I saw a Javelina while out walking in the desert on June 14, 2017. We had a heart to heart encounter so I was inspired to look up Javelina and share it.

Javenlina (a Mayan word) teach us to transform our challenges into strengths when we are willing to confront our fears and uncomfortable circumstances.

Javalina are communal animals and are usually docile but if they feel threatened they have been known to attack. The Javelina I saw this morning was quite content to look at me from about 50 feet away. We had a few moments of connection before going our separate ways.

Also interesting for me as I have been working on strengthening my own digestion and Javelina are known to have powerful digestive systems easily eating prickly pear cactus, needles and all.

I am seeing this as a sign in the world of form that I am making additional progress with my own digestive challenges that have already improved remarkably over the past few years and the past year in particular. 🙂