Here is the link to the Star Map Version of the 2014 August Celestial Timings PDF I highly recommend looking at this PDF even if you choose to print the plain text version below to see the Star Maps and other content that doesn’t show up in the plain text version.


2014 August Celestial Timings

From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring, Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king. Fellowship of the Ring J.R.R. Tolkien

For some reason these seemingly prophetic words from the Fellowship of the Ring have been insistent in my awareness. I tried to put in a different quote to the August Celestial Timings and couldn’t. These words just wouldn’t leave me alone. I did open the August Celestial Timing about 6 years ago with this same quote when there was a total solar eclipse in Leo. It seemed like the perfect description of that celestial event. This time I wasn’t seeing exactly how these words applied even when considering Jupiter’s move into Leo on July 16 traveling through this sign for the next year until August 11, 2015. Then suddenly I realized what the message was about. These words from J.R.R. Tolkien are a potent description of what is possible when Jupiter is in Leo and these words act as an invocation to the intention of what is possible. The Leo mysteries are an expression of the King/Queen archetype or the divinity that lives within each of us – and when healthy this divine light inspires others to also know and experience their own radical radiant self-love. When it is a healthy expression of self-love this energy is also extremely generous, especially when it is based in self-confidence, self-approval, and self-acceptance. This is not only possible but is the guaranteed result when radical forgiveness is the foundation that all this springs from. Renewing the blade (symbolizing personal power and divine truth) that was broken is done through forgiving every unforgivable thing that has ever happened either to us personally, or to our ancestors, or to our children, or to anyone we love, and to the planet. This type of forgiveness is not about turning a blind eye to the injustices but rather going deep into the heart – to heal all the hurts and all the pain that have may drive our choices as a result. This is akin to renewing the sword of truth, the blade that was broken, the misunderstanding of our divine heritage. In truth, we are all Divine Kings and Queens in our heart of hearts, we are all precious expressions of the Divine, and it is time we again accept and wear the Royal Crown of our divine heritage. (Entire verse is in PDF version) Here is a link to a FREE tele-class about Jupiter in Leo, Stepping into the Light and how to get the most out of this time is the light that springs from the shadows of what has been forgotten, denied, and misunderstood. This awakening brings the light of understanding, of acceptance, of a long overdue personal empowerment. This is about remembering and claiming who we really are. AND so it IS!!! August Sky The Perseids meteor shower is visible from July 25 to August 18 with the peak days occurring August 10-13. This year is not a favorable for visibility due to the Full Moon during the peak days.  The Perseids come from the constellation Perseus rising between 9 and 10 pm in northern latitudes. These meteors come from the dust and debris left by the comet Swift-Tuttle. When visible meteors can be seen streaking across the sky reaching up to an impressive 80 meteors an hour at maximum. The Archer (a.k.a Sagittarius) and the Scorpion are two prominent constellations worth checking out during the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere. The Archer is shaped like a bow and arrow though many current day star maps show it as a Tea Pot.  The archer is aiming its bow directly at Galactic Center and also points to Antares, the heart of the Scorpion. Centaurus (a.k.a. the Shaman Centaur) is the constellation located below the Scorpion and is only visible in latitudes further south. If you are around 32 degrees north the top half of the Centaur is visible. If you are in Hawaii the entire Centaur is visible in the evening sky this time of year. The Scorpion is one of the largest constellations in the sky and with its curved tail clearly looks like a Scorpion in mid-northern latitudes. In Hawaii however this constellation rises up looking like a fish hook and so the native Hawaiians call this constellation Maui’s Fish Hook. Story The constellation Lyra (visible from April to October) is thought to be the Harp or Lyre of Orpheus who was the musician that entertained the Argonauts in their search for the Golden Fleece. Hermes is also credited with inventing the Lyre and then giving it to Orpheus. This is a dim constellation though the 5th brightest star in the sky, Vega is located here. Vega was the pole star 13,000 years ago and will be the pole star again in 13,000 years.  Vega is also one of the three bright stars marking the summer triangle. Lyra is the radiant, or origin point, for the Lyrids meteor shower that takes place every year between April 16 and 25. (see Mythic Story about Vega and Altair two of the stars of the Summer Triangle) See more about Vega  HERE Jupiter begins this month only 5° from the Sun, entering the morning sky around August 11 and ending the month 28° from the Sun. Venus passes very close about .21° north of Jupiter on the night of August 17 for western time zones and during the day on August 18 in Eastern time zones. This is the closest conjunction of two planets this year, visible in the morning sky. This planetary conjunction of bright Venus and Jupiter is occurring in the cluster known as the Beehive, sometimes referred to as Praesepe (the manger). The beehive is 590 light years from Earth. Jupiter Venus and The Beehive is only 18° away from the Sun in the morning sky. This means all three may be challenging to see unless you have a low horizon line. The Beehive along with Jupiter and Venus are rising around 3:25 am depending on your location. Mars is closest to Saturn on August 15 but reaches zodiacal conjunction on August 25. Both Mars and Saturn are setting about three hours after sunset. The Moon is closest to the Earth on August 10 just 22 min. before reaching its greatest fullness. This means this is visually the largest Full Moon of the year. When the Full Moon is this close to a perigee not only does it look bigger(see image to the right for how much bigger) it creates higher high tides and can produce crazy weather patterns The September 8 Full Moon will also be near its perigee though the Perigee is happening 12 hours after the exact Full Moon. Mercury passes by Jupiter in the first few days of August and behind the Sun exact on August 8. Technically Mercury enters the evening sky on August 18 but is on only 8° above the horizon after sunset by end of August so not easily visible to those in the northern hemisphere. August 7 is the astrological Cross-Quarter between the June Solstice and the September Equinox, and in many places also marks the heliacal rise of Sirius. This means our brightest fixed star in the sky is visibly rising just before the Sun.  (See the July 2014 Celestial Timings for more about the importance of Sirius and check out the Audios on Sirius) Every year Sirius disappears from the evening sky in May, conjuncts the Sun around the 5th or 6th of July (part of the Timing for the Declaration of Independence that has now shifted slightly) emerging in the morning sky sometime in early August depending on your location. It is during the months of late July, August and September the influence of Sirius is considered to be most impactful. To many ancient cultures the reason this was such an important time had to do with the seasonal time when Sirius was leaving the sky, traveling with the Sun, and then reappearing before the Sun in the morning sky currently happening around the time of the Cross-Quarter on August 8. There are sacred sites around the world built to capture the rising or setting of certain stars. The Washington, D.C. capitol is one (primarily aligned with Sirius), as is Rennes-le-Chateau, in France, and many other sites around the world. The location of Rennes-le-Chateau corresponds to the 72-degree position of the Sun rise from true North that takes place on August 15 as described by John K. Young, Ph.D. in his book, Sacred Sites of the Knights Templar, Ancient Secrets Hidden in Stonehenge, Rennes-le-Chateau and Santiago De Compostela. Because Rennes-le-Chateau is at the perfect latitude to capture the sunrise line pointing to the Stellar Triangle,* and to align with at least five other sites at 72 degree angles, as part of perfectly formed, five-pointed star with each point exactly 72 degrees apart from each other; this site was purposely chosen as a sacred connection between Earth and Sky and on August 15 the Sun is illuminating the point of the star located at Rennes-le-Chateau. *A note about The Stellar Triangle: John Young points out that Regulus forms a perfect 30-60-90 degree right triangle with two other prominent stars in the sky. These stars are Spica (in the constellation of the Virgin Priestess) and Arcturus (in the constellation of Bootes). Young suggests that the Feast Day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was most likely chosen because of the stellar connection of Regulus with Spica and Arcturus, and its connection to the Sun rise location of 72 degrees North at certain northern latitudes occurring around August 15. This month begins with Mars square Jupiter and then Mars catches up to Saturn. I have focused on the upside of these energies but as it is in this world of duality there is always a shadow side that can and does manifest. The conflict we see in the world that is seemingly escalating could easily pull us into the shadow from one side or the other. The opportunity we have is to bring in the light and not take sides ourselves. Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomidspeaks about this in an article posted HERE describing the genetic memory that seeded these conflicts eons ago and has carried them forward through time. The following description fits very well with what is possible when we are consciously attuning ourselves to the Light Vibration that Jupiter in Leo is magnifying for this next year to further clear the “genetic lines” and “LIFT the vibratory frequency in the DNA”. The only way for the neurons in the brains of the succeeding generations to be cleared of this programming (instilled memory) is for souls of greater LIGHT VIBRATION than what is held within the DNA of the current generation carrying this genetic memory to incarnate into these genetic lines and thereby LIFT the vibratory frequency in the DNA to a level that will clear the old programmed circuitry, creating new neuronic channels in the brain. Such Light strains which we call the CHILDREN OF THE DIVINE RAYS are now, and will continue, to be drawn into embodiment into these warring generations. Soon, they will virtually pour into these genetic strains and will then be able to genetically consume and transmute the energies…This will not come easily. It will not come without more conflict and suffering. But it WILL be reconciled before the New Earth Star claims it’s own. The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School is now accepting registration for our first online training class launching on October 13, 2014. As soon as you register you will be given access to videos, audios and handouts that will get you started. Find out more HERE

The August 2014 DAILY Celestial Timings (all times are PDT unless otherwise noted)

August 1, Friday. Traditional Lammas (loaf-mass in the Christian tradition) is currently celebrated on August 1.The Celts referred to this time as Lughnassadh (pronounced Loo-nuh-suh) meaning harvest and victory. The actual solar cross quarter is August 7 when the Sun (15 Leo) reaches the midpoint between Summer Solstice (0 Cancer) and Autumnal Equinox (O Libra). In ancient Celtic and pre-Celtic times the Cross-Quarter dates were a time to celebrate the Mother Goddess. At the August cross-quarter the Sun Goddess was honored through celebrations of gratitude for the abundance of ripened grain and the Mother’s bounty. The February cross-quarter celebrated the Mother’s power to give life, the May cross-quarter celebrated her passion for life’s pleasures and the November cross-quarter celebrated her power to live through death and be reborn to new life. We no longer remember all the ways of the ancient festivals and ceremonies so it is up to us to create new ceremonies and celebrations that honor these cycles and have significance for us now. Venus (17°Cancer 00′) trine’s retrograde Chiron (17°Pisces 00′) exact at 08:05:05 am continuing the themes of the Grand Water Trine we have been experiencing this year. How do we heal the emotions so we can get to the deeper feelings that lie underneath? Remember the difference between emotions and feelings is emotions are experienced as a reaction to external events and feelings come from deep inside. Action oriented Mars (03°Scorpio 40′) is square expansive Jupiter (03°Leo 40′) exact at 03:46 pm suggesting authentic action is easily expanded for maximum results. The key is that the action be authentic and aligned with our truest heart’s desire. It is important to avoid hasty actions spurred by impulsive decisions especially if the decision has been reached as a reaction to fear.  Spontaneous but mindful actions produce the best results. August 2, Saturday. La Negrita Feast Day. Cartago, Costa Rica celebrates the Leo cross-quarter on August 2 by honoring and celebrating La Negrita. (pictured left) The story of this La Negrita centers around a small Black Virgin statue found near Cartago Costa Rica by a young girl in 1635. The statue demonstrated magical powers by always mysteriously returning to the spot where it was first found even after being put in a locked box. It was decided a church should be built on that spot and that is where La Negrita resides to this day. On August 2, Pilgrims from all over Central America journey to honor her. Mercury is conjunct Jupiter (03°Leo 52′) exact at 12:33 pm. Fast moving messenger Mercury is receiving an expansive download from Jupiter. In the Leo domain this is about trusting the intuitive part of us that exists beyond logic and reason and then taking spontaneous action in alignment with that intuitive knowing for spectacular results. Hesitation or doubt can get in the way of the inspiration possible now so it is important to act in the moment of inspiration before doubt gets in the way. The Moon catches up to the North Node (19°Libra 54′) at 4:26 am passing 2.2° NNE of Spica (24 Libra) a few hours later. Once each month the Moon is activating both the North Node and Spica where Mars and Vesta were hanging out for the last few months. Each time the Moon passes here it amplifies the light codes and new information coming in from Spica, the most prominent star of the Divine Feminine, with the intention of anchoring a new destiny that embraces conscious equal partnership between the masculine and feminine returning us to wholeness. Moon enters Scorpio at 7:57 pm catching up to Vesta (01°Scorpio12′) at 10:14 pmenergizing the alchemical transformation through ceremonially embracing the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth. Scorpio reminds us to live our passion and to die to anything that is in the way of that. What beliefs, ideas, concepts, habits, and attitudes can we shed like our old skin, for the purpose of releasing and transforming in ways that most support the fullest connection to passionate, alive, life force energy? August 3, Sunday. The Moon passes 2.2° NNE of Mars (04°Scorpio31′) at 4:32 am. This is the second time the Moon has been with Mars since the Labors of Mars phase began last month. This is the part of the journey where Mars is given initiatory tasks to complete as part of the quest for conscious equal partnership with all life. In Scorpio the task is to directly connect to the source of life force energy NOT to have power over others but to have a direct of source, or of unlimited life force energy. A great question for anyone with any Scorpio or on their natal chart is…What hidden mysteries can be accessed now to support the successful completion of this task? The Scorpio First Quarter Moon (11° Scorpio 36’) is exact at 5:50 pm (pictured above) very near Mars and the stars of the Scales known as Zuben Elgenubi (15 Scorpio) and Zuben Elshamali (20 Scorpio). These are the two brightest stars of the Scales marking the pans that weigh the sufficient and insufficient price or as the Egyptians saw it – where universal truth is measured against the truth in our hearts. Now is the time to ponder what action you are ready to take to anchor a new form of self-expression and connection to ecstatic life-force for yourself and for its own sake? This Half Full Moon is visible passing between these two stars moving through the gateway that now marks the season of Samhain (when the Sun reaches 15 Scorpio in November). At both Samhain and Lammas it is time when the veils between the worlds are lifted and insight into other realms and dimensions is easier. The First Quarter Moon is also a balance of light and dark when the Moon is exactly half full.  This Moon phase in the Scales is a double expression of balance, including the balance between light and dark and what is in our hearts. August 4, Monday. The Moon occults Saturn passing 1.3°WSW of Saturn (16 Scorpio 49) at 3:29 am. This occultation is visible in southern India, Indonesia, Australia, Fiji and Samoa. This series of Moon occultations over Saturn in Scorpio is emphasizing the intent to find and establish new forms of orgasmic bliss in all that we do. From the perspective of responsible action, what turns you on? What projects give you the most juice? What daily practices add to your life force energy? What activities help you to feel like your batteries are being charged? (see Aug 30) Venus is passing 10° South of Castor (22 Cancer)outshining Castor at -3.9 magnitude while Castor is only 1.5 magnitude. (see star map to the right) August 5, Tuesday. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:19 amemphasizing the quest for truth and meaning for the next couple of days. The Sagittarius quest for truth goes beyond the everyday truth that comes from what we have been taught to believe this reality to be. Sagittarius knows that the truth changes with our consciousness and as we expand our consciousness we expand what we know to be true. The Sagittarius quest includes the quest to go beyond the limits of the thinking mind as a way to experience the unchanging, universal truth that underlies what we think and believe. Abraham speaks to how what we think influences what we believe is true and how that changes when we change what we think.

