2014 October Celestial Timings PDF

This YouTube explains a Total Lunar Eclipse in less than 4 minutes as a way to prepare for the October 8 Total Lunar Eclipse



The October 2014 Celestial Timings are dedicated to honoring the memory of Nicole Christine (pictured right) who died on October 18, 2008. She was a mentor, sacred sister and beloved friend and I am grateful I had the opportunity to know her, work and play with her, and to be with her for her last days on this Earth. I can hardly believe it has been six years since I stood at her bedside doing sacred ceremony with several of my Priestess sisters (and two of her sacred brothers guarding the door) after she passed.

I think of her often and am always amazed at how she can still send me profound and life altering messages from the other side that I have no doubt are coming from her. I recently have felt her guidance again in my life, prompting me to honor her once again. I am forever grateful for the gift of her life and death and all that she gave to me and so many others. Here are a few of her wise words that seem to be prescient of how she continues to help us all from the other side.
Thank you Nicole!

The Pied Pipers of Love written in February 2007 by Nicole Christine
“Pied Pipers of Love. Pied Pipers of Love.” These words became a mantra repeating and repeating in my consciousness. My spiritual family was processing as Pied Pipers of Love, leading the prodigal sons and the lost daughters back Home to the Source. Two by two, united as one, we were bringing our families and friends with us and there was singing and rejoicing in the Heavens as we were welcomed by the Celestial Host, Creation, and the Creator.

Intuitively, I knew that all who are a part of me-and thus me-my sons, my parents, my brothers, my relatives, my students, my friends and associates would return to our Source with me/as me unless they consciously chose separation. And in turn, all who are a part of those who are a part of me would, if they did not resist the magnetic pull, be drawn into the next dimension. If for a moment, anyone could claim the Light, the Love, they could reclaim their Home. How could anyone choose otherwise? I wondered.

“Listen to the new melody,” I called out to all earthlings. Nature hears the new song and is singing along. The Pied Pipers hear and are humming the tune. Listen. Listen. Listen. Choose. Sing along. Come Home. Come Home, en masse, children of Planet Earth. Home to where your souls are eternally cradled in Love and Peace.”

…Feel your heart beat with mine…with the pulsation of the Universe…of Creation. Feel the expanding and contracting. The exhaling and inhaling. The forgetting and remembering. The exploring and reporting. The going out and coming in. Attune to this moment of remembering and coming in to reconnect with Our Source in expanded conscious activity as One. Feel the Oneness. The Oneness. The Oneness.

Learn more about Nicole http://magdalenemysteries.com/ and her Life http://magdalenemysteries.com/about/Also see October 29 for the Theme Song from 3 Dog Night that reflects this writing as well synchronistically it was part of the October 2008 Timings in the month she died.

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October Skies and Visible Planets

October was the eighth month in the Roman calendar that started with the month of March. Octo means eight.

The Moon this month features a total Full Moon lunar eclipse and New Moon solar eclipse this month at the at the full and new Moon phases. This marks the second eclipse season of 2014. NASA explains

The Full Moon eclipse October 8 is visible from most of Asia and the Eastern Indian Ocean, Australia, Antarctica, the Pacific Ocean, North America, Central America, Western Atlantic, and Greenland with the beginning visible form most of South America. NASA explains

The Partial Solar Eclipse October 23 is visible in North America, except for NE Canada, Eastern Asia, and NE Pacific Ocean.

The October Full Moon is sometimes called the Hunter’s Moon because when the fields had been harvested, the night hunters could easily see the Fox or other animals they were hunting. This month will also feature two First Quarter Moon phases the first one October 1 and the second one on October 30. This is the third time this year we have had two First Quarter Moon phases in one month. The other two months were January and March.

Mercury goes retrograde on October 4 and goes direct on October 25 passing the Sun on October 16. Mercury also passes north of Spica and South of the Sun and Venus on October 16 and 17 reaching perihelion (meaning it is closest to the Sun in its current orbit) on October 25. Technically Mercury leaves the evening sky on October 11 and rises into the morning sky on October 23. Mercury passes by Spica three times due to its retrograde. The first time was September 20 the second time is October 16 and the third time is November 4.

Venus is now traveling with the Sun and will be with Mercury and Spica in this underworld part of her journey. Venus will rise into the evening sky on December 4 or 5 depending on your time zone.

Mars is setting about three hours after sunset and crossing the southern part of the Milky Way as it enters Capricorn this month. This means Mars will be visible on the Galactic Cross as it enters Capricorn where the December solstice Sun rises. This is a good time to get a sense of where the cross is in the sky as the Sun won’t be in that part of the sky for almost 2 more months. Mars is also out of bounds for the entire month of October having gone out of bounds at the end of September and staying out of bounds until November 20 adding a wild card factor to what Mars is up to this month.

Jupiter is continuing its journey through this sign of Leo visible approaching the head of the LION constellation having returned to the morning sky on August 8 is visible higher in the sky and will reach quadrature (square) to the Sun next month.

Saturn is disappearing into the glare of the sunset setting about two hours after the Sun as October begins and setting less than an hour after the Sun at the end of October. This month features the last time the Moon will occult Saturn this year in this series of 11 occultations of the Moon over Saturn that began in January.

A special event is happening on October 18 with Mercury, Venus, and Spica meet up for the tightest planet and star trio this year. Unfortunately this is not visible as the Sun is also involved. Interestingly, Venus is as far from the Earth as she can get and closer to the Sun where as retrograde Mercury is as close to the Earth and as far from the Sun as will get in the current cycle.

October Promises to be another Powerful Month. Be sure to listen to the Audios The Grand Cross/Grand Shift YouTube video is a good refresher for Pluto, and Uranus activations this month as well as when the Sun, Venus, and Moon are in the degrees of the Cross.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCsGe5Gwp5o And be sure to check out this month’s weekly audios here. If you are not logged into the site with your username and password this link will not take you the page.

2014 October Daily Celestial Timings
All times are PDT unless otherwise noted

October 1, Wednesday. The Capricorn First Quarter Moon (08 Capricorn 33) is exact at 12:32 pm. The Moon catches up to Pluto (11°Capricorn 02′) at 4:48 pm and is very close within about a degree and half of the fixed star Nunki (12 Capricorn 36) an important star that will be covered in the written November Timings and is talked about in the October Audio for week one.

The First Quarter Moon represents a rapid growth acceleration of what was seeded in some earlier cycle. So, this is a time for taking decisive action. Of all the mystery schools, healthy Capricorn understands and utilizes the most effective and efficient pathways for manifesting Spirit into form.

