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Cayelin and Tami Aug 2015Scheduled Events for 2017

New Venus Aries Meta-Goddess Series begins March 31. The First class is April 17. This is the last Aries Cycle in our Lifetime and the one the Sumerians Worked with culturally. Join us for a powerful ceremonial Journey With Cayelin and Tami

Venus Alchemy Signature Series Find out about Your Venus Star Phase, Inner Star Phase, Meta-Goddess, Old and New Goddess and much, much, more. The entire 8 class series is $247.

shelley-and-cayelin-on-pyramid-of-moonJoin Cayelin Castell and Shelley Tatlebaum for a
Sacred Journey to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan near Mexico City
April 20-25
With Tolantongo Extension
to April 27, 2017

The Timing of this journey to Teo is occurring as Venus begins a new 19 month cycle as the Fierce Feminine Warrior Wild Woman Protector, fully committed to a Just Cause that promotes Peace, Harmony and Justice for all. Details are HERE

 Shamanic Timeline Online Course with Daniel and Cayelin

Covering Astrology Cycles and Initiations, the Timeline of Life, and the Outer Planets as Teachers, Guides and Initiators. Additional Details and Registration!

3 hour Recorded Event covering 2017 Celestial Event Overview and the 12 Paths of Spirituality for only $12! with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin K Castell

Details and Sign up are Here

 Spring Equinox Online Event March 19, 2017. Details Available Soon

These Online Courses Count Toward Certification!

Sacred Marriage & Relationship Online Course (Launching February 19, 2017!)

Script & Archetypes and Basic Chart Analysis Online Course 

Shamanic Timeline Online Course

All Teleclasses and Other Web-based Classes not listed above are HERE

2017 In-Person Live Events & Classes

 River of Life Weekend Event August 25 to 27 Details are HERE

This three day course is about accelerating momentum and notable progress for anyone on a conscious path to wholeness. These extremely powerful techniques for understanding our unique individual soul’s journey provide participants with valuable insights about themselves and how to best navigate their personal journey to wholeness. This content is also invaluable for healing, counseling and coaching professionals desiring powerful, life-changing tools they can immediately put to work for their clients.

Wilderness Night Sky EventOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Cosmology of the Turning of the Ages

September 1-4, 2017

Location: Fish Lake Valley, Nevada (South of Reno, Nevada)

Facilitators: Daniel Giamario, Cayelin Castell and Erik Roth

Learn more about the special site in this video interview with Daniel Giamario

Details Coming Soon!

Two Day Experiential Weekend September 9-10, 2017!

An Experimental, Experiential and Exploratory Journey with the Archetypes and Planets

Details Coming Soon!!

Night Sky Event in Portugal
September 18-24, 2017

Details Coming Soon!!