Here is the link for the 2015 May Celestial Timings PDF with all the Star Maps and  images . I highly recommend you either print the Timings or keep them accessible on your tablet or phone to read everyday!

Don’t forget to check out this month’s Weekly Audios at this link along with audios on Mercury etc…

When you click on the Read On Link or the Title to this post it will take you to the Plain Text Version (with print link).  Be sure to click on the PDF link above to access the images and Star Maps, these are  designed to help you tune in to what is happening in the sky either visually when you go outside or internally via meditation or journeying.


Experiencing life through the lens of Shamanic Astrology changed my life 25 years ago this month! It is remarkable to think that a whole Quarter of Century ago on Mother’s Day weekend 1990, I met Daniel Giamario, the creator of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm, at the Tucson Astrologer’s Guild where he was giving a talk. I had no idea that by going to that talk my life would be forever changed.

I didn’t know much about any kind of astrology, much less Shamanic Astrology, when I showed up that day – but listening to Daniel talk I somehow knew this was something I needed to learn without really knowing why or where it would lead or even how I would learn it as there were no formal classes at that time.

25 years later I find myself a co-founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School that I somehow accidently (not knowing I was doing it) helped to birth over the years giving me an opportunity to have a passionate, alive, life changing way of being in the world and sharing these gifts with others in so many ways including the Celestial Timings and I am profoundly grateful!

One of the greatest gifts of this work is knowing what initiation cycles we are in and knowing the best strategies for how to navigate them. At this point in my own personal journey I am navigating my 2nd Saturn return and my 5th Jupiter return and loving that I have this tool of Shamanic Astrology supporting me as I choose my next steps.

The insights, understanding, growth and change often sneak up on me and I am not always aware of what is happening until I am looking back at what has transpired. This Saturn Story is an example.

I am wishing all Mom’s everywhere a Happy Mother’s Day including all those who don’t have children but do have nurturing mother type qualities – in whatever ways we show up to mother ourselves or others. This is the time to celebrate the Great Mother within us all, for without her we would not be here.

So I am again honoring my Mom, Merilyn Massey, who made her transition 17 years ago. I was only 42 at the time and she taught me a lot about conscious dying and conscious living. Her story is an inspiring one, capturing the essence of what happens when the caterpillar becomes the butterfly. If you haven’t had a chance to check it you can read about it HERE

Plus it is interesting to note the word Mother has roots in the word Matter and Saturn is all about structure and how Matter manifests into form. So, with that in mind here is a link to the Saturn Story that I have shared before but is worth revisiting if you haven’t recently.

Journey to Teotihuacan

This sacred journey was a remarkable, life changing experience. I am deeply grateful to Shelley Tatlebaum who was our inspired guide and facilitator. She took us to secret places that many never get to visit and we had the opportunity to do profound ceremonies that catalyzed great alchemy that of course is still a work in process. I am grateful to the 15 magnificent women who showed up with courage and willingness to dive deep into the Great Below and to soar high into the Great Above and support one another along the way. I may share more later as I integrate this special experience but for now I will say if this is the kind of sacred journey you are called to do then I highly recommend you join Shelly for one of her future trips to Teotihuacan. It is an unforgettable, profoundly life changing experience!

Stars worth noting in the Night Sky this Month

This month the Milky Way is seen lying flat around the horizon so not clearly visible unless you look up to the Northeast highest part in Cygnus the Swan. However this position of the Milky Way gives us the sense of the Plane of the Galaxy when looking Northeast toward Cygnus you see Galactic Center to your right. 

Also prominent in May is the constellation of the Virgin Priestess (a.k.a. Virgo) containing seven main stars. The most visible star in this group is the bright bluish white star of the divine feminine known as Spica. Higher in the sky and a bit to the right of Spica is the star Denebola marking the lion’s tail in the constellation also known as Leo. If you follow a direct line from Spica to the upper left you will see the bright red star Arcturus.

These three stars Arcturus, Denebola, and Spica form what is sometimes called the Spring Triangle best viewed from April to June. Plus, we have the perfect 30-60-90 degree the Stellar Triangle formed by Arcturus, Spica and Regulus (the heart of the lion). This triangle is currently associated with the Feast Day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary when the stars disappear and the  Sun rises at 72 degrees North around 43 degrees North latitude. This happens around August 15. Look East South East to spot both triangles in the evening sky.

Due to my travels this month I didn’t get a chance to write the overview of what is happening in the sky with the planets. I have included the S and T version below. I highly recommend listening to the May Audios as there are insights etc not in the written version, and there is an audio on the planetary overview. You must be logged with username and password for this link to work.

Moon Signs for May 2015
Date Time Moon Sign/Phase
May 2 6:47 pm Scorpio
May 3 8:42 pm Full Moon 13 Scorpio
May 5 4:13am Sagittarius
May 7 11:16 am Capricorn
May 9 4:22 pm Aquarius
May 11 3:36 am Last Quarter 20 Aquaruis
May 11 7:53 pm Pisces
May 13 10:13 pm Aries
May 16 12:02 am Taurus
May 17 9:13 pm New Moon 26 Taurus
May 18 2:27 am Gemini
May 20 6:56 am Cancer
May 22 2:42  pm Leo
May 25 1:52 am Virgo
May 25 10:19 am First Quarter 4 Virgo
May 27 2:42 pm Libra
May 30 2:34 am Scorpio


Special Events

 June 19-21 Summer Solstice Venus Ascension Event with Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk at Faywood Hotsprings, New Mexico This is a sacred Hotsprings located on the Chaco Meridian with a geomantically alive Standing Stone circle. You can see a video about this site and this event HERE And you can find out the Details HERE

Night Sky in Nevada September 20 – 23 Camping Event
with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell.
Find out more HERE

The Inner Sacred Marriage and Relationship Intensive October 7-11
Tubac, Arizona near Tucson
with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell
 Details are HERE

Overview of 2015 and a Look at the RARE Lunar Standstill
with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell Details are HERE

Specifically Celestial Timings Resonance Repatterning
Contact Teri Bybee


May 2015 Daily Celestial Timings
(all times are PDT unless otherwise noted)

May 1, Friday. Happy Beltane a.k.a May Day. This seasonal cross-quarter celebration is shows up on the Gregorian Calendar as happening on May 1 although the actual astrological cross-quarter is May 5 when the Sun reaches the half way point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice crossing the 15 degree mark of Taurus.

Evening star Mercury is still near the Pleiades and is traveling through the Sacred Hoop.  Mercury is highly featured through this month as are the Pleiades a  Behenian Star Gate. One of the many Mercury events this month is the station retrograde on May 18 at 13 Gemini. Mercury will return to be within about 4 degrees of the Pleiades on June 11.

