Here is the link to the 2014 September Celestial Timings pdf with Star Maps. I highly recommend looking at this PDF even if you choose to print the plain text version below to see the Star Maps and other content that doesn’t show up below. Also you can use this link to access the Audios for September

Truly, without Deceit, certainly and absolutely,
That which is above
is the same as that which is below and
That which is below is the same as that which is above
In the Accomplishment of the Miracle of One Thing.

An alternate Version begins like this
Truly, without Deceit, certainly and absolutely,
As Above, So Below, and As Below, So Above,
in the Accomplishment of the Miracle of One Thing.
And just as all things have come from One,
through the Mediation of One,
so all things follow from this One Thing in the same Way.

Its Father was the Sun, the Moon its Mother.
It was carried in the Womb of Air,
and the Earth was its Nurse.
It is the Father of every Willed Thing in the whole World.
Its Power is perfected if it becomes as Earth.
Separate the Earth from Fire: the Fine from the Gross,
gently and with great skill.

It rises from Earth to Heaven,
and then it descends again to the Earth and
receives Power from Above and from Below.
Thus you will have the Glory of the whole World.

All Obscurity will be clear to you.
This is the strong Power of all Power because
it overcomes everything fine and
penetrates everything solid.

In this way was the World created.
From this there will be amazing Applications,
because this is the Pattern.
Therefore am I called Thrice Greatest Hermes,
having the three parts of the Wisdom
of the whole World.
Herein have I completely explained the
Operation of the Sun.

From the Emerald Tablets

Shamanic Astrology recognizes the infinite number of valid evolutionary paths or mystery schools available to us that are found in the natal chart or blueprint. In the “As Above, So Below” mysteries described by The Emerald Tablets of Thoth and Hermes we are reminded that what is happening in the Great Above is being informed by what is happening in the Great Below and what is happening in the Great Below is informing what is happening in the Great Above and this is the miracle of the ONE. They are not separate but interrelated through Great Mystery itself.The Tabula Smaragdina as it was called in Latin or the Emerald Tablet is considered the basis of Alchemy and Hermeticism. The essence of these writings reminds us we live in a world filled with Magic and Mystery that is more readily available to us when we are conscious of the possibilities and have the wisdom to choose wisely.

Knowledge of the natural cycles of the Earth and Sky empowers our ability to be conscious co-creators of reality itself – to inform and be informed by Great Mystery – to inform and be informed by the Above and the Below. The Celestial Timings are an invocation to these possibilities as well as a way to consciously tune into the Timings and intentions of the Sun, Moon and planets. This helps us to know and fulfill our part with in the overall pattern, thus living in greater harmony with the miracle of the One.

The Sky Mysteries This Month

September was the seventh month in the old Roman calendar that started with March as the New Year. Septum in Latin means seven. It is also considered the harvest month as the September equinox in the northern hemisphere represents the season that prepares for winter.

This is the time when the days and nights are equal in length though will quickly begin the lengthening of the nights and the shortening of the days in the northern hemisphere, with the opposite happening in the southern hemisphere.

Since about 1968 the equinoxes have fallen on September 22 or 23. Up until 1931 the equinox sometimes fell on September 24.

This year September 25 is Rosh Hashanah meaning the first day of the Hebrew New Year or the year 5775 AM (anno mundi, “year of the world”). The Hebrew calendar is lunar based so it always begins with the siting of the Crescent New Moon nearest the equinox.

Mercury reaches its greatest elongation in the evening sky on September 21 (Meaning as far from the Sun as it will get) though this is not a particularly “easy” Mercury to see as it lies low on the horizon after sunset.

Saturn is slowly sinking in the West. The Moon occults Saturn for the 10th time this year on September 28.

Mars is also closer to the Western horizon after sunset at about 0.7 magnitude. On September 28 Mars passes 3° north of Antares with the Moon also there. Mars with Antares is an event that happens about every two years, and is significant as Antares means rival of Mars as both are red shining at about the same brightness.

Jupiter is climbing higher in the morning sky. As September begins, rising around 3 am. By the end of September Jupiter is rising 90 minutes earlier around 1:30 am.

Venus is disappearing from the morning sky, traveling with the Sun from about September 11 until December 4. This marks the underworld portion of the Venus cycle, signaling the shamanic death of the goddess before she is reborn in December. Venus passes less than one degree north of Regulus on September 5 and becomes lost in the glare of the Sun shortly thereafter. See September 5 and 11 for details.

The Full Moon nearest September equinox has been described as the Harvest Moon. This year the Harvest Full Moon is rising around sunset 14 days before the equinox. The October 8 Full Moon is 15 days after the September equinox. So these Full Moons are nearly equi-distant from the Equinox.

Usually the Full Moon rises about 45 to 50 minutes later each night after its exact fullness but at this time of the year the Moon is rising about 25 to 30 minutes later each night. It is also an interesting synchronicity that the Full Moon rises pumpkin orange looking much like a jack-o’-lantern.

The Sioux Indian call this the dying grass Moon describing the season when the grass is dying and getting ready for winter. In China this Full Moon was considered the most romantic and was when the man in the Moon tied couples together with invisible thread – similar to handfasting and there were Moon cakes to help celebrate – a pastry filled with candied melon, egg yolks coconut and cashews.

Still prominent in the sky is the Summer Triangle formed by Deneb (the tail of the Cygnus the Swan or Northern Cross) and Altair (the eye of the Eagle known as Aquila) and Vega (in the constellation of Lyra and the pole star 13,000 years ago).

Cygnus the Swan has a long body with wings outstretched appearing much like a swan in flight, flying toward the Milky Way. See the images below.

Sometimes this constellation is referred to as the Northern Cross. Aquila, the Eagle, where the star Altair is located, is flying toward Cygnus though slightly to the side so they appear to pass by one another. The red circles in star map below show the head of these celestial birds and the white circle where Delphinus the Dolphin is just above and to the East of Altair.

September 1, Monday. Happy Labor Day. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:17 am. This begins the activation of the Grand Fire Trine. (see September 2 and 25) The Moon in Sagittarius illuminates the quest for truth, the bold, unchanging, absolute truth that underlies all existence. Often what we take for truth is changing with our perception of reality.September 2014 Daily Celestial Timings

William Blake once said: “The truth told with bad intent, beats all the lies you can invent.” This extends to the truth we tell ourselves. If we beat ourselves up with the seeming truth of our failures and mistakes then we are forgetting to forgive ourselves or others.

