Joyfully Be Yourself!

2014 May Celestial Timings PDF with Star Maps and the page with just the Hummingbird Magic Story

Here is another sacred encounter I had in April Gila Monster Medicine

Often with a Grand Cross (the one that was exact on April 23) comes a Grand Trine or a Star Tetrahedron (a.k.a Star of David). This month features both! This is a reformulation of what we had in July of last year. (See May 3, 7, 9, 14, 22 and 24 and also pay attention to the days when the Moon is in Earth and Water Signs) There is also an archive of the Star Tetrahedron class Lauren and I recorded last year worth listening to again.

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Visible Evening Planets are Jupiter, and Mars, with Mercury low in the evening sky from May 4 to June 10. Mercury is also going Out of Bounds or beyond the boundaries of the Sun on May 11 until June 5. Saturn is technically moving from the morning sky to the evening sky on May 10 but actually begins the month of May rising around 8:30 pm local. Venus is still visible in the morning sky and will pass through the fourth gate, heart chakra on May 25. (Adjust the times on images to the right one hour later as these times are calculated for Standard Time)

This is also the link to the written version of Jupiter with Sirius I did back in January of this year. Paid Subscribers must be logged in to see this content. Jupiter with Sirius January 5

Plus this is the month of Beltane or the seasonal cross-quarter between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. The word Beltane means ‘bright fire’ or ‘lucky fire’ and in the Celtic seasonal year, Beltane celebrates the start of summer. In ancient traditions this was a time when all the fires were extinguished on the Eve of Beltane and new fires were lit at Beltane sunrise. Often these fires were lit on the hills and in the Standing Stone Circles or Stone Rings found on hilltops.

Astrological Beltane occurs on May 5 when the Sun reaches 15 degrees Taurus, marking the original High Holy Day. Many ancient Celtic traditions began their celebration of Beltane on the Full Moon or New Moon nearest astrological Beltane, and often the celebrations lasted until the next Full or New Moon over a two-week period. The New Moon Eclipse on April 28 was the Beltane New Moon and the Full Moon on May 14 is the Beltane Full Moon.

I posted a magical personal Beltane experience HERE that helps to further explain the quote – Joyfully Be Yourself!
Plus I have another story to share that just happened…

In the Window of the Exact Grand Cross…as I was putting together the May Timings a Hummingbird appeared on the sidewalk in front of my sliding glass door. It was obviously stunned with wings outstretched. It seemed to be convulsing and I wondered if it was dying?

I sat beside this tiny creature and started speaking healing prayers and sending Reiki energy – either for recovery or to help it transition. I wasn’t attached to the result. I just wanted to be supportive for whatever was happening.

As I sat down beside it, the hummingbird fell or tipped forward and was resting on its little beak. If it wasn’t for the quivering in its little body and seeing the eyes blinking I would have thought it was dead.

Peter did an internet search and discovered that sometimes giving sugar water to a stunned hummingbird can help it recover. So he mixed some up and brought it to me while I maintained my vigil.

When the sugar water arrived, I placed the bowl under her beak but that didn’t seem to do anything so I put some on my finger and touched it to her beak. The moment I touched her beak she quickly pulled her wings into her body as seen in the picture here. The sudden movement startled me but ultimately I was delighted she had responded.

A few more minutes passed, she suddenly simply took off and flew up to a tree about 15 feet away where she sat for another 10 minutes or so before flying away. You can see her sitting in the tree in the picture below.

This was an amazing experience to sit so closely to a hummingbird and to be witness to her recovery and in a way her resurrection. The reason I mention this is because I read somewhere that the hummingbird is a symbol of resurrection in the Andes Mountains of South America. The reason for this understanding is that hummingbirds seemingly become lifeless on cold nights and then return to life with the warmth of the rising Sun.

Essentially the Hummingbird is hibernating for the night, lowering its body temperature, and going into a dormant state. In this way the hummingbird is teaching us the importance of getting the rest we need and the importance of taking down time to regenerate. This was an incredibly timely message that was not lost on me as I can always use more of that.

Having such a close encounter with this magical being I knew there was a message for me to share in connection to Beltane. I realized the message was mostly about Joy as that is the special medicine of Hummingbirds.

So I went to my “go to” book, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, and learned that these tiny birds get their name from the hum or vibration that is created by the rapid beat of their wings and that their wings actually move in a figure 8 pattern – linking the infinity symbol of the past and future to our present moment.

Humming is actually a great way to balance the brain and support internal health and wellbeing. In a way the Hummingbird is reminding us to notice the joy around us and then sing it out or find a way to give it voice. Synchronistically, as my hummingbird encounter happened within the context of the Venus ceremonial Journey through the Chakra Gates – this Hummingbird showed up at my door as Venus and the Moon were getting ready to conjunct at the Throat Chakra, a.k.a as the 5th chakra, having to do with our voice.

In addition to that, our 6th Chakra or Brow Chakra meditation last month focused on the third eye and using the full spectrum of light to heal. One of the ways I suggested to connect to this light was to gaze on the full spectrum of light seen in rainbows including those we see in the sky, or in water fountains, or refracted through crystals. Most hummingbirds have iridescent rainbow colors in their feathers and they collect nectar from variety of colored flowers so that suggests they have a strong connection to the magic of the colorful Rainbow and some tribal cultures consider them to be bringers of rain.

My hummingbird encounter felt like another installment of 6th chakra rainbow Venus magic I was already experiencing. There is another magical story about a cave, the circle of grandmothers and an unexpected double rainbow located HERE. Also worth noting is one of the women in our Venus Tele-class posted her own magical story about her encounter with a hummingbird last month that also featured a double rainbow confirming that magic is everywhere when we are open to it!

So… if you haven’t signed-up yet and are interested in participating with the ceremonial Venus magic we have been creating with a truly amazing and present ceremonial group container…the details and sign-up is HERE. The transformation and shifts have been beyond what we could have imagined for the group and I am so grateful.

Returning to the Throat Chakra, it turns out that hummingbirds with their long bills or beaks and tongues have the ability to extract nectar from flowers while also helping to pollinate the flowers. Without flowers hummingbirds could not live and without hummingbirds many flowers would not get pollinated. This is a cause and effect relationship where both need each other to exist. So again, we are reminded that we are all in this together.

Plus, the hummingbird’s ability to gather nectar speaks to the significance of the ‘nectar’ or ‘sweetness’ of life and the importance of being willing to experience this joyous sweetness. In fact, it is vital and necessary for feeding our own souls.

The beauty, color, fragrance and herbal qualities of flowers are healing as the Hummingbird well knows.  That is why the hummingbird is able to teach us about the healing nectar that becomes our healing medicines such as flower essences and essential oils.

Hummingbirds fly everywhere they go. They cannot walk or hop but they can fly in every possible direction including backwards, something no other bird can do. This means they can explore the past to extract the nectar or gifts available from the past as well as in all the other multi-dimensional realms of time and space.