The underlying principle of Capricorn that maybe useful to remember as we revision and recreate the structure of our world can be summed up in this saying from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of the Transcendental Meditation movement, “Do Less and Accomplish More!” This is a time for answering the question, “How can our thoughts, words and actions produce the greatest, most efficient and effective results possible when we truly understand the creative process that allows us to do less and accomplish more. Then there is the ultimate creative process where we learn how to do nothing and accomplishing everything. That is when we know we have returned to the place of being master creators on the wheel of life.

October 2, Thursday. Mercury is stationing retrograde on October 4 at 10:02 am though we are already in the window of the pause or Still Point of Mercury that can act as a portal for change. That is why this is a wonderful time for noticing or becoming aware of your thinking and feeling patterns.

Are their certain experiences you notice that trigger habituated responses? It might be feelings of frustration by the way someone talks to you that feels belittling or condescending. It might be a feeling that you aren’t really being heard and acknowledged, or that you are being interrupted before you have finished sharing? Maybe you feel there are unfair demands being placed on you?

Conversely maybe your frustration is expressed in ways that are belittling or condescending to others. Maybe you aren’t really listening and interrupt before the other person has finished sharing? Maybe you are expecting something from someone they simply can’t deliver?

Whatever the challenge, this is a good time to begin imaging and practicing healthier ways of communicating. Undoubtedly it will take time to ground new, more conscious and aware habits of communication. It helps to remember that practice is the key and it takes time to establish new responses and get good at them.

Perhaps, it is about practicing asking others more about how they are feeling so you can better understand what is motivating what they are saying to you? Perhaps, it would be appropriate to say that it is hard for you to listen when you feel you are being attacked or belittled? Perhaps, it is about noticing when you are communicating in ways that aggravate the situation and then practice apologizing and taking responsibility for what you have said or not said that made the situation worse.

Remember, you have the power to decide and choose how you are going to communicate. Every day is a new opportunity to make a healthier choice for the purpose of ending your suffering and the suffering of others, or ending feelings of being helpless. Ultimately we are responsible for our experiences and what we continue to allow into our lives. Taking responsibility and making new, better choices, can also lead to new and exciting experiences in communication that enhance your process of self-discovery, as well as  your relationships with others.

October 3, Friday. The Moon enters Aquarius at 1 am energizing the mysteries of radical, revolutionary change. The Aquarian Dispensation advocates for all to have the freedom to choose their evolutionary path. The Aquarian Ideal recognizes our individuality as it expresses through universal principles and embraces the importance of honoring all the places on the wheel of life even if they are radically different than our own as long as they are not creating harm.

The Sun (11 Libra 02) is square Pluto (11 Capricorn 02) at 1:03 am Pacific time tomorrow October 4 however the effects of this are already being felt today and will be felt through October 5. Whenever the Sun is square Pluto it isindicating that Pluto is gaining momentum in its forward movement since its direct station on Sep 22.

This is symbolic of a time when the seeds of the New Earth are accelerating in growth as they continue rising from the ashes of the fears and beliefs that sustained the structures of the Old Earth. The old systems and beliefs must die to make way for what is newly birthing. There is no judgment of right or wrong, or good or bad but rather it is simply time. Just as the seasons change so do the larger cycles of times. Just as the plants die, to make room for new growth, so do the old structures die to make room for the new.

Whenever Pluto is involved it is true that it often feels scary – requiring a surrender or letting go of what has been, before it is possible to embrace what is becoming. Yes, there is a space between the two that can feel like an empty void. Yes, it can feel like you are dying to who you believed yourself to be. However, as in all natural processes – even if you resist with all that you are – the Sun will set on this day and rise again tomorrow – regardless of any attempts to stop it.

This time is especially important for those who have planets or angles between 11 and 14 degrees of Householder signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra) as your Pluto initiation has reached a turning point. This is often a time of feeling empowered if a person has sufficiently let go and surrendered to whatever was dying.

October 4, Saturday. The Sun (11 Libra 02) is square Pluto (11 Capricorn 02) at 1:03 am Pacific time. (see Oct 3)

Mars (14°Sagittarius 13′) is square retrograde (14°Pisces 13′) Chiron at 7:17am and Mars is trine Uranus (14°Aries 37′) at 9:18 pm. This is a powerful combination for experiencing Truth in new more expanded contexts. Some argue that what we perceive is true is based on the context we are viewing life through. For example, as Ken Wilbur points out in his book Boomeritis all truth and meaning are context-dependent but that does not mean that these truths are necessarily arbitrary, relative, or built on the shifting sands of cultural whim. Though they can be.

Words are often understood in relationship to their context. For example, as Ken Wilbur points out the bark of the dog is different than the bark of a tree. The way to know the meaning intended is to know the context that is being used. There are truths that are not subject to context. For example, the Sun is always shining no matter what context or words (Ra, Sol, Helios) are used to describe the Sun – even if the Sun is behind the clouds or has set below the horizon.

Truths that have been taken to be universal, binding, or eternally true often depend on the shifting contexts in which they exist. So with Mars seeking the truth that expands conscious awareness and Chiron helping to heal the wounds of marginal truths or truths that are only valid in a certain context, it is possible for the sacred masculine (Mars) to discover new more expanded experiences of the Truth. Uranus is supporting this possibility by shifting the assemblage point of what was thought to be true to a new more evolved expression of truth.

What new emerging understanding and experience of the Truth of possible now? Perhaps what we have known and accepted as Truth will collapse into the shifting sands of our collapsing culture where new truths can emerge that connect us with a more universal sense of who we are and why we are here?

Mercury (02°Scorpio19′) stations retrograde at 10:02 am. Mercury stations direct at 16° Libra 46′ on October 25 at 12:17 pm catching up to the Sun on October 16 at 23 Libra near the fixed star Spica. This promises to be a potent retrograde cycle as it begins in the sign that emphasizes the benefits associated with a passionate mind designed to go deeper and farther than ever before. This is a time for surrendering old beliefs and mindsets that squelch passionate thinking. If fear or uncertainty is holding you back now is the time to trust what feels alive and exciting and go for it. Scorpio is happiest when it is fully in the excitement of the moment ready to trust the energy that is a full bodied YES, even if it is scary.

October 5, Sunday. The Moon moves into Pisces at 2:24 am and passes 4.4° NNW of the retrograde Neptune (05 Pisces 15) at 10:56 am accessing the mysteries of dreaming the dream of our reality. This dreaming can bring into physical reality what we are imaging from the realm of formless form also known as the “field of all possibilities”. The challenge is to capture a vision from this unlimited field of pure potential that can then be brought into physical form.

