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Equinox: Equal Days and Nights

The equinoxes are the seasonal time of balance and harmony when the days and nights are equal in length. During the equinoxes, the Earth’s auric or magnetic field is affected by the Sun’s alignment with the Earth’s equator, meaning all over planet Earth the Sun is rising and setting due East and due West (except at the poles) causing a fascinating solar effect that lasts about 48 hours.  The Sun tracking east and west creates a reduction in the auric (magnetic) field around the Earth.

Many ancient cultures knew this happened at the equinoxes and created ceremonies designed to assist them in connecting more easily with other dimensions when this dimensional doorway was open during the equinoxes. This article has a general description of the equinox energy and a section on the individual equinoxes. See additional insights on the Equinox Effect.

Chant of the Priest~esses In Honor of the Equinox
~Ancestors of Avalon by Diana L Paxton

Let Day be bounded by the Night…ancestors of avalon
Dark be balanced by the Light.
Earth and Sky and Sun and Sea,
A circled cross shall ever be.
Let sorrow make a space for joy,
Let grief with jubilance alloy,
Step by step to make our way,
Till Darkness shall unite with Day…

Each season by the next is bound,
Meetings, partings, form the round,
The sacred center is our frame,
Where all is changing, all the same…
Moving, we become more still,
Impassioned, we are bound by will,
Turning in perpetuity

While Time becomes Eternity…

The Sun and the Solar Gateways

Tucson Sun Circle at Equinox

Acknowledging and honoring these ceremonial solar gates is a way to engage being conscious co-creators with Great Mystery. This doesn’t necessarily mean adopting old ways unless we find these ways still work.

This is about finding the ways that work for us now including utilizing the energy and the information coming through these solar gates now. The Sun is the source of light, life, energy, and health.

It is interesting to note how we have been programmed and conditioned in our modern culture to fear the Sun as the cause of aging and skin cancer. Wise use of sunlight can be good for our health and well-being as sunlight activates vital life force and important nutrients for our bodies. This includes recent research on how sunlight is what helps us activate and also store nitric oxide (a feel good molecule) in our skin.

Yes, too much sunlight (like too much of most anything) can be harmful. However, not getting any sunlight can also cause health problems. Studies show exposing skin to sunlight stimulates nitric oxide (science news) helping to reduce blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.  With this in mind, it is clear some exposure to the Sun everyday can boost our health and well-being.

Plus, Sunlight helps to attune (or entrain) our bodies to the light frequencies of planetary ascension. It also aids in dispelling depression when used wisely. I could go on and on but hopefully this inspires your desire to hang out in sunlight a few minutes a day.

The Equinox at Sacred Sites 

The ancient architects and builders of Chaco Canyon (in New Mexico) were inspired to build an equinox corridor in their main building complex. This corridor marks the equinox sunrise, tracking the Sun’s journey through the sky, through out the day until the equinox Sun set. This corridor was designed to capture the So Below experience of this As Above bi-annual event, giving us another potent clue about the importance of this seasonal timing. This understanding may inspire each of us to tune in and discover what significance the equinox timings represent for us individually and collectively.

Pyramid Kukulkan at Equinox

The Mayan Pyramid at Chichen Itza known as Kukulkan (feathered serpent) was built in part to track the equinox Sun and the creation of specific shadows illumintating an undulating serpent traveling down the steps of the pyramid lighting up the serpents head.

There is another Mayan Spring Equinox Temple located Near Merida, Yucatan, Mexico called Dzbilchaltun (Zi-bil-chal-toon which means place with writing on Stone). At Sunrise on the Equinox, the light of the Sun passes through special openings in the temple illuminating the center of a column of stone about a hundred yards away.

This phenomenon occurs only at the Equinoxes and was used by the ancient Maya to determine the exact day of the Equinox.

If there is a Full Moon within a couple of weeks of the Equinox it will rise as the Sunsets in close alignment with where the Sun rose on the Equinox. When this happens the Moon (acting as a transmitter) again illuminates the Equinox mysteries when we are open to receive them.

The equinox effect begins around 24 hours before, and ends around 24 hours after, the exact Equinox point. Thus, the Sun’s annual rhythmic cycle is intimately wired to our experience of the seasons.

