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Scorpio Cross Quarter and Khambalia Audio

Fixed Star Khambalia, the star of Secret Knowledge – 18 minutes 

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Sun at 15 Scorpio – the November Cross Quarter or Samhain – 8 minutes



Aries, Uranus and the Spring Equinox Audio & Uranus Table

Uranus Generations from 1927 to 2019 this PDF link also has a table showing the movement of Uranus through Aries from March 2011 to 2019

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Audio Celestial Timings Archives

Archives of the Timings When I did audios back in the day…

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Monthly Archives for Audio Celestial Timings

These audio archives are for 2015 with some interesting audios from previous years. This is for those who want to go review previous months to see what was happening.

February 2016 Overview – 16 minutes

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February 2016 Week One – 13 minutes

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February 2016 Week Two Audio – 9 minutes

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February 2016 Week Three Audio – 16 minutes

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February 2016 Week Four Audio – 12 minutes

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Audios on Planets etc…

Eventually there will be audios on all the planets posted here… be sure to check back soon. So far this page has Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron.  Read More

Audios on the Signs

This is the page for finding the Audios on the Signs. More Audios are being added to this page so check back often. Read More

Eris and Eris Ephemeris

Eris is a slow moving dwarf planet (560 year cycle) that disrupted the astronomical community in 2005 because they didn’t know how she should be classified – as a planet or asteroid? This created a huge controversy ultimately demoting Pluto from a Planet to a Dwarf Planet – a new classification sparked by the discovery of Eris. Interestingly this equalized Pluto and Eris both now considered dwarf planets. More is shared in the audio below.

Uranus was with Eris in 2016 and well into 2017. 

Chiron moved into Aries on April 17, 2018 and catches up to Eris as shown in the table below. (Stay tuned for more insights about what this means!)

Mars and Venus with Eris In 2020
Mars and Eris are close together for many weeks due to the Mars Retrograde in Aries.

Aug 14 2020 Mars 23°Ar30′ D Conjunct Eris 24°Ar30′ R Entering 6:20:40 AM PDT
Aug 17 2020 Mars 24°Ar29′ D Conjunct Eris 24°Ar29′ R Exact 9:39:38 AM PDT
Aug 20 2020 Mars 25°Ar28′ D Conjunct Eris 24°Ar28′ R Leaving 10:16:32 PM PDT
Sep 30 2020 Mars 25°Ar09′ R Conjunct Eris 24°Ar09′ R Entering 6:43:25 AM PDT
Oct 3 2020 Mars 24°Ar07′ R Conjunct Eris 24°Ar07′ R Exact 10:51:56 PM PDT
Oct 7 2020 Mars 23°Ar05′ R Conjunct Eris 24°Ar05′ R Leaving 8:22:43 AM PDT
Aug 30 2020 Venus 23°Cn24′ D Square Eris 24°Ar24′ R Entering 9:08:11 PM PDT
Aug 31 2020 Venus 24°Cn24′ D Square Eris 24°Ar24′ R Exact 7:35:08 PM MST
Sep 1 2020 Venus 25°Cn24′ D Square Eris 24°Ar24′ R Leaving 5:56:45 PM MST

Eris is also square Pluto and Jupiter Square at key points in the year and Venus reaches opposition in November 2020

Nov 8 2020 Pluto 22°Cp46′ D Square Eris 23°Ar46′ R Entering 1:10:33 AM MST
Nov 11 2020 Jupiter 22°Cp44′ D Square Eris 23°Ar44′ R Entering 9:44:52 PM MST
Nov 17 2020 Jupiter 23°Cp41′ D Square Eris 23°Ar41′ R Exact 12:34:27 PM MST
Nov 22 2020 Jupiter 24°Cp39′ D Square Eris 23°Ar39′ R Leaving 8:39:23 PM MST

Nov 15 2020 Venus 22°Li43′ D Opposite Eris 23°Ar43′ R Entering 8:46:05 AM MST
Nov 16 2020 Venus 23°Li42′ D Opposite Eris 23°Ar42′ R Exact 4:06:29 AM MST
Nov 16 2020 Venus 24°Li42′ D Opposite Eris 23°Ar42′ R Leaving 11:26:22 PM MST


May 26 2025 Chiron conjunct Eris 25°Ar28′ D 25°Ar28′ D
Oct 08 2025 Chiron conjunct Eris 25°Ar16′ R 25°Ar16′ R
Mar 19 2026 Chiron conjunct Eris 24°Ar59′ D 24°Ar59′ D


Eris Dwarf Planet and Her Mythic Story – 13 Minutes
(recorded in 2011 and very much true all these years later)

To download the Eris audio, Right Click Here

Find Where Eris was when you born and where it will be in the future
An Eris Ephemeris from 1900 to 2100

Eris Orbit Approximate Most Recent Years through the Signs

Aries             1393 to 1521 (128 years) and 1922 to 2048 (126 years)

Taurus         1521 to 1606 (85 years)
Gemini        1606 to 1642 (36 years)
Cancer         1642 to 1662 (20 years)

Leo              1662 to 1677 (15 years)
Virgo             1677 to 1693 (16 years)
Libra             1693 to 1714 (21 years)
Scorpio         1714 to 1740 (26 years)
Sagittarius   1740 to 1768 (28 years)

Capricorn    1768 to 1800 (32 years)
Aquarius      1800 to 1846 (46 years)

Pisces          1846 to 1926 (80 years)

The following is a more comprehensive list of Eris ingresses into signs back to 339.

SIGN          Year of ingress (approx.) back to 330 A.D. up to current time

Aries             339      866       1393      1925

Taurus         457      989       1521      2048

Gemini        510     1058    1606

Cancer         534     1088    1642

Leo               552     1107    1662

Virgo            567     1122    1677

Libra            585     1139    1693

Scorpio        609    1161    1714

Sagittarius  637     1188    1740

Capricorn   667     1217    1768

Aquarius    704     1251    1800

Pisces         763     1303    1846


Once In a Lifetime Spring Equinox 2011 – Special Post

The upcoming March 20, 2011 Spring Equinox features a Full Moon perigee just hours before the Equinox and a rare Zero Aries Sun Uranus conjunction just hours after the exact Equinox. The first recording gives the details and the second is a personal sharing about working ceremonially with these energies.  Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might appreciate this information.

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Chiron audios

Chiron Overview and Chiron in Pisces into 2016 5 audios including Chiron with Fomalhaut and the Doing Addiction. Ranging from 14 minutes to 16 minutes long – over an hour of material to inspire your Chiron Connection Read More