The thought that you think, you think, which attracts to it; so you think it some more, which attracts to it; so you think it some more. In other words, when you have an expectation, you’ve got a dominant thought going on, and Law of Attraction is going to deliver that to you again, and again and again. And you say “The reason that I believe this, is because it is true.” And we say, the reason that you believe it, is because you’ve practiced the thought. All that a belief is, is a thought that you keep practicing. ~Abraham Hicks

This waxing Moon is visible approaching the bright red star Antares tonight, marking the heart of the Scorpion. August 6, Wednesday. The Moon passes 8.3° N of Antares (10 Sagittarius) in the early morning sky meaning the Moon will be visible beyond Antares tonight. Visually connecting with or meditating upon the Moon and Antares provides a direct experience of these mysteries and what they mean for you personally at this time. This star has also been viewed by some cultures (particularly the Chinese) as the heart of the dragon or serpent. Antares is one of the 4 royal stars and the key to the Golden Gate or a stargate portal accessing the transformative energies of the Oracle designed to expand awareness and meaning in ways that support the fulfillment of our earthly journey. The Moon is transmitting the lineage of these mysteries through the Sagittarian energies of the ever-expanding quest for truth and meaning. These images are supported by the charge of the Delphic Oracle that says, “Know Thy Self.” August 7, Thursday. Today marks the exact cross-quarter between the June Solstice and the September Equinox or what some might call Astrological Lammas or when the Sun (15 Leo), reaches the exact astrological Cross-Quarter between the June Solstice (0 Cancer) and September Equinox (0 Libra). In ancient times, the Cross-Quarter dates between the Equinoxes and Solstices were celebrated as the “border time” or “in-between time,” the mid-point in-between two seasons or a solstice and equinox, and was a time for gaining insight and/or inspiration beyond the limits of ordinary time. This is an excellent time for divination, meditation, journeying and connecting with other forms of guidance. Venus (24 Cancer) is passing 6.5° S of Pollux as it exits the sacred hoop visible in the early morning sky. Venus is -3.9 magnitude while Pollux is only 1.2.  See August 4 The Moon enters Capricorn at 6:38 am crossing over the Galactic Cross. This provides us with an energy for the next couple of days, for getting organized, taking responsibility, and getting things done! August 8, Friday. This date has been referred to the 8/8 Lions Gate as the Sun Moves through the constellation of the Lion officially from Aug 10 to Sep 16 so today the Sun is approaching the head of the Lion. Plus, in the realm of number magic today opens the infinity Time Gate of the double 8s. The number 8 is the sign or symbol for infinity and so we can imagine that on this double 8 day the energy of the double 8’s is infinity times 2. The Moon passes 2.7° NNW of Pluto (11 Capricorn 27) at 1:22 am bringing the shadow (disempowering aspects) of our current collective structures into the light. It is interesting to remember that it was in 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn and the old structures began to disintegrate. Tuning into this Timing by visually seeing the Moon in the sky tonight with the intent to receive a transformative visionary moment where we can imagine a new way of being in our world that supports everyone’s needs being met and surpassed is one way to work with this Timing. If you can’t see the Moon you can use the star map below to tune in. Sun and Mercury (16°Leo03′) are conjunct at 9:21 AM in Mercury’s psychopomp (or other world) phase. The psychopomp is a guide for souls and can come and go from the underworld, the celestial world or this middle world as needed. When this happens in Leo this the emphasis is on increasing our confidence to courageously, creatively and authentically communicate our true essence. With the Sun Mercury in Leo is sourcing the radiant creative light of Leo that often has the ability to get a sense of what is next and can then take a leading role in communicating that to others. August 9, Saturday. The Moon enters Aquarius at 6:52 amtransmitting the mysteries of the cosmic revolutionary committed to cutting edge changes that create greater freedom of being and opens the Full Moon Window exact tomorrow. The Sun (16 Leo 57) and Saturn (16 Scorpio 57) are squaring each other at 8:11 am meaning that Saturn has reached its eastern quadrature. Both the Sun and Saturn are forming a T-square to a fixed star known as Sualocin (a.k.a. Alpha Delphini at 17 Aquarius) located in the constellation of Delphinus (pronounced dell fee’ nus) or the constellation of the Dolphin or Sacred Fish as it has been described since ancient times. The Moon will be with this star as it reaches exact fullness tomorrow and both the Moon and the Sun will still be square Saturn, the one who knows how to change the structures that will support the next seven generations to follow. In Greek Myth, Delphinus is the dolphin sent by Apollo to save the drowning musician and poet Arion who was thrown overboard by greedy sailors desiring his possessions. Another Greek tale describes Poseidon’s desire to marry a sea nymph named Amphitrite. At first she was not interested in Poseidon but was persuaded by a dolphin to accept Posiedon’s marriage proposal. In gratitude for the dophin’s help Poseidon placed the image of the dolphin among the stars as the constellation Delphinus. Delphinus and Dolphin comes from the Greek word delphis (dolphin) derived from delphus, meaning womb. Delphus is the root for the Greek words that describe children born from the same mother, such as adelphoi (singular), adelphos (brother), and adelphas (sister). This translates to mean literally ‘from the same womb’. Delphi is where the most famous oracle and the sanctuary to Phoebus Apollo was located. The Greeks considered Delphi the center of the world. There is a story about Zeus deciding to locate the exact center of the world so he released two Eagles from opposites ends of the Earth. One was released from the East and the other from the West and where they met was in Delphi, thus determining the center of the world from the Greek perspective. Tuning into this Full Moon zodiacally aligned with Sualocin (Nicolaus spelled backwards) in the constellation of Delphinus and connected to the wise elder aspect of Saturn, adds the possibility for oracular healing to the unpredictable nature of the Aquarius Full Moon. This may come through an unexpected reversal of fear – just as Sualocin is Nicolaus reversed. The reversal creates a healthy reconnection with source and from that place of connection and oneness we move toward a bright new future. The Delphi oracle always spoke in metaphor and mysterious images reminding us that we also participate in co-creating our destiny as we bring our essence and understanding to the unfolding mysteries. August 10, Sunday. The Aquarius super potent Full Moon (18 Aquarius 02) is exact at 11:09 am reaching perigee(closest approach to Earth) just about 22 minutes before the exact Full Moon. This is the closest perigee of the year meaning the Moon will have its greatest impact on tides and weather, so hang onto your seat as whatever is at play now will be magnified. The Aquarius Full Moon is about awakening and shining light on what is breaking through for the purpose of experiencing greater freedom often through novelty. Novelty is designed to produce experiences