October 6, Monday. The Moon catches up to retrograde Chiron (14°Pisces08′) at 12:16 am. The healing power of feeling what you feel is being amped up by the Moon with Chiron and is a perfect time for noticing what you haven’t allowed yourself to feel, and noticing what those unfelt feelings are preventing you from healing. There is the saying; If you can feel it, you can heal it.

In Rumi’s poem about Grief and Sorrow we are reminded that Sorrow is sweet – because allowing ourselves to feel what we feel creates the space for healing beyond what we can imagine. Grief is a blessing, not just a necessary inconvenience. In fact, taking time to grieve the loss and disappointments we encounter in life creates an opportunity to drink the sweetness within the darker, more challenging, and painful times. When we embrace our grief and really feel it, the pain becomes a sweet elixir facilitating deep heart healing.

Vesta enters Sagittarius at 7:29 am suggesting the ceremonial and sacred are included in new and expansive experiential ways that are supporting the emerging truth of this time.

The Pisces Moon reaches perigee (closest to the Earth) today before it reaches its Full Phase in Aries on October 8. This perigee is a good 48 hours before the Full Moon so will not have the same impact that the last three perigee Full Moons have had but is potent none-the-less as a total Lunar Eclipse.

October 7, Tuesday. The Moon enters Aries at 3:07 am and catches up to Uranus tomorrow. The Sun (14°Libra 31′) is opposite retrograde Uranus (14°Aries 31′) at 1:58 p.m.The Uranian energies break down old restrictive systems for the purpose of breaking through to new experiences of expanded states of Awareness.

Awareness is the key, the miracle, the magic that transforms our reality. There is a wonderful U-tube video I saw some years ago with Osho talking about Awareness. He said it doesn’t matter what you feel or think you feel. It doesn’t matter if it is love or hate or indifference. The key is to be with whatever thoughts or feelings that are there with Awareness. This removes the need to judge or change how we are feeling or what we are thinking.

Osho says it is helpful to experience all life with Awareness including our anger, hurt, guilt, hate, jealousy, love, compassion and kindness. It is not about getting rid of, or changing, our “negative” thoughts or feelings. It is not about making them be different in anyway. It is about being willing to be with whatever we are experiencing – whether it is positive or negative – with Awareness.

Whatever you experience with Awareness – that is not of your essential nature – will simply disappear, because it was never real anyway. When you resist your feelings of anger, guilt, shame, fear, etc. and try to change them, get rid of them, make them be different than what they are, then you actually give them more energy. When you simply observe your experience with Awareness, that experience will either deepen if it is an expression of who you are, or it will disappear if it is not.

Awareness is the magical key that easily and automatically allows your true essence to deepen. Love deepens with Awareness. Anger and hate disappear with Awareness. It is that simple. You are the only one who can find what is right for you, and the best way to do this is by keeping the thread of Awareness running through all that your do. One way to practice being Aware is to notice your breath. Just notice…and that brings your Awareness to the present moment. (This is not be the original video, as I couldn’t find it, but this one is on Choiceless Awareness)

October 8, Wednesday. The Moon occults Uranus (14°Aries30′) at 2:52 am just prior to the exact Aries Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 3:51 am for the third time in the current series that will last through next year.Occultations accelerate the intent and this eclipse over the Aries Full Moon is intended to energize the sacred warrior archetype who is willing to stand for and fight for just causes that support the cosmic order of life. This total Lunar Eclipse is creating another opportunity to shift the old assemblage point or old established patterns in our personal and planetary neural net revolutionizing our experience of this reality. One way to engage this is to make a few purposeful changes in your daily routine.

Try sitting in a different chair than usual, rearrange your furniture, drive a different way to the store, or work, or school, or where ever you might be going. Or you might try walking backwards for a few paces, sleeping on different side of the bed. You might try a different form of exercise, or try something you have never tried before. The idea is to change your perspective in whatever way is easy, fun and effective. Be creative and trust that you are helping to facilitate your own personal assemblage point shift for the purpose of experiencing greater freedom of being.

Venus (11° Libra 04′) squares Pluto (11° Capricorn 04′) at 10:33 am. The great transformer Pluto takes us deep into the unconscious areas that are ready to come to light – in this case what is coming to light is concerned with how we are relating to ourselves and to others.


Pluto in Capricorn also sheds light on where we are or are not taking responsibility for our own experience. Do you blame others for how you feel in relationship to them? Do you feel it is the other person’s fault when a conflict between you arises? Are you willing to take responsibility for your part in any conflict or are you playing the victim? Are you willing to go deeper and further than you have ever been before in regard to personal relating even if it is scary?


It is your turn now, you waited, you were patient. The time has come, for us to polish you. We will transform your inner pearl into a house of fire. You’re a gold mine. Did you know that, hidden in the dirt of the earth? It is your turn now, to be placed in fire. Let us cremate your impurities. ~ Rumi

October 9, Thursday. The Moon enters Taurus at 4:44 am energizing the mysteries of gratitude and appreciation as the keys to genuine receivership. Health and Happiness are often directly related to how good we are at receiving the beauty, intimacy and pleasure life has to offer.

Contrary to those who feel entitled to take more than their share, perhaps due to a belief that there is not enough to go around so “I gotta get mine” – a healthy receiver knows there is more than enough, there is an infinite source and practices gratitude for all that they already have and all that is coming their way.

Daily Gratitude for yourself, your life and the many gifts of beauty around you each moment raises your vibration and increases your experience of the wonder and magic that surrounds you always. This in turn increases or multiplies the blessings coming your way. The frequency of Gratitude multiplies – itself meaning the more we are grateful the more blessings we find are drawn to us.

Mars (17° Sagittarius 14′) is trine Jupiter (17°Leo 14′) at 1:43 pm. Truth seeking Mars in Sagittarius is getting an expansive hit from Jupiter in Leo increasing the possibility of knowing and living the truth of who we really are – not in a superficial external way but from a profound and internal knowing. This YouTube video done by women is an inspired teaching to the masculine and to everyone who is seeking to know the truth of who they are regardless of external appearances. (see October 4)  http://news.therawfoodworld.com/ladies-know-really-matters/

 October 10, Friday. Southern Taurid meteors peak. This meteor shower has its best visibility in the middle of the night from early October to Late November. In 2014 the Full Moons of Oct 8 and Nov 6 will hinder visibility around that time. These Taurids emerge from Comet Encke. The Northern Taurids tend to be most active in the first half of November. The October 23 New Moon suggests that will be the best time to observe the Northern Taurid Meteors.