They can take off at high speed and then stop immediately mid-flight. These brave little birds are fierce warriors, unafraid of predators and according to Animal Speak have even been known to chase away eagles. They also chase each other as if fighting one another so they have gained a reputation for being warrior birds. However, researchers now feel that this aggressive behavior is more for exercise and fun than serious warfare.

It is true these little birds love their freedom and they love to be alone unless of course it is mating season. Once mating has completed, males do not help raise the young. The mothers are on their own for that. Usually the mother hummingbird lays two eggs in her unique but well-designed nest. This reminds us to pay attention to our environment. Do we need to clean up our space and bring more color and joy into our home? I know I do!

Ted Andrews reminds us that the hummingbird “is a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible. It will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances.”

This brings me back to the Beltane message I was working on before I encountered the hummingbird at my door.

Joyfully BE Yourself!

Messages from Hummingbird through key words and phrases

  • Good Luck Messenger
  • Healer – taking our prayers to the Creator
  • Joy is our natural birthright
  • Gratitude, Magic, Love, Honesty, Freedom, Playfulness
  • Healing the past to more joyfully live in the present
  • Inter-dimensional travel (soul travel)

Stars worth noting in the May Night Sky
Prominent this month is the constellation of the Virgin Priestess (a.k.a. Virgo) containing seven main stars. The most visible star in this group is the bright bluish white star Spica. Mars is stationing direct on May 19 with Porrima, the star of prophecy, in the Virgin Priestess. See the Star Map.

Higher in the sky and a bit to the right of Spica is the star Denebola marking the lion’s tail in the constellation also known as Leo.

If you follow a direct line from Spica to the upper left you will see the bright red star Arcturus. These three stars Arcturus, Denebola, and Spica form what is sometimes called the Spring Triangle best viewed from April to June.

Plus, we have the perfect 30-60-90 degree triangle formed by Arcturus, as shown in the star map below. There are sacred sites around the world that are aligned with certain stars. The Washington, D.C. capitol is one (it is primarily aligned with Sirius), as is Rennes-le-Chateau, in France, and many other sites around the world.

As we begin May Jupiter is still within a degree of an exact alignment with Sirius. This won’t happen again for 12 years. See the Audio on Sirius along with a meditation or go to the Audio Timings and click on the first post titled Audio Celestial Timings for Paid Subscribers. Either way you will need to be logged into the Celestial Timings website for this link to work or for the Audio Timings for Paid Subscribers to show up… and then scroll down the Page. More on Jupiter with Sirius January 5

The Stellar Triangle – a perfect 30-60-90 degree right triangle – includes Regulus, Spica (in the constellation of the Virgin Priestess) and Arcturus (in the constellation of Bootes). Mars and Vesta stationed retrograde with near Spica in March and the North Node is still located near here for all of May not leaving this area of the sky beyond 6 degrees until late August when the Sun comes along to activate this Stellar Triangle.

This means tuning into these stars is well worth our while over the next few months as Mars and Vesta along with the North Node located here is amping up the lights codes from Spica and Arcturus. Once each month the Moon illuminates Regulus and a few days later passes by Spica further energizing the lights codes from these stars. (see Audios for Paid Subscribers for more details about this extraordinary timing)

2014 May Daily Celestial Timings (all times are Pacific Daylight Time unless otherwise noted)

May 1, Thursday.  May Day, Beltane. (see intro and more about Beltane HERE)  The waxing crescent Moon passes 2.2 degrees NNE of Aldebaran (10 Gemini) at 3:00 pm. That means looking west the Moon is above Aldebaran. Many ancient cultures saw this place in the sky, where Aldebaran is located as the key to Silver Gate where souls enter this dimensional realm. (The Golden Gate is near Galactic Center- see May 31).

Aldebaran, is the eye of the Bull and one of the four royal stars also linked with Archangel Michael. The Moon near Aldebaran transmits the codes for activating this Behenian Star that is also the key to the Silver Gate. (see May 15)

The Silver and Golden Gate…
The Golden Gate is at the point where the ecliptic crosses the Milky Way, just near Galactic Centre (GC); the part of the sky which was of great interest to the Mayan people. At the other end of the Milky Way, the Silver Gate is above Orion, at the centre of the Duat; the Egyptian Netherworld which was represented on the ground in the Giza area.

The ancient Greeks, who received much of their knowledge from Egypt, believed that souls reside in the Milky Way between incarnations, and that there are 2 “gates” on the Milky Way.

These are the Silver Gate of Gemini, through which souls descend to earth, and the Golden Gate of Sagittarius, through which souls ascend. Other versions say the souls of men (humans) can ascend by either gate, but that the Silver Gate leads to reincarnation and the ancestors, and the Golden Gate leads beyond reincarnation. The Golden Gate is also that through which the Gods descend. http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/7.htm

May 2, Friday.  Mercury (20 Taurus 36) opposite Saturn (20 Scorpio 36) at 5:56 pm. Messenger Mercury is providing Saturn with information and insights designed to creatively assist the intent of Saturn to move beyond the current limits, beliefs and boundaries that have restricted our ability to access powerful, fully alive life force energy. (See May 10)

Venus moves into Aries at 6:21 pm traveling through Aries until May 28. Venus in Aries is a time when the fierce Solar Feminine is taking action to further the cause or mission she is passionate about furthering. This includes committing to creating a life worth living. Venus in Aries asks:

What kind-of-life are you committed to creating? What kind of inspired action are you willing to engage to create that life?  What – if any – beliefs and traumas are standing in the way of you taking action? Are you willing to forgive yourself and others to heal the trauma while also letting go of any judgments of self and others that limit your experience? Are you willingly to courageously take responsibility and do the forgiveness work necessary to co-create the life you most desire?

A Course in Miracles says, “There can be no form of suffering that fails to hide an unforgiving thought. Nor can there be a form of pain which forgiveness cannot heal.”

The waxing crescent Moon moves into Cancer at 11:13 pm on the Galactic Cross and the Galactic Edge transmitting the entirety of the Cancer mysteries over the last 26,000 years. Cancer asks: How can I engage in home, family and customs in ways that are loving, kind, and supportive so that everyone feels safe to share the gifts of who they are helping to mend the Sacred Hoop of life?

May 3, Saturday. The Sun (13 Taurus 29) trines Pluto (13 Capricorn 29) at 5:37 pm. Pluto trine the Sun is part of the ongoing alchemical portal of possibilities that began when Pluto went retrograde on April 14. Pluto is always trine the Sun just after it goes retrograde or just before it goes direct. That means Pluto will again be trine the Sun on September 3 going direct on September 22 of this year.

The alchemy the Sun is further illuminating the dissolution of the old shadow elements that have interfered with humanity’s awakening. This Timing accelerates the process of transformation when we willingly surrender to what IS. Carl Jung reminded us that what we resist will persist. Acceptance and allowing are powerful ways to participate in the process of transformation.

