The Eye of the Lion
According to Richard Hinkley Allen in Star Names, Their Lore and Meaning the star Alterf (18 Leo 11) found in the constellation of the Lion is from the Arabic word At-Tarf or “the glance” of the Lion’s eye, although on modern maps the star lies in the open mouth of the lion.

This is where Ptolemy located it suggesting there may have been another star originally associated with the name.

The Lion’s mouth suggests this star is about communication, the Lion’s eye suggests this star is about what we perceive. So, perhaps this is about what the Lion sees and then is willing to communicate?

These questions may help with your cross-quarter inquiry. What are you seeing or not seeing? What are you only glancing at and not really seeing clearly? How can you look more closely as what is really there and then how do you communicate that?


Remembering the Lion in the Great Above is linked to the Sphinx in the Great Below and also remembering that lions are the guardians of the doorways, or portals, to the treasures of knowledge and understanding, or Hall of Records we all carry within us whenever planets pass this star we might ask;

What is the Lion’s message?
What portal or doorway is open for us to cross through?
What would it take to open our awareness to receive the coded messages in ways we can understand or are open to understanding?

Planets passing Alterf

The Sun is exact with this star on August 10 or 11 and within 6 degrees from August 4 to August 21 each year.

2023 Jul 20
2024 Jul 14
2025 Aug 26
2023 June 26, Aug 16 and Sep 22
2024 July 26
2025 Sep 09

2023 June 20
2025 May 26



Aug 26
Sep 22
Oct 19
Nov 16
Dec 13

2023 coming soon…