Here are the  2016 November Celestial Timings with all the Star Maps and images. These are a bit rough (no time to edit them) but there are some amazing celestial events to check out this month especially with Venus at the Fourth Gate the Closest Super Full Moon since 1948 and much more. I also wrote about personal experience with the Serpent Bearer that I hope is inspiring for you. I highly recommend you either print the Timings or keep them accessible on your tablet or phone.

No previous knowledge of astrology is
needed for any of the following special events.

Special Shamanic Astrology Mystery School On Line December Solstice Celebration Event
December 18, 2016
A Live Online Event exploring the 12 paths of Enlightenment. Details Coming Soon.

Save the Date for another Sacred Journey to Teotihuacan April 20-25 with special side trip to the sacred waters of Tolantonga extension to April 27. Details are HERE………………………………………..

Rave Review This was the most profound and life changing journey I have ever experienced. Thank You doesn’t begin to cover it based on what this has meant to me! I highly recommend this journey…