May 4, Sunday.  Eta Aquarids, are favorable after the First Quarter Moon sets around mid-night. This year the most meteors will most likely occur on May 6, in the hours before dawn though watching on May 4, 5 and 7 is also worthwhile!

The greatest number of meteors are expected before dawn. In the northern U.S. and Canada, or northern Europe – the meteor numbers are much fewer. In the southern half of the U.S., up to 10 to 20 meteors per hour may be visible under a dark sky.

In the Southern Hemisphere – the meteor numbers increase dramatically, perhaps two to three times the number in the Northern Hemisphere. For the most part, this is a predawn shower. The radiant for this shower appears in the east-southeast at about 4 a.m. local time and the hour or two before dawn offers the most meteors. http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide

The waxing crescent Moon passes 5.4 degrees S of Jupiter (15 Cancer 30) at 5:51 am. Jupiter expands the energy of the Cancer mysteries now dedicated to bringing through the new healthier ways to do home and family. Expansive Jupiter reminds us that our needs are met each day when we trust the divine unfolding and that indeed we do live in an abundant world where there is plenty for everyone when we are willing to love and care for the Earth Mother as she in turn loves and cares for us. Jupiter is still aligned with Sirius so be sure to check out the Audios on Sirius and Jupiter with Sirius January 5.

May 5, Monday. Cinco de Mayo is a day celebrated in remembrance of Mexico’s 1862 historic battle for freedom. Plus, today is also the exact Astrological Solar Beltane when the Sun crosses 15 Taurus (around 6:47 am Pacific Time) marking the exact half way point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.

The ancient Celts celebrated Beltane as an in-between time – a time to more easily step into a magical co-creative space that is connected with beauty, pleasure and enjoying the abundance of life.

When we are celebrating life with joy and gratitude we are connected to Source and able to receive the generous provisions that fulfill all our needs and desires. The more genuinely grateful we are the more available this abundance is for us because we are open to receiving it.

The waxing Moon passes 11.9 degrees South of Pollux at 2:00 am and enters Leo at 10:56 am. The twin stars Castor (20 Cancer) and Pollux (20 Cancer) mark the outside rim of the Sacred Hoop. This means the Moon is moving out of the Hoop and headed toward the Lion as it passes through the Crab and by the Beehive cluster.

May 6, Tuesday. The Sun (15 Taurus 48) sextiles Jupiter (15 Cancer 48) at 2:54 am. Whenever the Sun is sextile an outer planet that planet is always in direct motion. At this time Jupiter is in the last phase of its journey through Cancer and will be entering Leo in July. Sextile the Sun in Taurus these expansive Cancer mysteries are a reminder of the importance of pleasure that is possible when we are enjoying and savoring our family connections.

The First Quarter Moon (16 Leo 30) is exact at 8:15 pm. Any First Quarter Moon is a good time to take committed action and when in Leo it is about taking the kind of action that supports a quantum leap in living and experiencing inspired radical self-love.

This is not the kind of self-love that is inconsiderate of others, but rather is so charismatic in ways that inspires others to also see themselves through the eyes of healthy self-love.

Alta Aquarid meteors are most active tonight see May 5.

May 7, Wednesday. The Sun (16 Taurus 54) sextiles Chiron (16 Pisces 54) at 6:03 am illuminating the shamanic healing power of Chiron, to help us heal the wounds that are ours to heal. This is also activating the Grand Trine and Star Tetrahedron that will be exact on May 9.

Mercury moves into Gemini at 7:56 am, passing 2.5 degrees SSE of the Pleiades at 5:00 pm while the waxing Moon passes 4.9 degrees SSW of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 4:00 am(see May 9) The Moon is amplifying the light codes and energy coming from this royal star, watcher of the North and symbol for Archangel Raphael.

Howard Reynolds a facilitator of Mayan journeys says…The Mayans believe that we first must be conscious of our connections to the Stars.  We are children of the Milky Way and our Greater Lighted Self travels through the Heavens. It is a reclaiming and remembering of our Galactic heritage that will expand our perceptions to include All That We Are.  Each person acts as a dynamic fulcrum stretching and opening to be the Divine Conduit between Heaven and Earth. It is only when we can embody the Mother and the Father within that we become whole and can move forward to do our Soul’s work. howru@prodigy.net

The ancient Mayans were attuned to many levels of tracking time through their various calendars and pyramids.  The Pyramid of Kukulcan (the serpent or snake) at Chichen Itza was built to track not only solstices and equinoxes but the time when the Sun would conjunct or oppose the Pleiades, known as Tzab or rattle of the Snake, on the Solar Zenith Day of No Shadows (May 20). By calibrating the movement of the Pleiades on the zenith at mid-night or the opposite point now occurring in November the Mayans knew when the Sun was conjunct the Pleiades in May.

The date of the Sun Zenith passage occurs on the same day each year at the different latitudes where this can happen. For example the zenith-passage date at Teotihuacan is May 17 (this is a seasonal alignment takes thousands of years to shift). This means the Sun with the Pleiades at the zenith occurred in that location early in the 1800’s. At Chichen Itza the zenith passage is May 20th and is currently aligned with the Pleiades. This is the cross-check that lets us know we are indeed at the turning of a 26,000 year cycle.

So not only does Kukulcan have a serpent of light that is illuminated on the northern part of the pyramid at the equinoxes we also have the rattle of the snake, Tzab (or the Pleiades), aligning with Kukulcan on May 20th at the zenith. The Sun illuminating the Pleiadian stargate at the zenith point suggests this is an important doorway that is now open. Today Mercury is with the Pleiades and the Sun will catch up here on May 20th.

May 8, Thursday.  The North Node is hanging out around 28 Libra all month in the vicinity of Spica and Arcturus. (See Audios on the North Node, Mars and Spica) Plus, the eclipses have been occurring in this area of the Sky especially the Total Lunar Eclipse last month. The summary of what this means is that Humanity’s destiny is focused on creating conscious equal partnership with ALL life and especially between the Masculine and Feminine Principle.

On Feb 18 of this year The North Node entered Libra and the South Node entered Aries. The last time the North Node entered Libra and the South Node entered Aries was Aug 1, 1995 about 19 years ago. The Nodes will travel through Libra/Aries until November 12, 2015 entering Virgo/Pisces on November 13, 2015.

If you born within the dates below you are entering a Nodal Return magical window to realign or take your personal destiny to the next octave.

Feb 08 1921 to Aug 22 1922 NN Libra
Jan 01 1940 to May 24 1941 NN Libra
Jun 17 1958 to Dec 15 1959 NN Libra
Jun 08 1977 to Jul 05 1978 NN Libra
Aug 01 1995 to Jan 25 1997 NN Libra
Feb 19 2014 to Nov 12 2015 NN Libra


If you were born within the dates below you are entering a Nodal Reversal and are in a window of time to recalibrate the past so it serves your personal destiny.