The Mercury retrograde window begins on May 4 when Mercury crosses the degree of its direct station and ends when Mercury crosses the degree of its retrograde station on June 27 creating a powerful window for deepening the messages and experiences of Mercury in the sign that is most like Mercury, as Mercury and Gemini resonate with many of the same archetypal qualities. Both Mercury and Gemini are connected with the tricksters, shape shifters, guide for souls, messengers, gypsies, magicians, entertainers, and court jesters.

May 2, Saturday. The waxing nearly Full Moon passes 3.3° NNE of Spica (24 Libra) and then enters Scorpio at 06:40 pm. Spica is a Behenian star lying very close to the ecliptic, and the brightest star in the constellation of the Virgin Priestess. Spica is a prominent star representing the sacred feminine as priestess or goddess. The Moon passes by here each month amplifying the energy of what it takes to integrate and assimilate the deepening qualities of loving, conscious, sacred partnership with ourselves first, and then others.

This is especially true when we are willing to acknowledge and heal any separation we have from source, so is a great time for considering how to further consciously energize a more interactive partnership with source and take responsibility for our personal experience in and out of our middle world relationships. The Moon’s move into Scorpio opens the Full Moon Window that is exact tomorrow.

Venus begins this month passing the constellation of Orion during this first week of May. The story of Orion may help provide additional insights in the Venus journey at this time. Most cultures have viewed this constellation as having masculine imagery and yet interestingly this is an area of the sky birthing more new stars than any other place our astronomers have found. There are many mythic stories connected to Orion that help to inspire your own connection and experience with the light codes connected to these stars.

Orion, is a Greek name, and was seen as a giant man of great strength and beauty who was described as a huntsman and as a lover. Poseidon gave Orion the ability to walk across the sea. Orion was so tall he could navigate deep water and never get his head wet. He was also a skilled blacksmith and built an underground palace for Vulcan and he built a temple to the Gods in Sicily along with walls to protect Sicily from the sea.

Orion was not afraid of any animal and threatened to kill all the animals on Earth. Gaia was furious and sent a scorpion to kill him. Stung by the Scorpio Orion fell the Earth mortally wounded. This describes how in our night sky as Orion sets in the west, the Scorpion rises in the East. Just above the Scorpion is the healer or serpent bearer known as Ophiuchus and he restores Orion to health giving him an antidote for the poison. So interestingly, when Ophiuchus sets in the west Orion rises in the East fully recovered.

May 3, Sunday. Mercury (3°Gemini 03′) is opposite retrograde Saturn (03°Sg03′) at 1:34 am. Messenger Mercury illuminates Saturn providing an opportunity to see new ways of engaging the quest for expanded states of consciousness that are designed to creatively assist the intent of Saturn to move beyond the current limits, beliefs and boundaries of the old traditions. We are in a whole time and new rules or ways of engaging these mysteries are emerging as our beliefs and understanding of the spiritual journey are also evolving.
The Scorpio Full Moon (13 Scorpio 23) is exact at 8:42 pm and is visible very near the fixed stars Zuben Algenubi (15 Scorpio) and Zuben Alshamali (19 Scorpio), the two brightest stars in the constellation of the Scales.

The Full Moon near these stars is a time to consider if your heart is heavy with the burdens of life including grief, pain, being a victim, feeling life is unfair. Or are you in a place of gratitude even for the challenges, difficulties, traumas, and woundings you have experienced? Gratitude lightens our hearts and from the Egyptian perspective a heart that is lighter than the feather is free to choose where it goes next.

The intensity of the Scorpio Full Moon includes walking the edges of our pain, grief and challenging feelings, especially the scary ones or the ones that may seem too scary to even consider. However, the reality is once these fears are faced the fear dissipates and can even disappear altogether. It might take time. It might seem like it will never happen, until one day you notice you are no longer afraid.

Scorpio is also about connecting desire and personal will with the divine source as a way to manifest divine desire into physical form.

The challenge for Scorpio is releasing attachment to how they want that manifestation to look. Attachment to a specific outcome hinders the magic that is otherwise possible. Ideally, this is about being attentive to the ecstatic life force energy that is present when we are willing to receive it, because that is the ultimate desire of Scorpio, to be plugged directly into the life current itself. That is where the magic is. (Here is more about this special Solar/Lunar Beltane time)

May 4, Monday. The Sun (13°Taurus 36′) is square Jupiter (13°Leo 36′) exact at 2:02:00 am indicating Jupiter is picking up speed since it stationed direct on April 8. The Sun fuels life when in proper balance. Too much Sun scorches the Earth and destroys life and too little Sun means nothing can really grow and flourish.

Jupiter is an expansive energy and although it is often inspiring when linked with the Sun it can also indicate a tendency towards too much, or overexpansion, overdoing, overconfidence, and overload. Too much is just as much of a problem as not enough and is ultimately not supportive to a practically embodied growth experience. This timing requires us to look at how to balance these energies. It may help to notice where you feel inspired and then act with wisdom and self-assurance to ground these intense light energies in ways that are beneficial and supportive.

When Jupiter is in Leo the emphasis is on healthy self-love and self-respect. Are you taking good care of yourself? Are you treating yourself like royalty or the divine being that you are? Do you love who you are and the path you are creating for yourself? If not then are you willing to practice loving and respecting yourself a little more each day?

This is a timing that accelerates and expands the manifestation of what you are holding in your awareness and the actions you are taking. This is especially true for those who have planets, angles or nodes in Leo. However, even if you don’t have this archetype prominent on your chart it is the collective intention of this time and you can benefit from practicing self-love and self-respect.

May 5, Tuesday. Astrological Beltane a.k.a. Cinco de Mayo and Astrological Solar Beltane. The astrological cross-quarter known as Beltane occurs today as the Sun crosses 15 Taurus. Beltane is a time of maximum fertility, abundance, sacred union, sacred pleasure, and celebration through song, dance, feasts, and ceremony that celebrates the magical connection between the Earth, the Sky and all life.  More on Beltane HERE

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 4:13 am and passes 2.2° NNE of retrograde Saturn (02°Sagittarius54′) a few hours later at 9:38 am. Both the Moon and Saturn will be visible near the fixed star Dschubba the eye of the Scorpion. When the Moon passes through Sagittarius it is illuminating the quest for enlightenment via the eternal truth that underlies all creation as a way to be In Service to Spirit. (see April 2015 Archives for more on Dshcubba)

This is also activating the Grand Fire Trine. Again more about this is available in the April 2015 Timings archives.
The Moon in Sagittarius is amplifying the mysteries associated with the quest for enlightenment that is inspired by the truth from where all creation arises – it is a place of pure consciousness. It is formless and eternal.

