I love your YouTube channel!! It has helped me make total sense of the strange and previously inexplicable happenings in my life involving Venusian initiation 🙂 Thank you for your great content!! Tess

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Cayelin, you are such a gifted healer and radiant spirt! Thank you for the great session. Shine on! Diane
Here is a personal endorsement for Cayelin K Castell‘s wondrous astrology readings. Less than $300 and a bargain at any price. My mind was blown. Magi Speelpenning

Cayelin, with your help, Shamanic Astrology has opened up a brand new lease on my life ~ I am realizing my real life’s purpose. I have said it before and I am sure I will say it a million more times. Thank you for living your passion and helping me to understand who I am! You are a blessing!! Joan, St. Marys, PA

Cayelin, thank you for your loving support. I must say that it feels like you are destined for some very important things, or at least, some very major growth in this lifetime. I appreciate your openness and trust. I really want to acknowledge you for the significant beautiful being that you are and the energy that you carry. Much Love, Anne

Cayelin has a very interesting blend of great strength coupled with extreme gentleness. It is quite admirable and allows you to feel confident following her direction, and enter into new territory as if it was your own back yard. I am also stunned by her depth and breadth of astrological knowledge and the manner in which she makes it come alive today in your life! ~Julie Strong

You are like an Oracle. I don’t always remember what you said, but I know you ignite things, you catalyze things, because you are a remarkable catalyst. Normal human beings aren’t always the best catalysts. I find that it helps to have someone to get outside support from you. It’s not even always so much what you said, it’s your energy. It’s a real gift you have and I am grateful. I am in grateful remembrance for how you have open doors and paved the way for Heaven on Earth in these times. Matt California

Beatriz OriveHi Cayelin, Thank you also for the amazing information you so lovingly transmitted to me. It never ceases to amaze me the timing of our encounters and the information relayed. Our 3 sessions together gave me a priceless glimpse into my Higher Self’s wisdom, and also helped the human part of me understand so much of the past several years.

It would be great if we just lived each day fully without wondering about tomorrow, as so many masters have told us; however, the human always feels better when understanding at this level sets in.

Thank you for being that angel that brought my human to such understanding at this time in my life! And you know what I really loved about the way you delivered the information? How you provided the possibilities while staying neutral! Wishing you a beautiful day! With love, Beatriz Orive

You did a Shamanic Astrology reading for me in the Spring of 2005. Recently I listened to the recording and looked at the materials again and was absolutely blown away!! I just I had to send you this message to say “Thank you very much!”, because literally everything you said is exactly what has happened. I am a living, breathing example of how accurate Shamanic Astrology is. Wanted to extend heartfelt gratitude to you for your work!! Jeanine, New York

My reading with you changed my life. The deep simplicity of Shamanic Astrology helped me to quickly see the areas of my life that I need to de-activate, and the areas that I needed to move toward more fully. I was visited by 3 ravens during a key point in the reading, making it a deeply mystical experience for me. I am honored to have been touched by Great Spirit in this way. 
Carol Ann Ciocco, Pennsylvannia

I am forever grateful for the Shamanic Astrology reading you did for me last year (2006). I have been touched so powerfully that I am in tears with gratitude as I write this message to you. Honestly, there have been many, many miracles I have experienced over the past year because of my reading with you!! Georgia, Sedona, Arizona

Thank you for the life-changing reading you gave me last year. I got the validation I had been missing in trusting myself. Since my reading with you I have changed my life in ways I hadn’t thought possible. I’m living more and more of the “magical life” you described. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness, warmth, brilliance and obvious passion for your work!! Kaye, Nevada

Celestial Timings

Hi Cayelin, I don’t know you personally, but have been reading your newsletters religiously each month and I just bloody love you. Thank you. This is So much effort and wisdom. I feel blessed for all the places you’ve directed me. 🙂 Amanada HS

Thank you, Cayelin, for all of your amazing work, your beautiful heart and mind, and for inspiring this lovely stream of consciousness within me. I look forward to your email at the first of every month. Thanks for assisting in keeping me connected to the big picture Cosmos! Many blessings, Barbara S

I can not tell you how much knowing what is unfolding through the Celestial Timings has meant to me. Magically, like a divine voice your knowledge has saved my life without a doubt. It is as if you are directly speaking to my experiences. Last year, were it not for your magical Timings, I don’t know what I would have done. They were a magical link to sacred knowledge. I can’t put into words what value and meaning they brought to me. Thank you for all the profound gifts you share each and every month. You are MAGIC! Lloyd Sanner, Coachella Valley, CA

I am stunned with joy over the revelations and potency of the recent Celestial Timings. It’s often hard to see that any  progress or change is happening in the world. My tears over  the present day worldwide events turn into calm when I realize it is simply…change happening at a very quick pace. Your words help me be more accepting. Thank you for being a  constant voice and vehicle in the movement of this new energy. It  really assists in sustaining my own beliefs. Mariana Simpson

Your Celestial Timings are brilliant. Thank you Oh so much! I run workshops for painting mandalas, and other workshops using sound and rhythm for healing and joy. In both of these I love to quote from your Timings as there is always something that resonates with what we are doing to help inspire and focus. At the moment I’m living in Spain. I would absolutely love to do some of your courses, one day when I’m in America! Stephanie Brent,

Thanks so much for your work and your life. What a blessing you give! I can’t tell you how often I have gone through something and then I’ve gone and looked back at the ‘signs’ and portents in your Celestial Timings. Then I understand and get a big ‘Wow!’. We really are in relationship to the stars, aren’t we?! J. K. H. Kelowna, BC

I just had to write and let you know how much my husband and I value your connection, insight and willingness to share your gifts with the world. Reading your Celestial Timings message for the day is part of our morning routine. Whenever we feel a bit ‘off centered,’ the Timings offer us insight to understand what is happening. We are extremely sensitive to the energies coming from Above and Below and your messages are a perfect fit to support our journey. Thank You! Amy Camie St. Louis,

I have been reading Celestial Timings since they began in 1996. I looooove them!!! In fact I start my day with them and find the inspiration, wisdom and guidance invaluable. And…I have learned so much about the patterns of the seasons and cycles of the planets. Your work is a precious gift beyond measure. Carrie, Colorado

I have a short attention span and am grateful for the way the Timings are written. Short, sweet and to the point. The new audio on the Sun is the best viewpoint of the Sun I have seen. I now get why typical Sun Sign interpretations leave me flat. It’s time to get a subscription and find out what you have to say about the other placements! Bill Z.

I was listening to your Sun in Scorpio audio, and you said that if a person’s Venus is in Scorpio, as well as their Sun, then the person came here to be shamanic and work with energy. This was like a bolt of lightening because I have been fighting my shamanic ability all my life. I’m a middle aged woman who doesn’t know where to begin to manifest my life purpose, including living in an ancient way, something I yearn to do… Thank-you for your food for thought. Joan Kathereen Heart

I was reading this month’s Timings the other day. The first thing I saw was about your Mum and her birthday. I shut down my computer, had a shower, and went to the local hospital where my own mum was admitted 3 days earlier. I sat with her, held her hand, told her how much I loved her and that she is my rock and has been all my life. As I left her that morning, something said “Don’t look back.” I didn’t and kept walking. The hospital rang at 2pm that afternoon and said my Mum had just passed on. Just before the call I felt a wave of love, joy, happiness, and openness ~ she was saying goodbye. Thank you for your work, Cayelin. You have helped me more than you could ever know over the years. Jennifer Orr