Jul 08 1930 to Dec 28 1931 NN Aries
Jan 27 1949 to Jul 26 1950 NN Aries
Aug 20 1967 to Apr 19 1969 NN Aries
Apr 07 1986 to Dec 02 1987 NN Aries
Dec 27 2004 to Jun 22 2006 NN Aries
Jul 19 2023 to Jan 11 2024 NN Aries

May 9, Friday.  Another Star of David or Star Tetrahedron Forms Briefly. The Star Tetrahedron is a potent sacred geometry symbol opening a celestial portal between Heaven and Earth – further awakening this sacred geometry in our DNA. In the same way crop circle symbols help activate these symbolic codes in our DNA, the sacred geometry of the planets also activates what is encoded within us. This is a critical time to engage ceremonially with intent to expand our awareness to embrace the greatest possibility of experiencing the magic of who we are. (see audios for more details)

Mercury (5 Gemini) is visible between the Pleiades and Aldebaran and will catch up to Jupiter in the next few weeks. The Pleiades mark the outer edge of the Sacred Hoop and Aldebaran is inside the Sacred Hoop. See May 7 for more on the Pleiades and Mercury.

Mercury in Gemini is the trickster sometimes seen as Kokopeli, or Thoth, or Hermes – all bringers of news and information – all acting as a guardian of the crossroads that would lead to the secret knowledge of the Emerald Tablets.

These tablets are a way to access the Galactic Records. Some say when the secret knowledge of the Emerald Tablets is fully understood it will forever change our perception and experience of reality. So tuning into Mercury traveling through this area of the Sky is a great way to discover what messages these records have for you.

May 10, Saturday. Astronomy Day. “Bringing Astronomy to the People” You can find out about special local events by contacting your local astronomy club or planetarium.

The waxing Moon moves into Libra at 10:19 am transmitting the mysteries of conscious equal partnership. How we partner with ourselves and how we partner with others. Libra reminds us we are all in this together so it is essential we learn how to partner with each other and with life.

The Sun (20 Taurus 01) is opposite retrograde Saturn (20 Scorpio 01) at 11:28 am so Saturn is also at perigee or closest to the Earth at 12:37 pm.  The Sun illuminating the journey of Saturn through Scorpio further activates the new form of Scorpio coming on-line at this time free from the patriarchal judgments that have led to the repression of Scorpio including the attempts to annihilate this archetype over the centuries including the burning times.

To create a new form for Scorpio, the old wounds and betrayals of this archetype must be forgiven. The grievances must be released and let go. This is often a challenging task for Scorpio when we consider one of the shadow expressions for Scorpio can be expressed through revenge.

However, revenge only begets more of the same energy. It is important to remember that one of the primary teachings of Scorpio is to let go, surrender, and be willing to forgive the unforgiveable. This is actually the key to accessing even greater power and life force for Scorpio.

This is why the first most essential way to begin this process is through the willingness to release and let go of any violation you may have experienced. Being willing doesn’t mean you automatically let go, it means you are willing to let go. Hanging onto the pain, the betrayal, the unfairness of whatever may have happened in the past keeps you at the effect of those events and separate from the healing power of love.

It may help to remember that by forgiving yourself and others it does not excuse or deny what has happened. It does recognize, however, that you are powerless to change the events that have already occurred and you are willing to empower yourself through forgiveness. You cannot un-ring the bell once it has been rung.

Forgiveness helps us to change the way we look at things and then the whole world around us changes. One way to assist the forgiveness process is to look for the gifts the situation or person has brought to you. This may help you find the forgiveness process that works for you, as genuine forgiveness engages all aspects of your being, the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual parts of yourself.

This is the type of forgiveness that is deeply felt within your entire being as a result of being willing to deeply feel, acknowledge and transform all the most angry, hurt and painful feelings. This can take time and that is okay, because essential a genuine forgiveness experience includes no longer being in denial or pretending it didn’t happen as that only gives greater power to the unacknowledged pain.

This is why genuine forgiveness includes being willing to feel and transform the pain of whatever unfair experience or violation has happened. It is important to remember this does not mean you have to have contact with the person or go back into the situation – to have a genuine forgiveness experience. However, it does help to be willing to see, acknowledge and take responsibility for your part as co-creator. This is perhaps one of the most empowering acts that a person can ever engage as a way to connect fully with the infinite divine power that is the essence of this universe. (Here is help with your forgiveness journey through Radical Forgiveneness)

May 11, Sunday. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms in all their forms.

Arise then women of this day! Arise, all women who have hearts!…Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn all we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience. We, the women of one country, will be too tender to those of another country to allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs.” – Julia Ward Howe creator of Mother’s Day. Awakening Planetary Motherhood

Mother’s day celebrations have origins reaching back through time honoring the Great Mother Goddess in her many forms. More recently Christian traditions honor the mother principle through Mary the mother of Jesus. In current times 46 countries celebrate some version of Mother’s day. Today reminds us to take moment to honor and acknowledge our earthly mother’s for the sacrifices they have made to give us life and support our growth and even if not perfect they were doing the best they knew how to do.

Venus (9 Aries 31) opposite retrograde Mars (9 Libra 31) at 2:27 am. Venus opposite Mars is like a Full Moon effect, only instead of the Sun and the Moon, it is Venus and Mars or the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine looking across the circle and seeing each other clearly. Venus is rising in the East before dawn as Mars sets in the West.

Venus in Aries is the Solar Feminine fierce warrior who is willing to commit to whatever it takes to create a conscious equal relationship with her masculine counterpart. Mars in Libra is fascinated by the strength of Venus in Aries and longs to create a conscious relationship with her even if it feels intimidating at first.

The waxing Moon passes 2.8 degrees SSW of Mars (9 Libra 30) at 4:22 am. With Venus and Mars opposite each other – Grandmother Moon is supporting Mars in getting clarity about how to take the next step on his quest to consciously engage the divine feminine in a brand new more respectful and supportive way for them both.

Mercury (7 Gemini) goes Out Beyond the Boundaries of the Sun (a.k.a. Mercury Out of Bounds or OOB) from now until June 5 (3 Cancer) setting up the energy for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde that begins June 7 and also reaches an exact square to Neptune (7 Pisces 22) at 5:34 am adding to the other worldly effect that happens when Mercury is Out of Bounds and more wild and unpredictable than usual. (see May 13)

May 12, Monday. Mercury (9 Gemini) is trine retrograde Mars (9 Libra) at 9:02 am and Mercury is passing 7.6 degrees NNW of Aldebaran at 5:00 pm.

The waxing Moon passes 1.7 degrees NNE of Spica at 11:00 am meaning it will be visible beyond Spica at Moon rise tonight. Moon with Spica is part of the ongoing connection with Mars and Spica – as well as Mars and Vesta who went retrograde the day after Mars both with the North Node back in March.

