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Wild Cards or The Out of Bounds Planets

What is an Out of Bounds Planet?

The simplest explanation for Out of Bounds Planets is to know they are traveling outside the path of the Sun. Said another way, this has to do with the planet moving beyond the maximum possibility of where the Sun can be seen rising or setting along the horizon. In this case whenever a planet moves beyond 23 degrees and 27 minutes it is outside the boundary or limits of the Sun’s reach either North or South of due East or Due West depending on the season and what hemisphere you are located in at any given time. Read More

Equinox Insights

Both the Spring and Autumn Equinox activate additional opportunities to Change Ourselves and our World…

The upcoming March Equinox is exact on March 20, 2018 at 9:16 am Pacific Time or 12:16 pm Eastern.

At the Equinox, the Sun is tracking due East and due West all over the planet no matter how far North or South you are creating a balance of day and night or light and dark. This means the days and nights are equal in length. (More on Celebrating the Equinoxes HERE)

In 2018 the March equinox features three additional planets in Aries including Mercury, Venus, and Uranus suggesting; if ever there was a Solar Wave window to assist us in energizing the restoration of the cosmic balance, this is one of them.  Read More

What is a Blue Moon – Really?

2018 began with a Perigee Full Moon (meaning it was closest to the Earth so it appeared bigger than usual when it was rising) on January 1 and ended with a second Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipses. Some say the second Full Moon in a month is a Blue Moon. It is NOT.

March 2018 also features 2 Full Moons on March 1 and March 31. These two Full Moons are not true Blue Moons as described below as this is occurring due to our current calendar system that is not connected to the Lunar Cycle.

Read more about the Perigee Full Moons HERE

It also turns out many believe there are 13 Full Moons every year, however the truth is there are only 13 Full Moons every three years. When this happens there are 4 Full Moons in a season either from an Equinox to Solstice or from a Solstice to and Equinox. That is the original definition of a Blue Moon as described further on in this post.

Many were claiming the January 31, 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse was a Blue Blood Moon because it was the second Full Moon in the month of January. About every three years or so there are two Full Moons in a Calendar Month, 2018 features that happening twice due to the short month of February 2018 when there was no Full Moon.


Bring It On – Venus in Aries

by Cayelin K Castell

Bring It On
Mystical missions
Need Magical visions.
Hearts open and wild
Frees the magical child.
We’re dancing towards Home
Bring it on!

Our ecstatic birthright filled
With Grace and de-Light
Is heaven styled
Through the Magical Child.
Touch the new dawn
Bring it on!

From the Book What is Lightbody?
~ Archangel Ariel Channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren 

The above sharing could be one of the Feminine Amazon Warrior declarations for Venus in Aries. (Venus is currently integrating the Aries Archetype on the World Stage – returning to Aries on March 6 (just two days before we begin the Venus Evening Star Ceremonial Ascent) classes ceremonially celebrating this Wild Woman Warrior Goddess as she returns to her full strength and power. Find out more about how to be a part of this last ascent of the Aries Goddess in our lifetime here: Read More

Mercury Retrograde

by Cayelin K Castell

In 2018 Mercury stations retrograde 3 times on:
March 22 (16 Aries 54) and stations direct on April 15 (04 Aries 47)
July 25/26 (23 Leo 27) and direct on August 18/19 (11 Leo 32) depending on your time zone. These stations points are activating the Eclipse Degrees of 2017 and 2018
Nov 16 (13 Sagittarius 29) and direct on Dec 05 (27 Scorpio 16)

Important Note: Mercury stations Retrograde in July within 5 degrees of the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse and stations direct on the Total Lunar Eclipse degree (11 Leo 37) that happened on January 31, 2018 within minutes of being precise following up on the Mercury activation of last years Solar Eclipse and this years Lunar Eclipse. This stretches our minds to include possibilities beyond ordinary reality suggesting what we are thinking, feeling, saying and doing will very likely have an even greater impact. Connecting with the Leo energy of Healthy Self-Love these are powerful times to enhance our own expressions of radical self-love as we empower the light of love in this reality! Read More

The Uranus Pluto Square Affect

This article was originally written in collaboration with Lauren Jubelirer.

It was Updated, Revised and Expanded in 2018 as Uranus and Pluto are within about 5 degrees the entire month of March 2018. Uranus is between 26 and 27 degrees of Aries in March of 2018 and Pluto is between 20 and 21 Degrees Capricorn.

