Planets With Regulus – Heart Star of the Lion~ess

By Cayelin K Castell

Whenever the Moon is with Regulus it informs our Great Below reality and is a time for creating intentions and ceremonies where the vital, vibrant awakening Priest~ess awareness is enlivened as we remember the sacred mysteries encoded in the Hall of Records we each carry within our hearts and our DNA.

Watch for signs in the World of Form (synchronicities) that let you know your heart is aligned with these Great Mysteries unfolding in the Great Above and being implemented in the Great Below.
Here is a 10 minute Regulus Virgo Full Moon Ceremony that could be adapted to any time the Moon is with Regulus! Powerful anytime you listen to it!

The Royal Star Regulus
Regulus is a magical marvelous star of  wonder inspiring us to know ourselves through the power of self-love.

One of the four Royal Stars of the ancients, Regulus, is the closest star to the ecliptic within less than half a degree so is often occulted by the Moon. (Astronomy section has more)

The other three Royal stars for example; Antares, Fomalhaut and Aldebaran are between 2 and 4.5 degrees below the ecliptic.

In our current time, the Sun travels within 10 degrees of Regulus from August 13 to September 03 with the exact conjunction usually on August 22 or 23 depending on your time zone.

Regulus is a Behenian star or magical star of the ancient alchemists who used a 6 degree orb to consider an enhanced planetary effect on the star. The Sun within 6 degrees of Regulus happens every year August 16 to August 29. (See more on the magical Behenian Stars

Regulus, the Lion~ess and Virgin Priestess, Sphinx Point
The Lion-ess/Virgin Priest-ess constellations are related to the sphinx point – where animal (Lion) meets human (Priest-ess).

There was a time when the Sphinx Point was related to the shift of seasons between the constellations of the Priestess and Lion when the seasonal signs of Leo and Virgo were overlaying both constellations. In the 21st century the seasonal sign of Virgo overlays the Lion and the seasonal sign of Libra overlays the Virgin Priestess. Over time (about 26,000 years) every season is with every constellation.

There is a difference between Seasonal Signs and Starry Constellations. This 15 minute Video explains the difference.

Regulus in the Season of Virgo
Regulus is in Virgo for 2160 years precessing (or moving backward through the constellations) one degree every 72 years having entered Virgo in November of 2011. The shift of any planet (or star) from Leo to Virgo (or any two signs for that matter) marks a dramatic archetypal shift in the energy.

Around 1939 Regulus entered the 29 Leo point (moving one degree in 72 years) prior to moving into the seasonal sign of Virgo in November of 2011. Regulus remains at the zero Virgo mark until about 2083 when it will enter the 1 degree Virgo point.

Planets with Regulus
Every year Sun, Mercury and Venus cross the line between Leo and Virgo. Every month the Moon crosses this line. Every 2 years Mars crosses this line, every 12 years or so Jupiter crosses this line, every 29.5 years or so Saturn crosses this line.

The Sun is typically exact with Regulus on August 22 or 23. I

Upcoming Visible Planets Passing Regulus
Aug 19, 2020 Mercury exact with Regulus (00 Virgo 06)
Aug 22, 2020 Sun exact with Regulus (00 Virgo 06)
Oct 02, 2020 Venus exact with Regulus (00 Virgo 06)
Mars does not pass Regulus in 2020 

Nov 10, 2027 Jupiter exact with Regulus (00 Virgo 13)

Oct 19, 2036 Saturn exact with Regulus (00 Virgo 20)
Feb 06, 2037 Saturn exact with Regulus (00 Virgo 20)
July 10, 2037 Saturn exact with Regulus (00 Virgo 20)

Astronomy of Regulus

Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation of the Lion and the 22nd brightest star in the night sky while also sitting closest to the ecliptic (the path of the Sun, Moon and other Planets) meaning Regulus can be seen from anywhere on Earth.

Every month the Moon passes this star usually no more than 5 degrees away and often the Moon has a series of occultations (when the Moon covers and uncovers Regulus so it seemingly disappears and reappears). The last series began December 18, 2016, and concluded on April 24, 2018.

The next series of Moon occultations over Regulus begins Jul 26, 2025 and ends Dec 27, 2026.

Remember the Sun passes the zodiacal degree of Regulus each year around August 23.

Regulus is approximately 77.5 light years from Earth’s Solar System and has about 3.5 times the Sun’s mass as evidence in the image here.

It is a relatively young star – only a few hundred million years old and is spinning very fast, with a rotation period of only 15.9 hours, causing Regulus to have a highly oblate (or egg) shape.

This rapid spin results in its poles being considerably hotter and five times as bright (per unit surface area) than its equator. It is interesting to note that if Regulus was rotating a mere 16% faster the centripetal force of gravity would
tear this star apart.

Star Magnitude/Brightness
Regulus is the 22nd brightest star in our night sky – Spica is 16th – Aldebaran is 14th – Antares is 15th

The Sphinx Point

Robert Bauval (author of The Orion Mystery and other books) suggests – based on his research – the Great Sphinx was constructed during the time when the Lion constellation was Rising at the Vernal Equinox (Spring for those in Northern Hemisphere) around 10,500 BC.