Vesta is traveling with Mars until the end of July. This continues to speak to the dance of partnership between the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine coming together in new ways that are aligned with our future destiny. (See audio on Mars, Spica, Vesta and NN)

May 13, Tuesday. Mercury (11 Gemini) still near Aldebaran will reach its furthest OOB point on May 22. That means Mercury is rising and setting further North than the Sun rises and sets during the June Solstice Time. When a planet moves outside the boundaries of where the Sun rises it adds an additional wild card factor to its energy. Mercury in Gemini is already an active coyote energy – a noted teacher of hidden wisdom, often describe as Crazy Wisdom, this is wisdom that often comes from humor and can take us by surprise showing up as trickster when the joke is on us.

These next few weeks with Mercury OOB (Out of Bounds) and going retrograde – it is an important time to Pay attention to the messages coming from unexpected sources, that may not make sense or may even feel paradoxical. Being willing to see the humor and being willing to NOT take anything too personally will be hugely helpful.

May 14, Wednesday.  Lunar Beltane. The waxing Full Moon occults Saturn passing .56 degrees S of Saturn (19 Scorpio 44) at 5:02 am as the next installment of the series of occultations of the Moon over Saturn this year magnifying and accelerating the potency of this Beltane Full Moon. This is visible in Australia and New Zealand.

The exact Full Moon (23 Scorpio 55) is at 12:16 pm. That means when the Moon rises around 9 pm (depending on your horizon line and time zone – it rises around 8 pm Arizona Time) it will already have started to wane ever so slightly. Many Native American Tribes thought of this as the Full Flower Moon due to the abundance of blooming spring flowers. This Moon has also been known as the Full Corn Planting Moon as for many native tribes this is the season for planting corn.

In this Full Moon activation Jupiter (17 Cancer 07) is also trine Chiron (17 Pisces 07) at 12:28 am and is part of powerful Grand Trine with Saturn and the Full Moon in Scorpio. The Shamanic Healer Chiron and dreamy Neptune are in Pisces the realm of the mystic dreamer. Expansive Jupiter is in Cancer the realm of the Divine Mother and the authority on structure and form Saturn is in Scorpio.

The Full Moon Rising in Scorpio is a powerful transmitter of the Scorpio lineage now finding new forms to express its passionate aliveness. Scorpio reminds us we are co-creating our reality through what we feel most strongly, what feels most alive, exciting and has the most energy for us, as that is the best guide for deciding what actions to take.

In a Grand Trine, Full Moon, at Lunar Beltane it may be helpful to spend time with water. Hang out near a fountain, pond, lake, stream, or ocean whatever is handy! Take an Epsom Salt bath, go swimming or wading, drink lots of water. Do a water prayer. See your body as a sacred chalice being filled to overflowing with nourishing healing water. Imagine this liquid light filling your entire being as it supports you and your heartfelt intentions. Imagine this abundant overflow is providing you with more than enough so that you can give the gifts that are yours to give, while being continually replenished and renewed. AND so IT IS!

Venus (13 Aries 22) squares Pluto (13 Capricorn 22) at 10:50 am. This reminds us that the Grand Water Trine Full Moon is still within the context of the Grand Cross and now Venus has joined the party. Retrograde Mars is at 9 Libra and Jupiter is both part of the Cross and the Grand Trine.

May 15, Thursday. Venus passes 1.2 degrees SSE of Uranus (14 Aries 49) at 4:54 pm. Uranus catalyzes unusual events that are intended to bring evolutionary change. Venus and Uranus together represent the possibility for further dislocating the old hierarchical, patriarchal assemblage point.

Venus in Aries with Uranus links with the story of Sekhmet who catalyzed revolutionary change as a fierce warrior Solar Goddess killing off the old ways that were no longer sustainable. We are in a similar time when the old regimes and control programs are failing because they are no longer sustainable. How can we support this process of radical change so it helps us to create a Beautiful New World?

The waning still very Full Moon passes 8 degrees N of Antares (10 Sagittarius) at 6:00 pm activating the Heart Star of the Scorpion and the Golden Gate. The Moon rises around 10 pm for those in Daylight time. (see May 1 and May 31)

May 16, Friday. Venus (16 Aries) is now as far from the Sun as she will get in her morning star appearance (a.k.a. Aphelion) at 6:00 am. Plus Venus and Vesta (16 Libra) are exactly opposite each other 11:15 am tomorrow though very closely opposite today. Oppositions are similar to a Full Moon when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other. This suggests the fiery Aries Goddess is having an opportunity to mentor or consult with Vesta who is the High Priestess, in ways that the Aries Goddess can see and understand. When Aries is 100% committed to cause she will use every bit of courage and strength to fulfill her mission.

In this case, the Aries Warrior Protector Goddess is supporting the birth of a Beautiful New Earth that is founded in sacred relating to each other, life in general, and to the Earth. Vesta and Venus together are entering into sacred ceremony to further energize this intention.

May 17, Saturday.  The waning Moon on the Galactic Cross as it moves into Capricorn at 1:12 am. Note the yellow lines in the star Map and how the Moon is above the exact crossing point. The Sun at the December Solstice rises right on the Cross. So if you see the Moon coming up just around 11:20 pm you will see it very close to this exact cross.

Mercury (17 Gemini 14) squares Chiron (17 Pisces 14) at 7:14 am.  The OOB Mercury is accessing the Shamanic Healer Chiron for the possibility of profound shamanic healing that is outside the boundaries of our ordinary reality.

May 18, Sunday.  The waning Moon passes 2.6 degrees NNW of Pluto (13 Capricorn 19) at 1:00 am as the Moon reaches perigee (closest to the Earth) at 4:57 am.

When the Moon passes Pluto activating that part of the Grand Cross it is likely we might get a chance to face our FEAR at yet a deeper level. This article by Dr Phil describes a four letter “F” word (FEAR) that is the “motivation behind a shockingly high percentage of the life choices” most people make. Some interesting questions posed were:

…what if you spend the next decade in some boring, dead-end job because you’re afraid nobody else will hire you to do something you love? Do you continue to live with someone who mistreats you because you’re afraid to be on your own? Do you make safe choices even if they’re not what you really want because you fear you can’t do better?

He goes onto say that as a culture we are at the effect of a Fear Paralysis epidemic and to get beyond it we must be willing to look deeply at what is driving our choices. He suggests making a list of the top seven decisions you have made in your life and with as much truth as possible to pose these questions:

Were you moving toward something you wanted or away from an alternative that scared you? Were you afraid that if you reached for your true desires, you’d end up falling short?

Trying and failing means the world has rejected you and your efforts, and rejection is our number one fear. But living—really living—is about taking chances, so what a shame if you never conquered your fears.

I can add to this saying that one of the ways I got over my terror of speaking in front of others was to always say yes when I was asked to share. I was willing to step outside my comfort zone even though I was terrified. When speaking or teaching or sharing I often felt heart pounding, sweaty, “I am not going to survive this” type of fear, but I did it anyway and I got through it and after a few years (yes it really took a few years) the panic was less and I started to gain some confidence.

