NEW just added a special Google Hangout Interview I did with KG Stiles in March of 2015 on the Turning of the Ages, the last Uranus Pluto Square (effects last until 2018) and the 19 year Moon cycle. You can get the PDF of this presentation when you sign up for the FREE or Paid Celestial Timings.

This is my birthday month and as I explained in the intro to the March Timings I am creating a ripple effect of Giving. That means I am gifting the March Timings to Everyone! Please feel free to pass this onto those you might feel would appreciate this gift!

Here is the 2015 March Celestial Timings PDF with Star Maps and other images.

I highly recommend you either print the Timings or keep them accessible on your tablet or phone to read everyday!

I am also gifting everyone the Weekly Audio at this link including a bonus audio on the final Uranus Pluto Square. This month is a major doorway into the evolving mysteries that is active the entire month but especially potent around the Equinox. To find out more listen to the Week Three Audio.

When you click on the Read On Link or the Title to this post it will take you to the Plain Text Version (with print link).  Be sure to click on the PDF link above to access the images and Star Maps for March,  designed to help you tune in to what is happening in the sky either visually when you go outside or internally via meditation or journeying.


The Ripple Effect AND the Power of Giving

Depending on the lens you are looking through the Ripple Effect may have slightly different meanings but the bottom line is everyone experiences the rippling effect of their actions in the world.

We can actually see the Ripple Effect when a stone or some other object is dropped into a container of water, as visible ripples expand to the edges of the container, be it bowl of water, a puddle, a pond, a lake, etc. This tells us that our actions continue to spread out – ultimately having an effect on the entire creation. In that way the Ripple Effect is an understanding of how we are all interconnected and interwoven whether we realize it or not.

Our thoughts and actions create an energetic ripple that not only affect us, it also affects those around us, spreading out to effect everything in the seen and unseen realms. This includes the thoughts and actions of others, as well as our own thoughts and actions. Though not addressed directly in the book, The Power of Giving: How Giving Back Enriches us All, Creating Abundance at Home, Work and in your Community by Azim Jamaal and Harvey McKinnon, describes the positive, life affirming power of the Ripple Effect through giving. It is demonstrated again and again.

The effects of giving, be it giving the gifts of your time, talents, knowledge, compassion, love, or money, can be life changing for those receiving those gifts and for those giving them. It turns out the more generous we are, the more we receive, the more the universe gives back to us.

Basically, everything we say, think and do, affects the field of creation we live in and is a part of us. Lynne McTaggart speaks about this in her book The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe. She describes this field as the space between things or as “a state of pure potential and infinite possibility” that manifests according to our thoughts and actions.

One way to positively create a ripple effect within this field is to find something meaningful you can give to others, to yourself, to a project, to a worthy cause, or noble purpose!

As this is my Birthday Month and in the Spirit of Giving from one of my talents, I am Gifting the entire March Celestial Timings. If you know someone who would appreciate receiving this gift please feel forward this on to them. My intention is that this gift has a ripple effect that inspires conscious participation in Dreaming the New Earth Dream from the heart of love, in this magical portal of March, 2015. I invite you to consider what gift or gifts you can give from your time, talents or resources that creates a positive Ripple Effect that will join with other positive Ripple Effects during this powerful March Equinox Solar/Lunar Gateway or Portal (see March 16 – 22) creating a HUGE wave of energy intended to support the physical manifestation of the New Earth Dream fulfilled in peace, love, kindness, respect, beauty, magic, and joy.

March Sky Observing Highlights

Reminder: All the events listed in the Celestial Timings have a minimum three day impact including the day before and the day after. In many cases, the planetary effects extend into weeks, months and even years. Noting the sign and degree of the aspects and planets helps you to know if these events are directly affecting your own natal chart. The Celestial Timings then are a great guide to knowing how these energies affect us collectively but also when to pay extra close attention to the personal initiations we all go through.

Here are definitions for many of the terms used in the Celestial Timings including things like Magnitude, Declination, Galactic Plane, Equinoxes, Solstices, Perigee, Apogee, Lunar Standstill, Occultations, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and more.

Mercury is low on the eastern horizon at sunrise and maybe visible for the first part of March in northern latitudes, officially leaving the morning sky April 1.

Venus is setting around three hours after sunset. Venus is at -4.0 magnitude for the month of March, meaning it is very bright.

Mars is only +1.4 magnitude about 4° below Venus as March begins. The gap between Venus and Mars widens significantly each week until Mars is low in the twilight after sunset by the end of March when Venus and Mars or 17° apart.

Bright Jupiter is almost at its highest in the south around the time Venus sets in mid evening. Looking from West to East you may notice the closing gap between Venus and Jupiter. By June they will begin a long dance together as they shift from evening to morning sky. Jupiter is fading from its brightest magnitude as March progress from -2.5 magnitude to -2.3.

Saturn rises around midnight and is highest in the sky at morning twilight, brightening from +.42 to +.3 magnitude. Early morning is the best time to see Saturn near the head of the Scorpion stationing retrograde on March 14 near the fixed stars Jabbah and Dcshubba. (see March 14 for star Map)

The Sacred Hoop of Stars continue to be high in the sky after Sunset.

The Moon is to the right of Jupiter on March 2 and to the right of Regulus the next evening. This reoccurs on March 29.

The waning Moon is less than 3° above to the left of Saturn on the morning of March 12 with Antares below them.

At dusk on March 21 the waxing crescent Moon is less than 2° to the lower left of Mars, the next night is within 4° of Venus.

On March 24 the Moon occults Aldebaran in a series of 49 occulations that began in January. This is visible in Alaska.

The total Solar Eclipse is exact on March 20. Partial phases of the eclipse will be seen across Europe, North Africa, Central Asia. 12 hours after the exact Full Moon Eclipse the Sun enters Aries at the Spring Equinox

The Moon travels through a sign about every 2.5 days. In 27.3 days the Moon returns to the same sign or place in the sky as it was 27.3 days before but not in the same phase as it takes 29.5 days for the Moon to go from New Moon to New Moon or Full Moon to Full Moon. This table shows March 1 Moon enters Leo in the afternoon and on March 28 Moon re-enters Leo.

It is interesting to note that most years only have 12 Full Moons. However, if you pick a star, say Regulus, the Moon will pass that star 12 times each year. This is because there are two different cycles of the Moon. One is the time it takes for the Moon to return to starting place 27.3 days and the other is the Moon to return to a phase, like Full Moon, 29.5 days. This is why the numbers 12 and 13 are both sacred to the Moon.