The Moon is also visible approaching Antares tonight. This star was viewed by the Egyptians as having connections to the Goddess Isis and was worked with as an interdimensional gateway. They knew they had easier to access to this star and the gateway whenever the Moon was passing by. Isis is a winged Goddess, one of the Bird People, so she is connected to the Bird Tribes that I talked about in the April 2015 Timings.

May 6, Wednesday. The Sun (15°Taurus 27′) trines Pluto (15°Capricorn27′) at 12:11 am. This occurs twice each year just after Pluto stations retrograde (that happened on April 16) and just before Pluto stations direct (that happens on September 24 or this year).

It is interesting to note that whenever an outer planet is either stationing retrograde or going direct it always trines the Sun meaning that the planetary motion from the Earth’s perspective is stopped in the sky, creating an access point, or still point for additional alchemy to happen. (see May 18 for the Still Point)

This pause reminds us that it is within these moments of stillness that we access the greatest possibilities for transformation available. We have been in this window since April 16 and will re-engage this window next September. In addition to that, this Still Point of Pluto has been very closely aligned with the fixed star Vega in the constellation of Lyra.

Last month I shared  that Vega (15 Capricorn 32) was the pole star about 13,000 years ago and will be the Pole Star about 13,000 years from now. It is only every 248 years that the Shamanic Initiator Pluto is with this star known as the messenger of light by many cultures including the Babylonians. Pluto is all about bringing the shadow to light so is working with Vega to do just that.

This is a potent time to be inquiring into your own shadow. What within you is seeking the light of transformation? What we fear and avoid actually chooses our way. Going toward what scares us is empowering as we often find that what seemed really scary wasn’t so scary after all when we are willing to go into the fear.

For example, last month several of those who were at the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacan were terrified of heights and looking up at the huge pyramids was intimidating and activated those fear programs. Happily, those who were afraid of heights, climbed the pyramids anyway and found that not only did they do it but it was easier to do than they had imagined. Often our fear is a construct of our minds that holds us back from doing what truly is inspiring and life affirming and is not based in the real truth of who we are.

For the rest of this year it may help to contemplate what scares you and why? Then do a releasing ceremony to let go of the story, the belief, or whatever it is that has created fear for you in the past. It can be very helpful to do this with others who share the same intent. It might be helpful to make this a weekly or monthly practice to keep peeling those layers.

Just remember that once your ceremony is complete everything that is out of alignment with what you are invoking for yourself will come up so you can deal with it consciously. Some describe this as being tested. Others might say that it is what is needed to continue clearing the old energy and make room for the new.

This is the time to tell your mind you are no longer listening to the old stories you use to tell yourself. For example, if your fear is of being abandoned then you will most likely get to experience situations where you get to feel abandoned. This is the time to remind yourself that although others may come and go from your life, you are committed to no longer abandoning yourself and will continue to notice when that is happening so you can consciously choose to do something other than what you have always done. Again this may be a recurring process, something you have to do a number of times to really change whatever it is that fuels the story you tell yourself.

For me, one of my greatest fears was being seen and speaking in front of people. I was terrified for many years and it felt like it didn’t get easier for a long, long time. However, I was determined so I kept saying yes whenever I was invited to speak to a group even though I experienced acute primal survival oriented type terror. It was slow at first. It seemed like it would never change for me but over time I did begin to notice it was getting easier to get up in front a group and share either personally or as a presenter.

Now, I may still feel nervous, sometimes more so than others, but no longer is my body acting as if I might die! I decided I was committed to doing what scared me even if I continued to feel that terror for the rest of my life. Finally, after a few years, I feel so much more empowered to speak in front of others when I am asked. I am still not seeking out opportunities to speak but I do say yes when I am invited. So take time to notice what scares you and be willing to go towards it rather than running away from it and you will feel more empowered as a result.

The Moon is visible beyond the bright heart star of the Scorpion known as Antares tonight illuminating the messages and light codes connected to our true heart knowing.

May 7, Thursday. The Moon enters Capricorn at 11:16 am and Venus enters Cancer at 03:55 pm meaning that the Moon and Venus are both crossing over one of the Galactic Crosses today where the Solstice Sun rises either at the Galactic Center (December) or at the Galactic Edge (June). The Moon is near the Galactic Center and Venus is near the Galactic Edge.

Tonight it is possible to see both parts of the sky with Venus marking the Galactic edge visible after sunset and the Moon marking the area of Galactic Center rising around 11 pm (though it will be a different rising time depending on your location and horizon line).

The Sun on the Crosses at the Solstices let us know we are experiencing the End of our current Time Track as we have known and we are entering the Beginning of a New Time in ways that we haven’t yet imagined. Tuning into the Moon and Venus through meditation, or just witnessing where they are in the sky, is a way to receive the download they are beaming our way from these Galactic Crosses.

If the notion of the end of time (as we have known it) is scary for you it might be a good time to ask yourself why? What are you afraid of losing? What are you attached to that might be holding you back from experiencing your true self? Venus after all is still at the 5th Gate/5th Chakra reclaiming her voice and the truth of who she truly is.

In Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges book The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye – Alchemy and the End of Time they describe a galactic super wave or energy burst that emerges from Galactic Center at certain Time intervals saying: The galactic superwave, composed of superhot cosmic-ray particles traveling at close to the speed of light, would appear from Earth as a brilliant blue-white spot of light – about the size of Mars … surrounded by a slightly larger and less bright halo. This source, perhaps as much as a thousand times brighter than any star, would be visible even in daylight”.

Myths from around the world are encoded with this kind of astronomical information including so-called disasters, and other shifts in the heavens such as Zeus (Jupiter) overthrowing his father (Saturn) describing when Jupiter catches up to Saturn every 20 years, or the story of Inanna’s descent into the underworld describing the cycle of Venus and the story of Sekhmet (daughter of Ra, the Sun God) scorching the Earth with her fury.

There is also a Hopi legend that speaks of the Blue Star Spirit or Blue Star Kachina that could very well be describing the galactic pulse or superwave coming from the core of our galaxy in regular intervals at least every 26,000 years. Regardless of our fear or whether we believe these prophetic stories it is important to know that astronomers have found that there is more energy (radiation) emanating from the Galactic Core than was previously noted. Also they have seen other galaxies send out bursts of light from their galactic core. And this has coincided with evolutionary shifts or planet Earth.

Astronomers think that Galactic Core Explosions occur every 10 to 100 million years and stay active for about a million years. In 1977, astronomer Jan Oort cited evidence that our Galactic core has been active within the past 10,000 years. In 1997 astrophysicists detected a strong gamma ray pulse arriving from a galaxy billions of light years away affecting our galaxy. Mainstream media, such as Sky & Telescope magazine, suggested that this gamma ray pulse may be accompanied by a volley of high energy cosmic ray particles travelling at very close to the speed of light and affecting our galaxy.

