2014 November Celestial Timings PDF with Star Maps

This PDF link has the recommended version of the November Timings

“Something IS happening and it’s more real than any of us can imagine.”
A Greater Reality is being inserted into our everyday lives.
The earthworm finally looks up to the stars and is forever transformed.
A merger is taking place between our vast cosmic Selves and our physical bodies.
This transforms our DNA and allows us to finally become vibrantly alive and totally real.

The next time you see the 11:11, stop and feel the subtle energies around you.
The 11:11 is a wake-up call you sent to yourself.
A reminder of your true purpose here on Earth.
Usually during times of heightened energy or accelerated personal change
you will notice the 11:11 more frequently.

Seeing the Master Numbers 11:11 is ALWAYS a confirmation that you are on the right track.

How to LIVE LARGE on a Small Planet ~ Solara

In honor of this month of Giving Thanks here is a great YouTube about an Automated Thankyou Machine (ATM) that is inspiring and fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUkN7g_bEAI reminding us that our gratitude is a blessing!

Gratitude and Hugging are good for your Health
Hugging is healthy and fun. In fact, studies show that a ten second hug has the power to increase the feel good hormone known as oxytocin and therefore lowers blood pressure by lowering cortisol (the stress hormone). Now it is important to know that this isn’t a wimpy barely make contact kind of hug. This happens when we experience a full on sustained hug of at least 10 seconds. Longer hugs can produce even more beneficial results.

So go ahead and express your gratitude and love (another way to increase ocytocin) for those you care about with a healthy hug. It is double the pleasure, double the fun and good for you as well, in addition to whoever is benefiting from your gratitude and your 10 second hugs. (More On Hugging)

From the perspective of Physics we find that at the center of any torsion field there is what is referred to as zero-point energy or pure creative intelligence. This means that when we access this field through attention and intention whether we are aware of it or not we are co-creating our reality.  When we focus our attention and intention on Gratitude then that high vibrational energy becomes our reality. Gratitude is thought to be the essence that creates a sacred union between the heart and the mind.

This month of Thanksgiving is the perfect time to focus on ALL that we are grateful for in our lives. I highly recommend creating a gratitude list that you can read on a daily basis for this entire month. You might add to the list during the month and then remember to read it at other times. This YouTube provides another suggestion for activating a deeper experience of gratitude in your life, through a practice I have loved for years called giving ADVANCED GRATITUDE.

To print the plain text version of November Timings use this link [print_link]

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Additional Resources:
The Astronomical Calendar 2014 by Guy Ottewell and The Celestial Guide 2014 by Jim Maynard
Solar Fire
Sky and Telescope Magazine January 2008 Issue
Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, Bernadette Brady, Samuel Weiser, Inc. 1998, Maine
Morse, Eric, The Living Stars, Amethyst Books, London and New York, 1988
Allen, Richard Hinckley, Star Names, their Lore and Meaning, Dover Publications, Inc, New York, 1963
Vivian Robson: The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology: Samuel Weiser Inc, NY 1969
www.sky.org/skywatching and Sky and Telescope Website
Star Maps are from Starry Night unless otherwise noted

Be sure to check out this article on the magic of the Number 13 as this month has a lot of planets hanging out at this degree including: Uranus, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Chiron.

The November Sky

November (novem) means 9 and is the ninth month in the old Roman calendar that started with March.

Mercury reaches greatest elongation in the morning on November 1 in its best appearance this year in the morning sky for the northern hemisphere. Mercury will be with Spica on November 4. The morning of November 1 the best chance to see Mercury in this morning apparition the Mercury doesn’t technically leave the morning sky until November 22.

Venus is still traveling with the Sun only 5° from the setting Sun still well within her underworld journey.

Mars is setting about three hours after the Sun and is still out of bounds until November 20.

Jupiter is beginning to rise before midnight and regions quadrature this month.

is sinking as Venus rises their paths cross on November 13 though they are with the Sun and will not be visible.

November is the month when we can most easily see “the south window” looking into a local group of galaxies such as Andromeda, Triangulum. (see image below)

This month features the astrological cross quarter when the Sun reaches 15° Scorpio

Interesting 4 minute YouTube on the Comet passing by Mars.

Martinmas is celebrated on November 11, also known as the feast day of Saint Martin of Tours born around 316 A.D. Martin was a Roman soldier whose compassion prompted him to tear his cloak in half with his sword and give half to a beggar.

That night Martin dreamed Jesus was wearing the part of his cloak he had given away. Next morning upon awakening Martin knew he was being called to serve as a Christian Monk. Remarkably the other half of Martin’s cloak is said to have become a revered relic. In Germany and other places Martinmas celebrations begin at the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. 11:11:11:11 http://fisheaters.com/customstimeafterpentecost15.html

November 2014 Daily Celestial Timings

All time are Pacific Time unless otherwise noted

November 1, Saturday. All Saints Day (on November 1) began as a Roman Catholic observance as a way to discourage pagan cultures from their unholy ways of celebrating the dead.  (See November 2)

The Moon is entering Pisces at 9:37 am and catching up to Neptune at 5:46 pm inspiring our dreaming process through conscious use of our imagination. Healthy Pisces enjoys a mystical connection with the divine and simply serves all life through loving compassion.

When the Pisces energy is out of balance it expresses through co-dependency, and inability to know its own experience or feelings, due to hypersensitivity to others in their environment. It helps when Pisces learns to direct their service towards taking care of themselves first. Then from a place of balance these mystical dreamers serve life and spirit and magic and the mysteries through the ability to be conscious dreamers.

Mercury (20°Libra 28′) is sextile Jupiter (20°Leo 28′) at 5:44 am and Mercury is at greatest elongation 18.7° from the Sun. This is third and final time Mercury and Jupiter will be in this relationship due to the Mercury Retrograde last month suggesting that whatever has been in process between Mercury and Jupiter is having one last chance to gain insights and messages about how healthy self-love helps to create healthy personal relationships.

In September I shared this link to a great song that speaks to this relationship between Mercury and Jupiter. These are words that uplift and may get you up and dancing with a smile. Bring Me Sunshine, Bring Me Love

Venus (11°Scorpio 24′) is sextile Pluto (11°Capricorn 24′) at 4:09 pm. Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto is energizing the shamanic aspect of Venus in her underworld journey. Venus is getting ready to rise into the evening sky in about month – so is still in that transformative process of death and rebirth for the purpose of releasing anything and everything that stands in the way of her experiencing the greatest amount of Shakti or aliveness possible.

If you are not feeling passion, intensity and aliveness in your life this is another opportunity to look at what is being mirrored to you in your world. Is there something you need to release, to let go, to walk away from? Is there something you need to embrace, or walk towards even if it scares you?

Mars (04°Capricorn 51′) is sextile retrograde Neptune (04°Pisces 51′) at 4:43 pm. Action oriented practical Mars in Capricorn can have challenges connecting with the dreamy nature of Neptune in getting a handle on what to do next. However, when these two work together, bringing dreams into manifest reality is the result.

