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This is the Plain Text Version of the February 2015 Celestial Timings

We are entering the time when it is more important than ever to be conscious dreamers. The reality is we are the dreamers, we are the dream; we are dreaming the dream as much as the dream is dreaming us. If we are not willing to Dream the Dream of the New Earth how can we expect a New Earth to manifest?

Our dreams are a part of the emerging new dream matrix and many are here to be an active participant in dreaming the New Earth. If you are reading this it is very likely you have volunteered to be on the Earth at this time to help Dream the New Earth Dream.

In this wildly speeded up time as we approach the last exact Uranus Pluto Square coming in March and many other planetary alignments happening this month and beyond, it is easy to get the sense that the whole universe, our solar system and galactic core are all conspiring to bring a NEW Earth dream into reality. The Earth herself is dreaming a new dream and we can help her by being a healthy, conscious, vibrant participant in dreaming this new dream through our thoughts, imaginings, ideas, inspirations, and heart felt love as this is what is being “projected at superluminal (faster than light) speeds across the crystal grid network” of the multi-verses that make up this rapidly changing reality.

Simply by showing up, being aware, adding our love and light, and our willingness to live a new inspired dream, we are in service, we are in co-creation, we are a vital part of what is emerging, renewed, reborn, vital and alive. We are the Dreamers Dreaming a New Dream of peace, plenty, joy, harmony, love, beauty and sacred union with all that is.

This picture of is from our Shamanic Timeline and Planetary Complexes Intensive in January, 2015 for the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. This photo honors the participants who are also actively dreaming the NEW Earth Dream!

February 2015 Sky
See PDF link for Star Maps and written details about the following events

The Full Moon on February 3 is near Jupiter and then Regulus on February 4.

Jupiter comes to opposition (opposite the Sun) on February 6 so rises as the Sun sets and sets as the Sun rises. Jupiter is reaching its maximum magnitude -2.6 in this cycle.

February 7 Venus is visible WSW 8° below Mars

February 9 the waning Moon rises about an hour before midnight about 6° to the upper right to Spica.

February 11 Mercury stations direct reaching greatest elongation of 27° from the Sun on February 26. Mercury is low on the eastern horizon so not easily visible before dawn. Please join our Mercury Tele-class February 10 exploring the element of Mercury, both natally and by synodic overtone, reveals great insights about personal and collective intent around perception, cognition, and communication.

February 13 the Last Quarter Moon is near Saturn within 5° in the morning sky before sunrise looking east. This month Saturn is hanging out near Dschubba, the eye of the Scorpio, or the Eye of the Dragon. See January 2015 for more.

February 17, Mars is less than 2° above Venus coming within 1° from the 20th through the 23rd apart on February 21.

February 20 the waxing crescent Moon is forming a circle diameter of just 1.94° with Venus and Mars in the west.

February 21 look west to see Mars less than 1.2 degree (.41°) from brilliant Venus, setting about two hours after sunset with the new crescent Moon close behind. This is perhaps the most important visual event of February enacting a sacred union of Venus and Mars, the sacred feminine and sacred masculine joining together in the evening sky. To learn more join The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School for an extra special tele-class on Venus & Mars Feb 19 with Daniel Giamario, Cayelin K Castell, Tami Brunk and Erik Roth.

February 25 the Moon occults Aldebaran in the second of 49 occultations that began last month.

Stars worth noting in the Night Sky this Month
This month the Milky Way is seen lying flat around the horizon so not clearly visible unless you look up to the Northeast highest part in Cygnus the Swan. However this position of the Milky Way gives us the sense of the Plane of the Galaxy when looking Northeast toward Cygnus Galactic Center is to your right.

Also prominent this month is the constellation of the Virgin Priestess (a.k.a. Virgo) containing seven main stars. The most visible star in this group is the bright bluish white star Spica, meaning “spike of grain.” If you follow a direct line from Spica to the upper left you will see the bright red star Arcturus. Note the perfect 30-60-90 degree triangle formed by Arcturus, Spica and Regulus (the heart of the lion). Look East South East to see it.

Other Celestial Events for February

Meteor Showers Alpha Centaruid peeks February 8 but only producing about 3 meteors per hour.

February 6-20 is the best time to see the Zodiacal Light for mid-northern latitudes. To see them look  West about 80 minutes after sunset for a triangular whitish glow or what might look like a pyramid of light just left of the ecliptic (or path the planets follow).  In February 2015 Venus and Mars are both visible at the base of the light pyramid of light on clear moonless nights. In mid-northern latitudes, the zodiacal light is best observed in the western sky in February, March and April.  The zodiacal lights appear in the spring after the evening twilight has completely disappeared, or in the morning sky in the autumn just before the morning twilight appears. You need to be under dark skies to see the zodiacal lights.
More about the Zodiacal Lights

Special Events

Mercury Tele-class is February 10. The final Uranus Pluto Square tele-class is March13 and a an extra special class for the Venus Mars gathering is Feb 19. Plus you can still get the overview of all the special astrological events of 2015 and a look at the 2015/2016 Lunar Standstill
with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

Evening Star Venus Tele-class series  with Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk The Ascent of the Goddess is happening and you can still join us!  Guided by the Circle of Grandmothers, the first two Evening Star Classes are recorded and ready for replay. The Third Class is live on-line on February 12. If you have questions contact Tami Brunk or call 505-948-7621

Feburary 21, 2014   Celestial Timings Resonance Repatterning
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February 2015 Daily Celestial Timings
(all times are PST unless otherwise noted)

February 1, Sunday. Venus catches up to Neptune (06°Pisces21′) at 09:35 am. This means the Goddess is receiving a Celestial World transmission from Neptune connected to the divine blueprint or codes of light emanating from the celestial realm. These light codes, or divine seeds (containing the codes of all that has been and all that is yet to be) are ready to be physically manifest in their evolving forms. The rate of manifestation for these light codes depends upon how willing, ready and able we are to receive the upgraded light codes, template, and resonance patterns.

