Here are the 2017 June Celestial Timings featuring the Summer Solstice, what is up with the Planets and a magical Mother’s Day story.

Here is an article I wrote about what we will be covering in a FREE Summer Solstice Online Celebration

No previous knowledge of astrology is needed for any of the following special events.

Join Us June 17 for a FREE Summer Solstice Celebration
This Special 2 hour online Event is offered by the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and our Founders Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell  

Including Live Q & A the last 30 minutes

A recording of the event will be available once the event has completed for those who are registered and can’t join us live.

Shamanic Astrology in Magical Mystical Portugal at sacred sites that pre-date those currently known in the British Isles and Scotland. September 18-24 ONLY 5 Spots Left

Sacred Ceremonial Journey with Venus (the Goddess) on her Descent into the Underworld

This monthly online class is about celebrating and honoring the Warrior Goddesses as she goes through shamanic initiation including dying to who she thought she was and be reborn to who she truly is
Rave Review
Since you two are so dazzlingly brilliant with your Venus Teleclass series… LOVE!!! everything you two do… WOW to it all!!!… so of course I’m going to continue with my two beloved and delightful Goddess Guides ️… and YAY for upcoming Aries! Diane Sign-up and Details are here.

Here is the Activating the Aries Wild Woman article to further inspire this Sacred Aries Venus Cycle in her last initiatory journey on the collective World Stage . 

This link has all the videos Tami and I have completed about the New Venus in Aries Cycle – the last one in our lifetime. We shared an overview of this remarkable Venus Cycle, Ceremonial Considerations and how to work with the crown chakra.