Retrograde Mercury re-enters Libra at 10:27 am and will remain in Libra until November 8. This retrograde time in Libra is about revisiting the territory Mercury was traveling through in September. Rethinking how you engage your mind especially in relationship to others and to life is recommended.

The mind in relationship to life is a connecting link between the visible and the invisible realms and when Mercury travels through Libra it is also the link between self and others. In the process of rethinking and reimaging that is available to us now due to Mercury Retrograde, this is not a great time for beginning new projects or making major life changing decisions. Mercury goes direct on October 25 and will be moving forward by early November leaving the degrees of the retrograde by November 10.  This means it is recommended to put off major decisions until then if possible.

The Sun (17°Libra 34′) is sextile Jupiter (17°Leo 34′) at 4:18 pm. Outer planets are always in direct motion when they sextile the Sun and in this case Jupiter is now 60 degrees from the Sun in the morning sky about two months before going Retrograde on December 8. The Sun in airy Libra – dedicated to the mysteries of relationship – is illuminating Jupiter in fiery Leo – dedicated to the mysteries of healthy self-love. In fact, Leo would argue that without self-love you cannot truly experience a healthy relationship with anyone else.

When at odds with each other, Libra may not get the importance of exploring the self as necessary to peel away whatever stands in the way of self-love. Leo might not get why anyone would place great importance on a relationship with a beloved other as a way to know more about one’s self. When working together, Libra and Leo get that both perspectives are necessary to create healthy relating with self and others.

October 11, Saturday. Venus (14°Libra 22′) is opposite retrograde Uranus (14°Aries 22′) at 2:10 am. Uranus is the great awakener into greater freedom and liberation. This awakening includes expanding our perception around what it means to experience conscious relating. Known for unexpected, revolutionary events, Uranus is about shifting perspectives or assemblage points or core beliefs, (a.k.a point of view) that organizes our personal and collective reality.

Are you happy with your relationships as they are now? If not what core belief is holding you back? Are you experiencing events beyond your control that are taking you in new relational directions? Are you embracing these changes or resisting them? The more you resist the more intense the events become to create the shift toward more enlightened ways of relating.

The Moon enters Gemini at 8:51 am passing 7.5° South of the Pleiades and entering theSacred Hoop and will be visible near the Pleiades tonight. The Pleiades are one of the most noted star groups in the night sky. Richard Allen’s book, Star Names Their Lore and Meaning references the Pleiades connection to the great Egyptian Goddess Neith, known to the Greeks as Athene, and to the Romans as Minerva. Many ancient temples in Egypt and Greece were oriented to their rising including the Parthenon and Hecatompedon or their setting including Bacchus in Athens and Ascelpieion at Epidaurus.


Observing the Moon near the Pleiades can assist us in getting our own direct download from this stargate that is also said to be where the Hall of Records or Galactic Library is located or coded into the light of these stars. The Moon amps up those light codes and transmits them directly to Earth.
October 12, Sunday. The Moon passes 1.4° North of Aldebaran (10 Gemini) around 3:30 am. This is another Behenian Star and the key to the silver gate where souls enter this realm. The Moon in Gemini with Aldebaran is a great reminder NOT to take ourselves too seriously. The trickster coyote loves to laugh at the cosmic humor of life so this is the perfect time to have some humorous fun that helps us to see the crazy wisdom of life.
The American philosopher and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Nicholas Butler (April 2, 1862 – December 7, 1947) was tuned into this aspect of Gemini Crazy Wisdom saying:

The one serious conviction that a man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously.

The Sun is conjunct the North Node (19°Libra15′) at 8:57 am. Once each year the Sun will catch up to wherever the North Node is. The Nodes stay in a sign for about 18 months and the North Node or Ascending Node is currently traveling through Libra until November 11, 2015 when it precesses into Virgo.

The Nodes of the Moon are what determine eclipses, meaning when the Sun and the Moon arrive near the Nodes at either a New Moon (Solar Eclipse) or a Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) it activates the eclipse cycle. We are currently at the center of the current eclipse season with the Lunar Eclipse having taken place on October 8 and the Solar Eclipse is happening on October 23.

So when the Sun is exactly with the North Node it is illuminating the path of destiny and when in Libra this includes the mysteries of relationship as it focuses on the relationship with others. The emerging relationship paradigm at this time is focused on each person in the relationship taking responsibility for their personal experience so they can show up without expecting or projecting onto the other person to make them happy or whole.

October 13, Monday. The Moon enters Cancer at 4:30 pm. This is a great time to see the Moon at the center of the Sacred Hoop of Stars where the Summer Solstice Sun rises. Moon rise is about 10:30 pm and will be just beyond the exact center point of the Hoop. This opens the Last Quarter Moon Window exact on October 15 when the Moon will be rising around Midnight. The Moon in Cancer is transmitting the mysteries connected to healthy home and family.

At this Turning of the Ages it is time to reconsider how to create a healthy home environment that is safe and nurturing, and where conflicts are resolved in ways that support the mental and physical well-being of all involved. A healthy home includes healthy practices, diet, exercise, and a calm nurturing environment. The next couple of days are a perfect time for focusing on how well you are doing in creating this for you and your family, making changes where needed.

October 14, Tuesday. Venus (18°Libra 05′) is sextile Jupiter (18°Leo 05′) at 1:33 am. Venus is also conjunct the North Node (19°Libra 15′) at 11:40 pm.Venus (not visible because of proximity to the Sun) and Jupiter (still bright in the morning sky) are again expanding our abundance and money awareness. This is not about attaining abundance and money through greedy or selfish means as that creates an imbalance that cannot be sustained. The North Node in Libra speaks to humanities destiny to again experience the abundance and plenty that is available when we are living in balance and no longer operating in polar extremes.

The old financial formulas and ways of extracting wealth based in a polarity of winners and losers are no longer sustainable. Any financial gains made from the old paradigm consciousness are temporary at best. Plus, research shows the unhappiest people on the planet tend to be those who have gained wealth through greedy or selfish means as they are often terrified of losing their wealth by the same greed and treachery that got them the wealth in the first place. Or they are suffering from guilt that sabotages their ability to be truly happy. Living love, living from the heart, living in ways that give back to others is key to living a rich and fulfilling life.