Sagittarius asks you to align with the truth that is in your heart (as the Moon approaches the Heart Star of the Scorpion – exact tomorrow) going beyond the ego or inner critic that might tell you a seeming truth that is less than the real or true essence of who you are. Taking time to be with – visually connecting with the waxing Moon tonight looking toward the west – is one way to tune into the light codes being transmitted to the Earth via the Moon. Tomorrow night the Moon will be just beyond Antares. (see September 28 and 29 when Moon is with Mars and Antares to see a star map of Moon with Antares)

Mercury enters Libra at 10:38 pmand travels through here until September 27 when it takes a brief dip into Scorpio before going retrograde in early October, then Mercury returns to Libra until November 8. Mercury in Libra features a time when the mental focus is centered on the relationship we have with our minds and the ability of the mind to be a connecting link for the relationship between the visible and the invisible realms and between self and others. In the realm of thought we have the ability to transport ourselves instantly to any time or place or situation we choose. We also have the ability to choose where we focus our thoughts.

Remembering that energy follows thought and that we have the power to control what we choose to think about – means we can direct the flow of energy via our thoughts. However, that being said it is not always so easy to do. From now until November 8 it is an excellent time to practice being aware of your thoughts as that will give you clues about the flow of energy that is happening in, through, and around you.

You might find it helpful to ask yourself…
What kind of thoughts am I thinking?
Are they happy, uplifting thoughts, or angry, sad, blaming thoughts?
Am I attached to certain ways of negative thinking?
How attached am I to what I believe and perceive is my reality?
Am I willing to change my thinking by choosing to do so?
Am I willing to have an assemblage point shift in my beliefs and perceptions that allow for greater freedom of being?

The paradox of the mind is we can find ourselves being bored with what we already have and longing for what we don’t have. So another question that can serve over the next few weeks is:
How can I be content with, or truly accept, what IS right now?

September 2, Tuesday. The First Quarter Moon (09° Sagittarius 55 ) is exact at 4:11 am and passes 8.5° N of Antares around 4:14 am. (see September 28 and 29 star map for Moon with Antares) This means the Moon will be well past Antares by sunset tonight. In addition to meaning rival to Mars, this star is thought to be an Arabic name of the pre-Islamic era hero and poet Antar or Antarah, who is credited with having freed his people – rising from a slave to hero.

During this First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius we also have an activation of the Grand Fire Trine – that is formulating most precisely with Jupiter and Uranus for the first time on September 25, forming many times from now until July 28, 2015. The Moon table shown here – features each time the Moon is completing the Grand Trine starting in August of 2014 and going through July 2015. (See September 25 or more)

Fire is an element that needs constant movement so this is a time for taking committed action to further the power and magic of living the essential truth of who we are in ways that promote love and joy. Attending to the hurts, wrongs, mistakes and issues of the past by forgiving them and letting them go creates a space for entering new territory.

The First Quarter Moon is a rapid growth phase of the Moon (also about movement) and therefore accelerates this possibility when we take advantage of this Timing. Taking time to dance is a great way to get the energy moving, especially when done with ceremonial intent. Think about what it is you want to move in your life and then get up and dance with that in mind as that will begin to draw it to you. Some Fiery music to get you going.

September 3, Wednesday. The Sun (11°Virgo 05′) is trine Pluto (11° Capricorn 05′) at 9:08 am. The trine to the Sun always happens just before Pluto goes direct or just after it has stationed retrograde. This is a time for noticing how you are running your life force energy and generating personal power and magnetism. It can also be a time to focus energy on inner reflection, completing projects and looking to see where you might have issues of control or desire to have power over others or situations that are ultimately holding you back.

The Moon enters Capricorn crossing the Galactic Gateway at 3:15 pm visible leaving the Scorpion and entering the Archer. These energies are emphasizing effective and efficient administration of our domain, while stewarding the Earth in ways that support and sustain healthy living. Efficient organization, cleaning up clutter, and/or simplifying procedures and lifestyle are some ways to engage this timing.

September 4, Thursday. The Moon catches up to retrograde Pluto (11° Capricorn 05′) at 9:56 amilluminating the shadow and the fears that often drive our choice to numb out, escape, and go unconscious due to feeling powerless. The feeling of powerlessness feeds complacency so one way to engage this time is to do an inquiry around your willingness to let go and transform by asking yourself these questions:

Do you have resistance to the disintegration of the old structures?
If so what outmoded survival oriented instincts are driving your choices?
Are you projecting your fears (reactions) onto others or situations outside of yourself?
Are you taking responsibility for your experience and looking for ways to be a part of the solution rather than adding to the problem?

Meeting our fears with courage while taking responsibility for them is essential in creating an experience where they no longer have power over us. The act of projecting our fear onto any outside source including the government or world events or economic crisis or other external events distracts us from engaging what is really going on – where the real fear resides. The outer circumstances are a gift to get us to look at our inner reality. One way to begin transforming fear is to acknowledge it, name it and be willing to embrace it so it can be transformed – as what we resist inevitably persists.

September 5, Friday. Venus moves into Virgo passing .73° NNE of Regulus at 10:07 am. Venus travelsthrough Virgo until September 29 fine tuning the divine feminine connection to the natural cycles and rhythms of Earth and Sky for the purpose of living in sacred harmony and balance with all life. This is the domain of Spider Woman who weaves the web of reality.

Spider Woman is a creation goddess, the one who spins and weaves this life into existence, first creating the universe from the four directions of North, East, South and West. Then, within the space of these directions she creates or births the Sun, the Moon and the stars, bringing light to both day and night. Then she creates the mountains, oceans, and deserts and becomes the womb that gives life to humanity – connecting humanity to her through the threads of her web. The Hopi, Pueblo, Navaho and other Native American tribes considered her so important they never spoke her ‘real’ name out loud. Instead they referred to her as Spider Woman.

Many tribal customs include chanting or singing prayers into their weavings in the same way Spider Woman used chanting or singing to spin and weave the world into being. Chanting, drumming, and singing are often used to create an altered state or heightened state of consciousness in cultures throughout the world. It is a powerful way to connect more deeply with the patterning of life for the purpose of transcending it or reaching altered states of where one can then be a co-creator with Spider Woman and/or Great Mystery. (see September 25)

The Moon enters Aquarius at 4:59 pmenergizing the Aquarian humanitarian ideals that are intended to inspire the breakdown of old restrictive systems breaking through to new more expanded states of awareness.

