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2019 December Celestial Timings

Cayelin April 2019

We are rapidly approaching the year 2020 and it is a game changer for the planet.

In 2020 I turn 64 – the magical 8×8 – linking me age wise to the 8:8 Infinity Time Gate.

Beyond that what I find at my age is – I only have 2020 literal vision when I am wearing my progressive eyewear. I had 2020 vision in my younger years but I have been wearing glasses now for almost 15 years.

With my glasses I can see with crystal clarity into the distance, I can see close up, I can see mid-way or anywhere in-between. It occurs to me those are all aspects of vision needed at this Great Turning of the Wheel of Time. (see the short first 11 minute-ish video below for more on the Galactic Clock)

This causes me to wonder what other enhancements we may need to assist our 2020 vision for the coming year? 

How can we most effectively cultivate our vision and intentions in the most powerful ways possible?

I don’t have many answers at the moment but I am pondering the questions.

AND I do give a few suggestions in the December 2019 Celestial Timings. By no means are these suggestions what will work for everyone but they are intended to inspire you to discover your own possibilities – and assist in cultivating your own vision.

My vision and intention is for the Power of Love to cultivate Peace, Plenty and Illumination for ALL Life on Planet Earth.

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2019 November Timings

How in the world have we reached the second to last month of 2019? Time seems to keep accelerating as we continue shifting into a new reality.

Some would say: not only is time an illusion so is this reality. There are days I get that and others where I am so caught in the illusion it simply IS the expression of Maya I am living in the moment.(Maya in the Vedic Texts denotes the magic power a god uses to make human beings believe in what turns out to be an illusion.)

November begins with Mercury Retrograde until November 20, the November Cross-Quarter when the veils between the worlds are thinnest, a RARE Mercury Transit over the Sun on November 11 also known as a time to further activate 11:11 awakening and Neptune Stationing Direct. Plus, its a month when some are celebrating Thanks-giving, gratitude and so much more! Read More

2019 October Celestial Timings

October 22, 2019 is Peter and my 13 year wedding anniversary! The image here is from our Secret Wedding in Sedona. The story is HERE

The best part is our marriage was awesome from the start but is even better and more FUN, MAGICAL and AMAZING 13 years later. My how we have grown!

The second image below is of me and Peter in Colorado at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison with our dear friend Merkaba. She took the picture. We were in Colorado for my oldest son’s wedding in May that Peter officiated.

If you have been getting the Celestial Timings for awhile you may remember the wedding was on Star Wars Day – May the 4th be with you – and was themed to represent some of their favorite characters from all sorts of genres.

All these years later it is so exciting to see how the commitment Peter and I made to our sacred union has flourished as we navigate all the crazy situations life throws our way.

So this month features Venus Mercury and the Sun with the Star Spica. Venus Mercury Conjunction (Return of the Shekinah) with Mercury stationing Retrograde the next day at the end of October. Pluto finally stationing direct early October. The Orionids and Venus moving into Scorpio featuring the teachings of Skeleton Woman on the Life/Death/Life process. Read More

2019 September Celestial Timings

This month features 4 planets in Virgo, weaving the web of the New Earth, the Great Hack, another Friday the 13th, Venus Rising into the Evening Sky passing through the First Gate/Root Chakra, the September Equinox, Saturn stationing near Vega and so much more…

2019 September Celestial Timings

Friday the 13th This Month

Saturn Near Vega for the rest of 2019 stationing near this star.

Celebrating the September Equinox

Saturn, Pluto and the South Node

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2019 August Celestial Timings

This month features a personal ceremonial story, Mercury Direct, the 8.8 Time Gate, Jupiter going direct, Venus conjunct the Sun and Mars, Mercury returning to Leo, another Solar Zenith date and more…

2019 August Celestial Timings

Additional Article Links

8.8 Time Gate

August Cross-Quarter

Mayan Creation Day and Solar Zenith

August 15 Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Saturn, Pluto and the South Node

Jupiter in Sagittarius Stations direct August 11

Jupiter stations direct near Antares

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2019 July Celestial Timings

Pictured here is a Gila monster I saw June 6 on my morning walk. It is rare to see a Gila Monster because they spend as much as 97% of their time underground.

On June 6 I asked for sign that my ancestral healing intentions are working and sure enough one of the biggest Gila Monsters I have ever seen in the desert near my home on my morning walk. These ancient reptiles always show up for me when I ask for a sign from the ancestors.

Southwest Native Americans view the geometric patterns on the Gila Monster as a representation of celestial objects.

The Gila Monster (Or Heal a Moon Star as I like to think of it) is rare to see in the wild. There are many who have lived most of their lives in the SW Deserts of Arizona (or other places Gila monsters dwell) who have never seen one. I have been blessed to see at least 10 in the wild over my last 40+ years of living here and didn’t see my first one in the wild until I had been in Tucson almost 20 years. It wasn’t until I started working ceremonial magic that they started to show up for me as a confirmation I am on the right track.