November 2, Sunday. Today is the day to turn clocks back an hour from Daylight Time back to Standard Time for those in the United States (except Hawaii and Arizona). All Souls Day is also a Catholic holiday reminding all souls still in this world to live a holy life, while also praying for the souls lost in purgatory. In more ancient traditions Nov 2 honors the Dead. In Mexico and parts of the Western United States, Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead celebrations date back at least 3,000, surviving the Spanish Conquistadors attempts over 500 years ago to eradicate this Meso-American tradition.

Many other cultural traditions have also used this seasonal timing when the plants are dying and preparing their seeds for rebirth to honor and remember the ancestors, those who have died, and all who have come before. It is a time for celebrating and recognizing the cycle of death as an important part of the cycle of life.

The ancient Celts celebrated this cross-quarter time as their New Year’s point called Samhain usually on the New or Full Moon closest to the astrological cross-quarter  (see Nov 6 and 7).  This cross-quarter is a time when the veils between all the worlds, especially the world of the living and the world of the dead, are thinnest.

The Celts believed this timing was most powerful for looking into the future and for accessing other worlds more easily. This was (and is) a time to go within and seek guidance from the ancestors for the coming year. This was celebrated as a night of High Magic for those attuned to the mysteries, celebrating death and rebirth, endings and beginnings, and that which is yet to come. It was believed that this timing when worked with consciously helped to set the pattern for the coming year. (see audio timings for more on this Cross-Quarter timing – you must be logged into the site as a Paid Subscriber to access this page)

The Moon is conjunct Chiron (13°Pisces 19′) at 7:56 am helping to further heal any remaining wounded hearts and bring any unconscious wounds to the light of awareness so they can be grieved and released. (see November 29)

Pluto has re-entered an exact 1 degree orb to the fixed star Nunki (12 Capricorn 36) and will be zodiacally aligned with this star exactly around December 8 marking the Vane of the Arrow in the constellation of the Archer also known as Sagittarius. This is an example of how the seasonal cycle has shifted over time so that the Archer is now where the sun rises after the December Solstice.

2100 years ago the Sun rose in the Archer at the December Solstice but has been shifting one degree every 72 years until the December Solstice or zero Capricorn point arrived at the Galactic Cross. (See the article on the Difference between Signs and Constellations.)

Pluto can only be in this area of the sky every 248 years. This star with Pluto is significant as the Archer’s arrow – fully drawn back on the bow – is pointed at Galactic Center. The underworld initiator Pluto is about releasing and letting go of what is ready to die. Nunki is the release point, an alchemical concentration of energies aligned with humanities destiny, being released into Galactic Center and then resent out.

This is a time when it might be useful to intend that all energetic distortions are being gathered up and sent to Galactic Center to be recycled and renewed. Mercury will cross this area of the sky on December 2, and the Sun crosses this star in early January, further activating the messages of transformation and acceleration coming through now.

Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld in their book Star Light Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing http://hilarion.com/stars.html  describe Nunki as …A star directly seeded by the center of the galaxy…emanating from the galactic center where creative force originates stimulating …a new contextual view, a new idea, or a remembrance of an old idea now brought into form in a new way. http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Nunki.html

November 3, Monday. Venus (13°Scorpio 18′) is trine Chiron (13°Pisces 18′) at 3:27 am. (Alchemy of Chiron article plus article on the magic of the Number 13 & see November 5)

The Sun (11°Scorpio 26′) is sextile Pluto (11°Capricorn 26′) at 2:51 pm. Whenever the Sun is sextile an outer planet it is always in direct motion either having stationed direct a few weeks before or is ready to station retrograde a few weeks later. In this case Pluto just stationed direct at the September Equinox. Pluto is most like Scorpio so when the Sun in Scorpio is sextile Pluto it is illuminating and amping up the shamanic intention of Pluto in Capricorn to let go of the old structures, to literally die to what is not working.

It is common for there to be a lot of resistance to the death of the old systems. We can support this process by being willing to die to what needs to die within us so we can be reborn into more empowered expressions of who we really are.

November 4, Tuesday. Mercury passes 4.2° North Northeast of Spica for the third time this year visible in the morning sky. Mercury is at -.7 magnitude and Spica at 1.0 magnitude meaning Mercury is slightly brighter than Spica. Spica has been activated by Mars and Vesta earlier this year and Mercury has passed it twice already this time being within within 6° from October 30 to November 9.

Mercury is a transformational guide providing us with profound messages from this Behenian (magical) Star since September when Mercury first passed Spica. A question worth asking is: What is the divinely inspired message related to reaping what we sew that is coming from Mercury via Spica over the next days?

The Moon is occulting retrograde Uranus (13°Aries 27′) at 10:29 am for the 4th time this year in a series of 18 occultations that will last throughout 2015. This means we have a monthly acceleration of the Uranian energy that is intended to revolutionize how we experience this reality for the purpose of accelerating our evolutionary process. Taking decisive, intuitive action (Aries) may lead to unexpected, surprising events that are somehow totally aligned with exactly what is needed for further growth and evolution.

This is due to the unpredictable ways of Uranus now being accelerated by this series of occultations designed to disrupt any limiting points of view we have over identified with and that are holding us back from making an evolutionary leap. Uranus is a great disrupter. Disruptions, especially the ones that disrupt our view point and expand our awareness, lead to more refined states of consciousness.

The intent is to expand our perspective beyond our personal identification, to include a more universal perspective. This could also be referred to as a worldcentric point of view rather than egocentric. In the book Boomeritis, Ken Wilbur suggests that when we disidentify with a particular view point or level of awareness and shift our seeing from “something you look at, instead of look through” then our entire assemblage point shifts. “Because anything you are exclusively attached to and identified with ends up distorting and limiting awareness.”

The Uranus Pluto Square and these Moon occultations over Uranus are accelerating the possibility for this evolutionary leap in a greater worldcentric view point that creates greater freedom for each of us to be more authentically who we truly are, especially when we are willing to embrace the radical changes that are ultimately supporting the manifestation of a new more fulfilling and miraculous life for each of us and for the planet. (see article on the magic of the Number 13 and this activating the Grand Cross)

November 5, Wednesday. The Sun (13°Scorpio 15′) is trine retrograde Chiron (13°Pisces 15′) at 10:20 am. This signals the slowing of Chiron to station direct on November 23 at 13 Pisces 06. This means Chiron as at a still point or nexus where paradoxes co-exist including past, present and future converging within the simultaneity of Time. At the Still Point there is no movement and yet there is only movement. All planetary station points carry these features and with Chiron it is about the nexus or connection of many points into one where healing happens spontaneously when we are surrendered to the possibility.

