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What people say about the Celestial Timings. Some of these are copied from posts.

Hi Cayelin,¬†I don’t know you personally, but have been reading your newsletters religiously each month and I just bloody love you. Thank you. This is So much effort and wisdom. I feel blessed for all the places you’ve directed me. ūüôā Amanda

Dear Cayelin, You always have a knack for words that speak to my inner voice bringing peace. I am going thru huge life changing shifts regarding family, my home and beloved partner. Thank you for reminding me that what is happening is not being done TO me but, FOR me. Blessings to you & family. RT Really Thankful

Thank you for the exquisite work you do in interpreting the movement of the stars and for your great personal vulnerability in sharing your process of growing in ways that inspire the rest of us. Sincerely yours, Sarah Mills

Hi Cayelin,¬†Thank you so much for the monthly timings, they are so helpful and¬†packed full of useful information. You must put alot of work into¬†them. TyTyTy.¬†Your new format, the April 2018 Data table of the degrees and Stars is¬†spectacular! It is so neat and every transit is visible at a glance.¬†The accompanying degrees are so helpful for looking up info on the¬†Star and it’s influence of that degree. I’ve been doing this in my¬†natal chart and boy, have the scales come off of my eyes! So much is¬†self explanatary. This stuff should be taught in schools and parents¬†would benefit from learnig deeply about the child they are guardian¬†over.¬† So much I could say on this topic, but this is already turning¬†into a ramble….Thank you from the bottom of my little feet on our beloved Earth¬†Mother for all of your work and the service you provide to this¬†generation of humanity.¬†Celestial blessings,¬†Christine Hopkins

Thank you so much for this gift. I want you to know that the Celestial Timings have meant more to me than you may realize. I read them every morning, often more than once a day, and they have become a valuable and vital way for me to align myself, my spirit and my energies as I navigate my way through the days and nights of this pilgrimage journey that is my life. Know that this has been most precious, I wish you all the highest and best good with whatever comes next for you. Know that your work will be very missed and I hope and look forward to future possibilities of once again benefitting from this gift of yours. with love, respect and deep gratitude, Kate Mayo

Dearest Cayelin,¬†There’s no way to say enough thanks for your newsletter. I’ve been in a place (these last couple of days) that I haven’t been in a very long time. I recognized the place but from a long-ago time.¬†I’m breathing much better now that I understand why the things that are coming up are so in my face!!¬†Loving thoughts, and many, many thanks! Bonnie S

Thank you, Cayelin, for all of your amazing work, your beautiful heart and mind, and for inspiring this lovely stream of consciousness within me. I look forward to your email at the first of every month. Thanks for assisting in keeping me connected to the big picture Cosmos! Many blessings, Barbara s

As always, I so very much appreciate all that you do. Your work keeps me connected to the sacred energy in all life. You are a precious treasure. Mari M

Cayelin Castell’s Celestial Timings are a greatest gift of astrological awesome. ¬†Her daily reports of planetary alignments dance with gems of wisdom, mystery, and gracious guidance. Every element of intuitive and intellectual intrigue is excited by her art of painting start charts with brilliant colors of spiritual gnosis. Cayelin delivers her presence in creatively cosmic, but terrifically tangible presents that empower her readers to participate with planetary magic through practical celebration in our own lives. And every day there is a new gift to unwrap! ¬†Starry-eyed newcomers and seasoned sages alike will find the Celestial Timings to be a most valued resource and inspiration.¬†~ Gemini Brett¬†

I have been voraciously eating up the audio files in your Celestial timings. WOW!! I can’t believe I haven’t signed up before! I guess I wasn’t ready but now I am. I am on fire! You rock and I am honored to call you a sister. Thank you for being you. Dana

Okay…I don’t even have words. I listen to the Celestial Timings 24 hours a day, literally… and it is rocking my world.¬†Can you send me information about your readings? I MUST have one!! Thank you so much. Janine

Thank you so much for your loving dedication all of these years, I totally believe you are a God sent prophet for these many changing times walking with all of us spiritually! Keep up the wonderful information, helping us to make the correct decisions. Blesssings to all of you and yours, YvonneMarie Submitted on 2012/03/31 at 9:47 am
Your Timings these last few months have helped me enormously with my transformation. Understanding the energies that flow from the heavens to my body/mind/soul here on Earth has helped me understand the changes that I have been experiencing. Thank you for following your intuition and for your knowledge of the Stars!

