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2019 May Celestial Timings

Another amazing month is upon us with the Taurus New Moon on Stars Wars Day – the day of my oldest son’s wedding in Colorado – May the Fourth Be with You!

The New Moon just so happens to also be in the astrological Beltane Window and The Full Moon is near the Days of No Shadows. Plus we have Venus at the Sacral Chakra Gate May 2 and Uranus and Venus conjunct at the Full Moon just to name a few.

New Video on the Solar Zenith

2019 May Celestial Timings


Special Venus Mars Underworld Saga Webinar May 15, 2019 with replay available it will 32 years before Venus and Mars come together in this part of the sky with the Sun. Details


Special Webinar Series offered by the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School covering the first Libra Venus Underworld in 155 years, Mercury Retrograde, Ceremony and Shamanic Astrology and Jupiter into Capricorn

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Magic and Mystery of Beltane
Mars Moon and the Horns of the Bull
Solar Zenith May 20

Saturn, Pluto and the South Node 

Jupiter in Sagittarius Jupiter moving back toward Antares Jupiter with the Serpent Bearer Personal Dream Experience with the Serpent Bearer

Mars is Out of Bounds April 20, 2019 at 01:58 pm PDT June 12, 2019 at 02:45 am PDT

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The Next Jaguar Day is May 13


Pluto Retrograde

by Cayelin Castell

At the Still Point Of Pluto’s Retrograde it is time to surrender to what has been so we can move toward what is becoming.

Are you Ready for a NEW World, a NEW way of life as we prepare for 2020?

On April 24, 2019 Pluto Stationed Retrograde. Pluto Stations direct at its second still point of the year on October 2/3, 2019. Any planetary Still Point is a place of suspension or pause where the energies remains suspended within minutes of its station point for a few weeks before and after the station point. Read More

2019 April Celestial Timings

Mercury still at its station point and some new supposedly better way of posting I didn’t ask for
but got anyway – is requiring a learning curve so apologies as I get this figured out. 

April begins with all planets moving forward – then three planets go retrograde -Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – the big three that are the major players this year and in the rare 2020 alignment that won’t happen again for 734 years. 

Plus Pluto and the South Node are exact on April 4. So with these three retrogrades and the South Node and Pluto hanging out for this entire month it is another opportunity to go back and transform so we can move forward toward our divine destiny.

The name April comes from the latin word aperit, meaning to open. April occurs right after the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and is part of the growing season when trees and flowers begin to “open” or blossom. See more about April Fools at link below.

2019 April Celestial Timings PDF

Celebrating April my beloved Peter Klein is offering a Destiny Card Reading Special Check Out the Details at this link Read More

Khambalia – Star of Secret Knowledge

This article is a work in Progress…

“The name has its roots in old Coptic and means ‘Crooked Claw’, most probably the same device which we call the Swastika and whose ancient symbolism contained the idea of secret knowledge, accessible to us, but only if one knows the way to get to it, as we also find with the maze in other cultures. 

The word Shambala has a similar root and meaning; so has the pentagram, so has the Arabic word for five, Khamsa, may well also derive from the same piece of mystique. 

Khamr, wine, also has a connection, being so often a symbol for ‘the secret of life’, ‘the spirit’ again, as well as a means to enter a transcendental (or just inebriated) state of consciousness.” ~Eric Morse The Living Stars

Khambalia marks the foot of the Virgin Priestess and is known as the keeper of secret knowledge accessed through transcendental states of awareness. Whenever a planet is near Khambalia we have greater access to the secrets of transformation through death and rebirth carried deep within our DNA. Read More

Mercury in Pisces

See end of Post for times when Mercury is in Pisces and retrograde in some part of Pisces.
The Pisces Mind
Mercury stationed direct in Pisces on March 28, 2019 and continues its travels through Pisces until April 16, 2019. (See more data below)
The archetypal energy of the mind now being integrated into the collective psyche of humanity for the next four months is Pisces operating from the right brain feminine and the feeling function. This is not about emotions that come from the outside in but feelings that come from the inside out. (Will share more about that when I have time to update this article so stay tuned.)

The Pisces mind is about healthy integration of the feelings to experience a healthy functioning mind – including practicing compassion and being willing to embrace the unknown and trust the knowing that exists beyond logic and reason.

Said another way, the world is the result of what we believe and perceive reality to be. We are dreaming the dream of our life experience and reality in every moment, and we can change that experience by simply changing what we believe, or what we are thinking on a daily basis, as our thoughts create the dream of our reality – so what we think is what we are dreaming into existence.

