The Celestial Timings e-zine is one of the first monthly e-zines that began in 1996 with a focus on astrology and astronomy. This monthly offering was freely offered until 2006 when a subscription version came into being along with the free version during a time when I was going through major life changes. 10 years later I returned to offering FREE Celestial Timings only.

The Celestial Timings banner shown here was created for me when I launched my first website in 2006.

Check out the audio below to hear more about how the Celestial Timings got started

How the Celestial Timings Got Started

by Cayelin K Castell

The basis of these offerings comes from the As Above, So Below mysteries as expressed in the opening line of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth/Hermes that says:

What is Below corresponds to what is Above, and what is Above corresponds to what is below, in the accomplishment of the miracle of one thing.”

Knowledge of the Celestial Cycles was highly sacred in the ancient mystery teachings forming the basis of what was needed to thrive and live in balance with the Earth. These Mystery Schools spent years training their students in not only the knowledge of the planetary cycles and the Timings they represented but also in the direct experience of them and how to ceremonially co-create with them. The Celestial Timings are a modern day version of these teachings.

The As Above, So Below mysteries as understood by Shamanic Astrology are encoded with sacred time relating to the Earth’s movement through space. Attuning to the changing seasons and the movements of the planets and their unique rhythms as they traverse the starry backdrop further deepens our inter-relationship with the celestial realms.

The Celestial Timings are an offering intended to support a growing, changing, evolving, deepening relationship with these mysteries, reminding us that we are all interconnected and interrelated. We are the stars and they are us. We inform the mysteries as much as they inform us.

These Timings offer imagery for consciously participating with sacred celestial events. You are invited and encouraged to expand on these mysteries for yourself through your own direct connection—discovering your own unique relationship with sacred time and the celestial dance during this rare and miraculous cosmic turning of the Great Wheel of Time.

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…for the Cosmology of a civilization both reflects and influences all human activity, motivation, and self-understanding that takes place within its parameters. It is the container for everything else. ~Richard Tarnas “Cosmos and Psyche Intimations of a New World View”

The above quote from Richard Tarnas is a reminder of the vital importance of consciously choosing to participate in creating a new Cosmological perspective that ideally integrates the right brain, magical world view and the left brain, practical, logical approach into a holistic expression that reconnects us with greater meaning and purpose as we reinvigorate our living connection to Source. Awareness of the Celestial Timings at this 26,000-year turning of the great cosmological wheel is a significant way to consciously participate in being informed by, and helping to inform, the unfolding Great Mystery as we actively dream the dream onward. The Celestial Timings are an invocation for the New Earth.