Moon Signs for March 2015
Date Time Moon Sign/Phase
Mar 1 3:35 pm Leo
Mar 4 3:58 am Virgo
Mar 5 10:05 am Full Moon 14 Virgo
Mar 6 4:52 pm Libra
Mar 9 6:10 am Scorpio
Mar 11 4:30 pm Sagittarius
Mar 13 10:48 am Last Quarter 22 Sag
Mar 13 11:40 pm Capricorn
Mar 16 3:14 am Aquarius
Mar 18 3:58 am Pisces
Mar 20 2:36 am New Moon 29 Pisces also a Total Solar Eclipse
Mar 20 3:28 am Aries
Mar 22 3:40 am Taurus
Mar 24 6:22 am Gemini
Mar 26 12:45 pm Cancer
Mar 27 12:43 am First Quarter 6 Cancer
Mar 28 10:48 pm Leo
Mar 31 11:12 am Virgo

The Equinox Portal from March 16 – 22 is worthy of our attention and intention. Be sure to listen to the week three audio recording to get the full picture.

The Daily Timings give the details of what is happening for those who like to track what planets are involved. It is a great way to learn more about how these cycles work. The technical information is followed by an interpretation. You can skip the bolded technical part and go straight to the interpretation for those who find the technical talk challenging. It is included for those who want to learn it.

March 2015 Daily Celestial Timings
(all times are Pacific Time unless otherwise noted)

March 1, Sunday. Mercury (14°Aquarius29′) is sextile Uranus (14°Aries29′) at 7:55 am and opposite Jupiter (14Leo45) at 1:15 pm. Mercury is the messenger and when Uranus is involved the messages are often outside the realm of our everyday thinking. When Mercury and Uranus are aspecting each other there is a bigger picture point of view that is being accessed.

Expansive and unexpected insights into new perceptions of the truth are possible as Mercury also opposes Jupiter the planet of the spiritual quest for truth. What expansive insights are available to you now? Are you open to receiving new points of view? Are you open to receiving a divinely inspired message?

The waxing Moon passes 12° South of Pollux (23Cancer25), and near Castor (in the head of the Twins) just before entering Leo at 3:34 pm.  Pollux is one of the stars marking the outer rim of the Sacred Hoop. Tonight the Moon will be visible just beyond this star. The Moon is a transmitter, transmitting from this area of the sky inspiring kindness and caring for ourselves and each other.

March 2, Monday. The Moon is passing 5° SSW of retrograde Jupiter (14°Leo37) at 8:52 pm and will pass 3.8° SSW of the Royal Star Regulus (00Virgo02) in the early morning hours of March 4. Once each month the Moon is passing Jupiter in Leo and at this time Jupiter is very close to the cross quarter points on 15° Leo where the Sun is located in August. Jupiter only passes this point every 12 years, accessing and in between place, in between the June Solstice and the September Equinox. This is amplifying the intention of Jupiter in Leo to bring a new vision of healthy, vibrant, radiant self-love.

In a culture that has discouraged cultivating self-love – until recently – it is time to reclaim our personal power and authority and how we love ourselves in a healthy way. Do you have inner judgmental voices whispering that you are not good enough, that you are not worthy of love, you are not worthy of life, you are not worthy of taking up space?

Do you know that no matter what – you have never made a mistake and you are worthy of love simply because you exist? Hanging out with the Moon and Jupiter tonight with this awareness is a great way to receive an energetic transmission of love from the universe.

March 3, Tuesday. Retrograde Jupiter (14°Leo35) is trine Uranus (14°Aries35′) at 4:25 am. The next time Uranus and Jupiter are exactly trine is June 20. Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus and Mars in Aries is a time for making a strong commitment to being 100% “all in” regarding truly loving who you are and the gifts you have to bring to this life. When you love yourself, it is easier to offer your gifts and feel fulfilled in the process!

Mars and Uranus at the South Node are a time for letting go of past beliefs that are in the way of experiencing true healthy self-love. (see March 12 for more on the Fire Trine)

In the early morning hours tomorrow, Mercury passes .85° and NNW of asteroid Vesta at 3:15 am (17°Aquarius57′). Mercury is magnitude 0.0 and Vesta is magnitude 7.9. This means Vesta is not visible to the naked eye, however if you get a chance and have a low horizon line you may be able to see Mercury in the morning sky?

This occultation of Mercury over Vesta accelerates the messages that are possible coming from Vesta as the High Priestess. The priestess archetype is enjoying a re-emergence in our collective psyche after having been banished for several eons. This means the sacred feminine has an opportunity to once again remind us of our sacred relationship with life and each other. In Aquarius, the message is outside our everyday, ordinary thinking. This means there may be opportunities today to have thoughts that haven’t been thought before and ideas that haven’t been fully considered before, especially if you are welcoming them!

March 4, Wednesday. This is a day that commands us to March Forth in Love and Compassion for the purpose of celebrating, enjoying and savoring life. Plus this is the day I celebrate my 59th Birthday in the midst of my Second Saturn Return and 5th Jupiter Return. These are generational cycles everyone goes through at this age. I will share more about this in the months to come.

The Moon enters Virgo at 4:57 am as it passes Regulus. Regulus is the heart of the lion, reminding us of the importance of living our hearts, checking in with how our hearts are guiding us, listening to the wisdom of our hearts, and taking heart inspired action. The Moon is beyond Regulus by Moon rise tonight as seen in this star map.

Venus (14°Aries28′) is trine retrograde Jupiter (14°Leo28′) at 7:14 am, conjunct Uranus at 10:45 am and square Pluto at 7:17 pm. Venus is just .09° NNE of Uranus (14°Aries39′) in the closest planet to planet conjunction of 2015. Venus, Mars, and Uranus are in a circle diameter of 4.87° though Uranus is not visible to the naked eye. Venus and Mars are still visible on the western horizon after sunset. (see the star map to the left)

This gathering of planets activated by Venus is leading the way to tomorrow’s Full Moon. The divine feminine, Venus, arising from the underworld – having passed through the third gate – reclaiming her third chakra personal power, is being expanded by the evolving truth and vision of Jupiter, providing a cosmic overview via Uranus. This is also an opportunity to become more empowered by embracing the shadow via Pluto.

Venus in Aries is the warrior Amazon committed to her journey; committed to the ascension path, meeting in council with these wise teachers, including her sacred masculine ally Mars.