Quantum physics has proven that this reality – the reality we live in – is not as real as it appears. The fact is the observer affects what is being observed through their intention and attention.

The Pisces Expression of the Mind is a reminder that we are responsible for our experiences because what we experience is generated from our feelings, beliefs, expectations, and perceptions of reality that are often unconscious and yet these feelings and beliefs are what create our reality.

What limiting beliefs and thoughts do you have that hold you back from expressing your true brilliance?

What would it take to shift any negative beliefs along with any self-judgment you have, so you can experience genuine compassion for yourself and others?

Are you willing to let go of habitual thinking that is based in limiting judgments and old paradigm limitations?

What if doing so helped you to experience an entirely new reality that is fulfilling and fun?

Mercury Traveling through Pisces to 2030
February 10 to April 16, 2019
March 16 to April 10, 2020
March 15 to April 03, 2021
March o9 to March 27, 2022
March 02, to March 18, 2023
February 23 to March o9, 2024
February 14 to March o3, 2025 and again on March 29, 2025 due to Retrograde
February 06 to March 03 2026
January 31 to April 08, 2027 Mercury returns to Aquarius (29 Degrees 59) Feb 18, 2027 and returns to Pisces March 18 due to Retrograde (see below)
March 13 to March 31, 2028
March 06 to March 23, 2029
February 27 to March 15, 2030
Mercury Retrograde and direct in Pisces  – sometimes returning to Aquarius, sometimes beginning in Aries
March 05 (29 Pisces 39) to March 28 (16 Pisces 06), 2019
February 16 (12 Pisces 53), to March 09 (28 Aquarius 13), 2020  – re-enters Pisces March 16, 2020 to April 10, 2020
March 14 (09 Aries 35) to April 07 (26 Pisces 50), 2025 Mercury begins retrograde in Aries returning to Pisces on March 29, 2025
February 25 (22 Pisces 34) to March 20 (08 Pisces 29) 2026 
February 09 (05 Pisces 59) to March 03 (20 Aquarius 55) 2027 re-enters Pisces March 18 to April 08, 2027
March 07 (02 Aries 24) to March 30 (19 Pisces 02) 2032

Venus With Chiron in Aries

Chiron and Venus Dates to 2025

Apr 23, 2019 at 3 Aries 30
Feb 10, 2020 at 2 Aries 56
Mar 28, 2021 at 8 Aries 49
May 15, 2022 at 14 Aries 44
Mar 03, 2023 at 13 Aries 59
Apr 21, 2024 at 20 Aries 59
Jun 1, 2025 at 25 Aries 44
NOTE: In 2025
Venus at 11 Aries goes Retrograde March 1 and is exact with the Sun March 23 at 2 Aries. Venus returns to Aries on April 16 and is here until June 5 or 6. All the while Chiron in Aries is between 20 to 22 degrees Aries). More exact dates will be posted later

When Venus and Chiron connect in Aries it helps to initiate new forms of fierce feminine compassion designed to heal past wounds and traumas in the feminine psyche.

The Philospher’s Stone
This type of Chironic healing is similar to the mythic understanding of the Philosopher’s Stone, or the stone of alchemy, or the elixir of life.

Inasmuch as alchemy was concerned not only with the search for a method of upgrading less valuable metals but also of perfecting the human soul, the philosopher’s stone was thought to cure illnesses, prolong life, and bring about spiritual revitalization. The philosopher’s stone, described variously, was sometimes said to be a common substance, found everywhere but unrecognized and unappreciated.” (Encyc. Brit., 15th ed., 1976

Chronic Alchemy
This common substance is expressed as our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. When understood and applied wisely our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are the elixirs that heal all our ills.

The feminine wounds of the past can now heal – including women not being considered as valuable as men – and transform. This is because the Aries Wild Woman has the fierce courage needed to step up and transform the old world view that has enslaved humanity through fear and the belief that we (especially the feminine) are not good enough the way we are and must somehow prove ourselves to a judgmental, vengeful supreme being that is beyond and outside of us.

At we continue to witness the collapse of the old structures and institutions (economic, political, educational and religious structures) that were designed to create greater fear and condemnation of what we do not understand, perhaps it is possible to envision (and experience) restoration of the common good and justice for all.

“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.”
Carl Gustav Jung

Releasing and Transforming Condemnation
What do you condemn within yourself and others including the governmental structures, the religious structures, the wars, hunger, disease, pollution, big corporations, or anything else? If you find condemnation within, then practicing forgiveness and acceptance transforms these old forms and liberates the energy that has been trapped in them for many eons of time.

