Chiron in Aries Healing the Wounds of Injustice

by Cayelin K Castell
Deep, profound, powerful shamanic healing of the Warrior Archetype begins when Chiron enters Aries on April 17, 2018. Chiron slips back into Pisces September 25, 2018 returning to Aries on Feb 18, 2019. This means Chiron is crossing the March Equinox point three times:
April 17, 2018
Sep 25, 2018
Feb 18, 2019
The March Equinox place in the sky is literally a balance point between day and night occurring when the Sun crosses here each year, a time when there are equal hours of light and dark. With Chiron crossing this point three times over the next several months we can imagine it is activating an intent to energize a significant Shamanic Healing process intended to restore the cosmic balance and transform the wounds of injustice that have gone unchecked far to long.
Daniel Giamario and I take a deep look at Chiron in Aries exploring the intent and activations this might inspire including the remarkable activations in USA chart  in the Chiron in Aries teleclass. Available for instant download.

Chiron catches up to the dwarf planet Eris in 2025. It will be interesting to see if this has an impact worth noting as Chiron is about transforming our wounds into our medicine and Eris is about creating disruption so new growth can occur.

Chiron in Aries is about healing all that is in the way of a massive paradigm shift in consciousness for the purpose of restoring cosmic justice and the common good for all. First though we must be willing to take responsibility for our own lives and have the courage to commit to doing the alchemical healing work needed – shifting our own vibration  personally – restoring our own willingness to work for the Common Good and not just personal gain.

The Fierce Sacred Warrior nature of Aries is about protecting and standing for the Sacred – the sacredness of life, the sacredness of the Earth, the sacredness of the Sky, the sacredness found in acts of Forgiveness, Kindness, Caring, Love, and Acceptance.

Warriors for Kindness
The quickest, most radical and truly life changing, shamanic healing action we can now take is to treat ourselves and others with kindness. Kindness is a powerful healing elixir** we can distill within and without through Chiron’s assistance to transform any past wounds that have hardened hearts and created a culture of competition and domination rather than cooperation and equality.

I am imagining this as shifting the dominator Warrior paradigm to a Warriors for Kindness paradigm. It takes incredible strength, courage and commitment to operate from kindness and love.

The Power of Kindness
Research shows acts of kindness powerfully shift our whole vibrational energy not only for those giving and receiving the kindness but for everyone who witnesses it. Kindness raises our physical vibration, releasing serotonin and other feel good hormones in the body whenever we are participating in or witnessing an act of kindness. This creates a wave of healthy vibrational energy rippling throughout our world bringing the light of love and compassion into material form.

Gavin Whitsett, author of the book Guerilla Kindness (the title has definitely has an Aries Flavor) says:

“A whole host of studies have focused on whether people who are treated kindly are likely to pass on that kind-heartedness… Now here’s what’s truly fascinating. Even witnesses to kindness, people who see somebody else being treated to a small courtesy, for example, are stimulated to themselves behave more kindly. Thirty years of research confirm that kindness does indeed have a marvelous ripple effect.” 

We can help facilitate the Shamanic Healing affect of Chiron righting the wrongs of Injustice, Domination, Control Over and disregard for others in favor of an elite few dominator class that has been ruling the Earth for far too long by supporting the changes that transform all our wounds through the elixir of kindness and love.

Committing to kindness as a standard of living, standing for and engaging in acts of loving kindness every day continually transforms our personal and cosmic vibrational field providing greater conscious access to the divine source within us all strengthening the compassion of the warrior’s heart to protect ALL life and not just a few.

Thus, Chiron’s transit through Aries invites us to shamanically and vibrationally transform our world through decisive commitment to acts of loving kindness! I am All IN for that and hoping others will join me.

It is interesting to note Chiron does not make any significant alignments with the outer planets until it squares Jupiter in Capricorn on December 08, 2019 and again when Jupiter is in Cancer in 2025.

Dec 08 2019 Jupiter Square Chiron 01°Cp26′ D 01°Ar26′ R
Oct 23 2025 Jupiter Square Chiron 24°Cn35′ D 24°Ar35′ R
Dec 21 2025 Jupiter Square Chiron 22°Cn40′ R 22°Ar40′ R

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  1. I love this. I have been anticipating Chiron’s return and doing the needed work to transform, accept and share my elixir that once was my wound.
    I was born in 68 and my moon is in Aries

    • Happy Chiron Return. Love that you are ready to share your transformed elixir! Woohoo! 🙂

  2. Cayelin, I appreciate your “take” on Chiron.

    It’s of great interest to me that I went to work as Assistant to the Governor of Washington State in 1969 when Chiron was in Aries. It was there the entire eight years I was there. In terms of commitment and service to large numbers of people, hands down this was the most significant several years of my life.

    Just last week I was inducted into a spiritual group with the name Karuna, which means kindness, compassion. love and blessings.

    • Thank you Jo for sharing. Wow all you are sharing seems very significant and if I am remember correctly you also have an Aries Moon so it would definitely be personal for you especially when Chiron in Aries transits that Moon! Loving that Karuna means kindness, compassion, love and blessings. What a great energy to engage for changing the world. 🙂

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