of freedom from the known to expand the space we live in to include new innovative, creative ideas, visions, and technologies. Terrence McKenna used “novelty” as a way to described massive dynamic change. He noted that when “novelty” is graphed over time, what results is a fractal waveform known as “timewave zero” or just the “timewave”. The “timewave” theory suggests that the period leading up to the zero point is when anything and everything conceivable to the human imagination occurs simultaneously. Revisiting this “Omega Point” or Time Wave Zero point as it was described by Terrence McKenna is interesting as we are nearly 2 years beyond his hypothesized December 21, 2012 date suggesting that was when the zero point would happen. It often can take a few years to really understand what has happened at any given point in the time continuum as it often take years to sort it all out. So the question is did we experience ultra novel events leading up to the December Solstice 2012? From some perspectives we did. From other points of view we did NOT. Perhaps we did and the full understanding and impact is yet to be understood. McKenna says this about the Novelty Theory: Novelty Theory suggests that on December 21 of 2012 AD, at the coincidence of the moment of the solstice and the heliacal rising of the galactic center, levels of planetary novelty will exponentially increase. Theory does not make clear the nature of the ultranovel event, however. Speculation as to the nature of the encounter with the trans-dimensional object at the end of time includes the following: Hyperspatial Breakthrough Planetesimal Impact Alien Contact Historical Metamorphosis Metamorphosis of Natural Law Solar Explosion Quasar Ignition at the Galactic Core and It is challenging to comprehend the Timewave Zero concept in a left brain, logical rational way. However, considering the many Celestial Events that have occurred before and after December 21, 2012 we do know that we have been at the effect of some gradual and some very rapid profound changes in technology as well as in the collective consciousness. It seems we are still feeling the effect of the acceleration of Time even if that acceleration may now be slowing down. It was a gradual ramping up and so it will be a gradual deceleration that will take years to fully integrate. This Full Moon may illuminate novelty in ways that make the old models obsolete. How is this Full Moon helping to awaken us to our brilliance? August 11, Monday. The Moon enters Pisces at 5:55 am and then passes 4.3°NNW of Neptune (06°Pi40′) at 4:26 pm. Once each month the Moon further activates and illuminates Neptune. If you have planets, angles or nodes between 4 to 8 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius you are in a Neptune cycle and may be experiencing identity crisis, confusion or an awakening that lets you know who you thought you were was only a fraction of who you really are. So the Moon is illuminating the Neptunian ability to facilitate deep emotional healing that helps us to experience our divine essence. This is greatly facilitated through acts of forgiveness, love and compassion. August 12, Tuesday. The 71st anniversary of The Philadelphia Experiment is today. Many of you may remember the 1966 to 1967 Television Series The Time Tunnel. This TV series was most likely inspired by the secret experiments that the US government and other countries were doing on time travel including the illusive Philadelphia Experiment. There is a wealth of information about this including books, magazine articles, movies, documentaries and an episode on this subject in the series Unsolved Mysteries. This project seems to be also linked to the Montauk Projects that were exploring Time Travel one of my favorite subjects. Venus enters Leo at 12:24 am meaning the Divine Feminine is engaging the Mysteries of radical, radiant self-love, self-confidence, self-approval, and self-acceptance clearly something that has NOT been well supported for the feminine in the last few thousand years. The opportunity at this time is to practice healthy self-love from now until September 5 when Venus moves into Leo. Are you loving who you are? Do you know that your value is based on the fact that you exist and not because of what you DO? If you are having trouble loving who you are simply because you ARE – then consider what it would it take to totally and complete love and accept yourself just as you are now – without having to DO anything? Claiming the miracle of healthy self-love is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and to the world. The Moon catches up to retrograde Chiron (16°Pisces 35′) at 8:14 am. If you have planets, angles or nodes between 13 to 17 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius then you are in a Chiron initiation cycle and it is being amplified whenever the Moon makes its monthly passage by Chiron. This is illuminating the journey for physical, mental, emotional health and vitality in ways that support your mystical or spiritual connection to the divine. August 13, Wednesday. The Perseid meteors peaks though diminished due to the Full Moon. The Moon enters Aries at 6 am and catches up to Uranus tomorrow. The Moon in Aries is about taking action to further a cause we believe is worthy of our energy. August 13 is the classic Maya Creation Day and is a the day when the Sun is on Solar Zenith (directly overhead) for those located around 14 degrees and 48 minutes North Latitude. This means at this latitude the Sun is located directly overhead at Noon and vertical objects cast no shadows. This is similar to the pyramid Kukulcan at Chichen Itza when the Sun reaches its Zenith on May 20. On the equator the zenith transits of the Sun divide the year into two equal halves. Between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer, the zenith transits of the Sun divide the year into a longer portion with the Sun transiting to the south of the zenith, and a shorter portion with the Sun transiting to the north of the zenith. The opposite is true for the Tropic of Capricorn. The transit of the Sun from August 13 to April 30 when the Sun is transiting south of the zenith on the Tropic of Cancer is about 260 days connecting this zenith cycle with the Venus cycle. This is because Venus spends 260 days, first as a morning star and then 260 days as an evening star. The Mayans were highly tuned to the Venus cycle as an important way of tracking time. This also lends credibility to August 13 as the classic Maya Creation Day. Plus also worth noting is at dawn on August 13 the constellation Orion is at the zenith (directly overhead) and the Milky Way is visibly erect over the Earth. This same phenomenon is repeated in reverse at sunset on February 5. This is yet another factor drawing our attention to the importance of August 13. August 14, Thursday. The Moon occults retrograde Uranus (16°Aries 17′) at 9:14 am igniting the possibilities for radical unexpected changes that are designed to shift any limited perspectives about how life IS or IS NOT intended to BE. If your perspective is not serving you there are likely to be radical disturbances that are intended to expand your point of view. What are you committed to changing in your life that will create the space for you to express the unique brilliance that you are? What actions are you willing to take to strengthen this commitment? Occultations accelerate the intention Uranus in Aries has to radically alter our point of view around the mysteries of the Warrior dedicated to protecting his/her family and community. This is the dharma of Aries that when healthy is willing to further