And SHE…it is…who remembers her wings…
soaring through the sky…
feeling the energies extend to the farthest reaches of creation…
and on the wings…comes the
remembering of Sacred Union…
when Sky enters the crown..
and Earth touches the feet…
and together…they merge in the Heart…
remembering only LOVE…
full and complete…
Wholeness already is!!

    ~ Galactic Shamanism the Star-Stone Ones
by Mary Saint-Marie/Sheoekah

See Libra NEW Moon Insights and Dates Below

The Libra Archetype is connected to the September Equinox when the Sun reaches Zero Libra and travels through this seasonal sign for the next 30 days illuminating the mysteries of Conscious, Co-creative, Collaborative, Relationships with our selves and each other where each aspect of the relationship is equally valued as important to the greater whole of the relationship.

This is not limited to relationships with people but extends to include our relationship to spirit, to the Earth, to the Sky, to the plants and animals, to magic, to our everyday reality. Healthy inter-relatedness includes every aspect of creation along with the awareness that we are responsible for how we engage and experience the relational mysteries. This means no matter what you current relational experience is – you are the only one that can change it through your willingness to take responsibility and to make better choices.

The Libra mysteries ask you to consider the quality of your relationships in your outer reality as a reflection of the quality of relationship you have with yourself and your inner reality.

If you are desiring deeper, more meaningful relationships or you find your current relationships are challenging or less than fulfilling it might be worthwhile to do an inquiry around personal patterns in ways that further activate a sense of curiosity about how to be more responsible and conscious in your personal relationships.

Do you blame others for how you feel in relationship to them?
Do you find yourself in conflict with others?
Do you feel it is the other person’s fault when conflict arises?
Are you willing to take responsibility for your part in any conflict?
Are you willing to really listen to what others are saying to you?
Are you attached to your point of view?
Are you convinced you are right and only interested in relating to those who agree with your position?
Are you willing to look at how you are showing up when relating to others?
Are you willing to go deeper and further than ever in your personal relating even if it is scary?

Libra Full Moon
This is High Magic worth witnessing if you have clear skies watching the Moon rise so close to the Sun set and vice versa the next morning. If you haven’t ever had this experience it is a powerful way to tune into the magic of the Great Above as it touches the Earth here in Our Great Below experience.
The Libra Full Moon brings to fruition what we have been energizing through our thoughts and actions around relationship with self and others. When we have done our personal work, then we are more likely to experience co-creative passionate, productive, harmonious, joyous, fun, loving intimate relationships.
The first and foremost important primary conscious relationship is the one you are having with our Self. Continuing to release any attachments you may still have to images and illusions of some idealized relationship perfection or how you have been trained to believe it should be is highly recommended so you can experience the real beauty of healthy collaborative, co-creative relationships where you accomplish so much more together than you ever could on our own.
The 19 Year Moon Cycle
The last time a Full Moon happened so precisely at the Equinox was 19 years ago at the March 2000 equinox with the Full Moon at 29 Virgo 52 late on March 19 around 11:44 pm Eastern 9:44 pm Pacific.
In 2019 the Full Moon is exact at 6:43 pm Pacific, 9:43 pm Eastern with the Equinox moment having happened 3.5+ hours before, demonstrating the 19 year Lunar Return.
The Synodic Cycles of the Moon (including the 19 year Sun Moon Return), Venus, Mars and Mercury are covered in depth in this online class where you can find out how to calculate when these cycles are personally affecting you or those you know.


Libra New Moon Insights

The Libra New Moon reminds us of the importance of cultivating our relational skills, expertise and mastery first by valuing cooperation, collaboration and co-creation, where each person is equally valued for the skills and insights they bring.

Any Libra New Moon spotlights the opportunities available to us when we are willing to consider our part of any relationship and what we are bringing to it. If there are challenges in communication, feeling valued, being treated fairly, the question to ask is are you doing these things for yourself?

In this New Moon seed point, it is an ideal time to consider NEW ways to experience Libra while remembering what we are experiencing in our external relationships is a reflection of how we are doing with our internal relationship. This is true even if you don’t have any Libra on your natal chart.

For example, I have zero Libra (not even any 7th house planets) but I have been appreciating how 95% (maybe even 99% on a really good day) of my relationships these days reflect to me – a person I am loving being in relationship with, ME! Plus my BHE (Best Husband Ever) reflects to me the best relationship of my entire life. In addition to that, my most significant relationships are becoming more magical and amazing everyday.

I am also understanding how the few people who reflect less than ideal relationship experiences to me – are dealing with their own issues that really have nothing to do with me. It has taken me a good six decades to realize this and not buy into other people’s opinions of who they think I am based on their projections and often unwillingness to own or even recognize their judgments are based in their own wounding.

This is the best Libra gift I have received far. So, in this Libra New Moon you might find it helpful to review your relationship experiences and celebrate your successes and be willing to take a deeper dive into the challenges that are here to serve your ability to discern how to say YES to healthy relating and NO to relationships that are abusive and/or painful.

Experiencing balance in your relationship with others and ALL life – starts on the inside. It is about finding your inner balance and the awareness to maintain that balance in ways that are creative, playful, supportive and most of all fulfillingly FUN!

Upcoming Libra New Moons based on Mountain Time

Sep 25, 2022 02 Libra 48
Oct 14, 2023 21 Libra 07
Oct 02, 2024 10 Libra 03
Oct 21, 2025 28 Libra 21
Oct 10, 2026 17 Libra 21
Sep 29, 2027 06 Libra 43
Oct 17, 2028 25 Libra 15
Oct 07, 2029 14 Libra 48
Sep 27, 2030 04 Libra 20
Oct 16, 2031 22 Libra 46
Oct 04, 2032 11 Libra 52
Sep 23, 2033 00 Libra 50