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All Planets Direct

What is All Planets Direct and Why do We Care?

This occurs when not a single planets is in Retrograde motion – moving backward through the stars it just passed from the Earth’s perspective. From a solar system point of view, no planet is actually ever moving backward. However, similar to passing cars on the Freeway there can be a sensation of the way the Earth is moving in relationship to the planet of it moving backward and the appearance from Earth is that planet is retracing its path back through the stars it just passed.

All Planets Direct is when ALL the planets are moving forward from the Earth’s perspective suggesting it is a time for Full Speed Ahead into whatever we are creating or desiring to create. This is a powerful time to take progressive action – energized by all planets direct – toward a heart felt intention. Read More

Perigee Full Moons

We begin 2018 with a Perigee Full Moon (meaning its closest to the Earth so the Moon appears bigger as it rises) on January 1 and also at the end of January is a second Perigee Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. The image to the right gives a sense of how much bigger a Perigee Full Moon is compared to a regular Full Moon.

Also a Perigee Full Moon (now called a Super Moon by many) has a powerful impact on Tides, Weather and our Intentions. It is a fairly well known experience by many who work in hospitals that more babies are born around a Full Moon than any other time of the month. Three of my four children were born near a Full Moon including my twins who were born 20 minutes before an exact Full Moon. There are also more accidents that occur around that time as well due to the power of the Full Moon to amplify what we are feeling.

When a Perigee Full Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse occur together I like to call that a Mega Moon.

How Does the Perigee Full Moon Affect the Beginning of 2018?
Lunacy is connected to the intensity of feelings often associated with a Full Moon – so a Perigee Full Moon is amplifying that affect. Are opportunity is to connect with these amplified energies through attention and intention to not only be informed by the Perigee Full Moon affect but to also help inform the mysteries through our intention and how we are working with these energies as we set the vibrational field for 2018.

Saturn in Capricorn from 2017 to 2020

On December 19, 2017 Saturn enters Capricorn for the first time in nearly 30 years. Saturn moves through Capricorn through 2020 as it catches up to Pluto and is joined by Jupiter in a rare planetary line-up that year that hasn’t happened in Capricorn for 733 years.

Equally remarkable and setting up the time Saturn is in Capricorn is how Saturn is entering Capricorn near the December Solstice. In the last three hundred years the closest Solstice entrance of Saturn into Capricorn was in 1870 and it is over 200 years before that happens again. Read More

Zubenelgenubi – A Star Gate to the New World?

Cayelin K Castell 201

Jupiter, in its 12 year cycle, begins 2018 between the stars of Zubenelgenubi and Zubenelshamali. Mars is with Zubenelgenubi January 1 and catches up to Jupiter on January 6, both aligned with Zubenelshamali and near Zubenelgenubi.

Jupiter can only be here every 12 years and Mars every 2 years or so and they don’t always come together near these stars. This alignment won’t happen again in this area of the sky until November 24, 2053 when Jupiter and Mars are together at 20 Scorpio.

Jupiter expands our vision of possibilities and Mars is about taking action to bring these visions into form. Without action – it doesn’t matter how magical or amazing our vision is – it isn’t going to manifest. Mars and Jupiter together is a great combination for activating this Stargate.

If you have planets angles or Nodes near 15 Scorpio 17  (within at least 3 to 6 degrees) then you have a personal connection with Zubenelgenubi and the Scales of Justice (what just IS) representing the balance between yin and yang, male and female, Heaven and Earth. Zubenelgenubi is my personal star as it was rising at the moment of my birth!

Zubenelshamali is around 19 Scorpio 35 marking the other pan in the constellation of the Scales. These stars are linked with the principles of natural law (or cosmic law) going beyond the limits and rules of human law.

Read More

Saturn, Capricorn and The Doing Addiction

Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19, 2017 energizing possibilities of how to create new ways of creating our physical reality. One of the most important considerations is awareness around how we may be Doing Addicted so we can change it.

Doing (taking action) is a natural part of life similar to the necessity for eating. However, both doing and eating can also become an addiction.

An addiction is anything that we do to excess in ways that are harmful to our health and well-being. There are obvious addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc… Most of us might recognize a Doing Addiction as someone who is a work-a-holic. However, the Doing Addiction often shows up in subtle ways that are more challenging to spot. Read More

Spica and Arcturus

Spica – 8 minutes

To download the Spica Audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

Spica and Arcturus  (5 minutes)

To download the Spica and Arcturus September 2011 Audio RIGHT CLICK HERE

Edgewalking – Scorpio

edgewalkingEdgewalking in Ecstasy and the Right Use of Will –
the potential and most magnificent gift of  Scorpio.

Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10, 2017 and will be there until November 8, 2018.
Sun, Mercury, and Venus pass through Scorpio every year and Mars passes through every 2 years. Mars enters Scorpio on December 9, 2017 catching up to Jupiter on January 6, 2018 and then Mars enters Sagittarius on January 26, 2018.

The Moon passes through Scorpio every 27.3 days traveling through this sign for about 2.5 days and there is a Scorpio Full Moon at least once each year further illuminating the Scorpio Mysteries.

Whenever any planet is in Scorpio it is featuring all shamanic themes of Death, Rebirth, Regeneration, Right Use of Will and of course Edgewalking.

The Scorpio Mantra… 

I Will, My Will, Be Thy Will. Read More

Behenian Stars – The Magical Stars of the Alchemists

The ancient alchemists operated from the awareness that under certain celestial influences magic was more likely to occur, especially when worked with consciously as stated by Cornelius Agrippa in Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Magicians affirm that Images,
Seals & Rings Being Opportunely Framed
under a Certain Constellation…
some Wonderful Thing may be Received.
~Cornelius Agrippa Three Books of Occult Philosophy

In European and Arabic medieval astrology the Behenian fixed stars were important in understanding the work of the alchemists. The occult traditions of these stars were presented in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s work De Occulta Philosophia and were referred to as the Behenii (singular Behenius). Aggippa attributed the mysteries of these stars to Hermes Trismegitus and went into great detail describing their magical properties. Read More

Mercury Retrograde

by Cayelin K Castell

In 2017 Mercury stations retrograde Aug 12 (11 Virgo 38) and stations direct on September 5 (28 Leo 25) passing Regulus three times.

Important Note:Mercury is stationing direct exactly on the Total Solar Eclipse degree of August 21 acting as the first major planetary activation of that eclipse. The perfection of this is beyond ordinary imaging and it remains to be witnessed what will transpire as a result. However, what we are thinking, feeling, saying and doing will very likely have an impact. Read More

Lammas, Lughnassadh, August Cross-Quarter

by Cayelin K Castell

The August Cross-Quarter or Lammas, also known as Lughnassadh: (pronounced Loo-nuh-suh) meaning harvest and victory is usually celebrated on August 1 or 2 but the actual zodiacal cross-quarter is August 7 when the Sun reaches 15 Leo.

The August Cross-Quarter marks the half-way point between the June Solstice and the September EquinoxIn ancient times, the Cross-Quarter dates between the Equinoxes and Solstices were celebrated as the “in-between time” or the mid-point between two seasons. This was a time for gaining insight and/or inspiration “in-between” realities. Said another way this is excellent time for divination, meditation, journeying and connecting with other forms of guidance. Read More