Personal Readings

See special savings offer on Shamanic Astrology sessions (including Venus Specific Sessions) below.

A Shamanic Astrology session gives you insights, tools, and guidance for making those conscious important life decisions. This knowledge empowers you to recognize and live your life purpose and to understand the issues that may arise.

During your session, we will look at your natal chart, also called your divine blueprint. You will get a sense of your current life purpose and the skill set you’ve brought into this life as well as places you may get stuck and guidance on how to get unstuck. We will also look at your personal initiation cycles as a way to determine the best choices for you at the time. Your session will be personal to you, your life’s intent, your questions, and what you need.

For more information about Shamanic Astrology, click on this link, What is Covered In a Personal Shamanic Astrology Session for an in-depth description of what we will cover or intend to cover depending on questions etc…


Please complete payment for your session/s before your appointment.

For Payment via PayPal click the Buy Now button below and enter the amount for your chosen session:

To pay via check, please send at least 1 week before your first session to:

Cayelin K Castell
8986 N Treasure Mountain Drive
Tucson, AZ 85742

Reading Special is $260 for a ninety minute session. 

In honor of those who truly desire a session and don’t have the financial resources for the above special offer click on the tab for Sliding Scale, Payment Plans, Trade and Pay-It-Forward options. Also if you live in Tucson or are part of one of my communities contact me for the community rate.


There are several options available for a first Shamanic Astrology session including: single sessions, packages, and couples packages.

Click on any of the tabs below to read about the different options

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Single Sessions

Your session can be in person, by phone, or by Zoom.

Includes: MP3 recording* with downloadable link if done on my conference line or video if done on Zoom, your natal chart, and a 1-year transit chart with bi-wheel. First Time sessions are 90 minutes Currently $260

*Recording Information In the past I have used a high quality MP3 recorder but it has recently become very unreliable so I am using a conference line to record sessions. I do NOT guarantee recordings from my end so I highly recommend that you record the session yourself as a back up.

{tab=1st Time Session Packages}

First Time Sessions – Packages

Basic Package (2 Sessions) $413.00 ($206 per session)

Session 1: An in-depth look at your natal chart or life map and a look at your cycles. 75-90 minutes
Session 2: A deeper look at your personal chart, cycles (personal timings) including progressions, solar return and any synodic cycles you may be expereincing along with any other questions you may have. 60-75 minutes
(Must be used within 3 months)

Silver Package (3 Sessions) $577 (about $192 per session)
Session 1: An in-depth look at your natal chart or life map and initiation cycles. 80 to 90 minutes
Session 2: In-depth view of initiation cycles and other parts of the chart not covered in the first session. 60-75 minutes
Session 3: Explore special cycles such as Venus Return (if you happen to be in one); a deeper and broader look at significant relationships*; relocation; progressions, solar return, etc. 60-75 minutes
(Must be used within 4 months)

Gold Package (4 Sessions) $720 ($180 per session)
Session 1: An in-depth look at your natal chart or life map and initiation cycles. 75-90 minutes
Session 2: In-depth view of initiation cycles and other parts of the chart not covered in the first session. 60-75 minutes
Session 3: Explore special cycles such as Venus, Mars, or Mercury Return (if you happen to be in one); a deeper look at significant relationships*; relocation; progressions, solar return, etc. 60-75 minutes
Session 4: Anything not yet covered by the first three sessions including Lunar phase returns etc. 60 to 75 minutes

Each session Includes:

  • Addressing questions from previous sessions
  • Coaching on the Timings for special ceremonial dates over the next year including sacred work, sacred relationship, health and overall well-being.
  • 12 month look at Monthly Sun-Moon Angles a.k.a. your personal monthly power point, conception point or fertility point for both men and women.
  • BONUS: We will deeply focus on specific areas such as when to launch new ventures, or other topics you would like to explore.

The Gold Package must be used within 4 to 6 months.

* For the Silver and Gold Packages: I’m happy to include a brief comparison of your natal chart and the chart of one significant other. If you would like additional comparison charts done, it is $15 for each one due to extra prep time involved.

Couples Package 3 Sessions $597 (about $199 per session)

Session 1 and 2: Each partner has one initial session on their personal life map and initiation cycles. 90 minutes each
Session 3 focuses on helping both partners to understand how to maximize their relationship intent within the relationship along with how to navigate their relationship at the current time based on their personal cycles. 60 minutes

(These sessions must be used within 3 months)



Note: Currently you can get a follow up 60 minute session for $250 and 90 minute follow up session for $260 a savings on what is listed below. Zoom video sessions are also available with video emailed to you after the session.

You are welcome to schedule personal update sessions at any time to go deeper into your natal chart and current initiation cycles or upcoming cycles.

If you choose to have an annual update, you will learn about the initiation and synodic cycles for the next 12+ months along with any relationship or relocation questions you want to explore.

The 2 options for update sessions are:

Option 1: 60-minute session. $245 includes a link to a conference MP3 recording or video recording (not guaranteed)

Option 2: 90-minute session. $260 Includes a link to a conference MP3 recording or video recording(not guaranteed)

{tab=Packages & Mentoring}

Personal Mentoring Sessions & Update Packages

For those who have had a first time session and would like personal guidance and mentoring – to go deeper into your natal chart, explore significant others, relocation, synodic cycles, and more:

2 Session Package. 60 to 75 minutes each – $410 ($205 per session)
Must be used within 6 months

3 Session Package. 60 – 75 minutes each – $564 (about $188 per session)
Must be used within 6 months

4 Session Package. 60 -75  minutes each – $720 ($180 per session)
Recommend at least one session every 3 months to be used within a year.