Mars reminds Venus that he is always there for her, has her back, and supports her in whatever she feels is hers to do. Venus and Mars in Aries know that it is not their job to tell each other what to do. It is their job, to support each other in fulfilling their divine destiny.

March 5, Thursday. The Virgo Full Moon (14 Virgo 50) is exact at 11:05 am and the Moon is as far from the Earth as it can get in its current cycle. This is also known as Apogee. The Virgo Full Moon is a great time to notice the web of life and your part within it. Virgo, when healthy, expresses as Spider Woman, weaving the web of creation. She knows when she weaves her web in harmony and sacred alignment with the divine plan everything she needs comes to her. She also knows if what she needs is not coming to her it is time to reconsider, reevaluate, reimagine, realign her intent and reweave the web – in ways that are harmonious with the overall web of life.


The Full Moon is a time of fruition. This suggests if you are not experiencing fruition at this time to take a deeper look at what you are intending to create, the web you are weaving. Is the web you are weaving really aligned with your heart’s desire? Is it yours to do? Is the web you are weaving aligned with your true heart’s desire? Maybe parts of you are weaving are and maybe parts of what you have been weaving are not?

Under the light of the Full Moon it is the perfect take time to notice what is aligned for you, what is coming to fruition, and what may still need adjusting?

The Sun (15Pisces05) is sextile Pluto (15Capricorn05) exact at 4:16 pm. Whenever the Sun is sextile Pluto, it is a time just prior to Pluto stationing retrograde or is the time just after Pluto has stationed direct. In this case, this Sun Pluto sextile is signaling the slowing of Pluto before it stations retrograde on April 16 at 15 Capricorn 33. That means Pluto is only moving about a half a degree between now and its station point.

The Sun is the fuel, the source of life, and the center of our solar system. All the planets revolve around the Sun. The Sun is the center point of our solar clock, not only in relationship to our seasonal cycle but also the planetary cycles. The Sun in Pisces is adding compassion and heart healing to Pluto in Capricorn whose job it is to dismantle the old forms that are no longer working and to create the space for the new forms that will support the evolution of life.

March 6, Friday. The Moon enters Libra at 5:52 pm energizing the mysteries of respectful, process oriented, partnership and relationship. Relationships, that value each person involved as equally important is the deepest desire of the Libra mysteries. It is from this place that we learn more about ourselves in relationship to others. All of our relationships are gifts even when they are challenging, as they mirror something to us about ourselves, when we are willing to look at it in that way.

March 7, Saturday. The Sun catches up to Chiron (17Pisces16) around 9:30 pm. Once each year, the Sun and Chiron meet. This is similar to a New Moon seed point in relationship to the mysteries of the Shamanic Healer and our own process of heart healing.

What are you desiring to heal within your own heart? Do you experience being angry, hurt, confused, uncertain, betrayed? If so, how do these experiences hold you back from living a more joyful life? What would it take for you to be fully healed? Who do you need to forgive? Do you need to forgive yourself? If you need to forgive, what would it take for you to really feel that? What are the seeds of healing that you are intending now?

Venus and Mars in the evening sky have moved further apart from their close pairing last month. Later this month the Moon will pass first Mars and then Venus on March 21 and 23.

March 8, Sunday. Daylight savings time starts today for the USA. Mars (13°Aries56′) is trine retrograde Jupiter (13°Leo56′) exact tomorrow at 11:03 pm. This is happening in the 13 degree range of last year’s Grand Cross. Of course, last year the Grand Cross did not include Jupiter in Leo. However it did include Uranus at 13° Aries, and Mars has stepped in to fill that spot, Uranus has moved on to almost 15° Aries but still very near the Grand Cross degrees. Last year Mars was at 13° Libra at the time of the exact Grand Cross, so has journeyed halfway around the sky to activate the Aries point.

This suggests that Mars and Jupiter are working together to further energize the intentions that were set into motion during the time of the Grand Cross last year. This is a time to pay attention to actions and reactions that are counter to the intention that was seeded then. The collective intention of the Grand Cross, was to ignite new possibilities around how we live together on this planet, creating radical new equal partnerships and sustainable survival practices, as well as radical new ways to nurture our personal and collective family, creating safe space for all life to flourish on the Earth. See short video with visuals on the Grand Cross

March 9, Monday. The Moon passes 3.3° NNE of Spica either late last night and is visible beyond Spica just after mid-night on March 9.  Spica is the star most connected to the divine feminine. Many mythic stories describe Spica as the star that marks the hand of a goddess, or the Virgin Mary, or an Angel, or hierophant.

Whenever the Moon passes by this star it is a good time to tune in and see what messages are being transmitted from Spica to the Earth via the Moon. This star is one of the Behenian stars of the ancient alchemists. That means when the Moon is within 6° of Spica, the star power of Spica is more potent and powerful and her mysteries are more readily available when we are tuning in to receive this energy.

The Moon enters Scorpio at 6:10 am transmitting the mysteries of death and rebirth. Scorpio reminds us dying is a part of life and that we encounter death in every moment. Each time we breathe in and breathe out – a moment has been born and then died. With each new breath we are reborn and with each out breath the moment has died never to be experienced again.

How comfortable are you with the reality of death and rebirth? Does it scare you? Does it inspire you? What would it take for you to feel comfortable? What would it take for you to embrace the experience of dying and being reborn from moment to moment, from day to day, month to month, and year-to-year?

March 10, Tuesday. The Moon is passing by the fixed star Zubenelgenubi (15 Scorpio) at 10:52 am. This star lies very close to the ecliptic. It also marks the current November cross-quarter point.

When the Moon passes this star it is activating the place between the September Equinox and the December Solstice.

If you have planets angles or nodes near 15 Scorpio this is a personal star for you and that part of your chart receives a Solar Infusion every November 6, 7, and 8 when the Sun passes this star. We receive a Lunar Infusion once each month when the Moon passes this star

Zubenelgenubi  is also paired with Zubenelshamali (19 Scorpio) representing the two pans of the scales or the balance point. In Egyptian mythos this is where the heart of the dead is weighed against the feather of Maat, or the feather of justice – what Just IS. If the heart is heavier, then the person returns to another life here. If the heart is lighter, the person can choose to return or to go onto the celestial realms. Tuning into your own heart note if it is heavy with grief, sorrow, anguish, pain, fury, or other heavy energies? If so then a good question might be, what would it take to lighten your heart and transform and lighten these energies?