Regulus, the heart of the Lion was rising with the Spring equinox for at least 72 years in that window of time and loosely for about 2160 years. Remember the seasonal signs precess (move backward) through the constellations about 1 degree every 72 years taking about 2160 years for anyone star to experience 30 degrees of sign.

The Spring Equinox with the Lion occurred from around 10,960 BC to 8,800 BC. This means the seasonal sign linked to the Sphinx and the Lion Constellation way back then was Aries – the seasonal sign that defines the Vernal Equinox (March Equinox). Since that time the seasonal sign overlaying most of the Lion has precessed back to Virgo.

The Lion constellation has associations with the Sun dating back to when the Sun would have been rising with the Heart of the Lion (Regulus) lighting up the heart energy of the Earth at the time of the vernal equinox.

The Autumnal Equinox Point or Zero Libra Point (opposite of the Vernal Equinox) has shifted to the Sphinx point between the constellation of the Virgin Priestess and the Lion. (See image)

The Seasonal Signs of Leo and Virgo
The seasonal signs of Leo and Virgo archetypally represent the interaction between the playful self-loving creator in service to its own divine self, meeting and inspiring the Priest~ess who is serving spirit, honoring all life as sacred, especially through the sacred work whatever that might be.

It feels like this current alignment of Regulus at the Zero Virgo point is intended to help us navigate the now more unfamiliar territory of our heart wisdom that eons ago was much easier to access.

In the current time we see evidence of many who are disconnected from the loving wisdom of their hearts – often expressing hate for others who are not like they are. We see this in the hate for those of other genders, other races, other religions, other political points of view, other belief systems, other life style choices and more.

This has NOT always been the case, nor is it the case for all people on Earth at this time. Many feel deeply empathic and compassionate for all life. Many are profoundly connected to the wisdom of their hearts showing up with caring, kindness and consideration. Many are stepping up to right the wrongs, doing all they can to help those who have been unfairly treated or judged against.

The Gift of Regulus
When a planet passes Regulus (including the Sun and Moon) it serves to magnify and transmit the energy of this heart star to all life on Earth.

Regulus has the power to activate our heart knowing when we are willing to engage and embrace it. Additionally, this assists us in releasing and transforming whatever is buried in our subconscious when we are willing to explore this territory.

With Regulus now at the Zero Virgo point, this star is deeply connecting to the sacred patterning of life, highlighting our role in restoring the essential pattern of love underlying all creation, so all life benefits.

First the patterns of addiction, limiting or false beliefs, judgment, and anything else that interferes with fully living from the power of love will surface that seems so clearly evident in the greater collective reality these days. This provides us with an opportunity to use the power of love, forgiveness and patience to restore the sacred pattern within us all to its original pure essence.


  1. Thank you! I’ve got Regulus conj. Pluto in Leo at my ASC…and I feel this strongly.
    Would need more insight to the meaning though..

    • Hi Mary. I bet you do feel this strongly. I recommend you ask both Pluto and Regulus (via meditation, journeying or some other practice) what they want you to know about what this means for you. I have a similar alignment that includes Jupiter and the MC and I am constantly getting new insights about what it means and the fears I get to keep facing as well as ways I experience heart-entered personal empowerment. Its an ongoing process for sure. 🙂

  2. Great article Cayelin… very inspiring!! Just discovered today that my natal Pluto is also conjunct Regulas within two degrees in Virgo… I am so excited to learn about this special star and the other Behenian Stars!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your amazing STAR KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM! Greatly appreciated!! SO happy to have this new awareness… Also just discovered last night from your other article on the Bohemian Stars that Antares conjuncts my Sun in Sagittarius and Spica and Arcturus conjunct my Jupiter and square my Venus. I am ecstatic to follow these stars more closely now and I have felt deeply connected to Pleiades, Sirius and Orion in the sky… but the new awareness will bring so much more depth… Again… Thank you! Thank you!! AWESOME STAR KNOWLEDGE!!

    Infinite blessings and love,

    • Yay…El’elia so happy you are inspired. Thank you for taking the time to share. Love all your magical star connections too and now that you know they are personal to you – a greater connection and dialogue with them is possible. How cool is that! 🙂 Lots of Love and Delight! Cayelin

  3. Thank you, Cayelin, great article! And it led me to understand that I was born with my Ascendant/Pluto in Leo conjunction just within 6 degrees of Regulus, very meaningful. You are a Master Priestess of the Starry Knowledge indeed. Heart’s love – Silvianne

    • Yes so happy you get to see that. My Midheaven and Pluto are in a similar situation so one of the reasons I love to write about this Star! Lioness love from my heart to yours!

  4. Great article Cayelin! So insightful and informative.
    What earth & personal changes can we expect with this new alignment of Regulus?

    • Thank you Bruce. Glad you liked it. So we have been feeling the effects of this shift since November of 2011. I shared in the article that the current alignment of Regulus at the Zero Virgo point is intended to help us navigate the now more unfamiliar territory of our heart wisdom that eons ago was much easier to access. Virgo also has to do with honoring all life as sacred, so we could imagine that is what this alignment is intended to bring forth with the compassionate wisdom of our hearts. 🙂

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