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Free comprehensive PDF schedule of the 2011 Significant Astrological Dates and Moon Phases2011 Significant Astrological Dates

The following Tables and Charts are exclusively available for Paid Subscribers to the Celestial Timings Newsletter:

Tables to locate the Jupiter, Uranus or Neptune Generation (Pluto and Saturn coming soon) when you were born and data for locating the next time you will be in one of these cycles.

Jupiter Conjunctions to the North Node from 1791 to 2034

Retrograde Tables for Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and Pluto from 2011 to 2017

Eris Ephemeris to 2101
Table of 21 First Magnitude Stars
Table of 15 Behenian Stars (stars of alchemy)
Chinese New Year from 2009 to 2044

The 2010-2012 Venus Cycle Data as it relates to the Story of Inanna and table of past and future Venus Transits over the Sun with special focus on the upcoming June 2012 transit.

Coming Soon: Outer planet conjunctions with the North Node (next Jupiter Conjunction with North Node is in 2016), Uranus Square Pluto with other important outer planet configurations and much, much more.

I recently added a PDF table to the Life Purpose audio for locating your North Node and when your next Nodal return begins. This is another free sample available to Free Subscribers. HERE

Paid Subscribers also have access to the Celestial Timings Templates for upcoming months. This is for those who would use this information for planning events, ceremonies etc…Here is a sample from March, 2011

March 2011 Celestial Timings Template

March 01, Tuesday. Venus moves into Aquarius at 6:39 pm traveling through this area of the sky until March 26/27. Currently we have 5 planetary objects lined up in Pisces including Chiron at 1 Pisces 30, Mars at 6 Pisces, the Sun at almost 12 Pisces, Mercury at 16 Pisces, and Uranus at 29 Pisces 28. Neptune frames this line-up at almost 29 Aquarius moving into Pisces on April 4 and Jupiter frames this from the other side at 8 Aries.

March 02, Wednesday. The North Node reaches zero Capricorn today and will enter Sagittarius around 4 am tomorrow morning.

March 03, Thursday. The Moon joins the Pisces line-up at 8:47 am after passing Neptune at 6:37 am catching up to Mars (6 Pisces) at 11:28 pm.

March 04, Friday. The Pisces New Moon (14 Pisces) is exact at 12:46 pm.

March 05, Saturday. The Moon conjuncts Mercury (22 Pisces) and Uranus (29 Pisces) and moves into Aries at 9:14 pm.

March 06, Sunday. The Moon passes 6 degrees NNW of Jupiter about 23 degrees from the setting Sun, visible low on the western horizon after the Sun sets.

March 07, Monday. Pluto is at 7 Capricorn 14 and will station retrograde on April 9 at 7 Capricorn 39.

March 08, Tuesday. International Women’s Day. The Moon enters Taurus at 9:52 am.

March 09, Wednesday. Mercury conjuncts Uranus (29 Pisces) at 8:05 am and then moves into Aries at 9:47 am. Mars is at perihelion or its closest approach to the Sun in its current cycle.

March 10, Thursday. The Moon passes 1.9 degress SSW of the Pleiades visible in the evening sky as it moves into Gemini at 9:31 pm.

March 11, Friday. Uranus re-enters Aries crossing the Spring Equinox Cardinal point just 9 days before the Sun crosses here.

March 12, Saturday. The Moon passes 7.1 degrees N of Aldebaran (10 Gemini) in the early morning and then the Gemini First Quarter Moon (22 Gemini) is exact at 3:45 pm.

March 13, Sunday. For those in North America Daylight Savings Times begins unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii. This is the time to “spring forward” or set the clocks ahead an hour. The Moon crosses the Galactic Gateway at 7:29 pm as it moves into Cancer. Mercury (7 Aries) squares Pluto (7 Capricorn)

March 14, Monday. Venus (14 Aquarius) trines Saturn (14 Libra)

March 15, Tuesday. The Ides of March. The Moon moves into Leo at 12:33 pm and Mercury is visible 2 degrees NNW of Jupiter (11 Aries) at 6:27 pm.  Mercury and Jupiter are visible close together in the evening sky starting around March 12 to 19. Mercury is brighter than usual and Jupiter dimmer than usual. Both are making their perihelion passage (closest approach to the Sun) Mercury on Mercury on March 16 and Jupiter on March 17.

March 16, Wednesday. The waxing Moon is 4.6 degrees SSW of the Beehive Cluster visible in the evening sky.

March 17, Thursday. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.The waxing Moon passes 4.9 degrees SSW of Regulus as it moves into Virgo at 1:53 pm.

March 18, Friday. Mercury (15 Aries) is opposite retrograde Saturn (15 Libra)

March 19, Saturday. The Super Perigee Virgo Full Moon (28 Virgo 48) is exact at 11:10 am just hours before the exact Spring Equinox. The biggest Full Moon in nearly 20 years. Then the Full Moon moves into Libra at 1:03 pm

March 20, Sunday. This is a super charged Spring Equinox. Sun enters Aries marking the Spring Equinox at 4:21 pm

March 21, Monday. The Moon enters Scorpio at 12:17 pm, Sun conjuncts Uranus (00 Aries 32) within hours of the exact equinox.

March 22, Tuesday. The North Node (27 Sagittarius 29) is aligned with Galactic Center reaching the exact alignment on March 30.

March 23, Wednesday. Moon enters Sagittarius 1:45 pm

March 24, Thursday. The Moon is visible approaching the North Node tonight catching up tomorrow near Galactic Center

March 25, Friday. Moon enters Capricorn

March 26, Saturday. Capricorn Last Quarter Moon (5 Capricorn 29 at 5:07 am, Moon conjunct Pluto (7 Capricorn 28), Venus conjunct Neptune (29 Aquarius 45), the Moon passes the January 4 partial solar eclipse degree.

March 27, Sunday. Venus entered Pisces late last night or early this morning depending on your time zone

March 28, Monday. Moon enters Aquarius at 4 am, Sun (7 Aries 29) squares Pluto (7 Capricorn 29), Jupiter (14 Aries) opposite Saturn (14 Libra)

March 29, Tuesday. Venus and Chiron are conjunct at 3 Pisces.

March 30, Wednesday. Mercury (24 Aries 20) stations retrograde at 1:48 pm, Moon conjuncts Neptune (29 Aquarius 51) and then enters Pisces at 3:38 pm.

March 31, Thursday. Moon conjuncts Venus (5 Pisces 04) at 1:29 am


  1. The 2011 Overview of Events with Moon Phases is a really great tool. I wish I had found it earlier this year and so glad I can use it now. I can only imagine the other great offerings listed here in the paid area are as equally if not more useful. It might be time to check that out? Thank you for sharing your wisdom and light with us so generously.

  2. The 2011 overview is amazing…thank you for all the work you did to put it together and make it available to us. Its a great tool for looking ahead and I have been using it every month.

  3. I simply wished to thank you so much once again for your willingness to share the brilliance of your work.

  4. Cayelin, I tried another publication earlier this year and though it is wonderfully informative and in some ways “over my head”, I certainly have missed your work. Thanks for all you do.

    Love, love, love

    • Thank you so much Barbara…I am loving all the new things I can share now and the feedback I have been getting is… overtime all this does get integrated and it all starts to make more and more sense. Sending much love too…

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