Additionally, glaciologists (study of glaciers) discovered beryllium-10 isotope peaks in polar ice indicating that the cosmic ray flux on the Earth was extremely high on several occasions during the last ice age. Dr. Abshier, a UCLA alumnus and a Starburst Foundation volunteer, visited astronomer Mark Morris to discuss the Galactic explosion theory. Morris wasn’t buying it. However, he apparently later changed his opinion after further observation of the Galactic center because  he was quoted in the November 1998 issue of Discover magazine as saying that the center of our Galaxy explodes about every 10,000 years with these events lasting about a 100 years or so.

I could go on but this gives you a sense of some of the evidence. So are we about to experience another Galactic Superwave? Is that part of the shift going on now? Maybe? Should we be afraid and what good would that do? From another perspective maybe the Galactic Superwave is an ascension wave of energy. That would be cool!

Mercury reaches greatest elongation from the Sun (21.2°) from the Sun meaning it is as far from the Sun as it will get in its current cycle. Mercury is reaching into unknown territory to expand the message of what is possible when we are open to receive it.

May 8, Friday. The Moon passes retrograde Pluto (15°Capricron26′) at 02:48 pm. This intensifies the initiatory process for those who are in personal Pluto cycle, meaning anyone who has personal planets angles or Nodes between 12.5 and 16 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries.

Pluto in Capricorn is dismantling the old rules and beliefs that have defined our collective existence for many centuries and have become increasingly out of balance with what is sustainable for ourselves and the Earth. This dismantling process opens the space for new inspired, sustainable and useful forms to emerge. YAY! (see May 6)

May 9, Saturday. The Moon enters Aquarius at 04:22 pm energizing the Aquarian ideals of living freedom beyond the rules of external authority figures with rules that seek to control, limit and restrict the human experience. Unique, innovative and ahead of its time, the Aquarian energies break down old restrictive systems for the purpose of breaking through to new experiences of expanded states of awareness.

Mercury (9°Gemini31′) is square Neptune (9°Pisces31′) at 9:08:20 am in the first of three squares due to Mercury’s retrograde starting on May 18. Mercury and Neptune will be square again on May 29 with Mercury retrograde at 9 Gemini 26 and then the last time is June 23 when Mercury is direct at 9 Gemini 37.  (see May 29)

This is a time when left-brained, logical processes of thinking are often more challenging. Tuning into the creative right-brained process may produce mystical insights, inspiration, and “aha’s” that go beyond logic or rational explanation. This is the time to trust what you know even if you don’t have a logical rational reason for knowing it.

This is also a time for dreaming and visioning and taking time to listen for the guidance that is coming from your inner divine knowing. Listening to your inner guidance helps you to know when to simply be with the unknown and when to intuitively act. A good way to embrace the unknown is to be willing to NOT know and trust what you feel rather than what you think, getting out of the mind.

May 10. Sunday. Venus (3 Cancer) has reached her greatest declination 26° North in this Out of Bounds Time from April 19 to June 1. This means Venus is at her wildest and most unpredictable expression operating beyond the confines of ordinary reality for this entire month.

The Sun (20°Taurus 43′) is exactly sextile Chiron (20°Pisces 43′) at 10:44 am tomorrow this is signaling the approaching retrograde station on June 24 at 21 Pisces 33, meaning Chiron is moving less than a degree from now until then. The Sun is the center of the solar clock that tells us what time it is in relationship to the day, the month, the year (including seasons) and to the planetary cycles. This Timing suggests that it is possible to experience deeper healing around the collective wounds connected to our bodies, our sexuality and our connection to the pleasure and beauty of life.

May 11, Monday. Mars enters Gemini at 07:40 pm and is passing by the Pleiades in the process.  Mars last passed this area of the sky on June 20, 2011 and before that it was July 11, 2009. Something to note is that when Mars reaches mid-degrees of Gemini to mid-degrees of Cancer it will be OUT of Bounds. This year Mars is Out of Bounds from June 9 to July 15 while in the underworld, meaning it will be in its most wild and unpredictable time .

Of the seven primary stars of the Pleiades a.k.a. the Seven Sisters, Alcyone is considered the main star and is even referred to as “The Central One.” Alcyone is sometimes used to represent the whole group of Pleiadian stars. The seven primary stars visible from Earth are all within a one degree span of the sky. (Also see June 2, 4, and 27)

The Gemini mysteries expressing through the masculine archetype shows up as Kokopeli or Thoth or Hermes the trickster who is also a bringer of news and information as well as a guardian of the crossroads that can lead to the secret knowledge of the Emerald Tablets. Some say when the secret knowledge of the Emerald Tablets is fully understood it forever changes our perception and experience of reality.

Spontaneous Evolution, Our Positive Future (And a Way to Get there from Here) by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman gives examples of how our understanding of reality is based on our perception and more importantly the challenge for many is the new reality is not supporting the old perceptions. Being excited by new possibilities is one way to shift our perception to more closely match the emerging new reality.

Mars in Gemini reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously and to be open to the ways our reality is shapeshifting into a new dream. Comedian Swami Beyondananda (Steve Bhaerman) shares a witty Gemini type perspective saying:

“Once we understand the math of evolution, we will understand the aftermath as well.”

The Book Spontaneous evolution came out in 2009 and does a great job of expanding our awareness and the context of what has been and what is emerging in the collective consciousness. This is a summary of what is discussed in a sentence:

Today, human evolution is at a turning point where an old paradigm and a challenging new awareness are uneasily trying to coexist. We are wedded by habit and tradition to an outmoded view of the Universe yet civilization is pregnant with a new, exciting, and optimistic understanding of life.
~ Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman

Moon enters Pisces at 07:53 pm and catches up to Neptune tomorrow and Chiron on the 13th energizing the mysteries of compassionate kindness as a way to help and heal ourselves and each other. (see May 13)

May 12, Tuesday. The Moon is conjunct Neptune (09°Pi34′) at 12:02 pm energizing the visions and ideals that go beyond ordinary reality, operating in the imaginative realms where everything and anything is possible. What we experience in this reality is primarily limited by our imagination and our beliefs around what is possible. What we imagine, intend, pay attention to and act on, becomes our reality.

May 13, Wednesday. The Moon is conjunct Chiron (20°Pisces47′) at 6:51 am and Chiron is with Vesta exact at 12:16 pm. Each time the Moon meets with Chiron (or any celestial body including Vesta) it acts as an amplifier and trigger for deepening our experience of Chiron in Pisces. This brings to awareness the shamanic healing power of kindness and compassion that includes allowing for whatever IS in the moment as a path to return our awareness to wholeness.

