Here is the 2016 July Celestial Timings PDF with all the Star Maps and images with apologies for the typos as I didn’t have time to edit this month. I highly recommend you either print the Timings or keep them accessible on your tablet or phone to read everyday!

Mars has now stationed direct. YAY…
When Mars stationed direct on June 29 in Scorpio I had a profound awareness that may just change everything for me. For some reason I have never really remembered the fact that my father had Mars in Scorpio and when he was triggered he was a raging scary man.
So  I practiced hiding from him and staying out of his way when I was growing up. So this past month of physical challenges that I wrote about in the introduction to the Timings has brought me so many insights already gifiting me with this new awareness around all the stored pain and trauma I have been carrying so now it can be transformed. How cool is that?
Thankfully I am feeling much better and July has so many cool events happening including Venus rising from the Underworld with Mercury. I am so grateful for all the ways Venus has been speaking to me during her Underworld Time. I feel I know the Goddess better than ever now. And I am so grateful I get to share it in our First Venus Star Phase Class ever live tomorrow with Tami Brunk.

No previous knowledge of astrology is needed for any of the following events.
It might be helpful but is definitely not necessary.

This Video Interview I got to be a part of with Gemini Brett  has gotten rave reviews so far. Hope you enjoy it as there is a lot of rich sharing and personal stories from us both. 


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