March 11, Wednesday. Mars (1.3 magnitude) passes .27° NNE of Uranus (5.9 magnitude) at 9:05 am and squares Pluto at 3:40 pm. The wild and unpredictable energy of Uranus is adding to the fiery spontaneity of Mars in Aries. Pay attention. Watch where you’re going, don’t take any unnecessary risks.

However, if you feel inspired to take divinely guided action, even if it seems impulsive, if it is coming from a genuine intuitive sense, then this is a time when there may be quick results that surprise you.

With Pluto in the mix it is wise to note if you are being triggered by old, perhaps still unconscious, patterns. This is NOT a time for flying into a rage as that will most likely create unnecessary chaos. It is a time for finding healthy ways to express anger if that emotion is coming up for you.

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 4:30 pm illuminating the quest for truth and enlightenment intended to expand self-understanding, knowledge, and the meaning of life. Although the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius it is also entering the constellation of the Scorpion passing by the fixed stars marking the eye of the Scorpion, where Saturn is currently hanging out.

The fixed star Dschubba or Isidis is often referred to as the eye of the dragon, and is associated with the Goddess Isis. In her book Starwalking, Page Bryant says this star’s energy is helping to “propel us into the next millennium.” Noting where the Moon is in the pre-dawn morning sky helps to visually locate Saturn and the stars of the Scorpion. Seeing the Moon and Saturn with these stars is a way to receive greater understanding of the mysteries unfolding here. If you don’t have clear skies you can work this star map.

March 12, Thursday. The Moon is 2.4° NNW of Saturn (4 Sagittarius 56) exact at 1:48 am and passes 9° north of Antares tomorrow morning. Saturn has not passed through this constellation in nearly 30 years.  (See January and February Archives for more)

Antares is one of the Magical Behenian Stars whose power is magnified by the Moon and Saturn as it transmits the Antarian light codes of ascension opening the golden gateway.

When the Moon is traveling through Sagittarius it is also activating a Grand Fire Trine that was most strongly seeded at the end of last year. Fire is energy. It is constantly moving. It is about action. So this is a time for taking inspired committed action that is intuitively guiding you to further the power and magic of living the essential truth of wholeness that you are in balance and harmony with the rest of life.

March 13th, Friday. This is the second of three Friday the 13’s this year. The next one will be in November. As mentioned last month, Friday is named for the Norse Goddess Freya. She is a fierce war Goddess also connected to the mysteries of death and rebirth, of sorcery, of sexuality and fertility, of pleasure and of beauty. The warrior aspect as it relates to war is a patriarchal influence that was originally expressed as a fierce protector, not a conqueror. However, Freya is stronger and more powerful than most expressions of the divine feminine that have survived in the more recent pantheon of Goddesses.

This may be a time to contemplate your connection to this aspect of the Goddess on this Venus day or Freya’s sacred day. Are you courageous and confident? Do you actively seek pleasure? Are you in charge of your own destiny? (Here is more on the number 13 and Friday the 13th)

The Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon (22 Sagittarius 49) is exact at 10:48 am entering Capricorn at 11:40 pm. This Last Quarter Moon is zodiacally aligned with the fixed star RasAlhague in the constellation of Ophiuchus also known as the Serpent Bearer. Ophiuchus is NOT the 13th sign, because signs are seasonal. (see short visual video explanation) Ophiuchus is a constellation located above the ecliptic or path the planets follow. Rasalhague is linked with the crown chakra of the serpent bearer and has mythic associations with the Egyptian healing God Nerfertum and the Greek Aesclepius.

Page Bryant suggests in her book Starwalking: Shamanic Practices For Traveling Into The Night Sky, that Rasalhague is a dark star doing “light” work by bringing the shadow to light. This includes the patterns of fear affecting us individually and collectively.

The Last Quarter Moon is a time of synthesis and integration, suggesting that when we are utilizing the transformative energy of the Serpent Bearer, illuminated by the Moon in this time of integration we can further clear any shadow issues that keep us from consciously using our divinely given talents and gifts.
March 14, Saturday. Saturn (4 Sagittarius 46) turns retrograde at 8:02 am remaining retrograde until August 1, 2015 when Saturn stations direct at 28 Scorpio 17. This means if you have personal planets, angles or nodes from 24 to 30 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo or 0 to 5 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, or Virgo you are currently undergoing a Saturn Initiation.


The intent of a Saturn cycle is to scrutinize the structures of your life depending on where Saturn is initiating you – including your identity, your work, your relationships, your life style, your belief systems, your health and well-being etcetera. This is for the purpose of restructuring where needed and is a process much like the snake shedding its skin.


The old skin, or structure, served its purpose, but with growth is no longer big enough to serve. It is time to move into a new skin. Collectively Saturn in Sagittarius is examining the old structures that have defined what we as a culture have taken to be true, especially in regards to our spiritual truths. What limiting spiritual beliefs are we ready to shed? What new beliefs are ready to take their place?


March 15, Sunday. The Ides of March is the infamous day Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BCE. The word Ides, meaning to divide, described the middle of the Julian calendar month. The 15th day of March, May, July, and October marked the ides, or middle of those months. All other months the Ides fell on 13th day. William Shakespeare’s play made famous the warning to Julius Caesar “Beware the Ides of March”, a warning Julius Caesar did not heed.

As we approach the Spring Equinox the Ides of March is a reminder to pay attention to our environment and how we are engaging with those around us. In the case of Julius Caesar he had lost touch with those around him and was vulnerable as a result.

The Moon passes 3.2° N of Pluto amplifying Pluto’s job to excavate the shadow and call it out from the depths of our personal and collective fears. When we are willing to engage Pluto’s alchemical process then our courage to transform guides us even if we feel terrified in the process. This is similar to a person going through a surgery to remove a tumor that is threatening not only their quality of life but their very existence. It may be terrifying to go under the surgeon’s knife to remove what is growing unseen in the shadow of our subconscious but it is necessary not only for our survival but also our ability to thrive.

March 16, Monday. Mercury (5 Pisces) squares Saturn (5 Sagittarius) at 2:41 am. Mercury represents the air element, the mind, thinking processes and communication. Mercury in Pisces is operating through water, the realm of the feelings, where insights and understanding are rooted in the wisdom of what we feel deep inside. This is not emotions that are activated by external events. So Mercury in Pisces is a water/air combination.

Saturn represents the Earth element, the physical realm, how things manifest into form and how these forms are sustained. Sagittarius represents the Fire element, energy, inspired action, movement, and what we know intuitively (not through feelings or the body but what arrives spontaneously beyond those factors). So Saturn in Sagittarius is a Fire/Earth combination.