Releasing judgment and condemnation has the potential to not only attract but also produce experiences of joy, abundance and prosperity while also revitalizing every aspect of our being. We all carry the ability to source these mysteries within ourselves once we transform the wounds and conditioning that have prevented us from remembering our true divine nature.

It begins with learning how too deeply and completely love and accept ourselves no matter what we might think, feel and judge about who we are.

It is about practicing Being with what IS and allowing ourselves to feel what we feel including anger, hurt, jealousy, grief, depression, confusion, and any number of feelings that fall outside the spectrum of acceptable feelings.

This does not mean it is okay to express these feelings to others in ways that are harmful or hurtful. Rather it is about finding responsible ways to be with our feelings without having to change them, fix them or make them be different than what they are.

Acceptance is a necessary step for true alchemy to occur. Once we accept what IS and allow ourselves to be where we are without having to DO something about it, then the changes needed arrive easily.

Allowing might be experienced as contrary to the Aries nature that loves to DO something, take some kind of decisive and inspired action, make things happen. However, it is important that the action being taken is NOT coming from the energy of condemnation but rather is truly inspired action to further facilitate the changes that are happening when we have forgiven the unforgivable within ourselves and others.

If you find condemnation within, then practicing forgiveness and acceptance transforms these old forms and liberates the energy that has been trapped in them for many eons of time.

Releasing Judgment and Condemnation (of self and others)
It begins with learning how too deeply and completely love and accept ourselves. Acceptance is one of the first keys to transformation – so is a necessary step for true alchemy to occur.

How can you accept yourself just as you are today?
Can you make this a daily practice?
Are you Willing to Accept What is for Now?

Where there is acceptance – resistance can not exist. As the saying goes – what we resist persists – what we accept allows for some entirely new energy (ideally based in love) to emerge!

Images by Jim Warren

2019 March Celestial Timings

 2019 March Celestial Timings PDF


Featured in the PDF is
Venus at the Heart Chakra Gate

Mercury Retrograde
Spring Equinox Insights
Celebrating the Equinoxes
All Planets Move Forward until March 5 and then again from March 28 to April 10

As mentioned in the PDF I didn’t have time to do much on the March Timings due to two live Shamanic Astrology Events in February and Early March. If I get a chance to add to this during the month I will send an additional email to those on my email list.

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Photo here is celebrating me and my twins birthday this month. Ian and Jenna are turning 34 on March 6 and I turn 63 on March 4th a day that instructs us to March 4th into life! This photo was taken in October 2018 at the Reno Airport.

The Next Jaguar Day is March 14
Also Known As Pi Day



Venus at the Morning Star Heart Chakra Gate

by Cayelin K Castell

Each time the Moon and Venus meet in the Morning sky it marks Inanna’s passage through a Chakra Gate.

The fourth time they Moon and Venus meet it represents the 4th gate/Heart Chakra on her way to rendezvous with the Sun this summer.

Most recently this is happening on March 2, 2019 marking the fourth meeting with the Moon since Venus stationed direct November 16, 2018.

In 2019 this Venus gate is especially important for anyone turning a multiple of 8 (16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80 and 88 between November 1, 2018 and June 8, 2020) because you are in an eight year Venus Return Initiation cycle for the entire 19 month cycle.

In the story of Inanna this is where she is asked to give-up her breast plate, the vestment symboling her Heart Chakra. This means Inanna is letting go of the ways she no longer truly loves herself or others, including releasing self-judgment and judgment of others.

The Heart Chakra is linked with the emotional realms including love, kindness, generosity, compassion, and the shadowed aspects of lust, fraud, indecision, anxiety, longing, impartiality, arrogance, incompetence, discrimination and defiance.

Understanding and working with the intent of this cycle is valuable for anyone desiring a greater conscious connection with the divine feminine aspect they are investigating and integrating in this life regardless of perceived sex – everyone has a divine feminine aspect within them. Read More

Taurus Insights

This is an article in progress so stay tuned for more insights
In 2018 Uranus moved into Taurus for the first time since June 6, 1934. Uranus returns to Taurus on March 6, 2019 for about 7 more years.
Jupiter returns to Taurus May 16, 2023
In 2019 the Moon Phases line up with Taurus as follows:
Feb 12: First Quarter Moon 23 Taurus 55
May 04: New Moon 14 Taurus 11
Jul 24: Last Quarter Moon 01 Taurus 51
Nov 12: Full Moon 19 Taurus 52
Planets in Taurus in 2019
Sun is in Taurus April 20 to May 20/21