From now until early December Chiron is nearly stopped in the sky, pausing at this still point, opening the portal to the possibility of experiencing profound soul healing. This is most likely to come through acceptance of our human condition and all its imperfections. If you have planets, angles or nodes between 13 and 18 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Gemini you are in a Chiron initiation process and this still point time is personal to you.

Now more than ever (into December at least) have compassion for yourself and others. Take time to feel what you feel without projecting it onto others and be kind to yourself, including practicing healthy habits. This is not a time to push hard toward achieving external goals. Not that they can’t be achieved but if they require you to be more externally focused now then the success experienced may come at a high cost to your personal well-being. (more on Chiron and article on the Number 13)

November 6, Thursday. The Cross-Quarter Taurus Full Moon (14° Taurus 26’) is exact at 2:23 pm. This Full Moon is happening just hours before the exact cross-quarter when the Sun reaches 15 Scorpio making this Full Moon extra important. The last time this Full Moon was so close to the Cross-Quarter was November 6, 1995 at 11:20 pm Pacific Time.

This connects to the 19 year Moon cycle and so if you are turning 19, 38, 57, 76, 95 you are in your Nodal Return window and on your birthday the Moon will be very near the same place in the sky it was when you were born. This is a time of soul alignment with your personal destiny and worth working with consciously.

The Taurus FULL MOON also energizes the mysteries of gratitude and appreciation as the keys to genuine receivership. Receiving the beauty, intimacy and pleasure of life is essential to a healthy Taurean experience. Healthy receivership begins with a daily practice of gratitude.

Gratitude for yourself, your life and the many gifts of beauty around you each moment raises your vibration. Gratitude helps you to notice the wonder and magic that surrounds you each and every day and this in turn increases or multiplies the experiences of gratitude. The frequency of Gratitude multiplies itself meaning the more we are grateful the more gifts we find are drawn to us.

If your Ascendant/Descendant or MC/IC is in Taurus or you have the Moon nodes or personal planets in Taurus this Full Moon is creating the possibility for a direct transmission to you around the Taurus mysteries. The Moon is a transmitter, reflecting or transmitting the light of the Sun. The Moon is seen in its different phases due to its constant changing relationship to the Sun.

When the Sun and Moon are opposite each other the light of the Sun shines fully on the Moon creating the Full Moon effect. This means the Sun is setting as the Moon is rising and later the Sun is rising as the Moon is setting. Tonight the Moon is rising about a 13 minutes after the Sun sets. Tomorrow night the Moon is rising about an hour after the Sun sets.

November 7, Friday. Today also marks the exact astrological cross-quarter between the September Equinox and the December Solstice as the Sun reaches 15 Scorpio around 4 am Pacific Time. This is a time when the veil between the worlds is thought to be the thinnest making it easier to look into the future. Used wisely, this time can be a time for setting desired outcomes for the coming year. This was (and is) a time (over the next few days) to go within and seek guidance from the ancestors. (see Audio Timings for more on this Cross-Quarter timing – you must be logged into the site as a Paid Subscriber to access this page)

When the Sun reaches the Cross-Quarter it is also with Zubenelgenubi (15 Scorpio) one of the brightest stars in the Scales and closest to the ecliptic. Zubenelgenubi (15 Scorpio) is paired with Zubenelshamali (19 Scorpio) representing the balance between the two. The Sun is here for at least three days, November 6, 7, and 8 each year suggesting a solar infusion occurs during this seasonal gateway further illuminating the mysteries of these stars.

Stone circles and other devices were erected by ancient peoples to track these cross-quarter times.  Interestingly, archaeo-astronomers are proposing to rename this subject “skyscape archaeology.”

According to Fabio Silva of University College London, and co-editor of the new Journal for Skyscape Archaeology, “We have much to gain if the fields of astronomy and archaeology come together to a fuller and more balanced understanding of European megaliths and the societies that built them….To understand what alignments meant to prehistoric people and why they decided to incorporate them into their structures, we need to identify patterns and interactions between structures, landscape and skyscape.” http://archaeology.org/news/2256-140624-skyscape-archaeology-meeting

The Moon enters Gemini at 5:45 pm passing 7.5° South of the Pleiades another important stargate that is activated by the monthly transit of the Moon.

When the Moon passes through Gemini it is transmitting the lineage mysteries connected to the eternal youth who is free from the rules, reminding us not to take ourselves so seriously, to have fun, to play, to creatively express who we are. This is a good time to socialize and network, or do something completely unexpected, spontaneous and fun.

November 8, Saturday. The Moon passes 1.7° NNE of Aldebaran and will be visible beyond Aldebaran tonight. Aldebaran is a royal star connected to Archangel Michael, the protector of our spiritual destiny, and the “Watcher of the East.” Michael also works with the power of transmutation, assisting us in remembering our divinity and releasing our small self or ego based identities.

Antares sets as Aldebaran rises and both act as a guardian of their respective gateways. Antares guards the gateway that exits through the Galactic Center and Aldebaran guards the entrance point or gateway that comes from beyond our galaxy (or entrance point).

This stargate axis activates the dawning of new awareness that helps with the descent and ascent into and out of this realty. What is rising and what is setting in your life? What is birthing into this reality and what is moving between the worlds?

This is a great time to be with the Moon, opening to receive the illumination and insights the Moon is beaming toward Earth at this time.

Mercury re-enters Scorpio at 3:09 pm after having stationed retrograde here last month. In Scorpio, Mercury stimulates the aspect of mind and thinking that loves to get off on what is most exciting to think about. For some it might be seemingly very intellectual or artistic or innovative but for Mercury in Scorpio the most important aspect isn’t determined by these factors. The Scorpio mind and ways of communicating find expression through whatever feels the most life force passion and intensity. Mercury remains under this influence until November 27 when it moves into Sagittarius.

November 9, Sunday. The Moon in Gemini going void of course at 8:22 am until just after midnight tomorrow suggesting things may not go as planned. This is a good time to choose being with what is and focusing on our inner reality. This is not a time to find direction or try to figure out what is next. However, what is next may present itself to you via a meditative practice or some other activity where you are present and open.

Venus (21°Scorpio 18′) is square Jupiter (21°Leo18′) at 12:41 pm. reaching its first quarter square since Jupiter and Venus met in the August morning sky. These are intensified energies for transformational change – particularly how it relates to the feminine journey of the wild woman sorceress who is learning how to access her own inner source, guidance and intuition regardless of the seeming logic or illogic of external factors, trusting her source and manifesting her magic in ways that are most beneficial and supportive to all life.

November 10, Monday. The Moon enters Cancer at 12:38 am crossing over the Galactic Cross where the Summer Solstice now rises once each year. The Moon passes by here once each month illuminating and energizing a new awareness, a new matrix, a New Heaven and a New Earth, for the family of humanity. Being open to and aware of this helps to bring it into stronger manifestation as energy grows where our attention goes. The Cancer mysteries are expanding to include our global family and how we can all work together to create a safe and nurturing world.