the causes that feel worthy. This may involve a literal battle or fight for something. The battle may be literal and externally expressed. Or perhaps it is the battle between good and evil that lives within. Ultimately the challenge for Aries is to “get” that any seeming external experience of duality is an illusion and when conquering that illusion the seeming opposites unite. August 15, Friday. The Feast Day Celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. In times past this was a day known for honoring the Divine Feminine or Virgin cults that preceded the Virgin Mary. There is evidence that suggests this date use to correspond to a time of year when the Sun was in close alignment with the Fixed Star Regulus. However, the Sun is no longer exactly aligned with Regulus on Aug 15 but rather reaches its conjunction on August 23. This was also the time when the constellation of the Virgin Priestess was not visible due to the Sun being there. This also has shifted to due to precession and NOW it’s around the time of the September Equinox with the Sun is in this constellation. The story of the Virgin Priestess or assumption of Mary comes from the time with her constellation was assumed by the Sun. (For more about precession and why this is… watch THIS) Mars (11 Scorpio 20) is sextile Pluto (11 Capricorn 20) at 2:25 am ideally empowering the shamanic initiation of Mars now investigating the essence of passion as it relates to relationships. This can also be about our relationship to Time in the many ways we experience it here in the middle world reality. A question worth pondering is how to balance the time between taking inspired action and restorative rest. Continuing on this theme the Moon enters Taurus at 8:59 am reminding us to take time to slow down, relax, breathe deeply, smell the roses or other flowers, and fully absorb and appreciate the transformative power of beauty to bring change and joy into our lives. Mercury passes 1.2° NNE of Regulus as it enters Virgo at 9:44 am and is not visible due to the close proximity to the Sun.According to the book Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld, Regulus assists in unblocking buried subconscious patterns. They suggest that working with this star over time brings a sense of appreciation and understanding of how we fit into our patterns and when we become conscious of the limiting patterns that prevent us from being who we truly are we can begin to make more conscious choices. When we are choosing compassionate understanding, self-love, and self-awareness, we are better able to gently transform these limiting patterns with loving patience and self-acceptance. August 16, Saturday.The Sun (22 Leo) is near a fixed yellow star called Algenubi or Ras Elased Bore from August 10 to 20.  This is the star that marks the brow of the Lion and is one of the six stars in the sickle or head of the Lion. (see star map to right) This star has been associated with abundance. You have a personal connection to this star if you have planets nodes or angles between 17 and 28 degrees of Leo. Some of the ancient lore connected to Ras Elased Bore is around increasing bounty, majesty, power, and the bestowing of favors, suggesting this is a good star to wish upon. It was also thought to be a star that had the ability to transmit spiritual knowing to those receptive to this type of transmission. Even if you don’t have a personal connection to this star the Sun passing by here is illuminating these mysteries opening the doorway and transmitting the light codes to those who are tuned and open to receiving them. August 17, Sunday. The Last Quarter Taurus Moon (24 Taurus 32) is exact at 5:26 am in a time for synthesizing what has been experienced so far around the  mysteries of beauty. Webster’s defines beauty as the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit. The Taurus mysteries include the full on aesthetic experiences of beauty and pleasure reminding us to relax, slow down, and remember the art of receiving, savoring and enjoying each moment with gratitude.When we request beauty, expect beauty, and accept beauty with genuine gratitude for its power to change and enhance the fullness of our lives then we are receiving the gifts beauty has to offer us. Then the Moon enters Gemini passing 7.3° S of the Pleiades at 3:41 pm. The Pleiades are a star group that mythically represent a Star Gate to other realms and dimensions and access to soulful transformation that helps to create the New Earth. The Moon with the Pleiades is a time when messages of peace, purity and love are enhanced. Venus passes .21° N of with Jupiter (07°Leo14′) at 10:21 pm in the closest planet to planet conjunction of 2014. Whenever Jupiter and Venus come together in the sky it is truly a magnificent site to behold. It is also a great way to see how much Venus outshines Jupiter. The last time Jupiter and Venus came together in Leo was August 21, 2003. Unfortunately this Venus Jupiter conjunction will be challenging to see in the morning sky as both are very low on the horizon. The Divine Feminine is consorting with the planet of expansion and a sense of royalty in its highest sense of nobility, magnificence, and courage in the realm of radical, radiant divine self-love – not for someone or something but experiencing the purest essence of healthy self-love for its own sake. August 18, Monday. Mercury (6 Virgo 30) is opposite Neptune (6 Pisces 30) at 8:42 pm.transmitting celestially based light coded messages of courage, wisdom and love from the constellation of the Lion. These messages are intended to further restore the sacred balance between spirit and matter and between the seen and unseen worlds. This is also emphasizing the field of all possibilities and the power of co-creation through imagination, prayer and living ceremony (inspired by the moment) that works its best magic through focused intention and presence in the moment. Neptune operates in the archetypal realm of our visions and dreams and messenger Mercury is downloading the messages that will help to ultimately land those visions into manifest Reality. The question is do you have a vision you are ready to bring into manifestation? If not, are you ready to receive the vision that is yours to receive? Are you ready for a deeper even more direct connection to Spirit? August 19, Tuesday. Jupiter is passing .86° SSW of the Beehive cluster (7 Leo) visible in the morning sky with Venus still very close.The Beehive cluster is located at about 7 degrees (days) into the seasonal sign of Leo. The Beehive cluster is an important area of the sky and was an important star cluster to the ancients. Remarkably it was one of the first objects that Galileo studied with his telescope.  Astronomers call this open cluster M44 and it is one of the largest open star clusters in this area of the sky. Under a dark moonless sky, there are more than 40 stars visible to the naked eye, usually seen as a cloudy patch, looking very much like a swarm of bees. August 20, Wednesday. The Moon enters Cancer at 1:45 am crossing the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge. An important insight we might gain from the Moon in this area of the sky is working with self-care. It helps to remember that self-nurturing includes following your true heart’s desire and thus fulfilling your divine purpose in the ways that are most supportive and beneficial to you, not because it is the “right” thing to do, but rather because it is aligned with your divine design. This Galactic Cross is linked mythically with the place where souls enter this dimension. Noticing where the Moon is as it sends light codes in from beyond our Galaxy helps us to connect with the incoming light energy and information. August 21, Thursday. Mercury (11 Virgo 13) is trine Pluto (11 Capricorn 13) at 12:19 pm.Mercury represents the processes of thinking, perception and cognition. Pluto exposes the shadow or places of fear that influences thinking and perception and the shadow part of ourselves that would love to blame others for what we are experiencing. This earth trine supports taking responsibility (Capricorn) for what we think and what we do especially as it relates to the shadow or misconceptions of who we really are. It takes tremendous courage to be willing to embrace your shadow but well worth the gift of liberation and opportunity to blossom into your authentic essence and be empowered by the embracing of your shadow. And the day came when the risk that it took to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom.”