September 6, Saturday. Honoring my Mother, Merilyn Helen Judd Massey, who would have been 81 today.She died August 18, 1998 just before her 65th birthday. Her remarkable conscious death and the gifts she gave me and many others through her courage are captured in this story.

We are just about three months away from the next exact Uranus Pluto square happening on December 15 – it will be the sixth one in this series of 7. Currently both Uranus and Pluto are retrograde though Pluto goes direct shortly on Sep 22 and Uranus will go direct on Dec 21.

Uranus square Pluto represents the collaborative efforts of the Celestial Revolutionary Uranus in Aries with the Underworld Alchemy of Pluto in Capricorn to ignite transformational change. This combination continues to produce whatever it takes to break down the old and make room for the new.

This type of Divine Timing often operates through events that cannot be planned for or know ahead of time. Yet, when we trust what is happening, the results are magical and miraculous, especially when we are not attached to a specific outcome or things looking a certain way. The best strategy is to be genuinely grateful for everything, even the seeming challenges. Also it helps to be willing to ride the waves of change and know they are ultimately taking you exactly where you soul intends to go even if you it doesn’t look that way initially.

September 7, Sunday. The Moon enters Pisces at 4:47 pm and reaches perigee 22 hours before the exact Full Moon. This means the Moon in Pisces is extra potent energizing the mysteries of inspired dreaming through the conscious use of our imagination or ability to dream up our reality. Consciously choosing where we focus our thoughts and dreaming energies is key to the co-creative process. Healthy Pisces serves the divine through compassionate sacred service and inner intuitive listening that may take cues from the external world but is ultimately acting from an inner place of knowing that often defies logic and reason.

The Sun (15°Pisces 24′) reaches opposition to retrograde Chiron (15°Pisces 24′) at 7:44 pm marking the center point of Chiron’s retrograde process. Chiron will go direct on November 24 at 13 Pisces. This means if you have planets, angles or nodes between 13 to 18 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius you are at a significant point in this Chiron initiation process.

In the Piscean realm of infinite possibilities this a time to consider what we are imaging is shaping our unfolding reality. The shamanic healer Chiron, traveling through Pisces now being illuminated by the Sun in a Full Moon effect is an opportunity for going deeper into what it will take to truly heal our personal and collective emotional heart so we can dream the dream onward into the New Earth.

September 8, Monday. The Moon catches up to retrograde Neptune (05 Pisces 52) at 2:09 am and then Chiron (15 Pisces 21)  just before the exact Pisces Full Moon (16 Pisces 19) at 6:38 pm. The Piscean expression of self-less service, mystical union, devotional surrender, and the visionary dreamer knows that to create the reality it is not about trying to change what IS but rather flowing with the changes that are intended to further our evolution. As Buckminister Fuller and Socrates are suggesting – reflecting the Piscean point of view – it is about imagining or dreaming a new model, a new world, a new awareness that renders the existing reality obsolete.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
~R. Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path 1981

September 9, Tuesday. Mercury (11 Libra 02) squares Pluto (11 Capricorn 02) at 3:38 pm. Currently whenever a planet is with either Pluto or Uranus it is activating the Uranus Pluto Square that will be exact again on December 15.  Mercury with Pluto suggests there are opportunities to receive messages from the Underworld domain designed to support the intent of Pluto to bring the shadowed aspects within each of us to greater conscious awareness and to do it in ways that help to facilitate even greater alchemical change.

Many are experiencing this shadow realm coming into the light of awareness, and as it is brought to awareness it quite often looks and feels messy. This messiness, however, is needed to bring about the revolutionary changes that promote evolutionary growth. This is much like what happens around dealing with a messy closet. It might be easy to close the door on the mess until a day comes when it isn’t. Attending to and cleaning up that closet (i.e. our minds, our lives, our points of view) usually gets messier before progress is actually apparent.

Being willing to embrace the messy, uncomfortable feelings and really feel them is a great way to get started with the process. Remember this is feeling from the inside out so we can respond to what is happening and not the outside in where we are just reacting to what is happening.

Feeling from the inside out is where we take responsibility for what we have created and get out of blaming others for our messy closet. Otherwise even if you get your closet cleaned up if you are still playing victim or the blame game it will quickly get messy again – metaphorically speaking that is.

The Moon moves into Aries at 4:33 pm also activating the energy of the Uranus Pluto square. This is a time for unpredictable events that are intended to collapse old structures and expand our point of view. What happens now depends on what it will take to create the changes needed to further evolution and expansion of awareness. The more we can go with the flow of what is happening – the easier it will be.

September 10, Wednesday. Venus (05 Virgo 52) is opposite Neptune (05 Pisces 52) at 3:51 am suggesting this a time to be willing to NOT know and to ask questions, listen for answers, stay attuned to inner guidance, and notice synchronicities – realizing that things are often NOT what they appear to be. Neptune deals with the illusions of this so-called reality.

The shadow side of Neptune expresses through confusion, uncertainty, illusions, losing touch with reality, and what it really takes to manifest our dreams and desires in this dimension.

This timing is one of the deepest, most inner-directed times for accessing our own “big picture” through inner processes. When we are in touch with our inner knowing, we intuit what steps are needed to fulfill our dreams. These steps may very well be beyond what seems logical but when you follow that knowing miracles happen. If you have planets angles or nodes between 4 and 7 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius then you are in a Neptune Initiation meaning this is especially important for you.

Mercury (12 Libra 09) is sextile Jupiter (12 Leo 09) at 11:37 am. This is a time for insights and message about how healthy self-love helps to create healthy personal relationships. And Here is a Leo/Libra kind of message  – Shining like the Sun – that may bring a smile and maybe even get you up and dancing…

The Moon occults Uranus (15 Aries 33) for the second time since last month passing 1.1° NNW of Uranus at 5:58 pm visible in Eastern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and Northern Siberia. This activates and expanding our sense of what is possible in new and innovative ways. Taking decisive, intuitive action (Aries) may lead to unexpected, surprising events that are somehow totally aligned with exactly what is needed for further growth and evolution.

This is due to the unpredictable ways of Uranus now being accelerated by this series of occultations, designed to produce what Terrance McKenna referred to as “events of extreme novelty” that are intended to radically shift our current perception (or assemblage point) most likely around whatever our perceived mission in life currently is.