Vesta as the High Priestess perceives and honors the sacredness of all life. She knows that through sacred ceremonial intention we can heal and transform anything and everything that is out of alignment with our intended experience of wholeness. In this context, wholeness is the recognition of, and connection to, the hologram or whole of life and how every part is inter-related to every other part, every part is important to the overall whole or holos.

Hologram comes from the Greek word holos, meaning all, entire, total. Holos is all the ‘parts’ contained within the whole and these parts also represent the whole system. For example, iridology operates from the principle that the eye is a map, reflecting what is going on in every part of the body, while also recognizing that each part is necessary to make up the greater whole and these parts are interconnected and affect one another.

An eye obviously is not the same as the whole human body, or is one human being the same as the entire Earth. However, every part contributes to the experience of the greater whole. Physics tells us the Whole is greater than the sum of the parts and yet every part is needed to complete the Whole. That is why it is essential to have compassion for all of our parts…even the parts we judge as wrong or bad or problematic.

The key to restoring wholeness is through the gift of compassion and acceptance, as that helps to facilitate transformational healing. Simply being fully present with kindness and compassion for any part that is troubling us has an effect on all the other parts. It is interesting to note that the concept of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts can be traced back at least as far as Aristotle. And it is helpful to remember we can work on anyone part to bring greater awareness to the entire whole of our lives. How cool is that?

May 14, Thursday. Today is Ascension Day set for 40 days after Easter and always on a Thursday so it is also known as Ascension Thursday marking the bodily ascension of Jesus into heaven.  This is a movable date like Easter, because it falls 40 days after Easter. See Table.

The Moon entered Aries at 10:13 pm last night or 1:13 am Eastern time this morning energizing the mysteries of the Sacred Warrior or Spiritual Warrior committed to upholding what is virtuous and noble. If the Sacred Warrior does not have a noble cause to put his energy into then the shadow of Aries can show up. This is usually expressed as fighting for the sake of fighting or conquering through domination and control for the sake of conquering. Aries needs to have a clear purposeful commitment to a righteous or worthy cause they can fully believe in and then take inspired action to achieve.

Mars 02°Gemini13′ is opposite retrograde Saturn (02°Sagittarius 13′) at 11:02:46 pm suggesting Mars may find wisdom and support from Saturn during this time of his underworld journey. This is a great time for the sacred masculine to seek the wise council of Saturn in Sagittarius who is finding new ways to engage expansion of consciousness in our middle world reality.

If Mars is open to Saturn’s Council this can be a very helpful time as Mars dies to who he has believed himself to be – undergoing shamanic death and rebirth. However, if Mars in Gemini is in its shadow expression of being a know-it-all, and inappropriately irresponsible then he may encounter extreme resistant along with experiences that fuel frustration, anger, resentment and perhaps even injury.

May 15, Friday. The Moon occults Uranus (18°Aries34′) passing 0.21° SSE exact at 05:03 am in another close occultation similar to last month. This is the 10th time the Moon has occulted Uranus since last year.

This series of occultations builds one upon the other increasing the effect exponentially. Anytime to Moon occults a planet or star it accelerates whatever intention is strongest at the time. That means, if you have any unconscious beliefs that are holding you back now is the time when they can be revealed and awakened within your awareness so a revolutionary understanding from a cosmic perspective can occur. This isn’t always pleasant or fun but it is freeing.

Uranus is the planetary guide that helps us to free ourselves from the limits of our past. These limits may be perfectly fine with you. In fact, there is no judgment about whether they are good or bad limits. From the Uranian perspective it doesn’t matter how great you think something is – if it is time for an evolutionary change, it will happen with or without our cooperation. Trusting the process and going with the flow of changes is the best strategy and know that whatever is happening is intended to support an evolutionary leap.

May 16, Saturday. The Moon enters Taurus just after midnight activating the mysteries that include the most delicious ways of savoring and enjoying life through active receivership. When the Moon is in Taurus it is the perfect time to practice receiving the gifts of beauty, the gifts of plenty, the gifts of deep intimacy that are available to us when we are open to receive them with gratitude in our hearts.

Venus (09°Cancer 38′) is trine Neptune (09°Pisces 38′) at 11:49 am adding a mystical dreamy energy to Venus as she is completing her time at the 5th gate/throat chakra and is getting ready to move through the 6th gate/third eye chakra on her ascension journey from the underworld happening on May 21. This is a time to pay attention to your dreams while sleeping and awake as we are dreaming into our own lives and the life we experience as a collective here on Earth.
May 17, Sunday. The Taurus New Moon (26°Taurus 56′) is exact at 09:13 pm. Any New Moon window is a time for planting seeds that we desire to grow in our lives. The Taurus New Moon window is especially about planting the seeds of knowing how to fully receive beauty, pleasure, intimacy, and ecstatic bliss. Asking questions can help you get in touch with this intention.


Here are a few ideas: What feels good? What feels supportive? What feels enjoyable? What simple day-to-day occurrences enhance the experience of healthy spontaneous pleasure for you? What is beautiful to you? How can you bring more beauty and pleasure into your daily life?

May 18, Monday. The Moon enters Gemini passing 8° of the Pleiades at 02:27 am and passes 4.7° SSE of Mars (04°Gemini40′) at 10:26 am. Mars passes by here about every two years and was last here in June of 2011 and July of 2009. Mars is within 6 degrees of the Pleiades and the Aldebaran both magical Behenian Stars until June 06.

Mercury (13°Gemini 09′) is stationing retrograde today at 6:49 pm near Aldebaran one of the Behenian Stars. Both Mercury and Aldebaran have to do with how we perceive our reality. This suggests the main theme for this Mercury Retrograde is about re-examining what we believe, how we communicate and how we are creatively expressing who we are.  As I mentioned last month Mercury and Gemini are connected to the trickster archetype stretching our minds to see beyond the veils of duality and polarity. From the point of view of healthy Mercury in Gemini there is no duality, there is no right or wrong, good or bad. It is all just a part of the unfolding Great Mystery that we get to play with and explore.

Any retrograde station of a planet represents one of two exact Still Points within that planetary cycle symbolizing a period of recapitulation and integration of what has been gained during the current cycle, as well as preparation for the beginning of the next cycle that will begin when Mercury stations direct on June 11.

The Still Point of any cycle can produce powerful epiphanic type experiences. This may be a moment when you experience yourself being revealed to you. This can happen through dreams, out-of-body type experiences, moments of ceremonial magic, or moments of crystal clear “ahas” that inspire your next steps. Be open to receive whatever messages might be available as they often show up in unexpected ways.

