Once In a Lifetime Spring Equinox 2011 – Special Post

The upcoming March 20, 2011 Spring Equinox features a Full Moon perigee just hours before the Equinox and a rare Zero Aries Sun Uranus conjunction just hours after the exact Equinox. The first recording gives the details and the second is a personal sharing about working ceremonially with these energies.  Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might appreciate this information.

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These Moon rise and Sun set times are calculated for Tucson, Arizona and may vary depending on your location and horizon line
March 18 Moon rises around 5:44 pm and Sun sets at 6:29 pm
March 19 Moon Rises around 6:55 pm and Sun sets at 6:30 pm
March 20 Moon Rises around 8:07 pm and Sun sets at 6:31 pm
March 21 Moon Rises around 9:19 pm and Sun sets at 6:32 pm

Listen to the Special Spring Equinox 2011 Message by clicking on the audio player below:

Download the Special Spring Equinox Message by Right Clicking Here

Listen to Personal Sharing on Ceremonial Intention for Balance by clicking on the audio player below:

Download the Personal Sharing on Intention for Balance by Right Clicking Here

Pictures from March 4, 2011 that illustrate the second recording more personal sharing.

The butterfly landed on me

And walked around hanging out for a long time…after having shared my orange with me

The creek…in Bear Canyon and Peter laying on the rock behind the tree

A view of the Catalina Mountains when we were hiking out! A magical place indeed.


  1. […] Uranus, the ruling planet of the Aquarian Age, is conjunct the Spring Equinox point (0 degrees Aries) over the coming weekend. The cosmic lightning bolt that hits the swampy soup of primeval energy to spawn new life, Uranus is the Creator God of the new paradigm and focalizes radical, unpredictable, positive change. Where there have been “institution” and “tradition”, old ideas firmly entrenched, enculturated (reptilian) brain patterns that seem to rule our behavior, there can now be the awakened future, a time of unprecedented breakthrough, freedom and peace. (For an informative and fun view of the entire energy setup for the weekend, tune into this audio by Shamanic astrologer Cayelin Castell:  https://cayelincastell.com/celestial_timings/bonus-downloads/once-in-a-lifetime-spring-equinox-2011-s…) […]

  2. Hi Cayelin,

    Lovely transmission about balance. I needed some balance today and found my way to this recording. You bless my life with your sharing and all you are.

    Love, Gael

  3. Hello Dear Cayelin!
    Thank you so much for your sharing! Very inspirational! This sharing has given me the idea of how I can call balance in for myself. I’ve been sitting with how to experience both freedom and stability in my life instead of one or the other. Balance, of course, balance is the key.

    Synchronistically I did breathwork at the end of february and had the experience of seeing and feeling as the three forms – caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly. How amazing to integrate my life in relation to these forms.

    Thank you so much for all the gifts you bring to our community.
    Much love & gratitude!

  4. Happy Birthday Cayelin! I loved your two audios as I am planning on being at Hovenweep medicine wheel on the equinox..which is MOST special to me, being a double aries!..thank you for all you share! love, Merkaba

  5. Hi. Thanks for your inspiring story.

    I had to notice that you were approached by a Butterfly and a Bee in Bear Canyon (or was it valley?)

    3 B’s in a row!!! So the message to me was Be Be Be … no mention of doing at all. lol All the best, with hugs.

    • Yes thank you Carol…I did need the message to Be Be Be because that is what it will take to balance my over doing. Or maybe figuring out how to BE more balance with my doing or something like that because of course like most of us these days I have a lot to DO and balancing it has been illusive for me. I am doing better though. YAY and hugs back to you too…

  6. Dear Cayelin,
    thank you so much for both the Equinox special and your butterfly and bee experiences. The last one brought me to tears. How exquisitely pure and so totally real, the message from the Universe/Goddess/Divine source, that you are so loved. It is wonderful, isn’t it, how love rejuvenates and energizes everything!
    Thank you for all the work you do, and may you continue to live in balance!
    Love, light and laughter,

    • Yes Stephanie… it is wonderful and a reminder of the love that is there for us and how magical it is when we also remember to connect with nature with heartfelt intent…Thank you for you wise heartfelt sharing and much love to you…

  7. You seem to be a very special woman. your voice communicates warmth, sincerity and caring connectedness to others. Thank you for sharing the butterfly experience out West, where the sun heats and the brezes cool. Spring is slowly appraoching here in MA we hope. Joy to you in Balance. L.