“Out of Bounds” Mars is with Pluto (11°Capricorn 36′) at 3:06 pm suggesting this is a time for taking action to further release any beliefs and feelings that we are somehow NOT worthy of living the fullest most passionate, inspiring and empowered life possible. Feeling what you feel without judgment or blame and being willing to feel fully is the only action needed – bringing these feelings to the light of awareness. Taking action that supports loving who you are and embracing a new awareness and understanding of a more empowered way of being is also helpful.

Besides going out and looking at Mars that is now setting soon after the Sun (around 7 pm local time depending on your horizon line) – another way to connect to this part of the sky – is to sit in a meditative state and extend your awareness to Galactic Center. Once you feel you are connected with the center of our Galaxy then you can ask for any messages or information that could be useful to you. If you like to journal this is a great time for stream of consciousness messages to come through when you allow yourself to write whatever your are thinking without judgment or filtering.

 November 11, Tuesday. 11/11 Martinmas is celebrated on November 11, also known as the feast day of Saint Martin of Tours born around 316 A.D. Martin was a Roman soldier whose compassion prompted him to tear his cloak in half with his sword and give half to a beggar. That night Martin dreamed Jesus was wearing the part of his cloak he had given away.

Next morning upon awakening Martin knew he was being called to serve as a Christian Monk. Remarkably the other half of Martin’s cloak is said to have become a revered relic. In Germany and other places Martinmas celebrations begin at the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Here is about a minute and a half activation for this 11:11 portal. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=392358229646

The Moon enters Leo at 10:44 am reminding us of the importance of having a healthy, loving relationship to ourselves first, or said another way to really love ourselves in a healthy way. Gay and Kathleen Hendricks describe the importance of self-love in their book, Conscious Loving,

True self-love is not conceit. Conceit is trying to prove to yourself and the world that you are all right, after you have become mired in self-hate. True self-love is an ongoing celebration of who you are no matter how well you perform. It is an ability to greet the dark parts of yourself with the same gracious embrace as you greet the light. Love draws no distinctions. It IS. Love exists outside the normal constraints of time and space. That is why love can heal something in a second that has been bothering you a decade. If you are angry or afraid, for example, and have never loved yourself for feeling that way, one moment of loving yourself for having those feelings can set you free.” http://www.hendricks.com/default.asp

Mercury (04°Scorpio48′) is trine Neptune (04°Pisces 48′) at 7:39 pm connecting the passionate personal mind to the divine universal mind or consciousness that exists beyond the boundaries of our dualistic world where we are not separated from this unbounded pure consciousness. Meditation is one of the best ways to consciously reconnect.

November 12, Wednesday. Venus is conjunct Saturn (25°Scorpio 18′) at 5:02 pm. The wild intensity of the Scorpio Goddess is encountering the controlled practicality of Saturn – though when in Scorpio Saturn is likely to be more intensely engaged in whatever has juice, the bottom line for this is “either you feel it or you don’t.”

Saturn loves structure and Scorpio loves wild, ecstatic states that go into deeper more intense realms than ever before something that cannot be controlled in a Saturn way. The integration of these energies is a BIG part of what is being worked on for the next couple of years as Saturn continues to journey through Scorpio.

Mars (13°Capricorn 11′) is square retrograde Uranus (13°Aries 11′) at 5:29 pm suggesting revolutionary actions may be necessary to help facilitate the changes that are seeking expression in our middle world reality. What we have been taught to believe as true, is not necessarily so. This means we are being asked to let go of our old ways of viewing reality, how we believe things are supposed to be and what we think we know – so we are more open to revolutionary ideas that create greater freedom to truly be who we are. This aspect is in the exact degrees of the Grand Cross with more at this link… plus article on the magic of the Number 13 and the Grand Cross)

November 13, Thursday. The Sun (21°Scorpio 39′) is square Jupiter (21°Leo 39′) at 7:05 pm indicating Jupiter is rapidly moving to its retrograde station occurring next month on Dec 8 at 22 Leo 38.

The Sun is what fuels life and without it we would not have life as we know it on this planet. However, too much Sun can scorch and burn and not enough Sun can stunt growth.

Encountering the life stream of the Sun is beneficial when it is healthy and balanced. Jupiter is an expansive energy and although it is often inspiring – when linked with the Sun it can also indicate a tendency towards overexpansion, overdoing, overconfidence, overload and even over optimism. This timing requires us to look at how to engage the BIG energies of the Sun and Jupiter together in ways that are healthy and supportive.

In Leo, this comes from healthy self-love that includes taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs so that you can take full advantage of the inspiration and opportunities available now.

November 14, Friday. The Moon passes 5° SSW of Jupiter (21°Leo 41′) at 6:18 am just before the exact Leo Last Quarter Moon (22 Leo 10) at 7:15 am.

What do you love about yourself? Are you confident of who you are and valuing how you are showing up in your life?

If not, then this is worthy of your healing attention, because healthy Leo knows their greatest gift to humanity is showing up in their radiant self-love while also inspiring others to do the same.

November 15, Saturday. The Moon moved into Virgo at 11:08 pm Pacific time last night or 2:08 am Eastern time this morning passing about 4° SSW of Regulus, the heart of the Lion, Watcher of the North, and one of the four royal stars of ancient Persia.

The Moon in Virgo is transmitting the mysteries of the patterning of life. Quantum physics tells us this world or reality is just a part of a greater whole that underlies all creation and is interconnected with every aspect just as each part of the spider’s web is somehow connected to the center. Our world is not composed of separate parts but rather, we are all a part of the greater whole or Web of Life. The Virgo archetype is the one most attuned to the overall pattern.

Virgo has the ability to comprehend the entire pattern and not just individual parts, though it does that too. In fact, the downside for Virgo is when it is only able to see a small part of the greater pattern and then only attend to that.

In Boomeritis, Ken Wilbur says: This Web of Life gains new credence from the extraordinary breakthrough discoveries in systems theory and chaos theory, which show us that the world is not composed of separate and isolated things, but rather is a rich tapestry of interwoven patterns and inseparable relationships.

Neptune (04°Pisces 48′) is stationing direct at 11:06 pm creating a still point nexus into the mystical realms of ALL possibilities. This can create confusion and uncertainty if a person is trying to figure out what is going on or what next steps to take with their rational mind.

This is not a time for working from logic and reason only but rather it is about taking advantage of our power to dream the dream onward with complete faith that the universe will respond to our heartfelt vision and desire when we act on what we are intuitively being guided to do.

Neptune stationing direct is happening very near the Royal Star Fomalhaut (04 Pisces 04), watcher of the south in the constellation of Piscis Australis, also known as the Southern Fish. Bernadette Brady, well known author and teacher of the Fixed Stars, says when this star is prominent on a person’s chart it is usually someone who is out of step with mainstream society or the collective consciousness for the purpose of engaging the highest ideals possible. This star is also thought to be linked with magic and mysticism. Abraham Lincoln, Galileo, John Lennon, and Adolph Hitler all had Fomalhaut active in their charts.