Mercury moves fast traveling through a sign in as little as 15 days or as long as 3 months when retrograde. Saturn moves slowly, traveling through a sign every 2.5 years. Saturn Mercury aspects are an interesting encounter between fast acting Mercury and slow acting Saturn.

This combination today of Mercury and Saturn is also activating all the elements and could be a time for grounding into a practical form, profound insights coming from Mercury accessing the Piscean celestial realm of compassion and heart healing. What would it take to implement the compassionate insights available now into our everyday manifest form?

If we add the movement of the Moon entering Aquarius at 3:14 am this could be a day of truly unexpected and life changing insights. Especially as this is also the seventh and last exact Uranus Pluto square at 6:50 pm.

Uranus is about Waking UP and Pluto is EMPOWERMENT when the unconscious becomes conscious, so we are no longer at the effect of the unconscious but rather we are empowered to bring the light of love and compassion into our personal experience and therefor into this world where it is so needed now.


We might ask how we can actively participate in creating a new paradigm, a morphogenetic shift in our collective consciousness, so that what manifests is the reality of peace and plenty for ALL?


One of the many gifts Shamanic Astrology offers, at this unprecedented Turning of the Ages, is seeing how our natal chart reflects the choice or intention to end the cycles of abuse and dysfunction, often by choosing family and social conditions that are entrenched in old limiting and abusive patterns – transforming them and creating the space for new healthy energies to emerge.
Uranus is facilitating greater freedom of thinking, perceiving and being, while Pluto transforms the shadow, the fears that hold us back, the beliefs and ways of being that disempower who we are. And perhaps keep us from speaking and expressing the sweet truth of our soul. This process is as intense as needed. The more we hang on, the more intense the events become to get us to let go, to surrender, to allow, to be with what IS without having to change it or make it be different. It is in that space of allowing when everything often magically shifts in ways we can’t anticipate beforehand.

Trusting the Divine Timing, even when it doesn’t make sense, is often confusing and unexpected. Yet it is the key to navigating with the evolutionary changes that are taking place with or without our consent.

March 17, Tuesday. St. Patrick’s Day is the Feast of Saint Patrick and became an official Christian feast day in the early seventeenth century commemorating Saint Patrick bringing Christianity to Ireland. It also serves to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish in general, often with parades and festivals, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks. The restrictions for Christians observing lent on drinking alcohol are lifted for the day. This encouraged the tradition of consuming alcohol on this holiday. In earlier times this was a Celtic festivals celebrating Spring and honoring the Green God or Green Man.

Venus enters Taurus at 3:15 am traveling through this part of the sky until April 11 when it enters Gemini. Venus traveling through Taurus is emphasizing the expressions of love beauty, intimacy and pleasure as it is manifesting through the divine feminine. Any pleasurable, enjoyable experience engaged with conscious intent for the purpose of promoting self-awareness, well-being, deep intimacy that leads to a state of bliss and ecstasy, is in the domain of Sacred Pleasure.

The original Latin root of intimacy is intimare meaning “to make familiar with.” Becoming familiar with our true selves, knowing and respecting who we are assists us in truly experiencing deep intimacy (or closeness) with another who also intimately knows who they are. The true art of pleasurable intimacy connects on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

March 18, Wednesday. Mercury passes 1.5° SSE of Neptune at 1:49 am. The Moon enters Pisces at 3:58 am and passes both Mercury and Neptune. The Moon passes about 5° NNW of Mercury and all three, the Moon, Mercury and Neptune are within 5° of each other. Mercury in Pisces with Neptune and the Moon increases the possibility for receiving messages of radical compassion that inspire our dreaming and co-creative process.

Pisces and Neptune share the imagery of dreaming our reality. They also share the symbol of the ocean, the unconscious, the vast field of all possibilities.

The oceanic realms is where biological life spontaneously formed and evolved. In addition to finding identical species living in the oceans at both the North and South poles separated by 1000’s of miles, the exact same bacteria have been found in comets and the deepest darkest parts of the ocean many miles below the surface. The impetus for life that comes from water and sand is demonstrated when sterilized beach sand and distilled water develop these same bacteria, or these same bacteria are discovered in frozen ice more than 10,000 years old and can still be revived and thrive.

This is the impetus for life that exists in and around us. This is the message Mercury energizes as it passes by Neptune.

March 19, Thursday. The Moon reaches perigee just 14 hours before the exact New Moon Pisces Solar Eclipse. This is the third time the New Moon has been perigee or closest to the Earth this year. When this happens the tides are higher and lower than normal by a few inches, and intensified weather patterns tend to show up for more details)

This is activating the Total Solar Eclipse window that will be exact in the early morning hours tomorrow. This equinox eclipse is aligned with the south galactic pole. (See more HERE)

The partial shadow of the eclipse is visible in the northwestern third of Africa, all of Europe, and the NW quarter of Asia. The eclipse shadow lasts about about an hour (totality is only 12 minutes) and is visible in parts of Greenland. Totality is visible from a place called the Faeroe Islands by Norway, Greenland and Scotland.

This Total Solar Eclipse is followed by a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 4. It is rare to have two total eclipses follow each other it does happen about every 11 years per century and this year is one of those times.

Each year around March 19 or 20, the Sun is in the area of the sky that is connected to the longest constellation in our sky known as Eridanus, or the celestial river. This constellation stretches from about O Aries to 15 Gemini covering 75 degrees of the sky.


There are many myths connected to this part of the sky. One of the most well known is the death of Phaeton son of Apollo and the nymph Clymene. On his first birthday, Apollo reluctantly granted his SON the gift of driving the chariot of the SUN at Phaeton’s insistence. Unable to control the powerful horses of the chariot Phaeton drove to close to the heavens and then to close the Earth causing great destruction in both realms.

There was concern that the whole of creation would be destroyed. Zues sent his thunderbolts and dislodge Phaeton from the chariot where he fell into the River Eridanus. Mythically, rivers are where life comes from, what life is for, and also where life leading and for how long it will take to get there.

Listening to the river Siddhartha discovers the answers about the meaning of life, the cycle of life, the journey from origin to origin. Consider that water is part of a great cycle. It evaporates from the ocean, becomes rain, falls into the rivers and eventually travels back to the ocean.  In the window of this powerful equinox, eclipse portal it is may be helpful to learn from what rivers have to teach us.

