Here is the 2016 Apr Celestial Timings PDF with all the Star Maps and images. I highly recommend you either print the Timings or keep them accessible on your tablet or phone to read everyday!

More on the origination of April Fools Here

Below is a Bonus Overview of April 2016 with Cayelin Castell and Erik Roth. This audio represents a monthly feature we offer members of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School (SAMS) either with me and Daniel or me and Erik. Find out about Membership and how you can enjoy this benefit every month HERE while also supporting SAMS a 501 (c) 3 educational non-profit.

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Note: This monthly call is usually an hour but April was so packed full of events it wound up being nearly 90 minutes. Much is covered in this call not found in the written version of the Celestial Timings.

March 2016 SAMS Teaching Call – Right Click Here to Download
This month features 3 planets going retrograde starting with Mars, the next day Pluto and by the end of April Mercury joins Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto all retrograde. This is a great time to review what is going on on in your world.

If you are feeling things are taking a long time to happen in the world of form – you are not alone. If you are feeling you have no idea what is next and how to plan ahead – you are not alone. If you are feeling BIG changes are ready to happen but no clue about how or when they will happen – you are not alone.

These days we are continually being pushed into the unknown and asked to trust that what is unfolding is part of the bigger divine plan even if doesn’t seem like it in the moment. If you have planets angles or nodes in the degrees of any of these retrograde stations then you are experiencing this even more personally. If you want guidance in sorting that out see my reading special below.

The First Resonance Repatterning this year is April 28 contact Teri Bybee for details

Ongoing 60th Birthday Special for Personal Sessions with Cayelin
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Note: Due to Teo Travels I will not be available from April 13 to 20.

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