Esoterically, Fomalhaut is also about understanding the principles and nature of addiction. The book Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing describes the process of discovery around different types of addiction especially material addiction, ways of thinking, and interestingly the addiction to teaching and sharing information to assist others. Additionally, addiction is the primary force behind feelings of powerlessness.

The energy from this star can help us to understand and transcend addiction especially the addiction to helping others when it short-circuits our own development. The bottom line is that everyone already has everything they need within themselves, and within their awareness. This is not to say that helping others is an addiction, but rather has to do with when helping others becomes an addiction or detrimental to your own process of growth and evolution.  (See audios on the Doing Addiction for more about what an addiction is and how each of the archetypal signs may uniquely express their own form of being Doing Addicted.)

November 16, Sunday. Mercury (11°Scorpio 44′) is sextile Pluto (11°Capricorn 44′) at 5:57 am intensifying the collective experience around the dark interior spaces of our minds.

What haunts you? What are you trying to escape or NOT think about and yet it finds ways to slip into your thoughts? What is wanting your attention so ultimately you can be empowered?

Venus enters Sagittarius at 11:03 am exploring the expansive and liberating aspects of universal truth that exists beyond dogmatic or limited belief systems.

Underworld Venus is in a process of initiation that is entirely beyond her control. Ultimately, ultimately this process is intended to create greater freedom of being. However, first she must release anything and everything that is holding her back. This process has been happening since mid-September and will last until December 4 when Venus rises as an evening star. See Evening Star Venus class link for info about how to join with a community that is engaging the ascension of Venus into the Evening sky.

For example, there is a prevalent belief (truth?) that we are the creators of our own reality. The question is from the perspective of “I create my reality,” what “I” is really in charge? Is it the small self or ego “I” or is it the universal “I” the BIG SELF, the “I” that is Great Spirit expressing through the individual “I”?

We are Spirit incarnate and Spirit is also in all other life. It is Spirit that is creating this reality, including the Sun, the Moon, the Planets, the Stars, the plants and animals, the rocks and trees, the wind and weather, the day and night etc. And yes the Spirit within us is co-creating with the rest of creation. However, if we limit our sense of creating to material things, wealth and/or recognition and fame, those really small ego driven types of desire, in the larger scheme of things – are creating separation and disconnection from the overall Great Spirit within – if that is all we are focused on.

The down side of this perspective has also manifested in the belief that if we are dealing with an illness, we created it with our thoughts, if we are struggling with finances, relationships, health, and so on, it is due to our faulty or negative thinking. This is similar to the idea of karma that says if life is going well – you are being rewarded for past actions and thoughts. If life is going badly then you are being punished for past actions and thoughts. From some perspectives this can seem to be true.

However, in any underworld initiation – you are being called to die and be reborn. Not because you did anything wrong, but because it is time, just as it is time for the caterpillar to become the butterfly. These are truths that are often not considered or remembered in our day to day lives. (see November 20)

November 17, Monday. Leonids meteor shower peaks. This is an especially good year to see the Leonids in the constellation of the Lion with Jupiter and Regulus shining nearby in the sky. The Leonids produce an average of 40 meteors per hour at its peak. The shower itself has a cyclic peak year every 33 years where hundreds of meteors can be seen each hour. The last of these occurred in 2001. The shower usually peaks on November 17 & 18, but you may see some meteors from November 13 – 20. A dark location is best for viewing.

The Moon moves into Libra at 11:30 am transmitting the mysteries of relationship including how we relate through social etiquette or good manners. How we treat others is ultimately no different than how we treat ourselves. Kindness towards others is kindness towards self. The fine art of treating others with genuine dignity and respect is a reflection of our own self-treatment.

Healthy Libra agrees with the statement: there is no excuse for bad manners. Even when stating our truth when communicating with others we can do so without attacking, shaming, belittling, accusing, or in any way being mean. This requires skills that aren’t readily taught in our culture and it requires a willingness to own our own experience even when we are feeling hurt by someone else. Finding healthy ways to communicate our true feelings for the purpose of deepening our relationships is liberating and freeing for all concerned.

November 18, Tuesday. The Sun is with Saturn (25°Scorpio 56′) at 12:50 am Once each year the Sun and Saturn come together similar to a New Moon time planting seeds for the current Saturn journey through Scorpio. Saturn is all about the rules, boundaries, and what works and what doesn’t work in the world of form. Scorpio is all about pushing the boundaries or walking the edges of multi-dimensional realities, actively engaging with visionary possibilities that are about co-creating a better world.

On and off over the next year, Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio (taking a brief dive into Sagittarius from December 23 to June 14) and like a snake shedding its skin will be shedding the old forms, old beliefs, old ways of being that no longer work in favor of new forms and new ways of being that are intensely, passionately alive.

When Saturn is with the Sun it is not visible because it is with the Sun receiving an infusion of light energy that illuminates its journey through the Scorpio realm. This tells us it is time for Scorpio to find a more mature and effective way to passionately express the greatest amount of aliveness and life force in ways that produce ecstatic bliss. What must we shed in order for that to happen?
November 19, Wednesday. The Moon conjuncts the North Node (18°Libra 50′) at 01:17am catching up to Spica before entering Scorpio at 9:31 pm. The Moon with the North Node activates the possibility of connecting more consciously with the wisdom of our future selves. This is a good time to ask your future self how you can have a more conscious relationship with that part of you that has already achieved what you are dreaming about.

Then the Moon in Scorpio enlivens the tantric mysteries or the passionate alive expression of life force energy. This passionate intense energy is often feared and repressed causing the energy to find expression through the shadow elements of depression, anxiety, anger and so on. When this energy is allowed a healthy expression it can then be experienced as ecstatic and blissful. In what ways do we repress our natural intensity and passion? How can we give ourselves permission over the next few days to explore these feelings in ways that are safe and healthy?

November 20, Thursday. Venus (04°Sagittarius48′) is square Neptune (04°Pisces 48′) at 6:55 am. Venus in Sagittarius is actively engaging the quest for the universal truth that exists beyond the illusions (Neptune) of this reality anchored in unbounded pure consciousness. This is not about a temporary or fleeting altered state experience that is seen through the truth of a limited personal context.

For example, a mystical experience viewed through a limiting religious context, though profound and illuminating, when it is seen through the context or perspective of a limited belief system it can severely restrict the understanding of a more universal possibility that the experience could otherwise have. The other downside is this type of experience interpreted through that limited context can cause a person to become evangelistic about their point of view.

While on one hand the experience is valid and profound, if seen through the lens of a limited belief system then it can fuel a fundamentalist understanding that has helped to create war and strife on the planet.