Those who are still operating from their wounds and unresolved issues may experience delays or find it challenging to integrate these high frequency energies. Venus has begun her ascent from the underworld where she surrendered all that was not of her true divine essence including the hurt, anger and beliefs that have held her back.

Released from what holds her back she is now free to dream a NEW dream that is liberating, creative and FUN. If you are desiring connecting with a supportive community for the Venus Ascent be sure to check out the Evening Star Venus Tele-class series  with Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk. This has been a life changing experience for those in the class and somewhat unexpectedly for me and Tami as well!

February 2, Monday. The Moon moves into Leo at 9:41 am opening the Leo Full window and transmitting the mysteries of healthy self-love. (see Feb 3) The Sun (13°Aquarius 20′) is sextile Uranus (13°Aries20′) at 4:30 am illuminating the mystical, celestial, radical revolutionary energies of Uranus in Aries and the Sun in Aquarius. These aspects provide us with an opportunity to ask how we can actively live our true divine expression as we navigate the revolutionary changes already underway?

February 3, Tuesday. The Leo Full Moon (14 Leo 48) is exact 3:09 pm and passes 5° SSW of Jupiter (18 Leo) at 9:31 pm. So it will be possible to see the Full Moon with Regulus amping up the transmission of healthy self-love that comes from a deep knowing that we all deserve to live our true heart’s desire aligned with our soul’s purpose. Every belief, every counter experience, every thought, feeling or sensation that stands in the way of this can be cleared and released through conscious intention and attention to these issues.

Also worth clearing, eliminating, deleting, eradicating, or abolishing, (use whatever works for you) are any beliefs that self-love and living your true heart’s desire is somehow connected to selfish-entitlement, or operating from being better than, more deserving than, more evolved than, more important than, or more enlightened than, others. These beliefs are actually rooted in fear and they have no basis in truth.

The shadow of the Leo elite, who are currently running this world, do so from the mistaken belief that they are the special ones entitled to the resources and wealth of world and everyone else simply doesn’t matter. This mistaken belief is actually rooted in a fear opposite of what they believe.

The truth is when healthy Leo is here to generously radiate love and light into the world for the benefit of everyone because they are NOT afraid there is NOT enough to go around. Rather, healthy Leo knows they are infinite beings playing in an infinite Universe and they can create their reality anyway they choose. So the question to be with at this Leo Full Moon is what would it take for me to release anything and everything that is in the way of me living my true divine essence? If there is nothing in the way then what would it take for me to live more of my true divine essense?

February 4, Wednesday. Today marks the astrological cross quarter when the Sun reaches 15 Aquarius. In many traditions this was considered a time for continued cleansing and purifying of old energies while creating space for new, vital, life force energy intended to revolutionize the path of universal love.

The Moon enters into Virgo at 9:46 pm, passing 3.8° SSW of the star Regulus, marking the heart of the Lion, one of the royal stars of ancient times and also linked with Archangel Raphael whose super healing power is pure healthy love that is available to us when we forgive ourselves and others. This is a great time to use the power of forgiveness to further embrace and integrate our shadow parts so we can transform into healthy, vibrant, radiant self-love that honors the divine nature within all life.

Retrograde Mercury catches up to Vesta (4 Pisces 40) at 11:22 pm. This suggests that the Divine Messenger Mercury is receiving a transmission from the High Priestess Vesta about how to deepen and honor our sacred relationship to the Earth, to the Cosmos and to ALL life.

February 5, Thursday. Retrograde Mercury (03°Aquarius 47′) is sextile Saturn (03°Sagittarius 47′) at 3:39 am. Mercury will come back to sextile Saturn on February 19. This is a great time to be open to the expansive messages coming from a BIG picture point of view that can revolutionize our outlook on life and our how we are creating our reality through our beliefs and what we think about.

February 6, Friday. The Sun (17°Aquarius 38′) is opposite retrograde Jupiter (17°Leo 38′) at 10:20 am. This marks the center point of Jupiter’s retrograde cycle, as it is stationing direct on April 8 at 12 Leo 35. This means Jupiter is rising as the Sun is setting. Whenever a planet is retrograde it signals the time it is brightest and closest to the Earth and when it reaches opposition to the Sun that planet is visible in the sky all night – setting as the Sun rises.

This means we have the greatest amount of time available to us to connect with this planet visually. For those who have any planets or angles in Leo – especially around the mid-degrees – this may feel more personal as Jupiter intends to bring a renewal of vision to your middle world experience around the mysteries of radical self-love.

