Happy Lammas/Lughnasadh

I am so sad that my computer did an unexpected shutdown yesterday and erased everything I had created for the August Celestial Timings. This hasn’t happened to me like this since the 1990’s. Must be that rascal Uranus and the North Node Mars and some trickster energy going on. I have surrendered and am letting it go for now.

Stay tuned to my newsletter for updates through August and of course the videos below have a lot of great insights for you to tune into…I highly recommend the Wise Women Roundtable looking at the energies of the this powerful cross-quarter and the how Gold is supportive at this time.

No August Timings PDF…

August Insights include:

The Cross-Quarter (see video below or go to this link for additional written details about this time)

The 8.8 Infinity Time Gate with a New Moon (video with video below)

August 13th is the Mayan Creation Day and the Solar Zenith

The Assumption of the Mother by the Sun/Son – is celebrated on August 15

Sirius Rising into the Morning Sky (video below)

Moon Occults Nunki August 09

August 22 when the Sun is with Regulus see video below

The former Pole Star Vega is the brightest star in the summer night sky. And More…


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From my newsletter in case you are not on my newsletter list…

Beautiful Beings! 

I have been having a Uranian Unexpected Experience that caused all I had written for the August Celestial Timings to vanish into the void of the World Wide Web. This hasn’t happened to me in decades. Ha Ha Universe… So, I am surrendering as I don’t have time to redo what I had already done. 

I will send additional email updates through out the month featuring the most important events. One of them is the remarkable August Cross-Quarter Featuring the Scorpio First Quarter Moon on August 5 in a close relationship with the Uranus, North Node, Mars line-up.

The August 5 Scorpio First Quarter Moon is closely opposite the Uranus, NN ,Mars conjunction and the Sun is moving into a precise square August 10/11 to North Node and Uranus. Then the Moon passes the North Node, Uranus and Mars on August 18.

Again these are activation portals that super charge the insights in the above image

I will send a follow up in the next few days about the Aquarius Full Moon and the alignment with of the Sun with the Magical Star Alterf marking the lion’s eye also powerfully connected to and energizing the current line-up occuring during the Full Moon!

Meanwhile, back to how today August 1 is the most precise North Node, Uranus, Mars Conjunction radically changing the game, ideally in a heart-centered direction we are choosing. 

The above meme sums up the energy as does the Video on Uranus and the North Node below (just 16 minutes worth rewatching if you have seen it) with ideas about aligning your intent with the intent of this Timing. 

The video has visuals and all the details on resetting our Personal and Collective Destiny around the Pleasure Paradigm and how it is up to us to engage this powerful and rare magic.

It has been 167 years since The North Node and Uranus were together in Taurus and will be about 167 years before it happens again! When we add Mars in to this gathering it has been way longer. 

It has never been a more powerful time to align our intention with these mysteries…

We truly are living in Magical, Transformative and Remarkable Times and together we are co-creating a NEW World founded in Love, Beauty and Sacred Pleasure!

Joyful August Blessings of LOVE and Beauty!

PS Due to the tech challenges I am experiencing – I realize I am getting a chance to surrender and just be with the magic of this time. I hope you are inspired to do the same!

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