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The ancient alchemists operated from the awareness that under certain celestial influences magic was more likely to occur, especially when worked with consciously as stated by Cornelius Agrippa in Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Magicians affirm that Images,
Seals & Rings Being Opportunely Framed
under a Certain Constellation…
some Wonderful Thing may be Received.
~Cornelius Agrippa Three Books of Occult Philosophy

In European and Arabic medieval astrology the Behenian fixed stars were important in understanding the work of the alchemists. The occult traditions of these stars were presented in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s work De Occulta Philosophia and were referred to as the Behenii (singular Behenius). Aggippa attributed the mysteries of these stars to Hermes Trismegitus and went into great detail describing their magical properties.

Behenian comes from the Arabic word ‘bahman” meaning “root.” Therefore, the Behenian stars were considered a source or “root” of astrological power that was magnified whenever one or more of the visible planets were within six degrees. Find out more in this audio.

NOTE: Alkaid in the Big Bear a.k.a Ursa Major (27 Virgo) is listed as one of the Behenians Stars in the image above replacing Polaris (29 Gemini) in the Little Bear a.k.a Ursa Minor. Listings show it’s gemstone was magnet and its plant was succory the same as Polaris. Stay tuned for an article exploring more about how this came to be.

Each Behenian star is connected with a ritual gemstone and plant that was used to help draw upon the star’s influence (e.g., into a talisman) as described in the table below.





Aldebaran 10 Gemini 03 Hyades in the Bull Ruby or Garnet Milk Thistle
Pleiades 00 Gemini 16 Bull Rock Crystal Fennel
Algol 26 Taurus 26 Perseus Diamond Black Hellebore
Capella 22 Gemini 08 Auriga Sapphire Thyme
Sirius 14 Cancer 21 Canis Major Beryl Juniper
Procyon 26 Cancer 03 Canis Minor Agate Buttercup
Regulus 00 Virgo 06 Lion Granite Mugwort
Algorab 13 Libra 43 Corvus Onyx Burdock
Spica 24 Lib 06 Virgin Priestess Emerald Sage
Arcturus 24 Libra 30 Herdsman (Bootes) Jasper Plantain
Polaris 28 Gem 51 Ursa Minor Magnet Succory
Alphecca 12 Scorpio 34 Corona Borealis Topaz Rosemary
Antares 10 Sagittarius 01  Scorpion Sardonyx Birthwort
Vega 15 Capricorn 34 Lyra Chrysolite Winter Savory
Deneb Algedi 23 Aquarius 48 The Goat Fish Chalcedony Marjoram

Key Words or Attributes for the Behenian Stars (more to be added) and of course they all have a shadow side opposite of their attributes

Aldebaran 10 Gemini 03 (eye of the Bull)
Astronomy Designation: Alpha Tauri
High Intelligence, Honesty, Honorable Behavior, Eloquent Communication Style, Reliability, Courage and Success

Algol 26 Taurus 26 (Medusa’s severed head held by Perseus)
Astronomy Designation: Beta Persei
Strength, Intense Passion, and connection with the forces of the natural world

The Pleiades 00 Gemini 16 – though some of the stars in late Taurus (The Seven Sisters or shoulder of the Bull)
Astronomy Designation: M45
Love, Greatness, Luminary, Desire for Inner Knowledge, Peace, Communication with Spirit

Capella 22 Gemini 08 (Goat found on the left Shoulder of the Charioteer or Auriga)
Astronomy Designation: Alpha Aurigae
Highly Esteemed, Public Visibility, Affluence, Determined, Enterprising

Alphecca 12 Scorpio 34 (base of the Northern Crown a.k.a. Corona Borealis)
Astronomy Designation: Alpha Coronae Borealis
Love, Integrity, Artistically Creative, Earned Respect and High Social Status, Quiet Achiever

Antares 10 Sagittarius 01 (Heart of the Scorpion)
Astronomy Designation: Alpha Scorpii
Strength, Protection, Guidance

Arcturus 24 Libra 30 (knee of the herdsman)
Astronomy Designation: Alpha Boötis
Protection, Guidance, Learning, Teaching, Leading, Exploring, Successful Artist

Deneb Algedi 23 Aquarius 48 (tail of the GoatFish)
Astronomy Designation: Delta Capricorni
Wisdom, Integrity, Upholding Justice, Balanced, Fair

Algorab 13 Libra 43 (right wing of Corvus the Raven)
Astronomy Designation: Gamma Corvi and Delta Corvi
Protection, Safety, Dependable, Responsible

Polaris 28 Gem 51 (current North Star – handle in the Little Dipper)
Astronomy Designation: Alpha Ursae Minoris
Protection, Direction, Leadership, Guiding Star

Procyon 26 Cancer 03 (in the body of the Little Dog or Canis Minor)
Astronomy Designation: Alpha Canis Minoris
Excellent Health, Wealth, and Well-Being

Regulus 00 Virgo 06 (heart star of the Lion)
Astronomy Designation: Alpha Leonis
Heart Directed Strong Leadership, Fame,Virtuous, Reputable, Wealth

Sirius 14 Cancer 21 (Nose of the Big Dog – Canis Major)
Astronomy Designation: Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation
Communication, Enthusiasm, Passion, Relational Peace, Faithful, Abundant Resources

Spica 24 Lib 06 (hand of the Virgin Priestess)
Astronomy Designation: Alpha Virginis
Protection, Abundance, Psychic Abilities, Insights, Wisdom, Sewing and Reaping

Vega 15 Capricorn 34 (main star of the Lyre – Babylonians saw Vega as Messenger of Light)
Astronomy Designation: Alpha Lyrae
Artistic, Idealistic, Hopeful, Social Awareness, Magic, Alchemy