    • Ohh…thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to share! I am seeing a beautiful spring where you are!!! Joyful Balanced Blessings to you too!!!

  8. Happy B-Day Cayelin! Born again! When I think of the butterfly, it reminds me to live in ease, do a little more playing or just let go and let God. And yes, butterfly messengers have come to me on hikes to remind me to go through life with more ease, rather than trying to “push the river” as my friend Larry told me many moons ago. Thanks for reminding us all that March 20 is great time to do ceremony for intentions and letting us know just how significant the timing truly is. Blessings to you and better for a life filled with ease & balance. Om shanti – Bruce

    • Beautifully stated Bruce and I too have had Butterfly messengers before but never like this with such persistence so it really capture my attention especially since we had created a ceremonial space for the day and it was our sign in the world of form that affirmed the universe was acting with us to co-create that intent!!! It is a great reminder to ask for those signs when we are creating ceremonial intentions because they really help to us know we are in a co-creative process with all of life. Thank you for your blessings and I know these blessings are there for us all when we are open to receive them!!!

  9. Hi Cayelin
    Blessings from the land of Aloha! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your messages – it was soooo needed! It is so interestsing – I’ve been praying so desparatley for balance – especially rest – I came home yesterday after a rough day with children to meditate and fell asleep for 12 hours! still need the balance aspect so the pendulum will settle down and not swing too far either way!

    The reading you did for Amanda (last year) was so great and she was amazed and grateful. Thank you for your incredible insight and forsight – it was so helpful for her and perfectly timed!

    I am inspired to gather dear friends together for a ceremony to set our intentions on the equinox and I know you’ll be with all of us in spirit.

    I have just signed up for your free celestial timings and will send in pd subscription as soon as $$ roll in more abundance.

    Thank you for all that you do!

    much love,

    • Hi Dodi,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful heartfelt reflection from the land of Aloha. I will be on the Big Island in August for Shamanic Astrology Night Sky Cosmology! And I loved reading for Amanda and so glad it was helpful. Yes let’s all join in spirit for ceremonial intent at this Equinox. I will be in Sedona with Priestess Sisters at the Sacred Venus Temple Knoll and V-Bar-V Petroglyph Site for this special Equinox doing high vibrational ceremony and envisioning the further anchoring of the New Earth/Celestial Earth matrix. Sending you much love and hugs, Cayelin

  10. Belated Birthday Blessings Cayelin,
    Thank you for sharing Merilyn’s Initiation statement. It is beautiful and I am glad I was able to be witness to her butterfly time on earth. Many treasured memories of ceremony together. In Priestess Love, Spirit Dancer

    • Thank you Spirit Dancer…it was great that we all got to be in the same Priestess/Magdalene circle together and you were such an important part of her conscious death and I am forever grateful! With great love and gratitude for you, Cayelin

  11. Dearest Cayelin,

    Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks so much for gifting these two messages and for all you contribute to the planet! I’m seeing you balancing right now : )))))


    • Thank you Holly…I have been experiencing greater balance already and taking action to create even more! Lots of love to you too…

  12. Happy Birthday dear Cayelin!
    Big shifts are happening now, interesting how nature is leading us though the shift. I have been praying for a smooth ride, for the whole of humanity. The more the consciousness, the smoother the ride!
    Love to you and Peter,
    Vanessa Emeralda Arbore

    • Thank you Vanessa…yes, yes… a smooth, easy, fun ride for all of humanity! Peter and I are sending you lots of love too!!!

  13. oh, one more thing; your message is very inspirational. I intend from this time on up to the equinox to set the matrix of balance for our planet.