Disruptions lead to growth and Uranus is a great disrupter. So these disruptions can be especially liberating opportunities for breaking out of old limiting patterns, especially when we are willing to embrace the radical changes that are ultimately supporting the manifestation of a new more fulfilling and miraculous life for each of us and for the planet.

September 11, Thursday. The Sun (18 Virgo 48) is sextile Saturn (18 Scorpio 48) at 8:04 am.Any sextile with the Sun will find Saturn in direct motion – this time Saturn went direct on July 20. This is a full speed ahead time for Saturn in Scorpio and is about integrating the new forms or ways of experiencing life force energy that include ecstasy and bliss.

Today is also when the Moon enters Taurus at 6:17 pm. Both these Timings speak to the importance of sacred sexuality and being open to experiencing and receiving the beauty and pleasure of life including sensual sacred sexual pleasure. This can be further facilitated by taking time to notice what feels good, what feels supportive, what feels enjoyable? What simple day-to-day occurrences enhance the experience of healthy spontaneous pleasure? This in and of itself is a big factor in bringing Heaven to Earth as described in the book Sexual Healing.

…Once the sensual and the sacred are integrated, every sexual act can be infused with prayer, which, when done with conscious intention, brings heaven to earth.
~ by 
Baba Dez Nichols and Kamala Devi

September 12, Friday. Saturn and Vesta are conjunct reaching exactness tomorrow. In the Star Map to the right the two green circles show Saturn and Vesta together but the far right circle doesn’t have Vesta showing up so I had to create a second star map to show where Vesta actually is in relationship to Saturn.

Following up on yesterday’s theme Saturn and Vesta in Scorpio are all about bringing the sacred back into sexuality. In the book Sexual Healing the authors describe how countries with the highest amount of violence are the ones with the most negative attitudes towards sex.

Saturn in Scorpio is a time for new forms, new beliefs, new ways of perceiving these mysteries that heal and empower rather than disempower for the purpose of reconnecting with the healing magic of sex when it is properly understood and engaged.

What does sacred sex have to do with changing the world? Everything. Sex is how we all got here. It is the most powerful creative force on the planet. But few people ever learn to harness its power.

The countries with the highest degree of violence correlates with the most negative attitudes toward sex. Consider liberal countries such as Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. They all have high standards of sexual education and women’s liberation, and low levels of homicide, assault and abuse. Then contrast these countries with the warring nature of fundamental Islamic states where women are covered head-to-toe with burkas and walk several paces behind their men. It seems that greater sexual liberation reduces human conflict.
~Sexual Healing by 
Baba Dez Nicholsand Kamala Devi

September 13, Saturday. Mercury (15 Libra 28) is opposite Uranus (15 Aries 28) at 1:16 am activating the Uranus Pluto square providing us with messages from both the Celestial and Underworld domains as Mercury is the messenger that travels between both worlds bridging the wisdom inherent in each of these realms. Mercury is a guide, guiding us in navigating current events when we are open to and listening to the guidance that is available.

This includes the sometimes very uncomfortable and often messy experience of the shadow coming to light. This messiness, however, as mentioned before is needed to bring about the revolutionary changes that promote evolutionary growth. (see Sep 9)

Mars moves into Sagittarius at 2:57 pm and stays in this sign until October 25. Mars traveling through Sagittarius is activating the spiritual quest for expanding self-understanding, knowledge, and the true meaning of life as it relates to our individual and collective experience. This is being applied to the current Mars quest for Conscious Equal Partnership with all life but most especially with the Divine Feminine.

The Moon passes 7.4° S of the Pleiades entering Gemini at 11:26 pm energizing the trickster coyote who reminds us NOT to take ourselves so seriously. When the Moon is in Gemini it represents a time for also engaging fun and play.

Saturn and Vesta (18 Scorpio 59) are conjunct at 12:06 pm (see Sep 12)

September 14, Sunday. Venus (11 Virgo 01) is trine retrograde Pluto (11 Capricorn 01) at 7:35 am supporting the possibility of greater empowerment for the divine feminine as she expresses her wisdom and desire to honor life as sacred in her expression as High Priestess.

Saturn in Scorpio is all about shedding the old stuck, unconscious energy that keeps us from connecting to the divine feminine ecstatic energy known as Shakti. This is a Timing to tune in and ask your body what would it take to further activate your own ecstatic Shakti energy.

“Pleasure…It is the most natural state for the body to be in. It’s what the body intuitively knows…The body needs ecstatic energy (Shakti)…We can’t shift to the new human if we continue to reside in our dense, stuck, unconscious emotional pain bodies.”
Julie Halevan Yoga Teacher/ Tantrika

September 15, Monday. The Moon is passing 1.4° N of Aldebaran (10 Gemini) and the Gemini Last Quarter Moon is exact at (23 Gemini 09) at 7:05 pm. This is the area of the sky where Mercury stationed direct on July 1, 2014 above the belt stars of Orion.

These three stars of Orion’s belt are Mintaka, Al Nilam and Alnitak . The Arabic translation of Al Nilam is the String of Pearls. So this Last Quarter Moon phase, a time for synthesizing all that has come before in this Lunar cycle is benefitting from the pearls of wisdom that are transmitted from this area of the sky.  (see July 1, 2014 Celestial Timings archives)

September 16, Tuesday. The Moon enters Cancer at 8:24 am passing over the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge where the summer solstice Sun now rises on the hand of what the Celts referred to as the “High Man”  (a.k.a. Orion, the Hunter), accelerating the evolution of the Cancer mysteries. Just before sunrise looking west the Moon can be seen sitting on the hand of Orion.

The star map to the right shows the ecliptic or plane of Solar System also known as the path the planets follow. Due to the Inner Lunar Standstill happening at this time, the Moon is passing south of the ecliptic line (or to the left of it) and doesn’t reach the ecliptic for the next several months in this Inner Standstill window.

It is worth noting that during the Outer Standstill (due to happen again around 2025) is when the Moon passes to the right of the Green Line or North of the Ecliptic. It is during the Inner Standstill Time (in the 19 year Moon cycle) when the Moon literally sits on the hand of Orion as seen in the image on the star map. This was of major importance to the ancients who were aware of the Turning of the Ages when the Sun was on the Hand of the High Man at a seasonal gateway – currently happening at our Summer Solstice letting us know we are in a major Turning of the Ages.

