These are some of the Videos I have been a part of over the years, many of them are interviews, some are looking at timeless subjects and some are about specific events etc.

New Video looking back to mid-90’s and mid 2000’s with Me and Nancy Safford
Focusing on the Venus Temple Nodes and other Cool Venus related Ceremonies
More on Venus and her powerful cycle at

Maia’s Meditative Video on the Venus Temple Nodes. Really cool
Find Maia at this link 

Here is a blast to the past about an event Daniel and I facilitated on the BIG Island in 2009…

10 minute Virgo Full Moon Ceremony

NEW Interview Conversations with Co-creators of the New World
Featuring the Alchemy of Venus
Dying to Who we Believe we Are, So we Can be Reborn to who we really are!

Cayelin and Tami Share Insights about 2020
From the Perspective of the Grandmothers

And the Bonus Video

Warrior Women Past and Present – 22 minutes

June 2016 Interview Looking At Venus in the Underworld and Beyond


Who Can Benefit from Shamanic Astrology and How It Can be Applied – 5 min


What is Shamanic Astrology and How Can It Benefit You? with Me and Daniel Giamario


Venus Cycle and Uranus with KG Stiles


Why There are Not 13 Signs Now or Ever


Uranus Pluto Square that lasts until 2018 and Grand Cross of 2014
May 2016 Interview with Tyhson Banighen – looking at Shamanic Astrology,
how Shamanic Astrology Found me, the Venus Cycle, and the Turning of the Ages.


Interview with KG Stiles on Uranus Pluto Square


The December Solstice on the Galactic Cross


Total Lunar Eclipse