About Cayelin Castell

2010 SolsticeCayelin Castell is the co-founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School as well as a lead teacher and facilitator.

In 1996, Cayelin created the Celestial Timings, one of the first ever astrological/astronomy monthly newsletters (e-zines), that includes written and audio versions.

In 2014 Cayelin co-created and collaborated with Tami Brunk to create Venus Alchemy, including a series of classes and guided journeys honoring, celebrating and working ceremonially with the 19 month cycle of Venus as it relates to the story of Inanna.

Cayelin leads live events, teleseminars and webinars. She has been a guest on several radio shows, Tele-summits, and Google Hangouts. She is also available for personal sessions. Visit www.CayelinCastell.com and www.venusalchemy.com for more information.

September of 1999

Before all The BIG Changes taken in 1999

My Story

From 2002 to 2006 I went through radical life changes that forced me to let go of my life as I knew it thanks to a powerful Pluto cycle! The change included creating a new identity via a name change. (See more about the name change at bottom of page.)

With gratitude for Shamanic Astrology, I knew these changes were empowering me. I also knew I couldn’t escape what was happening to me — in the same way the caterpillar can not escape the cocoon before it becomes a butterfly.

My Beloveds

At the end of my second marriage in 2005, I met my beloved, Peter. After our initial meeting, we didn’t connect again for several months. However, fate was already in motion and before long we realized we were destined to be in a long-lasting loving relationship.

March 2013 birthday hike in Fay Canyon Sedona

Peter and Cayelin March 2013 birthday hike in Fay Canyon Sedona

I am grateful every day for the many wonderful gifts in my life. I’m especially grateful for Peter’s profound ability to meet me as an equal and to appreciate my relentless pursuit for personal growth. He is a great mirror for the progress I have made and the places I am still growing.

If you would like to read about our sacred marriage journey, click HERE. Many have told me it is an inspiring story.

My most remarkable achievement in this life is being a Mom to my 4 beloved children — Ryan, age 34 (July 2016), Twins Ian and Jenna, age 31 (March 2016), and Jeremy, age 26 (May 2016). They are all bright lights, full of love and enthusiasm and they constantly delight me with their insights and wisdom. (See pictures of them at bottom of page.)

Shamanic Astrology (as taught by the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School)

My Shamanic Astrology journey began in May of 1990 when I attended a workshop Daniel Giamario was giving at the Tucson Astrologers Guild. My life was forever changed on that day and I have been studying, teaching and promoting Shamanic Astrology ever since. I love Shamanic Astrology and I love that I get to share these mysteries with others.

Daniel and Cayelin UAC 2012

Daniel and Cayelin UAC 2013

As the co-founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, an official 501 (c) 3 educational non-profit organization, I assisted Daniel in developing The Shamanic Astrology Certification Program. In 2012 and 2014, I updated, expanded and revised the original collaboration (1994) with Daniel for The Shamanic Astrology Handbook.

I have been a guest presenter on talk radio shows, conferences, telesummits, and workshops in the U.S. and internationally. I have appeared on national cable TV and have several YouTube videos, with more to be added soon. View HERE.

My Name Changes

In 2006 at the age of 50, I birthed into a new life and legally changed my name from Carolyn Brent to Cayelin K Castell*. As my second marriage was dissolving, I realized I had been given names throughout my life, starting with my parents. Then I took my first two husband’s last names – so at age 50 I was ready to choose my own name and a whole new life to go with it.

Ceremonial OrbsAbout a year and half after I legally changed my name I was reading the book Message From Forever, by Marlo Morgan and was inspired by a section in the book. It explained that aboriginal cultures choose or are given different names at different times in their life.

Marlo wrote, “It is our way to learn from our names. We outgrow each name as we gain wisdom, and select a new one periodically that better describes who we are.” I feel this is true for me as I considered taking on a new name to better describe the new me and the new chapter of my life that was beginning. I chose the name Cayelin because it means “pure joy” and Castell is the old English way of spelling “Castle”.

Complete name changes like this are not easy to do. I knew it would take time to get all my records updated. What I didn’t know was that it would take me 6 years to complete the name-changing process. It wasn’t fully complete until 2012 with the republishing of the Twelve Tribes CD and The Shamanic Astrology Handbook with my new name – as both had been originally published before the name change.

With an updated cover for the Twelve Tribes CD in 2011 and the re-publishing of the revised Handbook with a new cover in 2012 my name change is now totally complete. And it was well worth it as I loooove my new name!

**I had three incarnations with the name Carolyn:

Carolyn Carter from my birth in 1956 up to 1978
Carolyn Van Cleve from 1978 to 1990
Carolyn Brent from 1990 to 2006
In August 2006 I legally changed my name to Cayelin K Castell, for good!

One more thing…

Many life-changing shamanic experiences, or initiations, have dramatically altered my life. You can read about one of these initiations that took place in 1998 Here before my name changed to Cayelin Castell. I describe how I mid-wifed my mother’s conscious death process and deepened my own journey and understanding with the death mysteries. Again many have told me this is a powerful story that has assisted their own journey with the passing of a loved one.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful children over the last few years…

2015 Christmas

Christmas 2015 with Jeremy, Jenna, Me, Ryan, Ian

Ryan, Ian, Me, Jeremy and Jenna in Dec 2006

Jenna and Me in May 2008

Jeremy, Me and Ryan May 2009

Cowboy Ian at work at Old Tucson in 2008

Ryan, Ian, Jenna and Jeremy 2011