For those entrenched in limited personal perspectives this may prove to be a challenging time intended to reveal where you still are NOT loving who you are. This includes the places where you may still have judgment about yourself or others. If you are judging others remember it IS a reflection, or mirror, of where you are still judging yourself whether you are aware of it or not. Perhaps you are judging yourself as “not good enough”, or “insufficient” and you see others as better than you? If that is the case then now is the time to let go of those old perceptions that are holding you back. How you see yourself shows up in your beliefs about who you are and how the world is treating you.

February 7, Saturday. The Moon moves into Libra at 10:44 am reminding us that all our relationships are sacred opportunities to know and relate to the divine through the other. Recognizing the divine truth in everyone, including ourselves, helps to facilitate healthy, loving, nurturing relationships.

The Mayan greeting In ‘Lakesh (you are another myself or I am another yourself) is a reminder of the truth that we are connected to everyone and everything including the divine nature in all life.

Venus (14°Pisces26′) sextiles Pluto (14°Capricorn 26′) at 9:53 pm giving us insights into the return journey of Venus from the underworld where she encountered the Dark Goddess from September to December of last year. This encounter with Pluto suggests an opportunity to further integrate the empowerment Venus received as she went through dis-memberment, or letting go of her old identity, and then was renewed or re-membered for the purpose of empowering her true self.

February 8, Sunday. Venus catches up to Chiron (15°Pisces 38′) at 9:02 pm. Still working with underworld themes, Venus is now encountering the Shamanic healer Chiron. Having passed through the 2nd chakra gate last month on January 21 Venus (or Inanna) is still in the process of reclaiming her strength and power in relationship to this chakra.

The second chakra is sometime referred to as the sex and money chakra having to do with life force energy and who we experience it. When the second chakra is healthy it is experience as ecstatic orgasmic bliss with a confident knowing that all needs are abundantly being provided. If this is NOT your experience – then Venus with Chiron is a chance to heal this at an even deeper level.

February 9, Monday. The Moon passes 3.2° NNE of Spica before moving into Scorpio 11:05 pm. The Behenian fixed star Spica marks the hand of the Virgin Priestess (aka the constellation Virgo). Other interpretations are derived from a Greek word meaning “the Singing Sibyl” (Sibyl was a priestess who uttered prophesies). In Babylonia, Spica was known as Sa-Sha-Shiru,” the Virgin’s Girdle” and the Hindus knew this star as Citra, meaning “Bright” and it was their 12th nakshatra, figured as a Lamp, or as a Pearl.

The Moon acts as a transmitter for Spica when we take time to tune in to the messages available now. Many cultures had different names and descriptions for Spica. This suggests it is up to us to develop our own relationship with this and the other fixed stars as we are continually in a growing evolving relationship with them. When considering Spica, there is a sense of being open to the prophetic messages that may be available now further empowering our 2015 intentions.

February 10, Tuesday. There are currently four planets in Pisces including Neptune (o6 Pisces 41), Chiron (15 Pisces 44), Venus (17 Pisces 42), and Mars (22 Pisces 57) energizing the Piscean dreaming and visionary energies that are supporting us in ‘seeing’ or ‘dreaming’ a new dream for our world. As John Perkins reminds us in his book, The World IS as You Dream It, we can change our current reality simply by changing our personal and collective dream.

Pisces is not only about how we dream our reality but also how we can have illusions about the reality we live in and what we believe is true as a result. So now is the time to see through those illusions and to dream a dream of peace and plenty for all. This Pisces gathering is an opportunity to awaken to the awareness of the divine essence we all already are.

February 11, Wednesday. Mercury (01 Aquarius 18) stations direct at 6:57 am and as it pauses to shift direction it is in an in-between place where great magic and alchemy are more easily accessed. Mercury in Aquarius is about the most spacious, innovative and expanded ways of thinking. Our thinking reflects what we are choosing to focus our intention on. What we think about, we are feeding with our energy.

In his book The Seat of the Soul Gary Zukav explains that “Not all forms are physical. A thought, for example, is a form. What is a thought formed out of? Thought is energy, or Light, that has been shaped by consciousness. There is Light, and there is the shaping of Light by consciousness. This is creation.”

That is why it is wise to be conscious of the thoughts we are thinking as they are the basis of the reality we are creating moment by moment. Daily thoughts of Love and Gratitude for the gifts of life we experience every day is one of our most powerful creative tools.


When we combine this with non-attachment to how our desires manifest or if they manifest at all – releasing all expectations and attachments – then we tap the magical realm of co-creative manifestation in alignment with the unfolding divine design for our lives. This is the essence of magic and manifestation especially now that we are also in the Scorpio Last Quarter Moon time happening together with the Mercury station direct in Aquarius.
The Scorpio Last Quarter Moon (23 Scorpio 06) is exact at 7:50 pm. Any Last Quarter Moon can be seen as the Shaman’s Moon but most especially when it is in Scorpio as this is the archetype most associated with the shamanic mysteries and the journey to increase personal power. When healthy this is NOT power over others, but rather, is the ability to access and generate personal power from the infinite source within.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow is a potent window for any type of shamanic work especially shamanic journeying or shamanic dreaming. As the Moon continues to wane this week it is also a time to begin considering what new seeds you desire to plant in the Aquarius New Moon exactly conjunct the Sun on either Feb 18 or Feb 19 depending on your time zone. Many Shamanic Cultures actually celebrated the New Moon with the visibility of the tiny new crescent that will be visible either Feb 19 or 20 again depending on your time zone.