Mercury is conjunct the North Node (19 Libra 35) at 10:50 am facilitating messages that are coming from our future self, or point of destiny, that help to guide us in the direction we are divinely meant to go. Taking time to listen for those messages is especially important now.

September 17, Wednesday. Venus disappears from the morning sky traveling with the Sun until December 4 when Venus rises into the evening sky. This marks the part of the Inanna story where she dies so that she can again be reborn. Interestingly when she travels with the Sun it means she is in the LIGHT. More details about that next month.

Venus (14 Virgo 57) is opposite retrograde Chiron (14 Pisces 57) at 11:32 am. As Venus drops into the underworld with Chiron opposite – she is receiving additional guidance from this underworld initiator. When Chiron is in Pisces it provides a kinder gentler more compassionate initiation that includes deeply feeling what needs to be felt. This may not be easy and in fact may be difficult especially if there are feelings that have been repressed and denied.

How do we feel the feelings that haven’t been fully felt? This does not necessarily mean act on those feelings out in the world. Especially if the feelings are around anger, rage, hurt, revenge, getting even, or punishing others for your pain and suffering.

Chiron encourages healing through forgiveness, including forgiving the unforgivable. This may be forgiving unforgivable acts including betrayal that have been done by others or done to by you toward yourself. As Venus travels with the Sun she is with the source of light and life and Chiron is there to assist. It is in the light of forgiveness and love that these wounds can be forever transformed.

September 18, Thursday. The Moon is passing 12° S of Pollux and then enters Leo at 8:10 pm catching up to Jupiter on the 20th. Jupiter in Leo is a time for expanding the light of who we divinely are through the practice of healthy self-love. From the perspective of Jupiter in Leo the light is growing and the world is beginning to shine in new ways.

In the book Abundance: The Future is Better than you Think by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kolter the authors’ site research that suggests it is our negative biases that cause those who might otherwise stand up and claim the world is getting better to think twice about doing so. Why? Because humans have a tendency to give more weight to negative information than to what is positive.  However, awareness of this tendency means we can change it.

So Moon in Leo catching up to Jupiter is an excellent time to focus on what is positive within ourselves and our world as both the Moon and Jupiter will expand our focused attention at this time.

This is an important time to enlarge our point of view to include truly loving who we are and knowing that every human being matters. NOT only that, we matter more than ever. In the Abundance model described in the book the well-being of every individual MUST matter for abundance to truly be available to everyone. The place to start is to get that YOU matter and to act as if you do matter, not in a selfish way, not in an unhealthy way that is only about getting what you can and to hell with everyone else, but rather in a way that recognizes that not only does everyone else matter but everyone is essential to the whole and without each part being recognized for its importance the whole suffers. The true essence of Leo instinctively knows this.

September 19, Friday. The Moon in Leo passes 6.3° SSW of the Beehive Cluster (7 Leo) illuminating the blessings of the Bees an ancient symbol of the Goddess or Divine Feminine. Bees matter and are essential to the whole. Environmentally, Bees are vital to the health and well-being of our planet pollinating flowers and crops so they can reproduce. This is why Bees are considered a fertility symbol. Bees also teach us about enjoying the blessings of nectar or sweetness of life.

A good question to consider is … Are you enjoying the sweetness of life? If not what can you do to change that?

September 20,  Saturday. The Moon catches up to Jupiter (14 Leo) at 12:29 am.At least once each month until August of 2015 the Moon will pass Jupiter illuminating the mysteries of Jupiter in Leo. The waning Crescent Moon will be visible with Jupiter in the morning sky before the Sun rises.

This speaks to the release of everything and anything that stands in the way of healthy self-love. It is time to let go of everywhere you are not approving of yourself, everywhere you are not accepting yourself, everywhere you are not valuing yourself, everywhere where you are not truly loving yourself. This is the time to ask the magnifying power of the Moon and Jupiter in Leo to support this releasing process across all time, space, dimensions and realities.

Taking time to affirm this releasing process over the next year especially when the Moon is with Jupiter can greatly assist in letting go of the blocks and beliefs that keep you from truly loving who you are as a precious expression of the divine. After doing this releasing practice – letting go of whatever stands in the way of loving yourself, you might ask: how is love living through me right now? And listen for the answer.
September 21, Sunday. Mercury is passing by Spica (24 Libra) yesterday, today, tomorrow, as it reaches its greatest elongation from the Sun (26.4°) happening today. This represents the furthest reach away from the Sun that Mercury will make in its current cycle as evening star. This also signals the approach of Mercury retrograde that will begin on October 4.

With Mercury as far from the Sun as it can get, and hanging out with Spica we can imagine this transformational guide is providing us with profound messages from this Behenian (magical) Star. Spica was activated by Mars and Vesta earlier this year and now it’s Mercury’s turn having come within 6° of Spica on September 14 and staying within 6° until September 28.

Mercury will go retrograde within 8° of this star on October 4 returning to the 6° range on October 10 making its second pass by Spica on October 15. Then Mercury will go direct on October 25 (16 Libra 46) making its final pass by Spica on November 4.

This is a powerful transit as Mercury usually only passes by Spica once each year. However, about every 6 or 7 years Mercury will retrograde in this area of the sky amplifying the light codes and messages that are available to us when we are tuned in and listening. A great question to consider is:
What is the divinely inspired message coming from Mercury via Spica over the next few weeks?

Venus (19 Virgo 38) is sextile Saturn (19 Scorpio 38) at 6:03 am. This lets us know that Venus will catch up to Saturn around November 12 or 13. Meanwhile, Venus in Virgo is gathering wisdom from Saturn in Scorpio about how to create new forms of expression for the divine feminine as High Priestess that include new forms and ways of experiencing the sacred that are ecstatic, orgasmic, and alive.

The Moon enters Virgo at 8:54 am passing 4 degrees SSW of Regulus and will catch up to Venus on September 23 about 15 hours before the Libra New Moon. Whenever the Moon is in Virgo it is a time for increasing our awareness and connection to the patterning of life. This has to do with the sacred cycles and seasons of our collective reality, as well as our personal cycles and seasons that fit into the greater pattern.

Here is an insight from the book Shakti Woman Feeling our Fire, Healing our World -The New Female Shaman by Vicki Noble describing the importance of being attuned to this overall pattern reminiscent of how we are reminded of the importance of the patterning of life as described in the Emerald Tablets. (See September  Introduction) The Moon Centers are described HERE

The Tantric Scriptures in India feature drawings and teachings about the movements of the Moon and planets in relation to the particular places on a woman’s body that will naturally be charged with energy on different days during the lunar cycle. A student of tantra yoga learns these movements in relation to the erogenous zones of the female body…

… So what kind of world might it have been when we were in touch through our bodies with these universal currents? What might a kinship with the animals, the Moon, and the stars have felt like?…
…You would have a sense of roots and the feeling of belonging.