March 20, Friday. The Pisces New Moon (29Pisces27) total solar eclipse is exact at 2:36 am Pacific and 5:36 am Eastern. Then the Moon enters Aries at 3:28 am and the Sun enters Aries at 3:45 pm. This New Moon Eclipse is in the last minutes of Pisces accelerating the Pisces intent to participate in dreaming the dream of the New Earth that is based in heart-centered love and compassion.

Today is also the Vernal Equinox, exact at 3:45 pm, when the Sun crosses the Cardinal Marker of Zero degrees Aries placing it in exact alignment with the Earth’s Equator lowering the magnetic field of the Earth for about 24 hours before and after the exact Equinox.

The Sun’s alignment with the equator of the Earth at the Equinoxes opens a doorway encouraging us to notice what is occurring in our dreamtime, our mediation time, and our ritual or ceremonial time. Are we allowing the magic of this timing to support the visions and inspiration available in this window?

At the Equinox, the Lords of Time are convened, turning the great wheel of the year. In this Equinox Total Lunar Eclipse there is an opening in the portals of time to seek and discover what we have forgotten. The Hall of Records within are now open if we choose to access them.

March 21, Saturday.  The Moon occults Uranus (15Aries34) passing .15° WNW of Uranus at 4:14 am for the 8th time in the current series of 15. Then the still very New Moon also occults Mars (23 Aries) at 3:51 pm. This occultation accelerates the intent already accelerated in yesterday’s eclipse, opening another doorway into the mysteries that shifts our entire point of view. Our current reality has valued materialism and facts known through what we call science. We have lost a cultural connection to the mysteries of the Great Above, to Spirit and to magic.

This is an opportunity to shift those old assemblage points or old established patterns in our personal and planetary understanding. How can we make the most of this extraordinary time? What would it take for you to have a completely different view of your life, and life on planet Earth? What would it take to fully remember you are co-creating your reality?

From a Quantum Physics perspective this reality is NOT as real as it appears. It is NOT as cause and effect as it seems. How can we really know that and work with that in a way that helps to birth the New Earth in our here and now?

It might help to change your daily routine. Try rearranging your furniture, driving a different way to the store, or work, or school, or where ever you might be going. You might try walking backwards for a few paces, sleeping on different side of the bed, brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. You might try a different form of exercise, or doing something fun you have never done before. The idea is to create a perceptual shift through your activity in whatever way is easy, fun and effective. Be creative and trust this is helping to facilitate your own personal assemblage point shift for the purpose of experiencing greater freedom of being.

After I wrote this, that night I had a dream where I got a profound experience of how reality comes into form. The colors and shapes that are affected by our thoughts, words and actions then become what we experience. It was a remarkably real and I felt the immense and important truth of it shifting my point of view from knowing this as an idea to an actual experience in the dream. So asking that you have a dream that will shift your point of view is another way to work with this.

March 22, Sunday.  The Moon enters Taurus at 3:40 am energizing the mysteries of pleasure and beauty as a path to the divine. Pleasure often comes unexpectedly in moments when we allow ourselves to be aware of the magic and mystery all around us. Shifting your daily routine as described yesterday, can help open you to possibilities you might not have known were there. Particularly if you are taking time to fully experience pleasure in the moment with gratitude for the experience. It could be any kind of pleasurable activity, ones you do regularly in a new way, or something completely new and different.

The Moon passes 2.8° SSE of Venus (6 Taurus) as Venus passes through the 4th Gate where she reclaims her heart chakra vestment. This is sometimes referred to the “gate of compassion” where Inanna or Venus retrieves her breastplate symbolizing the reclaiming of her ability to truly love herself and others with a compassionate heart. The underworld initiation was a time for purging and healing any wounds that distorted or limited the divine feminine from the experience of truly loving herself, loving others, and loving life!

This is a collective ceremonial aspect in this powerful Equinox Eclipse adding to the possibility of engaging another octave of your ability to compassionately love yourself and others.

If you are turning or have turned a multiple of 8 (16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96) between Jan 14, 2014 and Aug 21, 2015 then you are in a personal 8 year synodic Venus return, meaning this is a particularly important ceremonial time for you – empowering your sacred feminine heart.

With Venus at the “gate of compassion” we are being called to notice how we are engaging compassion for ourselves and others. In this context compassion is defined as the ability to have awareness of our own challenges, or the challenges of others, from a place of complete acceptance and appreciation for the gifts the challenges bring without having to change, rescue, or fix, the existing circumstances. When we reach total acceptance through radical compassion miraculous spontaneous healing often occurs.

In the morning star phase Venus (Inanna) gave up her vestments as she journeyed into the underworld, releasing the shadow aspects associated with each of the chakra energies. The fourth chakra shadow includes lust, fraud, indecision, anxiety, longing, impartiality, arrogance, incompetence, discrimination and defiance.

From a middle world perspective the choice to make the descent into the underworld does not make sense. However, Inanna is following the calling of her heart, even though it is guiding her into a deep underworld initiation. The gift of the underworld journey is empowerment through death (surrender) and rebirth (ascension). The underworld phase happened when Venus was with the Sun from September to December 2014. Now Venus (Inanna) has returned to the evening sky and has successfully gone passed through the first three gates on her ascent journey. She has arrived at the 4th gate  and is reclaiming healthy self-love, self-respect, self-assurance and the love of life.

Venus reminds us to continue to listening and acting on our heart knowing. It may also be useful to work with the color green to encourage harmony, peace and well-being. Wearing green clothes, eating green foods, and working with green stones including malachite, jade, emerald, peridot, aventurine, green fluorite, green tourmaline, green jasper, and green agate. This month you may want to create an altar that symbolizes heart-felt gratitude for all the love you have to express and that is expressed to you.

Mercury (15 Pisces 23) is sextile Pluto (15Capricorn23) at 1:27 pm suggesting there may be messages that reveal the shadow of where we may still have self-judgment and where we might choose to have greater compassion for ourselves.

March 23, Monday.  Venus (8Taurus13) is sextile Neptune (8Pisces13) at 11:25 pm. The sensual return of the heart center for the goddess is getting additional insights from magical mystical Neptune operating in the Celestial. Continuing with the theme of personal compassion, Neptune asks us to notice if we have genuine compassion for ourselves and the challenges we face in this human experience? There also may be opportunities to realize where we have illusions that keep us from experiencing pleasure, beauty and joy as our natural inheritance.