Gila monsters are believed to have the ability to go for a year or more without food or water. Hence why some native tribes believed the Gila Monster had healing abilities. I felt so blessed by this siting I shared it on my Facebook page and am passing it on here for those who missed seeing that post and might also feel inspired by this timely sign in the world of form…

5 and 13 Number Magic, Eclipses, Time Portals, Venus Mars and Mercury Underworld Initiations, Mercury Retrograde, Oh MY all found in this months Celestial Timings. See link for the PDF below.

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2019 June Celestial Timings

See More Wedding Pictures in the June Timings PDF!

Happy June Solstice, Venus at the Root Chakra Gate, super close Mercury Mars conjunction, Jupiter opposite the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter getting within 31 degrees of each other, Mars out of Bounds until June 12.

2019 June Celestial Timings PDF

Additional Article Links

Planets with Sirius
Moon on June 04
Mars on June 6/7
Mercury on June 13
Sun on July 6
Venus on July 15

Mars is Out of Bounds until June 12, 2019 at 02:45 am PDT

Planets Between the Horns of the Bull
Mercury May 31
Moon June 06
Sun June 13
Venus June 27

Saturn, Pluto and the South Node
Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter moving back toward Antares

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The Next Jaguar Days are June 02 and 22

Special Venus Mars Underworld Saga Webinar REPLAY. Venus and Mars enter the underworld in July 2019 and are there until September. It will be 32 years before Venus and Mars come together in this part of the sky with the Sun. Details for the webinar replay are here


Special Webinar Series offered by the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School covering the first Libra Venus Underworld in 155 years, Mercury Retrograde, Ceremony and Shamanic Astrology and Jupiter into Capricorn

2019 April Celestial Timings

Mercury still at its station point and some new supposedly better way of posting I didn’t ask for
but got anyway – is requiring a learning curve so apologies as I get this figured out. 

April begins with all planets moving forward – then three planets go retrograde -Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – the big three that are the major players this year and in the rare 2020 alignment that won’t happen again for 734 years. 

Plus Pluto and the South Node are exact on April 4. So with these three retrogrades and the South Node and Pluto hanging out for this entire month it is another opportunity to go back and transform so we can move forward toward our divine destiny.

The name April comes from the latin word aperit, meaning to open. April occurs right after the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and is part of the growing season when trees and flowers begin to “open” or blossom. See more about April Fools at link below.

2019 April Celestial Timings PDF

Celebrating April my beloved Peter Klein is offering a Destiny Card Reading Special Check Out the Details at this link Read More

2019 March Celestial Timings

 2019 March Celestial Timings PDF


Featured in the PDF is
Venus at the Heart Chakra Gate

Mercury Retrograde
Spring Equinox Insights
Celebrating the Equinoxes
All Planets Move Forward until March 5 and then again from March 28 to April 10

As mentioned in the PDF I didn’t have time to do much on the March Timings due to two live Shamanic Astrology Events in February and Early March. If I get a chance to add to this during the month I will send an additional email to those on my email list.

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Photo here is celebrating me and my twins birthday this month. Ian and Jenna are turning 34 on March 6 and I turn 63 on March 4th a day that instructs us to March 4th into life! This photo was taken in October 2018 at the Reno Airport.

The Next Jaguar Day is March 14
Also Known As Pi Day



2019 February Celestial Timings

2019 February Celestial Timings PDF

January was quite the month with the Eclipses and All Planets Moving Forward. Many have told me they had lots of technical issues along with opportunities to see their own shadow. Yup, that was me too! Plus, keeping up with all this forward momentum left me feeling further behind somehow – and in a strange way it feels like its ALL GOOD somehow!

February has a lot of cool features including the continuation of All Planets Moving forward until March 5.

The Chinese New Year (Earth Boar/Pig) begins on February 5 in China with the Aquarius New Moon or February 4 for those of us in Western Time Zones.

Venus at the Throat Chakra Gate meeting with Saturn and Pluto to shine the light on any distortions we have around healthy communication, Uranus and Mars shaking things up and the biggest Full Moon of this year with the Heart Star of the Lion.

February 2 (also Ground Hog Day/Imbolc) and February 22 are the day of the Jaguar in the Mayan Calendar. Find out More

Chiron Returns to Aries on Feb 18 so its a great time to revisit what the intent is

Saturn and Venus meet in alignment with the former PoleStar Vega

Full Moon with the Heart of The Lioness

Last Quarter Moon with Jupiter and Antares in the Serpent Bearer

All Planets Moving Forward from January 6 to March 5 and then again March 28 for two more weeks.

Perigee Super Full Moon with Regulus

The New Venus Journey is about restoring our relationship with self, nature, magic and each other. If you are turning a multiple of 8 (16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96) between November 1, 2018 and June 9, 2020 you are beginning a personal Venus Return. And/Or if you are exploring relational issues then this life-changing journey is for YOU! Details are HERE

We are in the last month or so of Uranus in Aries

Uranus Overview including Uranus cycles personally and collectively – 12 minutes

Uranus returns to Aries Nov 6, 2018 to March 6, 2019…11 minutes