October 15, Wednesday. The Sun (21°Libra 52′) is sextile Mars (21° Sagittarius 52′) at 12:19 am. This means Mars is now 60 degrees above the horizon when the Sun sets, where Mars was 180 degrees from the Sun on April 8, 2014, rising in the east as the Sun was setting in the west. Mars will disappear from the evening sky in April of 2015.

How is the Sun illuminating the Mars quest for a true experience of conscious equal partnership? What false beliefs or perceptions stand in the way of that?

The Cancer Last Quarter Moon (22° Cancer 21′) is exact at 12:12 pm telling us the waning Moon will be rising around Midnight. Any last Quarter Moon represents a time to integrate the lessons learned from the old cycle and to let go of whatever does not serve healthy movement into the new cycle.

Any last Quarter Moon represents a time to integrate the lessons learned from the old cycle and to let go of whatever does not serve healthy movement into the new cycle. This Cancer Last Quarter Moon (10 Cancer) is an excellent time for releasing any old feelings of shame and of not being good enough, and embracing the fact that we are divine children, and our very existence is a great gift that has nothing to do with how much we produce or create.

October 16, Thursday. The Moon moves into Leo at 3:29 am energizing the mysteries of self-love and taking time to notice how accepting you are of yourself and the circumstances of your life. Do you approve of who are and what you are doing? If not what changes do you need to make? Or do you simply need to be more accepting of yourself? Do you love and celebrate who you are?

Acceptance does necessarily mean that you like what is happening. It does mean you are willing to accept what IS happening. Acceptance is more than the opposite of resistance, because it is about allowing. Resistance tends to keep what we don’t like or what we resist in motion as we give it energy through our resistance. Surrender and acceptance go together. This begins from the place of accepting and approving of yourself. You are a divine light…

The Sun is conjunct Mercury (23° Libra 24′) at 1:40 pm both closely aligned with the fixed star Spica. This marks the center point of the retrograde where Mercury is receiving a direct download from the source of light and life for planet Earth and from the star of the divine feminine that has been so center stage a lot of this year.

Additionally, Mercury (23° Libra 09′) is also sextile Mars (23° Sagittarius 09′) at 6:49 pm. Mercury is with Spica and Mars is with RasAlhague (the crown chakra of Ophiuchus). Both stars connect to the power of active dreaming (especially the dreams we have when sleeping) that can guide our healing process.

Vicki Noble says:

The material in our dreams lends itself to a wide variety of interpretations and analyses. All the techniques for understanding and working with dreams can be interesting and useful in psychological development, growth, self-understanding, and so forth. But on a deeper level dreams are not to be understood, not to be grasped. Shamanically they guide us and provide us with direct wholistic information to which we do not have access to in the daytime. We many not ever actually come to understand the creatures in our dreams or the real meaning of their visits…The only thing that really matters in dreamwork is the personal experience – the tactile, vibrational experience that stays with (us) forever.

Mercury and the Sun in Libra shines a light on how you perceive yourself in the context of relationship to life and to significant others. Within the embrace of the Magical Star Spica there are also downloads coming from the super conscious into our waking conscious reality. Mercury, Sun and Spica are a trio with an ability to embrace physic ability and information coming to us from our dreaming states. Remember, what is happening in the Great Above is reflected in the Great Below and what is happening in the Great Below is reflected in the Great Above as they are one and the same thing. (See Introduction to the September Timings, 2014 and the audio on Spica – 8 minutes)

The Sun is within six degrees of Spica from October 10 to October 23. Mercury remains within 6 degrees until November 9 continuing to amplify the transmissions coming from these planets.

October 17, Friday. Retrograde Mercury is conjunct Venus (22°Libra 20′) at 10:56 am though not visible as both are with the Sun and very close to the fixed star Spica, a multiple star system with at least five detectable stars. The two brightest stars are more massive than our Sun and one appears to be nearing the end of its star life and may go supernova soon. The other three stars are virtually invisible. To the naked eye observer Spica appears to be a single star due to the 260 light year distance from the Earth. That means the light we see from Spica (when it is visible) is 260 years from the past. Planets near this star amp up the Spica light codes coming to Earth that are an important part of the current divine unfolding.

The Moon passes 5° SSW of Jupiter (18 Leo 33) at 5:05 pm. Leo shows up as radiant, brilliant, shining and charismatic when it is in its strength and power. It is our divine heritage to know and express our divinity with certainty and strength. It takes the same amount of energy, if not more, to belittle ourselves as it does to be kind to ourselves.

Genuine kindness toward self extends to genuine kindness toward others. The Leo mysteries invite us to celebrate our divine essence, knowing the amount of work to remain forgetful, and to be less than our radiant and shining selves takes more energy and work than expressing the divine radiant life force energy we naturally already are.


This YouTube is a happy, fun and funny uplifting way to remember our brilliance no matter what our age and brings sunshine and love through music – so like Leo and is a creative way to celebrate Jupiter and Moon in Leo.
October 18, Saturday. The Moon moves into Virgo at 4:08 pm passing 4.5° SSW of Regulus, the heart star of the Lion. The Moon is traveling through Virgo energizing the archetype that knows the patterning of the manifest world and knows how to co-creatively engage the weaving of reality into harmony and balance so that all life is nourished, supported and honored as sacred.


The Sun (25 Libra), retrograde Mercury (22 Libra), Venus (23 Libra), and Spica (24 Libra) are all within a diameter of 3.42° though not visible because the Sun is there. (see October 16 slide)This means both Mercury and Venus are in the underworld, though Mercury is in the universal underworld and Venus is in the personal underworld. (Check out the Venus Evening Star Tele-class to learn more about the difference between the 2 underworlds.)

October 19, Sunday. Underworld Venus passes 3.2° NNE of Spica (24 Libra) and sextiles Mars (25° Sagittarius 26′) at 10:18 pm. This is similar to the energy of the Sun sextile Mars except now it is the divine feminine seeking conscious equal partnership with the divine masculine who is seeking to expand his awareness through discovering the deeper truths regarding healthy relationships as a way to experience profound spiritual awakening.

October 20, Monday. Retrograde Mercury is conjunct the North Node (19°Libra 17′) at 6:49 am and will pass by here again on October 30 at 6:56 pm after Mercury stations direct on October 25.  Mercury (19°Libra 02′) is also textile Jupiter (19°Leo 02′) at 1:37 pm. Messenger Mercury is seeking insights and inspiration from the current point of destiny that will help lead the way into finding how we can more fully experience relationships as a way to discover more about ourselves through the eyes of the other.

