Me with my Moon and Mars in Taurus Husband

Mercury in Taurus operates through the earth element. This is what gives Mercury in Taurus the ability to savor and enjoy the pleasure and beauty of life. The earth element signs operate through practical logic. Taurus logic is focused on how to create the most amount of pleasure, beauty and security that will last for a long time.

Earth signs appreciate logical steps in communication and may need time to process new ideas and ways of looking at life. Something worth noting is they usually have an amazing memory for details and events that happened a long time ago – unlike the fire or air signs that move at the speed of light and may not remember all the details.

It may take Mercury in Taurus more time to digest or assimilate ideas and get their value, especially in regarding how to sustain the experience of pleasure and thoroughly enjoying the moment. Unfortunately we live in a culture that has believed pleasure is a sin and these mysteries have been greatly repressed as a result.


When Mercury is in Taurus, especially retrograde in Taurus, it is the perfect time to consider how you are taking time to enjoy the beauty of life.

Maybe it’s being in nature, on the beach, in the mountains, in the forests, along a creek or river, enjoying the beauty of a vast blue sky, or a spectacular sunrise/sunset. Maybe its enjoying the company of loved ones, sharing a delicious meal and savoring not only the taste of the food but the delight of the those around you.

Maybe its taking time to move your body in a way that feels pleasurable – dancing, shaking, yoga, stretching, walking, hiking, running. Or maybe its meditating, humming, singing, lying on the Earth, feeling the breeze on your skin, the warmth of the Sun, swimming in cool water. It might be the pleasure of getting a great night’s sleep?

The question to be with is what brings me pleasure? Whatever it is, and it is probably many things, take time to express gratitude for these gifts that are all around us when we choose to see them. Allow your mind and body to savor these experiences!

Taurus helps us to remember and recognize that our lives are meant to be lived in the Garden of Earthly Delight – or the Pleasure Paradigm. With that in mind it might help to consider these questions?


  • What thoughts and beliefs are in the way of me experiencing the powerful gifts of Beauty and Pleasure?
  • How do I value myself and if I don’t how can I learn to value myself?
  • How do I express even more gratitude for the blessings of beauty that are all around me to full receive the pleasure life is meant to be?

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