~ Anais Nin August 22, Friday. The Moon passes 11.8° South of Pollux and then enters Leo at 1:49 pm, visible in the early morning sky. Whenever the Moon is in Leo it is transmitting the mysteries associated with radical self-love, self-confidence, self-approval and self-acceptance that occurs when we take responsibility for our choices. This also means we forgive ourselves for the choices we have made that seem like mistakes or seem to be counter to the life we genuinely desire to create. The Sun enters Virgo at 9:46 pm. Every year around this time and passes by the Royal star Regulus, the heart of the lion. The Sun has been viewed as a doorway to the Mysteries by many ancient cultures. The Sun passing by Regulus opens the door to the mysteries of the heart. Said another way, the Sun illuminates the transformative power of the alchemical flame within the heart of who we are. This is a time to consider whether or not you are seeking external validation for who you are. If you find you are looking for approval from others or are at the effect of what you feel others might think of you, then what would it take for you to genuinely experience the value of who you are not from what you do but just because you are? August 23, Saturday. The Moon passes 6.2°SSW of the Beehive Cluster and 5.3°SSW of Jupiter (8 Leo) at 6:47 am visible in the early morning sky and then passes 5.5° SSW of Venus (14° Leo 26′) at 7:01 pm activating passage through the 7th gate as Inanna releases distortions connected to her Root Chakra. The Moon meets monthly with each of the planets. This month the Moon is passing both Jupiter and Venus within a few hours of each other in the sign of Leo and the constellation of the Crab. Intentional connection to this Timing greatly benefits from connecting with the power and grace of forgiveness, forgiving the unforgivable, whether it is ourselves or others being forgiven. This liberates us from everything that stands in the way of pure love  and with that release – freedom, peace, power and new life manifest easily. Genuine self-love is the result. Venus passing through the 7th gate symbolizes the wisdom and willingness she has in giving up the beliefs and actions that have prevented the feminine principle from fully experiencing, enjoying and loving her own unique, radiant life force. This is a great time to ceremonially and symbolically release ideas, habits, ways of being that prevent you from enjoying a full on experience of your life force energy. This gate is known as the Gate of Manifestation according to the story of Inanna, and is where she releases the seventh vestment symbolizing the first chakra or her life force energy described as the royal robe or “Garment of Ladyship.” Stripped naked Venus has nothing left to identify her as being different from anyone else. In this place of vulnerability this Venus Gate is a time for releasing all attachments to life being a certain way and surrendering to the transformative process of shamanic death and rebirth. And we see that Jupiter is here to oversee this initiation and to ensure its success. This is a time when surrender is the key to liberation and empowerment. Understanding and working with the intent of this Venus cycle is valuable for anyone desiring a greater conscious connection with the divine feminine aspect they are investigating this time around. Anyone who is turning a multiple of 8 (16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88 etc.) from Jan 17, 2014 to Aug 21, 2015 is in a special very personal eight year synodic Venus return. That means this Timing is personal and significant. It is highly recommended that you engage in a conscious releasing process around issues of the Root Chakra. See audios August 24, Sunday. Moon (17 Leo) is going Void of Course void of course starting at 1:26 am until tomorrow when the Moon enters Virgo at 2:33 am on August 25. Basically what this means astronomically speaking is the Moon is not making any major aspects to other planets until it moves into then new sign. This Void of Course aspect of the Moon is something that happens every two to two and half days. Since the Moon goes Void of Course so often its impact is not as strong as other factors. There are times when the Moon is Void of Course only a few seconds, or minutes, maybe an hour or two, or for a whole day up to two or more days. The longer Void of Course Moon periods naturally have a greater effect.  Since today there are no specific aspects other than the fact that the Moon is Void of Course for more than 24 hours seems like the perfect time to revisit this subject. Traditionally this is a time that may feel disconnected and without direction. It is considered a time to avoid making major decisions, a great time to do meditation, or some other practice, that helps turn the attention inward. It is also considered a time when actions may produce results that are unexpected and creative efforts may go in directions that were not anticipated. This can actually be a fabulous breakthrough to something new that hasn’t been thought of before. It might be wise to use this day to relax, spend time in nature, go with the flow, and practice doing nothing, meaning have fun and don’t do anything that is intended to be productive or accomplishment oriented other than to fully enjoy yourself. August 25, Mon Day. The Moon is passing 4.4°SSW of Regulus as it enters Virgo at 2:33 am. Then the Virgo new Moon (2 Virgo 19) is exact at 7:13 am. This heart star in the Lion constellation is also one of the royal stars, linked with Archangel Raphael and the healing power of love…especially when self-forgiveness is included. In this time just hours before the exact Virgo New Moon also referred to as the dark of the Moon, it is a powerful time to see use sacred ceremony and forgive all the harm that has ever been thought or done towards any part of life. This includes forgiving the unforgivable with the understanding that what has been done cannot be undone but does not have to continue to influence future events. By forgiving everything it frees up the old stuck patterns of the heart and the mind, so something new, magical, and ever so sacred can emerge. Just hours before this Virgo New Moon Venus (16° Leo 10′) trines retrograde Uranus (16° Aries 10′) at 2:38 am lending additional energy to the power of forgiving the unforgivable and creating greater freedom as a result. This combination inspires the sense of profound grace that is available in this new Moon time. When Mars is passing 3.4° SSW of Saturn (17° Scorpio 41′) at 12:30 pm. It has been since 1984 the last time Saturn and Mars came together in Scorpio. Mars actually catches up to Saturn about every two years but can only be with Saturn in Scorpio about