Mercury is in Taurus May 06 to May 21
Venus is in Taurus May 15 to Jun 08
Mars is in Taurus Feb 16 to March 30

Read More

Sacred Order of the Venus Templars

founded and created by Nicole Christine

Cayelin and Nicole Dec 2, 1995

Note from Cayelin: I have captured this information from the late Nicole Christine’s website and offer it here in honor of what she helped to bring through from 2006 to 2008. As a founding member of the Sacred Order of the New Earth Venus Templar’s and being tasked by Nicole to include the Venus Cycle in her Divine Creation High Priestess process that she passed to me two days before she died (October 18, 2008) I offer this page that includes some of Nicole’s writings about the Venus Templars. Many of us still work with this energy on the inner and by visiting the Temple Nodes on the Earth. If you would like more information contact me through my website at or visit

Soon to be added to what is already here will be thoughts and insights about how to continue taking the seeds of what has already been created and giving them what they need to bloom!

New Video looking back to mid-90’s and mid 2000’s with Me and Nancy Safford
Focusing on the Venus Temple Nodes and other Cool Venus related Ceremonies
More on Venus and her powerful cycle at

Maia’s Meditative Video on the Venus Temple Nodes. Really cool
Find Maia at this link 


Through the power of divine guidance and inner authority, New Earth Venus Templars are in service to Divine Creation in accordance with the Divine Design for their individual and shared lives.

On Magdalene’s Feast Day, July 22, 2006, Akashic Record Keeper Thoth, through Maia Nartoomid, revealed our priest/ess lineage’s ancient connection to Magdalene’s seven Venus Temples. The potent Venus Temples energies, through group synergy, activate the temple codes, which in turn activate and amplify personal codes.

Sedona Venus Temple Node and Ceremony Feb 3, 2007

These animating light body codes are seed points of our innate gifts, capacities, and passions that are pressing to the surface of consciousness for release at a time when it is essential for us to actualize our fullest divine human potential and co-creatively construct a New Earth. Corresponding, a Venus Temples Process emerged out of the work done by Magdalene Sisters who bridged the seven temples energies at the Temple of the Midnight Sun in France in September 2006 and 2007. (See the Venus Temples Manual by Nicole Christine available through

This bridging ceremony took place at La Pique, which is the center-point of this Venus Temple pentagram. La Pique overlooks La Val Dieu, the Valley of God, where according to a 1999 Akashic Record reading by Maia Nartoomid, in 1678 BC, I, two other priestess sisters (Cayelin Castell and Gina Gavaris), and the soul that was Mary Magdalene (prior to her historic incarnation with Christ) took vows to fulfill the planetary purpose of the soul of the Magdalene.

In that reading, Maia said, “Magdalene is calling you Hespara, which is derived from Hesperus, which means Venus. There is a strong energy of the Goddess principle of Venus connecting the two of you. She indicates that the point of recognition, fulfillment, and dedication you feel in your connection to her is anchored in the Temple of Venus in the Earth.”

By returning to our vow-making locale in 2006 (Cayelin and Nancy Safford returned with a group in 2007), that connection was reactivated and the next level of service to the planetary purpose of the soul of the Magdalene was charged. That level was anchored in the Ruby Fire Venus Temple in the USA on February 3, 2007 when thirty-five priestesses, priests, and partners initiated as founding members of the New Earth Sacred Order of Venus Templars (SOVT). Members of this order are in service to Divine Creation in accordance with the Divine Design and Divine Timing for their lives. This service includes attunement with Venus Temples that contain seeds of light that aid us in our planetary transition into the New Earth Star. Venus Templars willingly and appropriately: access and amplify the light codes within the planetary Venus Temples; tend the planetary Venus Temples, within and without; access, amplify, and express the Life Animating Codes in their Light Bodies and DNA; assist others in accessing, amplifying, and expressing their Life Animating Codes.

Precepts & Principles for the New Earth Sacred Order of Venus Templars

Code of Honor
Restore honor among men and purity among women through the Wisdom of Divine Intelligence and the Power of Divine Love in Oneness With the All.

Venus Templar Treasure
Knowing that the treasure is within. That everything we need to know, when we need to know it, is within and that heart-centered Divine Love is the key that opens the treasure chest.

Inner Temple Mysteries
A considerable amount of Venus Templar work takes place on the inner realms through Dreamtime connections with one another, the Venus Temples Oversoul, and Divine Creation. Inner linkups also take place each Full Moon to inwardly tend the Venus Temples and to deepen bonds among members of the Sacred Order of Venus Templars.