6 Session Package. 60 -75 minutes each – $1050 ($175 per session)
Recommend at least one session every other month to be used within a year.

12 Session Package. 60 -75 minutes each – $1920 ($160 per session)
Recommend at least one session per month to be used within a year.

The 4, 6, and 12-Session Packages must be used within 1 year.

Includes: Charts relevant to the session, an emailed link to a conference MP3 recording (or video if done on Zoom) of the session and handouts to explain the charts.

These personal mentoring sessions can cover various topics such as:

  • In-depth exploration of your natal chart
  • In-depth details on current transits especially synodic cycles of Venus, Mercury and Mars
  • Locating where you are in the Venus or Mars story
  • Relationship and sacred marriage exploration
  • Charts of family members or significant others or anyone you need help understanding
  • Specific fixed stars that are prominent in your chart
  • Sacred work
  • Solar returns and progressions
  • Location and relocation information
  • Monthly Sun Moon Angles
  • Guidance for determining Ceremonial Timings

{tab=Solar Fire Mentoring}

Solar Fire Mentoring

Cayelin offers mentoring sessions for Shamanic Astrology students who need help setting up their Solar Fire astrology software program or need mentoring on sessions they are doing with clients. Done through Zoom Video conferencing.

Contact me for mentoring rates.

{tab=Recording Info}

Recording Information

Recordings are not guaranteed. Occasionally (almost never but once in a great while) there are technical glitches beyond my control. I am now using a conference line or Zoom to ensure good quality recording on both sides of the conversation. I will send you access info for the session prior to our scheduled appointment.

I recommend that you record the session yourself as a back up just in case the recording doesn’t work out on my end.

NOTE: I no longer offer CDs of the session. Its better for the planet and eliminates the time and cost of producing them so is less expensive for you too.

{tab=Schedule a Session}

Information to Have Ready Before Your Sessions

I need the following information emailed to me within 2 days of your initial session:

  • Birthdate
  • Time (as close as possible)
  • Place of birth
  • A recent photo (can be emailed)
  • A brief, written bio/life history (highly recommended)
  • Questions and concerns you want to cover

The bio/life history helps to begin the process of understanding the archetypal patterns as they are expressing for you.

A way to begin writing is by setting your intent for the session and then write what comes to you from that place. You can write a paragraph or several pages.

Whatever you’re inspired to write will help direct the focus of the session. It is true we get what we ask for and what we are willing to receive. The more you consciously participate with the initiatory process of a Shamanic Astrology session the more you will experience its potency and magic.

Intake form 

Once you sign up for a session I will email you an intake form that will have questions similar to the ones below. These questions are suggestions to consider as you prepare for your session and are not required but most tell me they are very helpful in their preparation process. There is no right or wrong way so take a few deep breaths and ask the part of you that knows, and trust what comes to you.

  • Significant childhood experiences, siblings, and family dynamics
  • Past and current relationships – marriages and long term relationships or lack of them
  • Significant places you have lived
  • Education including spiritual training
  • Jobs – current job and what direction you want to go in with your job
  • Repeating patterns 
in your life
  • Your spiritual journey and religious upbringing
  • Significant illnesses or accidents you have had or those close to you have experienced that have impacted your life
  • Are you happy with who you are and how you are living your life?
  • Are you in transition? 
If so, what are you transitioning from, and where do you see this transition taking you?
  • Do you have questions about career, relationships, where to live, lifestyle choices?

Phone Info

I have been doing most of sessions on a conference line we both call into for the session. I will send the conference information before your scheduled session. If you opt to have your session on Zoom I will send a Zoom link prior to the session.


Please contact me by email at or call or text 520-822-7282 to schedule a session. I can usually schedule within two to four weeks, often sooner.

{tab=Sliding Scale. Trade, etc}


I am committed to creating opportunities for all who genuinely desire to engage these mysteries and this sacred initiatory process. As I transform old limiting beliefs around money and valuing my work I am adjusting this option to reflect a new understanding. I truly believe in and have experienced the transformative power of this work and if you are willing to apply this sacred knowledge to transform your life I know these sacred teachings will also guide you in creating greater happiness and success in your relationships, personal growth, business or career.

I have learned over the years that whenever one engages in an initiatory work that supports personal and spiritual growth it is important to honor that work with an equitable energy exchange. Our current culture uses money to create that exchange and until there is another system this is what we are using.

I am open to discussing a creative form for this exchange with those who are willing to come up with a plan that feels honoring of this work.

What I am asking is for you to present me with a plan that you feel is comparable to the fees I am charging. Please don’t ask me to create a plan for you because I don’t know your life situation. Plus, by coming up with your own plan for an equitable energy exchange it demonstrates to me that you understand the value of this opportunity and will therefore benefit from it.

The quote below belongs to a longer article by Drunvalo that explains more about the energetics and the importance of the energetic exchange.

The Sufi teachers I studied with believed that there must be an exchange or the student would miss the lesson. It didn’t have to be money, but there had to be an exchange of some kind.

After almost 20 years of experience around the subject of paying for spiritual knowledge, I also believe there needs to be a fair exchange. Not charging for spiritual teachings does not work for the teacher nor the student.

And what you personally believe around money will affect the outcome. Your beliefs about money will ultimately determine whether or not you succeed financially. And succeeding financially is important, because until you do, you will be limited in your ability to share with others the spiritual teachings that God has given to you. ~ Drunvalo


Payment via PayPal