October 21, Tuesday. Orionids Meteor Shower peaks tonight with the time between midnight and dawn for the best viewing times. The Moon doesn’t rise until about 4:30 am meaning there will be dark skies until then. This meteor shower produces about 15 visible fast moving meteors per hour sometimes leaving long persistent trains or showing up as bright fireballs. Look for the constellation of Orion, the Hunter and a bit north of the bright red star Betelgeuse.

The Moon enters Libra at 4:12 am transmitting the mysteries of conscious equal partnership as well as the mysteries of diplomacy, healthy negotiating and what it takes for those who seemingly have no common ground to find it and build on the strength of that for greater balance and harmony in our global village.  This is opening the New Moon Window exact on October 23.

October 22, Wednesday. The Moon occults retrograde Mercury (17°Libra 34′) at 2:26 pm though not visible due to how close it is to the Sun and then catches up to the North Node (19°Li18′) at 5:47 pm for the second time. (see image to the right to get a sense even though it is not visible and see Oct 30) The Moon occultation over Mercury accelerates the possibilities for new insights and understanding that are being transmitted from the messenger planet as well as facilitating messages that are coming from our future self, or point of destiny, symbolized by the North Node. These messages may show up in something we read, a conversation we have, a sudden insight, a day or nighttime dream – all intended to help guide us toward the direction we are divinely meant to go. Taking time to listen for and feel into those messages can be especially supportive now. This aspect stays active to the end of the month when Mercury repasses by the North Node. (See October 29)

October 23, Thursday. The Sun enters Scorpio at 4:57 am followed by the Moon entering Scorpio at 2:10 pm less than an hour before the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse (00 Scorpio 25) exact at 2:57 pm. Just prior to the eclipse, Venus enters Scorpio at 1:52 pm and is occulted by the Moon (00°Scorpio 01′) at 2:12 pm further magnifying and accelerating the potency of this New Moon eclipse.

The seasonal move of Sun into Scorpio at 5:35 am this morning begins a 30 day journey dedicated to the mysteries of death and rebirth. Death is a part of the natural cycle of life. In times past the death mysteries were honored and celebrated at this time of year.

Culturally it seems the dominate experience is a fear of death. Practices honoring the ancestors and those who have died were essential to ancient people who understood the importance of maintaining a healthy organic connection to the life/death/life cycle as they knew the importance of remembering using the motto: “What is remembered Lives!”

Many plants are dying now as their season is nearly complete and they are beginning to synthesize what is needed to create new seeds for the next cycle. This is a time of inner reflection and noticing what needs to die, what is ending, and what is beginning.

The New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio is a seed point for new insights and ways of expressing the Scorpio Mysteries pushing the edges of the old reality into the new emerging more alive reality giving it an infusion of life force that will help it to thrive. This calls us to more actively engage the practice of edgewalking past the edges of the old reality, exploring the edges of the new emerging reality. This eclipse is expanding and accelerating the necessity to embrace the death of all that no longer serves as a necessary step in creating space and courage to embrace new experiences that help us come alive.

October 24, Friday. The Muslim New Year begins at sunset with the first visibility of the Crescent New Moon in Scorpio. If the Moon is not cited after sunset tonight – the New Year will begin tomorrow. The Muslim calendar is lunar. That means it is approximately 11 days shorter than the solar year causing each New Year day to be 11 days earlier.

For example, in 2013 the Muslim New Year began on November 5. The Muslim and Jewish Calendars are both Lunar based. That means the Muslim New Year point and the Jewish New Year point coincide once every 33 years. The last time that happened was in 1984 and the next time it happens will be in 2017.

October 25, Saturday. The Sun is conjunct Venus (01°Scorpio 49′) at 12:31 am. This is the Sun Venus conjunction that takes place when Venus is in her long underworld time on the other side of the Sun from the Earth representing the ultimate death where the darkest shadows are now illuminated and no longer hidden. This is where the shadows can be faced and integrated for personal empowerment.

The shadow often holds our greatest abilities we are hiding from for fear they may somehow prove dangerous to us. The darkness cannot exist within the light of the radiant, illuminating Sun, and yet the light may be so bright we are challenged to open up and look at what is hidden within us. However, when we have the courage to do so it helps to further facilitate the birth of the divine feminine into the light.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes shares the story of Lady Death or Skeleton Woman in her bookWomen Who Run With The Wolves. We are reminded thatLady Death (a.k.a the Dark Goddess) knows the powerful transformative ways of Life and Death. She not only knows the cycles of endings and beginnings, she knows their importance. She is a part of our own nature, she is the inner authority that knows how do the dance of “Life/Death/Life” because in order to have new ecstatic life – the old life must die. Embracing the death mysteries, is key to our liberation.

Mercury (16° Libra 46′) stations direct at 12:17 pm and is at perihelion or closest approach to the Sun in this cycle. This begins a new synodic cycle for Mercury that will last until Mercury goes direct on February 9, 2015. This means the collective mental energy is operating through Libra emphasizing how we communicate with one another for the purpose of deepening our relationships.


This suggests there are messages available now in regard to how we are navigating the realm of personal relationships. It is important to take the time to really listen to what others are saying to you. Notice if you are willing to not only listen, but to really hear what others have to say – even if you don’t like it? This is the time to reflect on what is being communicated to you and how well you are relating to yourself and others.


Are you convinced you are right and only interested in relating to those who agree with your position?

Are you willing to look at how you are showing up when relating to others?


The Moon occults Saturn (23 Scorpio 07) at 9:11 am for the 11th and final time this year for one last acceleration of Saturn as it is transiting through Scorpio. Then Saturn leaves Scorpio for a short time moving into Sagittarius on December 23, stationing retrograde on March 14 at (04°Sagittarius 56′) and then re-entering Scorpio on June 14, 2015. Saturn (28°Scorpio 17′) will station direct on August 1, 2015 and re-enter Sagittarius on September 17, 2015.

This means we have a few more months to integrate what is being seeded and accelerated by the Moon and Saturn occultations in Scorpio over the last few months. Scorpio is the archetype most interested in the Tantric (Life Force) mysteries especially as they relate to orgasmic life force energy generated in our body temples as one of the most powerful and enlightening experiences we can have.


Many tantric teachings remind us that we can enhance our creative power when we experience orgasm along with conscious intention. Infusing our orgasmic energy with the power of intentional prayer is one of the fastest most effective ways to transform our current reality. A great way to get started is to find a tantric breathing practice that works for you and then do it.


The Moon enters Sagittarius at 9:40 pm illuminating the ever-expanding quest for truth and meaning. The next couple of days are a great time to do an inner inquiry asking the part of you that knows to show you the underlying truth that does not change as our awareness and understanding changes. There is an eternal truth that is unchanged by this reality.

