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Various Insights on Astrological Happenings

Sacred Time and Clock Time

World’s Oldest Sundial from Valley of the Kings in Egypt

Expressions of Time
On Time
No Time
Fun Time
One Time
Past Time
First Time
Earth Time
Divine Time
Kairos Time
Future Time
Sacred Time Read More

Cathar Castle and The Time Portals

 When we visited the Cathar Castle Queribus perched high on the bedrock of a tall mountain overlooking the surrounding area I had a rare experience (at least for me) of seeing “in between the worlds”. Standing in ceremonial circle at the tallest part of the Castle I suddenly found myself experiencing what seemed like an intersection point for Time Portals.

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What is a Blue Moon – Really?

The Constellation of Coma Berenices And the Significance of Hair in my 2nd Saturn Return

In this audio I share about the symbolism of hair, how I was inspired to create a sacred intention donating my hair to locks of love as a way to activate my intention as I enter my 2nd Saturn Return, and the constellation of Coma Berenices. Read More

Behenian Stars – The Magical Stars of the Alchemists

The ancient alchemists operated from the awareness that under certain celestial influences magic was more likely to occur, especially when worked with consciously as stated by Cornelius Agrippa in Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Magicians affirm that Images,
Seals & Rings Being Opportunely Framed
under a Certain Constellation…
some Wonderful Thing may be Received.
~Cornelius Agrippa Three Books of Occult Philosophy

In European and Arabic medieval astrology the Behenian fixed stars were important in understanding the work of the alchemists. The occult traditions of these stars were presented in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s work De Occulta Philosophia and were referred to as the Behenii (singular Behenius). Aggippa attributed the mysteries of these stars to Hermes Trismegitus and went into great detail describing their magical properties. Read More

4th of July, Sun Apehelion, Independance Day, Sirius

CC with Ryan 1982

Me and Ryan when he was about 6 months old Christmas of 1982

I love the 4th of July because my oldest son, Ryan, was born on this day in 1982 in the early morning hours before dawn. Over the years I have shared a lot about Independence Day in the Celestial Timings. I have collected some of it and am sharing it here.

In 1776, the 4th of July marked a conscious intention that was set into motion by the Declaration of Independence proclaiming Independence, not just for the emerging United States of America, but ultimately as an example for all people everywhere.

This is suppose to be about supporting freedom and liberty as a the right of every individual on the planet. Unfortunately, especially in the United States our basic Freedom has been eroded dramatically in recent years. Read More

The 13th Sign is a Misunderstanding – Plus how to Locate YOUR Seasonal Sun Sign

Astronomers and Astrologers are often confused by the difference between Signs (that are seasonal) and constellations that are the starry backdrop the seasons move through. The problem is both the seasons and signs were named the same names and that has contributed to the confusion.

The first thing to understand is Signs and Constellations are two completely different things. Again, the signs are seasonal and the constellations are the star patterns the seasons or signs move through. This movement is very slow – only one degree in 72 years, taking nearly 26,000 years to make one complete circuit. However, with the seasons having the same names as the constellations both astronomers and astrologers get confused. That is why in the Shamanic Astrology paradigm we use the alternate name for the constellations as listed below.

Below I have listed the dates the Sun is in its Seasonal Signs and another table for when the Sun is in the Constellations. Be sure to note the difference in the dates as that describes the precessional cycle from the time humanity forgot there was a difference between signs or seasons and constellations. This 15 minute YouTube is mini-teaching on this issue that helps to explain the difference with visuals. Read More

The Magic of Beltane – BE Yourself

Beltane Note for 2017
When we take acts of power for ourselves we often create opportunities that tests our sincerity and trust in the process. In my priestess work over the years we talked about setting powerful intentions and then everything not in alignment with that intention comes up to awareness so it can be cleared. I find I am being given wonderful opportunities to tune into the deeper truth for me around these perspectives.
Here’s to each of us having the courage to quantum leap our awareness to whatever is next for us. May this and every Beltane be transformative, pleasurable and FUN! 

PS Here is a special inspiring  video interview I did recently.

In 2017 Beltane is exact on May 5 within 5 days of the Scorpio Full Moon (20 Scorpio 24) on May 10. Mercury stations direct on May 3 at 24 Aries very close to Uranus at 25 Aries (both planets having to do with perception and awareness) creating the possibility for unexpected events that altar our perception of reality. This really sets the tone for the entire month of May 2017 suggesting this is a time for expecting the unexpected with events that are intended to set us up for our next BIG leap in consciousness.

Astrological Beltane occurs every year on May 5 when the Sun reaches 15 degrees Taurus marking the halfway point between the March Equinox and the June Solstice. Many ancient Celtic traditions began their celebration of Beltane on the Full Moon or New Moon nearest astrological Beltane, and often the celebrations lasted until the next Full or New Moon over a two-week period.

The next Full Moon closest to Solar Beltane is in 2020 when the Scorpio Full Moon occurs on May 7. Over the last 10 years the closest Full Moon to Solar Beltane was in 2012 when the Scorpio Full Moon happened on the exact day of astrological Beltane, May 5. The next time the Full Moon falls on May 5 is 2023.

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Saturn, Capricorn and The Doing Addiction

Doing (taking action) is a natural part of life similar to the necessity for eating. However, both doing and eating can also become an addiction.

An addiction is anything that we do to excess in ways that are harmful to our health and well-being. There are obvious addictions such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc… Most of us might recognize a Doing Addiction as someone who is a work-a-holic. However, the Doing Addiction often shows up in subtle ways that are more challenging to spot. Read More

Celebrating the Solstices

21 March Sun in the window of lightThe 2017 June Solstice, featuring the Galactic Cross at the Galactic Edge, is exact at 9:24 pm PDT on June 20 and 12:24 am EDT on June 21. The 2017 December Solstice, featuring the Galactic Cross near Galactic Center, takes place on Thursday December 21, at 8:29 am Pacific Time.

Our zeitgeist whispers that the planet is alive;
that spirituality is based far more in the body and the earth
than we’ve conceived in centuries;
and that to sustain ourselves,
we must live more simply, more cooperatively,
and bend our energy technologies to tap directly Sun’s power.
~Sun Stories Tales from Around the World to Illuminate the Days and Nights of Our Lives
by Carolyn McVickar Edwards

Note: Zeitgeist refers the prevalent ideas of the time and place as well as the spirit of the times we are living. Read More