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Personal Sharing not always astrologically related

A story about Acceptance, Trust and Courage

This audio was inspired by the Serenity Prayer and a true story about when stepping in can really help! Read More

Sacred Union and The Secret Wedding


Cayelin and Peter 2016

…So, in the end, the fleshing of herself, the Skeleton Woman enacts the entire creation process, but rather than beginning as a baby, in the way Westerners are taught to think about life and death, she begins as bones and fleshes out her life.

She teaches the man to make new life. She shows him the way of the heart is the way of creation. She shows him that creation is a series of births and deaths. She teaches that protectionism creates nothing, selfishness creates nothing, holding on and screaming effects nothing. Only letting go, giving heart, the great drum, the great instrument of the wild nature, only that creates.

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Unexpected Rainbow Venus Magic


The Cave is near the top of this hill

On March 25, 2014 I was called by the Circle of Grandmothers to an extraordinary experience involving a sacred cave and  Rainbow magic. This recording tells the story as do these pictures below. Read More

Unexpected Magic

Magic is not a practice.
It is a living, breathing web of energy that,
with our permission, can encase our every action.
~ Everyday Magic by Dorothy Morrison Read More

Using the Violet Flame

Place the Violet Flame through your heart…
let go and know who you are. 

The gift of the Violet Flame comes to us through the teachings of the ascended master Saint Germain. The Violet Flame has been given to humanity as a transformational tool to assist us in accessing 5th dimensional frequencies by transmuting lower vibrational energies into love and above.

I learned my first Violet Flame decree when I read the “I AM Discourses” by Saint Germain in the late 1970s.

I AM a being of Violet Fire. I AM the purity God desires. Read More

The Power of Questions

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You see, the problem in life isn’t in receiving answers.
The problem is in identifying your current questions.
Once you get the questions right, the answers always come….
Let your perception of beauty and iridescence lead your way.
Places and people who have answers for you
will appear more luminous and attractive.
The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. Read More

New Year and Solar Year Ceremonies

by Cayelin K Castell

Fire Come Forth Set me Free
Kindle the Fire that Burns in me. (repeat)
Burn away what is not Love,
Burn away what is the past,
Burn away what will not last,
Light the path ahead. Read More

We Are Entitled to Miracles

“I am entitled to miracles.”
A Course in Miracles~ Lesson 77

I have been thinking about Miracles for years. When my Mom died in 1998 I said to my circle of sacred sisters, supporting me through that time, that I needed a miracle as I was navigating the intensity of her sudden passing. Immediately upon saying that – I heard myself say “maybe I need to be the miracle?” Read More

An Underworld Venus Moment

The Shadow and the Light

I have been keeping a personal Venus Journal since the last Venus Cycle began on November 4, 2010 as a way to keep track of my personal age 56 eight year synodic Venus Return Cycle. (The cycle lasts about a year and a half so even though I won’t be 56 until next March, the cycle began for me in November.) The  journal I am keeping  is one of the ways I ceremonially connect to each phase of the Venus cycle as it happens.

So for example, most of my journal entries have been around each Venus gate as she was entering the underworld, though sometimes I have had experiences, insights or aha’s that weren’t connected to a Venus Gate or other special Venus Timing but I felt they were related to the cycle so I have been tracking those as well. Read More

Heart-Knowing and Self-Love

An example of some of the teachings available on this topic

Now more than ever it is time to trust and act on your heart-knowing even when it is NOT easy to follow your heart because your mind is so use to running the show. Taking time to listen to your heart knowing, to listen to your feelings (not the emotions of our personality that often operate out of fear but rather a deeper more soulful place that exists outside of time) is one of the most powerful practices we can engage.

It may take time and practice to skillfully drop into your heart space and listen to the knowing that exists beyond mental knowing, beyond logic and reason. This knowing does not come from the mind, but rather is the knowing that comes from a profound, indescribable inner sense and when you trust and act on that knowing, the results are magical. Read More