March 24, Tuesday.  Mercury is conjunct Chiron (18 Pisces) at 6:07 am. This is a time for tuning into messages of personal shamanic healing. In Pisces we are still working with the theme of compassion, acceptance and being willing to feel what is ours to feel. Feeling from the inside out, allows healing to occur from the inside out, or from the deepest depths of who we experience ourselves to be.

The Moon enters Gemini at 6:20 am passing 8.1° S of the Pleiades. And is visible beyond the Pleiades near Aldebaran tonight. This is a time for creative play. When we remember NOT to take ourselves to seriously, magic often happens and our creative energy is heightened.

March 25, Wednesday. Feast of the Annunciation, was the New Year’s point in England until 1752. The Moon is passing 1.3° NW of Aldebaran around 4 am and is the third of 49 occultations. The last occultation will occur on September 3, 2018. This is part of the 18.6 year Moon cycle so it was from August 8, 1996 to February 14, 2000 that we had the last series of Moon occulations over Aldebaran. The next series will feature 48 occultations From August 18, 2033 to February 23, 2037.Aldebaran is one of the four royal stars of the ancients and marks the eye of the Bull. Aldebaran was also seen as a portal or key to the Silver Gate, where the Milky Way crosses the ecliptic by the Galactic Edge. The ancients saw this as the place where souls enter this dimension. The Moon will be visible just past Aldebaran tonight still within range to transmit energy or information from this area of the sky.

… the Silver Gate is above Orion, at the centre of the Duat; the Egyptian Netherworld which was represented on the ground in the Giza area. The Silver Gate is just above the “hand” of Orion, who the Egyptians associated with Osiris, and they depicted him holding a star in his hand. In the Orion Mystery, Bauval & Gilbert presumed this to be the star Aldebaran.  Now, Gilbert has found that the Egyptian word for star, s’ba, also means “door”, so Osiris is holding a Star-Gate. In some depictions, Osiris is holding an ankh towards the gate, so this must be the key which unlocks the star-gate.

The all seeing “eye of god” (Aldebaran) and has associations with the restoration of the original perfection of the Earth. With the Moon marking Aldebaran in the night sky this is a great time to tune into these energies asking for the restoration of the purity and perfection of our own hearts. This is especially significant when we consider that Earth is an anagram for heart when we take the “h” off of earth and place at the beginning of the word we get the word HEART.

March 26, Thursday. The Moon enters Cancer at 12:45 pm passing over the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge. The Moon is a transmitter, and when in this area of the sky is transmitting the incoming light codes from beyond the Edge of our Galaxy.


Through the lens of Cancer these light codes are beaming in new possibilities for spontaneous evolution around how we engage in responsible nurturing, creating healthy family and ways of being in nurturing community.

We can support this process by aligning our intention to the intention of the most evolved expression of the Cancer Mysteries that includes recognizing we are all in this together, we are all cells in the same body, or fingers on the same hand. We are all inter-related and it is to our benefit to realize that our ability to thrive is dependent upon our ability to embrace our kinship with all life.


March 27, Friday.  Mars zodiacally aligns with the fixed star Al Pherg (27Aries) and by March 30 is with Al Rishi (29 Aries) the star marking the knot of the fish. This won’t be easy to see as Mars has dropped low on the western horizon after sunset so may be lost in the afterglow of the Sun.


The star Al Rishi marks the knot that connects the two fish and Al Pherg is an Arabic word meaning outpouring of water and the mouth or lip of any vessel used for liquids.

These stars were marking the 1st ecliptic constellation of the Babylonians, known as the “Cord of the Fish” and Alrishi is the link that unites the cords uniting cords or ropes that are tethered to both fish.


Therefore, both Alrishi and Al Pherg are stars that act as a connecting link or nexus between two differing energies and their expressions. Every two years Mars passes these stars activating this nexus creating the possibility of finding what unites the two.

What actions are possible now that connect multiple realities, or realms of experience, for the purpose of synthesizing new healthy ways of relating to and expressing all the multi-dimensional aspects now manifesting?

The Cancer First Quarter Moon (6Cancer19) is exact at 12:42 am. This enhances the monthly transmission of inter-galactic information and vibrational frequency coming in from beyond our galaxy that began yesterday. With the actional nature of the First Quarter Moon in the Cancer domain it suggests it might be wise to take timely action that is designed to further support growth and wisdom in the householder mysteries of home and family.

It is not so important to know HOW to create a safe space for ourselves and our family as it is to have the genuine heart-felt INTENT, while be open to guidance and being willing to receive and act on the answers – even if that means releasing unhealthy habits in our lifestyle and in our ways of communicating. First and foremost is being willing to create or allow for a safe space where our divine self can show up and shine.

March 28, Saturday. The Moon passes about 12° south of Pollux before entering Leo at 10:48 pm. Moon in Leo is transmitting the mysteries of our radiant and shining divine essence. When healthy this expresses as self-love, self-respect, self-assurance and self-confidence, self-approval and self-acceptance.

Venus also squares Jupiter in range yesterday, exact today at 7:11 pm still in range tomorrow. Plus the Moon will pass Jupiter tomorrow. This is preparation for when Venus and Jupiter meet up in the morning sky this coming August. With this in mind it is a great time to begin a practice of respecting who you are, approving of yourself, and affirming your essential divinity. (See March 29 for more)

March 29, Sunday. Today begins daylight time in the European Union and the Moon is visible approaching Jupiter passing 5.4° SSW of Jupiter just after mid-night on the 30th. With Jupiter in Leo once every 12 years there is a collective focus from now until August to practice truly loving who you are with full acceptance of your human side as well as your divine side.

One way to practice this is to make a list of all the things you love about yourself and then read that list as an affirmation every day. If creating the list is challenging for you, it might help to find a friend who is willing to practice with you and reflect the gifts you see in each other. It might be helpful to make a list for each other, remembering that what you see in another is what is within you too!

You can even do this yourself by just thinking of someone you love and/or admire, noting what it is about them that attracts you or inspires you. Make a list of those qualities and then use that list to read each day as a way to claim, embrace and nurture those qualities or aspects that are also within you, even if they are unconscious. This practice is a way to bring them to greater consciousness and self expression.

March 30, Monday.  Mercury enters Aries crossing the Equinox marker where the Sun was a few days ago at 6:44 am. Mercury will disappear from the Morning Sky by April 1).