November 21, Friday. The Moon is passing 2° NNE of Mercury (19°Scorpio 57′) at 10:19 am less than 10° from the Sun (might be visible with low horizon) the Moon passes 1.6° NNW of Saturn (26°Scorpio 23′) at 9:53 pm. The passion and power of the Scorpio mysteries are intensified as the Moon, Mercury and Saturn join heightening the edges of the passionate mind and the new enlivened structures Saturn is helping to ground into place.

Edgewalking is a favorite Scorpio activity that explores uncharted territory particularly in the realm of the feelings. In the book, The Right Use of Will by Ceanne DeRohan we find a somewhat more modern Scorpio manual for healing our Will that recognizes the importance of giving ourselves permission to feel what we feel, in a safe way, no matter how scary those feelings are.

This book describes the split that occurred between Will and Spirit. Will, in this case, is our feelings including the entire range of our feelings. AND it is the split between Will and Spirit that has been responsible for the current structures of reality created on the premise that certain feelings (or Will) are not acceptable. This led to the repression of what was judged as “bad” feelings, leading to a further split between our conscious and unconscious knowing.

That caused the shadow of these repressed feelings to grow. The Right Use of Will points out that, “…the Will of God is not in opposition to the Will of the individual…” This means that when our Will is healthy and all our feelings are accepted, then we are automatically aligned with Divine Will and there is no conflict or experience of separation.

The fastest way to heal and evolve the Will according to the book is to: “express everything you feel, and do not stop expressing, emotionally or otherwise, until you have really finished. You must not impose this on others that do not want it, for just as it is not spiritual balance to deny yourself in favor of others, it is not spiritual balance to deny others in favor of yourself either…” 

This means expressing intense feelings in ways that do not involve projecting them onto others through conscious movement, journaling, expressive art therapy, screaming where you won’t be heard etc… is a healthy option.

Intentionally giving ourselves permission to explore and accept ALL of our feelings, not necessarily acting on them, is one way to shine the light on our fears and to responsibly find ways to go deeper than ever before, no matter how scary or intense, creating a space for unprecedented experiences of aliveness and empowerment.

November 22, Saturday. The Sun enters Sagittarius at 1:38 am and the Moon follows at 4:19 am. The Sagittarius New Moon (00 Sagittarius 07) is exact at 4:32 am and then catches up to Venus (07°Sagittarius 55′) at 7:17 pm.

This New Moon time is seeding and expanding our awareness around the quest for Truth, including the illusive Truth that cannot be gained by our ego mind. This is about seeking the Truth of the One Reality that is within us and all around us. This reality encompasses our ego but is also so much more than that.

We are co-creators of our reality but we also exist in relationship to the One Reality or the Divine that includes the reality we find ourselves in but again is so much more than that. Great Spirit, Great Mystery is the ultimate creator and we are co-creators of this reality. However it is also important to remember that Divine Spirit is not just concerned with ME but includes the entire creation.

This means that there are times when what we are experiencing is far beyond our ability to control as co-creators. We do not have the power to stop the Sun from rising. We do have the power to accept and embrace what is ours to experience.

We always have choice in how we accept, or not accept, how we engage, or not engage, what is happening in our world. When we are connected to Spirit our ego has less of an opportunity to feel like the hero, “look at what I have created” – or the victim, “I am being punished by an unfair universe”.

When we really accept that we are a part of the greater whole we realize that every experience we are given is part of greater divine plan that we may not comprehend. What we can do is remember this universal truth – Spirit shines impartially on the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Spirit is beyond judgment – in the same way the Sun shines on all life everywhere. It is from the ego’s point of view we are being rewarded or punished for how we think, and what we do, for how good or bad, positive or negative we are.

One way to engage this quest from Truth is to be willing to embrace what is yours to experience, no matter what it looks like on the surface, because often the greatest gifts come from the greatest challenges.

Mercury (22°Scorpio 14′) squares Jupiter (22°Leo 14′) at 8:43 pm. Messenger Mercury is being expanded by Jupiter posing the question; what visionary messages are available now that inspire us to passionately live self-love?

November 23, Sunday. Chiron (13°Pisces06′) stations direct at 4:44 pm reaching the center point of this Still Point window in the vast ocean of possibilities, facilitating profound shamanic healing of our personal and collective emotional heart if we are open to receive it. This is especially true for those for those with planets, angles or nodes between 13 and 18 degrees of Pisces. (see November 5 and this article on Chiron and article on the magic of the Number 13)

November 24, Monday. The Moon enters Capricorn at 8:31 am suggesting this is a great time for taking action to get organized and  complete projects. Of all the mystery schools, healthy Capricorn understands and utilizes the most effective and efficient pathways for manifesting Spirit into form.

The underlying principle of Capricorn that maybe useful to remember as we revision and recreate the structure of our world is about being more effective at whatever you are doing so you are doing less and getting even greater results.

November 25, Tuesday. The Moon passes 2.9° North of Pluto (11°Capricorn 59′) at 4:54 am further catalyzing Pluto’s intent to facilitate transformation and empowerment by illuminating any fears still lurking in the shadows of our subconscious.

Fear occurs when we are attached to a desired result or outcome, sometimes consciously but most of the time unconsciously. Then that fear subtly drives our choices and actions.

Desire is natural. It is our attachment to the desire that causes fear to arise. In this case, the key to liberation and empowerment is in recognizing our attachments or addictions to specific outcomes and be willing to let them go. This is NOT easy and may require a practice that includes multiple times of consciously letting go…surrendering our will to Divine Will.

Mercury and Saturn (26°Scorpio 51′) meet at 7:37 pm still very near the Sun. The challenge Mercury and Saturn encounter with each other… is Mercury moves fast and Saturn moves slowly.

Mercury is the closest visible planet to the Sun and Saturn is the farthest visible planet to the Sun, so they are in a sense polar extremes from a middle world perspective.

Mercury passing Saturn is a time when messages about the new structures of reality can be coordinated in ways that are more effective. This can lead to new practical ideas, ways of thinking, and ways of communicating that support the creation of middle world structures that are juicy, alive, sustainable and beneficial for all life everywhere.

November 26, Wednesday. The Moon catches up to Mars (23°Capricorn 19′) at 12:06 am and then moves into Aquarius at 11:23 am. This represents the sixth time the Moon and Mars have met since early July when Mars began going through the test and trials of his Libra quest. This challenge includes how to responsibly show up and create the changes needed to truly engage conscious equal partnership with a beloved and/or life in general.


Venus (12°Sagittarius 50′) is trine Uranus (12°Aries 50′) at 5:22 pm a few hours before Venus (13°Sagittarius 06′) is square Chiron (13°Pisces 06′) at 9:33 pm. This is another potent activation for Venus in her Underworld Journey, being inspired by the unpredictable gifts of Uranus to help shift old perspectives and being supported by Chiron in healing her heart. When our hearts are healed it is so much easier to connect with that deep inner heart-knowing that is always there to support and guide. (see article on the magic of the Number 13 and this is activating the Grand Cross)

The Sun (04°Sagittarius50′) squares Neptune (04°Pisces 50′) at 8:19 pm.
This is the perfect time to be feeling gratitude, love, and appreciation for all the abundant gifts the Universe brings us every day when we are open to receive them. This is about going beyond logic and reason to the place of the heart where ultimately all our needs are always met regardless of what the external circumstances may appear to be.

