Jupiter enters Taurus for the first time in nearly 12 years on May 16, 2023 at 10:20 am PDT and will be in Taurus until May 25, 2024 expanding our sense of possibilities related to a New Earth Paradigm grounded in the mysteries of pleasure and beauty.

Plus the Taurus New Moon on May 19 is opening the Pleiadian Stargate. Something the AstroPriestesses explore along with all the other amazing alignments in the Gemini Solar Month Video including the Days of NO Shadows.

While exploring Jupiter in Taurus and all its many wondrous possibilities it seems we also are being shown the shadow side including over indulgence, greed and the sense of entitlement many have at the expense of those who are considered undeserving.

There are indications this is continuing to play out in many ways and that may expand and get bigger with Jupiter’s move through Taurus.

However, awareness of this shadow side while focusing on the essence of Taurus that aligns with the concept of Peace and Plenty for all changes everything in ways that benefit all life here on Earth.

We live in a world of plenty but have been conditioned to see it as a world of scarcity so in order to survive we must get what we can.

When we remember we are all interconnected and anyone who is suffering at our expense (even if we aren’t aware of it) means we are all suffering (again even if we aren’t aware of it). What we do to others we do to ourselves.

Focusing on the divine intent of Taurus is about recognizing there is more than enough for everyone. AND loving kindness is the one of the greatest forms of lasting pleasure we can experience.

Jupiter expands our vision letting us know this is a time to up level our ability to consciously attract and receive all we need to fulfill our purpose and to up level our ability to extend loving kindness to ourselves and each other.

We are constantly co-creating our life experience – magnetizing and attracting based on our thoughts and feelings. If we are feeling love, kindness, joy and gratitude we will magnetize more love, kindness, joy and gratitude.

Truly lovingly ourselves is possible when we completely accept who we are in each moment without judgment.

Judging acts to separate life into good or evil, light or dark, either or.

Remembering that the dark exists to define the light and the light defines the dark, reminds us that it is not either or, but rather it is all of everything we experience and more.

All of creation is created from the same source. As we accept all of life and love everything and everyone – we are released from the bonds of duality and life becomes more beautiful, more pleasurable, more FUN!

Some may worry that we must guard against what is perceived as evil, or bad. However, if we are truly coming from a place of pure love, we will attract what vibrates to the frequency of pure love.

Or looked at another way the frequency of love transforms and heals everything – everything is healed automatically within and around us.


Love is the secret to co-creating Heaven on Earth that Jupiter in Taurus is here to inspire and expand.