Mars (05 Sagittarius 34) is square Neptune at (05 Pisces 34) at 8:39 pm. As Mars continues to quest for new ways to do conscious equal partnership that support the true essence of each person in the relationship – Neptune is providing opportunities to deepen our relating through what is felt. This has to do with attuning to a deep inner knowing that goes beyond logic and reason.

September 22, Monday. Happy September Equinox. The Sun reaches 0° Libra at 7:29 pm marking the exact center point of the September Equinox or the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. The Equinox gates mark the time of balance between day and night as the days are exactly the same length as the nights, or there is an equal number of hours between sunrise and sunset.

Connecting with places on the land you are drawn to for the purpose of observing either the sunrise or sunset on this day is a way to participate in living ceremonial relationship with this significant time.

Taking time to be with the Sun passing through this Solar Gateway can also feed and inspire our own sense of the sacred link between the land and the sky. This is a way to strengthen our sense of this magical relationship between the Above and the Below and the ancient mysteries, ancient wisdom, and the ancient knowing that guided our ancestors. This is our heritage and what is encoded in our DNA if we are willing to take the time to be witness and to again walk through the doorway of remembrance and knowing. More on the Equinox HERE

Also today Pluto (11 Capricorn 00) stations direct at 5:36 pm very nearthe fixed star Nunki (zodiacally located at 12 Capricorn 30) marking the Vane of the Arrow of the archer catching up to this star on December 11. As Pluto pauses at the Still Point in the Equinox time of balance it maybe be helpful to do a personal inquiry into your fears and how you are taking responsibility for your reality. Are you in integrity with how you are showing up day to day – meaning taking responsibility and letting go of blaming others or outside circumstances for the life you are living?  Are you embracing our fears and making healthier choices? If not what it would it take for you to start now?

Anyone with planets or angles between 9 and 15 degrees of Capricorn have a direct connection with Nunki and the planetary energies placing you on the leading edge of this Galactic Nexus transmitting the new Galactic Light Codes directly to Earth in her 13,000 year alignment with the Galactic Plane. 26,000 years ago the December Solstice was aligned at Galactic Center. 13,000 years ago it was the June Solstice that was aligned at Galactic Center. These alignments act as a conduit for upgrading the evolving planetary operating system.

September 23, Tuesday. The Moon passes 3.8° SSW of Venus (20 Virgo 49) at 5:15 am. This passage of the Moon by Venus is not visible due to the close proximity of the Sun. As we consider the Virgo mysteries and their connection to the patterning of life as described by the story of Spider Woman, we can imagine that this is the time to restoring the power of the divine feminine and her connection to the sacred cycles of Earth and sky.

In the book Shakti Woman, Vicki Noble speaks to the challenges our entire culture has had in understanding the body-based science of our early female ancestors saying: To fully understand what these cultures knew was important – is to develop a basic understanding of the astrological cycles including the solar and lunar cycle, and the cycles of the other planets using our physical body and feelings as a way to guide us.

She goes on to say that women (and men) who are exceptional healers understand their lives in relationship to the movement of the planets and stars as it relates to the Earth. She also says that to the uninitiated what happens astrologically can seem like an abstract, conceptual science but the reality is that the best way to learn the meaning of these cycles and the seasons is to feel them through our bodies. This is exactly the intent of the Shamanic Astrology approach to these mysteries as well as being the primary intent of the Virgo archetype.

This is about remembering our connection to the Great Above as it relates to the Great Below and how we in the Great Below are co-creating with these cycles. In essence we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us when we choose to honor that relationship!

The Equinox New Moon (01 Libra 08) is exact at 11:14 pm about 17 hours after the Moon passes Venus.

September 24, Wednesday. The Equinox New Moon (01 Libra 08) is exact for most time zones in the early morning hours today – including 2:14 am Eastern
Time. Any New Moon close to an Equinox or Solstice point is magnified in intensity by its proximity to that Solar Gateway.

This is about the relationship of balance. The balance between the masculine and feminine, day and night, Within and Without, Above and Below. Are you balanced in your internal and external experience? If not what would it take for you to find a balance that works for you?

September 25, Thursday. Happy Rosh Hashanah. Each Jewish day begins as the Sun sets. This is similar to other cultures such as certain Native American tribes who sing to the setting Sun and step into the new day after the Sun disappears beyond the horizon. The Jewish New Year begins at Sunset with the first appearance of the tiny crescent New Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox. That is happening tonight.

This is a potent time to intentionally sing to the setting Sun giving thanks for the beauty of the day and the coming of the night as well as welcoming the first appearance of the tiny Crescent New Moon. Often our greatest ceremony with these Timings can occur by simply being witness to them.

Venus (24 Virgo 33) is sextile Vesta (24 Scorpio 33) at 4:52 am. This combination of Venus and Vesta brings together the powerful archetype of the priestess and the sorceress. Working together these two powerful expressions of the divine feminine are sourcing a new weaving of the sacred web of life.

There is a woman who weaves the night sky
See what she spins how her fingers fly
She is the Weaver and we are the web
She is the needle, we are the thread…
She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes

Jupiter (15 Leo) is trine Uranus (15 Aries) exact at 11:19 am. This is the first exact alignment between Jupiter and Uranus with Mars in Sagittarius that is moving to complete the Grand Fire Trine that will form on and off over the next few months.

The fire element requires air and fuel to burn. It is about action and what it takes to get things moving. Mars in Sagittarius (at six degrees) is about the quest for truth and expansion of consciousness. Uranus in Aries (at 15 degrees) is about committing to the revolution of consciousness for evolutionary purposes. Jupiter in Leo (at 15 degrees) shines like the Sun igniting the gifts of radical self-love that when healthy inspires everyone with its radiance and warmth.

The Moon is visible approaching Spica and Mercury low on the horizon after sunset.Spica is in the constellation of the Virgin Priestess (a.k.a Virgo) and both Spica and this constellation have many myths associated with divine feminine – especially the feminine in role as Priestess in her connection to the cycles of the Sun and Moon. The Greeks and Romans saw this constellation as the Great Mother Goddess Cybele with her lion-drawn chariot symbolizing the Lion constellation sitting next to the Virgin Priestess.