And…thank you for all your hard work and the knowledge you share each month with us all. I have been reading your work for a few years and I have always found it immensely helpful. I am not an astrologer and still find the Timings are immeasurably nourshing for my soul, spirit and mind. Ellie

May 27, 2012 Author : lloyd sanner
Joyful Blessings Cayelin, I can not tell you how much reading and knowing what is unfolding in timings has meant and explains to me. Magically like a divine voice the gift of the knowledge gained has saved my life without a doubt. It is as if you are directly speaking to my experiences.

Late last year was especially prominent,were it not through your magical timings, I dont know what I would felt or have missed experiencing or how long I may have processed and grieved. Your Timings are like a magical link to sacred knowledge. I can not put into words what value and meaning its brought into my reality, they better my experiences daily. How thankful I am to you for the work you do in providing this information.

I especially enjoy reading and gaining enlightening insights from all the mythology stories behind the stars, they for me are juicy cherries I hope for each month and count the minutes until the next are available. Thank you for all the profound gifts you share each and every month.You are MAGIC! Many joyful blessings to you!! Lloyd Sanner Coachella Valley,Ca

Dear Cayelin,
I have been receiving your Celestial Timings for many, many years. It has to be somewhere around 10 years or more that your insightful and highly knowledgeable information have been a part of my daily practice of staying connected to the Cosmos. I have seen you change and grow and I have certainly done the same enhanced by your communications.

Thank you for your passionate, Spirit-driven work that reminds me that we are truly One with the magnificence of creation at the most expansive as well as the tiniest levels.Thank you again and again. Many blessings. Barbara J. Semple, California

Dear Cayelin, Dear Peter and your entire team…I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for another amazing, inspirational and informative year you have gifted us with through the Celestial Timings. It has been wonderful being a part of the journey with all of you and I look forward to having you as part of my daily support system throughout this auspicious year so many of us have been waiting for 2012.¬†Many blessings,¬†Katie

Thank you for all your hard work on the timings. Everytime I work with them I get so much out of your words. I am not an astrologer myself, but still the energy imbued in all your work resonates with me. Elisande

I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for all you do. The Celestial Timings are very impressive and I’m grateful to have this awesome tool – especially during this particular time. Love>Light>Joy, Patti Summerville, Flower of Life Facilitator

Thanks for all that you’re doing to guide us along with the natural rhythms and pulse of the cosmos. It’s so important and necessary now, and the quality of info and insights is remarkable! Sherri Johnson

Thank you for the beautiful and awesome work you do. I am so grateful for your sharing it so openly and sacredly with so many of us. It strengthens my pervious connections with the Celestial Ones and for that there are no words to express by immense gratitude. My hope is you hear my heart. Always with Light and Love, Sandra G

I loved the butterfly story. I was so happy to hear your voice, it resonated within me. I love it! It is deeply comforting for me to read the timings. Blessings to you! Aida

I just signed up for your paid timings and what a wonderful gift!  Thank you.  I just love the material for Feb. on life purpose.  This really hits home!   Thanks for your fabulous insight! Diane S.

