A story about Acceptance, Trust and Courage

This audio was inspired by the Serenity Prayer and a true story about when stepping in can really help!

Acceptance, Trust and Courage – 11 minutes

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God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.
Reinhold Niebuhr American theologian (1892–1971)

Ryan over the years

Ryan collage


  1. Dearest Cayelin,

    Synchronistically, I “missed” this recording last month—turns out, I “needed” to hear it more today than at any time during January! In fact, earlier TODAY I experienced a very similar situation with my oldest child (who will be 30 this month on the 23rd!).

    I happened upon this audio as I was listening to the February’s weekly audios. I am writing at this moment to tell you how thank-full I am for the giant role you play in my life (and subsequently, the beneficial experiences afforded my children via the role YOU play in my life!).

    Along with the photos you shared, this audio reminds me that as a Mother (Aries Moon/S. Node in Cancer), whenever I intuit decisive action that I am guided to take—I AM to take action. When this action involves any OTHER, my POWER begins and ends with me. It reminds me that I TRUST my intuitive nature along with the guidance I receive; and ONLY in cases where the OTHER is receptive to /or/ crying out for (even if it is a subconscious call) an ACTION from me on his or her behalf AM I guided to TAKE such ACTION!

    To hear this audio today is a most empowering reminder for me leading me to tune-in and KNOW that there isn’t an outward action I can take to speed-up whatever this lesson is for my son. However, I CAN offer prayers, I can hand this issue over to the Universe. I can use my active IMAGINATION and SEE my son as whole and complete, as capable of dealing with what is placed before him in a way that supports him, and most of all, I can continue to love him without conditions and let him know that I AM here if he wants to go hiking, get out in nature and allow his mind and heart rest (the way Aries rests that is! 🙂 or if he wants an ear to simply listen. (Not the easiest task for an Aries Mercury 🙂

    Furthermore, I want to give thanks to the Shamanic Mystery School for providing the teachings that allow me to see my son as a compilation of archetypal energies in the consistent process of integration. Understanding the players and their placement in his chart further substantiates the fact that my MIND cannot assume to know the “answer” for him—His Moon/S Node 3rd house, Venus, & Mars in Aries, Sun & Mercury in Pisces, and As & Jupiter in Aquarius (conjunct within 1 & ½ degrees)! However, my HEART is certainly clear enough and filled with enough LOVE to act on that which I am guided—as did you, Cayelin, so brilliantly take decisive action in the case of you son. Thank you for the inspirational re-minder!

    You ARE a Powerful, driving, Force in my life and I appreciate you more than I know how to say.

    From My Heart to Yours,
    ~ Ronda Still

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