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Below are the slides from my presentation along with some videos and a guided journey through the Venus Cycle.

Sovereign Summit 2022 Presentation Slides

The Venus Audio offered below describes the Venus cycle and its importance for connecting with our emerging divine feminine expression for a woman or the connection to the inner sacred feminine for men.

Said another way it is the aspect of the Goddess we are learning about in this life.

The Inanna/Venus Journey is a 27 minute guided journey of death and rebirth (ALCHEMY) described by the Venus Synodic Cycle as told by the Sumerians – Inanna descending to the underworld, dying, being reborn and ascending from the underworld, what it means and why it is important to us NOW. 

Here are links to videos and articles that might be helpful 

The magic of this Capricorn Venus Cycle https://youtu.be/UEyOJ1K2LK4
Honoring 5 modern Day Crones (27 minutes) https://youtu.be/AfgAW9QLFhU
More on Pluto, How to Work WITH it and the USA Pluto Return (19 minutes) https://youtu.be/inKiOxqO9pQ
Article on the Star Vega https://cayelincastell.com/the-former-pole-star-vega/
Article on the Star Nunki https://cayelincastell.com/nunki/
The Extraordinary Power of the March Equinox (15 minutes) https://youtu.be/XG06D9QDUBg

Celebrating the Magic of the New Year Star Sirius (6 minutes) with Moon passing this star once each month and Venus opposite Sirius on Feb 11, 2022  https://youtu.be/iXCD5EWFgCQ
Sirius Star Magic and when planets are conjunct Sirius including the Moon article and video https://cayelincastell.com/sirius-star-magic/
Saturn in Aquarius (9 minutes) https://youtu.be/ONf3axtPGOc
The super rare Jupiter Saturn convergence that took place on December Solstice 2020. The affects will be felt for the next 20 years (19 minutes) https://youtu.be/lc7QlMNELUs

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Venus/Inanna Story and Journey - 27 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

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