every 30 years. Mars is the active masculine principle now journeying and questing for ways to engage a sacred conscious equal partnership with the divine feminine and with all of life. Mars now fully committed to this quest is receiving the teachings of Saturn in Scorpio that is not only about taking responsibility for co-creating relationships that move beyond the blame game but is also about discovering new forms of relating that include ecstatic, passionate life force energy as the basis for significant other relating. What relationships in your life are draining your energy? Perhaps you’re in a relationship that is energizing but there are aspects of it that feel draining? What would it take to consciously change these relationships, or aspects of the relationships, so they are energizing? Where do you need to take responsibility for the way your relationships are manifesting? August 26, Tuesday. Venus (17° Leo 43′) is square Saturn (17° Scorpio 43′) at 11:22 am this is synchronously occurring as a way to prepare for the Venus Square to Mars tomorrow. The questions posed yesterday to the divine masculine are similar to the questions we can pose to the divine feminine as she encounters Saturn’s intent to empower both the masculine and feminine and how they relate to one another. It is interesting to notice that when the divine feminine and divine masculine work together they can accomplish exponentially more than they can accomplish on their own. Before science lead to artificial insemination the only way to procreate was the encounter between the masculine and feminine. In many ways this is still true as a sperm (masculine) and egg (feminine) are still needed even for artificial insemination. This is because the divine feminine generates life force energy that enlivens the divine masculine in ways that he can NOT ever experience without her. Conversely the divine masculine provides the energetic support for the divine feminine to be able to fully generate this energy so she is also enlivened. This has to do with the dance between electricity and magnetism. The divine masculine is the electric energy that charges the magnetic energy of the divine feminine. Ecstasy in the realms of sexuality and everyday life that are possible when this dynamic is understood is the greatest spiritual experience anyone could ever have. For the past few thousand years this understanding has been largely forgotten, denied and/or misunderstood. Through the programming of the patriarchy the masculine principle was taught to believe they could create this powerful experience themselves by dominating, manipulating, and controlling the feminine principle. The feminine principle was conditioned to believe it had no power and really not much of a purpose other than to birth children. This has created a disempowerment of both the masculine and feminine principle. In this time of planetary awakening Saturn in Scorpio in aspect to both Venus and Mars at this time is about  remembering the wisdom and power within the Scorpio mysteries for both the masculine and feminine so they can again work together to generate powerful, ecstatic orgasmic life force energy. This possibility becomes a reality when we choose to do what it takes to take responsibility and heal the wounding that has prevented this from manifesting until now. The Moon is passing 3.2° SSW of Mercury (20°Virgo18′ D) at 7:29 pm. This further accentuates the energies of Saturn with Venus and Mars illuminating the patterns that are ready to be released and shining the light on the new patterns that are already being woven into the collective reality. August 27, Wednesday. The Moon enters Libra at 2:54 pm this further emphasizes everything that was shared about Venus and Mars remembering how to engage in conscious relating including the Sacred Union of the beloveds. There are many mythic stories about the union of a God and Goddess that creates a happily ever after scenario. These stories are meant to inspire the union of the masculine and feminine that is within each and every one of us. This requires an inner sacred marriage process. If this is something that speaks to you consider joining us at the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School annual conference being held near Tucson Arizona. The theme this year features the inner sacred marriage and the full spectrum masculine navigating these times with Shamanic Astrology. Venus (18 Leo 44) is square Mars (18 Scorpio 44) at 8:46 am.This is the encounter of the Radiant Queen with the Shaman Sorcerer. When they are working together this is a potent alchemical combination that recognizes the gifts of equal power and manifestation that each brings. When acting out of the shadow or competing with one another it is a destructive combination. The question is how is this energy showing up for you? Do you stand in the fullness of self-love and self-confidence in such a way you do not need to compete with anyone to prove how powerful and strong you are? August 28, Thursday. Venus (20 Leo) is now just 15° ahead of the Sun and is low on the Eastern horizon in the morning sky. Venus disappears from the morning sky on September 17. That means technically Venus is visible in the morning sky as it is approaching the Royal star Regulus catching up to Regulus by September 5. Regulus is a magical star that is enlivened whenever a planet is close by. On September 5 the Sun is 14° from Venus and Regulus. It may require a low horizon line and dark skies to see Regulus. As Venus continues her descent into the underworld her encounter with Regulus is an inspiration to remember the healing power and wisdom of the heart, including the wisdom and understanding that love heals everything, and love is the answer to every question. Venus is traveling with the Sun from September 17 to December 4 when she rises up into the evening sky and begins her ascent reclaiming a healthy relationship with everything she had to let go on her dissent journey. August 29, Friday. The Sun (6 Virgo 13) is opposite retrograde Neptune (6 Pisces 13) at 7:33 am marking the mid-point of Neptune’s Retrograde journey that lasts until November 15/16. The purpose of any planetary Retrograde is to take us deeper into the archetypal mysteries of that planet so Neptune is going deeper into the ideals, visions, dreams, and inner guidance that help us to manifest our dreams into this reality. This is especially true for anyone experiencing a Neptune initiation. If you have planets angles or nodes between 04 and 07 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius you are in a Neptune cycle. Asking questions, listening for answers, staying attuned to inner guidance, and noticing synchronicities – are ways our questions get answered – via the Neptune process. The shadow side of Neptune expresses through confusion, uncertainty, illusions, losing touch with reality, and what it really takes to manifest our dreams and desires in this dimension. This timing is one of the deepest, most inner-directed times for accessing a mystical connection with the divine through inner processes. When we are truly in touch with our inner knowing, we are then being guided to take the steps that are needed to fulfill our dreams. The Sun illuminates the light codes of Neptune that are about seeing beyond the illusions of appearances and seeing into the heart of reality as it exists deep within us. The Moon is passing the North Node (19°Libra 54′) at 6:14 am and 2.4° NNE of Spica (24 Libra) a few hours later. Each time the Moon passes by this part of the sky it is further activating the sacred intent of our unfolding destiny around the mysteries