2020 Sovereign Summit…

A description of how the 12 Seasonal Signs express their unique sovereignty and some additional insights Signs and Sovereignty PDF

The Inanna Story takes you through a 27 minute guided journey of death and rebirth described by the Venus Synodic Cycle as told by the Sumerians – including Inanna’s descent to the underworld, her death, her rebirth and ascent from the underworld, what it means, how it describes the cycle of Venus through the sky and why it is important to us NOW. 

This link takes you to a PDF Venus Cycle Overview, Historical Data Including Discovering the Venus Cycle you born into and when your next Venus Return Begins up to 2030 on Page 7

Working consciously with the Venus Cycle changed my life and has changed the life of many others.  A new Venus Cycle began June 10, 2020 and lasts until January 2022. Details for the current Morning Star Rainbow Goddess and New World Story Teller cycle are HERE with special rate until end of 2020 and plenty of time to join a magical community already engaging this transformational cycle.

For more about Venus Alchemy please check us out at https://venusalchemy.com

This is a Replay of an online event Celebrating the Rainbow Goddess and New World Story Teller. If the Video below doesn’t work try this link https://youtu.be/QuQQg3DRpko

HERE is a Fun 16+ minute Look at the Rare Venus North Node Conjunction for the Gemini Cycle