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2020 August Celestial Timings

The August Timings

I was sent this as I was preparing the August 2020 Timings. A blast to the past of me in the late 1990’s. I was about age 42 or 43 right around the time my mother died.  I am now the age she was when she passed. WOW…and I loved that tie dyed shirt…The woman here with me in this photo died a year or so later. Seems the death mysteries are very present for me right now as already mentioned!

Well July was a very interesting month in so many ways – imaging many of you feel it was interesting you for you as well. One unexpected factor (meaning its not part of a normal cycle) was the visibility of Comet NEOWISE in the direction of the Big Dipper – suggesting new wisdom is visiting our part of the Universe.See image below for those who didn’t get to see it.

Here in Tucson we had mostly cloudy nights due to monsoon season during greatest visibility so it wasn’t something easy to see – though Jupiter and Saturn and the Moon have been spectacular. Still the wild and unpredictable impact of a comet whether seen or not is worthy of our attention and intention.

The comet’s name says it all really Neo (means new) and Wise – well in addition to meaning knowledge and what we know – it can also mean becoming alert to or aware of something! Journaling around this concept of New Wisdom and what it means I find my awareness is around what is the new wise contribution I most long to create in any moment?

The answer I have received over and over is love, Love, LOVE! Love is the answer. Love changes everything. Kindness, acceptance and compassion of self and others are qualities of Divine Love that have the power to transform all the lower vibrational energies of greed, anger, doubt, criticism, envy, and pride.

NEOWISE (the New Wisdom) is really not new but I am asking myself about it in a new way. Do I have the courage to love myself, love my life, love all those who are in my life as expressions of the divine?

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The Magic of Venus and The North Node

More exciting details are shared in the 17 minute video below…

Venus and the North Node come together once each year but it is usually only every 18.5 to 19 years that Venus and the North Node return together within any specific sign.

August 5, 2020 Venus and the North Node join together in Gemini in a rare occurrence when Venus is also in her synodic return at the beginning of her 19 month Gemini Synodic Cycle. This is the first of two conjunctions that is even more rare joining together again on May 17, 2021.

The last time Venus and the North Node were together in a Gemini Venus Synodic Cycle was in 1965 and then they only came together once. This won’t happen again for 100’s of years because 56 years from now in 2076 Venus will no longer be rising into the Gemini cycle having shifted to the Taurus Cycle in May of 2060. In the table above you can see Venus and the North Node can conjunct two times when in Gemini – BUT this only happens once in about 300 years or more when Venus is also in her Gemini Synodic Cycle.

Anyone turning age 56 between June 10, 2020 and January 14, 2022 is in a rare and powerful time where Venus and the North Node are returning to activate your personal divine destiny especially as it relates to either your emerging feminine identity (women) or your inner connection to the feminine within (men).

Collectively this means Venus and the North Node in Gemini as we are experiencing it now is a rare once in many lifetimes event that is worthy of our intention and attention.

This 17 minute video explains much more…

This link has the details of a remarkable Ceremonial Journey through the Venus Cycle designed to support your personal and our collective journey with this remarkable once in a life time opportunity with special rate offer into September.

And stay tuned for a second video featuring the Venus North Node conjunction in 2021 with the star Aldebaran…be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (and click the bell symbol too) to get notified when this video goes live!

Mercury in Virgo

Upcoming Mercury in Virgo Dates

Aug 19, 2020 to Sep 05, 2020 

Aug 11, 2021 to Aug 30, 2021

Aug 04, 2022
July 28, 2023
July 26, 2024
Aug 09, 2024 retrograde
Sep 09, 2024
Sep 02, 2025

Mercury in Virgo
Mercury is the shapeshifter magician who slips in and out of the realms of Time. This is especially evident during Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. Read More

The Power of Forgiving the Unforgivable

The Shamanic Healing Power of Forgiving the Unforgivable
(Brief Introduction)

The journey to living a more fulfilling life begins with forgiving the unforgivable.
Whatever unforgivable things we have done to ourselves, done to others or have had done to us!
It is about clearing the slate and experiencing a NEW beginning
from a place of forgiveness, kindness and love.
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2020 July Celestial Timings

Hope to see you there FREE sign-up HERE

2020 Certainly has been a time of unusual events that have altered our reality in ways many had never imagined.

2020 July Celestial Timings PDF for additional Details

June featured the beginning of a New Venus Cycle with Venus Retrograde most of the month. Mercury joined the retrograde line-up a few days before Venus stationed direct.

Then we had the second of 3 exact Jupiter Pluto conjunctions on June 29/30.

The first was April 4 and the last is November 12. Find out more here and how the Jupiter Pluto conjunction is the Alchemy that can liberate whatever might be holding us back – now.

We begin July with Saturn returning to Capricorn helping to further facilitate the dismantling of all the old forms that are no longer sustainable in this reality. Jupiter expands this process and Pluto turbo charges our opportunity to die to the old and make room for the new. All three planets remain very close this entire month. Read More

The Catalyzing Natal Affect of Jupiter Pluto

Jupiter Pluto 2020 and Beyond e-book version with images and tables

Unedited Plain Text Version Below

The Alchemy of Jupiter and Pluto Conjunctions Natally
(applies to squares and oppositions too)

On April 5, 2020 my first grandbaby entered this world with a nearly exact Pluto Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn (shown here at 2.5 months old).