Cybele, like many goddesses, had several incarnations or manifestations. Her celebrations included drumming, dancing, singing, and chanting, at times all night long. The Greek Goddess Astrea is also connected to this constellation and is depicted in Tarot as the Justice Card, holding the Scales of Justice symbolizing the constellation on the other side of the Virgin Priestess known as the Scales.

Spica is the point where she is holding the Scales. In Egyptian myth it is the constellation of the Goddess Maat who is holding the Scales that was used to weigh the heart of the dead against her feather of truth to determine the future path of the one who died.

September 26, Friday. The Crescent New Moon makes its exact conjunction with Mercury (29 Libra) at 5:39 am before moving into Scorpio at 7:29 am and may be visible beyond Mercury in the evening sky after sunset tonight. The Moon with Mercury in Libra at the 29th degree suggests a comprehensive illumination of the mysteries of conscious equal partnership as they are evolving at this time.

The bottom line for this comprehensive expression of Libra is when a person has a highly developed healthy relationship with themselves then they can have a truly healthy conscious equal relationship with others.

The Moon and Mercury (still near Spica) suggests a time for awareness around your judgments and attachments. What are you weighing in the balance? What judgments do you have around how people behave toward you? Are you taking it personally?

Often when someone is behaving badly or in ways that are hurtful it is coming from their own unresolved pain and though it may be directed at you, it is often merely a projection that does not have anything to do with you. Hence, in The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz one of the agreements is to NOT take anything personally.

Of course, that doesn’t excuse the behavior of others but it allows for the possibility of not taking it personally and thereby perpetuating the pain that is associated with it. It also allows for creating and implementing integral boundaries that are supportive but also not in a reaction to someone or something because we have taken it personally – as reacting will likely perpetuate the problem by adding fuel to the fire.

It is important to remember that if you find yourself reacting and taking it personally then you have your own part to heal and you have been given a gift so that you can see what is yours to heal.

The waxing Crescent Moon is entering Scorpio at 7:29 am featuring the mysteries of alchemical transformation through life, death, and rebirth. Scorpio is all about the importance of following our passion and what feels most alive, joyous, and energized. This is referred to as Shakti, Chi, Prana, and ecstatic life force energy.

The Moon occults Saturn (20 Scorpio 11) for the 10th time this year at 9:46 pm with only one occultation left in this series that will take place on October 25. This series has been about accelerating the dismantling or dying of the old forms of Scorpio and energizing the NEW forms that will help guide us into the New Earth.September 27, Saturday. Mercury enters Scorpio at 3:39 pm activating the passionate mind. Scorpio explores the benefits of death and dying to what no longer serves. What beliefs, ideas, concepts, habits, and attitudes can we transform (die to) to support the fullest connection to passionate, alive, life force energy?

The world tantra comes from Sanskrit. ‘Tan’ means expansion and ‘tra’ means liberation. As stated in the book Sexual Healing the definition of tantra as liberation through expansion is “too intellectual”. The authors offer us a renewed definition that fits perfectly with Saturn’s journey through Scorpio:The old form of Scorpio has had a great deal of shame and misinformation around the mysteries of sexuality as a sacred experience. The new form of Scorpio is about reclaiming the tantric realms as a path to spiritual fulfillment. If it feels right for you – an excellent intent to hold as the Moon activates Saturn in Scorpio today is for your own sexual healing and the healing of the greater collective so we again know the Tantric mysteries as sacred.

Tantra encompasses every aspect of living. Tantra is about how we breathe, eat, sleep, work, play and love. It is about everything. And the practice of Tantra is a practice of living life in a way that creates power and magic and divinity. It is any practice that supports us in embodying our divinity.

Sexual Healing by Baba Dez Nichols and Kamala Devi

September 28, Sunday. Mars (09 Sagittarius 15) is passing by Antares exact tomorrow and goes out of bounds today. This means Mars goes beyond the furthest southern declination that the Sun can reach and will remain out of bounds until November 20 reaching its maximum declination on October 25. Whenever a planet goes out of bounds it activates a wildcard factor that is unpredictable and often shakes up the status quo. This is a time for unconventional occurrences and ways of thinking that can help further evolutionary growth. What action are you willing to take that will help free you to more fully live the life that is yours to live?

Plus the waxing Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:50 pm and will be visible in the head of the Scorpion tonighttransmitting the mysteries associated with the quest for enlightenment. Then the Moon passes 2.3 degrees NNW Of Antares, the heart of the Scorpion (10 Sag) at 10:00 pm, and the key to the golden key to the pathway that leads into the sacred center of our Galaxy.

The Chinese viewed Antares as the heart of the Azure Dragon and the Dragon’s tail reached out to touch the Milky Way or what they called the “Path of Light”. This Celestial Dragon was seen to be emerging from the Milky Way and descending to Earth as a powerful guardian and symbol of majestic wisdom and abundant blessings. These are the light codes beaming to us as the Moon and Mars both pass by this Behenian star together.

September 29, Monday. The waxing Moon passes 8.6° N of Antares (10 Sagittarius) close to the same time it is passing 5.6° N of Mars around 11:34 am andMars is about 3° N of Antares. (See September 28)

Venus enters Libra at 1:52 pm still very close to the Sun so it’s not possible for us to see the zero Libra point that is currently marking the Autumnal Equinox where the Sun just rose on September 22. This seasonal Gateway is one of two times each year where we experience the balance between day and night.

The divine feminine passing through this seasonal sign is a time for remembering our personal and collective relationship with all life, including the divine within each of us and how we are expression of the union of spirit in form.

In ancient times the ‘Records of Remembrance’ were hidden deep within the Earth physically and dimensionally, under, above and around sacred sites…

We all carry within us cellular awareness of every sacred site ever issued to Earth, from the beginning of time on Earth throughout time in our immediate solar system. It is just a matter of fine tuning our intention to receive these energies. http://spiritualmoonpoppy.blogspot.com/2008/07/888-galactic-gateways-open.html

As the divine feminine continues her journey with the Sun in a process of death and rebirth, it is a time for her to remember who she is, why she is here and what her relationship is – not only with her body and her connection to the Earth – but also with the stars and the many realms and dimensions that exists beyond our ability to see with our eyes, hear with our ears, and touch or experience with our other senses.