Mercury is the messenger and in Aries the messages are intended to awaken our inner knowing – the kind of knowing that comes without hesitation and is acted on without having to think it through. This is about trusting and acting on what is presenting itself even if it doesn’t make logical sense at the time but feels perfect in every other way.

Aries energy is quick and decisive – acting intuitively and spontaneously before reflecting on that action. From now until April 14, when Mercury moves into Taurus it is time to take decisive action around what inspires you, with the intent that this is moving energy toward the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose.

March 31, Tuesday. The Moon is passing about 4° SSW of Regulus as it enters Virgo at 11:12 am. (see March 4)

Mars enters Taurus at 9:27 am until May 11 when it passes the Pleiades and enters Gemini. The last time Mars was in Taurus was from April 20, to May 31, 2013 and before that Mars was in Taurus from May 11 to June 20, 2011 and before that it was May 31 to July 11, 2009. Note the nearly 2 year pattern.

Mars in Taurus is exploring the tantric mysteries including the spiritual nature of sacred ecstatic pleasure, intimacy and beauty.

From the perspective of Taurus, the physical body is the sacred temple of bliss for spirit to express through. Mars is reaching Taurus in its underworld phase of the current journey suggesting this is a time for Mars to let go of whatever stands in the way of experiencing bliss and sacred pleasure in the physical realm.

March Timings Template

March 1, Sunday. Mercury (14°Aquarius29′) is sextile Uranus (14°Aries29′) at 7:55 am and opposite Jupiter (14Leo45) at 1:15 pm. The Moon passes 12° South of Pollux (23Cancer25) just before entering Leo at 3:34 pm.
March 2, Monday. The Moon is passing 5° SSW of retrograde Jupiter (14°Leo37)  at 8:52 pm and will pass 3.8° SSW of Regulus (00Virgo02) visible in the evening sky tomorrow.
March 3, Tuesday. Retrograde Jupiter (14°Leo35) is trine Uranus (14°Aries35′) at 4:25 am. Tomorrow Mars (10°Aries04′) reaches its exact conjunction to the South Node. Mercury is magnitude 0.0 and Vesta is magnitude 7.9.
March 4, Wednesday. The Moon enters Virgo at 4:57 am as it passes Regulus. Venus (14°Aries28′) is trine retrograde Jupiter (14°Leo28′) at 7:14 am, conjunct Uranus at 10:45 am and square Pluto at 7:17 pm. Venus is just .09° NNE of Uranus (14°Aries39′) in the closest planet to planet conjunction of 2015,. Venus, Mars, and Uranus are in a circle diameter of 4.87° though Uranus is not visible to the naked eye. Venus and Mars are still visible on the western horizon after sunset.
March 5, Thursday. The Virgo Full Moon (14 Virgo 50) is exact at 11:05 am and the Moon is as far from the Earth as it can get in its current cycle. This is also known as Apogee. The Sun (15Pisces05) is sextile Pluto (15Capricorn05) exact at 4:16 pm.
March 6, Friday. The Moon enters Libra at 5:52 pm.
March 7, Saturday. The Sun catches up to Chiron (17Pisces16) around 9:30 pm.
March 8, Sunday. Daylight savings time starts today for the USA.  Mars (13°Aries56′) is trine retrograde Jupiter (13°Leo56′) exact tomorrow at 11:03 pm. This is happening in the 13 degree range of last year’s Grand Cross.
March 9, Monday.  The Moon passes 3.3° NNE of Spica visible in the early morning sky.  The Moon enters Scorpio at 6:10
March 10, Tuesday. The Moon is passing by the fixed Star Zubenelgenubi at 10:52 am.
March 11, Wednesday. Mars (1.3 magnitude) passes .27° NNE of Uranus (5.9 magnitude) at 9:05 am and squares Pluto at 3:40 pm. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 4:30 pm.
March 12, Thursday. The Moon is 2.4° NNW of Saturn and passes 9° north of Antares.
March 13th, Friday. The Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon (22 Sagittarius 49) is exact 10:48 am entering Capricorn at 11:40 pm.
March 14, Saturday. Saturn turns retrograde at 8:02 am.
March 15, Sunday. The Ides of March. The Moon passes 3.2° N of Pluto.
March 16, Monday. Mercury square Saturn at 2:41 am. The Moon enters Aquarius at 3:14 am. The last of seven exact Pluto square Uranus aspects is happening today at 6:50 pm.
March 17, Tuesday. St. Patrick’s Day. Venus enters Taurus at 3:15 am.
March 18, Wednesday. Mercury passes 1.5° SSE of Neptune at 1:49 am. The Moon enters Pisces at 3:58 am and passes Neptune. The Moon is visible about 5° NNW of Mercury. Moon, Mercury and Neptune are within 5° of each other.
March 19, Thursday. The Moon reaches perigee 14 hours before the exact New Moon Solar Eclipse Equinox tomorrow.
March 20, Friday. The Pisces New Moon (29Pisces27) total solar eclipse is exact at 2:36 am. Moon enters Aries at 3:28 am.
March 21, Saturday.  The Moon occults Uranus (15Aries34) passing .15° WNW of Uranus at 4:14 am. The Moon also occults Mars passing .93° SSE of Mars (23 Aries) at 3:51 pm.
March 22, Sunday.  The Moon enters Taurus at 3:40 am. The Moon passes 2.8° SSE of Venus (6 Taurus). Mercury (15 Pisces23) is sextile Pluto (15Capricorn23) at 1:27 pm.
March 23, Monday.  Venus (8Taurus13) is sextile Neptune (8Pisces13) at 11:25 pm.
March 24, Tuesday.  Mercury is conjunct Chiron (18 Pisces) at 6:07 am. The Moon enters Gemini at 6:20 am
March 25, Wednesday. The Moon is passing 1.3° NW of Aldebaran and is the third of 49 occultations.
March 26, Thursday.  The Moon enters Cancer at 12:45 pm.
March 27, Friday.  The Cancer First Quarter Moon (6Cancer19) is exact at 12:42 am
March 28, Saturday. The Moon enters Leo at 10:48 pm. Venus is square Jupiter at 7:11 pm.
March 29, Sunday. Daylight time in the European Union. The Moon passes Jupiter tomorrow 12:15 am tomorrow.
March 30, Monday. Venus (15 Taurus) is trine Pluto (15 Capricorn) at 12:47 am. Mercury enters Aries at 6:44 am
March 31, Tuesday. The Moon is passing about 4° SSW of Regulus as it enters Virgo at 11:12 am. Mars enters Taurus at 9:27 am.