February 12, Thursday. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 8:46 am and catches up to Saturn (04°Sagittarius 12′) at 4:32 pm. The Moon in Sagittarius transmits the mysteries connected to the quest for truth and meaning. The Moon with Saturn amplifies this transmission into our middle world reality. Saturn is currently engaged in questing for how to bring a greater more expanded truth into a grounded, practical middle world experience. Some questions to ask yourself regarding everything you think, believe, and experience as true are as follows: Is it true? Is it really true? What really is true for me? If I changed my perception of the truth how would my reality change? What would it take for me to have a more expanded experience around the true meaning of my life?

February 12 and 13 the waning Moon is visible above and below Saturn in the morning sky, forming a nearly equilateral triangle with Saturn and Antares on the morning of the 13th. A very thin waning crescent is just a few degrees left of Antares visible in morning twilight on February 13.

February 13, Friday. This year there will be three times Friday lands on the 13th. This is the first. The next one is on March 13 and the last one is on November 13. In 2012 we also had 3 times Friday fell on the 13th and at that time there were 13 weeks between each Friday the 13th. This won’t happen again until 2040. The number magic of Friday the 13th is a fascinating feature of the Gregorian Calendar created in 1582.

The creation of the Gregorian calendar created a calendric system so precise in tracking the solar year it takes about 3,323 years for the calendar to drift off from the solar cycle one whole day. Wow…especially if you consider that all calendars prior to this time that we know of drifted significantly over a much shorter time. In fact, Julius Caesar, had a calendar created and named after him, that reset the calendar by 10 days, because that is how far it has drifted from the seasons.

Caesar’s calendar also began to drift and that is why the Gregorian Calendar was created. The Gregorian Calendar features a series of numbers, or dates, tracked by days, weeks and months. This calendar has become the global standard for determining what time it is. The challenge is this calendar has also fixated humanity’s awareness to linear time and disconnected our awareness from cyclical time, time outside of time, multi-dimensional time and non-time. These are all forms of magical time that are not as available to us as they once were.

Even so, the Gregorian Calendar does have a certain number magic connected to it that can create numeric portals that draw attention and eve awareness to them. Over the last few years we have had dates like 11/11/11 or 12/12/12.  This past year we had the date 12/13/14. I myself love that I was born on 3/4/56.

So this brings us back to the calendar date of Friday the 13th, a date that was originally considered a fortunate time for honoring the Goddess, as it is her special day. The day of the week known as Friday is named after the planet Venus from the Norse tradition whose primary Goddess was Freya who represented Venus. Friday is Freya’s day.

In ancient times, the number 13 was a sacred number of the Goddess thus Friday the 13th was a day when Earth-based cultures honored the Goddess staying home from normal work routines to celebrate her various expressions of love. This was later vigorously discouraged by religious and political leaders who proclaimed both Friday and the number 13 unlucky. However, some traditions still consider the number 13 as the number that bonds the 12 into one, or turns multiplicity into oneness or wholeness.

There is also an occult understanding of the number 13 that says if someone truly understands this number they will be empowered through the mysteries of completion. However, if the power of this number is misused it will have a destructive influence. The number 13 is also thought to represent eternal love, totality, realization, and attainment.

13 has the honor of being the sixth prime number and one of the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. The number 13 is also connected to the cycles of the Moon and the Earth. For example, the Moon averages about 13 degrees of movement per day. There are 13 weeks between a Solstice and Equinox or an Equinox and a Solstice. There are four seasons each year with 13 weeks in each season. 4 x 13 equals 52 weeks in a year.  This brings us to the playing cards (that are actually a calendar) having four suits (representing the four seasons) and 13 cards in each suit for a total of 52 cards in the deck. Each card has an archetypal significance and can be read as book of destiny or a “Mystic Test Book”. (more on the sacred number 13, including how it connects with the 13 original colonies of the United States, the flag, the Seal and the dollar bill. HERE)

All of this suggests that 13 is far more important a number than we have been programmed to believe. There are many who believe the sacred number of the Moon is 13 and it is but the number 12 is also a sacred number of the Moon. (More about the Sacred Numbers of the Moon HERE)

Next year, 2016 there will be only 1 Friday the 13th in May. In 2017 there are 2 in Jan and Oct, 2018 Apr and July, 2019 one in Dec, 2020 March and Nov. This Friday the 13th and the next two happening this year…remind us to celebrate and honor the number 13 and the gifts this number bring us… More on What is up With the Number 13?

February 14, Saturday. The waning Moon enters Capricorn at 2:24 pm passing the Galactic Cross near Galactic Center. As we are dreaming a new form for our reality here on Earth, the Moon in Capricorn is a great time for actively noticing or being conscious of what motivates our “Doing” so we can make different choices. When what we are Doing is effective with a minimal amount of effort, and our lives are supporting the joy of Doing, no matter what it is, then we are in harmony with the Doing process.

