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Voting for our Reality

Voting for Our Reality Through All We Do

Many do not exercise their right to vote in elections – siting reasons such as: elections are rigged anyway so it is a waste of time, or there is no one that is trust worthy enough to vote for, or all the candidates are bought by corporations and those with money so that is who the politicians serve. All of this may be true (or partially true). That said it is still important to exercise our right to vote.

Many are discouraged from voting because it has become so difficult to do in person. However, most places now have the option to vote by mail (that is the one I chose because it gave me plenty of time to consider my vote) or early voting places are also available in most areas.

More people of voting age did NOT vote in the last election (2016) than did vote. Yes, there is discrimination and it is difficult for minorities and the poor to vote due to our unfair way of registering voters, creating districts and closing polling places. Yes the system needs a lot of improvement or maybe a complete overhaul. However, it also needs our participation. Just think how different our world would be if more of us took the time to share our voice through our vote.

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My Me Too Journey

Me at age 16

I have been thinking about sharing this story for a long time now in support of others who have been through similar and even more challenging experiences. It is scary for me to do this and it feels important to honor those who have had the courage to step up and risk so much to bring what has been in the shadow for them – into the light.

With the September, 2018 current events playing out so dramatically I find I am deeply and powerfully affected in ways I had not imagined I would be.

It is Personal – Not Political 
This is NOT about a political ideology. I do my best to stay out of  the “this is right and this is wrong” political polarization I see happening, especially as it has escalated in recent times. Sharing my story is not meant to further fuel the polarization as that is not helpful.

What I am sharing is what I’ve experienced and how troubling it is we live in a world that continues to minimize the challenges of sexual abuse victims. In addition to the main story I am about to share – I have experienced sexual assault and harassment in other arenas listed in my timeline below.

Those in positions of power have had free reign to terrorize and abuse both men and women in many of the places where we should feel safe and protected including home, family, work place, government and religious institutions. Something that seems so striking to me is the denial of the abusers and the lasting impact these experiences have caused so many, including those in personal relationship with the victims. I was married to a victim (explained further on) and the effects were traumatic for him and ultimately his loved ones, children, family, friends and of course Me Too.

For me the question is – how to do we heal and forgive while also creating a climate of accountability for all involved? How do we do this without turning it into a political circus so genuine healing can occur? I don’t have answers and it seems the answers have been illusive. Yet, the courage of the women and men who have come forward to share their Me Too story is already having an impact in raising awareness around how prevalent this has been and continues to be. Often simply being heard, believed and supported affects a potent and under estimated empowering start to the healing process. Read More

Honoring My Mom, Merilyn Massey Sep 1933 to Aug 1998

Me (age 22) and My Mom (age 44) in 1978

This post is a way to honor and remember my Mom, Merilyn Massey. She died on August 18, 1998 just before her age 65 birthday. My Mom was born on September 6, 1933.  The story of her remarkable transition and the gifts of her conscious death process are HERE

Merilyn had a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a master’s degree in Professional Writing but somehow she never found the time to complete or publish her own writing. So in honor of her desire to be a published writer I am sharing the beginnings of a book she had written that I found on a yellow legal pad a couple of years after she passed.

I typed them up way back then and they are presented here exactly as she hand wrote them. I found it interesting to notice that she writes about many of the same things I do! I guess I am my mother’s daughter after all… Read More

How can Awen Help?

One way to stay centered and connected to greater meaning and purpose and the transformational intent of this or Any Time is through conscious breathing and intentional blessings. Conscious breath has had many names in different cultures including prana and chi. The Druids called it “Awen” (breath of divine inspiration).  Read More

I AM the Serpent Bearer! A Personal Story

In 2015 I posted an article about Dreaming into Wholeness with the Serpent Bearer, also known as Ophiuchus, the constellation that is often mistaken as the 13th sign due to the assumption that Signs and Constellations are the same. They are not the same. Signs relate to the seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) and the Constellations are the backdrop that the signs or seasons move through. You can find out more about the Serpent Bearer constellation and its powerful connections to dreaming and healing HERE.

I AM the Serpent Bearer! The Title of My Magical Dream Read More

What is Up With the Number 13 and Friday the 13th?

In 2018 there are 2 Fridays on the 13th – April and July.  (See end of article for more dates)

Some say, like the ancient Celtic and Norse peoples, 13 is a LUCKY number, and on Friday the 13th they took time to celebrate the Goddess because Friday is named after Freya the Norse name for Venus and 13 is her sacred number. So Friday the 13th was the perfect day to make love or do other ceremonies in honor of the Goddess.

Plus, there are 5 Venus cycles that last about 19 months each – returning to a starting point every 8 years and in that 8 years Venus goes around the Sun 13 times. This links to the Fibonacci Sequence  – 8 (years) plus 5 (Venus cycles) equals 13. Read More

A Javelina Encounter

I saw a Javelina while out walking in the desert on June 14, 2017. We had a heart to heart encounter so I was inspired to look up Javelina and share it.

Javenlina (a Mayan word) teach us to transform our challenges into strengths when we are willing to confront our fears and uncomfortable circumstances.

Javalina are communal animals and are usually docile but if they feel threatened they have been known to attack. The Javelina I saw this morning was quite content to look at me from about 50 feet away. We had a few moments of connection before going our separate ways.

Also interesting for me as I have been working on strengthening my own digestion and Javelina are known to have powerful digestive systems easily eating prickly pear cactus, needles and all.

I am seeing this as a sign in the world of form that I am making additional progress with my own digestive challenges that have already improved remarkably over the past few years and the past year in particular. 🙂

The Healing Power of Shaking

This sharing is inspired by a Sounds True Podcast interview with Brad Keeney author of Shaking Medicine

Shaking It Up
The value of physical shaking, as well as making choices to shake up our habitual reality by doing things in a different way, are gifts that can come from practicing various forms of shaking. Read More

When Life Isn’t Fair – A Saturn Story

thumbnail-largeWhen life isn’t Fair there is hope…and another way to look at it!

Healthy Saturn is necessary in any system
as it is responsible for structure and form.
Life without the Saturn principle would be similar to
the experience of always being on a large dose of LSD.
This is why it is important to understand that Saturn
is not good or bad; it’s simply the rules, and
why the best strategy is to learn to work with Saturn.

~From The Shamanic Astrology Handbook
Sourced by Daniel Giamario (
Available HERE!) Read More

Hummingbird Magic

Joyfully Be Yourself!


In the Window of the Exact April 2014 Grand Cross…as Venus was continuing her descent journey guided by the Circle of Grandmothers in the New Venus Ceremonial Journey Tele-Class Series I co-created with Tami Brunk, a Hummingbird appeared on the sidewalk in front of my sliding glass door. It was obviously stunned with wings outstretched. It seemed to be convulsing and I wondered if she was dying? Read More