You might also ask how the truth as you have experienced so far has been shifting and changing for you? Are you living the truth of your being more fully now than a year ago, or a few months ago, or even a few days ago? Realizing the truth of your consciousness and understanding of this reality is ever evolving you might also ask how you can compassionately live the fullness of your truth in ways that also benefit all of life, knowing that what you experience as true to today may be different tomorrow, next month, next year or in the next few years?

October 26, Sunday. Europe goes off daylight time today. Mars enters Capricorn at 3:43 am and is reaching its greatest southern declination – 25° South of the ecliptic. Mars is also on the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Center where the thickest band of stars are located on the Celestial Highway or River of Stars also known as the Milky Way.

This suggests Mars is receiving a direct transmission from this powerful source point where our Galaxy originates. The light codes coming from this area of the sky are seeding the New Earth and Mars is actively transmitting these seeds of light. These energies are coming to us from a place outside our everyday middle world experience, providing us with an opportunity to actively choose a new beginning, a new time-line, a new reality, based on our thoughts, words and actions that is furthering the divinely inspired new template.

This is being magnified by the fact that Mars is outside the boundaries of where the Sun can reach known as being Out Of Bounds (OOB). The OOB Mars is beyond the declination of the Sun from September 28 to November 20. When planets are “out of bounds” they tend to express as wild cards, and do not operate in ways that we normally expect. That is why this is the one of the most unpredictable expressions for Mars especially when we consider Mars is in Capricorn, a usually a practical expression for the masculine.

The Moon is passing 8.6° North of Antares visible in the evening sky. (see Sky Map)The Egyptians linked Antares with the Scorpion Goddess Selkit, a Goddess of destruction and magical protection. The Egyptians also linked Antares with Isis and pyramid ceremonials as indicated by Richard Allen in his book Star Names: There Lore and Meaning.  The pyramids are an external reflection of the sacred geometry we all carry within our cellular structure that links us to multi-dimensional experiences.

Bernadette Brady’s book of Fixed Stars describes Antares as one of four gateways to the otherworld. At this time it is the descent into the world of darkness as the Sun is now passing by Antares (around Dec 1) as it is approaching the Winter Solstice during some of the shortest days of the year. (In the Northern Hemisphere that is.) It is important to note that over 26,000 years this star will link with other seasonal times but right now it is nearest Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere). Thus, Antares is a star gateway to the realms of expansion, empowerment and ascension.

October 27, Monday. Venus (04° Scorpio 54′) is trine retrograde Neptune (04°Pisces 54′) exact at 11:48 am. This is a time for shamanic dreaming. Vicki Noble in her book Shakti Woman has a chapter on The Dreamer and Her Path of Power beginning the chapter saying:

In the ancient world Dreaming was sacred, providing an opportunity to touch the spirit world and obtain advice, direction, healing.

With Venus trine Neptune the planet most associated with dreaming along with Venus in her underworld phase, here is no better time to connect with our dreaming power than right now.

Part of any shamanic awakening must include an opening of the dream channels and the uprushing of amazing and illuminating material from the unconscious. Becoming aware of our dreams is a healing process in and of itself, bringing us into direct contact with the inner planes. Something usually stimulates such an awakening – a cleansing of some kind, a period of retreat, a healing process. Whatever is blocking the dream process, or the process of remembering, must be removed in order for the dreaming to begin in earnest.

October 28, Tuesday. The Moon enters Capricorn at 3:03 am and passing 6.5° North of Mars (01°Capricorn33′) at 5:45 am and Pluto (11°Capricorn 20′) at 10:47 pm. This represents the sacred masculine Mars in council with Grandmother Moon in the archetypal sign most link with the Council of Grandmothers.

It might be helpful to tune into this alignment for advice, insight and wisdom from the council of elders on what actions to take next that honor, sustain and steward the Earth in ways that also help fulfill our soul’s purpose.

The Sun (04°Scorpio 54′) is trine retrograde Neptune (04°Pisces54′) at 2:49 am. This means Neptune is about to station direct on November 15/16 and has entered the dreaming realms also known as the Still Point. That means paying attention to your dreams for deeper insights into what your soul is yearning for over the next couple of weeks is especially recommended.

October 29, Wednesday.  Mercury has reached the North Node (19 Libra 08) once again exact at 6:48 pm tomorrow. (see October 22) This is a reminder of the importance of listening to the messages –that may come via dreams, conversations, events, or whatever other means available to get our attention as Mercury and the North Node open a portal to access the wisdom of our future selves. This is a good time to ask your future self how to get there from here. Imagining the best possible future that you can and then reach out to your future self that already lives in the fulfillment of that reality and ask that part of yourself how to get there from here?

The Sun reaches zodiacal alignment with the fixed star Khambalia every year on October 29/30. This star is located on the left foot of the Virgin Priestess. Vivian Robson tells us Khambalia is a Coptic word meaning ‘crooked-clawed’ thought to be linked with a version of the swastika symbol – before it was co-opted by Hitler – indicating the ability to go deeply into the secrets of life.

When the Sun passes by Khambalia we are receiving a transmission from this star of Secret Knowledge. The root word of Khambalia is linked with the word Shamballah the place used to describe Heaven on Earth. The Sun is considered a doorway into the mysteries and so is opening the door to the mysteries of Shambala. Here is a link to the song from 3 Dog Night Shambala and is a great theme song to work with now. Back in 2008 I Synchronistically connected this song with Nicole Christine’s passing and her intention as the Pied Piper leading us to Shambala. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmTx9y7ePTg&list=RDUmTx9y7ePTg

October 30, Thursday. The Moon enters Aquarius at 6:52 AM and reaches its First Quarter Phase (07° Aquarius 36′)  at 7:48 pm accelerating the fruition of visions and dreams, illuminating the Aquarian ideals of living free from the rules imposed by outside authorities who seek to control, limit and restrict the human experience. Unique, innovative and ahead of its time, the Aquarian energies break down old restrictive systems for the purpose of breaking through to new experiences of expanded states of awareness. The First Quarter Moon is seeking more ways to think outside the box and do something completely original and unexpected. This kind of action further liberates and frees us from what is known and along with any associated stagnate energy

Mercury is once again conjunct the North Node (19°Libra 08′) at 6:56 pm. (see October 29)
October 31, Friday. Happy Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve. Halloween comes to us as an outgrowth of ancient Celtic Cross-Quarter that was their New Year festival called Samhain (pronounced sow-in) . This was the time of the final harvest of the year and the time for honoring the Dead. Halloween was their celebration of the ancestors and those who died during the previous year. Individual hearth fires were extinguished and a community bonfire was lit bringing the people together to celebrate the new season and the New Year. The celebration included dressing up in animal skins and heads and dancing around the sacred fire. When the festivities were over the personal hearth fires were re-lit.

