm Pacific daylight Time, or 9:43 pm Eastern time.

June 02, Monday. The Moon passes 6° SSW of the Beehive Cluster (7 Leo).

June 03, Tuesday. The Moon is visible approaching the Royal Behenian Star Regulus

June 04, Wednesday. Venus ( 7 Taurus 35) is sextile Neptune (7 Pisces 35) at 6:16 am. The Moon moves into Virgo at 7:20 am passing 5degrees SSW of Regulus meaning the Moon will be visible beyond Regulus tonight.

June 05, Thursday. The Virgo First Quarter Moon (16 Virgo 06) is exact at 1:39 pm.

June 06, Friday. The Sun (15 Gemini 42) sextiles Uranus (15 Aries 42) at 4:20 am. The Moon enters Libra at 7:01 pm.

June 07, Saturday. Mercury (3 Cancer 10) stations retrograde at 4:57 am. The Moon and Mars (11 Libra) at 4:31 pm

June 08, Sunday. The passes 1.8° NNE of Spica around 4 pm. Venus is trine Pluto at 6:38 pm.

June 09, Monday. The Moon moves into Scorpio at 3:38 am. Neptune (07 Pisces 36) stations retrograde at 12:51 pm

June 10, Tuesday. The Moon occults Saturn (18 Scorpio) at 11:30 am.

June 11, Wednesday. The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 8:23 am.

June 12, Thursday. The Moon passes 8° N of Antares (10 Sagittarius) just after midnight Pacific time and the Full Moon (22 Sagittarius 08) is exact at 9:11 pm Pacific. Venus is opposite Saturn at 9:09 pm.

June 13, Friday. Friday the 13th. The Moon moves into Capricorn at 10:04 am.

June 14, Saturday. Mars (12 Libra 46) squares Pluto at 5:34 am. Moon conjunct Pluto (12 Capricorn 46) at 6:43 am.

June 15, Sunday. Happy Father’s Day. The Moon moves into Aquarius at 10:27 am.

June 16, Monday. Retrograde Mercury aligns with the Galactic Cross near the Galactic edge

June 17, Tuesday. Retrograde Mercury reenters Gemini at 3:05 am still very near the center point of Galactic cross. The Moon enters Pisces at 11:26 am.

June 18, Wednesday. The Moon conjuncts Neptune (7 Pisces 35) at 12:05 am. Venus (23 Taurus) sextiles Jupiter (23 Cancer) at 2:16 am.

June 19, Thursday. The Pisces Last Quarter Moon (28 Pisces 24) is exact at 11:39 am and then enters Aries at 2:26 pm. The Sun is conjunct retrograde Mercury (28 Gemini)  at 3:50 PM

June 20, Friday. The Moon catches up to Uranus (16 Aries) at 6:55 pm.

June 21, Saturday. The Sun enters Cancer signaling the exact  June solstice point at 3:51 am. The Moon enters Taurus at 8:03 pm.

June 22, Sunday. Venus is passing by the Pleiades visible tonight.

June 23, Monday. Venus enters Gemini at 5:34 am still visible with the Pleiades within about 6° SSE.

June 24, Tuesday. St. John’s day also celebrated as Midsummer. The Moon passes 7° South of the Pleiades and 1.3° South of Venus at 6:26 am.

June 25, Wednesday. Mars (156 Libra) is opposite Uranus (16 Aries) at 1:25 am.

June 26, Thursday. The Moon occults Mercury (25 Gemini) at 4:56 am though is not visible because of the close proximity to the Sun. The Moon moves Cancer at 2:06 pm.

June 27, Friday. The Cancer New Moon (5 Cancer 37) is exact at 1:08 am

June 28, Saturday. Ramadan begins. The Moon is passing 5° S of Jupiter (26 Cancer) at 6:03 pm.

June 29, Sunday. The Moon enters Leo at 1:43 am. The Sun (7 Cancer 30) is trine Neptune (7 Pisces 30) at 12:23 am and Venus (7 Gemini) squares Neptune (7 Pisces) at 12:31 pm.

June 30, Monday. This month ends with Mars at 18 Libra, Vesta at 21 Libra, and the North Node at 25 Libra very closely conjunct the Divine Feminine Behenian Star Spica at 24 Libra.