Doing that is motivated out of a need to prove we have value and worth, by being productive, taking care of others, proving oneself to some outside authority, or ignoring what we are really feeling, is an addictive form of Doing. Healthy Doing comes from genuine love of self and the creative process, for the purpose of creating the experience of joy and well-being in balance and harmony with ALL life.

What motivates your ‘doing’? Are you over doing? Are you not doing enough? Are you doing what brings you a sense of fulfillment, healthy pleasure and joy? How can you simplify your life for the purpose of “Doing Less and Accomplishing More?” These are the questions that may be helpful to ask as the Moon transmits the Capricorn mysteries for the next 2.5 days.

February 15, Sunday. The Moon catches up to Pluto (14°Capricorn 40′) at 3:09 pm illuminating where we may be still at the effect of unrecognized fear (especially if that is what motivates a doing addiction) so it can be transformed and we can be empowered as result.

Any Pluto process is similar to what the Borg would say (ala Star Trek) Resistance is Futile. Preparation is irrelevant. Meaning you really can’t get out of facing your personal fears and other issues. Engaging these fears can be delayed for a time, maybe even ignored but eventually they will not only demand our attention, they will get it!

Surrender allows for a much easier transformation. Resistance is futile and also prolongs unnecessary hardship and pain. It is important to know, this does not mean we are being assimilated by the Borg to become a drone who only serves the collective, but rather we are being transformed into our true selves in the same way the caterpillar becomes the butterfly. The caterpillar cannot put off that transformation, or get out it, because it is a natural process. The same can be said for the gifts Pluto brings even if we are initially resisting.

February 16, Monday. The Moon moves into Aquarius at 4:13 pm and catches up to Mercury (02° Aquarius 58′) at 8:59 pm. This is amplifying the Aquarius mysteries and perhaps facilitating a message from Mercury connected to the cosmic revolutionary who is committed to its own unique path of self-expression, questioning what is, and not settling for the limitations of the status quo. This is a good time to step back for a good look at the big picture or the cosmic overview and embrace the revolutionary changes that support us in freely living our divine purpose.

February 17, Tuesday. The Moon catches up to Vesta (10°Aquarius 24′) at 8:51 am. Whenever the Moon and Vesta come together there is a possibility, via our intention to receive a transmission from the High Priestess Council. When in Aquarius the transmission is likely to be around innovative, cutting edge ways to engage the sacred, be it our relationship to ourselves and others, the world, our work, the Earth, the seasons, including the planetary cycles, as well as the solar and lunar cycles.

February 18, Wednesday. Our second Aquarius new Moon (29°Aquarius 59′ 54”) in row is exact at 3:47 pm beginning the Chinese New Year of the Wood/Green Goat/Sheep. Of course it is already February 19 in China so the dates given for the Goat years are usually a day ahead of what is happening in western time zones. The Wood element as described from the Chinese perspective is associated with all living things, the season of “spring” and the life renewal process. The Wood element relates to trees, thus the color green.

The Year of the Goat – those born in this time period are said to be polite, loving, kind-hearted, gentle and calm, and can always be counted on when you need a friend. It is also said the goat is charming, and always elegant. However, that is up to interpretation as goats can also be very ornery. Sheep are actually far more likely to be kind or gentle. Interestingly, sheep are closely related to goats and may have actually been breed from them.


17th February 1931 05th February 1932
05th  February 1943 21st January 1944
24th  January 1955 11th February 1956
11th  February 1967 29th January 1968
29th January  1979 15th February 1980
15th February  1991 03rd February 1992
01st February 2003 21st January 2004
19th February 2015 07th February 2016


2015 features 6 perigees (meaning the Moon is closest to the Earth) near a New Moon or Full Moon this year. There are three New Moon perigees in January, February and March, and three Full Moon perigees in July, August and September. When a perigee happens near a New Moon or Full Moon it is now called a Super Moon as it does create higher than normal high tides and often affects weather patterns.

This February New Moon is the second Perigee New Moon this year and is the second closest Perigee to a New Moon or Full Moon this year. The absolute closest Perigee will be the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on September 27, 2015, the last in a series of 4 total Lunar Eclipses. Today’s New Moon perigee is exact 8 hours after the New Moon. The Spring Equinox New Moon Perigee is 14 hours before the exact New Moon at 2:36 am Pacific Time on March 20. More about this HERE

The Moon enters Pisces at 3:48 PM and the Sun enters Pisces at 3:50 pm in the power and strength of this New Moon window. The Sun travels through Pisces until the Spring Equinox on March 20 when the Sun enters Aries and the time of equal day and night.

The seasonal time of Pisces means the Sun is burning the fuel of compassion, imagination, and dreaming. This next month is a time to focus on the dreams that need our conscious attention, nurturing, and care to come into manifestation in the same way a new born baby depends on MOM to feed and nourish the precious fragile life that has been entrusted into her care.

February 19, Thursday. The Moon is with Neptune (07°Pisces 01′) at 2:49 am and Chiron (16°Pisces 17′) at 5:24 pm. Neptune and Pisces share an archetypal similarity both operating in the Celestial Realms. Chiron is operating the in the Underworld Realm and is about healing the wounds that are meant to become our medicine. Moon with Neptune and Chiron is amplifying and increasing our ability to trust our inner knowing and to transform the wounds of uncertainty that feed a feeling of not being safe.