Ultimately I was willing to face that fear in small doses and that helped me gain confidence to try bigger doses, until I am now finally able to speak in front of others without feeling like I am going to pass out from panic and fear. I do still get nervous but I no longer feel like my very life is threatened. What is important about this is there is no one size fits all for facing out fears. For some it is about taking a BIG leap and just doing it anyway and for others it is about taking small steps. Today is a good day to consider what fear you are ready to face, embrace and transform and what steps can you take that will help you do that? Here is the rest of Dr Phil’s article


Venus (17 Aries 52) squares Jupiter (17 Cancer 52) at 8:31 am connecting with what is now the latest degree planet from last month’s exact Grand Cross. Jupiter has been expanding the mysteries of how we do home and family in new sustainable, nurturing ways creating a safe space for everyone to bring forth their talents and abilities so we have the full spectrum of the Sacred Hoop.

May 19, Monday.  Mars (9 Libra 02) stations direct at 6:32 pm creating a Still Point shift for the masculine principle. This pause is occurring near the fixed star Porrima (10 Libra), in the constellation of the Virgin Priestess, known as the star of prophecy. In ancient times the prophetic priestesses were highly revered.

In 1982, the last time Mars stationed direct in this area of the sky it reached its station point on May 11 at Zero Libra marking the September Equinox point between the tail of Lion (a.k.a Denebola) and the Head of the Virgin Priestess. Now Mars is stationing with the star of prophecy. This suggests that a new prophetic and visionary way of engaging conscious equal partnership between the masculine and feminine principle is more possible than ever.

In addition to stationing with Porrima, Mars is also within 5 degrees of Vesta. Both Mars and Vesta have been traveling in Libra since last December and remain together until the end of July. Plus the North Node is also in Libra pointing to humanity’s destiny at this time. These are powerful cosmic symbols heralding the end of hierarchal patriarchy and the beginning of a new era where equally valued conscious relationship is energized at yet another octave for both the masculine and feminine principle. (See audio on Mars, Vesta, and NN in Libra)

May 20, Tuesday.  The Sun is with the Pleiades as it enters Gemini at 7:59 pm tonight traveling through this zone of the sky (inside the Sacred Hoop) for the next couple of months. On June 21 the Sun reaches the Galactic Cross and the Solstice point of zero Cancer at 3:51 am Pacific Time.

The Sun in Gemini illuminates the mysteries of the coyote trickster who operates beyond rational, linear, logic, seeing the humor in life and fully enjoying the cosmic joke. This youthful, playful energy works its magic through the transformative power of crazy wisdom that is uncontrived, natural, flowing, and spontaneous. Crazy wisdom operates beyond duality, beyond right or wrong, good or bad, beyond hope and fear, beyond yes or no because it has transcended the limits of dualistic reality. Crazy Wisdom then uses contradiction to “alchemically transform any lingering resistance to waking up into pristine play.”  Steve Goodman, professor of Asian studies

From now until June 21 we have an opportunity to engage the mysteries of ‘crazy wisdom’ that help us to naturally co-create a Beautiful New Earth based in the wisdom of fun, creativity, alchemy, and magic.

The annual conjunction of the Sun with the Pleiades opens a portal to even more galactic possibilities. Jose Diaz Bolio, a noted Mayan researcher, links the Pleiades with the rattle of the snake. He has found that the Mayan Yucateca symbol for the rattlesnake has a three-dot marking in a circle. This is also the symbol for the Sun or solar Ahau.

This symbol combines the Sun with the Pleiades (or Tzab) as an indicator of the importance of the Sun/Pleiades/Zenith alignment happening today at Chichen Itza placing the Sun with the Pleiades at the top of the pyramid mid-day open the portal or stargate.

This then is further confirmation about the importance of this alignment on what the Mayan’s refer to as the “day of no shadows”.  The Sun with the Pleiades at the zenith can only happen for about 72 to 144 years once in every 26,000 year precessional cycle suggesting that one of the primary reasons Kukulkan was built was to act as precessional alarm clock alerting us to the importance of this time. This information is adapted from John Major Jenkins’ work and more information is available in his books. (See May 7)

 May 21, Wednesday. The Last Quarter Moon (0 Pisces 24) is exact at 5:59 am and passes 4.7 degrees NNW of Neptune (7 Pisces 30) at 11:00 pm. The Last Quarter Moon is a time to reflect and synthesize. When Neptune is with this Moon phase it is a time to engage in mystical journeys and connect with the divine in whatever ways work for you.

Neptune in Pisces with the last quarter Moon helps to further increase our intuitive abilities and opens the way for collective humanity to increase their psychic skills, lucid dreaming skills, and ability to connect with the more subtle dimensions that surround us. Strong visual and intuitive downloads are easier to access and will help further encourage our imagination and compassion as our most important co-creative tools. (See Audios on Neptune in Pisces and Neptune Overview, Chiron in Pisces and Chiron Overview)

May 22, Thursday.  OOB Mercury at greatest declination north (25.5) at 7:00 am. This is a full two degrees further north than the Sun can reach and is the best time to see Mercury in the evening sky this year.  (see May 13)

The Moon passes Chiron (17 Pisces 23) around 1 pm activating one of the points of the Grand Water Trine. (see May 7, 9, 14 and 24). The Moon with Chiron is about healing our hearts in spite of any wounding we may have experienced. The Piscean healing waters help move out everything that is not in vibrational alignment with our highest heart healing.

This is about embracing our wounds with compassion and kindness, allowing these energies to dissolve our addictive patterns. Pisces connects us with the possibility of accessing infinite love and infinite compassion, in the field of pure love creating a felt sense that love is real and not tied to our external reality, but rather is always available to us when we are open to receive it.

The Sacred Geometry of the Grand Water Trine creates a greater sense of ease and possibility of really experiencing this mystical connection with the divine. LOVE is the answer to every question and is always within us even when we have forgotten. Love isn’t outside of us, it isn’t dependent on anything external and it is always available. This means conditions don’t have to be just so in order to feel this LOVE. Rather it is about being willing to open your heart to receive it.

May 23, Friday.  The waning Moon moves into Aries at 9:01 am, crossing the March Equinox balance point -energizing the mysteries of those who are here to protect the cosmic order of life. In the Vedic scriptures known as the Bhagavad Gita, the great warrior Arjuna questions the rightness of going into battle when he realizes he may wind up killing members of his family who are in the opposing army.

Arjuna’s inquiry leads him to the understanding that his path is to fully embrace his dharma as a warrior without attachment to the outcome or “the fruits of his actions” one way or the other. Rather his dharma is that of the sacred warrior protector – protecting the cosmic order of life.