of conscious relating. This includes how we relate to ourselves, how we relate to the planet, and how we relate to each other. August 30, Saturday. The Moon enters Scorpio 1:53 am for the second time this month and will catch up to again occult Saturn tomorrow. This YouTube entitled Sex Education is a Human Right  is a profound declaration for the intention of Saturn in Scorpio. Not only is sex education something that is been lacking in our culture, so has the understanding of orgasm as a profound spiritual experience via ecstatic physical pleasure been hidden away. As my friend Diva Carlaof Orgasmic Alchemy stated in a recent newsletter It’s time to exercise your human right to sexual knowing. Your Divine calling. Your Sacred Quest. If any aspect of your sexuality and pleasure has been on the back burner, bring it to the front and turn up the heat. You deserve to feel loved, adored, whole, and completely orgasmic. The world needs you to own your power in just this way. The Universe is flinging open its doors to you. August 31, Sunday. The Moon is passing by Vesta (12°Scorpio51′) at 02:25 am and then the Moon occults Saturn passing .96° E of Saturn at 12:10 pm for the 9th time this year. This occultation is visible in the Eastern United States, Mexico, Caribbean, northeastern South America, and central West Africa. The Moon, Mars and Saturn are all within a 4.87° circle of diameter in the evening sky. The Moon passes 4.1° north of Mars (21° Scorpio 37′) at 6:51 pm. This is a powerful conclusion to the month of August and the intended focus on igniting and awakening the latent Shakti that is within us and within the Earth. The awakening of this Shakti (orgasmic) energy is a key to the awakening of the entire planet. Having Saturn in Scorpio being occulted by the Moon twice this month and already eight other times this year is a powerful accelerator of this intention when we add Vesta and Mars to the mix it increases this activation exponentially. Once again here is wisdom from Diva Carla about the alchemical power of orgasm increasing our understanding of the awakening Shakti symbolized by these planetary aspects. When the old King James Bible, which I learned to read as a wee girl, talked about sex it used the word “know”, as in “Adam knew his wife Eve and she conceived and bore a son.” Many ancient traditions recognize the connection between sex and self-knowledge. You can know yourself through self-pleasure. This intimate relationship to Self is the source of intuition. Orgasm that moves beyond genital/physical pleasure into altered states of consciousness opens your intuitive channels, and magnifies the bandwidth available to listen and know. Physically we are designed to create erotic trance states – as orgasm floods the brain with dopaminine, oxytocin and endorphins, the mind lets go – the body relaxes into trust – profound feelings of well-being and connection fill all the space in your body. You know yourself from the inside out, all the way to the edges of your aura and beyond.     August 2014 Celestial Timings Template August 1, Friday. Traditional Lammas.  Venus (17°Cancer00′) trine’s retrograde Chiron (17°Pisces 00′) exact at 08:05 am. Mars (03°Scorpio 40′) is square Jupiter (03°Leo 40′ ) exact at 03:46 pm. August 2, Saturday. Mercury is conjunct Jupiter )03°Le52′) exact at 12:33:02 pm. Moon and North Node (19°Libra 54′) at 4:26 am passing 2.2° NNE of Spica (24 Libra). Moon enters Scorpio at 7:57 pm and is with Vesta (01°Sc12′) at 10:14 pm. August 3, Sunday. The Moon passes 2.2° NNE of Mars (04°Scorpio31′) at 4:32 am. The Scorpio First Quarter Moon (01° Scorpio 36’) is exact at 5:50 pm. August 4, Monday. Moon occults Saturn passing 1.3°WSW of Saturn (16 Scorpio 49) at 3:29 am. This occultation is visible in southern India, Indonesia, Australia, Fiji and Samoa. Venus is passing 10° South of Castor. Venus outshines Castor at -3.9 magnitude while Castor is only 1.5. August 5, Tuesday. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:19 am. August 6, Wednesday. The Moon passes 8.3° N of Antares (10 Sagittarius) visible in the evening sky. August 7, Thursday. Venus (24 Cancer) is passing 6.5° S of Pollux as it exits the sacred hoop visible in the early morning sky. Venus is -3.9 magnitude while Pollux is only 1.2. The Moon enters Capricorn at 6:38 am. Mars is trine Neptune August 8, Friday. The Moon passes 2.7° NNW of Pluto (11 Capricorn 27) at 1:22 am. Sun and Mercury (16°Leo03′) are conjunct at 9:21 AM. August 9, Saturday. The Moon enters Aquarius at 6:52 am. The Sun and Saturn (16 Scorpio 57) are squaring each other at 8:11 am meaning that Saturn has reached its eastern quadrature. August 10, Sunday. The Aquarius super potent Full Moon (18 Aquarius 02) is exact at 11:09 am and is at Perigee just 22 minutes before the exact Full Moon, the closest perigee this year. August 11, Monday. The Moon enters Pisces at 5:55 am and then passes 4.3°NNW of Neptune (06°Pi40′) at 4:26 pm. August 12, Tuesday. Venus enters Leo at 12:24 am. The Moon catches up to retrograde Chiron (16°Pi35′) at 8:14 am. August 13, Wednesday. The Perseid meteors peak. The Moon enters Aries at 6 am. August 14, Thursday. The Moon occults retrograde Uranus (16°Aries 17′) at 9:14 am. August 15, Friday. Mars (11 Scorpio 20) is sextile Pluto (11 Capricorn 20) at 2:25 am. The Moon enters Taurus at 8:59 am. Mercury passes 1.2° NNE of Regulus as it enters Virgo at 9:44 am. August 16, Saturday.The Sun (22 Leo) is with the fixed star Algenubi or Ras Elased Bore from August 10 to 20.   August 17, Sunday. The Last Quarter Taurus Moon (24 Taurus 32) is exact at 5:26 am. Moon enters Gemini passing 7.3° S of the Pleiades at 3:41 pm. Venus passes .21° N of with Jupiter (07°Leo14′) at 10:21 pm August 18, Monday. Mercury (6 Virgo 30) is opposite Neptune (6 Pisces 30) at 8:42 pm. August 19, Tuesday. Jupiter is passing .86° SSW of the Beehive cluster (7 Leo) visible in the morning sky. August 20, Wednesday. The Moon enters Cancer at 1:45 am. August 21, Thursday. Mercury (11 Virgo 13) is trine Pluto (11 Capricorn 13) at 12:19 pm. August 22, Friday. The Moon passes 11.8° South of Pollux and then enters Leo at 1:49 pm. Sun enters Virgo at 9:46 pm. August 23, Saturday. The Moon passes 6.2°SSW of the Beehive Cluster and 5.3°SSW of Jupiter (8 Leo) at 6:47 am visible in the early morning sky and then passes 5.5° SSW of Venus (14° Leo 26′) at 7:01 pm. August 24, Sunday. Moon is void of course at 1:26 am August 25, Monday. The Moon is passing 4.4°SSW of Regulus as it enters Virgo at 2:33 am. Venus (16° Leo 10′) is trine retrograde Uranus (16° Aries 10′) at 2:38 am. The Virgo new Moon (2 Virgo 19) is exact at 7:13 am. Mars is passing 3.4° SSW of Saturn (17° Scorpio 41′) at 12:30 pm. August 26, Tuesday. Venus (17° Leo 43′) is square Saturn (17° Scorpio 43′) at 11:22 am. The Moon is passing 3.2° SSW of Mercury (20°Virgo18′ D) at 7:29 pm. August 27, Wednesday. The Moon enters Libra at 2:54 pm. Venus (18 Leo 44) is square Mars (18 Scorpio 44) at 8:46 am. August 28, Thursday. A look at Venus about to complete her descent into the underworld now 15° from the Sun. August 29, Friday. The Sun (6 Virgo 13) is opposite retrograde Neptune (6 Pisces 13) at 7:33 am. The Moon is passing the North Node (19°Libra 54′) at 6:14 am and 2.4° NNE of Spica (24 Libra) a few hours later. August 30, Saturday. The Moon enters Scorpio 1:53 am. August 31, Sunday. The Moon is passing by Vesta (12°Scorpio51′) at 02:25 am and then Moon occults Saturn passing .96° E of Saturn at 12:10 pm. The Moon, Mars and Saturn are all within a 4.87° circle of diameter in the evening sky. The Moon passes 4.1° north of Mars (21° Scorpio 37′) at 6:51 pm.