Love your new website and banner, very powerful…I don’t remember ever seeing one that I wanted to just drink in the way yours makes me feel. Strange perhaps, but true. Bright Blessings, Sheila

This is a note of congratulations and appreciation for all the great work you do on explaining extraordinary and complicated astrological events…i called to thank you after i saw your youtube presentation on the winter solstice lunar eclipse, you mentioned you’d be releasing a new web site soon…and here it is…beautiful and extensive…i have subscribed to your celestial timings as a learning tool to further my astrological knowledge…well done and thanks again…love and blessings…simant

Thank you for your website, wisdom and medicine. ¬†My lover and I have recently came across your website. ¬†We each individually watched your solstice video and synchronistically brought it to each other’s attention.¬†Extremely grateful. Congratulations on your new creation. You provide extreme, detailed insight and I’m surprised the subscription is priced so low.¬†We will both be spreading the word about your site to our local shamanic circles. Jason

I read Cayelin’s Celestial Timings daily and consciously pay attention to how the planets are dancing thru my day, and dreams at night.¬† Having my own personal relationship with the 12 tribes has deeply enriched my Spiritual life physically, mentally, emotionally. I am so grateful for this awareness. Mahalo Cayelin!

The Timings are part of my every morning, I mean every morning routine!  I print them out and underline like crazy. Carolann

Instead of reading the newspaper, which only speaks about what is not working in the world, I read the Celestial Timings, which help me to expand, research and align, ….Thank you beautiful Cayelin for the great work! Love to you, dear Sister, Vanessa

Awesome as usual Cayelin! The timings are always such a great reference for alignments and what everyone is experiencing! Much love to you! Mary

Hello….I simply adore your work! It is one of the first and key things I look at it whenever I get online! ¬†You are so in sync and so in touch w/ planetary energies! I¬†am beginning to hold ¬†Full Moon Celebrations this March…on the virgo full moon…which my moon is! so, i feel your reports can assist me in this effort.¬†thanks and much love and appreciation to YOU! Elizabeth

Thank you so much for the free January Celestial Timings. This website means so much to me and helps me to connect with the Celestial beings and see what is going on in my world around me. The info. that comes through these Timings is so precious to me. I find info in here that resonate with my soul, spirit and path. Thank you for being so dedicated to your calling and what you teach us. Blessings from South Africa. May the Ancestors smile favourably upon your life and work. Blessings, Ingrid

This is such a wonderful resource I keep coming back to your website time and time again ‚Äď comprehensive, insightful and timely. Thank you for all your efforts, I pass on your videos and write ups to people interested in astrology. It is a valuable offering and it helps you determine how to prepare for events as well as giving depth to your psychology and personal transcendence. Lynda

I am a fairly new subscriber and I just want to say how much I appreciate all that you write and share. In appreciation, Jessica Barrilleaux

It’s amazing to be In touch, once again with your multi-faceted approach to Spirit. I have learned so much from you throughout the years, and I’m excited by the comprehensive expansion of Celestial Timings. ~ Carolyn Castro

Dear Cayelin and Peter Chiron, There is no way to say just HOW enlightening these Timings are for me. Since I live so isolated, it is a huge connection to uplifted ones, such as yourselves! Many many blessings and thank-yous ! Merkaba Moon

Cayelin Castell’s subscription to Celestial Timings are worth their weight in gold with profound and insightful teachings on the relationship between the Earth and Sky. Cayelin shares the astrological mysteries throughout the month in a way that informs the astrologer in each of us. If you want to further your understanding of the impact the celestial world has on your personal experience then a paid subscription to the Celestial Timings is vital! Lisa Michaels founder of the Natural Rhythms Institute

Just really want to thank you ever so much for all your incredible effort and knowledge. I have been reading the Timings since 2000 everyday! You so assist in keeping me ‘tuned in’! I’m still loving Shamanic Astrology, still doing readings and so appreciate all your efforts to keep me on track. With Love, Wendy in Idaho

I so much appreciate the Celestial Timings. They have been and continue to be a great asset in my daily life. ūüôā Katie

I love the timings and all the extras, great site with such deep insight and meaning. Thank you for all you do, Linda

Thank You for your wonderful writings each month. I look forward to them, print them, and read them every day, they are so inspiring. Wendy

The service you provide to so many cannot be counted by money alone. I have gained so much insight, acceptance, and intent from your analysis of the cosmos and find reading each day is a great way to start out, in sync with the movement of the heavens. Congratulations on such a good job well done. Keep up your work which is so beneficial. Susanna

I just want to say how much I appreciate your understanding of the foundational “essence” of the particular energies at play at any given time. They always translate for me the “deeper” meanings that other astrology sites don’t quite reach and I use the CTs’ to see the undercurrents of their messages more clearly. Thanks ever so for your dedication, insight and passion. With warm appreciation, Sandy

Thank you so much for this precious and priceless work. Truly the Celestial Timings speak directly to my soul and I am a grateful fan. Paula H.