Two months earlier, in February 2020 I was on an astrology panel at the Conscious Life Expo sitting between two astrologer’s who were talking about how a Jupiter Pluto conjunction was an amazingly fortunate combination – especially for the economy.

Interestingly other astrologers have a different opinion about this including Peter Burns who researched this topic here and found that Jupiter Pluto is not always a great time economically and in fact often represents a collapse of the old structure (especially when in Cancer or Capricorn) ideally so something more vital and supportive to all on planet Earth can emerge. However, that hasn’t always been the case in the past. Read More

The Alchemy of Jupiter and Pluto Conjunctions

Jupiter Pluto 2020 and Beyond e-book version
with additional edits and part two
of this article along with images and tables

Unedited version below…link above has additional tables and insights added and part two…

Astrological patterns are recognized in terms of the meaning
that we bring to inner and outer experiences,

although we are perhaps in turn predisposed to the quality
of our experiences by the patterns themselves.
However, rather than trying to pre-empt fate,
to ward it off or pretend it does not exist,
we may perhaps work with it as consciously as we are able:
thus we participate in the alchemical opus,
the hero’s journey, the philosopher’s stone,
or the finding of the long lost kingdom.

 Chiron and the Healing Journey
An Astrological and Psychological Perspective
By Melanie Reinhart

The above quote is from a book on Chiron (the Shamanic Healer) and YET also very much describes the Pluto process especially when Jupiter is involved. You might find it interesting that I wrote the article below before remembering this quote I have loved for over 20 years from Melanie Reinhart. I thought I was done writing this when suddenly I just had to find this quote about I remembered having something to do with the alchemical opus and philosopher’s stone. It feels like the perfect way to begin introducing the concepts shared below.

The intent of this article is to inspire all who read it to discover your own alchemical opus within – transforming your base elements into the golden light of who you truly are! Read More

Moon in Sagittarius

A work in progress…scroll down to Eclipses Near the Great Attractor for June 5, 2020 Full Moon Eclipse insights.

The Full Moon and Summer Solstice are symbolic of each other as both are a time of the greatest amount of light in their cycles. Thus, as we approach the Summer Solstice the Sagittarius Full Moon brings to light the deeper truths of life as we continue to embrace our personal and collective spiritual quest for enlightenment.

The Sagittarius Full Moon symbolizes a time of fulfillment and increased awareness where seeds planted in an earlier cycle are coming to fruition. The seeds of truth we have been cultivating are ready to shine in all their glory.

It is important to consider the correspondence between what we believe is true and what we actually experience in objective reality. Thomas Aquinas stated it this way: “A judgment is said to be true when it conforms to the external reality.”

The evolution of what we believe to be true occurs as our external reality changes and no longer supports the beliefs we once thought were true.

Sagittarius Eclipses

December 14, 2020 Total Solar Eclipse 09:16:25 AM PST 23°Sg08′ D South Node Eclipse
Visible in Eastern Europe, Much of Asia, NW Australia, Pacific, Indian Ocean. 
Totality Saudi Arabia, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Guam

May 26 
2021 Total
Lunar Eclipse at 4:14 AM Pacific at 05°Sg25′ D South Node Eclipse
Visible in SE Asia, Australia, Much of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica

December 04, 2021 Total Solar Eclipse 12:43 am Pacific 12°Sg22′ D South Node Eclipse Visible in South Australia, South Africa, Southern South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean (This eclipse is closest to the Great Attractor) Read More

2020 June Celestial Timings

June 2020 features Venus Retrograde conjunct the Sun on June 3, hanging out with the North Node for many weeks and beginning a new cycle on June 9/10 and then stations direct on June 24 at 5 Gemini. If you missed our FREE Venus Retrograde (very FUN) webinar you can catch the replay when you sign-up here.

Mercury goes retrograde on June 17 at 14 Cancer with the star Sirius.  Mercury enters the degree of its station direct (05 Cancer 30) on June 1, 2020 and moves beyond its station retrograde degree on July 26, 2020. Read More

Corvus – The Raven Constellation

Corvus sitting on the tail of the serpent

Corvus, (latin for Raven) is listed in the 48 Constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy.

Corvus the Raven was tasked by the Greek god Apollo, to take a chalice and collect the waters of life that Apollo needed for a sacred ceremony he was performing.

Corvus did not attend to his task right away, choosing to spend many days waiting to eat figs about to ripen on a fig tree. When Corvus eventually returned to Apollo with the waters of life, the raven claimed he had been delay by Hydra the water snake.  Angry and annoyed, Apollo cursed Corvus with eternal thirst and threw him into the heaven, beside the chalice or cup CRATER, guarded by the watersnake, HYDRA.

This story about the curse of eternal thirst from the Greek perspective is why Ravens have black feathers and raspy voices. Read More