Mercury operating through the lens of Gemini is highly creative energy that is about expanding perspectives often through the use of humor. When healthy Gemini humor is in Service to a higher purpose. One purpose is to remind us not to take ourselves so seriously. What stories are you telling yourself that you have come to believe are true but may actually only be true in your mind as it is a story that has become anchored or based in the illusion of duality? This is a great question to ponder over the next few weeks as Mercury engages this inquiry. It is also helpful to remember you do have choice about what you think!

May 19, Tuesday. The Moon occults Aldebaran (within .98° N) only 13° from the Sun in the fifth occultation in a series of 49 occultations that began this past January, lasting until September 3, 2018.. This is part of the 18.6 year Moon cycle. So from August 8, 1996 to February 14, 2000 we had the last series of Moon occulations over Aldebaran. The next series will feature 48 occultations from August 18, 2033 to February 23, 2037. This opens a portal to the star codes of Aldebaran one of the four royal stars that is also connected to Archangel Michael. Each occultation amplifies the portal and also the possibilities we can connect with as a result. (see January 2015 archives for more)

Then the Moon passes 5.7° S of retrograde Mercury (13 Gemini) at 1:06 am about 15° from the Sun so most likely not visible. However, this is a potent time to pay attention to what you see and experience as your reality. Your Point of View is reflected in your life experience. If you desire a different experience then changing your Point of View will help facilitate that.

The most fatal illusion is the settled point of view. Since life is growth and motion, a fixed point of view kills anybody who has one. ~ Brooks Atkinson an American theatre critic for The New York Times from 1925 to 1960.

May 20, Wednesday. The Moon enters Cancer at 6:56 am and is visible approaching Venus tonight. It is especially significant to note this year on May 20, 21 and 22 is the annual window of the Solar Zenith when the Sun is conjunct the Pleiades. (see May 21)

The Mayans left important clues about this Timing, built into the pyramid (Kukulkan) at Chichen Itza. May 20 occurs 60 days after the Spring Equinox and the pyramid rests near 20 degrees North latitude where the Sun reaches the Zenith (exactly overhead) at Noon when no shadows are cast by anything or anyone that is perpendicular to the ground including the pyramid. These days occur twice each year and were called the “Days of No Shadows” by the Mayans.

John Major Jenkins, author of the Maya Cosmogenesis, indicates that the pyramid Kukulkan, (a.k.a. Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent) tracks the Sun-Pleiades-Zenith conjunction. The Crotalus rattlesnake found throughout Meso-American art resembles the Mayan glyph for the Sun “Ahau” (pronounced Ah-how) and relates to the flow of time or the flow of consciousness through the seasons of life as they end and begin again.

“Tzab” is the Mayan word for the Pleiades, and their word for the rattle of the snake as they perceived the Pleiades was the rattle. When the Pleiades conjuncts the Sun at the zenith, the rattle has moved into place. The Sun is a catalyst, or key, unlocking the Pleiadian stargate over these days when the Sun and Pleiades join together at the zenith.

May 21, Thursday. The Sun enters Gemini at 1:45 am continuing to activate the Pleiadian Stargate sometimes referred to as the doorway home. Once each year the Sun and the Pleiades occupy the same place in the sky for about three days.

This Sun-Pleiades-Zenith alignment is occurring during a 72-year window, from 1976 to 2048. John Major Jenkins explains it this way:

 At Chichen Itza the zenith-passage begins on May 20th (there’s a six-day range), resulting in a Sun-Pleiades-zenith convergence to begin in the 21st century. Incredibly, this brought the two precession-tracking methods into agreement, for the solstice-galaxy alignment also occurs in the 21st century.

…The midnight zenith-passage of the Pleiades defines the day exactly six months later when the Sun and the Pleiades are together… (Note: In this case that would be November) These are the dates on certain latitudes when the Sun and Pleiades are not only together but they are on the Zenith meaning the Sun casts no shadows when it is crossing the Zenith.

The tangible, visible meaning of this pyramid is widely known, and in fact every equinox thousands of people flock to Chichen Itza to watch a shadow-serpent appear and slither down the stairs of the northern balustrade. But this equinox appearance is not everything that’s going on here. In fact, as marvelous and awe-inspiring as this event is considered to be, the real meaning of the Pyramid of Kukulcan makes this seem superficial. It is, in fact, only a shadow that points at a deeper truth. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

The Moon catches up to Venus (14°Cancer 52′) passing 8° S of Venus at 10:07 am so will be visible near Venus tonight. Venus (15°Cancer15′) is also opposite retrograde Pluto (°15Capricorn 15′) at 6:57 pm at this 6th Chakra Gate in the Return Journey of the Goddess adding a level of intensity to the visions possible at this 6th chakra/third eye activation.

In the Inanna story, this chakra gate is known as the Gate of Perception where she retrieves her lapis measuring rod and staff symbolizing her connection to her inner vision and magic. Ceremonial work around this theme is especially important for those who are in their eight year Venus return meaning if you have turned or will turn a multiple of 8 (16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 94, 102 etc) between January 14, 2014 and August 21, 2015 you are in a personal 8 year Venus return when Venus returns to the same sign and degree near the 8 year birthday.

Working with the imagery of the 6th Chakra through ceremony, prayer, visualization or meditation is especially helpful over the next 4 weeks. The 6th Chakra is connected to our ability to see multi-dimensionally from a greater cosmic perspective on many levels including the physical and intuitive. This chakra is located between the eyes where our invisible third eye (pineal gland) sits. Think nervous system, pituitary gland, ears, nose and eyes and let your imagination guide you in connecting with this Venus Gate.

The Pineal Gland or the “third eye” is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces melatonin, a hormone that affects our wake/sleep patterns and also produces Dimethyltryptamine (a.k.a. DMT). It turns out that the interior of the Pineal gland actually contains rods and cones just like our eyes! So somehow when the ancients described this gland as being the mind’s eye, they actually knew what they were talking about!

The pineal gland is shaped like a tiny pine cone, hence its name. The pine cone is actually an important symbol used throughout history representing the pineal gland as the spiritual center where all of the energies come together. The Hindu god Shiva has the pine cone shaped head and the third eye, still used today to symbolize the pineal gland. Buddhists all throughout history have shaped their hair into the pine cone knot to pay honor to the pineal gland’s powers. Even the Pope himself has a pine cone carved into the handle of his staff. Read article “Your Third Eye, The Pineal Gland”

May 22, Friday. The Moon enters Leo at 02:42 pm illuminating the mysteries of genuine Self-love that includes accepting, approving and taking responsibility for your actions. The shadow side of self-love expresses through arrogance, conceit and narcissism. Genuine self-love emerges from acceptance of what IS and a personal experience of self as a divine being. Self-doubt and limiting beliefs prevent most people from experiencing their true divine self.