Psychic skills, lucid dreaming skills, and an ability to connect with the more subtle dimensions that surround us are heightened for these three days starting with yesterday, including today and tomorrow. Strong visual and intuitive downloads are easier to access and will help further encourage imagination and compassion as some of our most important co-creative tools.

Mars enters Aries at 4:12 pm traveling through this sign until March 31st. Seasonally Aries is a time of rapid growth marking the Spring Equinox. When Mars travels through Aries every two years it is an opportunity to focus this rapid growth energy toward a noble cause, mission or purpose that is meaningful. Aries reminds us life is not about doing for the purpose of receiving value and worth from an outside authority. Rather, Aries performs action as a way to test their strength, endurance, and commitment, while discovering more about themselves in the process. (see Venus Mars tele-class info HERE)

February 20, Friday. Venus enters Aries at 12:06 pm with Moon following closely behind entering Aries a couple of hours later at 3:13 pm and catching up to Venus (00°Aries 10′) at 3:30 pm marking the 3rd gate as Venus rises from the underworld. Moon catches up to Mars (00°Aries 47′)  at 4:28 pm. Venus in Aries is the wild feminine amazon warrior whose is known for acting spontaneously and decisively in the moment. The sacred feminine principle expressing through the Aries archetype is 100% committed to furthering the causes she truly believes are just and true. This warrior Goddess values her sovereignty but will be “all in” for what she feels is a worthy cause.

If you were born in an eight year (8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96, 104 etc) from January 14, 2014 to August 21, 2015 you are in a very significant and important personal 8 year synodic Venus return. That means this Timing is an especially important ceremonial gateway to engage with the intent to reclaim and strengthen your own 3rd chakra. In this important time of the Venus ascent you can join an on-line Venus group details are HERE.

As Venus passes through the third gate symbolized by the conjunction with the Moon she is retrieving her 3rd chakra vestment usually described as her golden ring of power or as a golden waist belt. This means Venus is retrieving a healthy relationship to her personal power and the ways she engages with it.
Healthy use of personal power comes from strong inner direction. It is not interested in power over others or in giving power away, but rather healthy use of personal power is directed toward living a joyous purposeful life.

Retrieval of this vestment means Venus has now regained the ability to clearly discern the purpose of her life and can also take decisive action that will help bring that purpose into manifest reality.

Venus Moon and Mars are within a circle of about 1.94 degree at their closest point tonight. They are setting about two hours after sunset with the new crescent Moon close behind. This is perhaps the most important visual event of February enacting a sacred union of Venus and Mars, the sacred feminine and sacred masculine joining together in the evening sky. Venus shines at -3.9 magnitude, outshining Mars at +1.2 magnitude. Remember the lower the number the brighter so Venus is more than 100 times brighter than Mars. This is definitely worth seeing in the evening sky tonight and tomorrow. You can still catch the replay if you missed the SAMS tele class on the Venus Mars gathering Feb 19.

February 21, Saturday. The Moon occults Uranus (14°Aries 07′) for the second time this year and the seventh time in the current series of 18 occultations at 2:04 pm. The Moon, Venus and Mars are in a circle of diameter 1.94° in the sky. This represents the sacred union between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Many mythic stories have been created about the joining of Venus and Mars in this configuration in the evening sky. The essence of this is a short union between the divine couple, before being separated – as Mars heads for his underworld initiation. Venus has returned from hers and will continue to grow in strength as she ascends up through the gates back to her home among the stars.

For an in depth look at these stories and what it means for us now check out the SAMS tele-class that was live on February 19. A replay download is available. Details are HERE Also See Feb 25

February 22, Sunday. The sacred union of Venus (-4.02 magnitude) and Mars (1.3 magnitude) both exactly at 01°Aries 42′  was either at 9:13 pm Pacific time last night or at 12:13 am Eastern time this morning or adjust for you time zone. See Feb 21 and 25

The waning Moon enters Taurus at 4:28 pm energizing the mysteries of receiving and appreciating the beauty of life and all the gifts life offers us daily. Some questions the Moon in Taurus asks are: Do you allow yourself to receive the abundant gifts life is continually offering you? Do you recognize and accept these gifts with gratitude and appreciation?  Are you expecting life to give to you in ways that aren’t happening for you, and are so focused on that image that you are missing the gifts that are already there for you? Are you willing to take time to relax, enjoy and savor the beauty that is all around, stopping to smell the flowers, enjoy a sunset, or time with friends and family?

February 23, Monday. The Sun (04°Pisces 37′) is square Saturn (04° Sagittarius 37′) at 5:56 am. This is the first square to the Sun since Saturn and the Sun were conjunct at the end of November last year. It also signals the approach of the Saturn retrograde that will take place on March 14.

When Saturn squares the Sun it affects every area of life as the Sun is the fuel or energy we use to move through life. Saturn helps to ground the Pisces Sun though initially may be felt as a burden to the sensitive Pisces energy that empaths what is going on around it.

When healthy, Saturn helps Pisces to effectively navigate this middle reality so that the Pisces gifts and abilities to help and heal are grounded in practical, useful ways. This is similar to the challenge of the Saturn and Neptune encounter. Saturn is about boundaries, Neptune and Pisces are about boundlessness. So this is about Saturn and Neptune collaborating to bring the boundless into the boundaries in ways that help to further evolution and growth.