When the Christian Church came along November 1 was established as All Saints Day by Pope Boniface IV as a way to replace the Day of the Dead festivals with an All-hallowsmas (coming from Middle English meaning All Saints Day). The night before became All-hallows Eve and that was eventually shortened to Halloween.

2014 October Celestial Timings Template
October 1, Wednesday. The First Quarter Moon (08 Capricorn 33) is exact at 12:32 pm and with Pluto (11°Libra 02′) at 4:48 pm.
October 2, Thursday. Mercury is stationing retrograde on October 4 at 10:02 am.
October 3, Friday. The Moon enters Aquarius at 1 am.
October 4, Saturday. The Sun (11 Libra 02) is square Pluto (11 Capricorn 02) Mars (14°Sagittarius 13′) is square retrograde (14°Pi13′) Chiron at 7:17am and Mars is trine Uranus (14°Aries 37′) at 9:18 pm. Mercury (02°Scorpio19′) stations retrograde at 10:02 am stationing direct at 16° Libra 46′ on October 25 at 12:17 pm.
October 5, Sunday. Moon goes into Pisces at 2:24 am & passes 4.4° NNW of the retrograde Neptune (05 Pisces 15) at 10:56 am.
October 6, Monday. Moon catches up to Chiron (14°Pisces08′)at 12:16 am. Vesta enters Sagittarius at 7:29 am.
October 7, Tuesday. The Moon enters Aries at 3:07 am. The Sun (14°Libra 31′) is opposite Uranus (14°Aries 31′) at 1:58 p.m.
October 8, Wednesday. The Moon occults Uranus (14°Aries30′) at 2:52 am just prior to the exact Aries Full Moon total lunar eclipse at 3:51 am. Venus (11° Libra 04′) squares Pluto (11° Capricorn 04′) at 10:33 am.
October 9, Thursday. The Moon enters Taurus at 4:44 am. Mars (17° Sagittarius 14′) is trine Jupiter (17°Leo 14′) at 1:43 pm.
October 10, Friday. Mercury re-enters Libra at 10:27 am. The Sun (17°Libra 34′) is sextile Jupiter (17°Le34′) at 4:18 pm.
October 11, Saturday. Venus (14°Libra 22′) is opposite retrograde Uranus (14°Aries 22′) at 2:10 am. The Moon enters Gemini at 8:51 am passing 7.5° South of the Pleiades.
October 12, Sunday. The Moon passes 1.4° North of Aldebaran around 3:30 am. The Sun is conjunct the North Node (19°Libra15′) at 8:57 am. Today marks the middle of the eclipse season between this lunar and solar eclipse.
October 13, Monday. The Moon enters Cancer at 4:30 pm.
October 14, Tuesday. Venus (18°Libra 05′) is sextile Jupiter (18°Leo 05′) at 1:33 am and w/North Node (19°Libra 15′) at 11:40 pm.
October 15, Wednesday. The Sun (21°Libra 52′) is sextile Mars (21° Sagittarius 52′) at 12:19 am. The Cancer Last Quarter Moon (2° Cancer 21′) is exact at 12:12 pm.
October 16, Thursday. The Moon moves into Leo at 3:29 am. The Sun is conjunct Mercury (23° Libra 24′) at 1:40 pm both closely aligned with the fixed star Spica. Mercury (23° Libra 09′) is also sextile Mars (23° Sagittarius 09′) at 6:49 pm.
October 17, Friday. Retrograde Mercury is conjunct Venus (22°Libra 20′) at 10:56 am though not visible as both are with the Sun and very close to the fixed star Spica. The Moon passes 5° SSW of Jupiter (18 Leo 33) at 5:05 pm.
October 18, Saturday. The Moon moves into Virgo at 4:08 pm passing 4.5° SSW of Regulus. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Spica are all within a diameter of 3.42° though not visible because the Sun is there.
October 19, Sunday. Venus passes 3.2° NNE of Spica (24 Libra) and sextiles Mars (25° Sagittarius 26′) at 10:18 pm
October 20, Monday. Retrograde Mercury is conjunct the North Node (19°Libra 17′) at 6:49 am and again on October 30 at 6:56 pm after Mercury station direct. Mercury (19°Libra 02′) is also textile Jupiter (19°Leo 02′) at 1:37 pm.
October 21, Tuesday. Orionids meteor shower peaks. The Moon enters Libra at 4:12 am.
October 22, Wednesday. The Moon occults Mercury (17°Libra 34′) at 2:26 pm and is with North Node (19°Li18′) at 5:47 pm.
October 23, Thursday. The Sun enters Scorpio at 4:57 am. Moon enters Scorpio at 2:10 pm. New Moon Solar Eclipse (00Scorpio 25) exact at 2:57 pm. Venus enters Scorpio at 1:52 pm and is occulted by the Moon (00°Scorpio 01′) at 2:12 pm.
October 24, Friday. The Muslim New Year and Mercury with North Node exact on October 30
October 25, Saturday. The Sun is conjunct Venus (01°Scorpio 49′) at 12:31 am. The Moon occults Saturn (23 Scorpio 07) at 9:11 am. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 9:40 pm. Mercury (16° Libra 46′) stations direct at 12:17 pm
October 26, Sunday. Europe goes off daylight time today.  (OOB) Mars enters Capricorn at 3:43 am. The Moon is with Antares
October 27, Monday. Venus (04° Scorpio 54′) is trine retrograde Neptune (04°Pisces 54′) exact at 11:48 am.
October 28, Tuesday. The Moon enters Capricorn at 3:03 am and catches up to Mars (01°Capricorn33′) at 4:45 am and Pluto (11°Capricorn 20′) at 9:36 pm. The Sun (04°Scorpio 54′) is trine Neptune (04°Pisces54′) at 2:49 am.
October 29, Wednesday. The Moon is passing 6.5° North of Mars at 5:45 am and Pluto at 10:47 pm
October 30, Thursday. The Moon enters Aquarius at 6:52 AM add reaches its First Quarter Phase (07° Aquarius 36′) at 7:48 pm. October 31, Friday. Happy Halloween. The Sun is entering the constellation of the Scales today.