This remembering includes the spherical nature of knowing as it expresses through the archetypal realms felt within the feminine body of life. This feminine expression is alive within both men and women waiting to remembered and once again lived through each of us.

This Timing is especially important for those in their eight year Venus Return. That means anyone who is turning a multiple of 8 (16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96 etc.) from Jan 17, 2014 to Aug 21, 2015 is in the Underworld portion of the Venus Initiation so this Timing is especially personal and significant for you as you are being called to a shamanic death and rebirth of the divine feminine within you – releasing who it is you thought you were so you can be reborn to who it is you truly are.

The Moon occults Vesta (26 Scorpio) accelerating this remembering of the divine within each of us including the expression through the High Priestess in her sacred expression as she honors all life. The priestesses know when to do sacred ceremony to honor the cycles and seasons of the Earth and Sky. They know when it is time to descend into the dark realms for ceremonial death and rebirth.

September 30, Tuesday. The waxing Moon enters Capricorn at 9:41 pm crossing over the Galactic cross near the Galactic center where the Winter Solstice Sun now rises for the second time this month. This is a perfect time for noticing where the Moon is tonight to get a sense of the Galactic cross because when the Sun is there at the Solstice, it is not visible.

Zero Capricorn is the December Solstice gateway and is currently located on the Cross. Plus, Pluto also in Capricorn gives us 2 incredibly powerful symbols that let us know the old systems are done and the old ways are completing. This includes the old ways that programmed us to believe we have to work hard to create successful sustainable structures in the third dimensional world of form. That belief was never really true but seemed true because it was part of the collective belief or agreement.

We are in a planetary process that is dismantling those old beliefs and agreements. These words from Abraham through Esther Hicks are a powerful reminder that trusting the process brings new and amazing results.

September 2014 Celestial Timings Template

September 1, Monday. The Moon moves in Sagittarius at 10:17 am. Mercury moves into Libra at 10:38 pm.
September 2, Tuesday. The First Quarter Moon (09° Sagittarius 55 ) is at 4:11 am
September 3, Wednesday. The Sun (11°Virgo 05′) trines Pluto (11° Capricorn 05′) at 9:08 am.
September 4, Thursday. The Moon catches up to retrograde Pluto (11° Capricorn 05′) at 9:56 am.
September 5, Friday. Venus enters Virgo passing Regulus at 10:07 am. The Moon enters Aquarius at 4:59 pm.
September 6, Saturday. My Mom would have been 81 today. The Uranus Pluto Square
September 7, Sunday. The Moon enters Pisces at 4:47 pm reaching perigee 22 hours before the exact Full Moon. The Sun (15°Pisces 24′) reaches opposition to retrograde Chiron (15°Pisces 24′) at 7:44 pm.
September 8, Monday. The Moon catches up to retrograde Neptune (05 Pisces 52) at 2:09 am and then Chiron (15 Pisces 21)  just before the exact Pisces Full Moon (16 Pisces 19) at 6:38 pm.
September 9, Tuesday. Mercury (11 Lib 02) squares Pluto (11 Cap 02) at 3:38 pm. The Moon enters Aries at 4:33 pm.
September 10, Wednesday. Venus (05 Virgo 52) is opposite Neptune (05 Pisces 52) at 3:51 am. Mercury (12 Libra 09) is sextile Jupiter (12 Leo 09) at 11:37 am. The Moon occults Uranus (15 Aries 33) at 5:58 pm.
September 11, Thursday. The Sun (18 Virgo 48) sextiles Saturn (18 Scorpio 48) at 8:04 am.
September 12, Friday.  Saturn and Vesta are conjunct. Exact tomorrow.
September 13, Saturday. Mercury (15 Libra 28) is opposite Uranus (15 Aries 28) at 1:16 am. Saturn and Vesta (18 Scorpio 59) are conjunct at 12:06 pm. Mars moves into Sagittarius at 2:57 pm. The Moon enters Gemini at 11:26 pm.
September 14, Sunday. Venus (11 Virgo 01) is trine retrograde Pluto (11 Capricorn 01) at 7:35 am
September 15, Monday. The Moon is passing 1.4° N of Aldebaran at around 10 Gemini. This Gemini Last Quarter Moon is exact at (23 Gemini 09) at 7:05 pm.
September 16, Tuesday. The Moon enters Cancer at 8:24 am. Mercury conjunct the North Node at 10:50 am.
September 17, Wednesday. Venus disappears from the morning sky and opposes Chiron (14 Pisces 57) at 11:32 am.
September 18, Thursday. The Moon is passing 12° S of Pollux and then enters Leo at 8:10 pm.
September 19, Friday. The Moon in Leo passes 6.3° SSW of the Beehive Cluster (7 Leo).
September 20, Saturday. The Moon catches up to Jupiter (14 Leo) at 12:29 am.
September 21, Sunday. Mercury reaches its greatest elongation from the Sun (26.4°) in this evening star appearance. Venus (19 Virgo 38) is sex tiles Saturn (19 Scorpio 38) at 6:03 am. The Moon enters the Virgo at 8:54 am. Mars (05 Sagittarius 34) is square Neptune at (05 Pisces 34) at 8:39 pm.
September 22, Monday. Happy September Equinox. The Sun reaches 0° Libra at 7:29 pm marking the exact center point of the September Equinox. Also today Pluto (11 Capricorn 00) stations direct at 5:36 pm.
September 23, Tuesday. The Moon with Venus at 5:15 am. The Equinox New Moon (01 Libra 08) is exact at 11:14 pm.
September 24, Wednesday. The Equinox New Moon is exact for most time zones in the early morning hours today.
September 25, Thursday. Happy Rosh Hashanah. Venus (24 Virgo 33) is sextile Vesta (24 Scorpio 33) at 4:52 am. Jupiter (15 Leo) is trine Uranus (15 Aries) exact at 11:19 am near Spica
September 26, Friday. The Moon is with Mercury at 5:39 am before moving into Scorpio at 7:29 am.
September 27, Saturday. Mercury enters Scorpio at 3:39 pm. The Moon occults Saturn at 9:46 pm.
September 28, Sunday. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:50 pm
September 29, Monday. The Moon passes 8.6° N of Antares (10 Sagittarius) catching up in passing 5.6° N of Mars around 11:34 am. Mars is about 3° N of Antares. Venus enters Libra at 1:52 pm. The Moon occults Vesta.
September 30, Tuesday. The Moon enters Capricorn at 9:41 pm.