Practicing self-love includes self-care and being kind to yourself while also having compassion for your humanity. Most everyone has made what they might consider are mistakes and we have judged ourselves in ways that are not supportive to experiencing genuine self-love. The task of Leo is to learn to love ourselves no matter what because the human experience will test our ability to do that.

A practice that might be helpful is to write a list of your qualities you appreciate and/or love about yourself. Your self-love list can include all your talents, skills and abilities. Perhaps you are a kind and caring person, a great cook, a gardener, a writer, an artist, a musician, a good listener, able to see the deeper meaning of events, able to see humor in life challenges, a good story teller, an entertainer who helps expand awareness, able to create a safe space, a healer, able to find meaning that others may miss, or perhaps you are good at reframing your point of view.  You can also write qualities that you would love to see within yourself.

These are just a few ideas of what you might put on your list. Then be sure to take time to read it every day. You can even include things you don’t feel you are good at, or skills you don’t have yet but would like to have and list them as if you already have them. I am calling this advanced Self-Love, similar to giving advanced gratitude for things you are desiring but don’t have yet. Reading this list as a daily practice strengthens what you value and appreciate about yourself and begins magnetizing more of these qualities into you energetic field.

If you have trouble thinking about your own good qualities then think about the qualities you admire in others and write them down. Then put your name at the top of that list because whatever qualities you appreciate, admire and respect in others is a reflection of the qualities you also have within yourself. A key to growing your ability to love yourself is to acknowledge and appreciate your talents and gifts and give them attention so they will grow.

The Sun (01°Gemini38′) is opposite retrograde Saturn (01°Sagitarrius 38′) at 6:35 pm. When the Sun is opposite any outer planet is always retrograde and closest to the Earth so brightest in its cycle. That means the potency of that planet’s effect on the Earth is maximized. It also means we have reached the center point of the retrograde cycle.

This is a time for noting what you are intending regarding Saturn issues. Saturn loves to be so effective that whatever activity or intent is being engaged it accomplishes as much as possible, gaining the greatest amount of results with a minimum amount of effort! The simple of saying that comes from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was a triple Capricorn. He summed it up saying “Do Less and Accomplish More”, meaning that when we are attentive to the most effective way to get something done it requires much less effort and produces better results.

May 23, Saturday. The Moon passes 5° SSW of Jupiter (15°Leo35′) at 09:05 pm magnifying the mysteries of healthy self-love and self-respect. Without self-love and self-respect it is nearly impossible to genuinely love and respect a beloved other. Do you love yourself? Do your respect yourself? Is it possible you could now love and respect yourself even more in ways that shine ever brighter expressions of the love that you are into the world? Loving yourself is healing not only to you, but to the entire collective. Love does heal everything. Love is the answer to all our questions. When in doubt it might be helpful to ask what love would do now?

May 24, Sunday. The last few days of May are featuring several retrograde Mercury activations, including Mercury with Mars and the Sun, squaring Neptune. Plus the Sun will also square Neptune. That means this last week of May is a good time to practice right brain thinking as well as paying attention to your daytime and nighttime dream messages, noticing what is being revealed to you as a result.

It is likely what is showing up for you won’t necessarily make logical sense as it is coming from beyond our ordinary reality. This is a great time to set an intention before going to bed that your dreaming while asleep will guide you in your next steps. If you don’t know where you are going right now this practice can very helpful and even if you do have a clear direction this practice can support you as well. This is especially true if you have missed some insight or detail that is asking for your attention.

May 25, Monday. The Moon passes 3.6° SSW of Regulus as it enters Virgo at 1:52 am with the exact Virgo First Quarter Moon (4°Virgo11′) at 10:19 am. Today’s first quarter Moon is an active growth phase where the Moon gains in light from now until the Sagittarius Full Moon in early June. This is calling our awareness to the mysteries held in safe keeping and passed down through the ages by the hierophants, the keepers and revealers of sacred knowledge and wisdom. The hierophants, or priest/esses, are the ones who tended the sacred sites or hierophanies. These are the places where we can experience manifestations and revelations of the sacred world, including natural and constructed sacred sites with astronomical alignments tracking the seasonal cycles of Earth and Sky.

Remember there is a great opportunity to experience of one of these sites at the Summer Solstice Event Tami Brunk and are facilitating at Faywood Hotsprings, NM June 19 to 21. This is a sacred Hotsprings located on the Chaco Meridian with a geomantically alive Standing Stone circle. You can see a video about this site and this event HERE  And you can access the Details and sign up HERE for this event. Plus, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon will visible in the sky not far from Regulus at the time of this gathering!

May 26, Tuesday. Mars is 6° N of Aldebaran and only 7° from the Sun so neither is visible. However, it is a great time to tune into this magical star with intention. The ancient name, Aldebaran, derives from Arabic meaning “the Follower,” as this star seems to be following the Pleiades across the sky. Aldebaran is located in the Hyades star cluster. Mythically, the Hyades are the half-sisters of the Pleiades (also known as the seven sisters marking the shoulder of the Bull).

The Hyades mark the head of the Bull and most of the stars of the Hyades are at least 150 light years away, over twice as far as Aldebaran, only 67 light years away. Most images of the Hyades and the Bull constellation show Aldebaran as the celestial Bull’s eye.

Noting Mars and the Sun conjunct Aldebaran is worthwhile as it activates the ability to be aware of the choices we are making before the decision is actually made. The energies of this star are supportive when we are engaging them from a place of pure intent. According to the information in Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld Aldebaran is linked with the original genetic coding that allowed for the experience of free will here on planet Earth and …”the beings from Aldebaran hope that humanity may someday choose to co-create a civilization with them…”

Mars (9°Gemini 44′) is also square Neptune (9°Pisces 44′) at 4:38 pm suggesting this might be a time to take inspired action toward the fulfillment of your most cherished dreams and desires. If you don’t know what that is, then do something you love and be open to the inspiration that follows.

Venus (19°Cancer 03′) is square Uranus (19°Aries 03′) at 10:10 am suggesting there may be unexpected events that help to shift your perspective to a more nurturing, kind and caring way of treating yourself and others.

May 27, Wednesday. Mercury passes 1.6° SSE of Mars (10°Gemini45′) within 5° of the Sun at 3:37 am.  This is also very near the Behenian Star Aldebaran suggesting that this is the time to listen for messages that inspire decisive and empowered action, especially if the inspiration is coming directly from source energy.

 Venus 21°Cancer13′ is trine Chiron (21°Pisces13′) at 12:45 am suggesting there is an gentle nurturing energy for powerful healing possibilities when we are kind an loving toward ourselves. Maybe this is the time to get a massage, or take a relaxing bath. Something that really nurtures your heart and soul.