Praise your Soul, as I appreciate so much your resourceful braiding of so many Wisdom Teachings in your Celestial Timings. Often new and intriguing constellations of deeper archetypal meaning emerge from your writings, and I am nourished by the patterns that “see around the bend”. Matt S. Sedona

I find your guidance, quotes, etc in line with my needs more than any other astrological interperetations! Thanks Jane Nelson, Seattle

Hi Cayelin,¬†¬† I just wanted to thank you for the potency of the recent Timings. I am almost stunned with joy over¬† the revelations. On a daily basis, it’s often hard to see that any¬† progress or change is happening. But your words help to bring the¬† foundation (or lack of foundation) together in my mind. My tears over¬† the present day worldwide events turn into calm when I realize that¬† it is simply change happening at a very quick pace. Your words help¬† my own acceptance of these circumstances. Thank you for being a¬† constant voice and vehicle in the movement of this new energy. It¬† really assists in sustaining my own beliefs.¬† Love, Mariana Simpson

Dear Cayelin, Many thanks for the information and inspiration. Quail

Thank you so much for the Timings. They have become a valued part of my morning readings. Thank you again for your contribution to my world. Blessings, Cheri Catt

Dear Cayelin, Your songs continue to weave through life as I live it. Thank you so much for continuing on this path and sharing your vision with all of us.  With Love, Elizabeth Johnson

I so enjoy the report and cherish the galactice viewpoint that you present.  Thank You, Bonnie

Dear Cayelin, I so look forward to each month’s Celestial Timings and use much of your info particularly for Equinoxes and Solstices and my work with the labyrinth. Bless you for this service, Taffy Lanser

Cayelin, Thank you for the reminder about my subscription. I am sending my renewal money, in the mail with great pleasure. I am so blessed to be able to support your gift. I continue to call out your name in prayers of gratitude. Sweet blessings, Christine Gamache

Dear Cayelin, Your celestial timings are brilliant. They help me make sense of the path I am on. Thank you Oh so much! I run workshops for painting mandalas, and other workshops using sound and rhythm for healing and joy. In both of these I always quote from your timings as there is always something that resonates with what we are doing which inspires and focuses. Also your links are great. I would absolutely love to do some of your courses, one day when I’m in America (which will happen sometime) I know I’ll do one. At the moment I’m living in Spain which suits me for now. However, we are living in times of momentous change……! Lots of Love and Light Stephanie Brent

The Celestial Timings are wonderful! I refer to them nearly every day and use them as guides to the bigger picture of the universe. The affirmations in the Timings are amazingly pertinent to my needs at the time and I post them to read often. Thank you Cayelin for your insight, talent and dedication. Julia, Knoxville, TN

What a gift Cayelin has for conveying the messages in the Sky in the language of Shamanic Astrology, the Goddess, and the Mythos, revealing the messages for us at this the Turning of the Ages.

I have lived in Sedona for 20 years now, am an astrologer, among other things, and now a Certificated Shamanic Astrologer! I was first aware of the Celestial Timings in the middle 1990s, and was devoted to the messages and inspired by ‚Äúshe is speaking our language!‚ÄĚ: Turning of the Ages, deeper awareness, Mayans, 2012, star patterns referring to this unique time we are in‚Ķ. The Celestial Timings became our guide which confirmed that we were on the right track, and through it, we were able to tune into the Night Sky Time Clock for many of our outdoor medicine wheel ceremonies.

I was amazed when in 2004 I began working for a retreat company here in Sedona that featured on its agenda a Shamanic Astrology Reading. And from that point on, I was magically put on the Shamanic Astrology path and became a certified Shamanic Astrologer in November 2006. A dream come true. And it all comes from having first read and followed Cayelin’s Celestial Timings. Thank you, Cayelin, big time.