Additional Writings from Nicole that explain more of the genesis of this Sacred Order
Venus Templar Newsletter by Nicole written December 2007 and The Call to Venus Temple in Sedona and Montezuma’s Well

44.44 New Earth Star Passage March 2008 and Pied Pipers of Love and Venus Templars

Venus Temples Locations and Keynotes via Thoth Akashic Records through Maia Christianne Nartoomid

The Venus Temples hold the keys to a large movement of celestial forces as they interact with the planet through the “Venus nodes” on the earth to reveal the “truth of the Sacred Wedding” in the heavens and Venus’ essence in her role of celestial guardian of love and beauty to us on Earth.

These temples are the wombs containing what could be called “Seeds of Light” for an Age soon upon us, when Venus, our Sister and Guardian in this solar system, will aid us in our transition into the New Earth Star. This process has indeed already begun! Temple names are in “Aloii”, the most ancient of languages, derived from the electrical waves in the brain, that when firing, create actual “fire letters”. This is true for the electrical impulses in the heart-brain (the neurons within the heart) as well.

A’ratu – Temple of the Golden Flame on the slope of Mt. Ararat, Turkey — holding the codes of the First Principle — the Word, Logos of the See. Golden Flame

I’uawa – Temple of the Pure Flame near Alexandria, Egypt—Bright Star —White Light Flame. Carries the Pure Essence of the Stellar Transmissions.

Manutansha – Temple of the Midnight Sun – The Temple in France is the place of Sanctuary, Still Point, Hope for the Future, Inverted Ray (Flame) of Midnight that will in the future release the GUIDING RAYS OF ESCHATON.

Esh’una – Temple of the Heart Tone – Beneath the Alhambra, in Spain – Heart of the Dove – Violet Flame of Divine Accord, Harmonizing the Rhythms through the Holy Tone.

Sichana’li’el – Temple of the New Covenant – Canary Islands* and is an Atlantean Venus Temple Node – Complete Hologram of the New Covenant – The Light Program Initializing of the New Earth Star – Blue Flame.

Ruha’keesh – Temple of the Ruby Fire – Sedona, Arizona is the Path of Qualifying The Nature of the Divine Feminine. It is the Ruby Fire… the burning away of all dross to see the true form.

Owii’nemkaka – Temple of the Gem Body – Kaua’i (underneath the San Marga Monastery grounds) – a Lemurian Venus Temple Node – Prima Matra – First Matter Arisen to the New Octave – Emerald Flame.

*The Atlantean Canary Island Venus Temple Node was activated December 27, 2007 through January 6, 2008 after being dormant for 40,000 years.

All the information on this page was on Nicole Christine’s website.

Through the power of divine guidance and inner authority, members of the New Earth Sacred Order of Venus Templars initiate in service to Divine Creation in accordance with the Divine Design for their lives. This initiation transpires in Living Ceremony, facilitated by a Venus Templar Guide and witnessed by one or more initiated Venus Templar members.

Initiation Preparation
Potential initiates who have emerged as New Earth priests or priestesses engage in an orientation process facilitated by the Venus Templar Coordinator (VTC). Other potential initiates engage in Venus Templar Preparatory Process co-designed with the VTC.

Titles and Degrees of Initiation
Titles held by Venus Templars represent functions they have agreed to fulfill. Degrees held by members represent the degrees of activational exploration of Venus Templar mysteries they have chosen to pursue. In the spirit of the Sacred Circle or Round Table, none of the titles or degrees is hierarchical in nature. In New Earth consciousness we co-create with Spirit and one another.

Initiation ceremonies take place at New Earth Sacred Order of Venus Templars gatherings held at a Venus Temple site, at Venus Templars regional events, and in privately arranged settings.

Venus Templars Logo
During Magdalene Lisa Michaels’ trip to France in 2006, she saw the connection to the equal-armed Templar and Languedoc (Toulouse) crosses and the sacred geometry formed with the solstices, equinoxes, cross quarter points, astrology archetypes, and the elemental forces. The equal-armed cross, enclosed by a circle, shows the connection to the wheel of the year and the axis of the cardinal zodiac points of Capricorn/Cancer, the feminine axis, crossed with Aries/Libra, the masculine axis. Often inmystery school traditions the cross is shown with a rose at its center,letting us know thatthe hidden meanings lies “sub rosa” or under the rose. The rose is the sacred pattern that Venus makes in her celestial travels and shows the connection to the Venus Temple nodes. Together, Lisa and illustrator/graphic designerHigh Priest Prescott Hill co-created what was originally the logo for the 2007 Priest/ess Community Convergence. With their permission, it is now the Venus Templars logo and seal.