Here are the  2016 October Celestial Timings with all the Star Maps and images. These are a bit rough (no time to edit them) but there are some amazing celestial events to check out this month especially as October Begins with Venus at the Third Gate the Aries Full Moon Mid-month with Uranus and Spica and the end of the month Venus with Antares and Saturn. I highly recommend you either print the Timings or keep them accessible on your tablet or phone.

No previous knowledge of astrology is
needed for any of the following special events.
The  Leo Evening Star Series AND Venus Alchemy Signature Series. Find out about Your Venus Star Phase, Inner Star Phase, Meta-Goddess, Old and New Goddess and much, much, more. The entire 8 class signature series is $247.

Save the Date December 18 for the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Online Solstice Celebration Details coming soon.

Save the Date for April 20-25 for Teotihuacan 2017 with add on to special sacred pools April 25-27 More Details Coming Soon

Awareness is the key to magic. Magic happens when our awareness includes why we are here, including the personal goddess expression for women and inner connection to the Goddess for men – that we are all here to experience, express, and help evolve at this important Turning of the Great Wheel of Time. The Timing of this journey to Teo is occurring as Venus begins a new 19 month cycle as the Fierce Feminine Warrior Protector, fully committed to a cause she believes in that promotes peace, harmony and justice for all.

The Venus Mysteries are a key to the essential alchemy needed so we once again have all the possible expressions of the Divine Feminine available to us. Informed by the mysteries of the Great Above (the stars and planets), taking a deep dive into the Belly of the Goddess (the Belly of the Snake) at Teotihuacan, is the alchemical cauldron or transformational portal, that empowers our awareness around our connection to the aspect of the Goddess that is ours to express (women) and connect with (men) here in the Great Below (the Earth). In the cauldron of the Goddess dissolution of any remaining limiting beliefs and patterns of the old paradigm open the portal to new ways of being that are joyful, loving and way more FUN.
5 nights $1295 early registration $1195 until March 1
7 nights with Tolongo extension  $1750  early registration $1650 Until March 1
contact Shelley Tatlebaum to register contact More details coming soon.

Here is an Article Making Peace with the Dark Goddess with Insights about the Leo Sovereign Queen Meta-Goddess and her ascent journey that began in mid-July.