This knowing is not something we are always aware of, especially as we encounter our fears; the ones that feed on a lack of trust and faith in the divine unfolding. This is especially true when we are engaged in the challenges of this middle world reality and all the ups and downs we encounter from moment to moment. Taking time to step back from the confusion of everyday life and taking time to tap into the Celestial World, the place where everything is exactly how it is divinely meant to be, is helpful in connecting to that place of love and support that is always there for us even when we forget.

November 27, Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving. Mercury enters Sagittarius at 6:25 pm focusing on the spiritual quest from now until December 16. From the perspective of Mercury in Sagittarius, meditation is an essential aspect of the spiritual quest as it expands consciousness and awareness.

You are not your thoughts, for you are aware of them. You are not your feelings, for you are aware of them. You are not any objects, for you are aware of them too.

Something in you is aware of all these things. So tell me: What is it in you that is conscious of everything?

What in you is always awake? Always fully present? Something in you right now is effortlessly noticing everything that arises. What is that?

That vast infinite witnessing awareness, don’t you recognize it?
What is that Witness?
 ~Boomeritis, by Ken Wilbur

November 28, Friday. The Moon enters Pisces at 2:03 pm and catches up to Neptune (04°Pisces 51′) at 10:17 pm. Once each month the Moon passes by Neptune in Pisces. Currently Neptune is with the star Fomalhaut. (See November 15). This expands our ability to connect with the mysteries of unbounded pure consciousness that exists throughout creation.

However, when we incarnated into physical form, we fragmented from that pure source. (see November 29 for more)

This description from the book Boomeritis sums up what happens when we begin to reconnect with that pure consciousness also referred to as Cosmic Consciousness.

All that is happening is that you are moving closer and closer to your Original Face, your own real Self, and so time is starting to distort. AS you approach the timeless, you are starting to time warp, to sort of worm-hole into the future…

And I am drenched with a being that explodes my heart to all infinity. Supernovas swirl endlessly in my brain, galaxies, start running through my veins, I grasp the entire cosmos in the palm of my hand, and the Mystery that surrounds me melts the universe away…

Deeper and deeper into my being, farther back into my own consciousness, resting at the infinity point, witness of all the worlds that arise. And empty, dark, vast formlessness, yet intrinsically alive, infinitely wise, radiating a luminosity too subtle to see or eve feel, an infinite Release on the other side of terror, a radical Freedom beyond the shores of pain, a bliss beyond bliss that cannot be felt and a light beyond light than cannot be seen.

November 29, Saturday. The Pisces First Quarter Moon is exact at 2:06 am and catches up to Chiron (13°Pisces 07′) at 12:20 pm. Chiron represents the fracture point, or wound we all experience as we enter this reality.  This is because as we incarnate here, we are required to separate from source, from pure consciousness. It is important to remember that we all made this choice to have this experience.

Chiron’s journey through Pisces is about finding ways to heal our separation from Spirit and reconnect with the pure unbounded consciousness that is our essence.

Everybody starts out living in a fragmented, broken, dualistic, brutalized state. The world is divided into subject versus object, self versus other, me in here versus the world out there. Once the world is broken in two, the world knows only pain, suffering, torment, terror. In the gap between subject and object lies the entire misery of humankind…

…you can find the ultimate oneness, of cosmic consciousness, or radiant love, by going through the Seer or the Seen, since they both end up coming together as one.

……You are that Witness, aren’t you? You are the pure Seer, pure awareness, the pure Spirit that impartially witnesses everything that arises, moment to moment. Your awareness is spacious, wide-open, empty and clear, and yet it registers everything that arises. That very Witness is God within, looking out on a world that it created. ~Boomeritis, by Ken Wilbur

November 30, Sunday. The Moon enters Aries at 5:14 pm catching up to Uranus for another occultation tomorrow. (See November 4) This timing suggests there may be radical unexpected changes intended to shift any limited perspectives or beliefs about how life IS or IS NOT intended to BE.

What are you committed to changing in your life that will create the space for you to express the unique brilliance that you are? What actions are you willing to take to strengthen this commitment?

Perhaps you are committed to taking decisive action that supports your personal growth through healthier lifestyle, healthier more intimate relationship experiences and/or deepening your commitment to live the life you were born to live. If you are committing to a healthier lifestyle your action steps might be to let go of unhealthy food choices, commit to, or deepen your commitment to, an exercise program. It might be about committing to daily yoga instead of once a week, or daily breathing practices that increase your Nitric Oxide and other feel good hormones.

If committing to healthier more intimate relationship experiences, your action steps might be to look more deeply at how your current relationships are a mirror to what is going on inside of you. If you find yourself angry, blaming and frustrated you might ask what you could do to take more responsibility in your personal relationships? Do you feel like you are re-experiencing your childhood relationship with one of your parents? If so, then the question is what can you learn from this experience so you can change it?

Mercury (04°Sagittarius 52)’ squares Neptune (04°Pisces 52′) at 8:26 pm. Neptune is the vast unlimited field of pure unbounded consciousness and Mercury in Sagittarius is questing for that experience. This is a time when meditation practices can be especially useful.

Today begins the Sun’s passage below the constellation known as Ophiuchus. This is because astronomers redrew the constellations in 1928 so that the feet of Ophiuchus are seen resting on the ecliptic (see image to the right and the slide on the next page) It is the factor that has given rise to astronomers telling us there are 13 signs, basically saying astrologers are wrong. In reality they are creating 13 constellations along the ecliptic, or path the planets travel. There could be any number of constellations along the ecliptic depending on how the constellations are drawn.

The 12 signs however are based on seasons and these seasons move through the constellations. The challenge is the seasonal signs and the constellations share the same name and that is what creates the confusion. See Article about why there is NOT a 13th sign

That is why based on how the constellations were redrawn in 1928 the Sun is said to travel through the constellation of Ophiuchus a.k.a The Serpent Bearer from Nov 29 to Dec 17 by astronomers. However, it is important to note that during this time the Sun is also still traveling through the body of the Scorpion during this time.)

Ophiuchus, or Serpentarius, is known as the Serpent-holder, the Serpent Bearer, the Serpent Wrestler, or the Snake Charmer, because he is usually depicted holding the snake constellation Serpens.