May 28, Thursday.  Moon enters Libra at 2:42 pm transmitting the mysteries of conscious equal partnership. All relationships, including the challenging ones are sacred opportunities to know and relate to the divine within us. The mistake many of us make is focusing on the “other” and what they are doing rather than focusing on what they are mirroring back to us. If we find ourselves in relationships that are challenging it is because we have personal self-exploration to do in learning how to be our own best partner before we can have a healthy relationship externally. If you can authentically love and bless yourself then you can have an authentic relationship with someone who will reflect that back to you.

May 29, Friday. Retrograde Mercury (09°Ge46′) squares Neptune (09°Pi46′) just after mid-night at 12:27 am. This is the second time this month Mercury and Neptune have been in this relationship with each other. (see May 9 and 24)

May 30, Saturday. Retrograde Mercury is conjunct the Sun (8°Gemini58′) at 9:57am near the star Aldebaran. (see May 25 for more about Aldebaran). This marks the seed point of the new Mercury cycle that will begin when Mercury stations direct on June 11. Through the lens of Gemini, when healthy our collective perception and ways of communicating are enhanced. The shadow of Mercury in Gemini is not taking responsibility for healthy forms of communication. The trickster, coyote may inappropriately think they are being funny when in fact they are creating more harm than good.

When healthy this placement for Mercury is its favorite. The quick and creative mind is active when Mercury is in Gemini, however while retrograde the left brain aspect of Gemini is also having to incorporate the right brain creative aspect. This means guidance and decision making that is purely from logic and reason may not work out as expected. Connecting to that more right brain intuitive sense, or felt sense is the key to this Timing.

May 31, Sunday. The Sun 09°Gemini47′ is square Neptune 09°Pisces47′ at 6:08 am. Twice each year Neptune squares the Sun. Once before stationing retrograde, as is the case today. And the other time is after stationing direct. That will happen later this year.

See May 18 for information on the planetary station points as a Still Point.

Anytime Neptune is active with the Sun it affects all areas of life as the Sun shines on everything. This can be a great time for inspiration and insights that come from beyond our logical and rational mind. It can also be a time where clarity is illusive.

So this is magnifying the retrograde Mercury Sun conjunction that was exact yesterday, meaning it is vital to trust your deep inner knowing that may not make sense from the place of logic and reason, but when you trust and act on that knowing, taking a leap of faith, it will always be right on!

May 2015 Celestial Timings Template

May 1, Friday. May Day. Mercury is still near the Pleiades.
May 2, Saturday. The Moon enters Scorpio at 06:40 pm.
May 3, Sunday. Mercury (3°Ge03′) is opposite Saturn (03°Sag 03′) at 01:34:57 am. Scorpio Full Moon exact at 8:42 pm.
May 4, Monday. The Sun (13°Ta36′) is square Jupiter (13°Leo36′) exact at 2:02:00 am.
May 5, Tuesday. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 4:13 am and passes 2.2° NNE of retrograde Saturn (02°Sagittarius54′) a few hours later at 09:37:47 am and is visible near Antares.
May 6, Wednesday. The Sun (15°Taurus 27′) Trines Pluto (15°Capricorn27′) at 12:11 am
May 7 Thursday. The Moon enters Capricorn at 11:16 am. Venus enters Cancer at 03:55 pm
May 8, Friday. The Moon passes retrograde Pluto (15°Capricron26′) at 02:48 pm.
May 9, Saturday. The Moon enters Aquarius at 04:22 pm. Retrograde Mercury (9°Gemini31′) squares Neptune (9°Pisces31′) at 9:08:20 am
May 10. Sunday. The Sun (20°Taurus 43′) is sextile Chiron (20°Pisces 43′) at 10:44 am.
May 11, Monday. Mars enters Gemini at 07:40 pm. Mars will be Out of Bounds from June 9 to July 15. Moon enters Pisces at 07:53 pm
May 12, Tuesday. Moon is conjunct Neptune (09°Pi34′) at 12:02 pm. Mars is passing by the Pleiades
May 13, Wednesday. Moon is conjunct Chiron (20°Pisces47′) at 06:51 am and Chiron is with Vesta exact at 12:16 pm.
May 14, Thursday. Moon entered Aries at 10:13 pm last night or 1:13 am Eastern time this morning. Mars 02°Ge13′ is opposite retrograde Saturn (02°Sagittarius 13′) at 11:02:46 pm.
May 15, Friday. The Moon occults Uranus (18°Aries34′) passing 0.21° SSE exact at 05:03:31 am.
May 16, Saturday. The Moon enters Taurus just after midnight. Venus (09°Cancer 38′) is trine Neptune (09°Pisces 38′) at 11:49 am.
May 17, Sunday. The Taurus New Moon (26°Taurus 56′) is exact at 09:13 pm
May 18, Monday. The Moon enters Gemini and passes 4.7° SSE of Mars (04°Gemini40′) at 10:26 am. Mercury 13°Gemini09′ is stationing retrograde near Aldebaran at 06:49:05 pm
May 19, Tuesday. The Moon occults Aldebaran.
May 20, Wednesday. The Moon enters Cancer at 06:56 am and is visible approaching Venus tonight.
May 21, Thursday. The Sun enters Gemini at 01:45 am. The Moon catches up to Venus (14°Cancer 52′) passing 8° S of Venus at 10:07 am so will be beyond Venus tonight. Venus (15°Cancer15′) is opposite Pluto (°15Capricorn)
May 22, Friday. The Moon enters Leo at 02:42 pm. The Sun (01°Gemini38′) is opposite retrograde Saturn (01°Sagittarius 38′) at 6:35 pm.
May 23, Saturday. The Moon passes 5° SSW of Jupiter (15°Leo35′) at 09:05 pm.
May 24, Sunday. The Mercury Party
May 25, Monday. The Virgo First Quarter Moon (4°Virgo11′) at 10:19 am.
May 26, Tuesday. Mars (9°Gemini 44′) is square Neptune (9°Pisces 44′) at 4:38 pm.
May 27, Wednesday. Mercury passes 1.6° SSE of Mars (10°Ge45′) within 5° of the Sun at 3:37 am. Venus 21°Cn13′ is trine Chiron (21°Pi13′) at 12:45 am
May 28, Thursday.  Moon enters Libra at 2:42 pm.
May 29, Friday. Retrograde Mercury (09°Ge46′) squares Neptune (09°Pi46′) for the second time this month just after mid-night at 00:27 am
May 30, Saturday. Retrograde conjuncts the Sun (8°Ge58′) at 9:57am near the star Aldebaran.
May 31, Sunday. The Sun 09°Ge47′ is square Neptune 09°Pi47′ at 6:08 am.