Certain seasonal cycles are optimum timings for connecting with Earth’s sacred sites all over the planet. Doorways into the mysteries are more easily accessed during this time and when we consciously engage this energy we have an even greater opportunity to activate our own experience of these sacred timings and what they have to offer us.

The ancient architects and builders of Chaco Canyon (in New Mexico) created an equinox corridor in their main building complex. This corridor marks the equinox Sunrise, tracks the Sun’s journey through the sky, and then marks the equinox Sun set.

This corridor was designed to capture the So Below experience of this As Above bi-annual event, giving us another potent clue about the importance of this seasonal timing. This understanding may inspire each of us to tune in and discover what significance the equinox timings represent for us individually and collectively.

The Galactic Poles

The Galactic Poles are angular to the Galactic Plane where the Solstices are currently aligned. The North Galactic Pole is pointing toward the constellation Coma Berenice and the South Galactic Pole is pointing toward the constellation Sculptor. Read on for additional insights on both.h G

The March Equinox occurs when the Sun enters Aries and is seen rising due East and setting due West on all points of the Earth. The Aries Equinox point is currently located in the constellation of the Fish (a.k.a. Pisces the constellation not the sign). This seasonal point is also approaching the boundaries of the constellation known as the Waterbearer (a.k.a. Aquarius the constellation not the Sign) though depending upon how you divide up the sky the March Equinox may not enter this constellation for another couple hundred years. (See Difference Between Signs and Constellations)

This means if we are measuring ages from the Aries Equinox it is not easy to determine when the next age begins. However, if we are measuring the Turning of the Ages by the Solstices now aligned at the exact intersection of the plane of our Galaxy and the plane of our solar system (a.k.a. the Galactic Cross to Earthlings) we know we are at a Grand Turning of the Ages much BIGGER than moving into the Age of Aquarius.

This is the Great Turning of the Cosmic Wheel of Time marking the end and beginning of a Galactic Year that lasts about 26,000 years. We are essentially in a Galactic New Year that lasts many Earth years.


This Southern Hemisphere constellation was named in 1752 by Abbe Nicolas Louis de Lacaille and is bordered by the constellations of Cetus, Fornax, Phoenix, Grus, Piscis Australis and the Waterbearer (a.k.a. Aquarius the constellation NOT the sign). The stars of Sculptor are dim and not that impressive to look at with the naked eye. However because it is where the South Galactic Pole is located when looking toward Sculptor we are looking at “at right angles to the Milky Way and deep into space, unobscured by stars or gas. Many galaxies both bright and faint are visible. Many are members of the Sculptor group.” This image is from NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer shows a young galaxy, NGC 300, located about seven million light-years away in the constellation Sculptor. (c) NASA, JPL-Caltech, Las Campanas

The word sculptor comes from the Latin scalpere, and may be linked with a shell or two halves of a known as shellsculpere. Interestingly Venus known as Aphrodite to the Greeks is said to have risen from the foam of the sea on a scalloped shell that took her first to the island of Cythera and then to Cyprus thus linking this constellation to the planet Venus.

Venus retrogrades over this area of the sky every eight years (next time is 2025) meaning it passes the 0 Aries point three times near the March Equinox. Most years Venus only passes this point once and it is often not that close to the exact equinox point. Accessing the mysteries from this multi-dimensional perspective enhances our ability to consciously dream the dream onward.

There are no rules about how to engage this timing. Indeed, it may be time to create new ways that are alive and significant for us now when we ceremonially participate with the mysteries of the turning of the seasons. Tuning into your own guidance is the best way to align with what is true for you at this time and how best you can connect with these mysteries.

2023 Feb 20 Venus Enters Aries a month before the Equinox
2024 Apr 05 Venus Enters Aries about 16 days after the Equionx

2025 Feb 04 Venus Enters Aries – Venus Stations Retrograde March 01 at 11 Aries – March 27 Venus crosses the Zero Aries point again – Venus Stations direct at 25 Pisces on April 12 and returns to Zero Aries on April 30


March Equinox - 4.5 minutes

by Cayelin K Castell

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