Ophiuchus has also been identified with Aesculapius (Asklepios, Asclepius), the ancient Greek physician who learned the secrets of bringing the dead back to life from a serpent. And the caduceus is linked with imagery or mythology. (see image to the left)

In times past, the physicians or healers were the witch doctors, shamans, medicine men/women, herbalists etc. Their aim was holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. They used herbs, potions, charms, incantations, exorcism, magic, divination, dreams and prayers, in their means to establish the cure.

In the temples of Aesculapius the healing process began with looking at the night time dreams of the patient or images that were gained from other altered states.

Other imagery connected to Ophuichus and Serpens is kundalini (a Sanskrit word meaning ‘coiled up’ or ‘coiling like a snake’). The cultivation and management of this life-force has been the aim of these healers who ulitilized drumming, trance, chanting, hallucinogenics etc. to facilitate intuitive diagnostics and the cure.

Each year while the Sun is passing below Ophiuchus, the dreaming doorway is being illuminated. Setting an intention to receive dream messages especially related to questions and issues of health and wellbeing are highly recommended.

Scholars feel that that the name Asklepios as described in Homer’s Iliad may come from the Greek askein gives us the word ascetic, a hermit or monk, from Greek asketikosasketes, ‘one that exercises or practices’, from askein ‘to exercise, train’. The –epia, –epios, in the name Asklepios is variously translated ‘gentle’, ‘kind’, ‘calm’, ‘soothing’.

Ophiuchus, as the Serpent Bearer may well be reminding us of the importance of Kundalini, life force energy and our the wholeness or healing that comes from a healthy relationship with this energy.

2014 November Celestial Timings Template
November 1, Saturday. All Saints day. The Moon enters Pisces at 9:37 am and catches up Neptune at 5:46 pm. Mercury (20°Libra 28′) is sextile Jupiter (20°Leo 28′) at 5:44 am. Venus (11°Scorpio 24′) is sextile Pluto (11°Capricorn 24′) at 4:09 pm. Mars (04°Capricorn 51′) is sextile retrograde Neptune (04°Pisces 51′) at 4:43 pm.
November 2, Sunday. Daylight savings time ends in the USA. The Moon is conjunct Chiron (13°Pisces 19′) at 7:56 am.
November 3, Monday. Venus (13°Scorpio 18′) is trine Chiron (13°Pisces 18′) at 3:27 am. The Sun (11°Scorpio 26′) is sextile Pluto (11°Capricorn 26′) at 2:51 pm.
November 4, Tuesday. Mercury passes Spica. The Moon occluts retrograde Uranus (13°Aries 27′) at 10:29 am
November 5, Wednesday. The Sun (13°Scorpio 15′) is trine Chiron (13°Pisces 15′) at 10:20 am.
November 6, Thursday. The Taurus Full Moon (14° Taurus 26’) is exact at 2:23 pm.
November 7, Friday. The Moon enters Gemini at 5:45 pm passing 7.5° South of the Pleiades.
November 8, Saturday. The Moon passes 1.7° NNE of Aldebaran. Mercury enters Scorpio at 3:09 pm.
November 9, Sunday. Venus (21°Scorpio 18′) is square Jupiter (21°Leo18′) at 12:41 pm.
November 10, Monday. The Moon enters Cancer at 12:38 am. Mars is with Pluto (11°Capricorn 36′) at 3:06 pm.
November 11, Tuesday. Martinmas. The Moon enters Leo at 10:44 am. Mercury (04°Scorpio48′) is trine Neptune (04°Pisces 48′) at 7:39 pm.
November 12, Wednesday. Mars (13°Capricorn 09′) is sextile Chiron (13°Pisces 09′) at 4:37 pm. Venus is conjunct Saturn (25°Scorpio 18′) at 5:02 pm. Mars (13°Capricorn 11′) is square retrograde Uranus (13°Aries 11′) at 5:29 pm.
November 13, Thursday. The Sun (21°Scorpio 39′) is square Jupiter (21°Leo 39′) at 7:05 pm.
November 14, Friday. The Moon with Jupiter (21°Leo 41′) at 6:18 am. Leo Last Quarter Moon (22 Leo 10) at 7:15 am.
November 15, Saturday. The Moon moved into Virgo at 11:08 pm Pacific time last night or 2:08 am Eastern time this morning passing about 4° SSW of Regulus. Neptune (04°Pisces 48′) is stationing direct at 11:06 pm.
November 16, Sunday. Mercury (11°Scorpio 44′) sextiles Pluto (11°Cap 44′) at 5:57 am. Venus enters Sag 11:03 am
November 17, Monday. Mercury (13°Scorpio 07′) trine Chiron (13°Pisces 07′) at 3:57 am. Moon enters Libra, 11:30 am.
November 18, Tuesday. The Sun is with Saturn (25°Scorpio 56′) at 12:50 am
November 19, Wednesday. The Moon with North Node (18°Libra 50′) at 01:17am and enters Scorpio at 9:31 pm.
November 20, Thursday. Venus (04°Sagittarius48′) is square Neptune (04°Pisces 48′) at 6:55 am.
November 21, Friday. The Moon is passing 2° NNE of Mercury (19°Scorpio 57′) at 10:19 am less than 10° from the Sun so not visible. The Moon passes 1.6° NNW of Saturn (26°Scorpio 23′) at 9:53 pm.
November 22, Saturday. The Sun enters Sagittarius at 1:38 am and the Moon enters at 4:19 am. The Sagittarius New Moon (00 Sagittarius 07) is exact at 4:32 am. The Moon catches up to Venus (07°Sagittarius 55′) at 7:17 pm. Mercury (22°Scorpio 14′) squares Jupiter (22°Leo 14′) at 8:43 pm.
November 23, Sunday. Chiron (13°Pisces06′) stations direct at 4:44 pm.
November 24, Monday. The Moon enters Capricorn at 8:31 am.
November 25, Tuesday. Moon conjuncts Pluto (11°Cap 59′) at 4:54 am. Mercury and Saturn (26°Sco 51′) at 7:37 pm.
November 26, Wednesday. The Moon with Mars (23°Capricorn 19′) at 12:06 am. The Moon enters into Aquarius at 11:23 am. Venus (12°Sagittarius 50′) is trine Uranus (12°Aries 50′) at 5:22 pm. The Sun (04°Sagittarius50′) squares Neptune (04°Pisces 50′) at 8:19 pm. Venus (13°Sagittarius 06′) is square Chiron (13°Pisces 06′) at 9:33 pm.
November 27, Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving. Mercury enters Sagittarius at 6:25 pm.
November 28, Friday. The Moon enters Pisces at 2:03 pm and catches up to Neptune (04°Pisces 51′) at 10:17 pm.
November 29, Saturday. The Pisces First Quarter Moon is at 2:06 am and is with Chiron (13°Pisces 07′) at 12:20 pm.
November 30, Sunday. The Moon enters Aries at 5:14 pm. Mercury (04°Sagittarius 52)’ squares Neptune (04°Pisces 52′) at 8:26 pm. The Sun is traveling through the constellation of Ophiuchus.