  14. Hi! Happy Belated birthday! Thank you so much for your great offer here on your site. As I was listening to your audio message and hearing you just celebrated your 50 something birth day; I came to realize what a beautiful being you are. It is all in your voice; you are blessed. I hear you speak your truth, wisdom of a very ancient being, vigor and youthful energy of 20 something. Your 5th chakra is in total balance.
    The butterfly thing, it is funny, I read a message today from a lady by the name Gabriella on Spirit Library where she shares a beautiful story very similar to yours. If you have the time google Spirit Library and you will find the article right there on the first page by Gabriella. I have my story of butterflies too, but no memory of the message, it was a while ago.
    Wishing you well and happy new year!

    • Thank you so much for this great confirmation and message. I just got back from a 3.5 mile hike through the desert and I feel renewed and youthful indeed as an expression of my commitment to energize and live in the matrix of balance, because hiking in nature is what works for me. So I am on a roll with manifesting this intent in the world of form for myself and the planet…YAY. Plus today, March 6, my twins turn 26, so lots to celebrate.

      I did Google Spirit Library but couldn’t find Gabriella, so perhaps I came in on the wrong page? Just a little more about butterflies for me…I was with my Mom when she died 12.5 years ago and I saw her spread her wings and fly away as she left her body. About three weeks ago I came across a written intention for her Priestess Initiation she created about 3 years before she died. She said:

      I have been like the caterpillar long enough. Now I must soar like a butterfly. A caterpillar cannot fly, but the potential for flight is within it, impossible as that might appear to be. But for it to be able to fly something has to change. First, the little crawling creature must make a cocoon and then allow Nature to work its magic to create something new out of the old.

      It is my intent to allow the priestess training to be my cocoon, to nurture and protect me as the old passes away and the new comes into being so that when I soar into the world as a magical being filled with joy, light, love and perfect harmony, all who wish it may take wing with me – and together we will fulfill our most cherished desires and dreams together and celebrate the wonder of pure joy, wholeness and love.

      During this time I intend to place this process first in my life, allowing Nature’s intelligence to simplify and make it easy to implement as the necessary details on all levels of life, mental, spiritual, physical and financial, so that all these aspect work in perfect harmony with each other creating a frictionless flow towards the full unfoldment of my butterfly-self, thus enriching all relationships between myself and those with whom I am interacting on all levels of creation. Signed this 28th day of October, 1995 by Merilyn Helen Judd Massey

      The other thing that was so amazing about the butterfly we saw on my birthday we didn’t see a single other butterfly all day or in the days since when we have been out hiking in the desert. So I also feel like this butterfly was a message from my Mom on my birthday in response and support to the intent Peter and I had ceremonially energized earlier in the day. A beautiful affirmation in the world of form that is now also inspiring others and that in turn is inspiring me further. So again thank you so much for taking the time to share…

      And if by chance you come across the article you mentioned I would love to have the link. Joyful Spring Blessings, Cayelin

  15. Happy Birthday Cayelin – fellow Piscean! Thank you for all of this information, especially about balancing our life – something I have not been doing either. Something to add in my life with intention and consciousness. Good reminder.

    Question from one of my blog followers: when we in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the Vernal Equinox, do our neighbours in the Southern Hemisphere (having their Fall time) celebrate the Vernal Equinox or do they call it their Autumnal Equinox?

    Blessings and Best Wishes.

    • Thank you Laurie for the Birthday Wishes! I am still celebrating and acting on creating balance. So far so good though I can see where I might easily slip up on that so being vigilant until the new pattern is established will be important.

      And you question about what season it is in the Southern Hemisphere is a good one. Yes it is the opposite season there. I haven’t had time to post my other audios about this (that will be tomorrow for Paid Subscribers) and I do address that in the Spring Equinox audio. Plus I usually address it in the written version of the Celestial Timings too…though I am noticing I did NOT for some reason do it this year. Both equinoxes no matter what hemisphere you are in are about the balance of day and night with one going toward longer days and the other going toward shorter days.

  16. I am thrilled this has been helpful and your comments inspire me to provide more content. I already have more created and will be posting it soon!

  17. Thank you for sharing this astrological magic with me and your story is in my heart; the center of my Being and the center of my own balance of the four forces.

  18. I needed your message so much and enjoyed hearing your experience with the butterfly and the hopeful and about the upcoming inspiring equinox!
    Thank You for all your beautiful butterfly wisdom and knowledge you share so gracefully.
    Love&Peace Sherri

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