February 24, Tuesday. The Moon moves into Gemini at 8:54 pm energizing the trickster who reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. Along the lines of trickster energy Mercury (9 Aquarius) is reaching its greatest elongation from the Sun in the morning sky at 26.7° so Mercury may be visible above a low horizon before sunrise.

This is the furthest reach Mercury will make in its current cycle before dropping back to the horizon disappearing from the morning sky on April 1, traveling with the Sun until April 18 when it will reappear in the evening sky.

With Moon in Gemini reaches its 1st Quarter Phase tomorrow, near the Mercury maximum elongation the intent for being in the moment, spontaneous, creative, and fun is magnified. Gemini would agree that laughter is our best medicine.

Trickster is at one and the same time creator and destroyer, giver and negator, he who dupes others and who is always duped himself . . . He possesses no values, moral or social, is at the mercy of his passions and appetites, yet through his actions all values come into being. . . . The Trickster myth is found . . . among the ancient Greeks, the Chinese, the Japanese and in the Semitic world. Many of the Trickster’s traits were perpetuated in the . . . mediaeval jester…. (The Trickster, A Study in American Indian Mythology, Schocken Books, N.Y., 1972; p. xxiii.) — Paul Radini

February 25, Wednesday. Venus (04°Aries 39′) trines Saturn (04°Sagittarius 39′) at 6:58 am and Mars (04°Aires 42′) trines Saturn at 7:09 pm. This is part of the fire grand trine activation that is happening with retrograde Jupiter in a wide trine at 15 Leo and of course Uranus is at 14 Aries. Both Jupiter and Saturn are middle world guides and are adding their wisdom and guidance to the sacred union between Venus and Mars. Uranus is the evolutionary change agent that operates outside of ordinary reality or said another way…in unpredictable ways.

Fire is alchemy. Fire is energy, inspiration, enthusiasm, illumination and light. When fire is balanced, it is possible to take decisive action that furthers a specific purpose or intention. In this combination Venus in Aries is the Solar Feminine coming together with the Mars in Aries as the Solar Masculine energizing warmth, brightness, illumination and a willingness to commit to a worthy cause when properly inspired.

This is a time to note any sudden flashes of insight or knowing, as well as  illuminating flashes of insight and surges of enthusiasm that are intended to guide us at this time. The gift Saturn brings is to take a moment to tune into how practical and useful these flashes of insight and enthusiasm really are. This is because Saturn always wants to know if it is practical, if it is sustainable, if it makes sense from a middle world perspective.

This is about simultaneously trusting the insights coming through when it works practically in the middle world. One way to know is to pay attention to the signs in the world of form that support the inspiration coming through or to note if they are warning signs about it being too much, too fast. Saturn’s wise council may be to be purposeful and take it slow.

The Gemini First Quarter Moon (6 Gemini 47) very near Aldebaran is exact at 9:14 am. (see Feb 24) The Moon occults Aldebaran in the second of a series of 49 occultations that began last month. The last occultation will occur on September 3, 2018. This is part of the 18.6 year Moon cycle so it was from August 8, 1996 to February 14, 2000 that we had the last series of Moon occulations over Aldebaran. The next series will feature 48 occultations From August 18, 2033 to February 23, 2037.

February 26, Thursday. The Sun was conjunct Neptune (07°Pisces 16′) at 8:55 pm Pacific last night or just before midnight Eastern time. Both Neptune and Pisces operate in the Celestial Realms. Once each year the Sun and Neptune meet amplifying the Neptunian gifts that include psychic skills, lucid dreaming skills, and an ability to connect with the more subtle dimensions that surround us. Strong visual and intuitive downloads are easier to access and will help further encourage imagination and compassion as our most important co-creative tools.

Each time the Sun and Neptune meet in Pisces it is sourcing and fueling the power found in our dreaming energy. Many shamanic cultures teach that we can change our reality by changing the dream we are dreaming while awake. When we choose to practice conscious dreaming we have the power to change our experience of this reality, as the world reflects what we are dreaming whether we are conscious of it or not.


This includes using our imaginations to dream into a new dream for ourselves and for our planet. Giving these dreams energy through a regular practice is necessary for them to have enough power to manifest.


An easy way to do this is to create a vision board for how you desire to experience the NEW Earth and your reality within it. Place it somewhere you can see it and practice breathing into how it feels to be leaving in this dream.


Use all your sense, including seeing it, feeling it, tasting it, touching it, hearing it, smelling it, experiencing the pleasure of living this dream. When doubt or negative images threaten to derail you it helps to have a strong image and feeling sense of your dream to return to that will help dispel the doubts. Feel the excitement of living in this new reality that honors all life as sacred and supports you in living your divine destiny. (see the vision board attached here for ideas about how to create your own)
February 27, Friday. The Moon moves into Cancer at 4:50 am. Following up on the theme of yesterday to actively create a new way to live together in peace and harmony on the Earth, the Cancer Mysteries being illuminated by the Moon are also about how to live in healthy community with one another.

This brings to mind Starhawk’s novel, The Fifth Sacred Thing, portraying two very different types of society: one based on co-operation, diversity, and creative solutions, and the other on war, control, and domination. The society or small community living in cooperation describes an ideal version of the Cancer Mystery School that is possible when we are willing to live cooperatively.