The Celestial Timings have grown considerably since I was first introduced to them. The wealth of information given to address so many levels for our growth, transformation and wholeness is a treasure. I, personally, appreciate the time that is necessary to put together such a manuscript each month so that we have such a strong guide.

Cayelin is a joy to meet and know, kind and real. Her knowledge, understanding, and intuitive knowing are remarkable gifts that we are privileged to share. I am grateful to know her.

Chere Rose
Sedona, Arizona
August 22, 2007

Thanks again Cayelin for your amazing astrological information! I love your website and have recommended it to many people. I really appreciate your planetary attunement and shamanic view-point and find it extremely helpful to share with others.” Bright Blessings to you dear lady. Mara Stevens, California

I always look forward to Celestial Timings each month as if offers me insight into the archetypal, symbolic and “mystery” elements of the cosmos in a unique and straight forward way. Maia Christianne Nartoomid, Kaua’i, Hawai’i

I love your ‚Äúnewsletter‚ÄĚ. It reduces some of the anxiety I am feeling now by putting some perspective on all the endings and beginnings and not knowing where I am going in these wild changing times we are in! Thank you so much!!! Tracy Horter, PT, Berwyn, PA

I used to wish that I had some way of knowing which planets were in aspect on any given day for all of us, so that I could figure out the energies of each day and track them as I watched the buildup of energies during these unusual, somewhat stressful and ever changing times.

Not being an astrologer, but deeply interested in astrology, I have finally gained that wished for guidepost in Cayelin Castell’s Celestial Timings. I so look forward to getting them each month and hungrily open them to see what we have in store for the upcoming weeks. I have a great time reading them since Cayelin also puts in very astute and appropriate comments on general spiritual philosophies that are very helpful to whatever energies we are currently passing through. I am so grateful for the Celestial Timings! Squidge Lain Santa Fe, New Mexico

I love and appreciate your passion, work and dedication in sharing the great unfolding mystery of the Stars. I print out a copy of the month’s readings and keep it on the kitchen table for all to read and share its insights every morning. It is a highlight of the new day. Many Blessings to you.¬†Joann Vollmer, Wise Way Wellness Center, Thornton, NH

Hello Cayelin, Thanks so much for your work and your life. What a blessing you give. I can’t tell you how often I have gone through something and wondered about it. Then I’ve gone and looked back at the ‘signs’ and portents as written by you. I understand and get a big ‘wow’ from what’s happening. We really are in relationship to the stars, aren’t we? J. K. H. Kelowna, BC

Dear Cayelin, I just had to write and let you know how much my husband and I value your connection, insight and willingness to share your astrological gifts with the world. Reading your Celestial Timings Message for the day has become part of our morning routine. Whenever either of us feel a bit ‘off centered,’ if offers us insight to better understand our experience. We are extremely sensitive to the energies coming from Above and Below and your messages are a perfect fit to support our journey. Thank You! Loving life…all of it, Amy Camie St. Louis, MO

It is such a pleasure to read your life-enhancing Timings and enjoy a whole new dimension to my existence. I have learned so much since I first chanced upon your web site, probably my most enriching learning experience, that came quite by accident although I do believe we are given what we need, when we need it. So thank you for becoming a part of my life, and for your guidance.
Love and light, M from Chichester, UK

I enjoy and am always learning so much from your Timings. Thank you! Karinna, Hawaii

I so appreciate the work you do and only wish I could affort to pay you 1,000 times more than what you charge for your share of divine brilliance. I especially appreciate how you create the harmonics with other celestial voices as you weave diverse soul wisdom into your astrological insights. It supports my journey of awareness and encourages me to keep singing in the rain; embracing a playful attitude while chopping wood and carrying water as a practical mystic, as a child of the UniVerse dancing in the big picture with ALL THAT IS. Cha, Cha, Cha! Pauline, Ohio

Since last December 2006 I have found your daily writings to not only be deeply informative, but many times to connect me to my own transmissions. I find the attunements in the daily Celestial Timings to be deeply transformative. Thanks for your Service. Sincerely, Terry MALIK McGill, Oregon