In April Uranus is between 27 and 29 degrees Aries and Pluto stays at 21 degrees the entire month due to its station retrograde on April 22.

Historically when Uranus and Pluto have come together revolutionary change has been the result. Richard Tarnas describes well researched historic events centered around what happens with Uranus and Pluto aspects in his book Cosmos and Pysche.

Any Uranus Pluto dynamic interaction – through either conjunction, square or opposition – lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 years. The center point of the current Uranus Pluto Square featured 7 exact squares that took place from 2012 to 2015. In 300 years (maybe longer) this is the only Uranus Pluto aspect that features 7 exact aspects. (see the table at the end of this article)

Currently we have an unprecedented opportunity to consciously co-create with the intended revolutionary changes occurring now.

Read More

Celebrating the Equinoxes

Sun in doorway at Pueblo Bonita Chaco Canyon

by Cayelin K Castell

The equinoxes are the seasonal time of balance and harmony when the days and nights are equal in length. During the equinoxes, the Earth’s auric or magnetic field is affected by the Sun’s alignment with the Earth’s equator. Twice each year, at the equinoxes, the Sun rises and sets exactly over the equator remaining closely aligned there for approximately 48 hours. The equinox solar affect produces a reduction in the magnetic field of the Earth, allowing us to connect more easily with other dimensions. This article has a general description of the equinox energy and a section on the individual equinoxes. Read More

Why do we have April Fools?

Cayelin_April_2016April 1st is know as All Fools Day! The genesis of our current understanding of April Fool’s Day grew out of the 1582 change in the calendar named after Pope Gregory. However, the calendar was inspired by Nicholaus Copernicus because the Catholic Church wanted a calendar that would allow them to easily plan their holy days (especially Easter) and they wanted a calendar that could be relied on to be accurate for thousands of years. Read More

Perigee Full Moons


2018 began with a Perigee Full Moon (meaning it was closest to the Earth) so the Moon appeared bigger as it was rising on January 1 and also at the end of January is a second Perigee Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. The image to the right gives a sense of how much bigger a Perigee Full Moon is compared to a regular Full Moon.

Also a Perigee Full Moon (now called a Super Moon by many) has a powerful impact on Tides, Weather and our Intentions. It is a fairly well known experience by many who work in hospitals that more babies are born around a Full Moon than any other time of the month. Three of my four children were born near a Full Moon including my twins who were born 20 minutes before an exact Full Moon. There tend to be more accidents and emergency room visit around a Full Moon time but even more so around a Perigee Full Moon as it is amplifying what we are feeling.

When a Perigee Full Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse occur together I like to call that a Super Mega Moon providing a quantum amplification of our intentions or what we are holding in our consciousness accelerating the manifestation process.

How Does the Perigee Full Moon Affect the Beginning of 2018?
Lunacy is connected to the intensity of feelings often associated with a Full Moon – so a Perigee Full Moon is amplifying that affect. Are opportunity is to connect with these amplified energies through attention and intention to not only be informed by the Perigee Full Moon affect but to also help inform the mysteries through our intention and how we are working with these energies as we set the vibrational field for 2018.

Zubenelgenubi – A Star Gate to the New World?

Cayelin K Castell 201

Jupiter, in its 12 year cycle, begins 2018 between the stars of Zubenelgenubi and Zubenelshamali. Mars is with Zubenelgenubi January 1 and catches up to Jupiter on January 6, both aligned with Zubenelshamali and near Zubenelgenubi.

Jupiter can only be here every 12 years and Mars every 2 years or so and they don’t always come together near these stars. This alignment won’t happen again in this area of the sky until November 24, 2053 when Jupiter and Mars are together at 20 Scorpio.

Jupiter expands our vision of possibilities and Mars is about taking action to bring these visions into form. Without action – it doesn’t matter how magical or amazing our vision is – it isn’t going to manifest. Mars and Jupiter together is a great combination for activating this Stargate.

If you have planets angles or Nodes near 15 Scorpio 17  (within at least 3 to 6 degrees) then you have a personal connection with Zubenelgenubi and the Scales of Justice (what just IS) representing the balance between yin and yang, male and female, Heaven and Earth. Zubenelgenubi is my personal star as it was rising at the moment of my birth!

Zubenelshamali is around 19 Scorpio 35 marking the other pan in the constellation of the Scales. These stars are linked with the principles of natural law (or cosmic law) going beyond the limits and rules of human law.

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