The true warrior acts to protect their family and community or to uphold the cosmic balance. A true warrior does not seek battle for the sake of battle, or glory for the sake of glory. Healthy Aries seeks to put their energy into a noble cause worth fighting for and in that way they fulfill their dharma. A true warrior promotes peace when possible but willingly goes into battle to protect and fight for what they believe is just and true.

The Moon passing through Aries asks, what worthy purpose are you willing to stand for, fight for, protect. Perhaps it is having the courage to stand for what you know is yours to do even it is intimidating or scary.

May 24, Saturday.  Jupiter (18 Cancer 59) trines Saturn (18 Scorpio 59) at 10:47 am again activating the Grand Water Trine. (see May 14) Remember, water dissolves old stuck emotions that have been holding outmoded patterns in place. This is about allowing a new energy to unfold more fully and the basis of that new energy is LOVE.

This is the time to trust that when you open your heart to LOVE everything you need will be there to support you. The challenging part is to stay present and conscious so LOVE can fill the space within you through your willingness, trust and intention.

The movement of our emotions through acknowledgment of them and then release – perhaps through breathwork, tears, dancing, yoga, running or some other process – allows us to clear our old patterns, to literally dissolve them so that we can make space for grace, love, compassion and aliveness to emerge and take root within our hearts.

The gift we can receive from this time and process is nothing less than the gift of GRACE!

May 25, Sunday.  Waning crescent Moon passes 2.2 degrees NNW of Venus (25 Aries 56) at 7:06 am activating the 4th gate 4th Chakra in Inanna’s descent into the underworld. Venus is the jewel of the sky once known by ancient astrologers as the morning star and the evening star This Venus Moon conjunction marks the passage of Venus as the morning star through the 4th gate (the gate of compassion) into the underworld connected to the heart Chakra.

In the story of Inanna this is where she releases her breastplate symbolizing all the ways she has guarded and protected her heart. At this Gate she willingly releases all the ways she no longer loves herself or her life. This is a powerful opportunity for her to truly open herself to the healing wisdom of her heart through self-forgiveness.

May 26, Monday.  Happy 24th Birthday to my youngest son! Mercury is passing by Polaris (28 Gemini) by zodiacal alignment though Polaris. This is the first of three passages by Mercury due to Mercury’s retrograde on June 7. Mercury comes back by Polaris on June 20 and again on July 11.

Polaris is not near the ecliptic or the path the planets follow so Mercury is not visible near Polaris but rather is in the same longitudinal line. Polaris is our current North Star providing guidance including orientation for navigation on land and by sea.

Polaris (from the Latin, Stella Polaris meaning Pole Star) at this time, is the only star that does not move from the Earth’s perspective but rather all other stars and planets appear to be turning around it. That is because the North Pole axis of the Earth is pointed at Polaris.

Over 26,000 years different stars mark north. For example, 13,000 years ago the star marking north was Vega in the constellation of Lyra. In 13,000 more years Vega again will mark North for Earth based observers. Meanwhile it was 26,000 years ago when Polaris last marked the North Point.

To our eyes Polaris appears to be motionless at the center of the field of circumpolar stars, a “still point in the turning world”. All the other stars appear to circle around Polaris. But as early as 320 BCE the Greeks has realized that Polaris did not mark the pole exactly. Until then many people had believed that the heavenly Pole was absolutely and eternally fixed. Polaris has long been moving nearer the North Celestial Pole as it is still doing now. It will be closest to that position around 2100 AD. Because the earth wobbles on its axis like a slowly spinning top, the Pole Star once was Thuban, the third star from the end of the tail of Draco. And in a little more than 5000 years from now, Alderamin, the brightest star in the constellation Cepheus, the King, will be the Pole Star. http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Polaris.html

That is why Polaris is now a portal or pathway to the starry realms and is the primary guiding star for our current time. Messenger Mercury passing this star three times is amplifying this access point to the mysteries of the cosmos and transmitting messages that are intended to help us navigate these times. This portal is active from now until July 12.

May 27, Tuesday.  The waning crescent Moon moves into Gemini at 9:47 pm passing by the Pleiades for the second time this month.

The South Node (28 Aries) and Venus (27 Aries) are hanging out together and will be exactly conjunct tomorrow. The South Node represents the past and Venus represents the Divine Feminine. Venus in Aries is the Amazon Warrior.

In the recent past there has not been much room for her expression. However if we go back in time the Amazon Warriors were fierce fighters. Venus with the South Node in Aries is an opportunity to reclaim healthy versions of the Warrior Feminine who is willing to fight for truth and justice.

May 28, Wednesday. The Gemini New Moon (7 Gemini 21) is exact at 11:40 am very close to the royal star Aldebaran (10 Gemini) and just beyond the Pleiades.  An exact New Moon as calculated these days is when the Sun and Moon are together so the New Moon is not visible until at least 18 to 24 hours later when the tiny crescent Moon becomes visible in the evening sky after sunset. Ancient cultures around the world celebrated the New Moon when the first crescent became visible.

New Moons are conception points or seeding points for clearly stating our intentions and/or prayers around our heart’s desires allowing these intentions an opportunity to find their most beneficial and supportive manifestation without attachment to the outcome.

Aldebaran was considered the all-seeing “eye of god” and has associations with the restoration of the original perfection of the Earth. The supportive energies of Aldebaran are available when we approach its mysteries with integrity, honor and purity of intent. According to Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld, Aldebaran is linked with the original genetic coding that allowed for the experience of free will here on planet Earth and can help us in co-creating the experience of Heaven on Earth.

The Moon is a transmitter illuminating these mysteries and how we can more consciously engage them. This New Moon seeding point can be used with intent for restoring the purity and perfection of our hearts through self-forgiveness.

Sun (7 Gemini 33) squares Neptune (7 Pisces 33) at 4:43 pm letting us know Neptune will be stationing retrograde on June 9 at 7 Pisces 36 moving only three minutes over the next few weeks. This means Neptune is in a virtual Still Point – suspended in the sky near this exact point for two weeks before and after the retrograde station.

Neptune is a Celestial World planet that exists in the field of all possibilities, where everything is possible and connected to the One. Neptune in Pisces is the most mystical placement possible, and it can have the effect of blurring the boundaries between realities and dimensions. If you have planets, angles or nodes between 4 and 8 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius you are in a Neptune cycle and this is a personal initiation designed to deepen your ability to access your inner knowing.

Neptune dissolves what we know so we can be open to the unknown. When we think we know, when we are sure of all the answers, then we are not as open to new possibilities. When we are uncertain then we may be more open, curious and willing to engage a process of inquiry that may lead us into entirely new directions.

May 29, Thursday. Mercury moves into Cancer at 2:11 am passing over the Galactic Cross where the June Solstice Sun rises. This is the area of the sky also known as the Galactic Edge where we can look out beyond our own Galaxy.

