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I love your YouTube channel!! It has helped me make total sense of the strange and previously inexplicable happenings in my life involving Venusian initiation 🙂 Thank you for your great content!! Tess 

Countdown to the December Solstice








Welcome to the Magic and Mystery
of Living on Earth and
Connecting with the Sky!

I am excited to share the ever changing Sky Mysteries through many venues including the popular Celestial Timings – an online astrology and astronomy e-zine I have shared for over 25 years and the many videos with great visuals now available on my YouTube channel.

Discover magical insights designed to help you consciously and creatively navigate these rapidly changing times by tapping into ancient wisdom with guidance intended to support your life’s journey.

This is designed to expand your awareness around what is possible in ways that inspire and ignite the magic we all carry within us.

I am looking forward to sharing this magical adventure with you!

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The Magic and Mystery of the

Zodiacal Constellations
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