Cayelin I can not tell you how much I appreciate your work and your daily messages and how much they illuminate and open and expand my consciousness. You are a true gift and I appreciate you enormously. Thank you. I am sure you don’t get acknowledged and appreciated enough so I am here to tell you thank you Рyour work is brilliant. Sandy, Tucson

Hello Cayelin, I really love reading Celestial Timings. It has been very helpful to learn what positive energies to focus on rather than the energies of what isn’t the way I want it. Thank you for your work. Connie Sue

I have been reading Celestial Timings since they began in 1996. I looooove them!!! In fact I start my day with them finding the inspiration, wisdom and guidance invaluable. And…I have learned so much about the patterns of the seasons and cycles of the planets. Your work is a precious gift beyond measure. Carrie, Colorado

Cayelin, Much appreciation to you for your practical wisdom, your stellar Reach. I have been motivated to create a dream/prayer catcher as suggested by you in the celestial timings for today.¬† Curling vortex of copper wire, with spokes of Manzanita stitched through that whirling metal, will provide the backbone of receptive-transfomative antennae.¬† Behind this “catcher” will be images of Black Holes taken by the Chandra X-Ray telescope, a painted representation of a Black Hole, and an iconic symbol of Unity Consciousness. Like a mammoth shadow-fire furnace, ¬†this Black Hole strips any karmic residue from ancestral tissues.¬† Going beyond personality, these involve archetypal residues that impact the Soul-full fractures. Soul-full fractures.

At the same time, this evening, my attention simultaneously went to Pluto, magistrate of life/death, resurrection, revolutionary illusion breaking motifs. revolutionary illusion breaking motifs…¬† …and so focusing and scanning between the Galactic Center and Pluto. intensity of the karmic purge, the intensity of Pluto’s subterranean abyss,,,, back and forth until the Shamanic trigger is pulled¬† … the Galactic Black Hole, pulls the cauterized burn of life/death separations from out of skeletal marrow, removes this wound from neural pathways… and I rest in Wonderous astonishment at the beauty of shamanicastrology,,,, where the lens of one celestial form, transmutes the shades of another stellar body, and the viewing participant becomes the branching lightning rod between both,,,, feeling the snap of cosmic electricity, feeling the removal of ancient assemblage patterns. Matthew, Arizona

P.S. Cayelin, Thank you so much for your Guidance. I wanted to share but one archetypal story cultivating those primordially seeded fields.

Venus and Chiron merging together, awakening the transmutation of wounded Healer into Being of radiant Unity.¬† And so on Wednesday night, focusing on the Venus/Chiron intersection, feeling deeply this blending of Divine Feminine with cosmic stoic Counselor, breathing deeply the warm oceanic acceptance as it pours and cauterizes the sliver of separation…. using my eyesight view of Sirius, Orion constellation to increase the intensity, until suddenly, conceptual webs dissolve, and I AM the merging of those two archetypal influences.¬† Ecstatic visceral epiphany. Beyond words, only knowing/feeling this malleable armor bending on the heated anvil..

The energy from this therapeutic engagement,,, literally re-modeled the original Adam and Eve story, in order for the archetypal pieces to snap together, mapping the new bursts of metaphysical energy.

And so with Venus infusing Feminine Divine into Chiron’s alienation…Eve becomes aligned with the insight of the Caduceus, quelling Adam’s conflicted illusions, retrieving the Wonder of Eden,…. innocence and wisdom a new template. Matthew, Arizona

It’s funny that for everyone’s birthday wishes I always congratulate them for completing another solar orbit. For you it has a deeper meaning and you truly understand the complicated and spiritual aspect of our solar system and universe which has a profound effect on our lives. Happy anniversary of being back in the relatively same place in relationship to our sun and stars when you drew in your first breath. Always a special place in my soul is where you reside. Thank you for all the educational information you share with me so I have a slightly better understanding of our universe’s energy and power. And have a fun and family filled day!! Dr LEE.