Here is a peek at the movie version The book and now the upcoming move is a great inspiration for activating our imaginations what is possible when we are living in a truly cooperative society, where resources are shared, individual talents and abilities are equally honored in ways that promote healthy, joyful living. For example, doctors receive the same compensation as other professions including homemakers and those who raise the children. No one is seen as being more or less important than anyone else.

With the Moon in Cancer and the Sun still conjunct Neptune this window is a reminder that what we envision, imagine and think about creates our reality. The most innovative and cutting edge action we can take now is to choose to live cooperatively. The gifts of cooperation include unifying and strengthening the greater whole, moving us from mere survival into a new world or New Earth where everyone is safe to thrive.


February 28, Saturday. Venus is conjunct the South Node (10°Aries 23′) at 8:58 pm. The sacred feminine is connecting with the gifts coming from the collective past of the archetype of the warrior amazon. This is the fierce feminine who steps up to protect the emerging NEW cosmic order of liberty, peace, plenty, and justice for all.

NOTE: Mars is still less than 4° below Venus setting about 2 hours after the Sun and about 20 minutes before Venus.

February Celestial Timings Template

February 1, Sunday. Venus conjunct Neptune (06°Pi21′ D) at 09:35:30 am.
February 2, Monday. The Moon moves into Leo at 9:41 am. Sun (13°Aquarius 20′) is sextile Uranus (13°Aries20′) at 4:30 am.
February 3, Tuesday. The Leo Full Moon (14 Leo 48) is exact 3:09 pm. The Moon passes 5°  SSW of Jupiter at 9:31 pm.
February 4, Wednesday. Today marks the astrological cross quarter when the Sun reaches 15 Aquarius. The Moon enters into Virgo at 9:46 pm, passing 3.8° SSW of the star Regulus, marking the heart of the Lion. Mercury catches up to Vesta at 11:22 pm.
February 5, Thursday. Retrograde Mercury (03°Aquarius 47′)  is sextile Saturn (03°Sagittarius 47′) at 3:39 am. Mercury will come back to sextile Saturn on February 19.
February 6, Friday. The Sun (17°Aquarius 38′) is opposite retrograde Jupiter (17°Leo 38′) at 10:20 am.
February 7, Saturday. The Moon moves into Libra at 10:44 am. Venus (14°Pisces26′) sextiles Pluto (14°Capricorn 26′) at 9:53 pm.
February 8, Sunday. Venus catches up to Chiron (15°Pisces 38′) at 9:02 pm.
February 9, Monday. The Moon passes 3.2° NNE of Spica before moving into Scorpio 11:05 pm.
February 10, Tuesday. Four planets in Pisces including Neptune, Chiron, Venus, and Mars.
February 11, Wednesday. Mercury (01 Aquarius 18) stations direct at 6:57 am. The Scorpio Last Quarter Moon (23 Scorpio 06) is exact at 7:50 pm.
February 12, Thursday. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 8:46 am catching up to Saturn (04°Sagittarius 12′) at 4:32 pm.
February 13, Friday. 2015 Features three times Friday lands on the 13th.
February 14, Saturday. The Moon enters Capricorn at 2:24 pm.
February 15, Sunday. The Moon catches up to Pluto (14°Capricorn 40′ at 3:09 pm.
February 16, Monday. The Moon enters Aquarius at 4:13 pm catching Mercury (02° Aquarius 58′) at 8:59 pm.
February 17, Tuesday. The Moon catches up to Vesta (10°Aquarius 24′) at 8:51 am.
February 18, Wednesday. Our second Aquarius new Moon (29°Aquarius 59′ 54”) in row is exact at 3:47 pm. Chinese New Year. The Moon enters Pisces at 3:48 PM and the Sun enters Pisces at 3:50 pm.
February 19, Thursday. The Moon Neptune (07°Pisces 01′) at 2:49 am and Chiron (16°Pisces 17′) at 5:24 pm. Mars enters Aries at 4:12 pm.
February 20, Friday. Venus enters Aries at 12:06 pm. The Moon enters Aries at 3:13 pm and catches up to Venus (00°Aries 10′) at 3:30 pm. Then the Moon catches up to Mars (00°Aries47′) at 4:28 pm.
February 21, Saturday. The Moon occults Uranus (14°Aries 07′)
February 22, Sunday. Venus and Mars (01°Ar42′) at 12:13 AM Eastern Time. Moon enters Taurus at 4:28 pm.
February 23, Monday. The Sun (04°Pisces 37′) is square Saturn (04° Sagittarius 37′) at 5:56 am.
February 24, Tuesday. The Moon moves into Gemini at 8:54 pm. Mercury is 26.7° from the Sun.
February 25, Wednesday. Venus (04°Aries 39′) is trine Saturn (04°Sagittarius 39′) at 6:58 am and Mars (04°Aires 42′) is trine Saturn at 7:09 pm. The Gemini First Quarter Moon very near Aldebaran. Sun Neptune (07°Pisces 16′)
February 26, Thursday. Grand Fire Trine Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus and Mars
February 27, Friday. The Moon moves into cancer at 4:50 am.
February 28, Saturday. Venus is conjunct the South Node (10°Aries 23′) at 8:58 pm.Venus is conjunct the South node