Mercury represents perception, communication and the mind, and is on the Cross (as well as Out Of Bounds or outside the boundaries and confines of ordinary reality) located at the edge of our Galaxy reaching beyond this dimensional experience. What new thoughts are possible at this time?

May 30, Friday.  The waxing crescent Moon is visible in the evening sky moving into Cancer at 7:13 am and passes 5.9 degrees S of Mercury (0 Cancer 49) at 8:49 am. In this time of the New Moon passing Mercury the possibility arises for planting the seeds of new creative thinking, leading to creative actions that are inspired by possibilities coming in from beyond our galaxy.

May 31, Saturday. Today the Sun (10 Gemini) makes is with the Royal Behenian Star Aldebaran inside the Sacred Hoop and one of the “Guardians of Heaven”, considered a sentinel watching over other stars.

Aldebaran is a portal to the mysteries of the mind and when balanced with the fixed star Antares – a portal to the mysteries of the heart – we have a powerful stargate axis, illuminated bi-annually when the Sun passes by Aldebaran and then Antares about six months later.

The Sun acts as a catalyst, illuminating the mysteries of this star that support our current journey when we are willing and open to engage this opportunity. (see May 1)

Be Prepared. There is a lot more of what never was to come.

Janine Canan 2012

2014 May Celestial Timings Template (all times are PDT unless otherwise noted)

May 1, Thursday.  May Day, Beltane. Moon passes 2.2 degrees NNE of Aldebaran (10 Gemini) at 3:00 pm.
May 2, Friday.  Mercury (20 Taurus 36) opposite Saturn (20 Scorpio 36) at 5:56 pm. Venus moves into Aries at 6:21 pm. The waxing crescent Moon moves into Cancer at 11:13 pm. Mercury (19 Taurus) at perihelion at 8:00 pm.
May 3, Saturday. Sun (13 Taurus 29) trine Pluto (13 Capricorn 29) at 5:37 pm.
May 4, Sunday. The waxing crescent Moon passes 5.4 degrees S of Jupiter (15 Cancer 30) at 5:51 am.
May 5, Monday. The waxing Moon passes 11.9 degrees South of Pollux at 2:00 am and enters Leo at 10:56 am.
May 6, Tuesday. The Sun (15 Taurus 48) sextiles Jupiter (15 Cancer 48) at 2:54 am. The First Quarter Moon (16 Leo 30) is exact at 8:15 pm.
May 7, Wednesday. The Sun (16 Taurus 54) sextiles Chiron (16 Scorpio 54) at 6:03 am. Mercury moves into Gemini at 7:56 am, passing 2.5 degrees SSE of the Pleiades at 5:00 pm. Moon passes Regulus (0 Virgo) at 4:00 am.

May 8, Thursday. The North Node is hanging out around 28 Libra all month in the vicinity of Spica and Arcturus.
May 9, Friday.  Another Star Tetrahedron. Mercury (5 Gemini) is visible between the Pleiades and Aldebaran and will catch up to Jupiter in the next few weeks.
May 10, Saturday. Astronomy Day. The waxing Moon moves into Libra at 10:19 am. Sun (20 Taurus 01) opposite retrograde Saturn (20 Scorpio 01) at 11:28 am so at perigee or closest to the Earth at 12:37 pm.
May 11, Sunday. Venus (9 Aries 31) opposite Mars (9 Libra 31) at 2:27 am. The waxing Moon passes 2.8 degrees SSW of Mars (9 Libra 30) at 4:22 am. Mercury (7 Gemini 22) squares Neptune (7 Pisces 22) at 5:34 am.

May 12, Monday. Mercury (9 Gemini) is trine retrograde Mars (9 Libra) at 9:02 am and Mercury is passing 7.6 degrees NNW of Aldebaran at 5:00 pm. The waxing Moon passes 1.7 degrees NNE of Spica at 11:00 am.

May 13, Tuesday. Mercury (11 Gemini) still near Aldebaran is at greatest latitude north of the ecliptic plane at 1:00 am. Asteroid 2 Pallas passes 1.4 degrees NNW of Regulus (0 Virgo) at 4:00 pm.

May 14, Wednesday.  Lunar Beltane. The waxing Full Moon occults Saturn passing .56 degrees S of Saturn (19 Scorpio 44) at 5:02 am.  The exact Full Moon (23 Scorpio 55) is at 12:16 pm. Jupiter (17 Cancer 07) is trine Chiron (17 Pisces 07) at 12:28 am. Venus (13 Aries 22) squares Pluto (13 Capricorn 22) at 10:50 am.
May 15, Thursday. Venus passes 1.2 degrees SSE of Uranus (14 Aries 49) at 4:54 pm. Moon passes Antares

May 16, Friday. May Arietid radio meteors. Venus is furthest from the Sun (Aphelion) at 6:00 am. The Moon is passing by Ras Alhague the Crown Chakra of the Serpent Bearer also known as Ophiuchus.
May 17, Saturday.  The waning Moon on the Galactic Cross as it moves into Capricorn at 1:12 am.  Mercury (17 Gemini 14) squares Chiron (17 Pisces 14) at 7:14 am.
May 18, Sunday.  The waning Moon passes 2.6 degrees NNW of Pluto (13 Capricorn 19) at 1:00 am.  The Moon is at perigee (closest to the Earth) at 4:57 am. Venus (17 Aries 52) squares Jupiter (17 Cancer 52) at 8:31 am.

May 19, Monday.  Mars (9 Libra 02) stations direct at 6:32 pm.

May 20, Tuesday.  Sun moves into Gemini at 7:59 pm.
May 21, Wednesday. Last Quarter Moon (0 Pisces 24) passes 4.7 degrees NNW of Neptune (7 Pisces 30) at 11:00 pm.

May 22, Thursday.  The Moon passes Chiron (17 Pisces 23) around 1 pm.
May 23, Friday.  The waning Moon moves into Aries at 9:01 am.
May 24, Saturday.  Jupiter (18 Cancer 59) trines Saturn (18 Scorpio 59) at 10:47 am.
May 25, Sunday.  Waning crescent Moon passes 2.2 degrees NNW of Venus (25 Aries 56) at 7:06 am.

May 26, Monday.  Happy 24th Birthday to my youngest son! Mercury is aligned with  Polaris (28 Gemini)

May 27, Tuesday.  The waning crescent Moon moves into Gemini at 9:47 pm.

May 28, Wednesday.  The Gemini New Moon (7 Gemini 21) is exact at 11:40 am very close to the royal star Aldebaran (10 Gemini) and just beyond the Pleiades.  Sun (7 Gemini 33) squares Neptune (7 Pisces 33) at 4:43 pm..
May 29, Thursday.  Mercury moves into Cancer at 2:11 am.
May 30, Friday.  The waxing crescent Moon passes 5.9 degrees S of Mercury (0 Cancer 49) at 8:49 am.

May 31, Saturday. Today the Sun (10 Gemini) makes its annual conjunction to the Royal Star Aldebaran.